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Writing prompt generator.

Overcome writer's block! Get inspired with our AI-powered writing prompt generator for all genres and styles.

Example of Writing Prompt

Open-Ended Generation: Begin a story/piece with a broad theme or idea.

Example: "Write a story about the concept of time."

Specific Generation: Request a piece on a precise topic.

Example: "Describe the process of photosynthesis."

Visual Generation: Describe an image or scene.

Example: "Write a paragraph about a serene sunset by the ocean."

Dialogue Generation: Create a conversation between characters.

Example: "Write a dialogue between a detective and a suspect."

Scenario or What-If Generation: Pose a hypothetical situation.

Example: "What if humans could breathe underwater?"

First Line Generation: Provide an opening sentence.

Example: "Start a story with the sentence: 'The old mansion had secrets.'

Character Generation: Describe a character's attributes.

Example: "Create a character who is a brilliant but socially awkward scientist."

Fantasy or Sci-Fi World-Building Generation: Develop a fictional world.

Example: "Design a futuristic city on a distant planet."

Character Development Generation: Explore character growth.

Example: "Show how a timid child becomes a courageous hero."

Sentence Expansion Generation: Expand a given sentence.

Example: "Expand on the sentence: 'She walked through the forest, listening to the whispering trees.'

Genre-Specific Generation: Specify a literary genre.

Example: "Write a mystery story set in a small, isolated village."

Reflective or Personal Generation: Encourage personal reflection.

Example: "Share a meaningful life lesson you've learned."

Historical or Research-Based Generation: Request a historical or research-based piece.

Example: "Write an essay on the impact of the Industrial Revolution."

Question Generation: Generate thought-provoking questions.

Example: "Pose five questions about the effects of climate change."

Comparative Generation: Compare two or more subjects.

Example: "Compare and contrast the advantages of city life and rural life."

Persuasive or Argumentative Generation: Write a persuasive argument.

Example: "Argue for or against the use of renewable energy sources."

Poetry Generation: Encourage poetic composition.

Example: "Compose a haiku about a blooming cherry blossom."

Daily or Journaling Generation: Prompt daily journaling.

Example: "Write about your most memorable moment from today."

Flash Fiction Generation: Create a very short story.

Example: "Write a 100-word story about a lost key."

Random Word or Object Generation: Include a random word or object.

Example: "Incorporate the word 'umbrella' into your story."

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Writing prompt generator.

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Writing Prompt Generator

Use this Writing Prompt Generator to find countless random writing prompts for your next gaming adventure, story or any other kind of project. Enjoy!

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Writing prompts - a short story

Lisa couldn’t believe it. Yes, she’d taken on the challenge to write every day. Yes, she’d promised to try some of these random writing prompts you could generate online. Had she known the outcome would be so outrageous, she’d never have done it. What were you supposed to do with a shipwrecked, cowardly fireman who somehow had anything to do with a music instrument? Was he going to realize that his talents lie elsewhere? Could he somehow manage to use the instrument to call for the help he desperately needed? Befriend it as Tom Hanks befriends a volleyball in Cast Away? If made out of wood, perhaps it could be used to construct a raft.

Lisa shook her head. Writing prompts. At this point even the ice bucket challenge sounded better.

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Can I use the random writing prompts that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these names, but it is of course possible that some of the values this name generator provides are already owned by anyone else, so please make sure to always do your due diligence.

How many ideas can I generate with this Writing Prompt Generator?

The Writing Prompt Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your writing prompts to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

What are good writing prompts?

There's thousands of random writing prompts in this generator. Here are some samples to start:

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Writing prompt generator.

Creative Writing Prompts For All Genres.

Writing Prompt Generator for Book Ideas

I want to write..., your book prompt:.

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What is a writing prompt generator.

A writing prompt generator is a tool that produces a random writing prompt depending on the genre you choose.   Writing prompts   are writing topics or story starters that help with the ideation process of writing, by giving you a specific topic to write on.

Writing prompts are often used in a learning setting, when writers need direction. However, writing prompts are also used by   authors   that struggle with finding their next book idea, or experience writer's block that prevents them continuing their project.

A writing prompt gives direction, and is like a seed that writer’s can use to sprout their imagination and creativity. You can choose whether or not to deviate from the original writing prompt or not; it’s up to you!

How does this random Writing Prompt Generator work?

Our   Writing Prompt   Generator is designed especially for novelists and authors in search of their next book idea. The prompt generator is loaded with a variety of random prompts and story starters, all based on genre type, and we are continuously updating the tool with more prompts so you can get a jumpstart to write your book .

To get started, select your writing type and genre. The generator will randomly produce a writing prompt that meets the criteria of your choice.

Here are the steps to use this Writing Prompt Generator:

  • Select “Fiction” or “Nonfiction” as your writing type.   Fiction is the best choice if you’re looking for creative writing prompts to   write a novel   or story that’s imaginative. Nonfiction is the best choice if you want to   write a nonfiction book   based on real life.
  • Select a “Genre.”   There are specific genres for both nonfiction and fiction. Once you select your writing type, you’ll be presented with a number of genres to choose from. Select the genre that intrigues you most!
  • Enter your information (optional).   If you want to join our community and receive occasional emails, enter your information. Or, click “No thanks” to be taken to your prompt.
  • Click “Generate.”   Let the writing prompt generator work its magic!

Your randomized writing prompt will immediately appear. If you aren’t happy with the prompt the generator produced, just click “Generate” again and another prompt will be created. Keep doing this until you find one you love!

Who should use this prompt generator?

Anyone who has an interest in writing can use this writing prompt generator for free.

But since we’re in the business of helping writers become published authors, we designed this writing prompt specifically for these types of people:

  • Aspiring authors:   For writers who want to become authors, these writing prompts will help you brainstorm a bestselling book!
  • Published authors: For those who have already completed the publishing journey and are ready to become multi-bestselling authors, these writing prompts can help you generate your next book idea .
  • Nonfiction writers: If you know you want to become a nonfiction author but need some ideas, try choosing a random genre from our nonfiction writing prompts.
  • Creative writers: If you want to beat writers block, express some creativity, or master your craft, use one of these random prompts to flex your creative muscles.
  • Fiction writers: For those who love writing fiction, you can experiment with a number of fiction genres using these random prompts.

Writing Prompt Generator: Genre Breakdown

Show 10 25 50 100 entries, reasons to use a writing prompt generator.

Why use a generator to come up with a story idea, you ask? There are plenty of reasons!

Sometimes, using a random prompt generator is especially helpful for those looking to improve their writing craft, implement a new   literary technique , or explore a different genre.

Here are some reasons to use a Writing Prompt Generator:

  • Story guidance.   Sometimes, coming up with a story ides is half the battle. With a writing prompt generator, you never have to worry about a lack of ideas.
  • Exploring new genres.   If you’re hesitant about dabbling in new genres, a writing prompt generator is a low-risk avenue to help you explore a topic that you wouldn’t have thought of. 
  • Creative brainstorming.   A story starter can plant the seed of inspiration. When you read a prompt, it might help you to think of another idea to pursue. 
  • Writing practice.   Using a guided prompt is great for developing your writing skills. With a random prompt, you can feel free to practice new writing techniques without fear of failure.
  • Writer’s block.   For writers that struggle with creative blocks, a writing prompt generator can get your wheels turning again.

Story Prompt Generator For Book Ideas

We specifically designed this random writing prompt generator to help writers produce their next book idea. That means it functions as a story prompt generator as well!

But that doesn’t mean you should use this story prompt generator to write an entire book with the first prompt you get.

Instead, experiment with the generator and use specific prompts that interest you to see where it takes your writing. Then, when you feel fully invested in a topic, RUN with it!

Here’s how to know if your book idea is good:

  • It intrigues you.   You’re going to spend a lot of time with this idea, so make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and extremely interested in.
  • There is an audience.   In order to succeed with publishing your book, you need to make sure there’s an audience ready to buy the type of book you want to write. Browse around Amazon to see if there are related topics that are bestsellers.
  • You can spend a lot of time on it.   Even if you enjoy a topic, you want to make sure your interest is long-term, and is motivating enough for you to write an entire book on.
  • The topic is relatable. Even if it’s a story that takes place in a galaxy far, far away, there needs to be some element or experience for your reader to relate to.
  • Your   book idea   is unique.   Nobody wants to read the same story over and over again! If you’re covering a topic that’s already been written on, find a new, unique angle to approach.
  • People express interest.   If someone says they like your idea, they probably do and would be willing to read it!
  • You’re passionate about your story.   If you find yourself thinking about your book often throughout the day, and can’t stop hiding your excitement for it, your passion will show through your writing.

Now that you know how to use a writing prompt generator, and why it can be extremely helpful for writers of all backgrounds, styles, and levels of expertise, it’s time to get started!

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Are you ready to use the Writing Prompt Generator for your next book idea?

AI Resources

Home » Story Generators » Story Prompt Generator: AI-Powered Writing Prompt Generator

Story Prompt Generator: AI-Powered Writing Prompt Generator

Stepping into the world of short story writing can sometimes feel like navigating a maze without a map, especially when the blank page stares back at you, waiting for a spark of inspiration to ignite your creativity. Enter the AI-powered story prompt generator, your virtual muse designed to kickstart your imagination and guide you through the storytelling process. Whether you’re a seasoned writer facing writer’s block or a beginner eager to pen your first story, this tool is your gateway to endless possibilities, offering personalized prompts that cater to your interests and genre preferences. In this guide, we’ll show you how to harness the power of an AI story prompt generator to transform fleeting thoughts into captivating narratives. Get ready to unleash your creativity, one prompt at a time, and embark on a journey of storytelling like never before.

Table of Contents

What is a Story Prompt?

At its core, a story prompt is an imaginative springboard designed to launch you into the world of storytelling. It’s a catalyst, a sentence, image, or situation, that sparks your creativity and guides you toward crafting a narrative. Whether you stumble upon it in a writing community, flip through pages of a book, explore websites, or even rely on a story prompt generator, it serves as the foundation for your tales.

These story prompts aren’t just arbitrary; they’re carefully crafted to spur your imagination and encourage a flood of ideas for characters, conflicts, and plots.

You might turn to a writing prompts generator when you’re stuck, seeking that initial push to overcome writer’s block. Or perhaps, you’re in search of creative writing prompts to stretch your skills and venture into unexplored genres. These story starters are more than a mere nudge towards creativity; they’re a tool to inspire and challenge you.

Why Should I Use Story Prompts?

Understanding what a story prompt is, you might now wonder why you should incorporate them into your writing routine. The reasons are manifold and compelling.

Firstly, utilizing a story prompt can kickstart your creativity, especially on days when the blank page seems daunting. Think of a story prompt as a nudge from a writing prompt creator, guiding your imagination into uncharted territories. This can be particularly useful if you’re facing writer’s block, acting as a structured idea you can build upon to write a story.

Moreover, story prompts encourage you to explore a variety of genres and themes, which is invaluable for expanding your writing repertoire. Whether it’s a short story or a longer piece, the diversity of prompts available means there’s always something new to try.

This exploration can lead to significant personal and professional growth as a writer, broadening your skills and understanding of storytelling.

How do you Write a Story based on a Story Prompt?

Embarking on a storytelling journey with a story prompt as your compass can transform a simple idea into a vivid narrative. But how does one navigate from a single prompt to a full-fledged story?

From the initial brainstorming with a story prompt generator to the final touches of revision, each step is a building block in the architecture of your narrative. Let’s explore the craft of turning prompts into stories that captivate and enchant.

Using a Story Prompt Generator to Brainstorming Ideas

You may wonder how to kickstart your writing journey when faced with a blank page; that’s where using an AI-powered story prompt generator can be a game-changer.

