How to Get a DSWD TRAVEL CLEARANCE: REQUIREMENTS & Application Process

How to Get a DSWD TRAVEL CLEARANCE: REQUIREMENTS & Application Process

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It’s always fun traveling with kids. Seeing the look on their faces when they experience something for the first time is always priceless. I had traveled with kids in the family twice: First, to Hong Kong for their much awaited Disneyland visit, and second, to Tokyo, to visit a close relative.

The problem is, I am not their father, just an uncle, so I had to secure a travel clearance for them.

Traveling with minors who aren’t your children adds a step in the whole trip preparation. You will need a get a DSWD Travel Clearance before your trip. Failing to secure one will lead to being offloaded by the Immigration Officials at the airport. It is a necessary document that they need to protect children from crimes including child trafficking.



Not all minors traveling to a foreign country need a DSWD Clearance. It is only required for the following:

  • a minor traveling alone
  • a minor accompanied by a person other than his/her parents

If the minor is traveling with either parent, no need for one. If the minor is traveling with the legal guardian, no need for one (but you must have all documents to prove that you are indeed the legal guardian).

If you’re not the mother or father or legal guardian, you need a DSWD clearance for each minor you’re traveling with. If that’s not clear enough: Even if you are a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, or cousin of the minor, you need a clearance.

Note: When we say “legal guardian”, we mean LEGAL guardian with LEGAL documentation stating your guardianship by law. If you’re ACTING as a guardian but you don’t have the legal documents to show guardianship, you will still need a DSWD clearance to travel with the minor.

As of January 2014, this is what a DSWD Clearance looks like.


Below is a list of documents required to secure a DSWD Travel Clearance. This covers minors traveling with someone who isn’t their parent or legal guardian. If the minor will be traveling alone, there is a separate list for that with additional requirements such as Unaccompanied Minor Certificate from the Airlines .

There have been a lot of changes to the requirements. Now, there is a separate list of documents for those who are traveling for the first time and those who have traveled before with the non-parent companion.

IMPORTANT! I have applied for my nephew and niece multiple times now, and THE REQUIREMENTS CHANGE EACH AND EVERY TIME! It’s absolutely frustrating, to be honest, because I couldn’t predict what other documents they would need from me. And they don’t update their website accordingly. Hence, please call DSWD before your application to be absolutely sure.

FIRST-TIME DSWD Clearance Requirements

These are the requirements for minors traveling for the FIRST TIME with a companion who is NOT their parent.

  • A duly accomplished application form. You can download it here .
  • A photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate (SECPA)
  • 2 colored passport size photos of the minor taken within the past 6 months. Scanned photos are NOT accepted.
  • A photocopy of the passport of minor’s travel companion.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel . Download a copy here .
  • Valid ID of parents with specimen signature
  • A photocopy of one of the following , whichever is appropriate: – If minor has both parents: the parents’ marriage certificate (SECPA) – If minor is under a legal guardian: the Certificate of Legal Guardianship – If minor is under a solo parent: solo parent identification card or certification from the Municipal DSWD Office; or if Muslim, Tallaq or Fasakh certification from any Muslim Barangay, the Shariah court or a religious leader – If minor is illegitimate: a Certificate of No Marriage from the local civil registrar – If one of the parents is deceased: death certificate – If minor is an immigrant, visa petition approval. – If minor is traveling for medical purposes, medical certificate – If minor is studying abroad, acceptance letter from school abroad – If minor is attending a conference, a certification from the organizers
  • Authorization Letter from Parents/Legal Guardian . Only if the person applying is not a parent or legal guardian of the minor. Download sample here.
  • Waiver signed by parents. This should explicitly state releasing DSWD from any liability/responsibility in case of untoward incident during the travel of the minor.

DSWD Clearance RENEWAL Requirements

These are the requirements for minors who have already traveled before with a companion who is not their parent.

  • Original copy of previous DSWD travel clearances.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel . Download a copy here .

Possible Additional Requirements

DSWD may require additional documents aside from those listed above, so make sure you apply early and NOT too close to the travel dates so you have time to secure them.

Here are some other requirements that they might look for based on my experience and those of some of our readers.

  • Roundtrip ticket of the minor and companion . In my experience, sometimes they ask for it; sometimes, they don’t. If you’re already booked, best to bring a copy of the ticket. If your flights are not yet booked, it’s best to just call the office before your application to confirm.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support with Undertaking of Sponsor (showing employment status and salary). Some sources say this is a requirement, and one of our readers was also asked to provide this. The official DSWD website’s FAQ page lists this as a requirement. But it’s hard to trust the website because it’s messy as eff.
  • Proof of Financial Capability of Sponsor . This can be Certificate of Employment, Latest ITR, Bank Statements, etc. of sponsor (parent, legal guardian or other person/agency shouldering the expenses). In my experience, I was never asked to submit this.I also always bring a copy of this, but they never asked to see it. Maybe it’s a new requirement, maybe they ask applicants depending on the situation. Call the office where you plan to submit to be 100% sure. Just bring it with you to be on the safe side.
  • Invitation Letter , only if the purpose of travel is to visit a friend or relative, or the minor won’t be staying in a hotel.
  • Copy of parents’ passports . Only if the parents are based abroad.

That’s about it.

IMPORTANT! If we haven’t stressed this enough, let us say this again: CALL THE DSWD FIELD OFFICE where you wish to apply for the updated list of requirements. THE REQUIREMENTS CHANGE EACH AND EVERY TIME so it’s hard to keep track!

Written Consent or Affidavit of Consent?

Update: October 2018.

A notarized Affidavit of Consent is now a requirement.

In my previous applications, I was never asked to submit an Affidavit of Consent. I would usually just present a simple non-notarized written consent signed by both parents and they accepted it. However, in my most recent application, they asked for a notarized Affidavit of Consent for the first time.

So to be on the safe side, I strongly recommend that you secure a Notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel for a couple of reasons. First, because a notarized affidavit can take the place of the simple written consent. Meaning, if DSWD asks for a simple consent letter, they will accept the affidavit because it’s a more binding legal document. On the other hand, if they require an affidavit and you don’t have it, the written consent may not suffice. It’s safer to have the affidavit.

The second reason: because you might also need it when passing through Immigration. Normally, the DSWD Clearance is enough to let you through, but having that affidavit can be more convincing, if the officer has doubts.

The affidavit I submitted had the following details.

  • Travel dates
  • Destination and origin
  • Minor’s passport number
  • Contact details of parents/legal guardian
  • Signature of the parents

In addition, if the minor is traveling with someone who isn’t his/her parent, it would be wise to include the details of the companion:

  • Name of the companion
  • Relationship of the companion to the minor
  • Companion’s passport number

Don’t forget to have it signed by the parents.

You can find a sample here: SAMPLE AFFIDAVIT OF CONSENT .


Getting a DSWD clearance is easy. It might take a few hours, but it is not as complicated as you probably have been picturing in your head. Here’s how I got mine.

1. Complete the requirements.

See the list of requirements above.

2. Find the nearest DSWD Field Office.

Pay a visit to the DSWD Field Office that covers the permanent address of the minor. For example, my niece and nephew reside in Batangas. The Region IV-A (Calabarzon) Office is in Alabang. If the minor is based in Metro Manila, file for a clearance at the NCR Office in Sampaloc, Manila.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Below is the complete list of DSWD Field Offices.

  • DSWD National Capital Region (NCR) 389 San Rafael St. corner Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila Phone: +632 313-1435 local 210, +632 733-0010 to 14
  • DSWD Field Office I Quezon Avenue, San Fernando, La Union Phone: +6372 888-2505, +6372 888-2184
  • DSWD Field Office II 3 Dana Pagyaya, Regional Government Center Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Phone: +63 78 846-7532, +63 78 846-7043
  • DSWD Field Office III Government Center, Maimpis, San Fernando, Pampanga Phone: +63 45 861-2413
  • DSWD Field Office IV-A (CALABARZON) Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City Phone: +63 2 387-2632, +63 2 850-8380, +63 2 807-1518
  • DSWD Field Office IV-B (MIMAROPA) 1680 F.T. Benitez St. corner Gen. Malvar St., Malate, Manila Phone: +63 2 336-8106 local 401, +63 2 336-8106 local 103
  • DSWD Field Office V Magnolia St. PBN Buraguis, Legazpi City Phone: +63 52 821-7920, +63 52 480-5346, +63 52 480-5754
  • DSWD Field Office VI M.H. del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City Phone: +63 33 300-0526, +63 33 337-6221
  • DSWD Field Office VII MJ Cuenco Avenue cor. Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City Phone: +63 32 233-8779
  • DSWD Field Office VIII Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City Phone: +63 53 321-3090, +63 53 321-117, +63 53 321-1007
  • DSWD Field Office IX General Vicente Alvarez St., Zamboanga City Phone: +63 62 991-6030, +63 62 991-6056
  • DSWD Field Office X Masterson Ave., Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City Phone: +63 88 858-8892, +63 88 858-8959
  • DSWD Field Office XI Suazo St., cor. Magsaysay Ave., Davao City Phone: +63 82 226-2857, +63 82 227-8746
  • DSWD Field Office XII 9506 Purok Bumanoag, Brgy. Zone 3, Koronadal City Phone: +63 83 520-0572, +63 83 228-3180, +63 83 228-8637
  • DSWD Field Office CARAGA R. Palma St. Butuan City Phone: +63 85 346-0113, +63 85 815-9173
  • DSWD Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) 40 North Drive, Baguio City Phone: +63 74 444-3209, +63 74 444-3262, +63 74 442-7917

You must apply at the DSWD Field Office that has jurisdiction over the minor. If the minor lives in Region IV, apply in Alabang. If the minor resides in Metro Manila, apply in Sampaloc, Manila.

