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7 Typing Jobs for Beginners + 5 Platforms Where You Can Apply for Them

online typing jobs talent desire

Brett Helling is the founder of Gigworker.com. He has been a rideshare driver since early 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, Lyft, and Postmates.

Since that time, he has expanded his knowledge into the Gigworker site, as well as writing the book Gigworker: Independent Work and the State of the Gig Economy Paperback,  now available on Amazon .

Gigworker articles are reviewed by gig economy experts before getting published to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, and quality. Learn about our editorial standards .

Are you looking for a fully remote, entry-level gig? Scouting for the best typing jobs is an excellent starting point to earn money with no experience.

Check out some different typing jobs below and where you can find them.

  • The Best Typing Jobs for Beginners
  • Why You Should Consider Applying for Typing Jobs
  • Most In-demand Types of Typing Jobs
  • 1. LinkedIn
  • 2. ZipRecruiter
  • 5. FlexJobs
  • What You’ll Need to Do a Typing Job
  • Tips to Succeed at Finding Typing Jobs
  • Similar Jobs to Check Out
  • Can You Apply for Online Typing Jobs Without Experience?
  • How Much Can You Earn by Online Typing?
  • Wrapping Up

An overview of the best typing jobs for beginners:

  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Bookkeeping
  • Transcription Jobs
  • Administrative and Clerical Duties
  • Writing Jobs
  • Legal Typing Jobs
  • Chat Support Jobs

Where to find the best typing jobs for beginners:

  • LinkedIn :  Best for Niche Online Typing
  • ZipRecruiter :  Best for Flexibility
  • Indeed :  Best for Variety
  • Upwork :  Best for Freelancers
  • FlexJobs :  Best for Cross-Industry

Here are some convincing reasons why you should consider taking on online typing jobs during your free time:

  • Permanently Remote Work:  As long as you have a strong internet and computer, you can do typing jobs anywhere.
  • Flexible Schedule:  Many typing tasks don’t require fixed schedules. You’re free to do the work anytime if you deliver the desired output on time.
  • No Required Degree:  Online typing is one of the  easiest jobs you can start  without any educational background, and most jobs hire from any age range.
  • Varied Clients:  From huge corporations, startup businesses, and individual professionals, someone out there needs a typist. A quick look at job postings will reveal different industries needing such services.

Different employers may include typing skills as a requirement for most entry-level tasks, but there are jobs that specialize in this on a regular basis.

Here are the top typing jobs to keep an eye on:

  • Data Entry Clerk:  This includes transferring files from paper to digital format and inputting them into a centralized database used by your client.
  • Bookkeeping:  From tracking and collecting financial records to recording them, bookkeeping can be a challenging option, especially if you have a background in accounting.
  • Transcription Jobs:  It takes practice to excel in this job, but beginners are always welcome to apply. Transcription often involves listening to audio files and typing them in a readable format.
  • Administrative and Clerical Duties:  Tasks like answering emails and taking notes during important phone calls fall under this category.
  • Writing Jobs:  This is a high-level task that may require excellent grammar and writing expertise. Popular  freelance writing jobs  like copywriting, editing, and proofreading fall into this category.
  • Legal Typing Jobs:  If you’re familiar with some legal jargon and are skilled at sifting through tons of documents, this job’s worth considering.
  • Chat Support Jobs:  This involves answering customer queries via chat. You’ll need to have excellent typing speed to succeed in this job.

Top 5 Platforms to Find Typing Jobs

Here are five excellent platforms to find typing jobs that pay well this 2023:

screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage

Known as a professional networking site,  LinkedIn  gives you access to a global community of professionals looking for remote employees to add to their teams.

  • LinkedIn Premium unlocks advanced filters to get you access to top-paying jobs;
  • Can provide personalized job recommendations;
  • Offers access to clients who are open to negotiating fees and work arrangements.
  • Getting noticed by prospective employers can be difficult. You’ll need to use LinkedIn to gain traction. This includes sharing posts, commenting, and optimizing your profile;
  • Competition levels are high.

screenshot of the ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter  is a global employment marketplace that matches clients with the right candidates. It houses millions of jobs available for full-time, part-time, or project-based work arrangements.