By following simple steps, you can easily generate a variety of prompts that not only inspire but also align with your writing goals.

The benefits of using such a tool include sparking your creativity, providing a clear starting point, and potentially uncovering new genres or themes you hadn’t considered exploring.

Steps to use the Story Prompt Generator

Diving into the world of storytelling begins with a simple click using the AI-powered Story Prompt Generator. Here’s how to unlock a universe of narratives in three easy steps:

  • Select a Genre: Kickstart your journey by choosing your preferred genre. Whether it’s the twisty alleys of mystery, the distant galaxies of science fiction, or the heartfelt moments of romance, pick the realm that sparks your interest.
  • Specify Topics (Optional): Have a specific idea or theme in mind? Jot it down. This step is optional but tailoring your input can lead to more personalized and inspiring prompts.
  • Generate: With your genre picked and topics noted, hit the ‘generate’ button. In moments, watch as the generator crafts a unique story prompt, offering you a launchpad for your creative exploration.

Embark on your writing adventure, equipped with a prompt that’s uniquely yours, ready to transform imagination into storytelling magic.

Benefits of Using a Story Prompt Generator

Utilizing an AI-powered story prompt generator can dramatically boost your creativity, offering fresh perspectives and ideas for your narratives.

  • Imagine prompts sparking short, vivid tales you’ve never thought to explore.
  • Discover genres that push your boundaries.
  • Find the right words for the story your heart wants to make.
  • Connect with social media followers through captivating narratives.
  • Break through creative blocks with unexpected, engaging ideas.

Creating the Main Character

After brainstorming ideas and unlocking creative pathways, it’s crucial to focus on developing your story’s main character, understanding their motivations and desires to bring your narrative to life.

Picture your character standing at a crossroads, the weight of their decisions visible in their eyes, showcasing their internal conflict.

Envision them laughing in a moment of joy, the sound echoing, revealing their personality and zest for life.

Imagine the detailed texture of their hands, each line and scar telling a story of past struggles and victories.

See them in the midst of their greatest challenge, determination etched on their face, highlighting their courage and growth.

Visualize the character’s interactions with others, their words and actions painting a vivid picture of their relationships and impact on the world around them.

Setting Your Scene

Begin by choosing an opening that instantly captures your reader’s interest, setting the stage for a compelling narrative journey.

Dive into the heart of your story’s setting with sensory details and vivid descriptions that bring it to life. Whether it’s the rustle of leaves in a haunted forest or the bustling streets of a futuristic city, your words should paint a picture so clear, your readers feel like they’re right there.

Consider the time period and location carefully; these elements are crucial for creating a distinct atmosphere that enhances your story’s themes and mood.

Establish a strong point of view, allowing readers to see the world through your character’s eyes, making the setting not just a backdrop but a character in its own right.

Developing the Plot

To develop a plot from a story prompt, start by asking yourself what conflicts and challenges your main character might face. Imagine how these struggles push the story forward, compelling your character to grow and adapt. Your plot should weave these elements into a narrative that grips your readers’ attention.

  • A dark, forgotten alley where whispered secrets lead to unforeseen danger.
  • An ancient, weathered map tucked away in a dusty old book, hinting at lost treasures.
  • A mysterious character whose motives are as shadowy as their past.
  • A sudden storm that traps characters together, forcing confrontations and revelations.
  • A cryptic message received in the dead of night, setting off a chain of events that can’t be undone.

Each element adds depth, building a world that pulls readers in, making them yearn to discover what lies ahead.

Crafting a Conflict

Understanding a story prompt requires you to delve into its core, asking critical questions that reveal the depth of the conflict awaiting your characters. You’ve got to expand the world of the prompt, giving life to the setting, characters, and their struggles.

It’s not just about what’s on the surface; it’s about the layers beneath. Adding dialogue, sensory images, and rich setting descriptions creates a vivid narrative that pulls readers in.

Enhancing Descriptions

When crafting a story from a prompt, it’s crucial to dive deep into sensory details and vivid descriptions to make your narrative come alive. From the way sunlight filters through leaves to the tension in a character’s shoulders, every detail adds depth.

Here are five ways to enhance your descriptions:

  • Use sensory images to evoke the five senses.
  • Integrate dialogue that reveals character and setting.
  • Paint a vivid setting that transports readers.
  • Ask questions about the world and find intriguing answers.
  • Blend cultural and historical elements for rich worldbuilding.

Building Your World

How do you transform a simple story prompt into an entire universe teeming with life, characters, and intricate plots?

You start by asking questions about the prompt, diving deep to uncover the layers within. Then, you flesh out those answers, expanding on the who, what, when, where, and why to build a world that feels real and immersive.

You add characters with their own stories, settings that breathe life into your narrative, and plots that twist and turn. Dialogue, sensory imagery, and vivid setting descriptions enhance the experience, making your story resonate.

You draw inspiration from various resources, including writing prompts and alternate universes, to fuel your creativity. By doing so, you’re not just writing; you’re world-building, crafting a universe that pulls readers in from the very first word.

Writing the Draft

After exploring the vast universe your prompt has inspired, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start crafting the first draft of your story. This initial version is your chance to bring the elements you’ve considered into a cohesive narrative. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal; exploration is.

Start with questions that intrigue you and sketch out answers that fuel your plot. Flesh out characters who live and breathe in your world. Expand the setting beyond the initial prompt, creating a universe that feels lived-in. Weave dialogue, sensory details, and vivid descriptions to enhance the reader’s immersion. Use narrative prompts as stepping stones, pushing your creativity and storytelling skills further.

This draft is your story’s backbone, a map to guide your creative journey.

Revising Your Story

Revising your story, start by capturing the reader’s attention with a compelling hook that sets the tone for the adventure ahead.

Ensure your plot is well-crafted, featuring a clear conflict that keeps readers engaged.

Your characters should be memorable and relatable, propelling the narrative forward with their decisions and growth.

Dive deep into descriptive language and sensory details to vividly paint the setting, making the world you’re creating come alive.

As you revise, focus on clarity, coherence, and flow, trimming any excess that doesn’t serve the story or enhance the reader’s experience.

Tips for Writing Better Stories From Prompts

Exploring questions and their potential answers is a great starting point for developing your story from a prompt. As you dive into the realm of storytelling, remember that prompts are your springboard, not your cage. They’re meant to spark your imagination and help you craft a narrative that resonates with you and your audience.

To enhance your story, consider these tips:

  • Dive into the world of your prompt with vivid details. Imagine the crunch of leaves underfoot in a haunted forest, or the salty tang of sea air on a pirate ship.
  • Develop characters that feel alive. Picture a rogue with a heart of gold, or a scientist whose ambition is her downfall.
  • Weave dialogue that rings true. Think of the terse exchange between rivals, or the warm banter of friends reunited.
  • Embrace the unexpected. Envision a twist that turns the tale on its head, like a hero who becomes the villain.
  • Paint with all the colors of emotion. Capture the exhilaration of a first flight, or the heartache of a last goodbye.

Let these elements guide you as you transform a simple prompt into a rich, compelling story that’s uniquely yours.

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  • 1. Choose a theme from our selection of plot generators.
  • 2. Give us some keywords to play with or let us prompt some ideas at random.
  • 3. We automatically create a plot, title and a cover for your novel or film.

Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names. Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

Our first generator, Song Lyrics Generator was launched in 2002 as a student magazine project. After it proved popular, we expanded to include plots, and the project grew from there.

We're proud to see work we've helped you create pop up on blogs and in fun projects. We enjoy watching you read your creations on YouTube. We're currently developing a cool app based on our site.

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Dreamers Writing Prompt Generator

Writing prompt:.

A young artist apprentices under a master painter during the Renaissance, witnessing the beauty, rivalries, and artistic revolution that define an era of cultural rebirth.

Discover your next story idea with one perfect writing prompt.

Experience the power of simplicity with our unique writing prompt generator. Designed for writers who crave spontaneity and surprise, our tool delivers one meticulously crafted prompt at a time.

Ready for your one perfect prompt? Click “generate” and let the journey begin. Uncover the stories waiting to be told, one prompt at a time.

Unlock Your Creativity with the Dreamers Writing Prompt Generator

As a writer, you know the value of a good prompt. Our generator is designed with your creative flow in mind, offering a single, random prompt with each click. It’s straightforward, no-frills, and efficient, offering a varied and unpredictable range of prompts delivered one at a time.

Consider a prompt such as “ As he looked into the mirror, he realized that his reflection was not his own… ” This line alone can pave the way for a story brimming with suspense and discovery.

By using a writing prompt generator, you can:

  • Overcome writer’s block by having a starting point for your writing.
  • Explore new ideas and genres that you might not have considered before.
  • Practice your writing skills by tackling unusual scenarios.
  • Stimulate creativity by approaching familiar topics from different angles.

Your Dependable Writing Companion

Accessible online, the Dreamers Writing Prompt Generator is ready whenever and wherever inspiration is sought. No sign-up, no fees – just instant prompts to kickstart your creative journey.

It’s not just solo writers who find value in a writing prompt generator; writing circles, classrooms, and workshops also leverage them to spark group discussions, fuel exercises, or inject new life into worn-out themes.

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Book Idea Generator: AI-Driven Book Ideas

Crafting the next bestseller or your first novel starts with a spark of creativity. Yet, finding that initial idea can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Imagine having a tool that not only simplifies this process but also infuses it with unexpected, unique twists. Enter the book idea generator, a digital companion that transforms the daunting task of ideation into an exciting adventure. This guide will walk you through using a book idea generator effectively, ensuring you step away not just with a concept, but with the inspiration to bring your story to life. Let’s unlock the potential of your storytelling journey together, turning the dream of writing your book into a tangible reality.

Table of Contents

Understanding Good Ideas

To truly grasp what makes a book idea stand out, it’s important to understand that the best concepts not only pique your curiosity but also deeply resonate with your intended audience. Good book ideas ignite a spark within readers, evoking emotions and connecting on a personal level. This connection is vital, as it transforms a mere concept into a memorable experience.

Originality plays a pivotal role in crafting unique book ideas. Your creative process should aim to offer fresh perspectives, exploring uncharted territories that captivate and intrigue. Through imaginative writing and careful plot development, you can construct worlds and characters that stand apart from the mundane.

How to come up with Book Ideas

You might find yourself stuck when trying to come up with your next book idea. Consider using a book idea generator, exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction, or drawing from your own experiences to spark that creative flame. Don’t underestimate the power of boredom, as it can lead you to unexpected sources of inspiration and writing prompts that ignite your imagination.

Using a Book Idea Generator

If you’re hitting a creative wall, a book idea generator might be the tool you need to break through. A book idea generator can offer you a mix of prompts, themes, and concepts, opening up new avenues for your storytelling. By understanding what they are, their benefits, and how to use them effectively, you’re setting yourself up for a wealth of fresh, engaging book ideas.

The Benefits of Using a Book Idea Generator

A book idea generator can serve as a catalyst for creativity, especially when you find yourself at a creative impasse or seeking a fresh project. These innovative tools are designed to spark inspiration, offering randomized prompts or concepts that can evolve into fully fledged book ideas. Here’s how a book idea generator can benefit your writing journey:

Overcomes Writer’s Block:

  • When the blank page intimidates you, a book idea generator provides a starting point, helping to break through barriers of indecision or lack of inspiration.

Expands Creative Horizons:

  • It’s easy to become ensconced within a comfort zone of familiar genres or themes. A book idea generator can push you into uncharted territory, encouraging the exploration of new genres, settings, and character archetypes.

Generates Unique Combinations:

  • These generators often produce unexpected and novel idea combinations, offering unique story premises that can set your work apart in a crowded marketplace.

