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Transform your presentation-making approach: Helpful tips from Prezi users

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Naba Ahmed

Naba Ahmed December 05, 2023

So you need to build a presentation deck. The only problem is… how do you begin? Fortunately, Prezi makes it super easy. By taking advantage of Prezi’s unique structure , you can segment and organize your presentation in a fun and interactive manner. We spoke to a few of our users to learn how Prezi’s open canvas experience and template library have helped them create more captivating presentations to lead more efficient discussions and meetings. In this article, we’re going to share our findings.

More of a visual learner? Follow along with the story in a Prezi presentation. 

Set the scene with a background image and tell your story

Myriam de Roo founded a business coaching company, Trivalent, more than 18 years ago. She’s been using Prezi for more than a decade to create presentations where she coaches business professionals to lead a healthy, happy work style. 

What attracted Myriam to Prezi is its topic structure , which enables her to visualize her presentation content through mind maps. She asks herself, “Which topics should I address and what are the subtopics in this specific area?”

With Prezi, Myriam is also able to build her presentation as a story , which provides a better coaching experience for her audience. She starts by choosing her background image because it allows her to establish the tone for the presentation. 

“The thing that I really like the most is the way you can build your presentation as a story and use your picture as the starting frame,” Myriam states. “The story evolves because you can zoom in and zoom out on different parts of the picture.” 

Try Myriam’s method and set the tone for your presentation by choosing good presentation backgrounds from Prezi’s library that’ll instantly grab your audience’s attention and start building your presentation from there. 

Explore what Prezi can offer to your company or organization!

Create a mental mind map using templates

Jorge Osorio is a course lecturer at BlocksEdu Learning Corp. He creates sustainability course content in Prezi that he distributes to Dalhousie University, the University of Canada West, the University of Alberta, and other institutions.

Jorge was an early adopter of Prezi in 2009 and has recently onboarded his colleagues as well. In addition to its ease of use, he was attracted to Prezi’s topic structure because he likes to “show the line of thinking that the course will go through” by allowing learners to follow along sequentially or click into different topics as needed. 

“Prezi was quite interesting to me because I’m able to show the whole relationship between topics, and then I can zoom in and make it more interactive. I was always attracted to how Prezi worked because the topics are creating mental brain structures on the screen.” 

Not only do Prezi’s topics make it easy to get started, but an even simpler approach that Jorge loves is to use Prezi’s templates . It allows him to keep his content consistent and branded. 

Jorge’s creation process: 

→ Navigate to your dashboard

→ Click Quick Start

→ Search in the Template Chooser 

→ Once inside the Prezi presentation, look at the structure within each topic, choose which ones you like best, then duplicate those and delete the other ones 

→ Pro tip: If you want to change your presentation structure to match your narrative, change your path settings. Learn how. 

After you’ve completed Jorge’s process, customize your presentation with your own images and text and you’re all set! 

Note: Prezi provides special pricing for educators and students , making it an affordable and accessible solution for educational institutions. This ensures that educators and students can elevate their presentations and learning experiences while staying within budget constraints.

Use Prezi Video to create accessible content

Based in Houston, Crystal Collier works as a therapist and a doctor of psychology and education. As a specialist in children’s addiction, Crystal spends a lot of her time creating professional presentations at schools for parent meetings.

In 2020, Crystal published The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide , which provides a neurodevelopmental approach to help parents raise their kids to refrain from high-risk behaviors. 

After she wrote the book, she wanted to share the insights and “get prevention programming in schools in such a way that it would have an effect.” 

After trying out other tools, Crystal opted for Prezi in 2021 because it was “much more dynamic.” It allows her to jump around as needed and delve into topics in more detail without disrupting her presentation flow because “Prezi has lateral moves, rather than sequential.” 

Crystal regularly uses Prezi Video to create videos for K-12 students to watch with their parents and to present live for webinars. 

​​“I got compliments on the evaluation of the professional look of the webinar. So I attribute that to Prezi.”