  • Excellent user interface with a one-click application feature;
  • A vast array of job options with flexible working schedules.
  • You’re required to provide your personal and contact information before you can use the platform;
  • Job descriptions can be vague or misleading.

a screenshot of the Indeed homepage

Indeed has tons of typing job opportunities, complete with detailed job descriptions and employer backgrounds to help you weigh your options.

  • The job alert feature helps you stay up to date with any typing-related tasks as they get posted;
  • Offers a huge volume of jobs;
  • Listings can include opportunities from well-known companies and corporations.
  • Getting any response from employers can take time and isn’t guaranteed;
  • Employers may require a series of tests within the platform which may not be relevant to typing jobs.

screenshot of the Upwork homepage

Upwork  is a globally renowned freelancing platform catering to entities who want to outsource some of their tasks to a remote workforce.

  • Straightforward hiring process with reliable payment methods;
  • Potential for high-paying projects as you build your experience and trust rating within the platform;
  • Though known as a freelancing platform, companies sometimes use it to recruit full-time employees as well.
  • Earning-based service fees can be hefty, especially for beginners in a low-tier income range;
  • Landing your first client can take time because of tough competition.

A screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

FlexJobs is a job search platform known for posting scam-free work opportunities. It covers all industries, including those  jobs specifically for work-from-home moms . It also offers resume assistance and one-on-one coaching for its users.

  • Ad-free and legitimate job opportunities with the potential for high-paying projects;
  • Excellent job-search function to help you filter jobs that fit your exact preference;
  • Provides several resources to help people get hired.
  • It’s a paid platform. This might be a drawback for users who only want casual job browsing;
  • Many job postings don’t include salary information.

Becoming a typist is easy, but there are vital skills you must possess to attract clients and encourage positive referrals:

  • Attention to Details:  Accuracy is a requirement in any typing job, and you must spot errors and correct them as you work.
  • Above Average Typing Speed:  The faster you type, the more data you can file. Many clients require specific word-per-minute typing results before considering you for the job.
  • Understanding of Syntax and Grammar:  Typing may seem like a routine that requires little thinking, but understanding data sets is crucial for organizing information and transcribing words within context.
  • Communication Skills:  You’ll need to speak to your clients to take instructions, ask questions, and report your progress. Being a skilled communicator helps you build rapport and can give your clients the impression that you can deliver tasks with less supervision.
  • Comprehension Skills:  This can manifest in how well you grasp ideas about your work. Even if you’re working on complex typing projects in which you’re not an expert, you’ll need to ask the right questions, retain details, and perform your task more efficiently.

Working as a typist can be an excellent  weekend job  that pays well over time. Here are some tips to remember when job hunting:

  • Take advantage of multiple platforms : Expanding your search across multiple platforms helps you compare the pros and cons of each job and gives you a better understanding of the opportunities available in this field.
  • Beef up your resume and cover letter : Typing may be an entry-level job, but you’ll still need to create a resume that shows relevant skills or experiences for the job to beat your competitors.
  • Be open to unconventional jobs : The emergence of AI has impacted  how we land part-time work-from-home jobs . Be open to the idea of using AI-powered tools as part of the job requirement.
  • Practice the skill : This includes typing random words from source material or listening to audio files and transcribing them.
  • Promote your services : Think of other means to promote your service besides updating your resume. A great place to start is on LinkedIn, which will also help you build your network in the same field. You can also start telling friends and family members about your services.