Facilitates Quick Ideation:

  • For writers juggling multiple projects or tight deadlines, a book idea generator can significantly expedite the brainstorming process, offering numerous ideas in a fraction of the time it would take to conceptualize them independently.

Enhances Writing Exercises:

  • Even if you don’t use the generated ideas for a book, they can serve as excellent writing exercises. Each prompt presents an opportunity to practice crafting narratives, developing characters, or exploring new writing styles.

Aids in Plot Development:

  • If you have the seed of an idea but are struggling with plot specifics, a book idea generator can provide the spark needed to flesh out your story, suggesting scenarios or conflicts you might not have considered.

Inspires Collaborative Projects:

  • Sharing generated ideas with writing partners or within workshops can lead to collaborative projects, with each participant bringing their unique perspective to the table, enriching the story development process.

Encourages Consistent Writing:

  • Having a reservoir of ideas to draw from can help maintain a consistent writing habit. When one project concludes, a new one is already waiting in the wings, keeping the momentum going.

Supports Niche Exploration:

  • For those looking to write in niche markets, a book idea generator can provide prompts tailored to specific genres or themes, helping writers identify and fill gaps in the market.

Reduces Pressure:

  • The playful, no-stakes nature of using a generator can reduce the pressure and self-criticism often associated with the initial stages of writing, making the process more enjoyable and freeing.

Steps to Leverage a Book Idea Generator

Building on the foundation of using a book idea generator, let’s explore how you can effectively utilize this tool to come up with compelling book ideas.

  • Select Your Genre:  Do you crave a thrilling mystery, a heart-wrenching romance, or an epic fantasy adventure? Choose the genre that best suits your story’s potential.
  • Describe Your Character:  Give the generator a glimpse of your protagonist. Briefly outline their personality, goals, or a unique quirk.
  • Paint the Setting:  Is your story set in a bustling cyberpunk city, a charming coastal town, or a forgotten world hidden beneath the earth? Provide a few details about the atmosphere.
  • State Your Input:  Some generators allow for additional details. This could be a specific plot point, a thematic element, or even an object that holds significance to your story.
  • Click Generate:  Let the AI weave a unique story idea based on your chosen genre, character, setting, and any additional details you provided. This spark can ignite your imagination and propel you towards the exciting world of your next book.

Fiction Vs Nonfiction Exploration

Exploring the territories of fiction and nonfiction opens a treasure trove of book ideas, each with its unique approach to storytelling and knowledge sharing. In fiction, you immerse yourself in creating immersive worlds, crafting memorable characters, and weaving engaging narratives that captivate your readers’ imaginations. It’s all about letting your creativity run wild, exploring different plots, settings, and themes that resonate emotionally with your audience.

On the flip side, nonfiction offers you a platform to share knowledge, provide insights, and tell true stories. You’re focusing on factual information, drawing from real-life experiences to educate and inform. Whether you’re sparking curiosity, igniting emotions, or offering fresh perspectives, remember, both genres demand a connection with your readers’ desires and emotions, pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories.

Writing Prompts and Inspiration

After examining the domains of fiction and nonfiction, it’s time to focus on how writing prompts and inspiration can spark the creative process for your next book idea. Finding the right source of inspiration can be transformative, turning a blank page into a burgeoning world of characters and narratives. Here’s how to get started:

  • Use writing prompts to challenge your creativity and explore new genres.
  • Plunge into news articles for contemporary issues that could form the backdrop of your story.
  • Let your hobbies and passions guide your writing themes.
  • Analyze successful novels to understand different plot structures and character arcs.
  • Embrace quiet moments, allowing your mind to wander and uncover unique ideas.

Drawing From Personal Experiences

Drawing from personal experiences can be a powerful way to craft compelling and authentic book ideas that deeply resonate with readers. Reflect on significant events, emotions, and relationships from your life to inspire unique storylines. Use your personal challenges, triumphs, or failures as a basis for engaging plot twists and character development. Your cultural background, upbringing, or heritage can infuse authenticity into your narratives. Explore your passions, hobbies, or career experiences to create relatable characters and realistic story arcs. Incorporating personal observations, conversations, and memories into your writing adds depth and authenticity. By tapping into your own life, you’ll find a treasure trove of ideas that can transform into gripping books.

The Role of Boredom

While leveraging personal experiences can yield rich story material, don’t overlook how boredom can also serve as a fertile ground for creativity in book writing. It’s in those quiet moments, away from the hustle and bustle, that your mind can wander into uncharted territories. Here’s how boredom can be your ally in coming up with compelling book ideas:

  • Boredom sparks new ideas and perspectives, pushing you beyond conventional boundaries.
  • It encourages your mind to wander, leading to unconventional story angles.
  • Stepping away from distractions, you tap into deeper creativity.
  • Boredom fosters introspection, paving the way for innovative storylines.
  • Using boredom creatively can result in unique, resonant book ideas.

Embrace those quiet moments; they might just be the birthplace of your next great story.

Utilizing Current Trends

To plunge into the current literary landscape, you’ll need to stay updated on popular genres and themes, ensuring your book ideas resonate with today’s readers. Analyzing bestselling books and top-rated literature reveals what catches the audience’s interest. Incorporate these elements into your work to keep it relevant. Immerse yourself in social media, book blogs, and industry news to spot emerging topics and interests. These platforms are treasure troves for fresh ideas that can set your book apart. Networking at book fairs and writing conferences offers insights into future trends and reader preferences. Also, using online tools like Google Trends helps track what’s catching readers’ attention, enabling you to tailor your book ideas to meet current demands and tastes effectively.

Leveraging Real-Life Stories

After exploring current trends, consider the power of your own life stories to create compelling book ideas. Your unique experiences, no matter how mundane they may seem, provide a treasure trove of material that can resonate deeply with readers. By delving into your personal journey, you can uncover authentic narratives that stand out in a crowded market.

  • Explore personal experiences, memories, and anecdotes to craft authentic stories.
  • Use real-life events and emotions for plot and character development.
  • Draw from your own challenges and triumphs for depth and resonance.
  • Reflect on impactful relationships or conflicts for engaging narratives.
  • Leverage the richness of human experiences for authenticity and emotional depth.

Engaging With Writing Communities

Joining writing communities can greatly boost your creativity and help you generate innovative book ideas. Engaging with fellow writers provides you with valuable feedback, support, and inspiration. Platforms like Writers.com offer spaces where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Collaborating in these communities leads to fruitful brainstorming and innovative story development. By interacting with diverse writers, you’ll refine your ideas, receive constructive criticism, and enhance your writing skills.

Experimenting With Genres

Building on the collaborative spirit found in writing communities, experimenting with various genres can greatly enhance your ability to generate novel book ideas. Dipping your toes into different storytelling waters not only sparks creativity but also leads to unique and unexpected story concepts. Here’s how you can expand your creative horizons:

  • Try writing in genres like mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction.
  • Mix genres or subvert expectations for fresh narrative twists.
  • Analyze successful books across genres to see what resonates with readers.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and explore genres you’ve never considered before.
  • Collaborate with writers from different genre backgrounds to blend ideas and perspectives.

Storytelling Through Travel

Exploring new places can ignite your imagination, offering a wealth of ideas for your next book. When you travel, you’re not just a tourist; you’re a storyteller in waiting. Observing people and their cultures, you uncover character development and plotlines that you’d never find at home. Historical sites whisper secrets of the past, providing rich material for your storytelling. Immersing yourself in different environments, you can craft unique settings and atmospheres, breathing life into your narratives. Diverse locations offer fresh perspectives and narrative angles, challenging you to see the world—and your writing—in a new light. So, pack your bags and let your travels guide your pen. You’ll be amazed at the stories waiting to be told.

Techniques to Cultivate Creativity

To open your creative potential, you’ll want to explore various techniques. Start by brainstorming to release a storm of ideas, then use mind mapping to visually organize your thoughts. Freewriting encourages you to let words flow without judgment, while embracing rest can surprisingly boost your creativity.

Brainstorming: Unleashing the Storm Within

Why not release the imaginative storm within by delving into the world of brainstorming, where myriad techniques await to foster your creativity? You’ve got an arsenal at your disposal, ready to unshackle those groundbreaking ideas that could turn into your next big book. Here’s how you can kickstart the process:

  • Utilize freewriting to let your ideas flow unchecked, capturing every spark without judgment.
  • Plunge into role-playing or character interviews to uncover deep storylines and character arcs.
  • Turn to sensory experiences, like listening to music or inhaling specific scents, to awaken different parts of your brain.
  • Collaborate with other writers or creatives in brainstorming sessions, embracing diverse perspectives.
  • Experiment with different writing prompts and exercises to stumble upon unique concepts.

These techniques aren’t just tools; they’re your pass to creativity.

Mind Mapping: Visualizing Ideas

Diving into mind mapping, you’ll find it’s a powerful tool that organizes your thoughts and boosts creativity through visually connecting ideas in a structured way. Starting with a central theme, you branch out, sketching related subtopics or details. This visual technique isn’t just about laying down your thoughts; it’s about discovering revealed connections and exploring various angles of your book concept. By mapping out relationships between different elements, you open up new perspectives and hidden links, making your idea richer and more developed. Mind mapping encourages you to think outside the box, turning a simple idea into a complex, engaging narrative framework. It’s not just brainstorming; it’s visually sculpting your idea into something tangible and exciting.

Freewriting: Letting Words Flow

Freewriting invites you to let your thoughts flow freely onto the page, sparking creativity and uncovering new ideas without the pressure of perfection. This technique is an open door to your imagination, where you can explore without boundaries. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Set a timer for uninterrupted writing. This helps you dive deep without distractions.
  • Don’t edit or censor your thoughts. Let the words spill out raw and unfiltered.
  • Embrace the unexpected. You might stumble upon brilliant ideas.
  • Use prompts to kickstart your session. A single word or question can ignite a story.
  • Review your freewriting later. Hidden gems often reveal themselves upon reflection.

The Role of Rest in Creativity

In today’s fast-paced world, taking time to rest is not just a necessity but a necessity for sparking creativity. Techniques like meditation, napping, and scheduled breaks aren’t just for relaxation; they’re essential for rejuvenating your mind and enhancing your creative thinking. Remember, quality sleep is important for your cognitive function and problem-solving abilities, directly impacting your ability to come up with innovative book ideas. Don’t underestimate the power of engaging in leisure activities, hobbies, or nature walks. These experiences can inspire fresh ideas and stimulate your creative thinking. Likewise, practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques can greatly reduce stress, boost your mental clarity, and foster a creative mindset, all essential ingredients for generating engaging book ideas.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Facing writer’s block can feel like hitting a brick wall, but understanding its roots is your first step toward breaking it down. You’ve got a toolbox filled with strategies to shatter that block, from taking invigorating breaks to switching up your writing routine. Let’s explore how identifying the causes and applying targeted tactics can reignite your creativity and keep those book ideas flowing.

Identifying the Causes of Writer’s Block

Understanding the root causes of writer’s block is essential to finding effective ways to overcome it. When you’re faced with a blank page and the words won’t flow, it’s often due to underlying issues that you might not immediately recognize. Identifying these can be the first step towards regaining your creative momentum.

  • Fear of failure can paralyze your ability to start or continue writing.
  • Perfectionism sets impossibly high standards that hinder progress.
  • A lack of inspiration leaves you grasping for ideas.
  • Self-doubt erodes your confidence, making it difficult to write.
  • External distractions and stress pull your focus away from writing.

Acknowledging these causes is an essential step in moving past writer’s block and back towards productivity and creativity.

