11 Interactive Presentation Games to Win Easy Engagement in 2024

Lawrence Haywood • 08 April, 2024 • 17 min read

So, how to make a presentation engaging? Audience attention is a slippery snake. It’s difficult to grasp and even less easy to hold, yet you need it for a successful presentation.

No Death by PowerPoint, no to drawing monologues; it’s time to bring out the interactive presentation games !

Bonus : Free game presentation templates to use. Scroll down for more👇

These 11 games below are perfect for an interactive presentation . They’ll score you mega-plus points with colleagues, students, or wherever else you need a kick of super-engaging interactivity… So let’s check out those exciting presentation formats!

Table of Contents

  • #1: Live Quiz

#2: What Would You Do?

#3: key number, #4: guess the order, #5: 2 truths, 1 lie, #6: 4 corners, #7: obscure word cloud, #8: heart, gun, bomb.

  • #9: Match Up

#10: Spin the Wheel

#11: q&a balloons, interactive powerpoint presentation games – yes or no, frequently asked questions.

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#1: Live Quiz Competition

Is there any event that hasn’t been immediately improved with some trivia?

A live quiz is an evergreen, ever-engaging way to consolidate your presentation’s info and check the understanding of it all amongst your audience. Expect big laughs as your audience competes fiercely over who was listening to your presentation the most complex.

Here’s how to play:

  • Set up your questions on AhaSlides – the free quizzing software .
  • Present your quiz to your players, who join by typing your unique code into their phones.
  • Take your players through each question, and they race to get the correct answer the fastest.
  • Check the final leaderboard to reveal the winner!

Learn how to set up your presentation quiz for free in just a few minutes! 👇

Put your audience in your shoes. Give them a scenario related to your presentation and see how they would deal with it.

Let’s say you’re a teacher giving a presentation on dinosaurs. After presenting your info, you would ask something like…

A stegosaurus is chasing you, ready to snap you up for dinner. How do you escape?

After each person submits their answer, you can take a vote to see which is the crowd’s favourite response to the scenario.

This is one of the best presentation games for students as it gets young minds whirring creatively. But it also works great in a work setting and can have a similar freeing effect, which is especially significant as a large group icebreaker .

  • Create a brainstorming slide and write your scenario at the top.
  • Participants join your presentation on their phones and type their responses to your scenario.
  • Afterwards, each participant votes for their favourite (or top 3 favourites) answers.
  • The participant with the most votes is revealed as the winner!

No matter the topic of your presentation, there’s sure to be a lot of numbers and figures flying around.

As an audience member, keeping track of them isn’t always easy, but one of the interactive presentation games that makes it easier is Key Number .

Here, you offer a simple prompt of a number, and the audience responds with what they think it refers to. For example, if you write ‘ $25′ , your audience might respond with ‘our cost per acquisition’ , ‘our daily budget for TikTok advertising’ or ‘the amount John spends on jelly tots every day’ .

  • Create a few multiple-choice slides (or open-ended slides to make it more complicated).
  • Write your key number at the top of each slide.
  • Write the answer options.
  • Participants join your presentation on their phones.
  • Participants select the answer they think the critical number relates to (or type in their answer if open-ended).

presenter using AhaSlides for interactive presentation games

If keeping track of numbers and figures is challenging, it can be even tougher to follow entire processes or workflows explained in a presentation.

To cement this information in your audience’s mind, Guess the Order is a fantastic minigame for presentations.

You write the steps of a process, jumble them up, and then see who can put them in the right order the fastest.

  • Create a ‘Correct Order’ slide and write your statements.
  • Statements are automatically jumbled up.
  • Players join your presentation on their phones.
  • Players race to put the statements in the correct order.

free interactive presentation games

You might have heard of this one as a great icebreaker, but it’s also one of the top presentation games for checking who’s paying attention.

And it’s pretty simple to do. Just think of two statements using the information in your presentation, and make another one up. Players have to guess which is the one you’ve made up.

This one is a great re-capping game and works for students and colleagues.

  • Create a list of 2 truths and one lie covering different topics in your presentation.
  • Read out two truths and one lie and get participants to guess the lie.
  • Participants vote for the lie either by hand or through a multiple-choice slide in your presentation.

4 corners: one of the presentation games that helps get audience attention.

The best presentations are ones that spark a bit of creative thinking and discussion. There’s no better presentation game for evoking this than 4 Corners.

The concept is simple. Present a statement based on something from your presentation that’s open to different points of view. Depending on each player’s opinion, they move to a corner of the room labelled ‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ .

Maybe something like this:

An individual is shaped more by nature than nurture.

Once everyone is in their corner, you could have a structured debate between the four sides to bring different opinions to the table.

  • Set up the ‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ and ‘strongly disagree’ corners of your room (if running a virtual presentation, then a simple show of hands could work).
  • Write some statements which are open to different opinions.
  • Read out the statement.
  • Each player stands in the right corner of the room, depending on their view.
  • Discuss the four different viewpoints.

word cloud slide as part of presentation games on AhaSlides.

Live word clouds are always a beautiful addition to any interactive presentation. If you want our advice, include them whenever you can – presentation games or not.

If you do plan to use one for a game in your presentation, a great one to try is Obscure Word Cloud .

It works on the same concept as the popular UK game show Pointless . Your players are given a statement and have to name the most obscure answer they can. The least-mentioned correct answer is the winner!

Take this example statement:

Name one of our top 10 countries for customer satisfaction.

The most popular answers may be India, USA and Brazil , but the points go to the least mentioned correct country.

  • Create a word cloud slide with your statement at the top.
  • Players submit the most obscure answer they can think of.
  • The most obscure one appears most diminutive on the board. Whoever submitted that answer is the winner!

Word Clouds for Every Presentation

Get these word cloud templates when you sign up for free with AhaSlides!

What to do with collaborative word cloud

For Ice Breaking

What to do with collaborative word cloud

For Testing

What to do with collaborative word cloud

This one’s a great game to use in the classroom, but if you’re not looking for presentation games for students, it also works wonders in a casual work setting.

Heart, Gun, Bomb is a game in which teams take turns to answer questions presented in a grid. If they get an answer right, they either get a heart, a gun or a bomb…

  • A ❤️ grants the team an extra life.
  • A 🔫 takes away one life from any other team.
  • A 💣 takes away one heart from the team who got it.

All teams start with five hearts. The team with the most hearts at the end, or the only surviving team, is the winner!

  • Before starting, create a grid table for yourself with either a heart, gun or bomb occupying each grid (on a 5×5 grid, this should be 12 hearts, nine guns and four bombs).
  • Present another grid table to your players (5×5 for two teams, 6×6 for three groups, etc.)
  • Write a figure stat (like 25%) from your presentation into each grid.
  • Split players into the desired number of teams.
  • Team 1 chooses a grid and says the meaning behind the number ( for example, the number of customers last quarter ).
  • If they’re wrong, they lose a heart. If they’re right, they get either a seat, gun or bomb, depending on what the grid corresponds to on your grid table.
  • Repeat this with all the teams until there’s a winner!

👉 Get more interactive presentation ideas (interactive PowerPoint ideas) with AhaSlides.

#9: Match Up – Interactive Presentation Games

Here’s another quiz-type question that can be a great addition to your roster of presentation games.

It involves a set of prompt statements and a set of answers. Each group is jumbled; the players must match the information with the correct answer as quickly as possible.

Again, this one works well when the answers are numbers and figures.

  • Create a ‘Match Pairs’ question.
  • Fill out the set of prompts and answers, which will automatically shuffle.
  • Players match each prompt with its answer as fast as possible to score the most points.

If there’s a more versatile presentation game tool than the humble spinner wheel , we aren’t aware of it.

Adding the random factor of a spinner wheel might be just what you need to keep engagement in your presentation high. There are presentation games you can use with this, including…

  • Choosing a random participant to answer a question.
  • Choosing a bonus prize after getting an answer correct.
  • Choosing the next person to ask a Q&A question or give a presentation.
  • Create a spinner wheel slide and write the title at the top.
  • Write the entries for the spinner wheel.
  • Spin the wheel and see where it lands!

Tip 💡 You can choose the AhaSlides spinner wheel to use your participants’ names, so you don’t have to fill in the entries manually! Learn more interactive presentation techniques with AhaSlides.

Foil Balloon Question Mark by PixelSquid360 on Envato Elements

This one’s a great way to turn a regular end-of-presentation feature into a fun, engaging game.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a standard Q&A, but this time, all the questions are written on balloons.

It’s a super simple one to set up and play, but you’ll see how motivated participants are to ask questions when it involves balloons!

  • Hand out a deflated balloon and a Sharpie to each participant.
  • Each participant blows up the balloon and writes their question on it.
  • Each participant bats their balloon to where the speaker is standing.
  • The speaker answers the question and then pops or throws away the balloon.