Looking for more diverse remote work than typing jobs? Here are a few other options to try:

  • Remote Weekend Jobs : Get a list of jobs that pay well on weekends! Work at your own pace, choose your projects or clients, and earn anytime, anywhere!
  • Remote Executive Assistant Jobs : Help entrepreneurs or companies manage their admin needs by working as an executive assistant. Learn to multitask as you work with people across the globe.
  • Online Tutor Jobs : Do you love teaching? Find out where to start and share your expertise with kids, adults, and foreign students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typing tasks are beginner-friendly and don’t often require profound field expertise. Clients, however, reserve the right to organize job-related typing tests to measure your skill and adaptability.

Experience as a data entry clerk is an advantage, especially for tasks involving complex and bulk data, but not a deal-breaker for most clerical duties.

Typing job earnings depend on several factors, such as the job inclusions, the number of hours you work, and complexity. As per Indeed, the average base salary for a typist is $16.83 an hour and can go up to $27.13.

Typing jobs are easy ways to earn extra cash during your free time. You don’t need a degree or experience, and it’s completely remote.

Spot your job prospects using our listed platforms, and take time to update your resume. Highlight critical skills relevant to the job and do your research on the company you’re applying to.

Remember that it’s an easy job with high competition, but with the right place and approach, you’ll increase your chances of landing your first typing gig.

Let us know if you’re ready to get a new typing job below, and remember to share this link with anyone else looking for a new remote gig.

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Is Talent Desire a legit way to earn money online? Find out in our full Talent Desire review if their typing jobs can make you extra cash or if it is fake.

Talent Desire Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Talent Desire Review Header

Talent Desire Review

Talent Desire claims to be a site that pays you to earn online by typing, transcribing, and tutoring. It even makes bold claims that you can earn $225 per day.

You’re likely here because the Talent Desire typing jobs seem a little… off in some way. And you’re not alone in feeling that way.

Is Talent Desire legit or is it a scam that’s too good to be true? We’ve done a full detailed review of the site, so read on to learn more about the shocking truth .

Talent Desire is not recommended and does not appear in any Earnologist earning lists. Find out why below or check out legit ways to earn instead.

What you need to know

  • Time: No indications on time.
  • Earnings:  Talent Desire claims that their typing jobs can earn you up to $225 or even $400 per day. The reality is $0.
  • Trust: Low trust. Serious issues found
  • Payout Options: Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union according to Talent Desire. But in actual fact, you can’t earn a penny.

USA flag

What is Talent Desire?

Talent Desire claims to be a site for freelancers to earn money with “typing jobs”. The descriptions of these jobs are incredibly vague and don’t explain anything beyond a few very basic words.

If you’ve visited the site before, you almost certainly have a question in your mind; “is Talent Desire legit or is it a complete scam?” Fortunately, we’ve taken the risk so you don’t have to take your chances and sign up without knowing all of the facts.

If we look at the site, we can see that they offer medical transcription, online tutoring, content writing, proofreading, and more.

Talent Desire Typing Jobs

Before we dig into things, let me make it clear. This site has no jobs of any kind and will not allow you to earn any money at all. Read on to find out what’s really going on with the Talent Desire website.

Is Talent Desire Legit?

During our Talent Desire review, we uncovered a lot of worrying facts that make us 100% certain that the Talent Desire website is not legit. What’s more, is that the site seems to exist solely to generate ad revenue. What we’ve found in our review of Talent Desire and its online job offers is something quite sinister . Let’s look at what we found, one discovery at a time.

Talent Desire Spam Ads

If you’re unlucky enough to visit the Talent Desire website without an ad blocker, you will see one of the most advert-riddled sites you’ve ever seen. We all know that ads are part of life online, and in fact, many sites rely on them to fund the site itself. But Talent Desire takes this a step further.

Talent Desire Ad Spam

If this wasn’t bad enough, they even have their privacy policy and disclaimer pages. 

Terrible Grammar

For a site that supposedly hires freelance writers , you would think that Talent Desire could get someone to proofread their site. On the front page, they tell you in the most broken, awful grammatical sentence that you can “earn money from home without invest a dime”. Absolutely terrible.