How to Break Through the Block

Overcoming writer’s block often starts with engaging in free writing exercises to clear mental hurdles and liberate your creativity. By allowing yourself to write without judgment or direction, you’ll find unexpected pathways and ideas emerging. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various writing prompts; they’re fantastic for sparking new angles and stories. When the usual techniques falter, step away. A change in activity, like a walk or sketching, can refresh your mind, offering a fresh perspective upon return. Additionally, diving into different genres or mediums such as movies, music, or art can inspire unique concepts. Sharing your stumbling blocks with fellow writers or joining writing groups not only provides support but also opens up avenues for feedback that might just break through your block.

Additional Tips for Refining Your Book Idea

Refining your book idea from a rough concept into a polished, compelling narrative requires thoughtful consideration and strategic planning. Here are additional tips to help you refine your book idea effectively:

Define Your Core Message:

  • Identify the central theme or message you want to convey through your story. This clarity will guide your plot development, character arcs, and ensure consistency throughout your narrative.

Understand Your Audience:

  • Consider who your ideal readers are. Understanding your audience’s preferences, interests, and reading habits can help tailor your book to meet their expectations and desires.

Research Thoroughly:

  • Whether your book is set in a real location, involves specific professional knowledge, or explores certain historical periods, thorough research is crucial. Accurate details enrich your story, making it more immersive and believable.

Develop Strong Characters:

  • Characters are the heart of your story. Invest time in developing multi-dimensional characters with clear motivations, flaws, and growth arcs. They should evolve with the story, making their journey satisfying to the reader.

Plot Out the Structure:

  • A clear structure helps keep your narrative focused and engaging. Consider using traditional structures like the three-act structure, the hero’s journey, or even nonlinear storytelling to frame your story effectively.

Create Conflict and Tension:

  • Conflict drives the narrative and keeps readers engaged. Ensure your story includes both external conflicts (character vs. character, society, nature) and internal conflicts (character vs. self) to create a dynamic and compelling plot.

Set the Scene with Vivid Settings:

  • Your setting is more than just a backdrop; it influences the mood, tone, and sometimes even the plot of your story . Craft detailed, vivid settings that complement and enhance the narrative.

Experiment with Point of View:

  • The narrative voice can dramatically affect how your story is received. Experiment with different points of view (first person, third person limited, omniscient) to find the most effective way to tell your story.

Seek Feedback Early:

  • Don’t wait until you have a complete manuscript to seek feedback. Sharing early ideas or drafts with trusted peers or writing groups can provide valuable insights that shape the direction of your story.

Embrace Revision:

  • Be prepared to revise your idea multiple times. Refinement is a process of discovery, where you may need to cut, expand, or alter aspects of your story to strengthen the overall narrative.

Stay Flexible:

  • While it’s important to have a clear plan, stay open to where the story takes you. Sometimes the most compelling narratives are the result of unexpected detours during the writing process.

Keep a Notebook or Digital Document:

  • Ideas, questions, and solutions can come to you at any time. Keep a dedicated notebook or digital document to jot down thoughts as they arise, ensuring valuable insights aren’t forgotten.

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5 Best Writing Prompt Generators to Beat Writer’s Block

5 Best Writing Prompt Generators to Beat Writer’s Block

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Table of contents.

Ready to overcome writer’s block?

The world needs writers who can write stories, come up with plot ideas, new story lines, and turn their next creative writing spark into a movie script. 

While writing a book plot and plot lines can be exciting, it can also be frustrating. There are many ways in which a writer can get writer’s block, and sometimes it’s at the start of their novel or short story. 

For a story to be told, there needs to be writing ideas. Good ideas can be hard to find and sometimes writers will seek help using writing exercises. One useful source of inspiration is a writing prompt generator. 

Writing prompt generators will throw random story plots and character names at you. Sometimes it’s a single sentence and other times it’s an entire paragraph.

It’s an idea you can take and run with. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re in need to start writing. Not all story random idea generators are created equal, however. The idea it puts out needs to spark your creative process. Here are five of the best writing prompt generators available to do just that.

5 Best Writing Prompt Generators for Plots Ideas and Story Ideas

1. squibler.

This  writing prompt generator  is attached to a distraction-free writing editor, which makes the creative writing process seamless. The interface is simple. It only takes one click to generate a random writing prompt. If you don’t like it, click again for another one. 

Once you find a prompt you enjoy, select the “start writing” button. You can then start writing immediately. Once you’re finished, you can export your work to a docx or even a PDF.

If you really hate writer’ block, then try “dangerous” mode. This setting will delete your words if you stop writing for more than a few seconds. There’s no better reason to keep writing.

2. Seattle 7 Writers

Seattle 7 Writers has a  writing prompt generator  available to help you generate short story and plot ideas. The random idea generator is a clean editor that provides you with over 500 first-line suggestions. 

One prompt is generated at a time, with a single click giving you a new one for inspiration. These lines are interesting, fun, and have a ton of potential to spark your creative writing.

This writing generator offers exciting ideas that will pull writing out of you. Once you have a great idea, you’ll be ready to write your short story, novel, or screenplay.

3. Random First Line Generator

This first line generator provides ideas for the opening line of a short story, novel, or screenplay. The first line is crucial for overcoming writer’s block. It’s what either hooks the readers or sends them reading something else.

This generator provides suggestions for your first line. They range from mysterious to shocking and would all serve well as the first line in a novel. The rest is up to you, of course. These first lines are not only good hooks but they can usually spark a few ideas to expand on the line. 

If you find a line you like but you’re still feeling stuck, the website also has other generators that can help you with characters, names, places, and titles. 

4. Spring Hole

Spring Hole is an educational site for writers. They have tips, exercises, and writing advice. One of their main features is their list of random idea generators. They have multiple generators to help you overcome any type of writer’s block you might have. Some of these writing generators include:

  • Origin story generator
  • Plot generator 
  • Character generator
  • Name generator

If you want to craft a plot structure from scratch, use a few of these to create the ideal story. If you don’t know what you need or just want to see random story ideas, they do have a random generator for just that.

5. Seventh Sanctum 

Seventh Sanctum is one of the oldest writing prompt generators and story idea generators. Similar to Spring Hole, it offer a series of specific generators depending on what you want to write and the writer’s block you have. Seventh Sanctum has “writing prompt generator” that gives you random sentences that include ideas, dialogue, and sometimes both.

If you want something specific, you can easily choose genres, specific topics, and themes like fiction writing. This includes plot twists, symbols, settings, characters, heroes, names, and humor.

The combinations are endless. It’s a great tool to use when outlining as it can give you ideas for every stage and detail.

Get Started with Creative Writing Prompts

Writing takes a spark to get your create juices flowing. While it’s often fun and exciting, it can also feel like the hardest thing. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, then use a tool to kickstart your thought process. If you’re not feeling a writing prompt generator, then try using a list fantasy writing prompts or flash fiction writing prompts.

Writing prompt generators are the perfect writing exercises to just that. They offer up plot and story ideas that would take you hours and even days to come up with. Are you ready to get your creative flow going? Try one of the above today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a writing prompt.

You need to use a writing prompt generator. The best part about these prompts from these generators? They are free.

What are some writing prompts?

Here are a few popular writing prompts:

-You confess to your crush, only to find out that they like your sibling.

-You wake up and all your neighbors are missing.

-Make yourself the hero of a common work problem you face.

Why would I want to write prompts?

Writing prompts can be used for many reasons. Whether it’s getting over writer’s block or organizing thoughts in general, writing prompt generators are an excellent resource that every aspiring writer should have access to.

What is a prompt generator?

A prompt generator is a website that allows you to use a random generator or input your own specific word, phrase, or sentence.

How do you create a plot?

To create a plot, you should pinpoint the following:

-The protagonist (the main character)

-What is at stake for the protagonist?

-Possible obstacles to overcome or how the stakes could escalate.

novel writing prompt generator

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Latest Writing Prompts

Essence extraction.

Imagine a procedure to extract the essence of a person before they become a zombie, to be reinserted once a cure is found. Explore This Prompt Further →

Cure Conundrum

Research an experimental cure for the zombie virus that reactivates portions of the brain. Explore This Prompt Further →

Phantom Memories

Write a tale about a zombie experiencing “phantom memories”, echoes from their past. Explore This Prompt Further →

Homo Necrosis

Imagine a world where the outbreak never happened, but a virus still transforms the human brain, turning people into “zombies”. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Consciousness

Explore the possibility of a conscious existence within the mind of a zombie. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Hive Mind

Consider a zombie world where there isn’t a singular leader, but a collective zombie consciousness or hive mind. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Matriarch

Envision a zombie apocalypse ruled by a nurturing but potent “Mother” zombie. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Corporation

Consider a more business-structure hierarchy where there is a CEO-like zombie making decisions, with various tiers of zombies beneath them. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Alpha Zombie

Write about a “survival-of-the-fittest” zombie society, driven by an Alpha zombie who leads and dictates the zombies’ actions. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Monarchy

Explore the possibility of a royal monarchy, complete with a king, queen, and court, within a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Solitary Walker

Sketch a monologue from the viewpoint of a zombie, trying to recollect fragments of forgotten human life. Explore This Prompt Further →

Descent into Despair

Write a diary entry of someone who is bitten and is transforming into a zombie. Explore This Prompt Further →

Last Humanity Stand

Create a monologue that captures the moment a leader rouses their jaded group to make a stand against the zombie horde. Explore This Prompt Further →

Chronicles of Survival

Write a series of journal entries from the perspective of a survivalist in a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Z-Day Confessionals

Craft a monologue spoken by a character who has a harrowing secret connected to the zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Forgotten Knowledge

Create a character who uses forgotten or overlooked skills to survive after the apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Last Day on the Job

Imagine a survivor who experienced the breakout on their last day of work. Explore This Prompt Further →

Fractured Bonds

Write about a character whose relationships undergo drastic changes due to the zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

From Comfort to Chaos

Create a backstory for a survivor who had everything before the apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Unlikely Hero

Write about a character that is an unlikely survivor in a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Religious Zombies

Envision zombies retaining their religious beliefs, essentially becoming religious zombies. Explore This Prompt Further →

Miraculous Transformation

Write about a character who prayed fervently during the apocalypse and was subsequently immune to the zombie virus. Explore This Prompt Further →

Heavenly Battleground

Consider a world where religious texts predicted the zombie apocalypse and provided ways to combat them. Explore This Prompt Further →

Divine Wrath or Injustice

Suppose that people believe a zombie apocalypse is a divine punishment or a test of their faith. Explore This Prompt Further →

Sacred Survival

Write a piece where a religious leader takes charge to guide and protect their community during a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Old Human vs The New Human

Imagine a world where the surviving humans evolve, giving birth to a new species while the ‘old’ humans struggle to survive without these new abilities. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unexpected Symbiosis

Envision a scenario where the parasite responsible for the zombie outbreak forms a symbiotic relationship with its human host. Explore This Prompt Further →

Apex Predators

Write about humans evolving a new set of skills to hunt and kill the zombies, now that they are the apex predators. Explore This Prompt Further →

Terrifying Evolution

Imagine a world where the zombie virus has evolved to the point where zombies can think, feel, plan and co-operate. Explore This Prompt Further →

Survival Adaptation

Write a story about a group of survivors who develop unique physical mutations to survive a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Diary of a Zombie

Write a diary entry from the perspective of a self-aware zombie. Explore This Prompt Further →

Love Among the Ruins

Detail a romantic relationship that blooms amidst a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Facing The Horde

Narrate a scenario where you have to confront a group of zombies to save your post-apocalyptic community. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Betrayed Leader

Write about a leader who is a secret zombie sympathizer during a zombie apocalypse. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Utopia

Imagine that the zombie apocalypse led not to a dismal dystopia, but to a surprising utopia. Explore This Prompt Further →

Yearning for the Past

Narrate the sentiment of longing for the lost civilization through the perspective of a character. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Forgotten Arts

Write about the revival of forgotten skills or arts in the face of a collapsed civilization. Explore This Prompt Further →

