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PowerPoint vs Other Presentation Tools: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to creating impactful presentations, there are numerous tools available in the market. However, one of the most popular and widely used applications is Microsoft PowerPoint. While PowerPoint has been the go-to choice for many professionals and educators, it’s important to consider other presentation tools as well. In this article, we will compare PowerPoint with other presentation tools to help you decide which one is right for you.

PowerPoint: The Classic Choice

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since 1987 and continues to dominate the presentation software market. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it ideal for creating visually appealing slideshows. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use it effectively.

One of the key advantages of PowerPoint is its compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. This means you can easily create presentations on one device and present them on another without any compatibility issues.

PowerPoint also provides a vast library of templates, themes, and design elements that allow users to create professional-looking presentations in no time. It offers a plethora of customization options, allowing you to tailor your slides according to your specific needs.

Prezi: The Dynamic Alternative

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that takes a different approach than traditional slide-based tools like PowerPoint. Instead of using slides, Prezi allows users to create dynamic presentations on a virtual canvas where they can zoom in and out and navigate through content freely.

This unique feature makes Prezi an excellent choice for storytelling or when you want to present information in a nonlinear format. It enables presenters to create engaging visuals that captivate their audience’s attention from start to finish.

Additionally, Prezi offers seamless collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for teams or individuals who need real-time collaboration capabilities.

Google Slides: The Collaborative Solution

Google Slides is a web-based presentation tool that is part of the Google Workspace suite. Similar to PowerPoint, it offers a range of features to create visually appealing presentations. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of Google Slides is its collaborative capabilities. Multiple users can work on a presentation simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects or remote collaboration. It also allows for real-time commenting and editing, ensuring seamless communication among team members.

Another advantage of Google Slides is its integration with other Google Workspace apps such as Google Docs and Sheets. This integration allows users to import data directly from these apps, saving time and effort when creating presentations.

Keynote: The Mac-Friendly Option

If you are an Apple user, Keynote is the presentation software designed specifically for you. Keynote offers a sleek and modern interface with powerful tools that allow users to create stunning presentations effortlessly.

One of the key advantages of Keynote is its seamless integration with other Apple devices and software. You can easily create presentations on your Mac and present them using your iPhone or iPad without any compatibility issues.

Keynote also provides a wide selection of pre-designed templates that cater to various presentation styles. Additionally, it offers advanced animation and transition effects that can enhance the visual appeal of your slideshows.

Choosing the right presentation tool depends on your specific needs and preferences. PowerPoint remains a solid choice for its versatility, while Prezi offers a dynamic alternative for nonlinear storytelling. Google Slides excels in collaborative capabilities, especially for remote teams, while Keynote provides an excellent option for Apple users seeking seamless integration across devices.

Consider the features, ease-of-use, collaboration options, and platform compatibility when deciding which presentation tool suits you best. Ultimately, selecting the right tool will empower you to create impactful presentations that engage and impress your audience.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


powerpoint presentation free download 2020

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powerpoint presentation free download 2020

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Creative Idea Bulb PowerPoint Template


City Buildings Business PowerPoint Template


Rocket Launched PowerPoint Template


Water Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template


Stethoscope Hospital Symbol PowerPoint Template


Paper Idea Bulb PowerPoint Template


City of Business Man PowerPoint Template

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Best Free PowerPoint Templates

Free PowerPoint Template Example from FPPT.com

Featured Presentation Templates

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint template and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Template

Behavioral Psychology PowerPoint Template

Behavioral Psychology PowerPoint Template

Common benefits of using free powerpoint templates & pre-made slide design for presentation.

  • Save time & efforts. Focus in your presentation content
  • Ensure compatibility across different versions of PowerPoint
  • Easily convert your PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, Keynote and OpenOffice.
  • Impress your audience with catchy slides & photos and PowerPoint themes with great backgrounds.

Our free PowerPoint backgrounds and presentation templates are very easy to customize and edit for your presentation needs. Using Microsoft PowerPoint (but now also in Google Slides), you can easily create engaging presentations with our free PowerPoint templates & slideshow templates.

Under this section, you can get immediate access to some of the free PPT templates for PowerPoint available in our catalog. Alternatively, you can browse the entire design templates collection using the top menu or search by keyword. Serious presenters often want to keep their presentations minimalist in terms of design, but this catalog has a variety of free presentation templates and backgrounds available. Get access to thousands of modern presentation templates, backgrounds and free PPT templates, and creative slide templates with abstract designs. If you need help finding a suitable PPT template for your presentation project, contact us and we will help you.

