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How to Use PowerPoint Template Designs to Enhance Your Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have become a staple in the business world, and the design of your slides can greatly impact the effectiveness of your message. One way to level up your presentation game is by using PowerPoint template designs. These pre-designed layouts can help you save time, maintain consistency, and create visually appealing slides that captivate your audience. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use PowerPoint template designs to enhance your presentations.

Choose a Template that Matches Your Message

The first step in utilizing PowerPoint template designs is selecting a template that aligns with the message you want to convey. Whether you are presenting financial data, marketing strategies, or educational content, there are countless templates available for every topic imaginable. Take some time to explore different templates and choose one that complements your content while still reflecting your personal style or brand identity.

Customize the Template to Suit Your Needs

While templates provide a great starting point, it’s essential to customize them based on your specific requirements. Most PowerPoint templates allow you to modify colors, fonts, images, and layouts easily. By personalizing the template, you can ensure that it matches your branding guidelines and captures the attention of your audience.

Consider incorporating elements such as your company logo or relevant images into the slides. Additionally, pay attention to font sizes and styles for better readability. Remember that while creativity is encouraged, it’s essential not to go overboard with excessive animations or distracting elements.

Maintain Consistency Across Slides

One of the significant advantages of using PowerPoint template designs is maintaining consistency throughout your presentation. Consistency helps create a cohesive narrative flow and ensures that all slides look professional and polished.

To achieve consistency, make sure each slide follows a similar layout structure with consistent fonts, colors, and backgrounds. This approach allows viewers to focus on the content rather than being distracted by inconsistent design choices. Additionally, consider using slide master layouts to apply consistent formatting across multiple slides effortlessly.

Use Visuals and Infographics

PowerPoint template designs often incorporate visuals and infographics that can enhance the overall impact of your presentation. Visual elements help break down complex information into easily digestible chunks and make your slides more engaging.

Take advantage of charts, graphs, icons, and images provided in the template to illustrate your points effectively. However, ensure that the visuals you choose are relevant to your content and enhance comprehension rather than being mere decorations.

Remember to use high-quality images and graphics that are visually appealing and complement your message. Avoid cluttering slides with too many visuals as it can overwhelm your audience. Instead, focus on using visuals strategically to highlight key points or emphasize important data.

In conclusion, PowerPoint template designs are powerful tools that can elevate the quality of your presentations significantly. By selecting a template that matches your content, customizing it to suit your needs, maintaining consistency across slides, and effectively using visuals and infographics, you can create impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience. So why not take advantage of these templates today and take your presentations to the next level?

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


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Movie Presentation templates

Use these google slides themes and ppt files to achieve a successful slide deck. their movie-related slide designs and nice visuals add so much value to your presentation, making it a hit..

Actors Social Media Strategy presentation template

Actors Social Media Strategy

Download the Actors Social Media Strategy presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. How do you use social media platforms to achieve your business goals? If you need a thorough and professional tool to plan and keep track of your social media strategy, this fully customizable template is your ultimate solution....

Movie Clapperboard Theme presentation template

Premium template

Unlock this template and gain unlimited access

Movie Clapperboard Theme

Are you ready to roll with lights, camera, action? Whether you are a die-hard film buff or just an occasional moviegoer, we have got you covered with our creative movie clapperboard theme template. This creative template will be the perfect companion for your next presentation or just for a casual...

Dystopian Film Research Paper Infographics presentation template

Dystopian Film Research Paper Infographics

Download the Dystopian Film Research Paper Infographics template for PowerPoint or Google Slides and discover the power of infographics. An infographic resource gives you the ability to showcase your content in a more visual way, which will make it easier for your audience to understand your topic. Slidesgo infographics like...

Cinema Backgrounds presentation template

Cinema Backgrounds

The curtains open and... a background is revealed. Well, not just one background, but thirty! Inspired by different types of movie theaters, this collection is perfect for many purposes, like wallpapers, video calls, as a resource to create other images... Think of the possibilities! What you see is what you...

Movie Awards Ceremony presentation template

Movie Awards Ceremony

And the award to the most creative artwork goes to… This template! We have earned this award with blood, sweat and tears- what? What do you mean this isn’t a real award? Well, it feels real to us! Prepare a movie awards ceremony (whether it's real or not) with this...

