1. 30 New and Notable Children's Books About Problem Solving

    story books about problem solving

  2. Picture Books about Creative Thinking & Problem-Solving

    story books about problem solving

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    story books about problem solving

  4. 12 Best Problem Solving Books to Read

    story books about problem solving

  5. What's the Problem?: A Story Teaching Problem Solving

    story books about problem solving

  6. Books with a Clear Problem and Solution

    story books about problem solving


  1. Lucas at the Paralympics. A children’s book about understanding physical disabilities. 🦽

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  1. 12 Best Problem Solving Books to Read

    9. Think Like a Programmer: An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving by by V. Anton Spraul. Think Like a Programmer is one of the top problem solving books for programmers. The guide lays out methods for finding and fixing bugs and creating clean, workable code.

  2. 21 Good Picture Books to Teach Problem and Solution

    Understanding the problem and solution story structures improves comprehension and helps readers make informed predictions. (As well as helping children see the creative possibilities in problem-solving!) Of course, almost all stories have a problem and a solution -with the exception of a concept book. So really, you can search out problem ...

  3. Books That Help Teach Kids Problem Solving

    This story gets school-aged kids' imaginations whirring. The Boy and the Airplane by Mark Pett. Mindset: Problem solving is joyful. A little boy's beloved toy airplane gets stuck on a roof. Through the beautiful illustrations in this wordless book, kids can work through the problem with the protagonist, and wonder how they'd go about ...

  4. 30 New and Notable Children's Books About Problem Solving

    These children's books on problem solving for elementary students are engaging for primary and upper elementary kids. Books with lesson plans and activities linked. Picture books about problem solving with strategies, fiction, nonfiction, STEM and more for your kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth or fifth grade students.

  5. What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada

    This is the story of a persistent problem and the child who isn't so sure what to make of it. The longer the problem is avoided, the bigger it seems to get. But when the child finally musters up the courage to face it, the problem turns out to be something quite different than it appeared. This is a story for anyone, at any age, who has ever ...

  6. Problem Solving Books

    avg rating 4.16 — 93,364 ratings — published 1940. Want to Read. Rate this book. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Books shelved as problem-solving: How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method by G. Pólya, Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People b...

  7. Books with a Clear Problem and Solution

    When teaching kids how to comprehend and/or write fiction text, often times it's good to start with books and stories that have a clear problem and solution text structure.. This means that the story line introduces characters and a problem at the beginning -> the character(s) try to solve the problem in the middle, which rises to a climax -> and at the end, the problem is solved, with ...

  8. The 100 Best Problem Solving Kids Books

    Without further ado, enjoy this problem-solving list, and let us know what titles you would include! Problem Solving Books. #2: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear #3: To the Sea #4: Rosie Revere, Engineer #5: Solutions for Cold Feet.

  9. Bulletproof Problem Solving: The One Skill That Changes Everything

    This problem solving and communication skill becomes essential in large organisations when addressing various stakeholders. You need to know what people expect to hear or to see before they respect your new proposals, your key decisions. This book offers a robust problem solving process though you still want to read a book on public relations.

  10. Problemsolving Books

    avg rating 4.26 — 566 ratings — published 2020. Want to Read. Rate this book. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Books shelved as problemsolving: The Thinker's Toolkit: 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving by Morgan D. Jones, Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book...

  11. Picture Books about Problem Solving

    Here are a few picture books about problem solving to share with your class! This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here. Flight School by Lita Judge. Little Penguin wants to fly! But his body wasn't meant to take to the skies. It takes some problem solving and perseverance to help him do what he really wants.

  12. Children's Books To Raise Problem-Solvers

    These ten children's books promote everyday problem-solving and resiliency, whether the issue be a missing toy or a struggling friendship. 1. STUCK. By Oliver Jeffers. Amazon I BookShop. A funny tale about a number of large objects, including a ship and a house, that get stuck in a tree. 2.