Our PPT slides are 100% free for commercial and education presentations, but if you are looking for professionally-designed free slides templates, ready for business presentations, check out these visually appealing PowerPoint templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Best Free PowerPoint templates & Presentation Slides

Free Logistics PowerPoint Template

Free Logistics PowerPoint Template

Workplan Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Workplan Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Free Business PowerPoint Template for presentations

Free Business PowerPoint Template

Simple Blue & Brown PowerPoint Template

Blue & Brown PowerPoint Template

Blue Corporate PowerPoint Template

Blue Corporate PowerPoint Template

Focus PowerPoint Template

Free Focus PowerPoint Template

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powerpoint presentation free download 2020

powerpoint presentation free download 2020

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Turn your inspiration into stunning presentations

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The Best Free PowerPoint Templates to Download in 2020

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By Lyudmil Enchev

in Freebies

4 years ago

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The Best Free PowerPoint Templates to Download in 2020

Update March 1, 2022: The Best Free PowerPoint Templates in 2022 are out now

Are you on the hunt for some good and totally free Powerpoint templates to download in 2020? In today’s article, we’ve gathered the best free Powerpoint templates we’ve run into recently.

Powerpoint is still the top choice of presenters and it seems that this tendency is not about to change any time soon. Although the software is a bit pricy, it is still considered the most professional and powerful tool for making presentations. In this selection, we’ve made sure to include modern and attractive free Powerpoint templates, so you can nail your audience’s attention right from the beginning.

Business & Technology Free Powerpoint Templates

A selection of free Powerpoint templates inspired by the business and technology world. These templates look modern and professional and for sure, are designed with the mission to help you achieve your business goals. Most of the designs featured in this selection are an absolute breeze to work with – fully editable content, resizable graphics, placeholders included.

Voodoo 2.5 Free Powerpoint Template with Animations

Voodoo 2.5 Free Powerpoint Template with Animations

  • 10 slides in the free version: 5 presentation slides and 5 infographic slides
  • a modern, clean business design with smooth animations
  • fully editable graphic elements and free fonts
  • includes a dark version, as well

You may be interested in The Best Minimalist Powerpoint Templates for Free Download

“Galaxy” Circle Infographic Template

Galaxy Circle Presentation PPT Template

  • 5 infographic slides: steps, process, progress, etc.
  • clean minimalist design
  • PPTX file format

*Enter $0 for free download.

Free Inspirational Powerpoint Design

Free Inspirational Powerpoint Design

  • 6 unique slides with a modern design
  • fully editable infographic slides
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

“Garis” Free Powerpoint Template PPTX

Garis Free Powerpoint Template PPTX

  • 8 attractive designs included in the free version
  • a trendy business design with pleasant gradients
  • suitable for technology topics, creative agencies, Pitchdeck presentations, etc

Illustrated Corporate PPT Template

Illustrated Corporate PPT Template

  • 10 slides with modern flat illustrations
  • perfect for business proposals and strategy presentations
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • high-quality vector graphics

Free Tech Powerpoint Template

Free Tech Powerpoint Template

  • technology-themed design with modern isometric illustrations
  • includes examples of graphs, charts, and tables
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio
  • compatible with Google Slides, as well

Premium: MultiSplash PowerPoint Templates

MultiSplash - Presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A professional designed PowerPoint templates with 77 slides for every type of presentation – report, marketing, educational, product introduction, plans and more.

  • 120 Icons and illustrations included

Free ‘Xe’ PowerPoint Modern Business Minimal Template

Free Xe PowerPoint Modern Business Minimal Template

  • 42 unique free slides with a modern, relaxing design
  • includes animations, transitions, and video placeholders

Tech Slide Deck Free Powerpoint Template

Tech Slide Deck Free Powerpoint Template

  • a modern design inspired by advanced technology
  • 10 unique slides with gradients and soft shapes
  • easy to edit with text and picture placeholders

“Minimal” Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

  • 20 unique slides with modern color combinations
  • suitable for technology, finances, creative agencies, etc.
  • high-quality graphics easy to edit

Modern & Creative Free Powerpoint Templates

Designers haven’t failed to impress us with artistic and tasteful templates this time, as well. In this selection, we’ve gathered free Powerpoint templates that steal the spotlight with cutting-edge designs, functional layouts, dramatic looks, and fresh color combinations. The templates are super easy to edit with placeholders, vector graphics , and free fonts included.

