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A Test of Time: The Bible - from Myth to History

Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation

Pharaohs and Kings

From Eden to Exile: the Epic History of the People of the Bible

Exodus: Myth or History?

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About the author  (1999), bibliographic information.

Interview with Egyptologist David Rohl

Timothy Mahoney

July 9, 2021

Filmmaker Tim Mahoney and Egyptologist David Rohl during filming of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Summary: Egyptologist David Rohl and Filmmaker Tim Mahoney discuss the two new books David has been writing under the combined title of Legendary Kings: The Real Bible Unearthed – Volumes One and Two.

The elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah and said, “Appoint for us a king to judge us like all the nations.” But the thing displeased Samuel. And Samuel prayed to the Lord. The Lord said, “Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. Now then, obey their voice; only you shall solemnly warn them and show them the ways of the king who shall reign over them.” – I Sam 8: 4-9 (ESV)

Legendary Kings: The Real Bible Unearthed

TIM: It’s been a while since we sat down and had a chat, given the COVID pandemic, which has been ongoing now for considerably more than a year. So, what have you been up to since you last came to Minnesota?

DAVID: Well, I haven’t exactly been taking it easy. So much for any thoughts of enjoying a relaxing retirement! I have been busy writing two new books under the combined title of Legendary Kings: The Real Bible Unearthed – Volumes One and Two. I originally thought it would be just one volume … but it soon became clear that the material would need two volumes of 416 pages each – full colour hardbacks printed on high quality art paper with hundreds of color photos, maps, plans and charts, covering the biblical period from Judges all the way down to the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.

Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and Egyptologist David Rohl filming in St. Paul, MN

TIM: What Is the current status of these Legendary Kings volumes?

DAVID: The first volume is ready to go to the printers and the second is more than half completed, as far as the writing goes, and should be ready some time in 2022.

TIM: I am assuming the contents will involve your New Chronology revision of the ancient timeline and how that relates to the Bible?

DAVID: Yes, that’s exactly it. In effect, it’s a continuation of my book Exodus – Myth or History? that Patterns of Evidence/Thinking Man published in 2015 to accompany your documentary movie ‘Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus’. I felt it was important to show clearly how the New Chronology brought biblical archaeology to life in the periods following the Exodus from Egypt … and including for the United monarchy era of Saul, David and Solomon. 

TIM: That’s all very exciting. But I hear that’s not all you’ve been up to, and that there are a couple of projects in the pipeline for the next eighteen months or so.

DAVID: Yes. The first bit of news is that I have been offered a professorial teaching post at St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva in St. Petersburg, Florida. I will be teaching an online course on Egypt and the Bible entitled ‘The Bible – Myth or History?’ starting this September (2021) and lasting for two semesters. It’s an online course (using Zoom conferencing) involving 27 weekly lectures followed by seminar discussions when students can ask questions about each lecture. The course is for audit, which means that there will be no exams or essays to write and no academic credit points.  All enrolled students need to do is log in and enjoy the sessions … it’s open to anyone who has an interest in Biblical Archaeology and Ancient World History.

TIM: I guess we should think about providing Thinkers access to the lecture list (with topics) to see if readers of this interview would be interested in enrolling.

DAVID: That would be cool. Here is the list. 

Fall Semester (2021):   Section One: From Joseph to Joshua

                                             Section Two: Egypt and its Chronology

Section One:

(1) The Israelites in Egypt (05 September 2021)

      The Sojourn from Joseph to Moses. Joseph’s pharaoh. The Great Famine. The Israelite settlement at Avaris. Joseph’s palace and tomb. The slavery period. Moses as prince of Egypt. The events of Exodus. The Ipuwer Papyrus.

(2) In the Footsteps of Moses (12 September 2021)

      The Miracle of the Sea. The journey to Mount Horeb. Evidence from the Sinai Peninsula. The location of Kadesh. Aaron’s tomb on Mount Hor.

(3) Hebrew Signs in the Desert (19 September 2021)

      The origins of the Hebrew alphabet. The discovery of Proto-Sinaitic at Serabit el-Khadim. Deciphering the inscriptions. The words of Moses carved in stone.

(4) Conquest (26 September 2021)

      The arrival of Joshua and the Israelite tribes in the Promised Land. The destruction of Jericho. The discovery of Ai. Joshua’s Long Day. King Jabin of Hazor. Joshua’s Covenant Stone at Shechem.