A Leader Rises

Imagine a new form of leadership that emerges in the chaotic post-apocalypse world. Explore This Prompt Further →

Last Standing Structures

Depict the known landmarks or monuments and how they still stand in your narrated post-apocalypse world. Explore This Prompt Further →

Collapse Chronicles

Illustrate what life is like after the fall of civilization, focusing on day-to-day survival and emotions. Explore This Prompt Further →

Question of Justice

Write about a zombie standing trial for their actions while they were under the influence of zombification. Explore This Prompt Further →

Write a story about a group of enlightened zombies creating their own utopian community post human extinction. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unearthing Forgotten Loves

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, write about a zombie who stumbles upon his/her/their old diary, reviving forgotten feelings and memories. Explore This Prompt Further →

Zombie Savior

Construct a narrative where zombies are not the antagonists, but the heroes who save mankind. Explore This Prompt Further →

Reviving the Heartbeat

Write about a zombie, who, after years of being lifeless is suddenly back with a beating heart. Explore This Prompt Further →

A Day In Toy’s Life

Write a story from your toy’s perspective about a regular day with you. Explore This Prompt Further →

Bond of Love

Write a heartfelt letter to your favorite toy expressing how much it means to you. Explore This Prompt Further →

Toy Interview

Suppose you could interview your favorite toy. What kind of questions would you ask and how would it respond? Explore This Prompt Further →

Magic Transformation

What if your favorite toy magically turned into a real creature or person? Write a story about it. Explore This Prompt Further →

Toy’s Adventure

Imagine your favorite toy going on an epic adventure. Where would they go? What would they do? Explore This Prompt Further →

Winning the Podrace

Write about the thrilling and dangerous experience of Anakin winning the high-speed and adrenaline-packed podracing. Explore This Prompt Further →

Touched by the Force

Narrate about Anakin discovering he has special powers of the Force and how he learned to use them. Explore This Prompt Further →

A Glimpse of Hope

Describe the moment when Anakin first sees Jedi and dreams of becoming one. Explore This Prompt Further →

Friendship with Droids

Imagine being young Anakin and having your best friend as a droid, how would that friendship influence his feelings towards machines. Explore This Prompt Further →

Living the Space Slave Life

Write a story from the perspective of a young Anakin Skywalker, detailing the hardships and occasional joys of living as a space slave. Explore This Prompt Further →

5. From Ordinary to Executive

Overnight, your high school protagonist finds themselves promoted to a high-stakes executive position. Explore This Prompt Further →

4. Creature Chronicles

Your protagonist discovers that they can see and communicate with mythical creatures no one else can. Describe their experiences. Explore This Prompt Further →

3. Reversing the Curse

Your protagonist is living under a curse they desperately want to reverse. What is the curse, and how does it affect their daily life? Explore This Prompt Further →

2. A World Divided

Craft a story around a dystopian world where society has changed drastically. Your protagonist is a teenager trying to navigate this world. Explore This Prompt Further →

1. The Day Everything Changed

Describe a momentous day in your character’s life when the ordinary became extraordinary and everything they thought they knew was turned on its head. Explore This Prompt Further →

Double Identity Crisis

A teenager leads a double life – one as an ordinary student, and another as a talented secret agent. Explore This Prompt Further →

Post-Apocalyptic Survivor

In a world ravaged by an apocalypse, a young adult must use their ingenuity and strength to survive and find other survivors. Explore This Prompt Further →

New Planet Chronicles

A group of teenagers are the first humans to grow up on a newly colonized planet. Explore This Prompt Further →

Haunted Past

A teen discovers that their new home is haunted by a ghost. Rather than being afraid, they become best friends. Explore This Prompt Further →

High School Reimagined

Imagine a high school where all the typical stereotypes are reversed. Explore This Prompt Further →

Redeemed by Friendship

Write about a villain who reforms due to the positive influence of a friend. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unlikely Allies

Imagine a scenario where your villain has to team up with a hero for a common cause. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Betrayed Villain

Write a scene in which your villain is betrayed by their most trusted friend. Explore This Prompt Further →

Bonding in Their Badness

Craft a scenario where two villains find a common ground and form an alliance. Explore This Prompt Further →

Friends in Low Places

Write a backstory for your villain where they form a treasured friendship that influences their nefarious behavior. Explore This Prompt Further →

Friendships’ Album

Reflect on the dynamics and value of your friendships over the past year. Explore This Prompt Further →

Stepping Stone

Reflect on how your experiences this school year have prepared you for your future. Explore This Prompt Further →

Last Year’s Letter

Imagine you found a letter you wrote to yourself at the beginning of this school year. What would it say, and how would you respond now? Explore This Prompt Further →

The Person I’ve Become

Considering the challenges and triumphs of the past year, write a descriptive piece about the person you have evolved into. Explore This Prompt Further →

Year in Review

Write an essay reflecting on the past school year, highlighting achievements, struggles, and self-improvement. Explore This Prompt Further →

Peering Through The Fear

Describe a time when you were terrified, the outcome, and how you dealt with fear afterwards. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unsaid Goodbye

Write a heartfelt goodbye letter to someone you never had the chance to say farewell to. Explore This Prompt Further →

Journal of Gratitude

Write a daily entry listing three things you’re grateful for and why. Explore This Prompt Further →

Empathy Exercise

Choose a person you struggle to understand or get along with, and write a narrative from their perspective. Explore This Prompt Further →

Mapping Emotional Landscapes

Visualize an emotional journey you’ve had in life and write about it as if it were a physical trip. Explore This Prompt Further →

Wolf in Disguise

Construct a fairytale where a friendly wolf is misunderstood because of its appearance. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Magical Object

Write a story about a magical object that grants wishes, but with unexpected consequences. Explore This Prompt Further →

Once Upon A Dream

Craft a fairytale that begins with the main character waking up from an unusual dream. Explore This Prompt Further →

Journey of the Lost Crown

Imagine you are a prince or princess who has lost their crown and embark on a journey to get it back. Explore This Prompt Further →

Enchanted Forest Adventure

Create a story about a day in an enchanted forest filled with magical creatures. Explore This Prompt Further →

First Vigilante Act

Write about your superhero’s first step into crime-fighting, and their emotions during this crucial phase. Explore This Prompt Further →

Costume Designing Day

Tell the story of your superhero’s decision to create a costume, and describe its significance. Explore This Prompt Further →

Superhero Origin Story

Your superhero isn’t born a hero. Write about the pivotal event that transforms them from an ordinary individual to a savior. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unveiling the Power

Describe the moment your superhero first discovers their superpower. Explore This Prompt Further →

Finding the Name

Write about your superhero discovering their superhero name. Explore This Prompt Further →

Leap Year Chronicle

Pen a short story about an extraordinary event that only happens on the 29th of February. Explore This Prompt Further →

Frozen Fantasy

Describe an encounter with a mythical creature in a February snowstorm. Explore This Prompt Further →

Global Celebration Canvas

Explore a global festival celebrated in February and imagine creating an artistic masterpiece inspired by it. Explore This Prompt Further →

February the Optimist

Create a personification of February and narrate a day in its life. Explore This Prompt Further →

Valentines Voyager

Compose an imaginative piece where you are a love letter written by a secret admirer, journeying to your recipient. Explore This Prompt Further →

Unraveling the Benevolent

Craft a narrative where a revered hero slowly transforms into a villain. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Reluctant Evil

Write about a villain who didn’t choose the path of evil, but had it thrust upon them. Explore This Prompt Further →

Malleable Morality

Script a situation where the villain believes they are the hero. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Unseen Nemesis

Dive into the mind of a villain who is an invisible presence, exerting influence from the shadows. Explore This Prompt Further →

The Sympathetic Villain

Create a fantasy villain with a backstory that evokes sympathy. Explore This Prompt Further →

Authority Self-Publishing

105 Fantasy Writing Prompts To Stoke Your Creativity

You’ve just finished reading a fantasy novel, and while you hate that there’s no more to read, you’re so in love with the story and its characters, you marvel at the author’s power and imagination.

What must it be like to make readers feel the way you’re feeling right now?

With the generous supply of fantasy writing prompts in this post, maybe this is the year to find out.

Crafting Great Fantasy Story Ideas

  • Fantasy Story Ideas

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts

Urban fantasy writing prompts, epic fantasy writing prompts, ya fantasy writing prompts, medieval story prompts, bonus: list of fantasy plot generators.

Fantasy writing gives you the opportunity to create new worlds and realities.

Your cast of characters can be regular humans, mythical beings, magical beings , or a group that includes all three.

The most compelling stories in this genre make use of the hero’s journey in some form. Think of Tolkien’s Frodo and the Ring.

Or the teenage protagonist in Rick Riordan’s Greek mythology-inspired Percy Jackson series.

Pick up any well-written and well-loved fantasy novel, and chances are, the author adapted the hero’s journey to their main character’s fears, desires, and personal tests.

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Learn from your favorite authors how to do the same, but in a way that fits your unique voice.

  • Create something that will inspire as well as entertain your readers.
  • Draw them into a world where anything is possible.
  • Help readers believe their own power to change things when they’ve finished reading your book.

For these outcomes, you need a story idea that grabs hold of you and makes you feel the way you want your reader to feel.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in writing fantasy, but you’re having a hard time thinking up a story idea that really excites you. Here are some ways to develop your story:

  • Twist, combine, or modernize classic fantasy tropes – Put a fresh spin on familiar elements like magic schools, dark lords, mystical objects, etc.
  • Borrow from mythology and folklore – Mine creatures and stories from ancient myths for inspiration.
  • Build unique magic systems – Develop interesting rules, costs, and limits around magical abilities.
  • Create detailed worlds – Flesh out geography, history, cultures, religions, and more to set your stage.
  • Explore “what if” scenarios – How would society react if dragons appeared today or portals opened to demon realms?
  • Start with interesting characters – Let their motivations, backstories, and character arcs drive the plot.
  • Establish engaging quests – center your ideas around meaningful, challenging journeys and goals.
  • Outline primal conflicts – Pit opposing forces like good vs. evil, nature vs. industry, spirit vs technology, etc.

You want a story that will stand out in a way that still meets genre expectations.

You’re not looking to change the fantasy genre, after all. But you do want to create something that will have millions waiting impatiently for your next book.

What Are Some Common Fantasy Tropes?

Fantasy stories often utilize familiar elements and conventions referred to as tropes. These tropes help set the tone and audience expectations for the fantasy world. When used skillfully, tropes can provide satisfying dramatic arcs and scenarios. Overused without innovation, however, they can make a story feel derivative. Some of the most common fantasy tropes include:

  • The hero’s journey – An ordinary individual receives a call to adventure and gains powers through trials leading to a confrontation with evil. 
  • Dark lord – A malevolent being intent on domination, destruction, and power. Often incredibly powerful with minions and armies.
  • Magic mentor – A wizened magician or sage who guides the hero in developing their talents. 
  • Magical assistant – A helpful creature or object with magical powers that aid the hero.
  • Rising evil – An ancient being or army that was banished long ago now returns to threaten the world.
  • Hidden heir – A prophecy about a chosen one who will inherit special powers and a kingdom. 
  • Mystical worlds – Portals connect the main world to magical realms filled with unusual creatures.
  • Magical objects – Items imbued with magical powers like wands, swords, and amulets.
  • Chosen one – A child of destiny who is the subject of a prophecy to save the world. 
  • Corrupt rulers – Kings, lords, and rulers who abuse their power over their lands and people.
  • Secret royal bloodline – A character who discovers they have royal ancestors and is the rightful heir. 
  • Mystical races – Elves, dwarves, fairies, and other humanoid races with magical talents. 
  • Mythical beasts – Dragons, griffins, unicorns, and other creatures of myth and legend.
  • Spell books – Tomes of arcane knowledge unlocking magical powers.
  • Magic schools – Academies and mentors training characters in magical arts.
  • Dark forests – Sinister woodlands filled with monsters and mystical forces.