They started implementing this policy in January 2018. Prior to this, applicants could apply at any field office, even if the minor doesn’t reside in their region. But that’s not the case anymore. You must apply at the designated DSWD Field Office now.

3. Submit the requirements at the DSWD Field Office and wait for your clearance.

Here’s the step-by-step process that you will go through once you are at the DSWD office. The process below details my experience applying at the Alabang office, but according to the DSWD website, the process at all branches are almost the same.

  • Tell the Security Guard that you’re there for Travel Clearance. Ask for a Sequence Number.
  • Register in the logbook while waiting for your number to be called.
  • When your number is called, submit all the requirements to the Social Worker for the initial screening. He/she will check if the requirements are complete and authentic.
  • If all your documents are okay, the Social Worker will interview you and assess the application. He/she will ask a few questions about your relationship with the minor, the purpose of the trip, and why the parents can’t be with the minor, among others.
  • If the Social Worker is satisfied, your application will now be processed and the clearance will be prepared.
  • Pay processing fee: – P300 for travel clearance with validity of 1 year – P600 for travel clearance with validity of 2 years
  • Return at the time of release. Ask any of the processing staff what time you can expect the clearance to be issued. At the Alabang office, it works this way:

Schedule of assessment and issuance of DSWD Travel Clearance

Don’t forget to check the clearance card before you leave the DSWD Office. Make sure the validity of the clearance and the name spellings are correct.

Reminder : After assessment, DSWD may require additional documents aside from those listed above, so make sure you apply early and NOT too close to the travel dates so you have time to secure them.

Klook TPT2024


Is it possible to apply for a dswd clearance online.

Yes. DSWD has recently launched its e-services website, which allows application for a DSWD Travel Clearance online. However, as of this writing, it is only available at Field Offices NCR, VII and XI. Also, a personal interview will still be required so you will have to appear at their office at some point.

The online service hasn’t rolled out in our region (Region IV), so I haven’t tried this yet.

More info here .

When should I apply for a DSWD Clearance?

If you think you have complete requirements, best practice is at least a month before the travel dates. This way, you would still have enough time to resend documents that you forget or to fix anything that goes wrong.

How long does it take to get a DSWD Clearance?

In most cases, one day . If you have all the requirements and you come early, you will get it on the same day that you applied. It takes only a few hours.

HOWEVER, if you arrive in the late afternoon (past 3pm), you will have to return the next day. You can still have it processed but you will get the clearance the next working day. At least, that’s how it is at the DSWD Field Office IV-A in Alabang. I applied here because the kids’ address are in Batangas.

Does the minor have to be with me when I apply?

No. Just make sure you have all the requirements.

I have applied 3 times now and the minors were never with me.

Should the parent be the one to apply?

No. Although it would be best that the person who would apply knows the minor and the details of the trip really well and can spot any clerical error in the clearance. (Happened to me twice.)

I found an error in the Travel Clearance. What should I do?

Happened to me twice!

Simply tell the social worker or anyone in charge. They can correct it or replace it with a new one immediately.

How much should I pay for the DSWD Clearance?

Processing Fee : P300 for travel clearance with validity of 1 year P600  for travel clearance with validity of 2 years

I’m applying for a DSWD Clearance, a visa and a passport for the child. What should I work on first?

The DSWD Clearance first. You can’t apply for a passport for a minor without the DSWD Clearance.

Then work on the passport because you can’t apply for a visa without the passport.

In summary: DSWD Clearance, then Passport, then Visa.

Do you have a sample Affidavit of Consent?

Yes, you can find a sample Affidavit of Consent to Travel here: Sample Affidavit of Consent .

Where can I find more info about DSWD Travel Clearance?

Although we try to try to update this post regularly, it would still be best to visit the DSWD website or call their office to make sure that there are no changes to this list of requirements.

You may visit the official DSWD website, call the numbers indicated on the list of offices above, or tweet @DSWDserves .

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hi your info about dswd clearance is very helpful indeed. I wonder if the written consent must authenticated by the philippine consulate here in dubai, or a plain letter will do??


Very helpful. Thank you very much!

Irene Porta Ü

What if yung minor lang yung nagaasikaso? Pwede bang siya na lang yung pumunta ng office alone?

Mary Ann

thanks for the info…how about if both parents are working abroad, is a written consent is acceptable or do i need to get a affidavit of consent from the Philippine consulate where we are currently working??

thanks for the info…how about if both parents are working abroad, is a written consent is acceptable or do i need to get an affidavit of consent from the Philippine consulate where we are currently working??

Been there, done that ...

A simple written consent will not do. The affidavit of consent to travel for that matter needs to be authenticated with the designated PCG or embassy where you both are working. :-)


whats the requirement for renewal for DSWD travel permit to minor please reply thank you ..


hi there.. thanks for the detailed info.. but what if po the father is currently in dubai and the mom is in canada.. do i need to secure consents from both? or pwed na from the father lang? should it be authenticated?


How about if one of the parents just suddenly dissappeared and the child is now with only one parent? What would the written consent be like?


tnx, what if father is Foreigner and kids are Filipino and they are travelling together and mother can’t come with kids, do we have to secure the permit?


Hello does 18 years old still need DSWD Travel Clearance? I’m pretty confused, Other says 18 years old and below, while the other one says 18 years old below.

Makabayang Pinoy

When other than the parent applies for the travel clearance, the DSWD WILL ASK FOR AN AUTHORIZATION LETTER. Some might think it is basic, but we learned it the hard way. Hassle.

faye guillena

thank you. this is really helpful.

angel lou

Thank you for a helpful blog. My son is minor and will be travelling with my cousin to visit me here in Houston, Tx .. now i have guide on what to do.

Aejae Danao

Pano kung yung mother nasa ibang bansa at ayun ung pupuntahan? Pano ung consent ng mothee need padin po ba?


wow this sure is convenient that the whole process is explained. now i only need their workday schedule…


Hi, should i already book y ticket before applying, or not?


Thank you so much this really helps =)

Reena Saur Reena

Will the immigration still ask for an affidavit of consent from parents? Or only dswd clearance? Because the dswd will ask for an affidavit of consent when issuing the travel clearance, and we only have one copy.

lannie mangosing

hi your info about dswd clearance is very helpful indeed. I wonder if the written consent must authenticated by the philippine consulate here in dubai, or a plain letter will do?? ano po ba mauuna passport or dswd clearance?


what is the requirements needed by the guardian? what should he/she bring in the office. please . answer me because i need it now. i’ve been chosen to be an ambassador of goodwill and my father was deceased and my mother is currently working in bahrain. so, my aunt is my legal guardian. because of my situation, what are the additional requirements?


How about if there is no specific travel dates?

Camille Maureen

Hi! I would like to clarify the following: a. Is the affidavit required by the DSWD the same as the sample consent you wrote here?; and b. Isn’t there an official form of affidavit needed to be filled up? Thank you in advance!


Hi! Thank you for this post. it is informative. however, it is still unclear for my situation.

I have a son who is 2y.o.. me and his dad was never married.. he abandoned us while I was still pregnant.. he never acknowledged my son as his son..

how can I still get to apply for travel clearance as well as the passport? Thank you in advance!!!

Bea Gap

Hi, No need for travel clearance if minor is traveling with his/her mother.;) I

This was very helpful for me! Thank you so much!

I just want to add some info as I have applied for a travel clearance for my 2 niece *Illegitimate*.

Please don’t forget to have a clear copy of the mother/father’s valid ID with signature *this was not clearly stated on the requirements on their website!, good thing is that I have a copy with me*

On our case,we will be visiting the mother of my nieces who’s working abroad that’s why I was also asked to provide a copy of my sister’s resident ID, which I didn’t have but was sent to me after an hour and luckily I have still acquired the travel clearance on the same day.


Hi may tanong lang po ako if kailangan pa ng travel clearance or consent letter of the father if magtatravel po siya kasama ako ung nanay lang ? Nakaapelyedo kase sa tatay pero matagal na kaming walang contact at d po kami kasal.. Pasagot naman po need ko lang..tnx.


Hi, I’m Italian and my girlfriend is Filipina. we are not married but my baby has double nationality and I’v acknowledged the paternity in front of a public official and so he carries my surname. maybe its better to have 2 passports(italian and Filipino) for the baby? we should travel from the Philippines to Italy all together in the future. Do I need a DSWD clearance?

