report writing exercises pdf

12 Example Report Topics (Writing) (PDF)| B2 First (FCE)

report writing exercises pdf

  •  Use an impersonal and semi-formal style.
  • The word limit is 140-190 words.
  • Spend 40 minutes on the task:
  • 5 minutes to plan
  • 30 minutes to write
  • 5 minutes to check your work

How to write B2 First (FCE) report?


More than practice tests, b2 first (fce) report: writing topics, b2 first (fce) report topic 1.

A group of students from Britain would like to visit your home town as part of an exchange programme. Their leader has asked you to write a report describing what there is to see and do in the town, and to describe some of the other services and facilities that would be available to them.

Write a report.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 2

You have just come back from a visit to a local museum organised by your school. The Principal has asked you to write a report about the museum and what you saw there, saying whether it is of interest for all age groups in the school.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 3

You have just come back from a two-day study trip to a historic town. Your teacher has asked you to write a report about your visit, saying what you saw during the two days and whether you would recommend a similar visit for other students.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 4

A television company is planning to turn the book you have read into a television serial aimed at teenagers.You have been asked to write a report saying whether you think this is a good idea and what changes might be necessary to the plot, the setting or the characters.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 5

Your school is planning to start a video club showing films in English. As a member of the committee, you have been asked to write a report suggesting the different types of the film the club should show to appeal to as many students in the school as possible.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 6

Your teacher wants to read a short passage from the book you have read to a class of younger students She aims to give them an idea of what the book is like and encourage them to read it. She has asked you to write a report saying which passage from the book would be most suitable and why.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 7

The teachers at your school have complained that many students are spending too much time using the Internet to visit social networking sites and chat rooms. They have asked the headteacher to disconnect the Internet from the school’s computer room as they feel it is not an appropriate use of school equipment.

Write a report to the headteacher explaining why internet access should be available to the students. Make some suggestions about ways in which internet access can be controlled.

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B2 first (fce) report topic 8.

You had a class discussion about opportunities for practising English and your teacher has now asked you to write a report for students of English giving them advice.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 9

You work for your local tourist information office. Your manager has asked you to write a report on the entertainment facilities in your town. Describe the current facilities and suggest ways in which they could be improved to attract more tourists to the area.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 10

A group of British teachers is going to visit your college for two days. The aim of their trip is to learn about how technology is used in education in your country. You have been asked to write a report for the group leader.

Your report should:

  •  include information about how technology is used to teach different subjects
  • recommend which lessons the teachers should watch to see technology being used.

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 11

Your local government wants to improve your town centre and make it better for local people. Your college principal has asked students to write a report on the situation to send to the local government. In your report you should:

  • Describe some of the problems in the town centre
  • Suggest, with reasons, what improvements should be made to solve these problems

B2 First (FCE) Report Topic 12

Your English teacher has asked you to write a report on transport facilities in your area.

In your report, you should:

  • describe the existing transport facilities
  • explain what’s good and bad about them
  • suggest how they could be improved in the future.

B2 First (FCE) Report: Writing Topics (PDF)

Download B2 First (FCE) Report: Writing Topics (PDF)

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report writing exercises pdf

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English Writing Exercises for B2 – A report

English Writing Exercises for B2


1. read the task and the report below. how many measures does the writer:.

a   assess? …..

b   suggest? …..

Last year, your town council took measures to make your town cleaner and greener. The council would like to hear your views on the measures they have taken and also any suggestions for future improvements.


The aim of this report is to assess the measures taken by the council and to put forward recommendations for further action.

Benefits of the measures taken

According to most residents, the new pedestrian zone is a great success. It was also thought that the bike lanes improved road safety. The coach park on the outskirts of the town has also met with approval, as coaches no longer drive into the centre where the streets are very narrow.

Disadvantages of the measures

The increase in parking charges has discouraged people from driving into town, but local shops and businesses are suffering because fewer people come into town to shop. What is more, it would seem that these charges adversely affect disabled people and elderly people who rely on their cars.