105 Fantasy Writing Prompts

Writing a fantasy novel (or short story) is much easier when you have a story in mind that makes you itch to sit down and write.

The more you work on it and flesh out your characters, the more excited you become — and the less likely you are to ditch your work in progress when the going gets tough.

And it will. Quests are like that. Here’s to finishing yours, anyway.

Dark fantasy incorporates darker and sometimes frightening themes in its storytelling. It often combines fantasy with horror , drawing the reader in by invoking their fears. Use the following fantasy plot prompts to explore darker story ideas in the fantasy genre.

1. Top Secret Opportunity. You find an ad describing the job you’ve always wanted, and the employer agrees to interview you in the basement of the abandoned library.

2. The Rune Pendant. Your best friend at college is a highly intuitive rune-caster, and people seek her out. One querent pays her with a magical pendant that changes both your lives.

3. The Dream Key. You receive notice that an estranged aunt has passed and left you the key to her hiding place, which she says she’ll reveal to you in a dream.

4. A Single Touch. You always wondered why your grandfather had so much influence over others. You were immune. And now, you’re his successor.

5. Queen of the Garden. Your mother is obsessed with her garden. When sickness keeps her in bed, you step up to help and find it well tended by elves.

Fantasy Writing Prompts

6. The Goddess Ring. Your partner breaks up with you, and while sitting dejected on the beach, you find a ring. When you slip it on your finger, it transforms your appearance.

7. One Minute of Memory. You trade one minute of memory every day for the power to transform any room in your home to match any image. Your family begins to fall apart.

8. Lost Time. You were told you wandered off as a child for a few minutes but later discover you were gone far longer than that. One person knows why, and he’s in prison. 

9. The Crystal Finder. A new crystal shop opens near your home, and you’re one of its first customers. You even accept their offer of a part-time job, working in the back for the “finder.”

10. The Rift in the Bookshop. Your favorite reading room at a local bookshop is off-limits, ever since a mysterious disappearance and strange energy readings. Your favorite books also go missing.

11. Will Work for a Cure. You’re scrambling to find a lucrative work-from-home job before you start kidney dialysis, and you reply to an ad that sounds too good to be true. One of the benefits is a cure.

12. The Memory Glass. You’re looking through the property of a departed aunt and find a mirror. You uncover it and see an altered reflection that revives a memory. Suddenly your dreams make sense.

13. Becoming Justice. Your country has been taken over by a narcissistic tyrant, and a powerful relative has offered you a role in his downfall — but not as a human. 

14. The Manor’s Keeper. Your new job has an unexpected and life-changing benefit: fully-paid lodgings in an opulent manor. Everything you want appears as if by magic. After a week, your body starts changing.

15. The Spy Diary . You accidentally leave your diary behind at a coffee shop, and after searching in vain, you find it on your doorstep with a note: “You’re exactly the person I need.”

16. The Lost Heiress. A new friend invites you over for a cup of the most delicious tea you’ve ever had. You wake up in a palatial room, attended by someone who says, “After centuries of searching, we finally found you.”

17. The Recluse and the Ghost. You get a job as a ghostwriter for a well-known author who has some unusual expectations — one of which involves you living in absolute isolation as well as luxury. Given your background and personality, it seems doable.

Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that takes place in an urban setting. While it doesn’t have to be dark, it often uses themes that correspond to the darker side of city life. The following fantasy story plot ideas can help you get into your characters’ heads. 

18. Alien Town. The lights go out in your neighborhood one night, and you wake up to see yourself and all your neighbors changed. And your new abilities terrify you.

19. Stopping Time. You’re a barista with a gift that could cost you your life, but could also help the people of your community to fight back against those in control.

20. The Ghost Clause. You move into your dream apartment and soon discover you’re not the only sentient being living there. Ghosts don’t pay rent, but this one leaves gifts.

21. Hiding in New York. The coworker who irritates you the most just asked you for a big favor. He’s not who or what he appears to be. And he knows what you are, too.

22. Prodigal Witch. You’ve moved back to the city of your birth, and your family is nervous around you after a surprise revelation from your parents. Your new boss knows all about it.

23. Night and Day Trading. A sudden illness in the family costs you your job, and you accept a job offer from a relative who knows about your hidden abilities and wants to use them.

24. Herbal Vision. You wander into a tea shop, in search of the perfect evening tea, and the owner recommends a blend that enables you to see mythical creatures in disguise.

25. Doppelganger. You walk into an antique shop looking for a gift for your antique-loving bestie and are immediately noticed by the shopkeeper’s mother, who leads you to the back for a peek at something.

26. Cottage Industry.  You move into a tiny but well-kept old house closer to downtown and you start receiving mysterious gifts on your doorstep. One note reads, “Check the attic.”

27. The Graveyard Connection. The trees surrounding your new home remind you of something — or rather someone. One touch of your hand on a trunk, and you’re face to face with him.

28. Witch for Hire. You’ve lost your job, food is running out, and bills are coming due. You make the call you never thought you’d make. Seconds later, she arrives with your assignment.

29. Tarot to the Stars. You’ve become a well-respected tarot reader, and even people in high places are taking notice. One of them makes you a tempting offer. Your next querent urges you to decline it and leave.

30. Poisonous Planet. Your doctor gives you terrible news, and you talk to your only remaining relative, who tells you of a stargate that can return you to a planet with an atmosphere better suited to your physiology.

Epic fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy set in an invented or parallel world. It’s similar to high fantasy but the stakes are higher. A greater evil threatens the world of the protagonist, and the hero’s journey is often a critical part of the story. 

31. Spirit Animal. During your stay in a residential treatment center for your eating disorder, you go to an animal shelter and meet a black cat, “Loki,” who is friendly only to you.

32. A Dog’s World. You adopt an older dog who had been abused by his former human, and in repayment, he leads you to a door — to his real home. Soon, it’ll be yours, too.

33. Forest of Souls. You go on a camping trip with your best friend’s family and wake up alone, surrounded by whispering trees. Everything beyond those trees is gone.

34. In a Different Life. After attending your grandmother’s funeral, you learn from a new acquaintance (with a young but familiar face) that the remains you buried were synthetic.

35. The Refuge Theater. You feed homeless visitors at your cafe, and one of them pays you with a movie ticket for an old theater — which is more than it seems.

36. Tree Spirit. On the eve of your birthday, you change into something that terrifies you. Your parents explain, telling you of a prophecy that involves you and every tree on earth.

37. Borrowed Past. You’re on your first airplane flight when one of the engines fails, and for some reason, you know exactly what to do to ensure the plane lands safely. Only one other person on the plane knows why.

38. Secret Guardian. An ominous letter arrives — along with one offering magical guardianship for you and the shop you inherited. More worlds than one are at stake.

39. Hybrid Alley. You run to the store and witness a crime involving what looks like a human with the face and ears of a cat. You intervene, saving her life, and she later invites you to join her on her mission.

40. Tarot Vision. A new shop owner comes to town and you win an open house drawing for a free tarot reading. You’re skeptical at first but that reading resets your life — and sets you on a dangerous path.

YA fantasy is fantasy written for a young adult audience (12 to 18 years of age). Themes are often on the lighter side, but not always. The main difference is the age of the protagonist. With powerful storytelling, YA fantasy appeals to readers of all ages.

41. Breaking Time. Only when you meet someone you’re not supposed to fall in love with — and who knows how to time-travel — do you begin to really test your limits.

42. The Bucket List. You take your favorite uncle’s advice and create a bucket list. One by one, you cross each action item off, sometimes with hilarious results. The list changes you.

43. Political Unrest. Your home town is changing (not for the better) since the election of its new mayor, who sees you lead a protest at his office door. Something growls outside your bedroom window that night.

44. One Percent Problems. For your 16th birthday, you get the genetic upgrade of your choice, and your experimental choice gives you superpowers — and get the attention of some unusual new friends.

45. Change in the Air. Your family is chosen for a year-long stay at an outpost on a new Earth-like planet, but the people in charge don’t tell you how the atmosphere there will change you.

46. Nervous Memory. You’re at a mirror, and a sudden thought sends a chill into the back of your head. That’s when you notice your eyes change color — and you remember things, either from your life or someone else’s.

47. The Family Business.   Before dying, your mother tells you something about yourself she’d hoped you’d never need to know. Now only one person can help you prepare for the coming threat.

48. Designer Baby. You find out while researching for a term paper that you’re the result of a lab experiment. Now, you’re determined to find your creator, who has gone missing.

49. Visions in Bloom . Someone leaves flowers in your locker, and when they stay fresh for over a month, you get curious — especially when one sniff of the central bloom triggers a vision.

50. Accidental Superhero. A stupid dare leads you to a back of the local store wearing a superhero costume, which oddly enough helps prevent a crime and brands you with a new identity.

51. Alien Tech. You get your laptop fixed by a reclusive genius in town, and suddenly you’re able to connect to an “internet” that goes far beyond that of Earth’s.

Medieval fantasy is fantasy based in the medieval era. Fantasy writing ideas include elements not typical of recorded history — including mythical beings, magic, etc. The following prompts act as medieval fantasy story starters. 

52 . A Royal Pain. Thanks to your quick thinking during a crisis at the village market, you’ve been appointed as the bodyguard for the princess. The job proves more difficult than any mission you’ve ever had — but also more rewarding.

53. Twins at Odds. You and your twin princess find each other on opposite sides of the law. You don’t always get along, but when the king tells you to help set a trap for her — leading to her execution — you’re determined to find a way to help her instead.

54. Secret Fire. Being the love child of a favorite palace servant and a dragon shifter, your gifts don’t reveal themselves until the evening of a long-awaited ball, when a man twice your age tries to get you into a compromising situation. 

55. Ring of the Scribe. Your half-sibling has abilities that make you invisible around them. On your birthday, a favorite aunt gives you a ring that’s tied to a destiny kept secret from you. You put it on and strange things happen. But you can’t take it off. 

56. Motion Potion. As a witch in a magic-hating kingdom, being crippled is more than inconvenient. Your aunt teaches you a potion that lets you not only walk but dance better than anyone in the kingdom — just in time for the ball.

57. Forbidden Friendship. You’re a young royal in disguise who befriends a villager with a scarred face. The next day, he’s arrested for stealing something you gave to him. Saving his life will mean risking everything.

58. Vendetta Undercover.   Your ailing father has a serious grievance against the heir apparent and even named you accordingly. You set out to investigate on his behalf, securing a position in the castle. What you learn changes everything. 

59. Hidden World. You find a tree near home with a natural ladder leading up the giant trunk. You climb and find a hidden world of magical beings. You’re discovered and your survival depends on agreeing to a dangerous mission. 

60. Pickpocket Apprentice. You’re a poor villager who’s adept at pickpocketing, evading capture until a wizard catches you in the act and offers to teach you. The catch? His daughter suspects you and resents magic for what it cost her. 

61. Cave of Discoveries. You investigate a cave, finding a furnished area in the center open to the sky. A veiled woman reveals the secret community taking refuge there — and why the kingdom wants them dead. His “missing” daughter is among them. 

Mystical Worlds Fantasy Writing Prompts

62. Portal in the Attic: You discover a portal to a magical realm in your attic that only you can enter. What mysteries and creatures await you there?

63. Treehouse Village: You awake one morning to find a large village of treehouses that appeared overnight in your backyard forest. Who are these new neighbors?

64. The Cloud King: You befriend a lonely young cloud elemental who longs to return to his kingdom in the sky. Will you help him get back home?