Another awful example is “you are bound for quality work and clients for fair payment.” I can kind of guess what they’re trying to say but it’s just awful really.

At the bottom of the site, they even tell you to “Get start now”. It’s impressive how little effort went into the copy for their content.

Vague and Too-good-to-be-true Promises

When reviewing the online job descriptions on Talent Desire, you will begin to question your own comprehension skills. The site rambles on for pages and pages but doesn’t really tell you anything of substance.

It feels like the text equivalent of when an AI generates an image where everything looks vaguely familiar but you can’t identify a single object by name.

When you dig through the site you will see some promises on earnings such as $225 a day to be a blogger. That’s $6,750 a month by the way . No site is going to pay you that amount of money to write articles for them.

Tip: If an online earning opportunity feels too good to be true, it almost always is.

Talent Desire's Registration/Sign Up Page is Hidden

That’s right, the sign-up page is actually hidden deep within the site. It took me around 10 minutes (not an exaggeration) to click through the maze of pages and find the registration page. Now, you need to ask yourself, why would it be so difficult to find Talent Desire’s sign up page? The answer is that they don’t want you to find it.

The site constantly tells you to go to the Talent Desire application form, go to the Talent Desire registration page, and so on. It even hyperlinks these phrases, but they simply take you to another page that is not the sign up form .

Well, I finally found the sign up page, which completes the puzzle and explains what is going on with the site and why we have a big red banner at the top of this Talent Desire review! Let’s see why that is.

The Sign Up Page on Talent Desire is Fake

That’s quite a bold claim, isn’t it? Well we actually went through with the sign up process and this is what we found:

There is no validation:

They actually allowed me to sign up with a phone number that was all zeros. So they’re not even validating the information entered at sign up.

Talent Desire Sign Up Registration Page is Fake

They ask meaningless questions:

You answer “what time is best for you”, but it doesn’t even ask for a timezone. I’m not entirely sure why a work from home writer would need to be active between a particular 3-hour slot either…

Talent Desire Strange Sign Up

You never receive a sign up confirmation email:

That’s right, after navigating their mess of a registration process, you don’t even get a confirmation email. We used a valid email address and never received anything either automated or manual.

Is Talent Desire Real or Fake?

You should now have no doubts about whether Talent Desire is real or fake. Talent Desire is very clearly a fake site . After having extensively reviewed Talent Desire we think that we now know what’s going on, and it relates to ad click fraud.

There are sites out there known as click farms or ad farms . Low-paid workers fraudulently click the ads to generate profit for the website owner. We believe that this is exactly what is happening with Talent Desire. It explains the insane amount of ads on the site, the low-effort content, and the fact that you literally cannot sign-up (because Talent Desire isn’t real, it’s a fake front).

There is an extra layer to it too. I believe that the maze-like nature of the site is designed to make visitors go around in circles looking for Talent Desire’s fake sign up form. They hope that these people will accidentally click on the links on the site to earn them additional income.

Summary: Talent Desire is not real, it’s a fake site that exists to generate ad revenue.

Talent Desire Overview

Talent desire review: pros.

  • Literally none.

Talent Desire Review: Cons

  • Talent Desire is a fake site.
  • Potentially an ad farm.

There’s not much more left to say. Talent Desire is a fake site that exists solely to generate ad revenue. It’s not dangerous or a scam as such because you can’t even register.

The sign-up form may be an attempt to collect personal information but because it is so well hidden, it feels like that isn’t that likely.

Checking in with Trustpilot’s Talent Desire Review , you can see that while it (currently) has a 2.5 rating, in actuality every rating is 1 star, which is the lowest rating possible.

Searching online, you won’t find any Talent Desire payment proof, nor anyone who has ever worked for/with them. Save yourself some time and avoid it. In fact, I feel so strongly about this, I refuse to even link to the site in this review .