Suggestions for future improvements

The majority of residents are of the opinions that there are not enough open green spaces. In my opinion, it would therefore be worth creating a new park on the wasteland near the station. I would suggest that more free parking places for disabled and elderly people are created. In conclusion, the council has made a good start, but a lot more could be done.

Write your report.

a 4   (new pedestrian zone, bike lanes, new coach park, increase in parking charges)

b 2   (create a new park, more free parking for disabled and elderly people)

2. KEY PHRASES    Put the phrases in the correct groups. Which are in the article?

It is recommended that …      It was reported that …

It was thought that …      On balance, …

Taking all the points into consideration, …

This report is intended to …

The aim of this report is to …

The report is based on / draws on …

1 ……………………………………………………

Reporting views

It would seem that …

According to …

(People) were of the opinion that …

2 ……………………………………………………

3 ……………………………………………………

Summing up / Giving your opinion

In conclusion, …     To conclude, …     To sum up, …

4 ……………………………………………………

5 ……………………………………………………

Recommending / Suggesting

I would suggest …

In my opinion, it would be worth …

6 ……………………………………………………

1   This report is intended to …

2   It was thought that … / It was reported that …

3    It was reported that … / It was thought that …

4   On balance, … / Taking all the points into consideration, …

5   Taking all the points into consideration, … / On balance, …

6    It is recommended that …

Writing Guide

Writing Strategy

When writing a report:

–  think carefully about the target reader and write in an appropriate style and tone.

–  state the purpose of the report in the first paragraph and any recommendations and suggestions in the final paragraph.

–  consider using headings where appropriate to give the report a clear structure.

3. Read the Writing Strategy and the task below. Make notes under the headings.

Last year, your school took measures to make it cleaner and greener. The head teacher would like to hear your views on the measures they have taken and also any suggestions for future improvements.

Your opinion of measures taken

1   …………………………………………….


2   …………………………………………….

3   …………………………………………….


Suggestions for further improvements

1   …………………………………………….

2   …………………………………………….

your own answers

4. Write your report.

Extra exercises.

In an opinion essay, you need to use linking expressions to connect and extend your ideas. Not all linking expressions are used in the same position in a sentence.

1. Read the Strategy. Choose the correct answers.

1    Participating in a campaign can be rewarding. Besides / Too , you can make new friends.

2    Petitions are a useful means of gathering support for a cause. Demonstrations can attract many followers also / as well .

3   Social media posts can sometimes attract unwelcome responses. Our posts can be shared on other people’s timelines in addition / too .

4    Selecting the appropriate security settings is important. Furthermore / As well , it is advisable to check who might be able to view and to share our posts.

1 Besides   2 as well   3 too   4 Furthermore

2. Read the task below and write your essay.

Some people use their social media accounts to express and publicise their political views. Is this a good idea? Write an essay in which you express your opinion, taking into consideration what effect it may have on the people writing the posts and people responding to them.

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report writing exercises pdf


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report writing exercises pdf

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report writing exercises pdf

Writing: Exercise 6 (Writing a Report)

From 2019 onwards, Exercise 6 could also be a report-writing task.

You will be given a particular context and asked to write a report on it. You are expected to write 150-200 words, and the exercise is worth 16 marks.

Let’s look at a sample question:

report writing exercises pdf

Follow these steps to answer the question:

  • Read the question carefully and ensure that you know what it is asking for. It may be helpful to underline the important points in pencil.
  • Make a plan and spend not more than 5 minutes on it. It should give you a rough idea of the details you want to include in your report, what you want to write in your introduction, body and conclusion. Remember, the purpose of a report is to reflect on and evaluate something, so make sure you keep that in mind when drawing up your plan.
  • Come up with a title. It should be brief and relevant and will give you a good start.
  • Write a strong, but concise, introduction . This paragraph should include the most important details of the event that you are reporting on – the ‘ who ‘(your class), ‘ what ‘(a trip), ‘ when ‘(last week? last month?), ‘ where ‘(large recycling centre) , ‘ why (learn about recycling)’ and ‘ how ‘(if applicable).
  • You need to then organise your body according to what the question is asking for. For example, you are asked to write a report on what you did on the trip (write about three points. Example: spoke to employees, visited sorting unit, watched a plastic recycling process etc.) and what you learned from it as well (write about two points. Example: only 50% of materials brought in are recycled, recycling helps the environment). You could have one paragraph on the former and one on the latter. Be clear.
  • The ending paragraph should briefly conclude the report. In the sample question above, you are asked to write a suggestion for improvement , so this could be your conclusion. Write a couple of sentences outlining your views on how the trip went (example: very informative or too long) and one or two suggestions (example: hands-on-experience, watch a video etc.).