John Paul Zosa

If you’ll be traveling alone with your baby without the mother, yes a DSWD travel clearance is needed. However, if your baby will be traveling with the mother, there is no need for travel clearance.

Regarding passports – by the default, the baby will acquire a Filipino citizenship hence a Philippine passport will be provided. But im not entirely sure about Italian rules regarding off-springs if the child is born to an Italian father, if they’ll automatically acquire the citizenship of the father as there are other nationality who does apply that rule.

But it guess you really dont need this answer now as you posted your inquiry back in 2017 and its now 2019 hahaha

Angelita Guevarra

Hi I have a queries Im taking my sister and her grand daughter to hongkong to visit her mother my niece for one week. My niece and her husband was separated for the last 5 years. She left for hongkong to work as a nannys. My sister my niece Mother become the guardian of her minor daughter whilst she gain a employment to hongkong. My question is do we need a father letter of concent for her to travel visiting her mother in hongkong with me and the grand mother? appreciate your help.

Melissa R. Cruz

Good Day I would like to as k if I need to get a travel clearance if I’m a mother but the problem is I’m not using my husband surname the reason why we are separate 14 years ago but not yet legal, we are planning to travel in Hongkong next year but agency not allowed my daughter the reason why we are not the same sure name but I have all legal documents that i’m her mother like NSO birth certificate, NSO marriage contract and I have my NSO birth certificate that certify the middle name of my daughter is my surname.

Yosh Dimen

Hi Melissa, naku, we don’t know po. It would be best to call DSWD to be absolutely sure.


Hi! The DSWD site tells that you may apply at any DSWD Field office. Can you clarify on this? We are also from Batangas. But, I work in Manila. I am very close to the NCR office. I was planning to apply in NCR then I read your article saying I need to still go to far away Alabang to apply. Thanks!

Hi Mcoy! We called a DSWD regional office and asked them about this scenario and they said that while they encourage people to apply at their respective regional office, they can actually apply at ANY office. They will still process it. :)


Hi Ara, been traveling with kids every year for 6 years now and they only ask us for the DSWD Clearance. :)


Hi, I just wanna know since the permit has specific location and purpose of travel, and we will use it multiple times like different country, wala na magiging problema sa immigration?


It would be my son’s first travel abroad without me and my wife. He will travel with my sister. My son is only 3 yrs old. Can you confirm if we only need to get DSWD clearance? Can’t seem to find any information from DFA website. Thanks!

Hi Joseph! I can only speak based on experience, and over the past 6 years that I’m taking my nephew and niece abroad (sometimes as tourists, sometimes to visit parents), they only ask for the DSWD clearance. Not sure if they ask for more in other circumstances.

banjo c.

This day ko po na receive yung travel clearance ng anak ko going to L.A. with her Ate. They ask an additional documents which at the time of application, I did not know na kailangan pala. Just to inform you para di kayo mabigla at lalo na sa mga may malapit ng oras o araw ng pag alis baka kse magahol kayo at maiwan ng biyahe.Hiningan po ako ng 1.) Invitation Letter with signature kung saan po titigil o mananatili yung minor. 2.) Valid Permanent Card or Valid Visa of inviter 3.) Round trip booking ticket of minor.Payo ko lang po na agahan ang pag apply para may time asikasuhin ang mga additional requirements. Sana maka tulong sa inyo at di magahol sa oras, sa case ko po huwebes po ako nag apply sa martes na po ang alis, kung di ko po nakuha ang mga documents ng maaga malamang naiwan na kme ng biyahe, nakuha ko naman po kinabukasan yung clearance. Salamat po.

Thanks for sharing, Banjo! Because of your update, we’re also updating the post to highlight that there may require additional documents. Thank you!

rhea sakamoto

kailangan po ba exact travel date ilagay sa parental consent..”? kc una po iapply sna yung travel clearance kesa savisa

Ang alam ko po ay oo, pero di ko po sure.

Th Kuh

Pwede bang kunan ng passport yong minor kahit wala pang date kung kailan mag travel abroad? Required ba talagang kunan ng DSWD clearance kahit wala pang date?

Hindi ko po sure. Best to contact na lang po the DSWD office nearest you to be sure sure. Yung numbers po, nasa taas.

Damien B

Kung magtravel ako abroad alone with my son, but my wife is living in another country other than the country we are travelling to, do I need to get a travel clearance?

As far as I know, no need because you’re his dad. No need if the kid is traveling with either parent.


How sure po na may consent ang mother ni minor kung xa at kanyang father lang ang nagbiyahe? Is the minor not at risk if he travels po with either parent without travel clearance?

Ang alam ko, if the parents are married and the child is legitimate, no need for a travel clearance if traveling with either parent. That’s what’s on their website and that’s what they told me when I asked.

If illegitimate yung child and traveling with father, dun kailangan ng travel clearance. Best to call the field office to be sure.


Nakakalito po. Kasi may nakita naman po ako about Permit to Travel (which is different from Travel Clearance). This Permit to Travel is required if only one parent of a legitimate child will accompany the minor to travel abroad. So if ang mother and kasama, kailangan ng notarized permit to travel from the father, and vice versa. Again, this is for LEGITIMATE CHILD/REN only. Nakakalito. Better to call DSWD talaga.


if you do not need travel clearance any additional documents, or do not need to go to Dswd

No need for DSWD Clearance or additional docs basta kasama parents.


Hi, can I ask the full details on how and where can I get the Affidavit of Support and Consent?

Hi Jecca, we got mine from our lawyer. But you can also get it from here and have it notarized:


Hi! What if the child is illegitimate? The Father is single and the mother is married. Can you just get one CENOMAR or we also need the Marriage contract of the mother? Thanks!

Same question. Is there anyone who can answer for us, please. Thank you.

Call DSWD Field Office na may sakop sa area nyo. The numbers are in the post.


Hi, ask ko lng po….kapag po ba nagtravel abroad(tourist) mother kasama ang anak na 6yrs old, ano po ung mga requirement(addditional requirement for minor)..

Rosalyn Reyes

Hi good evening ☺ ask ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ng dswd pabalik ng pinas? Hindi na po kasi ako ang kasabay nya pabalik ng pinas tnx

Hi Rosalyn, sa experience namin, di naman na kami hiningan nung pabalik.


Pano po kayo nakakuha nung Invitation Letter?

Ask the inviting party to write a letter or write it yourself tapos pa-pirmahan sa nag-invite.

magkaiba pa po ba yung Affidavit Of Consent And Support sa Written Consent and pano po yun sa written Consent, tatay ko lang po yung nandito ang yung mother ko po nasa ibang bansa.

If may Affidavit of Consent & Support ka na, di mo na kailangan ng isa pang written consent.


My husband and me will be travelling to USA this June 2018 to accompany our 14 yr old granddaughter who is a US citizen and a holder of US visa. What documents do we need to prepare? Do we still need parental consent from the father based in USA and from the mother based here in the Philippines.

ja jo

They’re going to give you a letter of exemption instead of the usual travel clearance which is free!

Hi Mercy. I don’t know the rules for US citizens, but I don’t think the DSWD Clearance rule applies to them. One of my nephews has recently been granted a Japan dependent visa and he’s now exempted from securing a DSWD Clearance because of it. Something similar might apply to you. It’s best to contact DSWD to be sure.


Hello there, your article is accurate and very helpful. Pero tanong ko lang po if I can apply my own DSWD Clearance and I am not accompanied by either of my parents, since OFW ang mother ko and walang time ang father ko. I am already 17 years old and I am going to travel alone this december 2018. :)


What if my brother is in abroad, separated with his wife. Wife is here in the Philippines but not capable financially. Can i file this earlier while he is here?

Yes, you can apply early. The clearance is valid for 1 year or 2 years.

Nelson Loyola

My daughter was issued a travel clearance for her to join a study tour in China this April and May 2018. The travel clearance is valid for 1 year. Can I use this same clearance for her to travel to Thailand with my secretary this June 2018? Our arrival from a trip to New Zealand will overlap with our departure for Bangkok, so my wife and I have decided to get another flight in the afternoon via another airline and meet up with our daughter in the hotel in Bangkok.

Edlaine Ann Mercado

Hi! I’m planning to travel with my 14 year old nephew to Tokyo later this year or early next year. The thing is, he is a holder of two citizenships: USA and Philippines. We plan to have him use his USA passport to get him through Philippine and Japanese immigration since they don’t require US citizens a Japan Visa to enter Japan. It’s less paperwork for us too. My concern is I am a Philippine passport holder and I will be the one accompanying him to Tokyo. How will we be able to go through PH immigration? Do we need a DSWD Travel Clearance? One of the requirements for the travel clearance is a birth certificate. Do we need to show his US birth certificate since he was born there? I’m sorry for the questions, I just haven’t found anything online regarding this. Thanks in advance!

Hi Edlaine, it’s a pretty specific/unusual case. It’s best to just call the DSWD or Bureau of Immigration to be completely sure.

Von Banaga

Hi, nabasa ko po sa taas na dswd clearance po yung hinahanap dito sa pinas na immigration. ask ko lang po na how about in Japan? Meron po ba hinanap yung japan immigration na affidavit or dswd clearance? Thank you po.