(5) The Great Exodus Debate (03 October 2021)

      Where did the Miracle of the Sea take place and where is the Mountain of God? The Gulf of Akaba sea crossing theory. The Festival of the Unleavened Bread. Gebel el-Lawz and Gebel Makla. The Caldwell’s split rock.

(6) Against an 18th Dynasty Exodus (10 October 2021)

      Why an Exodus in the mid-18th Dynasty is not tenable. Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus. Amenhotep III as Pharaoh of the Conquest. Problems at Jericho. Cities of the Conquest.

Section Two:

(7) Ancient Egypt: An Introduction (Part One) (24 October 2021)

      A background to Pharaonic Egypt’s dynastic history.

(8) Ancient Egypt: An Introduction (Part Two) (31 October 2021)

(9) Seeing Through the Eye of Horus (07 November 2021)

      Understanding the landscape and environment of ancient Egypt.

(10)   Conundrums of the Pharaohs (14 November 2021)

      Explaining the Revised Chronology of Ancient Egypt.

(11)   Shishak and Shoshenk: A Case of Mistaken Identity? (21 November 2021)

      Who was the historical pharaoh behind the plundering of Solomon’s temple?

(12)   Shiloh, Jericho, Gezer, and Shechem (28 November 2021)

      Archaeological evidence for the Judges Period in the New Chronology.

(13)   Who Were the Philistines? (05 December 2021)

      Did the Philistines arrive in the reign of Ramesses III or, as the Bible states, much earlier?

(14)   The Bible, Archaeology, and Scientific Dating (12 December 2021)

      Radiocarbon Dating, Dendrochronology, and Astronomy.

Spring Semester (2022):          Part Three: The Monarchy Period

                                                         Part Four: The History and Geography of Genesis

                                                         Part Five: Early Christianity in Europe

Section Three:

(15)   Saul – The First King (06 February 2022)

      How the Amarna Letters cast new light on the Hebrew revolt against Philistine oppression. King Saul’ reign-length. Asked for by the people. The Philistine seranim. The capture of Gibeah and Michmash. Jonathan and David. The Battle of Gilboa.

(16)   The Amarna Period and Solar Yahwism in the Israelite Monarchy (13 February 2022)

      Monotheism and the Light of the World. The Amarna pharaoh’s and their genealogies. Psalm 104 and the Hymn to the Aten.

(17)   David – The Conqueror (20 February 2022)

      The rise of Israel in Egypt’s 19th Dynasty. David’s northern conquests. The taking of Jerusalem. The Merneptah Stela. Israelite chariots in the Karnak war reliefs. David as ally of Egypt. The Battle of Kadesh and the Nearin. A marriage alliance and treaty.

(18)   Pharaoh’s Daughter (27 February 2022)

      Who was the pharaoh who gave his daughter to be Solomon’s queen? Solomon’s Gezer dowry. The Temple of Solomon. The palace and tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter. The rift between Pharaoh’s Daughter and Solomon. The enmity of Egypt towards Solomon’s successor.

(19)   Solomon – The Merchant Prince (06 March 2022)

      The archaeology of Samaria, Megiddo, and Hazor in the New Chronology and King Solomon’s reign.

(20)   The 20th Dynasty in Egypt (13 March 2022)

      How a new Egyptian chronology accounts for the anomalies of the biblical Iron Age.

(21)   The Divided Monarchy (20 March 2022)

      From the Schism to the sack of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II. The chronology of the Israelite and Judahite kings. The Arameans. The Neo-Assyrians and Neo-Babylonians.

Section Four:

(22)   In Search of Eden (03 April 2022)

      The geography of Paradise and its fabled garden.

23) The Great Flood and the Tower of Babel (10 April 2022)

      Mesopotamian flood traditions. The Mountain of the Descent. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

(24)   The Dispersion of the Nations (17 April 2022)

      The descendants of Noah – Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. Discoveries in Egypt’s Eastern Desert. The iconography of Mesopotamian influence in early pharaonic Egypt.

Section Five:

(25)   The Way of the Cross (24 April 2022)

      The arrival of Early Christianity in Rome. The site of the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus. Christian refugees arriving in France. Joseph of Arimathea and the legend of the Holy Grail. Palatium Britannicum. The first Bishop of Rome. Paul and Peter and their burial places.