Other tips:

  • You can use the picture prompt as well as the written prompts, but you can score higher marks for your own ideas.
  • Keep the language reasonably formal and direct , but there’s no need to use jargon or big words.
  • Keep in mind that the exercise is to write a report. Be direct and straightforward in your approach. Don’t overthink your points and add unnecessary comments and opinions of your own.
  • Keep your points concise. There should be only 150-200 words, after all.

Time Management

For the core paper 1 , take about 20 minutes to finish this exercise, 5 minutes to plan, 10 minutes to write and 5 minutes to check your writing.

For the extended paper 2 , take 30 minutes for the whole exercise. Take 5 minutes to plan your report, by coming up with points to be included in the introduction, body and conclusion. Use 20 minutes for writing the report and the final 5 minutes to proofread and edit your report.

Notes submitted by Iman, Lintha and Sarah.

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This sections provides you with downloadable PDF writing tasks.

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Report Writing: Format, Topics, and Examples

report writing exercises pdf

Learn the essentials of report writing with this comprehensive guide. Explore the proper format, find inspiring topics, and discover real-world examples to enhance your report writing skills.

What is Report Writing?

A Report Writing is a written account that helps us to know about an event, situation, or occurrence in detail that has already taken place.

Report Writing is a narrative of Events described in an impartial approach. Rules and Format of Report Writing are necessary to know for English report writing. Examples of Report Writing help us in doing this easily.

The Power of Effective Report Writing

Report writing is a skill that transcends industries and disciplines, playing a vital role in conveying information, analyzing data, and making informed decisions. 

Whether you are a student, a researcher, a business professional, or someone looking to improve your communication abilities, mastering the art of report writing is essential for success. 

This article will provide you with insights into the format, topics, and real-world examples of report writing to help you become a proficient report writer.

Understanding the Format of a Report

A well-structured report not only facilitates easy comprehension but also leaves a lasting impact on the reader. Understanding the proper format is the foundation of creating an effective report. In crafting a comprehensive and impactful report, one must carefully consider and include the following crucial elements. :

1. Title Page

The title page should include the report’s title, the name of the author or organization, the date of submission, and any relevant affiliations.

2. Abstract or Executive Summary

The abstract or executive summary is a concise overview of the report’s main points, providing the reader with a snapshot of the entire report’s content.

3. Table of Contents

The table of contents outlines the report’s structure, listing the headings and subheadings with corresponding page numbers.

4. Introduction

The introduction sets the stage for the report, providing context, stating the purpose, and highlighting the significance of the topic.

5. Methodology

In research-oriented reports, the methodology section explains the approach taken to gather data, conduct experiments, or perform studies.

6. Findings

The findings section presents the data collected or the results of the research in a clear and organized manner, often using tables, graphs, or charts.

7. Discussion

The discussion section interprets the findings, provides insights, and offers explanations for observed patterns or trends.

8. Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the main points, draws conclusions based on the findings, and may include recommendations for future actions.

9. Recommendations

In reports with actionable outcomes, the recommendations section suggests specific steps or strategies based on the findings.

10. References

The references section lists all the sources cited in the report, ensuring proper acknowledgment of external work and adding credibility.

Writing Tips for an Effective Sample Report

Creating a compelling report requires not just proper structure but also excellent writing skills. Here are some valuable tips to enhance your report writing:

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial when writing a report. Tailor your language, tone, and content to suit the reader’s level of expertise and interest.