Hi Von, in my experience, wala silang hinahanap sa Japan.

Yukio Okumura

Hello there! I have read your article recently. I have question po. Once available na po ang mga supporting documents (Passport, Affidavit of support and Consent, DSWD Clearance, ITR, etc) technically, pwede na sya pumasa sa immigration, right? Do you have any ideas po regarding to the possible questions Immigration officer will ask to the Minor Traveller?

Hoping for your response and thank you! :)

Hi Yukio. Yep, basta complete na, pwede na lumagpas sa immigration.

Yung questions sa minors, usually, sino kasama? Anong gagawin dun? Kailan balik?

Yun lang yung sa experience ko.

Perillo Monica

pwede po ba kahit hindi kau mag ka maganak??


Hi. Just want to ask if there are any requirements for domestic travel? My daughter will be having a vacation at cebu with my mother. Hindi ako kasama o yung papa nya kc may work. Need po ba ng travel clearance or anything? Thanks


Hi. Ask ko lang, paano po kung nanay ko wala pang passport, sabay na kasi sila kukuha ng passport ng baby ko. Need pa ba muna hintayin marelease ang passport bago mag apply ng travel clearance? Thank you in advance.

Hmmm. Part of the requirements is the companion’s passport copy. But for minors, the DSWD clearance is required to apply for a passport. Ideally, dapat mauna ang companion na magka-passport. And then tsaka yung minor. At least, sa surface, that’s how it’s supposed to go.

But i’m not sure if the DSWD office can make an exception or kung gaano sila kalenient. Best to call yung DSWD Office kung saan ka mag-apply kung okay lang na walang passport copy yung companion.


Hi, hope you can help me. My niece (a minor) will be travelling with us abroad, and she haven’t applied yet for a passport. Sa DFA application form, may field doon na “TRAVELLING COMPANION’S NAME,” pwede ba na ‘yong father ng niece ko ang ilagay muna doon or should it be my name since ako ang kasama niya pag-travel abroad? We’re thinking kasi na passport ‘to and once lang naman siya sasama with me and might travel soon with her own father and mother. So ok lang ba na father’s name ang nasa TRAVELLING COMPANION’s NAME? Thanks in advance!

Cheene Abacan

hi, im from batangas po, and punta po kami ng nephew ko sa dubai sa december, pupuntahan po namin ang mama nya, na kapatid ko naman, tapos andto ung papa nya sa pinas, tanong ko lng po kung paano po ung consent ng mama nya and signature, need po ba ipa courrier? thank you po.

Hi Cheene, ‘yung sa amin pina-courier ko yung docs na may signature ng sister ko.

Sir, ano papo ung need from his mom bukod sa consent?

Pa-check na lang po sa taas yung list of requirements.

Perillo Monica

hi.. can a minor travel together even though they are not relatives??

Hi Perillo, ang alam ko pwede basta may Affidavit of Consent. Pero tawag ka pa rin sa DSWD to be sure.


Hello po, i’ve been to singapore many times na po and this coming november which is sembreak kasama ko na po kapatid ko na 22 yes old, future inlaw ko na 25yrs old and minor ko po na kapatid na 11 years old. 4 lang po kami na pupunta ng singapore just to visit my fiance. Nakakuha narin po ako ng travel clearance sa minor kung kapatid, affidavit of consent. Invitation letter from my fiance. Additional Documents po namin is RT tickets, Hotel accomodation, USS tickets, Vacay leave ng kapatid at future inlaw ko company id’s nila, certificates of employment nila and pocket money po. 5days po travel namin 3days sa sg and 1 day sa KL. Any suggestions pa po or may chance po ba kami maoffload? Please reply po. Thank you

Lahat naman ay may chance na ma-offload. Di naman mawawala yung chance. But it looks like you’ve done the preps that you can do, so just be confident lang with your answers.


Hi. Im travelling to HK with my nephew. In your experience, do they still ask for the affidavit of consent sa immigration both in Manila and Hongkong? Or do they only look for the DSWD clearance? We ended up booking a hotel thats different from the one in the affidavit kasi. Thanks!

Hi MT. I always carry an affidavit of consent with me when passing through Immigration. However, I had never been asked for it by any officer. They would just ask for a DSWD Clearance.


Thank you! The airline ended up rebooking our flight for some reason. So now, the dates have changed too. Im thinking if I need a new travel clearance or just a fresh affidavit with the new info. I’ll call DSWD to confirm. Thank you!

Hi MT. Yep, best to call them. Hope you could share with us din what they will say so we can add to this post and help others. Thank you! :)

Hi. I called DSWD, they said I dont need a new clearance as long as the new dates are within the validity period of the clearance issued.

If the companion or country is changing, thats when we need a new clearance.

Hope this helps. Thank you! :)


Hello, Pwede pu ba ipascan ung affidavit of consent na may red ribbon para maprint sa Pinas to bring sa DSWD office?

Di ko po alam. Call na lang po the field office kung saan kayo mag-aapply.

Ann Garcia

Ask ko lang po kung parehas lang ba yung DSWD Clearance na kailangan sa pagkuha ng passport for minor at yung DSWD travel clearance? Medyo na confused po ako. Kasi need ko ikuha ng passport yung pamangkin ko na 9 yrs. old at yung brother ko na 17 yrs. old nakita ko na kailangan sa DFA ng DSWD clearance, pareho lang din po ba yung

Maraming Salamat!

Hi Ann, yep pareho lang. Yung tawag talaga dun ay DSWD Travel Clearance, pero most people refer to it as simply DSWD Clearance. Pero it’s the same thing. :)


Hi, this is very informative. I just want to know if my children still need to secure a travel clearance if they’re coming back to Manila. I will be with them on their flight MNL-SIN (so I think they don’t need a travel clearance anymore)but I don’t know if my flight will be the same going back to MNL? I have my cousin who will be with them when they go back to MNL…. Do I still need to secure a travel clearance for them? Thank u.

Hi Rai, based on my experience, PH immigration didn’t check for DSWD clearance for returning residents. Japan and HK Immigration didn’t either.

I’m not sure about SG Immigration, but I don’t think they would check. I think it’s only when passing through PH Immigration when exiting the country. So I think you should be fine.

Jhay Cruz

Can my wife do all the application and procedure to let our daughter travel alone to visit me here abroad? Is the unaccompanied minor certificate really necessary as a requirement to apply for the travel clearance. based on PAL’s website ,and to their staff I spoke with, only 8-11 years old are eligible for UM certificate, my daughter’s 13yrs old so she’ll not be given. DSWD insisted that they require one. Any suggestions or Idea?

Hi Jhay, oh, I don’t know for sure because I haven’t tried applying for a clearance for an unaccompanied minor. But you can try to post this on our Support Group. Maybe some of our members have had similar experience and can help:

Travelling Minor: Case Situation: Father and mother UNMARRIED (but paternal acceptance appears on the minor’s BC) Father UNMARRIED AND Mother is married. Father is an OFW while Mother is in Pinas with own family.

Travelling Companion: Uncle (brother of minor’s Father) Uncle does the processing as authorized by the minor’s Father and Mother Minor is studying. Mother waives her responsibility to the processing of needed docs.


Hi Pax, best to call DSWD pag ganitong specific case.

Nico Arellano

HI, just want to ask paano ang case kapag ang bata na kasama ko magtravel ay nawala nalang bigla ang kanyang Father, and ang mother nya ay nasa ibang bansa (tho i have a contact sa kanya). Paano po yung COnsent letter?

Hi Nico, pag ganyan pong specific na case, di ko na po alam. Best to contact na lang po the DSWD Field Office kung saan kayo mag-aapply para sigurado.


Hi, ask ko lang po kasi yung ate ko nasa UAE po, then my plan po kami ng cousin ko mgtravel sa Malaysia kasama ung nephew ko (son ng ate ko, gift nya sa anak nya) , actually nka book n kami ng flight, kya need ko daw travel clearance from DSWD for my nephew, ano po kya need ng ate ko na letter para proof daw na in-authorized nya ako kumuha ng travel clearance for my nephew?

thanks in advance.

Hi Chantal,

since ikaw din yung kasama nya mag-travel, need mo ng Affidavit of Support. Notarized if pwede. Since nasa abroad sya, I think may kelangan syang gawin sa embassy. Di ko lang alam ang details nun. Tapos gawa na rin sya ng Authorization letter allowing you to apply for her son.

Di ko lang ganun kakabisado yung details pag ganyan, so best to call the DSWD Field Office kung saan ka mag-aapply.


I would like to clarify if need ba ng visa ng minor and the companions bago mag apply ng dswd clearance?

Hi Jeca, may existing passport na ba ung minor or wala pa?


Hi! I’d like to ask if I’m applying for an illegitimate child, would there be a need for the consent of the father? Or the Certificate of Non-Marriage will suffice? Thank you!