(26)   Sangreal (01 May 2022)

      The Romano-Spanish tradition of the Cup of Christ. Saint Lawrence and the Holy Grail. The Grail Castle at San Juan de la Peña. Alfonso the Battler and Anfortas Rex. Sir Percival and Rotrou the Great. The Santo Caliz in Valencia Cathedral.

(27)   The Bible – Myth or History? (08 May 2022)

      Course Summary.

DAVID: I should have said that the lecture sessions are on Sundays at 11am Eastern Time … is that what you call it? For me in Spain it will be 5pm (Central European Time), with the lectures lasting about an hour and with an additional thirty minutes or so for Q & A.

If a prospective students isn’t already enrolled in the seminary, they will need to email Claire R. Frisbee and she will send the necessary forms:  [email protected]. The application fee is $25. The course fee is $360 per semester.  The course names and numbers are as follows:

BIE 5853:  ‘The Bible – Myth or History? – How archaeology and the New Chronology bring the Tanakh (Older Testament) out of the shadows and into the light of history, part 1’.

BIE 5863:  ‘The Bible – Myth or History?’ – How archaeology and the New Chronology bring the Tanakh (Older Testament) out of the shadows and into the light of history, part 2’.

TIM: You mentioned that there were a couple of events coming up … so, what’s the other one?

Nile River cruise boat

DAVID: The second event is a spectacular cruise up the River Nile from Cairo to Luxor, visiting all the important sites, while I give a series of lectures, again related to Egypt and the Bible. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure involves a 13-day journey in one of Egypt’s 5-star luxury cruisers, with some amazing things to see, many with important biblical connections, which have been directly featured in past Patterns of Evidence movies and will no doubt be in your future documentary films. The cruise is scheduled for September 2022, so hopefully long after Covid-19 restrictions are a thing of the past. Needless to say, all boat staff, guides, coach drivers and travel agents will have been vaccinated.

TIM: Let us know more details in the future, closer to the 2022 cruise dates.

DAVID: Sure, I’ll send details to you.

TIM: When will you be coming back to the USA? Do you have any plans?

16: DAVID: Well, I am planning a lecture in the UK for 2023 and I am starting to put together a study tour of the Holy Land focussing on the Old Testament sites … to see first-hand, the evidence presented in the Legendary Kings books. That will probably take place in September 2023. So, I am not sure when I will be crossing the pond to visit the USA. Make me an offer of something interesting to do and I’ll consider it!

David Rohl during filming of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

TIM: Good to talk to you again, David, … and great that we could record the conversation so that our Thinkers could have the opportunity to catch up with all your work and plans. 

See David Rohl’s lecture series .

TOP PHOTO: Investigate filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and Egyptologist David Rohl on location in St. Paul, Minnesota during filming of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. (Copyrighted Patterns of Evidence LLC 2011) 

NOTE: Not every view expressed by scholars contributing Thinker articles or being interviewed necessarily reflect the views of Patterns of Evidence. We include perspectives from various sides of debates on biblical matters so that readers can become familiar with the different arguments involved. – Keep Thinking!

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Test of Time (9780099365617) by David Rohl

david rohl books

"Chronology is the backbone of the history. Without exact chronology there can be no exact history". Edwin Thiele (The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings pg.33)

"The seemingly daring intention to revise the standard chronology of ancient history is motivated by the evidence that some accounts of ancient history suffer from an excess of credibility". Moral Pérez G. (Revised Chronology of Ancient History pg.3)

"Recent research.. has revealed a number of chronological anomalies which throw the conventional scheme of history into serious doubt." John J. Bimson (JACF Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum, vol.6 pg.19)

david rohl books

EA 256 : "Message from Mut-Bahlu , your servant ... I swear, as my lord the king lives, that Ayab is not in Pela [...] Ask Benilima , Ask Tadua , Ask Yishuya ."