Prezi’s format guides users in the design process while giving them the creative freedom to personalize their presentations. Here are some of the top Prezi features that keep our users coming back time and time again: 

  • Jorge and Myriam both love that Prezi automatically saves and syncs changes constantly.
  • Myriam is a big fan of the insert button because it has so many options for what she can incorporate. 
  • Crystal appreciates how easily they can search and find their work within Prezi’s centralized dashboard .  

Ready to get inspired to create your own Prezi? Start by reading other user stories , seek additional inspiration from creative ideas and presentation topics , and create your own presentation using these top features. 

prezi making presentation

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5 Better Alternatives To Google Slides

I f you're looking to create a compelling presentation to showcase a new idea or persuade others, Google Slides may be the first option that comes to mind. But with few built-in templates, basic themes, and a limited graphics collection, you'll likely have a hard time making your presentation stand out against others.

If you want to make your presentation truly stand out, there are several alternatives to Google Slides that offer extra perks and features to give your presentations an edge. While Google focuses on integrating Slides with its other work-based apps like Sheets and Docs, other presentation apps focus more on design elements, transitions, and themes to help you convey your brand or personal image throughout your presentation.

We've tested these Google Slide alternatives to give you an idea of other available options to deliver impactful presentations. If you're looking for a way to make boring information more fun and engaging, here are the best presentation apps to replace Google Slides.

Read more: Major Graphics Card Brands Ranked Worst To Best

Microsoft PowerPoint

There's a reason so many businesses around the globe use Microsoft PowerPoint. Building its reputation as the go-to option for delivering high-quality presentations, the software generated $100 million in annual sales only three years after its initial release in 1990.

Microsoft PowerPoint may be Google Slides' largest competitor, but there are plenty of unique features that can add an extra flourish to your slides. PowerPoint excels in its impressive library of custom animations and slide transitions, which are fairly limited in Google Slides. Another unique feature is its AI-powered Designer tool. This provides professional design schemes that mirror the words used in your slides. For instance, if your title slide is named "Basketball Team 2024," Designer will automatically suggest pictures and slide layouts associated with basketball.

As PowerPoint has been in development longer than Google Slides, it naturally offers more nuanced features if you're looking for something specific. For example, you can save individual slides as an image file (using .png or .jpeg formats) or as a separate presentation file. There's also a large library of free PowerPoint templates designed to speed up your workflow. Moreover, PowerPoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams with its PowerPoint Live function, allowing you to easily share your presentation with your co-workers.

Prezi offers an innovative approach to showing presentations with its unique canvas feature. Unlike traditional presentation software, Prezi lets you zoom and pan around a flexible canvas. The canvas may feel distant to something of a presentation program, but there is still some linear order provided thanks to the Timeline view.

Finding ways to visualize data is one of the biggest challenges when dealing with presentation software. Prezi resolves this struggle with the help of its Story Blocks: a series of infographics available in multiple designs to visually represent data. You can easily edit infographics and even add animations to individual shapes. This can help add a story to your presentation and help you emphasize key points.

To further enhance your presentation visually, Prezi offers several topic path settings, which let you change how Prezi transitions from one topic to another. These options include subtopics, which are super helpful for breaking large chunks of information down. If you're looking for a unique, modern approach to presenting information, Prezi is a top pick.

If you're looking to create a professional presentation to convince potential clients about your business idea, Slidebean is a popular choice among professionals with plenty of customization options. One of the issues with Google Slides is its fairly limited template library, which is filled mostly with basic designs. Slidebean offers a better alternative with a broad selection of innovative templates split into categories for convenience.

The app's user interface is easy to navigate so that you can create slides in less time. Each slide has a dedicated Design and Outline tab. You can use the Outline tab to quickly edit the information on each slide without being distracted by all the visual elements. Another productivity-enhancing feature is the ability to generate a presentation theme from your website. Simply enter your URL, and Slidebean will automatically apply the theming to your presentation.

Slidebean is another presentation app to take advantage of AI. Using the Auto-Design feature, you can generate recommended slide layouts based on your existing content. It also features AI text suggestions designed to suit different industries. Overall, Slidebean offers a quicker, more efficient method for creating stunning presentations compared to Google Slides.