Hi Joanne, sa website nila last time I checked, parang wala naman sa list ung consent ng father kahit illegitimate. Tawag ka na lang sa DSWD field office to be sure.

mang kiko

Mabuhay kayo!!buti nalang may mga ganitong tao na gumagawa ng mga ganitong post.salamat ng marami,marami talaga kayong natutulungan.

Salamat din po sa pagbisita, Mang Kiko!


hi. just want to inquire. May travel clearance na yung anak ko issued last year kasi need for passport renewal and wala ako sa pinas, so the travel clearance stated an adult accompanying which is my cousin (for passport renewal purposes). This year I’m planning na magbakasyon ang anak ko dito sa uae but without an adult. Do i still have to get a new travel clearance for unaccompanied minor travelling alone.? Do i have to give the requirements of cenomar etc. again?thanks in advance

Hi Jen, I’m not sure. Best to just contact the DSWD Field Office that covers your area to be sure. You’ll find the phone numbers in the post above.


Hi! Just want to ask. I am travelling with my pamangkin also. Pano po kung may existing passport na yung minor and nun kumuha ng passport sya yung requirements na pinasa is under the category travel with parents. Kailangan ba baguhin ulit yung passport kasi not travelling with parents na ngaun? Thanks in advance

ANg alam ko po, di kailangan na baguhin ung passport kung di naman pa pa-expire. Pero itawag nyo na lang sa DSWD Field Office para sure.

Hindi pa nman po expired kakakuha lang last year. Pero po yung pamangkin nyo nun may passport na sila nun? Or wala pa tapos kumuha muna na kayo travel clearance bago passport? Thanks po.

Nung first time na nag-apply kami, DWSD Clearance muna bago passport.

Tapos nung 2nd time, since may passport na, clearance na agad. We didn’t have to get a new or renew the passport.

Pamela Grace H. Arquero

Hi! The DSWD told me to get certifcate from the airline, how can i get one?

Hi Pamela, it’s for a minor traveling alone, right? Contact the airline where you booked the ticket.


Hi. Just wanted to know regarding this requirement ( A photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate (SECPA). what does it mean ? kelangan nasa security paper or ok lng na photocopy lng. sobrang hassle kc if ibbigay mo pa yun original bc galing sa PSA

Hi Moto, photocopy of the birth certificate is okay, but as far as I know, it should be a photocopy of a PSA-issued birth cert.

I submitted only the photocopy of a secpa PSA copy the last time I applied.

hi. regarding this requirement ( – If minor is illegitimate: a Certificate of No Marriage from the local civil registrar)

possible ba na sa local civil registrar na lng kumuha ? sobrang kc expensive ng cenomar if you will request it online and have it deleivered to you eh

Need nila ng PSA issued CENOMAR.

I am not familiar with the process for illegitimate minor. Best to call the DSWD Field Office that will process your application before your visit to be sure.

hi. Im applying for a passport para sa pamangkin ko. I notice na kelangan ng affidavit of support and consent dun as one of requirements. Ask ko lng na need ba ibigay yun original copy kc need ko din yun consent na yun sa pagaaply for passport para sa knya, or ok lng na photocopy na lng the pakita na lng yun oroginal. Thank you

Hi moto, yung experience ko sa Alabang office pag nag-apply ako, pinakapakita ko ung original, tapos ina-ask nila ako kung pede nilang ikeep yun. Once sabi ko, gagamitin ko pa (for Immigration), humingi na lang sila photocopy. Di ko alam kung ganun talaga ang protocol sa lahat ng offices or nagkataon lang.


Hi! How to get certification from the airlines?

Contact the airline po.

Michelle Arriola

Hi, thank you for this very helpful and informative post. I appreciate your kindness for sharing this. By the way, if I will apply at DSWD Alabang and targetting the 8am to 10am slot, what time should I be in their office? Should I be there very early, around 6am or earlier? Is there a long queue?

Hi Michelle, in my experience, konti lang ang tao kapag before 9am. It opens at 8.

Last time I applied, I arrived at 8:30-ish, I was fourth in line. :)

Thank you very much :) God bless you!


I will be travelling with my niece international would you know if it’s necessary to secure both signatures of mother and father? Do you think it’s alright for me to secure just the mother’s since the parents are not in good terms?

Hi Norma, di ko po alam. Pag nagsasubmit po kasi ako laging may pirma ng both parents. Di ko natanong if okay lang na isa lang. :(


I am travelling to South Korea from Dubai this month and my 3 daughters are travelling from Manila. We are just meeting at INC airport. My eldest is 19 years while other 2 are still minor, 15 and 13 years. Can my eldest be considered as their legal guardian? My other 2 daughters still need to obtain the travel clearance?

If yes, is the affidavit of support and consent can be done and notarized here in Dubai? Kailangan ba na original ang documents from me para maissuehan sila ng travel clearance. Please respond, thank you.

Hi Melai, your other 2 daughters still need to obtain a travel clearance, unless your eldest is the legal guardian, meaning your eldest has the documents (e.g. certificate) proving guardianship.

As far as I know, if the Affidavit of Consent and Support is executed abroad, it has to be accredited at the embassy where they will affix a gold seal and red ribbon to it.

Jazel Dorlones

Hello po, ask ko lang po sana if may idea po kayo if need pa kumuha ng DSWD clearance let say po kasabay ko naman anak ko papunta ng SG, bale susunduin ko siya kasama pamilya ko, then pag-uwi sina Mama na lang kasama niya hindi ko na hatid ng pinas. Or if ano po experience nyo sa check in from other country nung pauwi na, hinahanap pa ba nila ung clearance ng DSWD? Salamat po.

Hi Jazel, if kasabay po kayo pa-exit, no need na for DSWD Clearance.

Pag pabalik na, sa experience ko pag nagtatravel with my pamangkins tapos walang kasamang parents, di naman chinecheck ung DSWD clearance. Di ko alam if ganun din with others pero un ang experience ko.


What if it is an aunt traveling with her two nieces just within the Philippines? Flight from Cebu to Clark? Still need clearance? Thanks!

Hi CJ, no po. Pag abroad lang po yung clearance.


ask q lng po if need q pa po ba ng dswd for my 2kids single parent aq ung bunso q po is 5 nka appelyido skin ung panganay q is 12 sa father nmn nya nka appelyido.. flight namin tatlo sa Friday going to singapore do i still need the permit to travel nd affidavit?

If kasama kayo magtravel, no need.


Hi ask ko lang if traveling to domestic needed din po b kumuha ng clearance if yung grandparents and auntie lang ang kasama? My baby is 1 yr.old

Di po needed ang DSWD Clearance pag domestic pero di ko rin alam if ano ung requirement pag domestic.


Hello po ask lang po ako if need pa po ba ng dswd para sa anak ko 12 years old po sya. bale ako po ang magdadala nya dito pa UAE. Ang sakin lang di kasi kami nagkatuluyan ng mama niya. Kailangan pa po ba ng Authorization sa mama niya or DSWD Clearance?

Ang alam ko po, di kailangan pag may kasamang kahit sinong parent. Pero tawag na rin po kayo sa DSWD to be sure.


Need po ba ilagay yung hotel name kung saan sila mag stay sa Travel Clearance form??? Kahit wala pang nabook for hotel to stay,, or dapat nakapabook na for hotel accom?


Good afternoon, ask ko lang what if yung husband ko nasa abroad pwede bang ako lang pumirma ng affidavit of consent para apply ko for dswd clearance?ty

Matt Magnaye

My father po is abroad, eh nakagreencard siya, tapos mommy ko seperated. Meron akong red ribbon ng travel authorization na pinapayagan yung kaibigan ng daddy ko na kasama ko siya magtravel sa states. Kailangan po ba ng travel clearance if ganon? Photocopy ng green card ng father ko ok lang? Sunday kasi tomorrow eh diko alam if bukas yung dswd sa alabang. Okay lang ba magtravel with him kahit walang travel clearance pero merong red ribbon na travel authorization from the philippine embassy itself sa san francisco? tsaka meron ding photocopy ng greencard? Thank you for the helpp. asap

Hi Matt, ang alam ko, if minor ka and PH citizen and hindi mo kasama either parent, need mo ng DSWD Travel Clearance. Di ko sure pero ung naka-red ribbon na yan, pwede mo gamitin to apply for a DSWD Clearance. Di ko alam ang intricacies kapag OFW pero tawag ka na lang sa DSWD Office para sigurado.

Yssai Anas

hi po.. ask ko lang.. dapat po ba kasama ung minor sa office ng dswd? or kahit ako nlng po?

Hi Yssai, sa experience ko po, never ko kasama yung minor pag nag-aapply ako.


Hi, We have secured the DSWD clearance… Have you encountered any problems when going thru immigration? I am going to singapore with my niece and were going to cross the border to Indonesia…. Is there any additional requirements if were going to cross the border??

Hi Karen, naku, I haven’t tried crossing a border or traveling to a second country with a minor so di ko alam for sure. I think sa PH exit lang concern yun pero di ko sure.

Hi. Solo parent ako (me id kasi expired na from 2015 pa) yung anak ko nasa puder ko, Hindi kasi kami kasal ng nanay nya. Alam ko nakasal na sia last year ata.