(*) Mut-Bahlu : "Mutbaal means 'Man of Baal' and is identified with the biblical name Isbaal with the same meaning. Isbaal (also called Isboset ) is the surviving son of King Saul who rules from Transjordan some time after his father's death on Mount Gilboa." (JACF Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum, vol.6 pg.51)

(*) Ayab : "The name Ayab of EA 256 (A-ya-ab) should be understood as Ya-ab with the prefix aleph, and the name should read 'Yah [weh] is the Father', an exact match for the name of Joab [David's general]." (JACF vol.6 pg.52)

(*) Benilima : "Based on the context of the other figures in EA 256 and the distinctive features of the biblical character Benaiah , everything indicates that 'Benilima' ('son of the gods') would be an appropriate title for this man who he did extraordinary feats worthy of the gods, one of the most distinguished powerful men and bodyguard of King David." Moral Pérez G. (Revised Chronology of Ancient History) / "It may be that the Benenima of the Amarna letter EA 256 is in fact the biblical Benaia , and not Baana, as proposed by Rohl. Baana is a fleeting character." Charles N.Pope (Domain of Man)

(*) Tadua : "[In his Amarna Personal Names] Richard S. Hess interprets 'Tadua' with a Hurrian name with the same Hebrew meaning for Dud / Dawd ('the beloved'). We can argue that the name 'Dadua' was the Hebrew variant from 'Tadua' used by the author of the books of Samuel" Peter van der Veen (JACF vol.8 pg.38) / "The name David is transcribed as Dad for example in the Septuagint (Alexandrian codex) in I Kings 2:33. The original name was therefore Dud / Dad with the meaning 'the beloved (or favorite)'.". (JACF vol.6 pg.52)

(*) Yishuya : "As explained in JACF vol.6 pg.53, it is true that the name 'Yish-uya' agrees with the Hebrew 'Yish-ay' (Jesse: 'Yah Exist'), but it does not fit well with Jesse the father of David because he was already old. Rather, he would identify himself with another 'Jesse': the mighty Abishai ('Father Yah Exists') - nephew of David and brother of Joab-, since everything indicates that Jesse is a shortened form of Abishai. These two names are written in the Septuagint very similarly: 'Iessai' (Jesse) and 'Abessai' (Abishai). Consequently, all the characters mentioned in EA 256 would have a close historical relationship: on the one hand Isboset son of Saul, and on the other King David , his general Joab , and two of his closest and best men, Abishai and Benaiah ." Moral Pérez G. (Revised Chronology of Ancient History)

david rohl books

"Many scholars take the position that the epic stories of the Old Testament have an almost complete lack of foundation in the archaeological record (Joseph, Jacob and the Israelites in Egypt). Simply put, archaeologists and historians have been looking in all the right for the biblical stories, but in entirely the wrong time. It is now clear that the Exodus never happened in the reign of Ramesses the Great, as most scholars and all the Hollywood movies have insisted, but rather in a much earlier period: the Middle Bronze Age."

David Rohl - Exodus, Myth or History (2015)

david rohl books

"There remain many uncertainties in the TIP [Third Intermediate Period], as critics such us David Rohl have rightly maintained; even our basic premise of 925 BC for Shoshenq's campaign to Jerusalem is not built on solid foundations." Erik Hornung - Ancient Egyptian Chronology (Handbook of Oriental Studies I, 2006, pg. 13)

"The identification of the biblical Shishak with Shoshenk I of the 22nd Dynasty .. has been one of the major factors in determining Egypt's high chronology. This paper questions the validity of the identification and proposes that it should no longer stand an as obstacle to a radical revision of the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period." John J. Bimson - Shoshenk and Shishak, A Case of Mistaken Identity? (JACF 6 pg.19)

david rohl books

FOREWORD to "Revised Chronology of Ancient History" , Moral Pérez G.

It is undeniable that ancient history is a science that is difficult to pin down in the current of time, given the complexity of its study as we go centuries past. Writer C.W. Ceram made the following observation still valid today: "Anyone approaching the study of ancient history for the first time must be impressed by the positive way modern historians date events which took place thousands of years ago. In the course of further study this wonder will, if anything, increase. For as we examine the sources of ancient history we see how scanty, inaccurate, or downright false, the records were even at the time they were firts written. And poor as they originally were, they are poorer still as they have come down to us: half destroyed by the tooth of time or by the carelessness and rough usage of men." C.W. Ceram. El misterio de los hititas, Ediciones Orbis, 1985, pg. 69, 70.