“FUN tastic” Free Presentation Template

FUN tastic Free Presentation Template

  • a high-resolution template in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • a fresh and creative colorful design in a magazine style
  • fully editable graphics and free fonts used

“Nook” Minimalist Elegant PPT Template

Nook Minimalist Elegant PPT Template

  • an all-purpose elegant design with rose gold elements
  • 12 attractive slides with clean layouts

“Paradox” Creative Powerpoint Template

Paradox Creative Powerpoint Template

  • 15 slides in an eye-pleasing pastel color scheme
  • includes graphs, charts, image placeholders
  • 16:9 layout and a PPT file format

“Blockchain” Free Modern Powerpoint Template

Blockchain Free Modern Powerpoint Template

  • 10 full HD slides with attractive and functional layouts
  • drag and drop picture placeholders
  • resizeable vector graphics and free fonts

You may also be interested in  38 Free Modern Powerpoint Templates for Your Presentation

“Ravi” & “Bubble” Creative Free Presentation Templates

Ravi & Bubble Creative Free Presentation Templates

  • 10 creative slides from “Ravi” and 5 slides from “Bubble” template
  • tasteful geometric designs with fully editable content
  • bonus : images for social media also included in the freebie pack!

“Kental” Fresh Pastel Powerpoint Template

Kental Fresh Pastel Powerpoint Template

  • 10 slides in pleasant pastel colors
  • fully ediable with vector icons and elements included
  • available as PPT & PPTX

“Color” Free Modern Powerpoint Template

Color Free Modern Powerpoint Template

  • a very dramatic and modern HQ design
  • 10 slides in the free version
  • placeholders, free fonts, and editable graphics

“Born Ink” Free Trendy Presentation Template

Born Ink Free Trendy Presentation Template

  • 10 attractive slides in a grunge design style
  • compatible with Powerpoint & Keynote
  • free for personal and commercial use

All-purpose & Minimalist Free Powerpoint Templates

A selection of templates that will be your trusted ally on many occasions. In this section, we’ve gathered clean, minimalist designs that can be perfectly adapted to various presentation topics without the need to make any major changed to the design. Simply because they go with everything! Still, these free Powerpoint templates are completely editable, so feel free to customize them according to your liking.

Taya Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Taya Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

  • a beutiful design that conveys purity and elegance
  • the free version includes Mint and Peach themes
  • 20 fully editable slides per each theme
  • compatible with Powerpoint and Keynote

“Altezza” Free Presentation Template

Altezza Free Presentation Template

  • 11 slides with diagonal inspired designs
  • a multipurpose clean style adaptable for many presentations
  • Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides compatibility

“Porto” Free Powerpoint Template

Porto Free Powerpoint Template

  • 9 professional slides with HQ graphics
  • clean design that makes your message pop

“Every” Free Minimalist Powerpoint Template

Every Free Minimalist Powerpoint Template

  • 15 attractive slides with a modern minimalist design
  • full HD template with drag-and-drop placeholders
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio and free fonts used

“Zeen” Powerpoint Free Template

Zeen Powerpoint Free Template

  • a minimalist design with cross symbols
  • 15 fully editable slides
  • editable tables, flowcharts, graphs

“Hexa” Free Minimalist PPT Template

Hexa Free Minimalist PPT Template

  • 10 clean slides with a 16:9 layout
  • aesthetic design with pastel colors
  • fully editable high-quality graphics

“Space” Free Powerpoint Template

Space Free Powerpoint Template

  • a multipurpose professional design inspired by the minimalist style
  • fully editable graphic elements and easy-to-use placeholders
  • 10 slides included in the free version

Elegant Free Powerpoint Template

Elegant Free Powerpoint Template

  • an elegant design with golden decorations and serif fonts
  • 25 slides with diverse layouts

“Bullen” Free Powerpoint Template

Bullen Free Powerpoint Template

  • a minimalist design with a vibrant yellow frame
  • 25 multifunctional slides
  • 16:9 screen layout

Minimalist Free Powerpoint PPT Template

Minimalist Free Powerpoint PPT Template

  • an attractve minimalist design with modern mask shapes
  • 15 diverse slides including presentation, infographic, and chart slides
  • fully editable content with pictures included