  13. 10 Best Books for Teaching Problem and Solution

    Wordy Birdy. Wordy Birdy is all about a bird who loves to talk, but isn't so good at listening. This funny and quick paced story is all about the importance of paying attention. Not only is it great at teaching problem and solution, but it is the perfect opportunity to practice what listening looks like in the classroom!

  14. Teaching Problem and Solution with Picture Books

    The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Audrey Wood. This is the second of two picture books with a problem and solution by Audrey Wood. The narrator attempts to convince a little mouse to share a recently picked succulent strawberry. Worried about a big, hungry bear, the mouse employs various strategies, including ...

  15. 10 Problem Solving Picture Books for Elementary Teachers

    Below are 10 quality problem solving children's books for elementary teachers. Your kids will love these read alouds! They are great for teaching problem solving, as well as many other concepts and skills. 1. Oona by Kelly DiPucchio. Oona lived in the ocean with her best friend, Otto. She was brave, creative, and resilient- like most treasure ...

  16. The best books to help you with creative problem solving

    This is integrative thinking. Creating Great Choices is a field guide to integrative thinking. The book includes fresh stories of successful integrative thinkers that will demystify the process of creative problem solving, as well as practical tools and exercises to help readers engage with the ideas. Preview. Amazon. Shepherd is reader supported.

  17. The 100 Best Problem Solving Books for 9-12 Year Olds

    Because problem solving is important in all of life's stages, this list includes board, picture and chapter books. Board books are best for infants and toddlers. Picture books are excellent for toddlers and also include stories for kindergarten and early elementary students (although we think picture books are great for all ages!).

  18. Read Alouds for Problem and Solution, Cause and Effect

    In this story a family spends a long time saving up money for a new chair. The problem presented here requires a long, dedicated solution, with many lessons to be taught to your young students along the way. You can grab each of these books here: Next, I teach about cause and effect using the following books:

  19. Kids Problem Solving Books

    Want to Read. Rate this book. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Books shelved as kids-problem-solving: The Pups Save Christmas! by Nickelodeon Publishing, Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems, The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman, ...

  20. 15 Picture Books to Teach Problem Solving To Kids

    Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears by Cynthia Rylant. Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears is a sweet story about an older man named Mr. Putter who wants pear jelly. His problem is that he has crancky legs and can't climb up the ladder to pick the pears. So he has to find another way to get the pears out of the tree.

  21. Problem Solving Picture Books for Math

    Problem-solving picture books can boost your children's understanding of how to solve math problems and enhance general problem-solving skills. Both types of problem-solving involve deep thinking to recognize an issue and think through possible solutions to get to a resolution. We tend to call general problem-solving "logical thinking".

  22. We Can Be Problem Solvers!

    We Can Be Problem Solvers! Scripted story to help children understand the steps to problem solving. Includes problem scenario cards to help children practice finding a solution to common social problems. View Resource. File Type: pdf. Categories: Scripted Story. Tags: Classroom Implementation, Practical Strategies, Scripted Stories for Social ...

  23. From Conflict to Convergence: New Book Discusses Collaborative Problem

    In their new book From Conflict to Convergence: Coming Together to Solve Tough Problems, Rob and Mariah unpack Convergence's "secret sauce" to create relationships and find solutions when many Americans are frustrated by the nation's deep divides.Convergence is also a longtime partner of Interfaith America, working together to bring business communities into bridgebuilding efforts and ...

  24. Problem Solving 101: A Simple Book for Smart People

    The fun and simple problem-solving guide that took Japan by storm. Ken Watanabe originally wrote Problem Solving 101 for Japanese schoolchildren. His goal was to help shift the focus in Japanese education from memorization to critical thinking, by adapting some of the techniques he had learned as an elite McKinsey consultant.

  25. Full-Length SAT Suite Practice Tests

    Find full-length practice tests on Bluebook™ as well as downloadable paper (nonadaptive) practice tests to help you prepare for the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9.

  26. 8 Productivity Books Time-Management Experts Actually Use

    In the crowded field of productivity books, this is a "unique gem," Dr. Yousef said. ... which actually exacerbates the problem, she said. Jancee Dunn, who writes the weekly Well newsletter ...