Film Script Project Proposal presentation template

Film Script Project Proposal

You’ve written the best film script in decades and are 100% convinced it’s going to be a massive hit? Then put it out there and present your project! Don’t worry, you won’t have to design the slides, we’ve done it all for you: A variety of fully editable graphs, a...

Chapter Review Meeting presentation template

Chapter Review Meeting

Download the Chapter Review Meeting presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Gone are the days of dreary, unproductive meetings. Check out this sophisticated solution that offers you an innovative approach to planning and implementing meetings! Detailed yet simplified, this template ensures everyone is on the same page, contributing to a...

Bad Dreams Land Minitheme presentation template

Bad Dreams Land Minitheme

We all experience nightmares, but discussing them can be a bit eerie. Now thanks to this template, scary thoughts can be presented in an entertaining way! The dark slides of the design are decorated with spooktacular illustrations like ghosts, Jack O'Lanterns and skulls. And a black cat and witch reminds...

Table Read Meeting Infographics presentation template

Table Read Meeting Infographics

Lights, camera, action! It’s time to read a script with the whole crew, so prepare for that moment with an original template. Check out these infographics slides that look like clapperboards! They match the Table Read Meeting presentation, so you can edit them and include them there or in any...

Cinema & Film Major for College presentation template

Cinema & Film Major for College

Lights, cameras, set, PowerPoint template…. Action! Get your camera and your director and start recording, because this template is going to become the next blockbuster. This presentation has every resource you need to speak about a film major and convince all the future artists that hear you to become stars!...

Movie Background presentation template

Movie Background

Everybody loves going to the movies, right? Enjoying a nice story with an interesting plot while eating popcorn is a delight! Appeal to cinema customers, retailers or distributors with an enthralling pitch by using our cool template.

Cinema and Popcorn presentation template

Cinema and Popcorn

Are you a film lover? Then you must know the exciting feeling of being in a cinema, waiting for the movie to start, with a warm basket of popcorn and a cold drink. It’s so hard not to eat them all during the trailers! In Slidesgo we wanted to gift...

Happy Global Day for Audiovisual Heritage presentation template

Happy Global Day for Audiovisual Heritage

In honor of the Global Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we present a template for Google Slides and PowerPoint that helps you share and celebrate the importance of preserving our audiovisual records. Simple, elegant, and concise, this presentation uses captivating visuals and a well-organized layout to help you communicate your message....

African American Cinema presentation template

African American Cinema

African-American cinema, which can be defined as films made by African-American people, has explored topics such as racism, slavery and identity. African-American cinema often takes on a unique style compared to other films, and in recent years many critically acclaimed films are making their way onto the big screen. How...

Movie Awards Ceremony Infographics presentation template

Movie Awards Ceremony Infographics

Glitter, glamor, fashion, the chance to see and be seen… you’re right, we’re talking about a movie awards ceremony! Movie award ceremonies are an exciting way for filmmakers and actors to be recognized for the hard work they have put into their projects, and the awards themselves generally recognize excellence...

Horror Movie Pitch Deck Infographics presentation template

Horror Movie Pitch Deck Infographics

Download the Horror Movie Pitch Deck template for PowerPoint or Google Slides and discover the power of infographics. An infographic resource gives you the ability to showcase your content in a more visual way, which will make it easier for your audience to understand your topic. Slidesgo infographics like this...

Happy World Day for Audiovisual Heritage presentation template

Happy World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Commemorating a special day deserves a stunning presentation! Celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with a beautiful template for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Its black backdrop adorned with white and gold film roll illustrations adds a hint of nostalgia. Provide a mesmerizing narrative about the origins and celebrations tied to...

Silent Films Social Media Strategy presentation template

Silent Films Social Media Strategy

Step back in time with this social media strategy template for Google Slides and PowerPoint, where classic black and white aesthetics meet cutting-edge AI technology. Transport your audience to the golden age of cinema as you craft an engaging social media strategy reminiscent of old Hollywood charm. Embrace the elegance...

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13 Sites for Free Animated PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint remains a popular presentation app today. So, if you're looking to jazz up your slides, here are 13 sites for free animated templates.