2. Use Clear and Concise Language

Keep your writing clear, straightforward, and to the point. Avoid jargon and unnecessary technical terms that may confuse readers.

3. Organize Information Logically

Present information in a logical sequence, ensuring that each section flows smoothly into the next. Use headings and subheadings to provide a clear structure.

4. Support Claims with Evidence

Back up your statements with credible evidence and data. This adds credibility to your report and strengthens your arguments.

5. Edit and Proofread Thoroughly

Always review your report for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. A well-edited report shows professionalism and attention to detail.

6. Seek Feedback

Before finalizing your report, seek feedback from colleagues or peers. Fresh perspectives can help identify areas of improvement.

Selecting Engaging Report Writing Topics

Choosing the right topic is essential for crafting a compelling report. Whether it’s for academic, business, or research purposes, an engaging topic will capture the reader’s interest and keep them invested in your report. Here are some inspiring report writing topics:

1. The Impact of Technology on Modern Workplace s

Explore how technology has transformed traditional workplaces, affecting productivity, communication, and employee satisfaction.

2. Environmental Sustainability in Urban Cities

Examine the efforts made by urban cities to promote environmental sustainability, including green initiatives and waste reduction strategies.

3. The Rise of E-Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis

Analyze the growth of e-learning platforms, their effectiveness in education, and their potential to revolutionize the traditional learning system.

4. Cybersecurity Threats and Mitigation Strategies for Businesses

Investigate the latest cybersecurity threats faced by businesses and outline effective strategies to safeguard sensitive data and prevent cyber attacks.

5. Mental Health in the Workplace: Strategies for Employee Well-Being

Discuss the importance of addressing mental health issues in the workplace and propose strategies to support employee well-being.

Real-World Examples of Impactful Reports

To gain a deeper understanding of report writing’s practical applications, let’s explore some real-world examples:

1. World Health Organization (WHO) – Global Health Report

The WHO publishes comprehensive reports on global health issues, providing data on disease outbreaks, vaccination rates, and healthcare access worldwide. These reports play a crucial role in shaping global health policies and initiatives.

2. McKinsey & Company – Industry Research Reports

Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company produces insightful industry research reports that analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and business strategies. These reports serve as valuable resources for executives and decision-makers.

3. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – Climate Assessment Reports

The IPCC releases periodic reports on climate change, assessing its impacts, causes, and potential solutions. These reports are instrumental in guiding environmental policies and international climate agreements.

A Sample Report Writing Format on A Bank Robbery.

The following points will make it easy to write a report easily shown below.


( Who Reported ) By a Special Correspondent

Where, When, What: Kolkata, August 14 (Introduction): A daring (CART) robbery took place today at 3 p.m. at the United Bank of India, Gariahat Branch, Kolkata.

How, why, Casualty: According to the Branch Manager, three men armed with pistols overpowered the security staff and locked the gate from the inside. One of the miscreants (710) herded the customers and the staff into one corner of the bank and kept them silent at gunpoint. The other two miscreants snatched the keys from the Manager.

Condition: Then they unlocked the vault and bagged cash and jewelry worth Rs. 40 lacks. They came out of the bank hurling bombs, jumped into a black Maruti Van, and sped away.

Reaction & Measures Taken (Conclusion): The police arrived within half an hour. No one has been arrested yet. Investigations are on, as the Deputy Commissioner of Police told the media.

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Report writing types in english:.

Basically, Report writing in English is of  three types .

  • General Report Writing:  These reports give an account of a person’s experience of an event or an incident.
  • Newspaper Report Writing:  Newspaper reports are based on true incidents or accidents meant to express some information to the public.
  • Business Report Writing:  Business reports are made on orders based on observation, investigation, and analysis.

General Report Writing Examples

Example 1: Business Report – Market Analysis

Title: Market Analysis for XYZ Company’s Product Expansion

Executive Summary: The market analysis report assesses the potential of XYZ Company to expand its product line into a new market segment.

Introduction: This report aims to investigate the feasibility and potential challenges associated with XYZ Company’s entry into the youth-oriented consumer electronics market.