Talent Desire Alternatives

There are plenty of great options for getting paid to write online. Talent Desire isn’t one of them clearly, but we have a complete list of legit ways to earn online by writing:

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Articles & More If you have a good grasp of grammar,...

And don’t forget, other than online writing jobs, there are a huge range of other ways to earn money online:

Want to Earn More Money Online?

Earn money in the background with our huge list of ways to earn online.

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Hideout TV Logo

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Talent Desire Review: Legit Typing Jobs or Online Scam? Uncover the Truth

talent desire review

Unraveling the Mystery: Is Talent Desire the Real Deal?

At this very moment, you're probably pondering whether Talent Desire is your golden ticket to some extra cash or just another one-way trip to Scamville. Well, don’t you worry; your friendly neighborhood SEO article writer is here to serve you the scoop on Talent Desire, with all the nitty-gritty details laid bare.

So grab a cup of Joe, settle in, and let's unravel this enigma together, shall we?

An investigative look at Talent Desire's credibility

What in the World Is Talent Desire and What's On the Table?

Pouring over Talent Desire's website, it dangles the carrot of typing jobs in front of its audience. Yes, you heard that right – typing jobs that supposedly pad your wallet with an extra $60 to $180 daily. But don't start counting your chickens just yet; let’s zoom in on the proverbial fine print.

If Talent Desire were a movie, its trailer would be teeming with flashy claims of online typing, medical transcription, and even online tutoring gigs. But, much like a trailer that shows the best scenes, the devil is in the details—or the lack thereof. With cookie-cutter descriptions as vague as a foggy morning, one starts to wonder what you'd truly be signing up for.

Now, if Talent Desire's universe operated like the well-oiled machines of UpWork or Fiverr, you'd sign up, browse jobs, and get cracking. Fair enough, right? Well, hold your horses because Talent Desire's universe appears to follow its own perplexing laws of physics.

Warning Flags Hoisted: The Talent Desire Conundrums

Sometimes, a website sprouts red flags like flowers in spring, and Talent Desire has quite the garden. Let's meander through this flag-planted wonderland and see why you might want to hold on to your green thumb.

A Mysterious Maze: The Inaccessible Sign-Up Form

Red flag #1 rears its head with a sign-up form so elusive, it might as well be a unicorn. Navigating through Talent Desire's myriad of links to find the sign-up form could be an epic saga in its own right. But why bother when the trek feels like a quest with no reward?

The Ad Odyssey: Too Many and Too Cleverly Placed

Oh, and let's talk about Red Flag #2: advertisements, advertisements everywhere. Talent Desire's pages are so peppered with ads that one wrong click could derail your entire mission.

Excessive advertisement placements on Talent Desire's website

The onslaught of ads feels like the site is baiting you to mistakenly interact with them, a suspicion that only grows as you navigate its labyrinthine pathways. Make no mistake, this kind of ad placement has one goal: ad revenue at the expense of user experience.

Privacy, Schmivacy: Your Data Is Their Dinner

Treading into even darker waters, behold Red Flag #3: a Terms and Conditions page that unabashedly proclaims your data may become chummy with third-party organizations. It's like volunteering for spam, and who in their right mind would RSVP 'yes' to that party?

The Irony: Typo City for a Typing Job Site

The fourth crimson banner flaps in the wind of poor grammar. This one's a head-scratcher; a typing job site with a disdain for correct grammar is like a chef who can't cook—something's just not adding up. And while this may seem trivial compared to the previous red flags, it certainly doesn't instill much confidence in prospective job seekers.

The Verdict: To Desire or Not to Desire Talent

Drum roll, please—here comes the verdict. With all signs pointing to "nope," it seems Talent Desire might just be a sly fox in the job market henhouse. Why carry water for a well that never gives forth a single drop?

My two cents? Ditch the headache and check out some reliable survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) platforms instead. These sites offer real earning opportunities and won't treat your personal information like a free sample at Costco.

If you've had the misadventure of crossing paths with Talent Desire, I'm all ears. Drop a comment below and let's compare notes. In the school of hard knocks that is the internet, we're all students—some more bruised than others.