Despite this, the desire of any good historian worth his salt will be to continue investigating and be willing to modify criteria according to the latest evidence and recent research, giving the archaeological record its proper place, but at the same time, being cautious and trying to solve the existing gaps, even innovating within the conventional chronology if necessary. As J.A.Wilson said: "The historian will accept his data at face value, unless there is a clear reason for distrust; but he must be ready to modify his acceptance as soon as new materials put the previous interpretation in a new light." J.A. Wilson. The World History of the Jewish People, 1964, vol. 1, pg. 280, 281.

The challenge facing the historian could be compared to the challenge of the detective who tries to clarify the facts of a crime and identify the murderer; the detective should be very careful when investigating the indications, because it will be the key to a correct opinion, being especially thorough with the initial tests, since it will serve as a basis to prop up other successive ones, thus allowing a consistent verdict. Much of this hard work is undoubtedly due to diligent researchers who over time have laid the foundations of historical science and others who currently continue to help unravel the historical maremagnum. However, such recognition does not carry the axiom that these foundations are immovable, since the large amount of new evidence accumulated in recent decades and the scholarly work of many modern authors has allowed us to broaden our understanding of this matter and to propose new hypotheses. Even the study of the most renowned subject in this field, archeology, can become a double-edged sword if the deductions obtained through it are overly trusted and rarely questioned, as it can lead to a totally wrong starting point. This could well be illustrated with the scene from the film "The lost ark" where Indiana Jones realizes that the Nazi enemies "are digging in the wrong place" by not having correctly interpreted the height of the a cane that, with a sunlight beam through a medallion, indicated the exact location in a map room. Scientific study has allowed us to have a true wealth of material evidence, although this has not increased the infallibility of its interpretation, as Merrill F. Unger reasoned when saying: "Scholars also must be extremely wary of attaching undue authority to archaeologists estimates of dates and interpretation of data. That the fixing of dates and the conclusions drawn from archeological findings often depend on subjetive factors is amply demonstrated by the wide divergences between competent authorities on these matters." Merrill F. Unger. Archaeology and the Old Testament, 1964, pg. 164.

For this reason, despite the fact that this science tries to maintain a purely objective point of view when studying the evidence that is unearthed, sometimes dependence on conventional chronology (which is often considered irrefutable) or the personal inclinations and ambitions of certain learned, which can lead to wrong reasoning. It is not surprising, then, that new and interesting proposals have emerged such as that of the renowned Egyptologist Kim Ryholt, who reorders the list of pharaohs of the Second Intermediate Period, an example of which the revisionist alternative, of course, has a place. Kim S.B. Ryholt. The Political Situation in Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period (1997).

Although of course, not all reviews are consistent or factual, such as Anatoly T. Fomenko's radical theory that ancient history actually begins in the Middle Ages and that Jesus Christ was a Byzantine emperor, or that of Ahmed Osman who identifies Moses with Pharaoh Akhenaten and Joshua with Tutankhamun, something totally implausible. Unfortunately, as Erik Hornung says in Ancient Egyptian Chronology, "we will always be exposed to such attempts" that undoubtedly imply "a rather lofty disrespect of the most elementary sources and facts and thus do not merit discussion." Ancient Egyptian Chronology (2006), Introducción de Erik Hornung, pg 15.

However, other theses are worth examining, such as Egyptologist David Rohl's New Chronology of the Ancient Near East ( A Test of Time: The Bible -from Myth to History, 1995 / The Lost Testament: From Eden to Exile -The Five-Thousand-Year History of the People of the Bible, 2002 ) because, although it does not enjoy acceptance in academic Egyptology, it presents a surprising synchronism between the Mesopotamian, Levantine, Egyptian and Old Testament chronologies. Even among his detractors are comments such as Chris Bennett's, which suggests that the rejection generated is inappropriate, since "there is a world of difference" between "popular radicalisms" (Fomenko, Osman and others) and Rohl's intellectual standing who "has a considerable mastery of his material." Chris Bennett. "Temporal Fugues". Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies XIII (1996).