Canva is a well-known app among graphic designers, but it's also capable of making stunning presentations. The app also has mobile editions, so you can easily create and edit presentations on your Android phone , iOS device, or tablet. As long as you have an internet connection, you can modify your designs wherever you are.

To get started, head to Canva's online presentation maker . Canva offers a vast range of templates categorized by topic, which easily surpasses the simple templates in Google Slides . While some of the templates are only available to Canva Pro members, there is an ample amount of free templates to help you get started. You'll also find a large selection of stock photos, shapes, and illustrations to create beautiful customized slides.

Because Canva is built for graphic designers, you can access several features to give your presentation consistent theming. These include color palettes, font sets, and even a brand kit that allows you to add your company's fonts (available to Pro members only). One time-saving feature is Canva's Uploads tab, which lets you access recently uploaded media files. This offers a convenient way to copy content between different presentations.

Visme is a powerful visual design tool able to create videos, infographics, and presentations. One of the perks of using Visme is the company's free educational content, which offers advice on how to create impactful content to boost your brand. After signing up, the company also asks whether you're using Visme for your business, education purposes, or personal use to offer personalized tips.

In terms of charts and graphs, Visme offers some of the most impressive features we've seen from a presentation app, so you can effortlessly convey important statistics. From the Data tab, you can access dozens of graph styles to visually represent your data. Then, simply double-click a chart inside your presentation to edit the values instantly in a simple table format.

Another area that Visme excels in is collaboration. You can either generate a link to publish your presentation on the web or share your presentation privately with others. For each team member, you can choose who can view, edit, and comment slides for a seamless workflow. There's also a Slack integration that lets you receive messages whenever changes are made to your presentation. Visme is free for all users, with limited features available in its premium plans.

Read the original article on SlashGear .

Work presentation on laptop and smartboard

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  • Mastering Presentation Tools

Apple Keynote vs. Prezi

Aayush Jain

Aayush Jain

Apple Keynote and Prezi each bring a unique approach to presentation design. Keynote is favored for its refined design capabilities and seamless integration with other Apple products, making it a preferred choice for users deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem. Prezi, known for its dynamic, non-linear presentation style, offers a distinct way to engage audiences with its zooming user interface and path-based narrative approach. This comparison will help you understand which tool might best suit your needs for creating visually impactful presentations.

Comparison Table

Whether you prefer Apple Keynote for its design excellence and integration with Apple products or Prezi for its engaging, non-linear presentation style, choosing the right tool can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your presentations. If you're looking to combine the strengths of both or need expert guidance in maximizing their features, INK PPT is here to help. Our team can assist in crafting presentations that not only captivate your audience but also convey your message in the most effective way. Contact INK PPT today to elevate your presentation capabilities.

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Creating Your Talk Track Toolkit

Essential Tools for Every Speaker Introduction: Unveiling the Arsenal for Effective Communication For anyone stepping into the realm of public speaking or sales presentations, possessing the right tools can transform a basic talk into a compelling narrative. This essential toolkit not only enhances the speaker's confidence but also

Case Studies: Successful Talk Tracks in Action

Analyzing High-Impact Talk Tracks Introduction: Overview of High-Impact Talk Tracks Talk tracks are meticulously crafted scripts used by professionals across various industries to convey key messages compellingly and influentially. In the realm of communication, high-impact talk tracks are those that not only engage the audience but also drive them towards

From Principles to Practice: Elevating Your Recruitment Presentations

Creating a great presentation is crucial to captivate potential candidates and stakeholders. Summarizing Key Design Principles for Recruitment Introduction: Core Design Principles Effective recruitment presentations begin with a strong foundation in design principles. These principles guide the creation of materials that not only capture attention but also communicate the employer’

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Palena R. Neale Ph.D, PCC

10 Tips for a Persuasive Presentation

Powerful presentation is persuasion. here's how to elevate your impact..

Posted May 11, 2024 | Reviewed by Ray Parker

  • Presentations aim to effect change. It's essential to be clear about what change you want to see.
  • Powerful presenters embrace and extend empathy to seek first to understand their audience.
  • Substance and style both matter to create an audience-informed communication experience.
  • Persuasive presentations are relevant, reasoned, real, and resonant.