Since ako naman yung tatay ng bata, need ko paba kumuha ng travel clearance from DSWD o need ko lang ng AFFIDAVIT OF CONSENT AND SUPPORT from the mother?

Nawa’y mapansin nyo itong message ko. salamat

Hi John, ang alam ko po, di nyo need ng clearance kasi parent nya po kayo. Pero call na lang din po the DSWD Field Office if you want to make sure.

Thanks Yoshke for your reply. Hindi ko napansin na nag reply pala kayo walang notif sa email haha anyhow, regarding don sa tanong ko para narin don sa ibang merong katulad na tanong gaya ng sa akin.

I reached out to DSWD and sabi nila, pag ang bata ay nasa puder ng tatay at hindi kasal sa nanay, need ng tatay na mag present ang court order granting the custody of the child to the father. So dapat nag file ang tatay ng Petition for Custody sa korte. Kasi nasasaad sa Family Code of the Philippines na by default ang custody ng minor illegitimate child ay nasa nanay unless meron ngang document granted by the court regarding the child’s custody. Pag meron nitong document na ito, no need na for DSWD travel clearance

Pero kung walang court order (in my case, hindi naman umabot sa ganon kasi maayos naman pag uusap namin regarding the child’s custody) the father needs to acquire a DSWD travel clearance.

Kaya in my case need ko pala sya para maitravel ko ang anak ko abroad.

Rey Ladores

Hi we applied for Travel Clearance and it was easy because of your guide. I wonder if you could answer my question (i forgot to ask about it when I claim the clearance).. Our destination is South Korea, can I use the same clearance if we will go to Thailand or any other countries? or Do I need to apply for a new to reflect the new destination?

According to a reader, if the companion or the country changes, the clearance has to be renewed. :) I haven’t tried this personally, so call the DSWD field office to be sure na lang. :)

Gina Martin

Gd pm po ask kolang po need papoba ng clearance ng anak kong 14 yrs old going japan with her half sister?

Hi Gina, if your child isn’t Japanese, doesn’t have a resident status, and traveling without a parent, need pa rin ng DSWD clearance.


Hi Alfie, yung sa experience ko, di naman need ng hotel booking na. Kung saan mo pa lang plan mag-stay. Yung target hotel pa lang.

Sol Pepito

Thank you so much for this article. it was very helpful. I live in Las Piñas City and I plan to apply in Alabang. My son is traveling with his grandfather, my father-in-law and will be staying at my sister-in-law’s house in SG. Will DSWD require an invitation letter from SG? Do I have to present financial support documents? Thank you so much. Your answers will be greatly appreciated. :)

Hi Sol, pa-double check po sa field office if nag-aaccept sila ng applicants from Las Pinas, kasi last time I was there, yung from Region IV-A lang yung inaallow nila. May sarili yata kasing field office ang NCR, which is in Sampaloc.


Ano po requirements kapag may kailangan pong baguhin sa travel clearance na valid parin po. Nakalagay kasi sa travel clearance ko may kasama akong companion pero papalitan po un to travelling alone.

Hi Yosh. Have you tried applying for multiple travel dates and destination in one clearance? For example Japan in Oct, SG-Malaysia in Dec, Taiwan in May. Hk, Macau in Apr. If so, are there any additional documents? Thanks!

Hi MT, not yet. :(


Hi Yosh. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do but I still got no answers. Here’s my case, my daughter is in the Philippines and is supposed to travel here in Japan on October with her uncle, my younger brother, and i’m puzzled on the requirements because one of the requirements is a CENOMAR but I am married but not to the father of my daughter hence I will not be able to get that requirement. Also, one requirement is a notarized affidavit of consent, how can I make this if I am here in Japan?

Regarding CENOMAR, I honestly have no idea about it.

Regarding Notarized Affidavit of Consent, I think it must be authenticated at the Philippine Embassy in Japan. That’s why my sister who is based in Japan always takes care of these docs when she comes home to visit, kasi mas mahirap pa daw if doon gagawin.

Tawag ka na lang din sa DSWD about CENOMAR problem mo tapos isabay mo na rin itanong ung sa affidavit, para sure talaga.

Carlos delos reyes

Hi po ask ko lang..father ako ng 16yrsold kong anak..di pa kami kasal nung pinanganak xa pero 5yrs later pinakasalan ko na mama nya…kailangan ko pa ba ng travel clearance?tanx


My daughter will be travelling to the US with her father (my husband) and my mother. Do we have to go through the DSWD clearance process? Or would a simple consent letter from me as mother suffice? My husband and I are working abroad and I will eventually meet up with them in the US.

Another thing, my mother and daughter only have 1 way tickets as I am not yet certain when they would be going home. I also intend to apply for my daughter’s resident status abroad. Will this create a problem when they go through immigration at the airport?

Many thanks in advance for your response.


Hi, just on the above required docs for 1st time DSWD clearance applicant. So, my niece is an illegitimate child and she’s under her mother’s care. It says below that if the child is illegitimate a CENOMAR is needed? Whose CENOMAR is it? Her mother has been married to another man for a while now and we don’t have any news about the father.

A photocopy of one of the following, whichever is appropriate: – If minor has both parents: the parents’ marriage certificate (SECPA) – If minor is under a legal guardian: the Certificate of Legal Guardianship – If minor is under a solo parent: solo parent identification card or certification from the Municipal DSWD Office; or if Muslim, Tallaq or Fasakh certification from any Muslim Barangay, the Shariah court or a religious leader – If minor is illegitimate: a Certificate of No Marriage from the local civil registrar – If one of the parents is deceased: death certificate – If minor is an immigrant, visa petition approval. – If minor is traveling for medical purposes, medical certificate – If minor is studying abroad, acceptance letter from school abroad – If minor is attending a conference, a certification from the organizers

Best to call the DSWD Field Office po para sure kung ano dapat gawin.


We have a similar situation to above. Son wants to travel with birth mother to Canada from Philippines. The parents of this child were never married but the boy was under care of father for 12 years while mother was abroad. Boy is 14 years old now. Purpose of travel to Canada is immigration. What docs does the mother need to have on hand when they are ready to leave Philippines?


hi, i will be the one accompanying the child on the travel. His father is my cousin. Gusto ko sana ako na din magapply sa DSWD for the clearance kase mas malapit ako sa DSWD office where the residency of child is assigned. My question is, doon ba sa DSWD form name at signatiure pa din ng father nya ang ilalagay ko sa last part “i hereby certify the information etc. etc.”

Hi! Pag ako nag-aapply for my niece/nephew, ako yung nagsa-sign doon as uncle. Tinatanggap naman. Never naman ako nagka-problem.


hello po. my question is this po, my husband will travel with our 15 months old son. both of us live here in Australia, the thing will be, he will go home sa Pinas po and bring our son here. I understood a travel consent is still need po, but I am wondering about one thing, should I still make an authorization letter, stating that I allow my husband to travel with our son, or po ba, I allow my husband to obtain a travel consent for dswd? thank you very much and kind regards.

Orly Escala

What if the purpose is not really to travel but to use it as requirement for a petition…does still need a dswd clearance to renew the passport


hi po need ko Help nyo, kunin ko sana ang anak ng ka live-in ko 3,sa province to manila, ano pa po b kylangan ng requirements plz po

Cristaliza Tactay

To whom it may concern, I hope you will see my comment. I just want to clarify if you will provide DSWD CLEARANCE for my 16yrs old brother. We will travel san quintin to la union only for the purpose for renewing of his passport. We don’t have plans to travel abroad. I have a SPA Authenticated from my mom where indicated that I’m his sister that will be the one to accompany him for processing his passport. Thank you for your reply.


hi, i would like to ask about the waiver of parents for minor to travel alone sample? do i need a lawyer to make that for me or o can do it myself? bka may sample kayo, salamat


is SPA enough as affidavit of consent?


How about the waiver signed by parents? Does DSWD have a draft form or we can make our own? Thank you!

Hi Love, not sure if may format/draft form na sila ngayon. Pero when I applied, eto ung format na ginamit ko:

Lovely Cata

Thank you so much!


Hello. Regarding Affidavit of Consent and Support, kahit po ba ikaw ang sumagot sa vacay trip niyo ng mga pamangkin mo e parents padin niya nilagay mo mag sponsor for the trip? Kasi diba hihingi din sila proof of financial capability. Ginaya ko kasi yung sample mo po and I put my name as the one sponsoring since mas madali ako maka secure ng bank statements and ako naman talaga ang gagastos for the trip. Any advise po? Thank you so much!

If I remember correctly (medyo matagal na rin po ako since huling nag-apply nito), naka-stipulate dun sa document na ako as uncle ang sasagot nung expenses. May dala rin ako noon na COE ko and bank cert, pero di naman chineck sa case ko. Pero yep, nakalagay sa affidavit na pinapayagan ung niece ko ng parents and na ako ang sasagot sa gastos.


Hello po thank you for the info. . Itatanong ko lang sana kung ang validity ng dswd clearance ay 1 or 2 years, how many times mo po sya pwd gamitin?