“Simply” Minimalist Powerpoint Template

Simply Minimalist Powerpoint Template

  • a minimal design with various applications
  • 8 multifunctional slides
  • easily customizable colors and graphics

“Rave” Minimalist Fresh Presentation Slides Design

Rave Minimalist Fresh Design

  • a minimalist design with a pop of color
  • 6 slides in the free version
  • editable colors and graphic elements

Illustrated & Artistic Free Powerpoint Templates

Illustrations are a powerful tool that will help you convey various concepts and ideas. Super useful for presentations where you need to simplify complex processes and concepts. In this selection, we’ve gathered free Powerpoint templates with awesome illustrations – some come with flat cartoons and characters, others look pretty artistic. Let’s admit it, everybody could use a little art in their lives!

Free Hand-Drawn PowerPoint Presentation Template

Free Hand-Drawn PowerPoint Presentation Template

  • 8 playful slides with various useful layouts
  • editable icons and illustrations in a hand-drawn pencil style
  • HD resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio

Chalkboard Themed PPT Template

Chalkboard Themed PPT Template

  • 10 different slides on a blackboard backgrond
  • illustrations imitating chalk hand drawing
  • suitable for business, finances, strategies, etc.

Evelyn Watercolor Powerpoint Template

Evelyn Watercolor Powerpoint Template

  • 25 unique slides
  • eye-pleasing watercolor backgrounds
  • great for art and creative presentations

You may want to grab some  56 Impressive Free Presentation Backgrounds for Outstanding Presentations

Cloud Computing Free Powerpoint Template

Cloud Computing Free Powerpoint Template

  • 10 attractive slides with different layouts
  • based on cloud computing but adaptable to other topics, as well
  • modern flat and isometric illustrations in blue and red

“Knight” Free Powerpoint Template

Knight Free Powerpoint Template

  • 25 fully editable slides
  • playful design with school icons
  • suitable for educational presentations

“Juliet” Artsy Powerpoint Template

Juliet Artsy Powerpoint Template

  • 25 diverse and editable slides
  • artsy with paint brush strokes
  • examples for graphs, charts, tables

“Gower” Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

Gower Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

  • design with teamwork illustrations
  • includes a customizable icon family with 80 different icons

Leaves Pattern Powerpoint Template

Leaves Pattern Powerpoint Template

  • a diversity of 48 slides
  • pleasant leaves and trees illustrations
  • fully editable graphics and icons

“Nell” Free Powerpoint Template

Nell Free Powerpoint Template

  • an elegant floral theme
  • graphs, charts, tables included

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of free Powerpoint templates to download in 2020. Before using, make sure to read the licensing rules first. Some of the templates are available for personal use only, while others – for personal and commercial use. Either way, you can use these templates the way they are or completely transform them to match your personal style.

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Team Building Class for Elementary presentation template

Team Building Class for Elementary

Your students spend most of their days at school, so building a good atmosphere in the class is vital for their happiness. Why don’t you dedicate a day to team building activities? This will help new students make friends and older students create deeper relationships with their classmates. It that...

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powerpoint presentation free download 2020

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powerpoint presentation free download 2020


powerpoint presentation free download 2020

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Free and creative PowerPoint Templates

+ unlimited download + free ppt to level up your presentation with out-of-the-box designs.

At PPThemes we offer a diverse collection of premium PowerPoint Templates ,also known as PPT, available for free download. Our templates boast creative and modern designs across all slides, ensuring that your presentations stand out. Best of all, they are 100% free, allowing you to enhance your content and keep your audience engaged with captivating animations, such as the Morph Transition. Unlike other platforms like Canva or Prezy, our templates provide you with advanced animation features that go beyond the basics. With the Morph Transition, you can seamlessly transform one slide into another, creating a visually stunning and dynamic presentation experience.

Discover a range of exciting templates on our website, including the Netflix PowerPoint Template , which features a sleek and professional design inspired by the popular streaming platform. We also offer the Volleyball PPT Template , perfect for sports-related presentations, and the PowerPoint Biography Template , ideal for showcasing personal or professional achievements. When it comes to creating impactful PowerPoint presentations, PPThemes is the perfect site, Download these templates and explore our extensive collection to find the perfect match for your presentation needs. Elevate your slides to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your audience with our exceptional PowerPoint Templates, available exclusively at PPThemes.

Note: This PowerPoint Templates are for personal and non-commercial use only. Please do not distribute or sell this template without permission.