Methodology: Data was collected through a combination of surveys, focus groups, and secondary research from reputable industry reports.

Findings: The youth-oriented consumer electronics market is growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 12% over the past three years.

XYZ Company’s brand recognition is relatively low among the target audience.

The price sensitivity of the target market is a significant factor to consider.

  • Analysis: The findings suggest that while there is a lucrative opportunity for XYZ Company to enter the market, it will require a focused marketing campaign and competitive pricing strategies to overcome initial brand awareness challenges.
  • Discussion: By leveraging social media and influencers, XYZ Company can effectively reach the target audience and build brand loyalty. Additionally, offering a competitive pricing model will attract price-conscious customers.
  • Recommendations:
  • Collaborate with popular influencers to gain credibility and reach a wider audience.

Offer attractive introductory pricing and discounts to entice price-sensitive customers.

Conclusion: Entering the youth-oriented consumer electronics market presents a promising opportunity for XYZ Company. By implementing the recommended strategies, the company can capitalize on this potential growth and expand its product line successfully.

Remember that the specific format and content of a report may vary based on the requirements set by your institution, organization, or supervisor. Always check for any specific guidelines before starting your report writing.

Write a newspaper report on the “Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony in your school” 

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony in your school

By Staff Reporter

[City, Date]: The air was abuzz with excitement and anticipation as [Your School Name] hosted its grand Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony yesterday. The event, held in the school auditorium, was a momentous occasion that celebrated the academic excellence and achievements of the students.

Distinguished guests, parents, and faculty members graced the ceremony with their presence. The school principal, in his opening address, emphasized the significance of recognizing and applauding students’ efforts beyond academics.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of prizes to the meritorious students, acknowledging their outstanding performance in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. The audience erupted with applause as the achievers walked up the stage to receive their awards.

The melodious music, vibrant dances, and thought-provoking skits captivated the audience.

The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony concluded on a high note, leaving everyone inspired and motivated. It served as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing holistic development among its students.

[Your School Name] once again proved that it is not only a center of academic excellence but also a platform for nurturing well-rounded individuals.

By [Your Name]

Write a newspaper repot on “A terrible fire broke out in Kolkata”

Terrible fire breaks out in kolkata, causing extensive damage.

Kolkata, Date: A devastating fire broke out in a commercial area of Kolkata yesterday, causing widespread destruction and panic among residents and businesses. The incident occurred in the bustling market district, engulfing several multi-story buildings.

Eyewitnesses reported that the fire started in one of the shops due to an electrical short circuit and quickly spread to nearby establishments. Despite the immediate response from firefighters, the blaze proved challenging to control, as narrow streets hindered their access.

Local authorities and emergency services rushed to the scene, evacuating people from nearby buildings and providing medical assistance to those affected. Tragically, a few individuals sustained minor injuries in the process.

The fire caused extensive damage to properties, resulting in significant financial losses for business owners. The full extent of the damage is yet to be assessed.

Investigations into the incident are underway to determine the exact cause and potential safety lapses. As the city mourns the loss of properties and livelihoods, efforts are being made to extend relief and support to the affected residents.

1. Write a report for a newspaper about A Terrible Train Accident.

Odisha Train Accident / Coromandel Express Train Accident

Balasore, 3rd June 2023: At around 7 pm, 2nd June on Friday evening 10-12 coaches of the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express derailed near Baleswar and fell on the opposite track. After some time, another train from Yeswanthpur to Howrah dashed into those derailed coaches resulting in the derailment of its 3-4 coaches. The train crash involving two passenger trains and a goods train in Odisha’s Balasore on Friday is said to be one of the deadliest rail accidents in India. More than 230 people have lost their lives in the accident and 900 have been injured. NDRF, ODRAF, and Fire Services are still working to cut the bogie and try to recover the living or the dead. Local people were seen helping the teams responsible for rescue and relief operations and they queued up to donate blood for the injured in Balasore. As a result, Local people became able to rescue 200-300 injured people A high-level committee has been declared to conduct an inquiry into the train accident. The Centre has announced an ex-gratia compensation of Rs 10 Lakh each to the kin of the deceased and Rs 2 Lakh to grievous and Rs 50,000 for minor injuries, Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said.