How many of us realize that giving a presentation or making a speech is all about persuasion , influence, and emotional intelligence ? Impactful presenters understand the power of empathy to understand and engage their audience, the efficiency and kindness of having a clear objective and message, and the importance of substance and style—all as a way to connect in a way that engages and inspires.

Much has been written on the power and behavioral science of persuasion, not least by expert Robert Cialdini. His bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion explains seven research-based universal principles of influence .

From my experience as a leadership coach working with thousands of people worldwide, I have compiled a list of ten essentials to elevate our presentation.

1. Maintain an "other" focus. What do you know about your audience and how can you find out more? Ask yourself what kind of a speaker will appeal to your audience, what arguments are likely to resonate with them, and what feelings you want to inspire so the audience will positively respond to your ask. If your audience is predominantly data-driven, you may want to use more evidence-based arguments. If the audience is mixed, a combination of data, authority, and storytelling may be more appropriate. Extend Daniel Goleman’s three types of empathy to gather intelligence , understand your audience, and tailor your intervention to connect more profoundly.

2. Determine a specific objective: Presentations aim to effect change in some way. What change do you want to see in your audience? Every presentation aims to change the audience in some way. For instance, gaining their approval for a certain investment, soliciting their buy-in for a change, or creating a sense of enthusiasm for an idea or initiative. The purpose of a presentation is to bring about change so make sure you are clear on what kind of change you want to bring about.

3. Design a grabber: Our attention spans have shrunk as we have more and more competing demands on our attention . If you want to get someone’s attention you need to grab it at the outset and try and hold on. You can do this in a number of different ways. Throw out a question that demands a response from the audience. Give a surprising fact or statistic, or quote from a well-known figure. Tell a story or an anecdote. A good grabber captures the attention of everyone there, and makes them focus on what you have to say.

4. Crystalize your message and construct your arguments : Your message is the heart of your speech. Craft a brief phrase that clearly defines your proposal in 10-12 words. For example, “This post is about crafting presentations that inspire and engage others to elevate their presentations.” Make it memorable by choosing inspiring words, symbols, catchy expressions, something that will remain in the audience's mind. As Brené Brown says: “Clear is kind,” and a clear message provides a path to develop your ideas.

When you have a clear and concise message, it helps you formulate your arguments. Think of developing your arguments using the rule of three —three compelling arguments to convince but not overwhelm your audience.

5. Prepare a call to action: Remember, we want to change our audience in some way, so we need to make our ask in a clear and concrete manner.

Consider your call to action in terms of what you want your audience to think/feel/do:

  • Think—“I want you to think about how you can improve your presentations.”
  • Feel—“I want you to feel enthusiastic and motivated so that you can elevate your power to persuade.”
  • Do—“I want you to try out some of these tips and tools for yourself.”

6. Craft a memorable closing: Close the speech in an elegant and memorable way. We need people to remember what we've told them, so prepare it well. This is not the time to improvise. Try to connect your closing to your opening grabber, which makes the presentation more memorable. Good preparation means preparing everything to the very end—finish well.

prezi making presentation

7. Plan your delivery: A dynamic speaker draws listeners in by using vocal variety (tone, intonation, speed, volume, pace, pauses, silence) and body language (posture, gestures, expression, and movement) to highlight important points and hold the audience’s attention. Be intentional: How will you use your voice and your body to emphasize a thought or idea? Think about it: If you increased the time you spent on style or delivery by 20 percent, what would it mean for the impact you make?

8. Think about how you will engage your audience : You want the audience to feel considered throughout. Include pauses so they can process what’s being said; connect with individuals throughout the room and make deliberate eye contact while speaking, especially when delivering key points. Read and respond to the audience by changing how you deliver as you go based on the audience’s nonverbal communication .

9. Rehearse and Practice: Practice is one of the most crucial elements of presenting—and probably the most neglected one. If this is new to you start by reading your presentation in front of a mirror to get comfortable speaking your presentation. Next, video yourself and watch out for nervous or distracting habits to eliminate them and identify any areas where you can improve your delivery. If you are feeling brave, practice in front of an audience and ask for feedback.