AFAIK pwede naman siya kahit ilang beses basta within the validity. Pwedeng 1 year or 2 years. Ikaw bahala. Mas mahal lang ung 2 years.

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Philpad » Web » How to Get a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors in 2024

How to Get a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors in 2024

How to get a DSWD Travel Clearance for minors and what are the requirements for the application of travel clearance?

Follow these easy step-by-step procedures in getting a DSWD clearance to travel abroad alone or with your little loved one relatives and friends.

If you are below 18, you can also make your dreams come true to travel the world solo or with your friends. Visit medieval places in Europe or explore the wonders of Asia, no matter where you want to start your journey, do not forget to secure your travel clearance.

In this post, we are going to share the requirements in applying for a DSWD travel clearance. Why do you need this travel permit? How can you get one, where to get a DSWD clearance, how much it is and how long is the processing time? Let’s go!

dswd travel clearance requirements for minors

Table of Contents:

What is a DSWD Travel Clearance?

Travel Clearance is a permit issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development for a minor who is below 18 years old , who wants to travel abroad alone, without any of his or her parent, or guardian. All minors must secure this travel permit before their travel overseas.

How to Get a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors:

  • Determine if you need a travel clearance from the DSWD
  • Prepare the documents required for the application of travel clearance
  • Fill out the application form provided by the the DSWD
  • Submit your application at the Department of Social Welfare and Development
  • Pay the processing fees
  • Receive your travel clearance

Who are required to get a DSWD Travel Clearance?

Travel clearance is requested at the boarding reception and immigration before a flight. As long as the minor is traveling without any of his parent or legal guardian, they need this clearance before traveling outside the Philippines.

You will need a travel clearance if you are:

  • A minor who is traveling alone using his Philippine Passport only for their travel outside the Philippines
  • Below 18 of age traveling with prospective adoptive parent/s for purpose of inter-country adoption
  • A minor traveling with a person other than his/her parent/s, legal guardian or person exercising parental authority/legal custody over him/her.
  • Illegitimate minor who is traveling with his/her biological father.
  • Married minors, the same requirements apply to that of unmarried minors traveling abroad.

DSWD Travel Clearance Requirements for Minors:

Dswd travel clearance application form.

  • Assessment Report from the Local Social Welfare and Development Office (LSWDO) or SWOII of the Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) Team when necessary
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • A photocopy of the PSA marriage certificate of the minor’s parents or the Court Decision on Legal Guardianship of the minor, or tallaq or fasakh certification from the Shariah Court or any Muslim Barangay or Religious leader
  • In the case of illegitimate minor, PSA CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) of the minor’s mother
  • Notarized (notarized at the place of residence) affidavit or written consent of parents, the solo parent and the legal guardian, whichever is applicable, permitting the minor to travel to a foreign country. In the absence of both  parents or an appointed legal guardian, the relative’s consent in the order of preference provided under Article 216 of the Family Code of the Philippines (Executive Order No. 209 as amended) shall prevail and in which case, an Assessment Report by the Social Worker of the LSWDO should also be submitted with a copy of the parent/s/legal guardian’s valid identification card with specimen signature, and visa of parents if working abroad (for legitimate children, both grandparents who have the custody of the minor). For illegitimate or non-marital child, consent of maternal grandparents is required
  • Two original colored passport-size photos (white, red, or blue background) of the minor taken within the last 6 months from the time of application. No scanned picture is allowed

Affidavit of Support and certified copy of any evidence to show financial capability of sponsor such as Certificate of Employment, Latest Income Tax Return, Bank Statement

  • In case either or both parents of the minor are deceased, certified true copy of the PSA Death Certificate of each of the parents
  • Unaccompanied Minor Certificate from the Airlines
  • Waiver from the parents releasing DSWD from any liability/responsibility in case of untoward incident during the travel of the child

The requirements above are for minors traveling alone to a foreign country for the first time.

dswd travel clearance application form

How to Renew a DSWD Travel Clearance?

For a succeeding travel of unaccompanied or traveling alone minor to a foreign to a foreign country:.

  • DSWD Clearance application form
  • Notarized affidavit or written consent of both parents, the solo parent and the legal guardian, whichever is applicable, with a copy of the valid identification card with specimen signature
  • Original copy of the previous Travel Clearance issued
  • Two original colored passport-size photos (white, red or blue background) of the minor taken within the last six (6) months from the time of application. No scanned pictures will be accepted
  • Unaccomplished Minor Certificate from the Airlines
  • Waiver the parents releasing DSWD from any liability/responsibility in case of untoward incident during the travel of the child.

Minor traveling for the first time with a person other than the parents or legal guardian:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Photo copy of PSA birth certificate of the minor
  • Notarized affidavit or written consent of both parents or solo parent or legal guardian, attached with valid identification card with specimen signature
  • Photocopy of PSA marriage certificate of the minor’s parents or a certificate of legal guardianship, in the case of solo parent, a solo parent identification card from the LSWDO or a certification of being a solo parent (assessment report of the LSWDO as attachment), a court decree of separation, annulment or  divorce, in case of illegitimate minor, a certificate of no marriage from the PSA, if applicable; in case of deceased parent, a photocopy of the death certificate
  • Two original colored (white, red or blue background) passport size photos of minor taken within the last 6 six months. No scanned pictures will be accepted
  • Photocopy of the passport of the traveling companion.

Minors traveling subsequently with other the parents or legal guardian:

  • Original copy of the Travel Clearance previously issued by DSWD field Office
  • Notarized affidavit of consent from biological parent/s guardian authorizing a particular person to accompany the child in his/her travel abroad, with a copy of the valid identification card with specimen signature
  • Two original colored (white, red or blue background) passport size photos of  minor taken within the last six months. No scanned pictures will be accepted
  • Photocopy of the passport of the traveling companion

Additional requirements for DSWD Travel Clearance for minors – under special circumstances.

For filipino minor migrating to another country:.

  • Visa petition approval

For a minor who will study abroad:

  • Acceptance or certificate of Enrollment or Registration from the school where minor is to be enrolled.

For a minor who will attend conference, study tours, competition, Student Exchange Program, Summer Camp, Pilgrimage, World Youth Day and Other Related activities:

  • Certification from sponsoring organization
  • Affidavit of undertaking of companion indicating the safety measures undertaken by the sports agency (for sports competition)
  • Signed invitation from the Sponsoring agency/organization abroad with itinerary of travel and list of participants and duration of the activity/travel

For minor going abroad for medical purposes:

  • Medical abstract of the minor
  • Recommendation from attending physician that such medical procedure is not available in the country, letter from sponsor

For minors whose parents are seafarers:

  • A certification from the manning agency attesting to the parent’s employment
  • Photocopy of the Seaman’s Book

For abandoned minor with alleged missing parent, if parents are married, the following shall be the requirements:

  • Social Case Study Report executed by a licensed social worker of the local government unit
  • Blotter report from either the local police or barangay certification from the locality or the last known address of the alleged missing
  • One (1) returned registered mail to the last known address of the alleged missing parent or known relative

Depending on the minor’s status above, the documents required and requested must be submitted at the DSWD office where the minor resides. The social worker shall review and evaluate the documents submitted and ensure that they are valid. An interview shall likewise take place and additional documents may be required from the applicants if needed.

DSWD Travel Clearance Fees

How much is the cost of getting DSWD travel clearance? Travel clearance with one-year validity costs P300. For clearances with two-year validity it will cost P600.

DSWD Clearance Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the minor’s parents are dead and there is no appointed legal guardian.

According to DSWD , paternal or maternal grandparents who exercise parental authority over a minor may issue the consent even without guardianship order from the court. But in cases where both the paternal or maternal grandparents are deceased, relatives or acting guardians of the minor should work for their legal guardianship over the minor.

Can illegitimate children with pending visa application at the embassy apply for a travel clearance?

DSWD says that illegitimate children are under the custody of the mother. If they will be traveling with the mother, they are not required to secure a travel clearance from the DSWD. If they are traveling with person other than the mother, they must secure a travel clearance.

Related Guides:

Passport requirements for minors.

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How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines

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Fehl is the founder of Philpad. She has a degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and vlog.

23 thoughts on “How to Get a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors in 2024”

Hi, My 13 yr old son is travelling/migrating abroad with my sister in law. Is my sister in law considered as a legal guardian of my son? Do we still need to get a legal guardianship from court?

Hello. I am currently working abroad and wanted to go home to the philippines and bring my children for a short visit in the country where i am working. Do i still need to secure a travel clearance or travel consent from their father because it is only me and kids who will travel? Thank you

Hi there I would like to confirm with you if does my illegitimate son 15yrs old travelling alone and holds unexpired US permanent resident card still need to secure a travel clearance?

Unfortunately your original reply was not at all clear as my question I don’t think fits the perimeters of these mentioned guidelines. Therefore Could I please confirm even though we are not married our child (illegitimate) holds (Duel Filipino and Australian Citizenship and will be Traveling using both her Filipino and Australian passports) with hier Biological father only therefore are we still required to gain the relevant permission to travel doc from the DSWD or is a permission to travel consent personalized from me and notarized for authenticity purposes enough given the above.