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How can I apply to become part of your translator community?

We are always looking for new talents to join our teams and our collaboration starts here. Our vendor management team will get in touch with you as soon as we are looking to assemble a new translation team for one of our customers. Please provide us with as much information as possible about yourself (CV, work experience etc.) and your areas of expertise so we can quickly identify you as a perfect match.

Do I need to sign a contract before the start of our cooperation?

Will newly joined vendors receive any training material?

What customers will I be working for?

How do I inform EasyTranslate regarding issues with the platform?

How do I delete my profile?

What are the payment terms?

EasyTranslate has teamed up with Stripe, an external payment provider. Your funds are placed in a virtual wallet when you complete a task and are automatically paid out to your designated bank account 14 days after completion of an assignment. Note that usually the payment term for a large translation agency is the end of the current month +60 days and we are happy to have considerably shortened the waiting time for you!

Should I create an invoice to receive payment?

What payment methods are used?

Why do I pay a monthly fee of 7.5%?

Do I need to approve my payments in my account to receive payouts?

How do I check my payments?

How do I share my payment details?

Is it possible to accumulate payments?

Who has to pay taxes?

What is the project assigning process?

Our system uses AI that allows the platform to assign tasks to you according to your availability and productivity settings. By setting your availability in your account, you are communicating with us and your customers when you are free to take on new projects, and you will be automatically assigned tasks according to the information provided.

How do I share information about my availability?

Why am I not receiving new tasks?

Is it possible to negotiate the deadline?

How do I deliver a completed translation?

Is the use of Phrase mandatory and how do I access it?

Should I inform EasyTranslate if I am not interested in a particular task?

If I have a question about the project, who can I contact?

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Application Form For Work At Home Jobs


An application process will take you approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Please take the time to complete this application form as the questions we ask are vital to our screening process.

To ensure that we hire the most appropriate individual for a given opportunity, we conduct a rigorous interview process. A recruiter may contact you to discuss your resume or CV.

This application form is your chance to tell us about yourself. Before filling out the application, we recommend that you learn about Talent Desire by reading our website. Please ensure that you fill out every portion carefully. Successful applicants check each and every portion of the application watchful to avoid typos and other errors. The Job Selection Committee will NOT review incomplete applications. Registration Process and Work Distribution Process are completely FREE.

We wish you the best of luck with your application. Sign up now!

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Online Application Form

The Online Application Form (OnAF) is the digital document in the format of “Google Form”, that is submitted by you or every candidate before the offer is rolled out to him/her. This data will be maintained with Talent Desire for future reference and would also be used for background checks. It is important that you fill the form accurately.

Offline Application Form

The Offline Application Form (OffAF) is the document in the Ms Word or PDF format, that is submitted by you or every candidate before the offer is rolled out to him/her. This data will be maintained with Talent Desire for future reference and would also be used for background checks. It is important that you fill the form accurately.

Keep in mind the following tips as you approach your application.

  • If you’re unsure about which area to join, feel free to read more about Talent Desire’s business and career opportunities in this site.
  • All applications can be submitting online (Google Form) or by email (Word and pdf format).
  • Please set aside 15 – 20 minutes of your time to complete your online application.
  • Have an electronic version of your resume and academic transcript in handy to send us by email with the application form.
  • If you are reapplying, make sure it has been 15 days since the date of rejection of your previous application.
  • You only have 7 days to complete an application for a role. If your application is incomplete after 7 days, you will be withdrawn from the application process unless you’re able to provide a valid reason.
  • You may only apply to three roles at a time.
  • If you apply to more than one area, please submit separately each application.


Talent Desire is not an employer but a recruitment agency. We introduce enthusiastic and skilful people to the online/offline employers. read more .

For any questions, please contact our Recruitment team by email. When sending us a message, please indicate a specific topic in the subject field so we can address your query immediately.

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