A single animated PowerPoint template will create a more engaging presentation. But soon, you'll need another. You can save a lot of time by bookmarking a template resource that offers animated slide decks. And wouldn't it be nice if they were free, too?

Luckily, we've got you covered. Check out these free sites for animated PowerPoint templates and slide decks.

Canva is one of the most popular social design platforms out there. It allows users to create dynamic and beautiful documents, infographics, presentations, and much more. Canva has a host of tools that make it easy to develop professional designs. You can customize them quickly and easily as per your requirements.

Canva offers several animated presentation templates as well. You can edit, record, and share them right in the browser! You can also download them as PPTX files. To edit them in PowerPoint instead of Canva's browser software, follow these steps:

  • Click the template you like on the search results page.
  • Select Customize This Template .
  • From the editor, click the Ellipsis (...) menu.
  • Select Microsoft PowerPoint under the Share options.

You may be able to get free Canva Premium as a student . This opens up all of Canva's premium animated assets for you to use.

2. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium website, but you can grab a total of twelve free templates for download every month. Envato Elements has a good stock of animated PowerPoint templates for meetings , as well as webinars and reports.

In addition to infographics, you can find colorful event templates. These are suitable for turning into social media stories. Envato Elements also has a collection of PowerPoint templates that are optimized for Instagram Stories as well.

3. Slidesgo

Slidesgo offers a host of free as well as premium animated templates. These files work in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. They're available in many themes, from birthday slideshows to infographics.

The templates on the site are colorful, with a fun aesthetic, and are generally well suited to events. Grade-school or high-school projects would also work well on these templates.

4. PowerPoint School

Besides a huge selection of animated PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint School offers infographics and timeline templates. You'll also find easy-to-follow tutorials to add your own animations.

Many of the templates are generic, but stylish. You'll find both colorful and minimalist ones, monochrome charts, graphs, and explainers—perfect for your next quarterly report or Zoom meeting.

5. Slideegg

Slideegg is yet another template resource. It limits free accounts to five downloads per day. Each download contains a single animated slide. On one hand, this means you might need two or more days to grab enough slides. On the other hand, mixing and matching gives you almost endless possibilities.

You can also add templates to your Wish List to save them for later. Most templates are geared toward infographics and other informational presentations. But you can still find fun animated slides for brand demonstrations and events, too.

6. SlideModel

SlideModel has a good selection of free animated PowerPoint templates. But, its search engine has no filters, making it tough to find them among the premium offerings.

The easiest way to find the free templates is to Google this string: site:Slidemodel.com “free” AND “animated” . This will bring up the array of free, animated PowerPoint files available from SlideModel.com.

7. SlideSalad

SlideSalad has several business and informational templates. They provide slick, animated designs for proposals, reports, portfolios, and more. Graduate students can also find attractive templates for thesis defense.

You will need a free account to download templates. You can set the filters to Free to see the entire collection of freely available templates. SlideSalad also has premium templates, but doesn't run on a subscription plan. Instead, you'll need to pay per-order for premium templates.

8. Presenter Media

Presenter Media offers a variety of presentation tools and resources, including professionally-designed PowerPoint templates, animated clip art and 3D animations, customizable video backgrounds, and stock images.

The 3D interactive viewer allows you to customize designs and graphics with text, images, and colors as you like. This is great for creating more engaging and interactive presentations.

With the video creator tool, you can create promotional materials, explainer videos, or other types of video content for business or personal use.

9. SlideHunter

SlideHunter mostly offers a selection of static templates, but has four excellent options available for animation. Two for communication presentations, one for social media and networking, and yet another productivity-themed slide.

You can get even more use out of these templates by adding your own PowerPoint animations. A simple transition effect can make PowerPoint's included slides blend seamlessly with SlideHunter's templates.

10. Slide Chef

Slide Chef is another free slide resource. Its templates are for Google Slides, but you can use the files in PowerPoint as well. You'll get access to a variety of templates that are good for children's lessons. The animation is sure to help hold their attention.

There are also a good many resources suitable for business, creatives, brochures, and pitch decks. You can even find scientific explainers and more generic templates, too.

11. SlidesMania

SlidesMania is a wonderful resource for slides. With access to thousands of slides, you can beam any information at any time to your audience in stunning visuals. It's widely appealing for young students and teachers alike.

