1. 24 Books to Read This Summer

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  2. Two New York Times bestsellers pick their perfect summer reading list

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  3. New York Times Book Review Summer Reading

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  4. 10 Y.A. Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer

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  1. New Novels to Read This Summer

    Tolly Driver — a kid full of promise whose life changed one summer night in 1989 — is writing a memoir about his murderous youth and thirst for revenge. Riffing on 1980s slasher tropes with an ...

  2. 16 New Books Coming in July

    The God of the Woods, by Liz Moore. Moore's fifth novel takes place at an Adirondack summer camp where the daughter of the owner goes missing. Strangely — and alarmingly — she isn't the ...

  3. The Best Books For Your Summer Reading List

    Barbecued, Battered, Boiled and Baked: Cookbooks for Summer. By Jenny Rosenstrach. Audio. New Audiobooks for Your Summer Road Trip. By Sebastian Modak. Historical Fiction. The Ultimate Summer ...

  4. Summer Reading 2023: The Best New Books

    Adolfo Redaño. Card 2 of 9. These novels go well with sand, sunscreen and hot afternoons. By Mary Pols. Background Image: An illustration, resembling a child's drawing, of a woman in a hammock ...

  5. 88 Books to Bring Your Summer Alive

    Pirates, Poisoners and Doppelgängers. By Tina Jordan. Romance. They Went on a Fake Date. Then Sparks Started to Fly. By Olivia Waite. Cookbooks.

  6. 24 Books to Read This Summer

    Raven's memoir might help, which finds her after she completed a Ph.D. in biology, deeply alone in rural Montana — until she is visited by a persistent fox. It's a real-life friendship that ...

  7. 7 New Books We Recommend This Week

    Today is the first day of summer, and what better time to read a handful of books about adventures — or misadventures? Our recommended titles this week include Kevin Fedarko's "A Walk in the ...

  8. 6 New Books We Recommend This Week

    Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times. Our recommended books this week lean toward the multinational: a historical novel set on a Swedish island, a World War II account ...

  9. Summer Reading

    A bunch of intriguing literary fiction is coming this summer, too. Joseph Han's "Nuclear Family," about a Korean American family living in Hawaii around the time of 2018's false missile ...

  10. 73 Books to Read While the Sun Is Out and the Days Are Long

    4 Writers to Watch This Summer. By New York Times Book Review. 17 Refreshing Books to Read This Summer. By Janet Maslin. Audiobooks for Those Long Summer Drives, Without the Kids.

  11. Book Review: 'The Cliffs,' by J. Courtney Sullivan

    A Summer Home in Maine With Centuries-Old Secrets — and a Ghost J. Courtney Sullivan's "The Cliffs" is a haunted house mystery steeped in historical context. Credit...

  12. Book Review: New Horror Books

    Our columnist reviews June's horror releases. By Gabino Iglesias Gabino Iglesias is a writer, editor, literary critic and professor, and the author of "The Devil Takes You Home." His next ...

  13. Here Are the Best New Books to Read This Summer

    By Megan McCluskey and Laura Zornosa. May 24, 2023 3:45 PM EDT. T his summer's slate of new books offers something for every reader, whether you're looking for a lighthearted escape, a ...

  14. Our critics pick their favorite new books for your summer reading list

    Gilbert Cruz, Books Editor, The New York Times: The first one is "Swan Song." Elin Hilderbrand, she is a writer who puts a book out every summer.

  15. 8 books to read this summer

    A roundup of favorite books to read this summer from NPR book critic Maureen Corrigan and New York Times books editor Gilbert Cruz. Full Episode. Wednesday, Jun 26. Close Menu.

  16. Critics share their picks for this summer's most anticipated reads

    We look at some of the many books out or soon out for your summer reading pleasure with Maureen Corrigan, book critic for NPR's "Fresh Air," and Gilbert Cruz, books editor at The New York Times ...