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Best PowerPoint Templates + Themes + Infographics New and Cool Presentations PPT + Slides + Backgrounds PPThemes its a ppt site, you will find Powerpoint Templates Free download 2020 and 2021, we save you time and offers a Microsoft PowerPoint Collection for free download, and some google themes, to work online or offline as you prefer, the case is that All PPT Template Presentation have a creative slides and layouts so you can grab your audience's attention. We have the best design trends of the last years. We want to make easier the way you make a good and great presentation with these PPT Templates and we know that design takes a lot of time, that's why we design and create the best Templates of 2020 and 2021 with Diagrams, Backgrounds, wallpaper, Graphics, Tables, charts and free powerpoint infographics as Timeline, roadmap, process flow, cycle, workflow, schedule and more for your presentation. We have new creative and professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download for your presentation of education, business, sales plan or personal use. Download the PowerPoint Template or google Theme according to what you would like to proyect or your profession, we add some topics as free powerpoint templates for teachers or sports powerpoint template in order you can make your school or college class, but we also add some corporate templates for busines with a minimalist, creative, simple, sample, professional and abstract design for all kind of tastes. The Themes has great ideas, High-quality (HD) and an awesome desing, I swear you! That way you will save time and focus only on the creation of content and the speech, what is really more important in an exhibition, another fact to highlight is that you can edit all the elements in every single powerpoint template, theme and slide, such as the text, images, icons, vectors, colors and sizes, they are 100% editable. If you are looking for an specific topic as a PowerPoint University or a biography ppt template , restaurant, bank, sports, nature, marketing, fitness, history, anatomy, books, social media, artificial intelligence, education, nutrition an so on, you can search for the name, or in the the upper header you can see the templates by selecting a topic or a category that suits your presentation or need.

Free powerpoint templates | premium presentation templates | abstract ppt | morph ppt | business ppt | creative ppt | powerpoint templates design ideas | education ppt | minimalist ppt | professional ppt | simple ptt | professions ppts | marketing ppt | medical ppt | infographics ppt | ppt y temas gratis en español, new and cool presentations ppt + slides + themes + backgrounds.

Netflix powerPoint Template

Netflix Design PowerPoint Template

Download for free this Netflix Design PowerPoint Template by PPThemes and impress all your class room with and amazing presentation More

Premium Presentation templates by PPThemes

+2.500 Slides for PowerPoint, Google Slides & Keynote Only $22

Buy these Presentation bundle with creative slides to edit in PowerPoint, Google Slides & keynote for a professional Pitch Deck More

Free PowerPoint Template Featuring Morph Transitions for 4-Step Processes

Free PowerPoint Template Featuring Morph Transitions for 4-Step Processes

Elevate your presentations with our free PowerPoint template featuring Morph transition. Perfect for creatively showcasing 4-step processes. Download now! 🚀 More

Free stranger things PowerPoint Template by PPThemes

Free Stranger Things Design PowerPoint Template with Morph Transition

Elevate your presentations with this FREE Stranger Things design PowerPoint template by PPThemes and impress all your class room with and amazing presentation More

Free PowerPoint Statistics Template

Unlock the Power of Data with this Free PowerPoint Statistics Template!

Empower your data presentations with our FREE PowerPoint Statistics Template. Download it now and elevate the way you communicate statistics. More

engaging powerpoint template

Engaging PowerPoint Template | Morph Transition

Enhance your presentations with this Engaging PowerPoint Template with Morph Transition. Designed for professionals and educators, this template offers seamless slide animations and adaptability for any industry. Create captivating, memorable presentations effortlessly. Download now and unlock the power of visual storytelling. More

Creative layout with morph transition in powerpoint

Creative layout with morph transition in PowerPoint: Be Amazed in Purple

Download for FREE this Creative Layout with Morph transition in PowerPoint that will make your presentations stand out in a spectacular way. More

Creative Light Bulb Infographic | Idea Infographic

Creative Light Bulb Infographic | Idea Infographic

With this “Creative Light Bulb Infographic PowerPoint Template,” your presentations will never be the same again. Transform your data and ideas into memorable visuals that resonate with your audience. Spark creativity and get inspired by downloading this template now! More

slide zoom powerpoint template

Creative Slide Zoom PowerPoint Template

Provide your audience with a concise summary without losing their interest with this Creative Free Slide Zoom PowerPoint Template More

You might like these Templates and Themes for your PowerPoint Presentation

I want to save you time in making a good, attractive and great presentation, and I know that design takes a lot of time, that's why I created these professional pre-made Microsoft PowerPoint Collection and I added Diagrams, Backgrounds, wallpaper, Graphics, Tables, data driven, charts and infographics as Timeline, roadmap, process flow, cycle, workflow, schedule and more so you can grab your audience's attention with all sinlge creative slide.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows

  • V  2021

Joe Wainer

Microsoft PowerPoint - Create attractive presentations without complicating your life.