Your confirmation would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for your reply however the reason I wrote my initial question is because I couldn’t find the relevant answer under your updated guidelines therefore could you please confirm further.

Appreciate if your able to do that.

Hi ya (hope you and your family are well)

Could I please confirm even though we are not married our child (illegitimate) holds (Duel Filipino and Australian Citizenship and will be Traveling using both her Filipino and Australian passports) with hier Biological father only therefore are we still required to gain the relevant permission to travel doc from the DSWD or is a permission to travel consent personalized from me and notarized for authenticity purposes enough given the above.

Hi Janice, illegitimate minor who is traveling with his/her biological father needs travel clearance according to the requirements above. Due to the pandemic, please go to the DSWD directly to confirm new requirements because new protocol, additional, or changes in requirements may be required now. God bless and keep safe.

How long is the processing time for travel clearance? I submitted it online but no feedback after a week. I think it will be better to apply it manually coz it will be more efficient and cuts time. For online application, there is no way you can contact anyone for the status of application.

I am travelling with a minor she is 10 month old (she was born here and first time to fly) she holds a filipino and canadian passport do i still need to secure a travel clearance? I am not her mother.

hello, my mother and mother in law will accompany my kids to the country where I am residing. is the grand mother considered legal guardian? and thus no longer required to get travel clearance for my kids anymore?

Hi.. do you have Waiver Letter sample??

Kailangan po ba talaga itong no.8 or for specific situation lang? I need answer immediately thanks.

I’m traveling with my son in China without his dad. Do I need to secure travel clearance? He is 8yrs old.

Hi Is travel clearance from DSWD can also apply for the return to philippines?For the minor’s travelong alone? Thanks.

Yes, DSWD clearance can be used both for leaving the Philippines and returning to the Philippines.

Hi. My daughter is a permanent resident in Canada. We all live here now. She has her permanent resident id card too. This is not her first time to travel but this time she’ll be accompanied by my father. What requirements does she need? Thank you

One of the Exemptions listed is “not a Filipino citizen and are holding a foreign passport” So if your daughter is using a Canadian passport already, she should be exempted from this requirement. But: A minor who is a Filipino citizen and living abroad but does not hold either a permanent resident visa or equivalent pass issued by another country is required to secure a travel clearance.

On the other hand, your father (her Grandfather) is considered a Legal Guardian so should not need DSWD Clearance! As long as it is easily established that he is her Grandfather.

I got last december my dswd clearance with travel companion but now my travel companion is not going with me is it okay?

Im a single mom that hve 2 kids i wnt to bring my kids what do i need to do

“DSWD says that illegitimate children are under the custody of the mother” Also no need for certification if children are travelling with either parent. Except when illegitimate child travelling with Father.

good day we have a child of 10 years old and we want him to travel alone with the flight attendant but the dswd didn’t gave him a travel clearance because they said that 10 years old below not allow to travel alone. is it true? thank you very much…

Interested in this case because I also want my 8yr.old to avail the unaccompanied minor service of PAL but DSWD’s information channels are practically useless.

Did you succeed?

Im sponsoring my dauther to co e here in dubai for a visit visa shes 18 months old .she will be accompanied by her father… the dswd is requiring me to secure a notarizes permit to travel for minors.. is it really needed to obtain as mu husband was there woth my daughter

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A person pours pills out of a bottle into a gloved hand.

A study, published on Monday in the medical journal JAMA , found that the number of abortions using pills obtained outside the formal health system soared in the six months after the national right to abortion was overturned. Another report, published last week by the Guttmacher Institute , a research organization that supports abortion rights, found that medication abortions now account for nearly two-thirds of all abortions provided by the country’s formal health system, which includes clinics and telemedicine abortion services.

The JAMA study evaluated data from overseas telemedicine organizations, online vendors and networks of community volunteers that generally obtain pills from outside the United States. Before Roe was overturned, these avenues provided abortion pills to about 1,400 women per month, but in the six months afterward, the average jumped to 5,900 per month, the study reported.

Overall, the study found that while abortions in the formal health care system declined by about 32,000 from July through December 2022, much of that decline was offset by about 26,000 medication abortions from pills provided by sources outside the formal health system.

“We see what we see elsewhere in the world in the U.S. — that when anti-abortion laws go into effect, oftentimes outside of the formal health care setting is where people look, and the locus of care gets shifted,” said Dr. Abigail Aiken, who is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin and the lead author of the JAMA study.

The co-authors were a statistics professor at the university; the founder of Aid Access, a Europe-based organization that helped pioneer telemedicine abortion in the United States; and a leader of Plan C, an organization that provides consumers with information about medication abortion. Before publication, the study went through the rigorous peer review process required by a major medical journal.

The telemedicine organizations in the study evaluated prospective patients using written medical questionnaires, issued prescriptions from doctors who were typically in Europe and had pills shipped from pharmacies in India, generally charging about $100. Community networks typically asked for some information about the pregnancy and either delivered or mailed pills with detailed instructions, often for free.

Online vendors, which supplied a small percentage of the pills in the study and charged between $39 and $470, generally did not ask for women’s medical history and shipped the pills with the least detailed instructions. Vendors in the study were vetted by Plan C and found to be providing genuine abortion pills, Dr. Aiken said.

The Guttmacher report, focusing on the formal health care system, included data from clinics and telemedicine abortion services within the United States that provided abortion to patients who lived in or traveled to states with legal abortion between January and December 2023.

It found that pills accounted for 63 percent of those abortions, up from 53 percent in 2020. The total number of abortions in the report was over a million for the first time in more than a decade.

Why This Matters

Overall, the new reports suggest how rapidly the provision of abortion has adjusted amid post-Roe abortion bans in 14 states and tight restrictions in others.

The numbers may be an undercount and do not reflect the most recent shift: shield laws in six states allowing abortion providers to prescribe and mail pills to tens of thousands of women in states with bans without requiring them to travel. Since last summer, for example, Aid Access has stopped shipping medication from overseas and operating outside the formal health system; it is instead mailing pills to states with bans from within the United States with the protection of shield laws.

What’s Next

In the case that will be argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the plaintiffs, who oppose abortion, are suing the Food and Drug Administration, seeking to block or drastically limit the availability of mifepristone, the first pill in the two-drug medication abortion regimen.

The JAMA study suggests that such a ruling could prompt more women to use avenues outside the formal American health care system, such as pills from other countries.

“There’s so many unknowns about what will happen with the decision,” Dr. Aiken said.

She added: “It’s possible that a decision by the Supreme Court in favor of the plaintiffs could have a knock-on effect where more people are looking to access outside the formal health care setting, either because they’re worried that access is going away or they’re having more trouble accessing the medications.”

Pam Belluck is a health and science reporter, covering a range of subjects, including reproductive health, long Covid, brain science, neurological disorders, mental health and genetics. More about Pam Belluck


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    If qualified, the social worker will extend a referral letter or Social Case Study Report based on the requirements of concerned agencies extending medical, transportation, and burial assistance. ... (DSWD) or duly appointed Legal Guardian by the court.• Any family member who assumes the responsibility or head of the family as a result of the ...

  16. Case Studies

    Case Studies Case Studies. Helping Street Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances: A Guidebook for Social Work Practitioners. 1992 ... The DSWD KM Portal is a dynamic facility founded to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the DSWD and its partners. The Portal has vast collection of DSWD Knowledge Products (KPs) and ...

  17. DSWD e-Services

    The DSWD eServices is an online application systems that aims to provide direct public access to DSWD frontline services through the internet and reduce the processing and approval time of DSWD transaction with the public. The DSWD eServices covers the online applications, processing and approvals of the following frontline services: Travel ...

  18. How to Get a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors in 2024

    Prepare the documents required for the application of travel clearance. Fill out the application form provided by the the DSWD. Submit your application at the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Pay the processing fees. Receive your travel clearance.

  19. How To Get Case Study From Dswd

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  20. How To Get Case Study From Dswd

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  21. How To Get A Grant For Your Small Business

    Take some time to do the research and see what grants and resources are available to you. Chances are, there are programs out there that you qualify for, and with a little effort, you could be on ...

  22. PDF Department of Social Welfare and Development

    A Social Case Study report prepared by the I-GU social worker/ medical social worker, or a social case summary prepared by a registered social worker may be required by the CIU social worker to support assessment and recommendation of assistance. A social case study report is required as supporting document for assistance more than PhP5,OOO.

  23. Use of Abortion Pills Has Risen Significantly Post Roe, Research Shows

    The News. On the eve of oral arguments in a Supreme Court case that could affect future access to abortion pills, new research shows the fast-growing use of medication abortion nationally and the ...

  24. PDF Department of Social Welfare and Development

    Department of Social Welfare and Development

  25. case-study-1

    case-study-1. case-study-1. Published June 3, ... DSWD uses Google Analytics, Social Media Widgets, and Third-Party charts, to render feeds, visualizations, and analyze the web traffic data for us. These services use cookies. You can consent to the use of such technologies by closing this notice, by interacting with any link or button outside ...