65. Reverse Merfolk: You meet a mermaid who wishes to become human after saving you from drowning. To thank her, you must find a reversal spell.  

66. Sprite Messenger: An anxious sprite appears, pleading for help delivering an urgent message to the fairy queen before her realm closes in two days. 

67. The Diamond Cave: You discover a glittering cave full of massive uncut diamonds and the angry rock creatures that protect them. 

68. Wishing Well Wishes: A wishing well in the old forest grants your wish to be a fantasy creature. What will you be, and what adventures await you?

69. Gnome Homes: Your backyard is suddenly full of colorful tiny homes. You befriend the family of garden gnomes who moved in overnight.

70. The Ghost Ship: An abandoned pirate ship full of undead sailors and treasure appears on the beach after a storm. Do you dare to explore its secrets?

71. Pet Dragon Egg: You rescue a hot, abandoned egg from a roadside stand and are shocked when it hatches an infant dragon. 

72. Fairy Ring: You wake up tiny after sleeping in a fairy ring. The fairy queen tells you the only way back to normal size is to help them first.

73. The Willow’s Whispers : A wise old willow tree in your yard starts whispering to you. It tells you it holds ancient secrets but will only share them with a true friend.

74. Frozen in Crystal: You awaken to find yourself frozen inside a giant crystal deep underground, with a mysterious robed figure studying you.

75. The Forgotten Garden: You discover a forgotten garden where all the plants and trees are made of crystals that heal sickness. But its guardian wants something in return for the healing fruits you picked.

76. Door in the Forest: You discover a strange door standing alone in the middle of the forest. What fantastical sights await behind its entrance? 

77. Living Paintings: The figures in paintings around your strange new house blink at you and whisper pleas for help when you walk past them. 

78. Cloud City: You discover an empty, floating city of clouds and magical energy. As you explore, ghostly figures start to appear. 

79. Music of the Night: A haunting melody leads you to a glowing cave where a faerie kingdom appears only at night. But if you stay past sunrise, you can never leave.

80. The Shadow Market: You chance upon a magical black market in a dark alley where magical creatures and wizards trade mystical objects and secrets.

Hero’s Journey Fantasy Writing Prompts 

81. The Cursed Crown: You awaken telepathic powers after finding a lost king’s crown. The kingdom’s evil regent wants it back to maintain power. 

82. Atlantis Trident: You discover you can control water with a magical trident while swimming near ancient underwater ruins. Atlantis needs a new guardian to keep it safe from those who destroyed it.

83. Dragon Egg Rescue: You must journey to a fiery mountain to rescue the last dragon egg from a cult before they can harness the baby’s powers for evil. The parent dragons help you escape.

84. Seer Scroll: A dying mage gives you a scroll imbuing you with her visionary powers before a secret order of assassins catches up to you both. They want the power for themselves.

85. The Lost Child: A dying forest creature charges you to journey to the evil witch’s gingerbread cottage and rescue a stolen child with the power to heal the cursed land.

86. Grail of Immortality: Your quest for the secret to eternal life leads you to search for pieces of the long-lost Holy Grail before invading conquerors find it instead. 

87. Awakened Automatons: You must enlist the aid of self-aware ancient clockwork robots to fight off an alien invasion threatening humanity with extinction.

88. Curse of the Lycan: Bitten by a werewolf, you leave your village to learn from elder lycans how to use your new powers before the next full moon.

89. The Ghost Pirates’ Gold: You assemble a ragtag crew of mercenaries, mages, and fighters to journey to a dead undead pirate king’s island and plunder his vast cursed treasure before invaders find it first.     

90. Portal Jumpers: Born with the latent power to create teleportation portals, a shadowy interdimensional guild forces you to enhance your powers in their protection or face bounty hunters.

91. Celestial Unicorn: You bond with a wounded magical unicorn whose horn has celestial powers. Keeping it safe from poachers helps you unlock your dormant magical gifts on your journey back home together.     

92. Destiny’s Knights: You reluctantly take command of a disgraced order of peacekeeper knights during a civil war after raiders slay the elder knights, including your master. 

93. Sanctum of the Sages: Invasion looms unless you sneak into the tower sanctum of the secret circle of sages to convince them to finally use their arcane powers to defend your people.  

94. Feywild Troubles: A misguided wish trapped your village in the chaotic Feywild. The playful fey ruler gives you one year to undertake three impossible challenges in exchange for your freedom.

95. Kitchen Hero: A magical talking cookbook drags you from your mundane life into a fantastical cooking contest between kingdoms. Winning may prevent war, but losing seals your world’s fate.  

96. Destiny Calling: Nightmares plague you about a coming “foretold darkness” until a mysterious group of mages arrives at your monastery, claiming you are the fated hero and they are your prophesied protectors.

97. Ghost Tiger: The spirit of the last hunter from your isolated village visits to bestow you with the power to transform into a mystical ghost tiger. Master your new gifts before poachers find and slay the sacred beasts.  

98. Genie Wish Gone Wrong: A genie whose lamp you find grants your wish for adventure by transporting you to a strange new land and promptly vanishes. Can you find the trickster genie and convince him to send you home?

99. Giant Kingdom: Your archaeologist mother is trapped under a collapsed ruin in a strange, once-hidden kingdom of giants with technology powered by magical crystals. Their uneasy king agrees to help you rescue her if you secretly help them tap into the crystals’ power once more.

100. The Lost Temple: You are tasked with finding a lost ancient temple holding an artifact prophesied to bring your war-torn land ten years of peace if its mysterious powers can be awakened once more. You reluctantly recruit a talented but headstrong thief to help guide you past traps and tricks guarding it.

101. Tree of Life: You discover your family lineage, which gives you access to the powerful artifacts of your wood elf ancestors. Your search leads you to the mythical Divine Tree holding ancient secrets that an invading undead army also seeks.

102. Rebel Rising: You organize and train a peasant rebellion to siege your dictator king’s castle after raiders slay your family, and he refuses aid. A spy among your rebels offers guidance from within using secret passages she discovered as a servant.  

103. The Lost Caverns: Your mentor, the last dragon rider, entrusts his final dragon egg to you before dying in your arms. Raise the hatchling in the lost dragon caverns hidden below your village that only you know how to access while training to ride against an impending demon invasion.

104. Angel’s Gift: An angel appears in a dream to give you a magical feather as a sign you are chosen to end the blood curse plaguing your family’s magical lineage. You set off on your 18th birthday, meeting allies and enemies drawn to your awakened guardian angel.  

105. Legacy of the Lich: Your beloved mentor, one of the last good-hearted mages, reveals on her deathbed that she has slowly been transforming into a lich. She passes on her staff along with her dire quest to find a cure before her new dark powers consume her.

If you have specific plot elements in mind, or if you just want more fantasy plot ideas thrown at you to get your creative mind humming, try one of the following links. Even the random ones can get you thinking of plot twists you hadn’t considered before.

  • PlotGenerator.org.uk — Generates plot ideas based on your inputs.
  • Reedsy Plot Generator — Generates random plot ideas with zero input.
  • Fantasy Plot Generator — Generates random plot ideas for a male or female protagonist.
  • Seventh Sanctum story generators — Provides links to multiple plot generators.
  • Plot Generator at Rangen.com — Asks for a genre and detail level and generates random plot ideas.

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To New Beginnings

Now that you’ve had some time to look through these fantasy prompts, which ones stand out in your memory? Even if you change some of the details, I hope you find something that becomes the beginning of a story you’ll love writing.

Picture yourself within a year sharing the news about your finished fiction novel.

You’ll share snippets of it on social media, and fantasy lovers the world over will want to know when your book will go live.

And don’t think you’re in this alone, either. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

May you write the beginning of something that will linger in your readers’ imaginations for years to come.

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novel writing prompt generator

Google Unveils Veo, a Text-to-Video Generator to Rival OpenAI's Sora

A I was the star of the show at today's Google I/O keynote , where the company took the wraps off a new AI video generator, image creator, and music-making toolbox.

None are available to the general public yet, but they are part of an ongoing effort to encourage creatives to use AI tools.

"The creative potential for generative AI is immense and we can’t wait to see how people around the world will bring their ideas to life with our new models and tools," Google says .

The video generator, dubbed Veo, takes text-based prompts and turns them into 1080p resolution videos longer than 60 seconds. It is only available today to "select creators in private preview" and through a waitlist . Google plans to release it more widely in the future, as well as to YouTube Shorts as a new video-creation tool.

It's the eighth video generator Google has debuted in the past few years, following Generative Query Network (2018), DVD-GAN (2019), Imagen Video (2022), Phenaki (2022), WALT (2023), VideoPoet (2024), and Lumiere (2024).

But this one is the most capable yet, offering an "unprecedented level of creative control" and a higher quality output, Google says. It's also the first one Google has released since OpenAI grabbed headlines for its Sora video-to-text generator.

"Veo creates footage that’s consistent and coherent, so people, animals, and objects move realistically throughout shots," Google says . To assuage concerns over these tools replacing creative workers, Google enlisted Donald Glover for a video about the potential of the service to allow "everyone to tell their story."

Google also debuted Imagen 3, a new image generator. Like Veo, it is only available to select creators in private preview, though there's a waitlist . Compared to its predecessor, Imagen 3 is more adept at mimicking different styles of art, interpreting the intent of the text prompt, and rendering text in images, an area where AI image generators often stumble.

"This capability opens up possibilities for generating personalized birthday messages, title slides in presentations, and more," Google says.

Google also showed off Lyria, the AI music creation tool it launched in November 2023 that is helping artists "make entirely new songs that wouldn’t have been possible without these tools" and bring their ideas to life faster. Google enlisted musicians Wyclef Jean and Marc Rebillet to tout the benefits; both shared sample tracks they created with the new AI Music Sandbox.

Since AI-generated work cannot be copyrighted, the usual way creatives protect the value of their work, Google built its own solution. SynthId "embeds imperceptible digital watermarks into AI-generated images, audio, text, and video," including those made by its own products.

"We’re mindful about not only advancing the state of the art, but doing so responsibly," says Google. "So we’re taking measures to address the challenges raised by generative technologies and helping enable people and organizations to responsibly work with AI-generated content."

Google Unveils Veo, a Text-to-Video Generator to Rival OpenAI's Sora

Google pitches its vision for AI everywhere, from search to your phone

At the company’s annual I/O developer conference, executives announced AI improvements to Android, work apps and its Gemini chatbot.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — In speeches and demonstrations at the company’s annual developer conference on Tuesday, Google executives showed off a vision for its future, where artificial intelligence helps people work, plan their lives, navigate the physical world and get answers to questions directly. It would change the way the internet works forever.

In the biggest overhaul to Google’s search engine in years, the company said it will roll out AI-generated answers to the top of everyone’s search results in the United States this week, and to a billion of its worldwide users by the end of the year.

It also pushed its new and improved voice assistant that can answer questions more skillfully than before. Instead of connecting people to the broader web, Google’s AI will now do the reading and researching for them, summarizing websites, videos and social media posts into “overviews” that include everything they need to know on any given topic.

“Google will do the searching, the researching, the planning, the brainstorming and so much more. All you need to do is just ask,” Elizabeth Reid, Google’s head of search, said onstage.


Supreme Court restores Louisiana voting map with majority-Black district

Supreme Court restores Louisiana voting map with majority-Black district

DeSantis signs bill scrubbing ‘climate change’ from Florida law

DeSantis signs bill scrubbing ‘climate change’ from Florida law

Poll finds growing public concern over safety in D.C. despite drop in crime

Poll finds growing public concern over safety in D.C. despite drop in crime

Some mice have a cheating heart. It’s a hormonal thing, scientists find.

Some mice have a cheating heart. It’s a hormonal thing, scientists find.