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the programs that are part of Microsoft 365 , Microsoft's office suite, and offers a wide range of features for creating very creative and complete presentations.

Like its main rivals: Google Slides , Keynote , or Canva , Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful program for both novice users and those who want to use the tool professionally, taking advantage of its multiple possibilities for creation and editing . Do you want to know its new features? Keep reading.

What are the new features of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Considered one of the most popular editing and presentation creation programs among users, Microsoft PowerPoint has expanded its range of features in its latest version, including highly anticipated functions by users .

Firstly, we have the co-authoring function, through which multiple users can access the same PowerPoint presentation, add changes, and see in real time the changes made by other authors.

On the other hand, the program also allows users to share comments with other co-authors, placing them in specific areas of the presentation. In addition, users can see who else is accessing their document and where they are in the content.

More useful and practical than ever

The program's new search tool , located at the top of the screen, has been modernized and now offers a faster response time, as well as suggesting commands and searches that may interest the user based on their recent use of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Attractive and complete

Microsoft PowerPoint continues to be one of the best options for creating creative and highly personalized content. In its new version, the presentation program has improved the experience of users who need to work collaboratively, and has also modernized search and autosave tools.

However, even with this great makeover, the variety of animations and transitions available in presentations is still limited . Tutorials that can help users who are not yet familiar with the program and its functions are also missing.

PowerPoint becomes more expressive with Microsoft 365 Copilot

PowerPoint users can now effortlessly create dynamic and captivating presentations, thanks to the integration of Microsoft 365 Copilot . By understanding natural language commands, Copilot helps users turn their ideas into beautifully designed presentations, making the creation process more enjoyable and expressive.

In conclusion, Microsoft PowerPoint is the ideal program for creating highly eye-catching presentations in a very short time. If you don't have it yet, don't wait any longer and download it now through Softonic .

PowerPoint for telling your story. A new, modern take on the familiar PowerPoint application to design and share your most impactful presentations

Get your ideas across with beautiful design, rich animation, cinematic motion, 3D models and icons. Let intelligent technology help you bring your presentation to life with a few clicks.

Tell your story with confidence with slide-by-slide notes only viewable by you. Easily translate your slides into the preferred language and use the built-in accessibility checker to be sure your audience doesn’t miss a thing.

Get premium versions of PowerPoint and other Office apps like Word and Excel by subscribing to Office 365. With Office 365 you'll get great PowerPoint features like Designer, Editor, and real-time co-authoring. Plus, you'll receive exclusive, new features every month ensuring you're always up-to-date.

  • The Autosave updates the changes in the document in a few seconds.
  • New collaboration features, such as co-authoring.
  • Smartest and fastest search tool
  • Improvements in the program's interface.
  • Memorizing shortcuts remains complicated.
  • The process of inserting videos in presentations could be faster.
  • There are missing tutorials to guide novice users.
  • The variety of animations and transitions remains quite limited.

Also available in other platforms

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Android
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for iPhone

Microsoft PowerPoint for PC

User reviews about microsoft powerpoint.

GH boy

to continue there improving this important application because it downloading weakly

محمد ناصر

by محمد ناصر


francis t lopaz

by francis t lopaz

Would've given it a better rating had you let me downloaded it!


by Anonymous

i love it. it works well and it has very good animations transistions and fonts

Why do we need to pay now. why do we have to pay i mean before we had it for free why now tho i cant pay even tho i need to do presentations bu t how im i supposed to pay for a powerpoint when i cant convince my parents to give me money to go to the cinema?  More

yes we can summarize. power point no there was problem for receive their own point Pros: to add the file in power point Cons: t o save correctly not anywhere  More

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

The software par excellence for creating digital presentations.

Free PowerPoint Password Recovery

Free PowerPoint Password Recovery

A free program for Windows, by Amazing-Share.

Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint


Photo slideshows reborn

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

  • Trial version

Create E-Learning Content with Adobe Captivate

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Prevent unwanted changes with Tweakeze

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016: a revolution in word processors

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows - Productivity to the next level!

PDF Squeeze

PDF Squeeze

Free PDF compressor

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows: Efficient work with ease.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016

Important note: Microsoft Excel 2016 is no longer available.

iOffice Suite

iOffice Suite

Benefits of Using Office Suites for Business & Productivity

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

A powerful office suite

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010

Important note: Microsoft Office 2010 is no longer available.

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor

A multifunctional PDF editor for PC

Spreadsheet Conversion Tool

Spreadsheet Conversion Tool

Spreadsheet Conversion Tool Review

Windows 365

Windows 365

Microsoft’s virtual desktop infrastructure

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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Softonic may receive a referral fee if you click or buy any of the products featured here.

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PowerPoint Themes & Templates that give you an Animated Wow Factor!

Thousands of Animated template slides to spark life in all your presentations. Read more ...

If you need to share your ideas clearly and engage with an audience, our animated pre-designed PowerPoint templates will help you save time to achieve both needs. You can sign up with the Unlimited plan to download as many templates as you need, or choose the basic plan and get access to a select number of free PowerPoint template downloads . Our editable PowerPoint templates and presentation themes are straightforward to customize. You can easily change the PowerPoint template's colors, fonts, or layout to match your style or company's corporate colors. Get creative by downloading these slide designs that cover many different styles and start combining multiple template slides to create a new presentation. From business presentations down to educational slideshows - they're highly customizable, so they're easy for anyone in any field or profession to tailor to fit their needs. Template download are in .PPTX format for PowerPoint. But, if you prefer, you can download the .PPTX and open them as a Google Slides theme. Either way, you'll have a beautiful and professional presentation in no time. So, start downloading unlimited PowerPoint templates and give your viewers that presentation wow factor they are wanting.

Featured PowerPoint Templates

Slides from Square Diamonds PowerPoint Design Template

I've been using PresenterMedia for 6 years now. I absolutely love all of their creative PowerPoint templates and animations. It really makes my PowerPoint presentations unique, attractive, and memorable. I HIGHLY suggest buying a membership...it's seriously totally worth it! Thank You for everything that you do!

a bust of a presenter woman character

PresenterMedia has amazing graphics and PowerPoint templates to select from. Helping to make all presentations more interesting and fun.

I have been using PM for several years now across different companies. Great PowerPoint templates and awesome images/graphics/videos. Such a useful (and highly professional) site. There is nothing else like it out there. I highly recommend a subscription.

A widescreen presentation slide from project-management-toolkit-pid-22879 preview one.

Great for business professionals to use for business meetings, seminars, and business pitches.

A widescreen presentation slide from teaching-waves-pid-23677 preview one.

A fantastic way for teachers and trainers to engage their audience and make learning even more exciting.

More Great PowerPoint Template Designs

Keep your team on task and display your presentation data and slide information in a powerful animated way.

It's Time to Let Your Presentations Shine, Get Started Now!

Powerpoint add-in.

Install the PresenterMedia Add-in to access thousands of template slides and designs without leaving PowerPoint.

  • Free PowerPoint templates and graphics to try out.
  • Free to install from the Microsoft app store .
  • Create exciting and engaging PowerPoint slides in seconds.
  • Use powerful video and graphics customizers right in PowerPoint.

An preview of the PresenterMedia PowerPoint add-in app with the template slides window open.

More Great Presentation Themes

Let our engaging animated templates and PowerPoint themes help you change that. Select from a vast range of animated presentation template styles and topics, including professional presentations for business and education.

Your Presentation Success is our mission!

a golden seal with the words satisfaction Guaranteed

We will always provide you with the best PowerPoint templates , presentation designs, and powerful customization tools to empower you to create outstanding presentations every time.

Templates For PowerPoint and Beyond!

Our Microsoft PowerPoint templates work great in PowerPoint 365 , 2019, and older. But, you can use them for much more!

  • Create impressive animated slides for PowerPoint.
  • Make great animated Google Slide themes.
  • Use animated templates in Keynote for Mac.
  • Export engaging animated videos right from PowerPoint to use for social media posts and online marketing.

PresenterMeedia logo icon point arrows at PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote Icons.

Your Voice Matters!