While some slide decks on SlidesMania are fully animated, others only animate the cover. The style is good for childrens' lessons or holiday events.

Unlike many other templates, SlidesMania templates offer more than transitions and entrance animations. The backgrounds and decorative elements are animated, too.

12. Giant Template

Giant Template offers only one animated PowerPoint template. Yet, this template contains 30 different slides, all of them animated. Most of the graphics are stylish geometric shapes and are easily customizable.

Other graphics include pictures that you can swap out for your own photos or logos. You can re-use these classy slides by adjusting colors and swapping out some images.

13. Abert's Shop

This private Gumroad shop has several free PowerPoint templates. It specializes in infographics and charts, so it's great for explainers and business reports. Some are editable in Excel, so you can integrate your detailed charts and graphics .

All the templates are based on a "pay what you want" model, so you can enter $0.00 and get it for free. If you like it, and go back and leave a tip to support the creator.

Save Time and Money with Free Templates

With these template providers, you can prepare pitches, reports, proposals, and other in-person communications. We recommend trying them out to create professional looking presentations, creatives, and more. Simply swap some colors and images, add your text, and you're good to go!

But PowerPoint isn't just for slideshows. We encourage you to look up a few cool tips to make the most of PowerPoint template resources, for both presentations and static media like posters and flyers.

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PresenterMedia Company logo

PowerPoint Themes & Templates that give you an Animated Wow Factor!

Thousands of Animated template slides to spark life in all your presentations. Read more ...

If you need to share your ideas clearly and engage with an audience, our animated pre-designed PowerPoint templates will help you save time to achieve both needs. You can sign up with the Unlimited plan to download as many templates as you need, or choose the basic plan and get access to a select number of free PowerPoint template downloads . Our editable PowerPoint templates and presentation themes are straightforward to customize. You can easily change the PowerPoint template's colors, fonts, or layout to match your style or company's corporate colors. Get creative by downloading these slide designs that cover many different styles and start combining multiple template slides to create a new presentation. From business presentations down to educational slideshows - they're highly customizable, so they're easy for anyone in any field or profession to tailor to fit their needs. Template download are in .PPTX format for PowerPoint. But, if you prefer, you can download the .PPTX and open them as a Google Slides theme. Either way, you'll have a beautiful and professional presentation in no time. So, start downloading unlimited PowerPoint templates and give your viewers that presentation wow factor they are wanting.

Featured PowerPoint Templates

Slides from Square Diamonds PowerPoint Design Template

I've been using PresenterMedia for 6 years now. I absolutely love all of their creative PowerPoint templates and animations. It really makes my PowerPoint presentations unique, attractive, and memorable. I HIGHLY suggest buying a membership...it's seriously totally worth it! Thank You for everything that you do!

a bust of a presenter woman character

PresenterMedia has amazing graphics and PowerPoint templates to select from. Helping to make all presentations more interesting and fun.

I have been using PM for several years now across different companies. Great PowerPoint templates and awesome images/graphics/videos. Such a useful (and highly professional) site. There is nothing else like it out there. I highly recommend a subscription.

A widescreen presentation slide from project-management-toolkit-pid-22879 preview one.

Great for business professionals to use for business meetings, seminars, and business pitches.

A widescreen presentation slide from teaching-waves-pid-23677 preview one.

A fantastic way for teachers and trainers to engage their audience and make learning even more exciting.

More Great PowerPoint Template Designs

Keep your team on task and display your presentation data and slide information in a powerful animated way.

It's Time to Let Your Presentations Shine, Get Started Now!

Powerpoint add-in.

Install the PresenterMedia Add-in to access thousands of template slides and designs without leaving PowerPoint.

  • Free PowerPoint templates and graphics to try out.
  • Free to install from the Microsoft app store .
  • Create exciting and engaging PowerPoint slides in seconds.
  • Use powerful video and graphics customizers right in PowerPoint.

An preview of the PresenterMedia PowerPoint add-in app with the template slides window open.

More Great Presentation Themes

Let our engaging animated templates and PowerPoint themes help you change that. Select from a vast range of animated presentation template styles and topics, including professional presentations for business and education.

Your Presentation Success is our mission!

a golden seal with the words satisfaction Guaranteed

We will always provide you with the best PowerPoint templates , presentation designs, and powerful customization tools to empower you to create outstanding presentations every time.