  17. Need a summer read? Here are 17 books from our experts

    12 books to read from 2022. By Jeffrey Brown, Alison Thoet, Anne Azzi Davenport. 19 summer books that will keep you up all night reading. By Elizabeth Flock. Go Deeper. ann patchett; books ...

  18. 88 Books to Bring Your Summer Alive (NYT)

    The New York Times's "88 Books for Summer" list, published in May 2022. 1-7: Thrillers 8-13: True Crime 14-21: Romance 22-29: Cookbooks 30-36: Travel 37-48: Historical Fiction 49-55: Science Fiction & Fantasy 56-58: Music 59-66: Gothic & Horror 67-72: Stage & Screen

  19. Best Picture Books You Can Read Aloud to Spark Joy

    Hoot, Howl and Sneeze: 6 Picture Books for Maximum Read-Aloud Joy From silly rhymes to lively sound effects to stealthily-building suspense, these old standbys and new classics have something for ...

  20. The Best New Books to Read This Summer

    Below, the 24 most anticipated books of the summer. Swift River, Essie Chambers (June 4). Essie Chambers' debut novel, Swift River, is a heartbreaking, yet hopeful coming of age story about the ...

  21. The New York Times ® Best Sellers

    Explore the New York Times Best Sellers list at Barnes & Noble® and be in the know about which books are currently most popular in America. Find out about the best new books each week, including fiction, non-fiction, advice & how-to, graphic novels, children's books, and more. Browse the selection by genre and format.

  22. The Best Books To Read In Summer : Editor's Summer Reading List

    Summer is a time to relax; to feel the sand between our toes, blow away winter's cobwebs, and don lightweight linen clothing.And just like fashion, there are certain books we bibliophiles save for warmer seasons. As the days get longer, our literary horizons broaden—romances, insightful fiction, and New York Times's Best Sellers are the lexical oasis we run to as soon as our OOO emails ...

  23. 20 new books you need to read this summer

    The Future Was Now: Madmen, Mavericks, and the Epic Sci-Fi Summer of 1982. By Chris Nashawaty. Flatiron: 304 pages, $30. (July 30) The summer of 1982 took moviegoers on epic rides through the sci ...

  24. 7 books for your summer reading list that aren't your typical beach

    7 books to read this summer 15:06. It's summertime, the days are long and hot and you can't watch Netflix next to the pool because, well, screen glare. ... check out some of the books New York ...

  25. What to Read This Summer

    New Yorker writers recommend books for the summer of 2024, including "The Puttermesser Papers," "The Phantom Tollbooth," "In the Freud Archives," and "Suttree."

  26. 15 Summer Theaters for That Nearby, Out-of-Town Experience

    Performances in N.Y.C. Advertisement Supported by Critic's Notebook Easygoing days of drama and comedy are just a few hours away (or even closer) in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. By ...

  27. Andy Baraghani's Extra-Green Pasta Salad

    And more breezy, delicious summer dishes: watermelon salad, grilled tahini-honey chicken, tomato-basil fried rice. By Emily Weinstein Every summer I seize on one ingredient early on, my culinary ...

  28. See PEOPLE's Most-Anticipated Summer Reading List

    PEOPLE's Most-Anticipated Summer Books: Best Beach Reads, Thrillers, Fiction, YA and More. Splash into summer with these sizzling new reads. By. Carly Tagen-Dye. and. Lizz Schumer. Published on ...

  29. For July 4, Here Are 6 Beach Destinations to Enjoy the Sun and Surf

    Scott Robinson for The New York Times Take a loop to hidden Oregon beaches West Coast road trippers who stick to U.S. 101, the main north-south coastal highway, miss out on something spectacular.

  30. This Is the Drink of the Summer Every Summer

    Vibrant, refreshing pink lemonade, a circus concession turned classic, is the taste of the season. By Eric Kim Credit...Linda Xiao for The New York Times. Food stylist: Maggie Ruggiero. Prop ...