10. Prepare your success rituals and mantra: Public speaking and/or stage fright can feel debilitating for some. Have your calm-down ritual prepared and ready to go before you start your presentation. This might be a certain gesture, a power pose, breathwork, or a mantra. Try this tip: Identify three adjectives to describe how you would like to show up during this presentation. This sets an intention and helps focus our cognitive and emotional resources on success.

Powerful presenters embrace and extend empathy to seek first to understand their audience. They use this intelligence to carefully make choices about substance and style to create an audience-informed communication experience that feels relevant, reasoned, real, and resonant and creates a pathway for change.

Palena R. Neale Ph.D, PCC

Palena Neale, Ph.D. , is a women’s leadership coach, lecturer, and founder of unabridged, a boutique leadership development practice.

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At any moment, someone’s aggravating behavior or our own bad luck can set us off on an emotional spiral that threatens to derail our entire day. Here’s how we can face our triggers with less reactivity so that we can get on with our lives.

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12 mistakes that can doom your presentation to failure.

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Sales. Believe it or not, most of us are in the sales business.

Courtroom attorneys, both prosecutors and defense lawyers, are in the sales business. Their product consists of arguments for or against the defendant.

University professors are in the sales business. Their products are knowledge and thinking skills.

Consultants and corporate trainers are in the sales business. Their products are competence and proficiency with everything from how to lead a team to how to operate a complicated machine.

Whatever your job is, you can be sure that it involves sales—persuading people to adopt fresh perspectives, embrace new methods, rally around a common cause.

In all of this, Terri L. Sjodin is worthy of attention. An expert in advancing the persuasive presentation skills of professionals, Sjodin is a New York Times bestselling author ( Small Message, Big Impact ), and a respected researcher. For her latest book ( Presentation Ready: Improve Your Sales Presentation Outcomes & Avoid the Twelve Most Common Mistakes ), she conducted a multi-year study drawing on the experiences and observations of more than 5,000 business and sales professionals. Her expertise has been featured by many media outlets including the Today Show, Bloomberg News, CNN, CNBC, and Fox Business, as well as many industry podcasts.

Quoting the philosopher Seneca as saying, “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity,” Sjodin explains how that view applied to the research she conducted during the Covid pandemic.

“ We used the lockdown to our advantage and captured data that has revealed insights unique to presenting during that challenging time,” she says. “We learned more about how to navigate specific obstacles in virtual presentations.”

Samsung Issues Critical Update For Millions Of Galaxy Users

Drake kendrick lamar feud timeline another trespasser caught at drake s toronto home police say, the best queen mattresses that promote more restful nights.

A lot of professionals were great at in-person customer interactions but had to adapt to virtual presentations via video platforms when the pandemic hit. What were the biggest challenges of that transition?

“Ultimately, virtual meetings can’t provide all the benefits of face-to-face meetings, but they are scalable and can save you and your prospects time and money,” Sjodin says. “Some people simply feel awkward and uncomfortable using this technology. A common confession is, ‘I’ve been presenting for years. Why is this so difficult?’ The reason it’s daunting is because we are merging the art of presenting, the science of selling, and the modern tools of technology. It’s a lot to juggle all at once.”

Sjodin says that for some people, learning to master this technology is a lot like learning to drive a stick-shift automobile after years of driving with an automatic transmission.

When people are preparing for important presentations, what questions should they be asking themselves to ensure that their message and delivery are effective?

Terri L. Sjodin

“The best game plan is to do your homework early in the process, while keeping the end goal in mind,” Sjodin says. “Preparation is the best way to avoid ‘winging it.’ That might seem obvious. The truth is that many people, for various reasons, simply fail to prepare or don’t have a strategy to prepare effectively.”

Consider a meeting you have on your calendar right now and ask yourself a few key questions. What is my intention for this meeting? What am I trying to accomplish? Who are the listeners? What’s the audience size?

In the information-persuasion balance, what seems to be the key to driving a presentation to a prospect’s decision or conversion?