Templates For PowerPoint and Beyond!

Our Microsoft PowerPoint templates work great in PowerPoint 365 , 2019, and older. But, you can use them for much more!

  • Create impressive animated slides for PowerPoint.
  • Make great animated Google Slide themes.
  • Use animated templates in Keynote for Mac.
  • Export engaging animated videos right from PowerPoint to use for social media posts and online marketing.

PresenterMeedia logo icon point arrows at PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote Icons.

Your Voice Matters!

Thoughts, questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you get on your way to creating dynamic and impactful presentations. Many of our presentation template designs have come right from our customers' suggestions. We love that because we know our customers are getting what they need to create successful presentations.

PresenterMeedia logo icon point arrows at PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote Icons.

PowerPoint Template Styles Comparison

Get in style! With a wide range of designs, our templates will fit all your presentation needs.


Our animated video templates offer a unique and engaging experience for your audience. In addition, they allow for a striking visual design that is otherwise not possible to produce directly inside of PowerPoint.

a preview image of a blue powerpoint template business slide at a slanted angle


We design our flat templates to feature a clean, simplistic, modern design look. However, the designs are very engaging in how we animate the graphic elements in PowerPoint to draw attention to your message.

a preview image of an abstract cheveron ppt template slide at a slanted angle


Our abstract design templates give our customers clean, unique neutral design layouts to add to their message. We design these PPT templates to be simplistic yet bold enough to stand out to your audience..

free powerpoint video presentation templates


Our diagram design toolkit templates provide a perfect way to showcase your data. These PowerPoint diagrams include processes, timelines, charts, matrix, categories, points, funnels, pyramids.

a preview image showing a ppt template slide which contains a swooping design around a photo image.


Our photo design templates provide a modern look with abstract elements designed around the photos included in the Presentation template. Photos in these templates can easily be switched out. Our customers can do this by adding their picture in place of the existing images used.

a preview image showing a simplistic powerpoint template slide which has a simplistic blue design around the word business.


Our modern design templates give a sleek look with clean lines and a simplistic feel. These clean design templates are great for business and corporate presentations. Find diagrams slides that can easily combine with other modern template slides.

This is a company logo for PresenterMedia which is a world class provider of PowerPoint templates and presentation designs.

Your Creativity Will Be Endless!

Download as many PPT templates and slide designs as you would like. With your subscription, there are no limits.

PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are some helpful tips for taking advantage of PresenterMedia content, allowing you to create even more powerful PowerPoint presentations.

  • Combining slides from multiple PowerPoint slides tutorial:
  • Using our 3D animations and clipart in your PowerPoint presentations:
  • Customizing a video using the video customizer and quickly loading it into PowerPoint:
  • Learn how to use gradients in PowerPoint
  • How to add your logo to all your PowerPoint 365 slides automatically
  • More free PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials:

A laptop with screen showing the text PowerPoint tutorials with a video play symbol next to it.

PowerPoint Questions & Answers (Q&A):

How can presentermedia help presenters.

PresenterMedia templates are a set of visually designed slides to help presentation creators leap right over the design process, allowing more time to craft a powerful message to impact an audience. Many of PresenterMedia's templates are themed; this inspires presenters and makes assembling their presentation slides around a specific topic easier.

Why is PresenterMedia a Better Choice for Presententation Design?

Two words, animation and customization! We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it's no wonder audiences are getting bored with the same old static templates they've seen a thousand times. PresenterMedia provides animated templates and customizable designs that remedy an audiences' boredness with exciting and engaging animated slides that hold an audience's attention.

Where can I download PowerPoint Templates?

There are many presentation websites on the internet that provide PowerPoint templates to download. However, PresenterMedia is a top world-class provider of animated templates to download for PowerPoint. In addition, PresenterMedia offers the choice of thousands of PowerPoint template designs to choose from at a special discounted price up to 50% off .

Where can I find high-quality PowerPoint templates?

There are many websites someone can find and download a slides template for PowerPoint. But, finding high-quality PPT templates to impress any audience can take valuable time out of someone's life. PresenterMedia is a top presentation resource to find high-quality PowerPoint themes and templates to save time tracking down PowerPoint designs. PresenterMedia's primary mission is to constantly create fresh, pre-designed, high-quality animated templates for their customers every month.