2. Write a report for a newspaper about A Magic Show .

By Anik Dutta

On Friday, November 18:  our school authority invited a magician to surprise the students of the school with a magic show. The magic show was a gift to the students from the school’s authoritative body as the school won the award for Best Disciplined School in Kolkata for the year 2015. The magic show was organized on the school’s open-air stage. The show went on for 2 hours, from 12 to 2 pm. The first magic shown by the great magician was pulling out of a rabbit from his hat which was absolutely empty when he wore it. The spectators were pleasantly surprised. He showed exciting magic tricks one after the other and ended the show with a message to the awestruck students, ‘Practice maths well, and you can do magic too as it is nothing but a game of calculation’. The show was immensely appreciated by all.

3. Write a report for a newspaper about Health Issues of the people of your District .

Health Issues of the People of Your District

By Ravi Yogi

On 20 May 2021:  a health awareness campaign camp was organized in the Howrah district by the World Health Organisation. Some volunteers were chosen, who from then on, visit each house every month to remind people to get their children vaccinated. People now follow their instructions and keep their surroundings clean to avoid certain diseases. The volunteers distributed water purifiers at a cheap rate so that people could use them to get pure water. The mosquito-repellant sprays are used every month and mosquito nets are now used to keep mosquitoes away. If the volunteers arrange a blood donation camp every month it could help the people in need. Also, a free health checkup camp could be arranged for further health improvement of the people of the locality.

4. Write a report for a newspaper about the Annual sports Event of Your School .

Annual Sports Event of Your School

By Anwesha Das

The annual sports day of our school (St. Agnes H.S. School) was held on February 15 for the junior students at the school grounds. The event for the junior students started at 9:30 in the morning with a relay race. The next race they had was a tricycle race and the last one the junior students had was a treat to watch. The junior ones’ had to run wearing long gowns and they had to run the track without falling even once.

The juniors enjoyed the fun sporting events a lot, while the visitors’ race involving the parents remained the highlight of the day. At the end of the program Chief Guest Sourav Ganguly gave away the awards to the winners and the class teacher of each class distributed a box containing candies, a chocolate pastry, an orange, and two vanilla cream-filled wafer biscuits to every pupil of her class. The event turned out to be a joyful one with a smile on everyone’s face.

Newspaper Report Writing : Format, Topics, Examples

5. write a newspaper report on the first downpour of the season ..


Kolkata, June 13:  Today Kolkata experienced its first downpour during the season. The showers were brought about by a deep depression over the Gangetic West Bengal. There was incessant (WESO) rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning. In Kolkata, it rained throughout the day with occasional breaks. The weather office at Alipore has recorded a rainfall of 20 cm. Many low-lying areas went underwater. Some of the major roads were waterlogged for several hours. There were traffic jams on many roads. The hand-pulled rickshaws had stopped. Train and air services were disrupted. There were cable faults in many parts of the city. Two persons were electrocuted. But they have not yet been identified, said the police officials.

6. As a Reporter for an English daily, write a report about A violent cyclonic storm .


By a Special Correspondent

Katak, August 12:  A violent cyclonic storm ravaged the coastal areas of Odisha today. The cyclone started at about 6.45 p.m. It was said to have rushed at a speed of 80 km per hour. The worst-affected areas include Puri, Baleswar, and Paradip. The cyclone raised the sea to an alarming height. The high tidal waves submerged the low-lying coastal areas. It caused incalculable damage to life and property. More than 10,000 people were rendered homeless. Train services were totally disrupted. The State Government sent its rescue team along with central paramilitary forces to tackle the situation. A sum of Rs. 3 crores has been sanctioned for the relief and rehabilitation of the cyclone-hit people.