Sjodin says being overly informative was one of the highest ranked mistakes self-identified in her research study. “Information in and of itself doesn’t drive conversion,” she says. “The key is to get clear on the goal of being persuasive. What do you want to have happen as a result of this meeting or presentation?”

By design, a persuasive presentation has a specific intention. The speaker wants the listeners to act based on what they’re hearing. Sjodin suggests asking yourself this question: “Did I build a compelling case for my message?” She says professionals in need of results are best served when they craft presentations that are both persuasive and informative. “This seems simple, but, trust me, nobody complains that a talk was overly persuasive. They complain about the data dump.”

A challenge many speakers face is how to establish their own credibility without distracting from the product service, or cause they are championing. Sjodin has some suggestions on how to address that challenge.

“When a presentation is filled with vague assertions and imprecise data, speakers lose credibility,” she says. “Credibility is essential. Without it, a prospect has little reason to buy into your proposal.”

Her research results showed that sales professionals who committed the mistake of providing inadequate support consistently failed to establish credibility with the listener through their personal experience or data quality.

“A potential customer will evaluate you and your information before deciding whether to believe you,” she says. “Personal credibility speaks to your experience, education, background, industry knowledge, and field work. If you are new to an industry, it’s tough to sell your experience. Your chances are better if you sell your work ethic and scrappy mindset instead of your ability to advise listeners on how to do something they have been doing for the past 20 years.”

In her research, Sjodin found that many sales professionals confessed that they “conclude but do not close.” Where’s the disconnect? What’s her advice to them?

“ The close is the specific call to action you want your listener to take after hearing your message,” she says. “A conclusion is a wrap-up of what you just said. Some people avoid closing altogether because they don’t want to risk hearing ‘no thanks, not interested.’ The fear of rejection makes closing feel uncomfortable, so they just skip it altogether.

Closing doesn’t need to be scary, she says. “All you are doing is inviting your listener to choose to move forward in some regard.

Delivering a persuasive presentation requires the ability to close. “Persuasive presenters are always prepared to ask for a next step, or commitment—it’s what they’re there to do,” she says. “If you have met with numerous prospects but haven’t completed many transactions, ask yourself, ‘Do I close, or do I conclude?’ One generates action; the other gives your prospect the option of doing nothing.”

What’s the role of storytelling in making a compelling sales presentation, and what’s the key to doing it well?

It’s Sjodin says it’s the presenter’s responsibility to build and deliver an interesting message. You might think your data is interesting, but that doesn’t mean the audience will. This is where storytelling plays a role.

“Boring presentations are unfortunately a common occurrence,” she says. “Multiple factors can contribute to a dull, tedious, and tiresome talk, including low presenter energy, an overall lack of creativity, and an absence of storytelling and other entertaining elements.”

Sjodin says the key to effective storytelling is to put yourself in the seat of a skeptical listener and ask whether your message is intriguing and thought-provoking. “If a small, persistent voice tells you that it’s boring, it probably is. Can you find a story that could bring this issue to life in a more dazzling way?”

Death-by-PowerPoint still seems to be a common mistake made by speakers and presenters. Sjodin offers advice on using visual aids effectively.

“Visual aids can significantly enhance a presentation when used effectively,” she says. “They are not designed to be a crutch to help get a person through their content. Remember, you are the star, and the visual aids are the bit players. They are there to enrich the message and say something visually that you can’t communicate in the same way verbally. Tragically, most presentations are dominated by text and bullet points and do not visually create a wow factor.”

Does making a sales presentation mistake matter?

“In today’s competitive market, everybody sells something, whether it’s a product, a service, a cause or even when selling themselves on a job interview or for a promotion,” Sjodin says. “One of the most surprising initial insights in the research study was that 92% of participants reported feeling that making a sales presentation mistake has or probably has impacted moving a transaction forward or achieving their goal. That is a big number! So does it matter? The research results say yes!”

