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  1. 20 Dining, Cooking and Food Magazines to Pitch

    8. Eater. A national magazine that focuses on reporting on and critically examining all things food and drink, Eater actively seeks pitches from external contributors and pays a competitive rate. (Who Pays Writers reports an average of about 37 cents per word, with some writers having seen rates of up to 67 cents.)

  2. So You Want to Pitch a Food Article? What to Do (and Avoid)

    Think about niches you're knowledgeable in that a publication is missing but ought to be covering, then go for them. When an editor reads your pitch, they're indexing it against everything in that publication's archive and what's currently on the web. The more your idea can fit in with a publication you're pitching, the more attractive it'll be ...

  3. 21 Culinary/Food Magazines & Websites that Pay Writers

    TheFoodellers is a food travel website. They are always looking for "articles on inspirational travel, photo stories, tips, top XX's, your experiences traveling the world, your recipes, and your food travel experiences in the world.". They pay $20 to $50 per article. They also give a link to the writer's website.

  4. 10 great food publications to pitch

    Saveur. Saveur is one of the best known and loved American magazines. It focuses on gourmet food and wine for passionate home cooks. There are lots of opportunities for freelance writers to pitch to Saveur - they use up to 15 contributors per issue. Evergreen stories, meals to remember and food throughout the world are favourite themes.

  5. How to Successfully Pitch an Article to a Magazine (and Get Published)

    Most pitches are done via email, so the first thing a submissions editor is going to see is your subject line. You'll want a subject line that clearly states the topic and story angle. Many publications also require you to state that the email is a story pitch in the subject line. Check their pitch guidelines to be sure.

  6. How to Pitch Stories to Eater

    Here is where to send pitches for each of Eater's city sites — we recommend clicking into each city for specifics on what that local site is looking for. Atlanta: [email protected]. Boston ...

  7. How to Get an Article Published in a Magazine in 5 Steps

    Whether you're a full-time freelance writer or an aspiring essayist hoping to get published for the first time, the process of publishing articles can be arduous and labor-intensive. It takes more than a great story and distinct writing style to get your article published. Once you finish writing, the work has only just begun.

  8. How to Write a Magazine Article Editors Will Love

    1 Target Your Pitches. Just like any other freelance writing job, you need to pitch your article idea to magazine and publication editors. Most importantly, however, you need to make sure you are pitching an appropriate topic. If you're trying to pitch a scientific article to a magazine about travel, for example, your query letter will likely ...

  9. 50 Food Publications to Pitch in 2021

    Newsletter. 50 Food Publications to Pitch in 2021. I won't say the "p" word, but throughout 2020, freelance travel writers around the world had no choice but to venture into writing about other topics if they wanted to secure assignments. One of the areas many writers (myself included) turned to was food, a natural parallel to travel writing.

  10. How to Write an Article for a Magazine: Expert Tips and Tricks

    The writing process for a magazine article generally involves detailed research, outlining, and drafting before arriving at the final piece. To create a compelling article, identify your target audience and understand their preferences. This will allow you to tailor your content to suit their needs and expectations.

  11. How to Pitch an Article to a Magazine

    Some of the very best English language journalism appears in magazines, in publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, The Economist, The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Politico, New York, The Week, and more. An ambitious freelance journalist may have interest in writing in any number of these outlets; the key to ...

  12. How to Write a Magazine Article (with Pictures)

    4. Turn in the revised article by the deadline. Make sure you hit your deadline and turn in the article on time, especially if you are turning in your first article for the publication. If possible, turn the article in early to impress the editor and show you can meet deadlines for future articles for the publication.

  13. How to Write Articles for Magazines

    Magazine writing is a craft that stands apart from the kind of writing you might encounter in a newspaper, journal, essay, or full-length book. Even within the broader landscape of magazine writing, many subgenres demand different styles and skills—you'll approach a long feature article differently than you would a human interest story; tackling an investigative exposés requires a ...

  14. 5 Reasons to Write for Trade Food Magazines

    A guest post by Amelia Levin. No, it's not Bon Appetit or Saveur or Food + Wine.It's trade food magazines like FSR, Plate, Restaurant Business, Restaurant Hospitality, restaurant development + design and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.. Welcome to the world of food trade magazines. These are magazines written for people in the industry (also called business-to-business), not consumers.

  15. Eight Tips For Getting Published in Magazines

    Tip #2: Discuss the Idea With the Editor First. If you have an idea for a story you should discuss it with the editor of the target magazine. An article idea, "is best discussed over the phone," says Ross. He also added that the writer might be surprised to find the editor is more than willing to discuss an article.

  16. 15 Magazines That Accept Freelance Writing Submissions

    Pay: Up to $300 per published article. 15. Slice. This magazine is looking for submissions for short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from writers with a fresh voice and compelling story to share. The great thing about Slice is that they use the space to publish emerging and established writers side-by-side.

  17. 10 Best Food Magazines From Around The World

    Some of the titles on our list, like La Cucina Italiana, are likely to be more familiar to American readers since they have U.S. counterparts, while others, like South Africa's Food & Home Entertaining, are probably yet to be on most of our radars. Most of our picks are published in English, but others, like France's Elle à Table and Germany's ...

  18. Writing for publication: Structure, form, content, and journal

    This article provides an overview of writing for publication in peer-reviewed journals. While the main focus is on writing a research article, it also provides guidance on factors influencing journal selection, including journal scope, intended audience for the findings, open access requirements, and journal citation metrics.

  19. Twenty Magazines for People Who Eat, Cook, or Grow

    Edible Manhattan : Edible Manhattan is a part of the family of Edible Communities magazines. The magazine features local food and drink makers, restaurants, events, and markets. In addition, the publication hosts its own events, including Good Beer, highlighting local breweries, and Edible Escape, which showcases globally-inspired food prepared ...

  20. 9 Tasty Food Magazines

    1 / 6. Farta — Porto, Portugal. Not so much a food magazine as a passionate love letter to Portuguese culture, one dish at a time, Farta dedicates each entire issue to a single menu item. Issue one explores the 'francesinha,' the obscure and completely mouth-watering sandwich created in Porto in 1952, and which is now served in many ...

  21. Agri Articles (e-Magazine for Agricultural Articles)

    Agri Articles is an international, open access e-magazine. It publishes ideas of authors like researchers, students, scientists, progressive farmers and any other members of scientific community as "Popular or Technical Articles" which are helpful to farmers as well as scientific and agriculture educational community. The magazine publishes ...

  22. Letter Writing # 226

    Write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write any addresses. Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir or Madam, Model Answer: Dear Sir or Madam, A couple of weeks ago, your popular international travel magazine, in its 250th edition, published an article about my hometown in an effort to provide a bit more exposure to the travel-related ...

  23. You have read an article in an international travel magazine which

    You have read an article in an international travel magazine which contained some information about your town that is incorrect. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine. In your letter. Correct the information in the article. Explain why it is important for the magazine to give correct information