Still, some may wonder what justifies the seemingly daring intention to revise the standard chronology of ancient history if it is widely accepted and has been taught for decades. The reason lies precisely in that: the evidence that some approaches to ancient history suffer from an excess of credibility. It is worth remembering that what is lavishly taken sometimes tends to be taken for granted as true, although time and time again it has been shown that widespread opinion on an issue is not a reliable rule of thumb for measuring truth, nor is it necessarily correct. Therefore, what is postulated here, although it does not intend to discredit the hard work of scholars in the matter, nor to question all the historical science, it does call attention to the fact that certain specific periods need a revision due to a reason of paramount importance: all indications suggest that such periods... "have been placed in the wrong place!" The length of the "cane" or measuring stick of Egyptian chronology as the fulcrum of the temporal scheme -fixed at the dawn of Egyptology in the 19th century- is clearly exceeded and inflated, something long recognized by many chroniclers. But in addition to that, it seems that a fundamental question is evaded that will be analyzed in detail later: it is not only necessary to shorten the length of some Egyptian dynasties, but also to correct certain pivot dates or axis dates that have been incorrectly established on the which rests the chronological mismatch. Certainly, there is still a lot of fabric to cut, although some ultra-Orthodox insist on intimidating these new researchers by calling them "charlatans" who "try to undermine the respectable disciplines of Egyptology." Frank Yurco. Biblical Archaeology Review Julio/Agosto 1997 pg.8-10.

But whoever is honest and objective will recognize that the study of this matter is not exactly static and that more and more sources are available and have better access to them outside the private sphere, which has allowed historical doctrine not to be an exclusive guideline from an elitist group, but more and more scholars can capture new evidence and contribute their conclusions, thus obtaining a wealth of favorable information to unravel the puzzle. Knowing the past well influences our way of seeing the present and the future; Understanding our origins has great repercussions in the concept of ourselves and in the humanity in general, reason why the investigation should be exhaustive and avoid conformist attitudes if there are still gaps of misunderstanding and dark ages. It is very likely that when the moment when our history enjoys considerable coherence, the human being feels more motivated to straighten the course of his own becoming. Sturt W. Manning made a curious comment regarding the above: "Chronology and dating in academic archeology and ancient history are subjects avidly practiced by a few, regarded as a necessary but comprehensively boring evil by the majority [...], the study of chronology is unpleasant, detailed, and difficult, and lacks intellectual status and élan [vital spirit]. [...] Thus, where possible, the academic establishment likes to find some study on chronology to be effectively definitive... It is only when some iconoclast, or outsider, challenges the whole structure, tries of 'beat the boffins', that general academic attention returns to the chronology (e.g. Peter James with Centuries of Darkness 1991, or David Rohl with A Test of Time 1995)." Sturt W. Manning. Classical Review vol. 47 n.2 (1997) pg. 438-439.

All in all, many reject these "outsiders", because in their theses they include an integration of biblical and secular sources, something that some, like the theologian Thomas L. Thompson, consider that "it is not only doubtful but totally ridiculous." ( Thomas L. Thompson. How myth became history. The Sunday Times, 13 October 2002 .) Rohl himself explained his point of view on this matter in The Lost Testament (2002): "Is the Old Testament history or myth? The only way to answer that question is to investigate the biblical stories using the archaeological evidence, combined with a study of the ancient texts of the civilisations which had a role to play in the Bible story. But this has to be done with an open mind. In my view the biblical text -just like any other ancient document- should be treated as a potentially reliable historical source until it can be demonstrated to be otherwise." ( The Lost Testament, pg.3 ) Rohl previously said in A test of time (1995): "did not originally set out to challenge our current understanding of the Old Testament narratives. This has come about simply because of the need to explore the ramifications of my TIP [Egyptian Third Intermediate Period] research. I have no religious axe to grind - I am simply an historian in search of some historical truth." ( A Test of Time, pg.11 ).

On the other hand, it is no less true the fact that some are so interested in fitting into the biblical text characters and places discovered by archeology, that they even resort to bizarre explanations even if they do not make complete sense. Finding the balance between myth and reality is tricky, while it is easy to get carried away by sensationalism and not stick to reality. Despite this, the Bible is a recognized work of value that deserves an opportunity for impartial analysis, given the reliability it has shown over time in its accuracy in providing historical and geographic data. Although its historical rigor has been questioned for decades, more and more voices are heard about the wisdom of being cautious and not taking such accusations for granted, because, as Werner Keller says in his well-known book: "In the face of the enormous abundance of authentic and I'm sure this idea is becoming more and more [...] evident to me: The Bible was right!." Introducción de "Y la Biblia tenía Razón", Werner Keller.