Rodger Dean Duncan

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    We've compiled these quick, easy-to-follow tutorials to make you a Prezi Video master in no time. ... Prezi has been a trusted presentation partner for over 15 years. 180+ countries. 140,000,000+ 140M+ people who ️ Prezi. 25%. more effective than slides* 40%. more memorable* *independent Harvard study of Prezi vs. PowerPoint

  2. Online presentation tools: Make a presentation online

    Creating a presentation is simple with the right starting blocks. Use Prezi's online presentation templates to make a winning sales pitch, product demo, or training session. With a Teams license, any presentation template can be branded with your own colors, fonts, and logo to make your message more memorable.

  3. How to make a presentation: Tips + resources

    Discover more great resources for making a great presentation on Prezi: Over 200 professionally-designed presentation templates catering to a good variety of use cases, roles, and design preferences. Find a template that suits your topic and helps structure your presentation in an engaging way, including several specifically made for online video meetings.

  4. Prezi

    Inspiration. Recommended videos See how other users use Prezi Video to engage their audiences. Reusable presentations Browse some of our favorite presentations and copy them to use as templates. Reusable infographics Customize the content in these infographics to create your own works of art. Presentation templates Get a big head start when creating your own videos, presentations, or infographics.

  5. How to use Prezi: Learn Prezi with how-tos, videos, and examples

    These video tutorials will help you learn how to Prezi. On-Demand Training. Learn Prezi on your own time. Introducing Prezi AI. Meet your new newest creative partner, the power of AI, right in Prezi. Save time, amplify your ideas, and elevate your presentations. All quicker and better than ever before.

  6. Create an interactive presentation: Prezi software for interactive

    Get started with hundreds of professionally-designed templates and make the presentation your own with easy-to-use features that add movement and help you connect with your audience. It's never been easier to make an interactive presentation. Try for FREE. Let's talk! 1-844-773-9449. 8:30 am-5 pm PST.

  7. Mastering the basics of Prezi Present

    Prezi Present is built to make structuring your presentation a breeze. Thinking about how you want your presentation to flow can help you take full advantage of the tools Prezi has available. A properly structured presentation can help you tell a visual story and strengthen your presentation. Let's cover how you can start.

  8. Video presentation maker: Make a video presentation online

    Create a Prezi account and open Prezi Video in your dashboard. Choose a professionally-designed video templates or select quick record to get started. Upload your own images, GIFS, and videos, or quickly select from free Unsplash and GIPHY visuals right in Prezi Video. Add your presenter notes and finalize your presentation.

  9. 5 simple steps to create great Prezi presentations

    The ability to zoom in and out of the presentation canvas to create impactful visual transitions is what makes Prezi Present presentations unique. With zoom and animation effects, the creative possibilities are endless. 5. Timing is everything. There's nothing like a little suspense, and a bit of surprise, to make a story more interesting.

  10. Getting started with creating in Prezi Present

    With Prezi Present, you can structure your content in multiple dimensions with frames and topics to create memorable presentations that captivate your audience. Frames contain your content and freely direct your audience's attention like a director uses a camera. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics organize details and reveal content ...

  11. Creating a new presentation in Prezi Present

    From your Prezi Present dashboard, either choose the Convert PowerPoint option and convert your existing slides into a Prezi presentation or click Create from template.Alternatively, you can also click the + icon under the search bar and select Presentation to create a new presentation from a template.; Choose a template to get started, then click Use this template.


    "Unleash your creativity with Prezi! 🌟 Learn how to craft dynamic presentations that captivate your audience. This step-by-step guide covers everything from...

  13. How to start a presentation: 5 effective ways

    Instead, show your visuals next to you using Prezi Video, our video presentation software. You'll be able to easily go from topic to topic while maintaining eye contact with your audience, making your presentation much more engaging. If you want to give Prezi Video a try, create your first video here or watch this video to see it in action:

  14. Presentation design guide: tips, examples, and templates

    For this reason, we created a simple guide that'll help you make your own presentation from scratch without headaches. 1. Opt for a motion-based presentation. You can make an outstanding presentation using Prezi Present, a software program that lets you create interactive presentations that capture your viewer's attention.