7. Write a report for a newspaper about A Serious Road Accident

A Serious Road Accident

Kolkata, January 18:  As many as 20 persons including two women and a child were injured in an accident at about 8 pm, on M, G, Road yesterday. The accident took place when a speeding minibus, in a bid to overtake a private bus, skidded off the road. The vehicle carrying 45 passengers went straight into a shopping mall, after breaking the roadside railing, Persons inside the mall and the bus suffered serious injuries Local people started the rescue operation. The injured were taken to the nearest hospital. Locals got agitated and blocked the road causing the suspension of traffic for more than 3 hours. However, the police came and brought the situation under control.

8. Write a report within 100 words for an English daily about Cyclone hitting Coastal West Bengal .

Cyclone hits Coastal West Bengal

-By a Staff Reporter

Kolkata, June 12, 2013:  A severe cyclone with a speed of 80 km. per hour hit the coastal areas of West Bengal yesterday evening at about 6-45 p.m. Caused by a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal, the cyclone ripped through the state resulting in huge damage to life and property. 60 persons have died and thousands have been rendered homeless. Train services have been disrupted leaving a number of people stranded. The state government has taken immediate steps to provide relief to the victims. More than 5000 people have been evacuated to temporary relief shelters. The Chief Minister has reviewed the situation and assured the people of all help.

9. Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 100 words .


By a Staff Reporter

Kolkata, October 1, 2015:  Yesterday at around 10:30 am an accident took place at Sinthi More when an Esplanade bound bus, of route no 78/1, suddenly collided with a truck. The report says the brake failure of the bus was the cause of this mishap. Five passengers were injured including a child and a woman. According to passengers, the ill-fated bus was moving at a great speed. Near Sinthi More the driver lost control and banged behind a truck. Local people rushed in, and took the injured to the nearest hospital where they were released after first aid. Traffic got disrupted. Cops reached the spot quickly, intervened, and normalcy was restored within an hour.

10. Write a report on a Railway accident.


By Kishore Ganguli

Kolkata, April 25:  A man died after he had been hit by a Sealdah bound train close to Barrackpore station around 5.40 am today when the victim was returning home from a regular morning walk. According to an eyewitness, the man was trying to cross the tracks, got confused, and ended up on the track on which the train was coming on. Being hit on his head, he was hospitalized immediately. But the doctors declared him dead. The locals made a blockade on the railway tracks. The police came, dispersed the irate mob and the train service was restored. The railway authorities announced an exgratia payment of Rs 2 lakh to the next of kin of the deceased. The situation is tense till now.

FAQs about Report Writing

Q: what is the ideal length for a report.

Reports can vary in length depending on their purpose and complexity. However, a concise report of 10-20 pages is often preferred to keep the reader engaged.

Q: Can I use bullet points in my report?

Yes, using bullet points can enhance readability and make key information stand out. However, use them sparingly and only when appropriate.

Q: Should I include visuals in my report?

Yes, incorporating relevant visuals like graphs, charts, and images can make complex data easier to understand.

Q: Can I include my opinion in the report?

While reports should be objective and fact-based, there might be instances where your expert opinion is valuable. If so, clearly distinguish between facts and opinions.

Q: How can I make my executive summary compelling?

The executive summary should be concise yet informative. Highlight the most important findings and recommendations to pique the reader’s interest.

Q: Is it necessary to follow a specific report writing style?

Different organizations or fields may have their preferred report writing style. Always follow the guidelines provided by your institution or industry standards.

Q: What is the main purpose of a report?

A: The main purpose of a report is to present information, findings, and recommendations in a structured and organized manner.

A: Yes, bullet points can help present information concisely and improve readability.

Q: How long should an executive summary be?

A: An executive summary should be concise, typically ranging from one to two pages.

Q: Is it necessary to include visuals in a report?

A: Including visuals such as charts, graphs, and images can enhance the reader’s understanding of complex data.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid in report writing?

A: Common mistakes to avoid include using overly technical language, neglecting to cite sources properly, and lacking a clear structure.

Q: How can I make my report more engaging?

A: To make your report engaging, use real-life examples, incorporate visuals, and use a conversational tone when appropriate.

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