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    New Chronology (Rohl) The New Chronology is an alternative chronology of the ancient Near East developed by English Egyptologist David Rohl and other researchers [1] [2] beginning with A Test of Time: The Bible - from Myth to History in 1995. It contradicts mainstream Egyptology by proposing a major revision of the established Egyptian ...

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    Books. The Lords Of Avaris. David Rohl. Random House, Apr 6, 2010 - History - 720 pages. The Lords of Avaris is one man's journey in search of the legendary origins of the Western World. Our story begins in a small rock-cut tomb below the desolate ruin-mound of Jericho in the Jordan Valley. This is the start of an epic journey of discovery, in ...

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    David Rohl continues his series of books on the revised chronology of the ancient world with the follow-up to 'Exodus - Myth or History?', which covered the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt, the Exodus, and the Conquest. 'Legendary Kings: The Real Bible Unearthed' is a two-volume work on the archaeology and history of the Old Testament, covering ...

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    Summary: Egyptologist David Rohl and Filmmaker Tim Mahoney discuss the two new books David has been writing under the combined title of Legendary Kings: The Real Bible Unearthed - Volumes One and Two. The elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah and said, "Appoint for us a king to judge us like all the nations." But the thing displeased Samuel.

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    An illustration of an open book. Books. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio An illustration of a 3.5" floppy disk. ... Rohl, David M. Publication date 1995 Topics Bible -- Antiquities, Bible, Chronology, Egyptian, Antiquities, Egypt -- Antiquities, Egypt, Archaeology, Middle East

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    by David Rohl. ISBN 9780099177623 (978--09-917762-3) Softcover, Arrow, 2008. Find This Book › Find signed collectible books: 'The Lords Of Avaris'. The Lords of Avaris: Uncovering the Legendary Origins of Western Civilisation. by David Rohl. ISBN 9780712677622 (978--7126-7762-2) Hardcover, Century, 2007.

  14. David Rohl's New Chronology

    New Chronology based on David Rohl's thesis and other independent experts. A necessary revision of the conventional chronology. ... We can argue that the name 'Dadua' was the Hebrew variant from 'Tadua' used by the author of the books of Samuel" Peter van der Veen (JACF vol.8 pg.38) / "The name David is transcribed as Dad for example in the ...

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    Create a book; Download as PDF; Printable version; In Wikipedia. Add links. This page was last edited on 1 December 2023, at 07:04. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page.

  16. Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest by David Rohl

    This Fascinating book by David Rohl has beautiful photos and illustrations, and informative charts that take the reader through the evidence that caused Rohl to come to his conclusions. This book is a "must read" for anyone interested in ancient Egypt and the interaction between the Egyptians and the Israelites. 1 like.

  17. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  18. Moscow Oblast

    Moscow Oblast (Russian: Московская область, romanized: Moskovskaya oblast, IPA: [mɐˈskofskəjə ˈobləsʲtʲ], informally known as Подмосковье, Podmoskovye, IPA: [pədmɐˈskovʲjə]) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast).With a population of 8,524,665 (2021 Census) living in an area of 44,300 square kilometers (17,100 sq mi), it is one of the most densely ...

  19. Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest: David M. Rohl: 9780609801307

    When you read the Bible Solomon was the richest king ever. David Rohl's book Pharaohs and Kings changed all that. He persuasively shows where the chronology is wrong and when corrected things fall into place. What is commonly called the old testament comes to life. It is the greatest book on Biblical Archaeology ever written. Thank you David !!!

  20. Exodus

    David Rohl's latest book, now on Kindle, reveals the true archaeological history of the biblical stories - the Israelite Sojurn in Egypt beginning with Joseph, the Exodus under the leadership of Moses, and the Conquest of the Promisede Land led by Joshua. The site of Israel's bondage in Goshen is uncovered; the route of the Exodus is ...

  21. Time in Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia now

    Sunrise, sunset, day length and solar time for Elektrostal. Sunrise: 04:25AM. Sunset: 08:21PM. Day length: 15h 56m. Solar noon: 12:23PM. The current local time in Elektrostal is 23 minutes ahead of apparent solar time.