Bar soap or body wash: Which is best for your skin and the planet?

Bar soap or body wash: Which is best for your skin and the planet?

In one example, an executive asked Google’s Gemini assistant to plan a trip to Miami for her and her family. The AI searched the internet, reading reviews and travel guides written by humans, and put together an itinerary. The company showed off dozens more examples, from helping people learn how to flirt, to giving a suggestion for a last-minute gift.

The tsunami of new AI features come as the tech giant has thrown tens of billions of dollars into building AI tools to respond to competition from Meta, Microsoft, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and a host of up-and-coming AI start-ups. AI features will prominently be displayed across Google’s products, including Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail and YouTube.

Google researchers invented many of the core technologies that kicked off the AI arms race, but over the past year the company has been on its back foot, with many in the industry seeing its tech as lagging behind that of OpenAI. On Tuesday, the company sought to prove it is still the king of the AI world, showing off improvements to its core AI model, which it calls Gemini.

Outside the conference, which takes place at an open-air amphitheater near Google’s headquarters, pro-Palestinian protesters gathered to demand the company end its work with Israel’s government and military. In April, Google fired 50 workers for holding sit-ins at the company’s offices to protest its contract with Israel.

Here are the biggest announcements from the company.

AI answers take over search

Google is making the biggest changes to its search engine since it launched its core product over 20 years ago. Now, instead of showing links to other sites or snippets of those sites at the top of search results, the company will use AI to summarize websites and provide multi-paragraph answers to search queries.

The changes have been in public testing for a year, but this week Google confirmed that it would aggressively push it to its hundreds of millions of users in the United States and further abroad, whether they want to use it or not. The changes are part of a broader vision outlined by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in which Google will be the central hub of how information is accessed for everyone. The company will ingest social media comments, online videos and news articles and remix the information using AI, spitting it out again in whatever format its users want.

Publishers are warning the changes could devastate their businesses , as more people find their answers directly on Google and don’t click through to the source of the information. Google says it doesn’t want to damage the open web and that it is still prioritizing sending traffic to websites. Users can’t turn off the AI answers, even if they want to.

AI is still far from ready to answer every question well. Even Google’s slick, highly-produced promotional video had an error where it instructed someone to fix a camera in a way that would expose and damage the film.

Google’s AI bot Gemini gets smarter

Google’s flagship AI model — its answer to OpenAI’s GPT4 — is called Gemini. The company demonstrated its capabilities, like showing it a bookshelf through a phone camera and getting it to quickly make a spreadsheet of all the books and their authors. In briefings before the event, Google showed a video of an employee walking through an office with a phone camera open, asking Gemini questions. The AI analyzed computer code on a workstation monitor, looked out the window and identified the neighborhood the person was in and even made up a clever name for a band consisting of the office golden retriever and a stuffed tiger toy — “Golden Stripes.”

The improved version of Gemini is available to all developers around the world, and to consumers who pay for an advanced version of Google’s AI app.

The day before, OpenAI had showed off a similar tool, asking its own AI chatbot to describe a room and the activities of the people in it.

Google also said that Gemini could now take in more complex instructions. For example, a student could upload an entire thesis paper and ask for feedback or ideas on how to change it.

Google’s head of AI, Demis Hassabis, also teased the company’s Project Astra. It is Google’s effort to build an AI “agent” that could do tasks for people by navigating the web on its own. Theoretically, AI agents could do things like book dentist appointments, communicate with colleagues on your behalf, and research places to eat and make a reservation.

A new AI video tool, Veo

Generative AI companies, including Google, want to revolutionize the way people create visual images, audio and movies. At I/O, Google announced a new video-generating AI tool called Veo, which aims to compete with OpenAI’s Sora . Veo generates high definition videos that can be longer than a minute, a threshold Google had yet to achieve.

Before the big speeches, DJ Marc Rebillet tried to warm up the crowd by making beats using Google’s AI tools. Rebillet bounced around the stage yelling “Google” over and over again. Google said it is working with creators including Rebillet, musician Wyclef Jean, and actor and producer Donald Glover on AI creations.

Google also showed off a new image-generation AI tool called Imagen 3, meant to compete with OpenAI’s Dall-E 3. The tech allows people to generate realistic-looking images with text prompts.

Work apps get even more AI

Google has been putting AI features into its suite of productivity apps including Gmail, Docs, Drives and Sheets over the past year. At I/O, the company announced some new tweaks, allowing users to summarize groups of emails from the same sender, adding details from a Google Doc in an email or incorporating content from a spreadsheet into a Slides presentation.

The company will also begin letting people ask Google’s AI to find specific details in a document and add them to an email. Google’s “help me write” feature, which generates text from scratch, will also soon be available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Google showed how its Gemini AI tool can also be used to teach kids about new concepts, asking it to explain the physics behind how a basketball rolls and bounces.

Android wants to catch scam calls

Google owns the Android smartphone operating system, which runs on the majority of phones worldwide. The company is trying to make Android more appealing than Apple’s iOS by putting more AI into the operating system itself. One improved feature, called Circle to Search, allows a person to circle anything they have a question about or want more information on and immediately get search results. The user can also generate images for text messages by asking Gemini.

Gemini can also help users get information from videos and PDFs. While they’re watching a video, for example, they can ask a specific question about something that happened in it. When they ask a question about a PDF, it’ll refer users to the part of the PDF where it found the answer.

Scam calls have become an even bigger problem as AI voice generators allow fraudsters to mimic real people. Android previewed a feature that will listen to and interrupt calls with a notification to the user if it thinks the call is coming from a scammer, such as if the caller asks for bank account information.

In a previous version of this article, the caption for the top photograph incorrectly said it was of the 2023 I/O conference. The photograph was taken Tuesday. The caption has been corrected.

novel writing prompt generator

Sci-fi Plot Generator

1 million plot combinations to inspire you..

Generate a random plot through this sci-fi plot generator. Simply click the button below to get started. Like a particular story combo? “Lock” and save it to nail it down.


Secondary character.

It's story about It kicks off with

(Note that: )

And there's a twist!

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How to Write a Novel

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Looking to publish a bestselling sci-fi novel out of this sci-fi story generator?

A trillion sci-fi plots twinkle in the stars — and they're all within your reach, if you only grab them with the strength of your mind. In this sci-fi plot generator, we've tried to put together a few of them for your inspiration. All of the plots that you score are yours to use! But what exactly can you do with it now?  

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to construct a sci-fi story out of the plot that you’ve just generated,

We’ve got you covered. Head to the free resources below to discover a galaxy of story-building just beyond story generators:

Worldbuilding: the Master Guide . Download the ultimate worldbuilding template in this masterpost, which also features tips on worldbuilding straight from Michael Rowley, UK editor of  The Martian. 

How to Write Fantasy: 13 Kick-Ass Tips from Professional Editors . We asked 13 professional speculative fiction editors (who've edited everyone from George R.R. Martin to Neil Gaiman) for their best tips on writing speculative fiction. Here's what they've got to say. 

  • How to Structure a Novel Before You Write It . In this Reedsy Live video, NYT bestselling author Caroline Leavitt talks about plot structure — and a simple way to go about it.

If you’re still in the search for the perfect plot ,

There are plenty of other sci-fi plot generators and plot twist generators to provide more bursts of inspiration. Here are some of our favorite sci-fi story generators on the Internet:

Sci-Fi Idea's Sci-Fi Plot Generator

Warpcore SF's Sci-Fi Plot Generator

Obscure Hub's Sci-Fi Story Generator

If you’ve got everything but your story title and character names in place ,

Why not give our  Book Title Generator  and  Character Name Generator  a whirl?

And if you now feel ready to start building your sci-fi story now? Great 👍 Happy writing. We’d be delighted if you dropped us the success story at [email protected]

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    Flash Fiction Generation: Create a very short story. Example: "Write a 100-word story about a lost key." Random Word or Object Generation: Include a random word or object. Example: "Incorporate the word 'umbrella' into your story." Spark new story ideas instantly with our free online writing prompt generator.

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  13. Writing Prompt Generator

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  14. Fantasy Plot Generator • The Ultimate Bank of 500,000+ Plots

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  16. 1800+ Creative Writing Prompts To Inspire You Right Now

    Here's how our contest works: every Friday, we send out a newsletter containing five creative writing prompts. Each week, the story ideas center around a different theme. Authors then have one week — until the following Friday — to submit a short story based on one of our prompts. A winner is picked each week to win $250 and is highlighted ...

  17. 5 Best Writing Prompt Generators to Beat Writer's Block

    Here are five of the best writing prompt generators available to do just that. 5 Best Writing Prompt Generators for Plots Ideas and Story Ideas 1. Squibler. This writing prompt generator is attached to a distraction-free writing editor, which makes the creative writing process seamless. The interface is simple. It only takes one click to ...

  18. Writing prompts you'll love

    With DraftSparks lighting your way, you can begin your writing journey a little faster. Unlock endless writing potential. Venture deeper. Write bolder. Let your creativity blaze and your narratives mesmerize. Every day is a grand opportunity to tell a new story. Begin your next writing adventure. 🏔 Explore. 🪄 Create. Ignite.

  19. Mystery Plot Generator • The Ultimate Bank of 500,000+ Plots

    Jumpstart your novel with this random Mystery plot generator, which can churn out 500,000+ good plot and story combinations. New plots are added each week and you can sort by genre. ... Best Mystery Writing Prompts of 2019. Write Practice's Mystery Plot Generator. If you've got everything but your story title and character names in place,

  20. 105 Fantasy Writing Prompts (Idea generators for your next book)

    Use the following fantasy plot prompts to explore darker story ideas in the fantasy genre. 1. Top Secret Opportunity. You find an ad describing the job you've always wanted, and the employer agrees to interview you in the basement of the abandoned library. 2.

  21. Prompt Generator

    Try the prompt generator now directly on the Console. If you're interested in analyzing the underlying prompt and architecture, check out our prompt generator Google Colab notebook. There, you can easily run the code to have Claude construct prompts on your behalf. Note that to run the Colab notebook, you will need an API key.

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    Matthew Wemyss, assistant school director at Cambridge School of Bucharest has developed a groundbreaking prompt that empowers educators to discover novel ways to integrate AI.Here's Wemyss ...

  23. Google Unveils Veo, a Text-to-Video Generator to Rival OpenAI's Sora

    The video generator, dubbed Veo, takes text-based prompts and turns them into 1080p resolution videos longer than 60 seconds. It is only available today to "select creators in private preview" and ...

  24. A new video AI generator emerges: Krea AI adds ...

    At the time, Krea offered AI image upscaling (adding details and improving resolution of a user-submitted image), and soon after, realtime AI image generation capabilities and a novel user ...

  25. Best Novel Writing Prompts of 2023

    Write a story around the theme: Be careful what you wish for. Write a story inspired by the most recent text message you received. Write a story that starts from the perspective of the antagonist. Write a story that starts in one time period and ends in another. Write a story where the protagonist dies in the first paragraph.

  26. The biggest Google I/O announcements from Gemini to AI and search

    The tech allows people to generate realistic-looking images with text prompts. Work apps get even more AI Google has been putting AI features into its suite of productivity apps including Gmail ...

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    Jumpstart your novel with this random Romance plot generator, which can churn out 500,000+ good plot and story combinations. New plots are added each week and you can sort by genre. ... Best Romance Writing Prompts of 2019. Seventh Sanctum's Romance Plot Generator.

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    If you're still in the search for the perfect plot, There are plenty of other sci-fi plot generators and plot twist generators to provide more bursts of inspiration. Here are some of our favorite sci-fi story generators on the Internet: Sci-Fi Idea's Sci-Fi Plot Generator. Warpcore SF's Sci-Fi Plot Generator. Obscure Hub's Sci-Fi Story Generator.