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Respect Presentation

Character Ed / SEL presentations for grades K-4

What is Respect PPT/ Google Slides Presentation for Elementary Character Ed / SEL

What is Respect? Presentation

Help kids understand what respect it is and how to show respect for people, places and things. Presentation shows children how pay attention to how their actions impact others.

Grade Level

Character / sel topics.

  • Self management, Self-awareness
  • Positive relationships
  • Good decision making
  • Traits: Respect

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This presentation is supported by a full Respect Lesson Plan here . The presentation also includes speaker notes for each slide.

Respect Presentation-SEL presentation elementary school for PPT or Google Slides

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What does it mean to show respect for other people? List 6 specific behaviors…

  • 1. say please, thank you, excuse me, you’re welcome, and sorry
  • 2. look at the person who is talking to you
  • 3. don’t interrupt when someone else is talking
  • 4. do kind deeds for other people
  • 5. speak in a calm voice; don’t use bad language
  • 6. listen to other people’s opinions, even if you don’t agree

How do people show respect for themselves? List 3 specific behaviors…

  • 1. dress appropriately to show that you respect your body
  • 2. Don’t put anything harmful in your body like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
  • 3. eat healthy foods, exercise, and get enough sleep

Why is it important to be respectful? What would our world be like without respect?

  • If people didn’t show respect for one another, we would live in a world dominated by violence and hatred. No one would be happy.

4 concepts of RESPECT:

  • 1. Homecourt
  • 2. Partners
  • 3. Speak and Act With Good Purpose
  • 4. Live Above The Line
  • Now write your own definition of respect.
  • Motto= “A place where everybody wins!”

What is “Home Court”?

  • Home Court is the idea that everyone in the classroom is a winner! We are all working together as a team to help each other be successful.

How are the teacher and students in a classroom like a coach and the players on a team?

  • Both teachers and coaches are there to cheer you on and support you in your goal to win. Players are supposed to help each other just like students should.

When do you say the term “Home Court?”

  • You say the term “Home Court” when a student says something bad to another student or when the class is not behaving the right way. This is a reminder that we are all a team working together.
  • Motto= “We’re a team!”

What is “Partners”?

  • Partners is the idea that the teacher and the students work together as a team to help the students get an education.

What is the role of the teacher?

  • The role of the teacher is to help students and be honest with them about their grades and their behavior. The teacher is supposed to be a good role model for students.

What are the 4 “Partner” rules?

  • 1. When you speak, I listen.
  • 2. When I speak, you listen.
  • 3. I tell you the truth.
  • 4. We agree to do what’s best for each other.

How can you practice being an active listener in class?

  • S = sit up straight
  • L = lean forward & listen
  • A = ask questions
  • N = nod and take notes
  • T = take notes & talk to the teacher

Speak and Act With Good Purpose

  • Motto = “Words are powerful!”

How are words powerful?

  • Words have the power to build up and the power to break down a person’s self-esteem. We have control over what we choose to say out loud. We have the power to only speak and act with good purpose.

What does “Speak and Act With Good Purpose” mean?

  • It means that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Everything you do and say needs to be nice, not mean.

Live Above the Line

  • Motto= “You’re in control!”

What does “Live Above the Line” mean?

  • It means that you have to accept responsibility for your actions and behavior and not blame someone else.
  • You’ve just received your first progress report. You thought you were passing math (or another class) but you actually received a D or F. What is your response? What do you say and do?
  • Write your own answer…

What are some negative and unproductive ways a student could respond? List 4 negative actions.

  • 1. yelling, hitting, cursing
  • 2. blame someone else (teacher)
  • 3. quit and give up
  • 4. deny that you need help

What are some positive and productive ways a student could respond? List 4 positive actions.

  • 1. ask the teacher for help
  • 2. go to night library for help
  • 3. do all homework
  • 4. study for tests

What does it mean to be in CONTROL? YOU…

  • 1. accept responsibility
  • 2. decide what you need to do to succeed
  • 3. always remain in control of your actions

What does it mean to play the role of a VICTIM? YOU…

  • 1. give up/quit
  • 4. lay blame

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  • 1. Character Trait Respect
  • 2. Respect Definition: Showing high regard for self, others, and property.
  • 3. Respect “The Golden Rule”  Treating others the way you would want to be treated.
  • 4. Respect Example  Show respect by asking permission before using someone else’s things.
  • 5. Respect Example Show respect for others even when they are different from you.
  • 6. Respect Example  Showing respectful behavior is a way of saying, “I care for you”.
  • 7. Respect Quote Respect is love in plain clothes. -Frankie Byrne
  • 8. Respect Quote When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself. -Mark Twain
  • 9. Respect Quote When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you. -Lao-Tzu
  • 10. Respect Quotes Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. -Jesse Jackson Courtesy is the shortest distance between two people. -Unknown
  • 11. Respect Words  Respect  Consideration  Courtesy  Patience  Tolerance  Attentiveness  Appreciation  Manners  Acceptance  Politeness
  • 12. Are you a respectful person? (Take this self-evaluation and decide for yourself.) True False I treat people the way I want to be treated. I treat people with civility, courtesy, and dignity. I am sensitive to other people's feelings. I never insult people or make fun of them. I never ridicule or embarrass people. I never go along with prejudices or racist attitudes. Mr. Anderson's Character Development Class

Respect Presentation

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Showing Respect for others

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