Where can I buy professional PowerPoint slides?

Although many websites sell individual templates and slides for PowerPoint, here at PresenterMedia, we believe in unlimited possibilities. As a result, customers get access to thousands templates, design assets, and access to our powerful online customization tools. With unlimited downloads at one low subscription price, PresenterMedia is the best presentation resource to buy professional PowerPoint slides and customizable assets to create outstanding presentations every time.

Where can I get free PowerPoint Templates?

PresenterMedia offers a Free Basic plan that allows the user to download from a selection of free PowerPoint templates . These free animated templates will give the user a taste of how animated PowerPoint templates can transform their presentations with better engaging, eye-catching designs.

You can find basic free templates for PowerPoint at websites like fppt.com and brainybetty.com. However, these free PowerPoint websites are limited and offer pretty basic template downloads. See what the big difference is between a free template website and a powerful professional PowerPoint resource website like PresenterMedia.com.

Way more than PowerPoint Presentation slides.

When signed up, you also get full access to our powerful professional presentation tools, engaging video slides, PowerPoint resources, and graphics customizers.

You get everything below with our PresenterMedia Unlimited Plan.

  • Exciting animated template slides for PowerPoint.
  • Engaging PowerPoint animations, clipart and videos.
  • Customizable graphics, animations, and videos.
  • PPT templates containing many themed slides.
  • Access to online customizer tools for building unique presentation designs.
  • Powerful Online video maker for creating presentation videos.
  • Word cloud generator for quickly creating awesome word cloud art.
  • Excellent customer service, always ready to help.

Your presentations are going to be amazing! See Plans and Pricing

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Free presentation templates

Make professional slides in minutes with these free presentation templates. Say goodbye to dusty old decks and hello to interactive designs with beautiful animations and engaging audiovisuals.