  15. 14 effective presentation tips to impress your audience

    With Prezi AI, these features become even more accessible, suggesting ways to make your presentation more engaging through clickable areas, zoomable images, and dynamic visualizations. This level of interaction encourages exploration, making your message more memorable and transforming a standard presentation into an effective presentation.

  16. How to make a video presentation with Prezi in 6 steps

    Use an existing Prezi presentation, or create a new presentation in the Prezi Present editor and press "create video" when you're ready to record. You can also turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video by uploading your slides and editing them in the Prezi Video editor. 3. Set up a home studio. How to make a video presentation doesn ...

  17. How to give a good presentation

    Stand tall and maintain a good posture, as it conveys confidence and authority. Avoid slouching or fidgeting, as it can detract from your message. Use purposeful hand gestures to emphasize key points or to illustrate concepts, as they can add dynamism and expressiveness to your presentation.

  18. Prezi Training For Beginners

    In part 1 of this FREE Prezi training for beginners, you'll be guided by official Prezi expert Russell Anderson-Williams and taken through all the steps to g...

  19. Transform your presentation-making process: Prezi user insights

    Jorge's creation process: → Navigate to your dashboard. Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive. Try Prezi now. → Click Quick Start. → Search in the Template Chooser. → Once inside the Prezi presentation, look at the structure within each topic, choose which ones you like best, then duplicate those and delete ...

  20. Getting started with Prezi Present

    With Prezi Present, you can structure your content in multiple dimensions with frames and topics to create memorable presentations that captivate your audience. Frames contain your content and freely direct your audience's attention like a director uses a camera. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics organize details and reveal content ...

  21. How to create in Prezi Video

    1. To add a visual to your slide, click the image icon in the slide thumbnail. From here, you can either upload a file from your computer, select a visual from your cloud storage or browse our extensive image, icon, GIF and sticker libraries. 2. You can also drag and drop supported files from your computer to the editor.

  22. Make a PowerPoint Look Like a Prezi Presentation

    Luckily for those without the time or will to learn how to work with Prezi, you can still make a Prezi-like presentation in PowerPoint. Here you'll find 2 easy ways to make your PowerPoint presentation look like a Prezi one. The Zoom Tool. The first (and most effective) option for making a PowerPoint presentation look like a Prezi is the Zoom ...

  23. Google Slides vs. Prezi

    Google Slides and Prezi provide distinct approaches to presentation design and delivery. Google Slides emphasizes simplicity and collaboration, offering a straightforward platform that's easy to use and accessible from any device with an internet connection. Prezi, on the other hand, stands out with its dynamic, non-linear presentation style that creates

  24. Microsoft PowerPoint vs. Prezi

    Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi represent two contrasting approaches to presentation design. PowerPoint is the traditional choice, known for its structured slide-based approach and extensive feature set, making it ideal for detailed and data-heavy presentations. Prezi, in contrast, offers a more dynamic and visually engaging experience with its unique zooming user

  25. 5 Better Alternatives To Google Slides

    Prezi offers an innovative approach to showing presentations with its unique canvas feature. Unlike traditional presentation software, Prezi lets you zoom and pan around a flexible canvas.

  26. Apple Keynote vs. Prezi

    Apple Keynote and Prezi each bring a unique approach to presentation design. Keynote is favored for its refined design capabilities and seamless integration with other Apple products, making it a preferred choice for users deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem. Prezi, known for its dynamic, non-linear presentation style, offers a

  27. Top AI Presentation Generators/Tools

    Prezi . With the help of Prezi, an AI presentation creator, you can transform your plain old slides into jaw-dropping presentations. Creating an engaging story is more important than merely including slides and text. Prezi's dynamic flow makes an interesting and unforgettable presentation possible. Visme . Visme is a full-featured creative ...

  28. 10 Tips for a Persuasive Presentation

    3. Design a grabber: Our attention spans have shrunk as we have more and more competing demands on our attention. If you want to get someone's attention you need to grab it at the outset and try ...

  29. 12 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Presentation To Failure

    Sales. Believe it or not, most of us are in the sales business. Courtroom attorneys, both prosecutors and defense lawyers, are in the sales business. Their product consists of arguments for or ...