Thoughts, questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you get on your way to creating dynamic and impactful presentations. Many of our presentation template designs have come right from our customers' suggestions. We love that because we know our customers are getting what they need to create successful presentations.

PresenterMeedia logo icon point arrows at PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote Icons.

PowerPoint Template Styles Comparison

Get in style! With a wide range of designs, our templates will fit all your presentation needs.


Our animated video templates offer a unique and engaging experience for your audience. In addition, they allow for a striking visual design that is otherwise not possible to produce directly inside of PowerPoint.

a preview image of a blue powerpoint template business slide at a slanted angle


We design our flat templates to feature a clean, simplistic, modern design look. However, the designs are very engaging in how we animate the graphic elements in PowerPoint to draw attention to your message.

a preview image of an abstract cheveron ppt template slide at a slanted angle


Our abstract design templates give our customers clean, unique neutral design layouts to add to their message. We design these PPT templates to be simplistic yet bold enough to stand out to your audience..

powerpoint presentation free download 2020


Our diagram design toolkit templates provide a perfect way to showcase your data. These PowerPoint diagrams include processes, timelines, charts, matrix, categories, points, funnels, pyramids.

a preview image showing a ppt template slide which contains a swooping design around a photo image.


Our photo design templates provide a modern look with abstract elements designed around the photos included in the Presentation template. Photos in these templates can easily be switched out. Our customers can do this by adding their picture in place of the existing images used.

a preview image showing a simplistic powerpoint template slide which has a simplistic blue design around the word business.


Our modern design templates give a sleek look with clean lines and a simplistic feel. These clean design templates are great for business and corporate presentations. Find diagrams slides that can easily combine with other modern template slides.

This is a company logo for PresenterMedia which is a world class provider of PowerPoint templates and presentation designs.

Your Creativity Will Be Endless!

Download as many PPT templates and slide designs as you would like. With your subscription, there are no limits.

PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are some helpful tips for taking advantage of PresenterMedia content, allowing you to create even more powerful PowerPoint presentations.

  • Combining slides from multiple PowerPoint slides tutorial:
  • Using our 3D animations and clipart in your PowerPoint presentations:
  • Customizing a video using the video customizer and quickly loading it into PowerPoint:
  • Learn how to use gradients in PowerPoint
  • How to add your logo to all your PowerPoint 365 slides automatically
  • More free PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials:

A laptop with screen showing the text PowerPoint tutorials with a video play symbol next to it.

PowerPoint Questions & Answers (Q&A):

How can presentermedia help presenters.

PresenterMedia templates are a set of visually designed slides to help presentation creators leap right over the design process, allowing more time to craft a powerful message to impact an audience. Many of PresenterMedia's templates are themed; this inspires presenters and makes assembling their presentation slides around a specific topic easier.

Why is PresenterMedia a Better Choice for Presententation Design?

Two words, animation and customization! We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it's no wonder audiences are getting bored with the same old static templates they've seen a thousand times. PresenterMedia provides animated templates and customizable designs that remedy an audiences' boredness with exciting and engaging animated slides that hold an audience's attention.

Where can I download PowerPoint Templates?

There are many presentation websites on the internet that provide PowerPoint templates to download. However, PresenterMedia is a top world-class provider of animated templates to download for PowerPoint. In addition, PresenterMedia offers the choice of thousands of PowerPoint template designs to choose from at a special discounted price up to 50% off .

Where can I find high-quality PowerPoint templates?

There are many websites someone can find and download a slides template for PowerPoint. But, finding high-quality PPT templates to impress any audience can take valuable time out of someone's life. PresenterMedia is a top presentation resource to find high-quality PowerPoint themes and templates to save time tracking down PowerPoint designs. PresenterMedia's primary mission is to constantly create fresh, pre-designed, high-quality animated templates for their customers every month.

Where can I buy professional PowerPoint slides?

Although many websites sell individual templates and slides for PowerPoint, here at PresenterMedia, we believe in unlimited possibilities. As a result, customers get access to thousands templates, design assets, and access to our powerful online customization tools. With unlimited downloads at one low subscription price, PresenterMedia is the best presentation resource to buy professional PowerPoint slides and customizable assets to create outstanding presentations every time.

Where can I get free PowerPoint Templates?

PresenterMedia offers a Free Basic plan that allows the user to download from a selection of free PowerPoint templates . These free animated templates will give the user a taste of how animated PowerPoint templates can transform their presentations with better engaging, eye-catching designs.

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