All presentations

Thesis defense

Pitch decks

Interactive Economics presentation template

Economics presentation

Interactive Maximalist presentation template

Maximalist presentation

Interactive Color startup presentation template

Color startup presentation

Interactive Space video template

Space video

Interactive Basic interactive presentation mobile template

Basic interactive presentation mobile

Interactive History presentation template

History presentation

Interactive Lesson plan template

Lesson plan

Interactive Anti-bullying presentation template

Anti-bullying presentation

Interactive Classroom newsletter template

Classroom newsletter

Interactive Digital bookshelf template

Digital bookshelf

Interactive Futuristic presentation template

Futuristic presentation

Interactive Little prince presentation template

Little prince presentation

Interactive Visual thinking presentation template

Visual thinking presentation

Interactive Testimonials video mobile template

Testimonials video mobile

Interactive Back to school assembly template

Back to school assembly

Interactive Preschool assembly template

Preschool assembly

Interactive Case study presentation template

Case study presentation

Interactive Creative whitepaper template

Creative whitepaper

Interactive Tech report template

Tech report

Interactive Creative video template

Creative video

Interactive Corporate video template

Corporate video

Interactive Health and medicine video template

Health and medicine video

Interactive Hr report template

Sunset video

Interactive Words video template

Words video

Interactive Company report template

Company report

Interactive Pitch deck presentation template

Pitch deck presentation

Interactive Notes business proposal template

Notes business proposal

Interactive Investment deck template

Investment deck

Interactive Business vision deck template

Business vision deck

Interactive Mountain gallery video template

Mountain gallery video

Interactive Economic report template

Economic report

Interactive Startup pitch template

Startup pitch

Interactive Genial deck template

Genial deck

Interactive Learning scenario canvas template

Learning scenario canvas

Interactive Genial pitch template

Genial pitch

Interactive Annual planner template

Annual planner

Interactive Digital marketing dashboard template

Digital marketing dashboard

Interactive Minimalist pitch deck template

Minimalist pitch deck

Interactive Basic dashboard template

Basic dashboard

Interactive Isometric video template

Isometric video

Interactive Spring dossier template

Spring dossier

Interactive Corporate training module template

Corporate training module

Interactive Illustrated corporate presentation template

Illustrated corporate presentation

Interactive Basic interactive presentation template

Basic interactive presentation

Interactive Data report template

Data report

Interactive 3d video template

Vibrant video

Interactive Objectives presentation template

Objectives presentation

Interactive Quotes video template

Quotes video

Interactive Pixel universe video template

Pixel universe video

Interactive Carnival video template

Carnival video

Interactive Photographs video template

Photographs video

Interactive Startup deck template

Startup deck

Interactive Retro vintage video template

Retro vintage video

Interactive Code training unit template

Code training unit

Interactive Business microsite template

Business microsite

Interactive Color shapes video template

Color shapes video

Interactive Audio tutorial template

Audio tutorial

Interactive Teacher portfolio template

Teacher portfolio

Interactive Research project summary template

Research project summary

Interactive Biography presentation template

Biography presentation

Interactive 2023 calendar template

2023 calendar

Interactive Customer service manual template

Customer service manual

Interactive Days of the week kit template

Days of the week kit

Interactive Annual calendar 2023 template

Annual calendar 2023

Interactive Key metrics video mobile template

Key metrics video mobile

Interactive Basic shapes video template

Basic shapes video

Interactive Key metrics video template

Key metrics video

Interactive 2023 school calendar template

2023 school calendar

Interactive Breaking news video template

Breaking news video

Interactive Organizational chart guide template

Organizational chart guide

Interactive Meet the teacher video template

Meet the teacher video

Interactive Timeline video template

Timeline video

Interactive Timeline video mobile template

Timeline video mobile

Interactive University academic calendar template

University academic calendar

Interactive Research project presentation template

Research project presentation

Interactive University weekly planner template

University weekly planner

Interactive Historical presentation template

Historical presentation

Interactive Simple tech presentation template

Simple tech presentation

Interactive Digital technology presentation template

Digital technology presentation

Interactive Event guide template

Event guide

Interactive Genial whitepaper template

Genial whitepaper

Interactive Subject portfolio template

Subject portfolio

Interactive Onboarding presentation template

Onboarding presentation

Interactive University comparison template

University comparison

Interactive Uni comparative table template

Uni comparative table

Interactive Digital media kit mobile template

Digital media kit mobile

Interactive Learning micro-course mobile template

Learning micro-course mobile

Interactive Hanukkah presentation template

Hanukkah presentation

Interactive Professional whitepaper template

Professional whitepaper

Interactive Dynamic university thesis template

Dynamic university thesis

Interactive Balance university thesis template

Balance university thesis

Interactive Harmony university thesis template

Harmony university thesis

Interactive Skyscraper video template

Skyscraper video

Interactive Vintage video template

Vintage video

Interactive Data video template

Academic review

Interactive Newspaper presentation template

Newspaper presentation

Can I use the slide templates to make online slides?

Yes! Genially is an online platform for creating presentations, slide decks, business presentations, marketing plans and all kinds of interactive content for training, education and more.

Once you’ve published your presentation, you can share it with anyone, anywhere in the world via a link (a unique url that opens the slides online). You can even embed it on your website or post on social media. Because Genially is online, you can make changes at any time. Everything is saved automatically and your audience will always see the latest version. 

What presentation themes can I choose from?

Genially has a treasure trove of free presentation templates with hundreds of designs and slides themes for your presentation, from modern and minimalist to cute and classic. All of our templates are made by professional graphic designers with cool color palettes, pre-built layouts, and customizable backgrounds. In the Genially Template Gallery you’ll find ready-made slides for every industry including marketing, education, training, sales, tech, finance and more. 

How do I use the free slides templates?

With our free presentation templates you get a ready-made slide deck that’s easy to use and speedy to customize. Choose a design and click Use template to make a presentation. If you’re new to Genially, you’ll be asked to sign up for an account (it’s free, just like the template). 

Next, choose which slides you want to use. Select all, or just a few to suit your project. Now it’s over to you: add your text, drop in images, embed videos or other online media. When you’re happy with the result, publish your presentation. It’s now ready to present live, share, or post online.

What’s different about a Genially presentation?

If you think that a presentation means a bunch of boring slides with ugly text boxes (yawn) you’re in for a surprise! Genially is the interactive alternative to PowerPoint and Google Slides. Our free presentation templates are clickable and immersive with beautiful animated, professional designs. 


Templates for everything under the sun ☀️

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