🎉 Tips: Best Q&A Apps to Engage With Your Audience | 5+ Platforms For Free in 2024

So, how do you feel about AhaSlides’s creative ideas for presentations? Being by far the most popular presentation tool on the planet, you may want to know if there are any presentation games to play on PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. PowerPoint takes presentations incredibly seriously and doesn’t have a lot of time for interactivity or fun of any kind.

But there’s good news…

It is possible to directly embed presentation games into PowerPoint presentations with free help from AhaSlides.

You can import your PowerPoint presentation to AhaSlides with the click of a button and vice versa , then place interactive presentation games like the ones above directly between your presentation slides.

💡 PowerPoint presentation games in less than 5 minutes ? Check the video below or our quick tutorial here to find out how!

What are the benefits of playing interactive presentation games?

⁤Interactive presentation games boost engagement, participation and knowledge retention. ⁤⁤They turn passive listeners into active learners by incorporating elements like live polls , idea board , quizzes, word clouds and Q&A .

How do you make a presentation interactive with games?

– Match your content: The game should reinforce the topics being covered, not just be random entertainment. – Audience considerations: Age, group size, and their knowledge level will inform game complexity. – Tech tools & time: Consider tools like AhaSlides, Mentimeter Alternatives , Kahoot , etc., or design simple no-tech games based on the time you have. – Utilise appropriate questions, including icebreaker games questions or general knowledge quiz questions

How can I make my presentation more engaging?

Making presentations more engaging can be a challenge, but there are several techniques you can use to make your presentation more interesting and memorable, including (1) start with a strong opening (2) use lots of visual ads and (3) tell attractive story. Also, remember to keep it short and sweet, and of course, practice a lots!

Lawrence Haywood

Lawrence Haywood

Former ESL teacher and quiz master converted to the wild slide. Now a content creator, traveller, musician and big time slider preaching the good word of interactivity.

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5 Interactive PowerPoint Game Templates for Unforgettable Lessons

Ausbert Generoso

Ausbert Generoso

5 Interactive PowerPoint Game Templates for Unforgettable Lessons

In the digital age, PowerPoint has evolved far beyond its traditional role as a static slideshow tool. It has emerged as a versatile canvas where creativity knows no bounds, and where education and entertainment can seamlessly co-exist. Imagine captivating your audience not just with information but with an interactive journey that sparks curiosity, competition, and camaraderie. This is the magic of PowerPoint games.

📸 Picture this: a classroom abuzz with excitement as students eagerly participate in a trivia quiz that feels more like a game show. Or a virtual conference where attendees don’t just listen passively, but actively engage with the content, making choices that shape the narrative. The secret behind these captivating experiences lies not just in PowerPoint itself, but in the innovative tools that unlock its true potential.

Young boy in front of a television participating in PowerPoint games

In this blog, we will explore the art and science of creating games that educate, entertain, and leave a lasting impact. We will delve into the principles of gamification with actual, downloadable PowerPoint game templates powered a subtle yet potent ally that can further elevate your game. Follow along so you would know what this power tool is!

Table of Contents

8 Editable PowerPoint Game Templates

Engage your audience with these interactive PowerPoint Games. Customize these templates to fit your very own topic and presentation. The file includes templates for Interactive Quizzes, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Memory, Hangman, Jeopardy, and a PowerPoint Puzzle!

The Power of Gamified PowerPoints

Ah, the thrill of the game – it’s not just about fun, it’s about learning too!  Gamification has unleashed a revolution in education , transforming the way we absorb knowledge. Imagine turning seemingly mundane concepts into exciting challenges, where every answer unlocks a new level of understanding. That’s the magic of gamification, and it’s changing the game (pun intended 😉) in classrooms and beyond.

But here’s the twist – technology isn’t just a bystander; it’s the co-pilot on this educational joyride. In the world of PowerPoint games , technology plays a pivotal role in infusing interactivity and engagement into the learning process . With a click and a slide, we’re whisked away to a realm where questions become quests, and answers are the keys to conquering new horizons.

free interactive presentation games

Now, imagine taking this gamification marvel and coupling it with the prowess of PowerPoint. Enter powerpoint games – a blend of creativity, technology, and education that opens doors to a whole new dimension of learning. And guess what? Tools like ClassPoint are your trusty sidekicks, effortlessly enhancing this gamification journey.

The Psychology Behind Gamification

Gamification isn’t just about the thrill of competition – it is a carefully crafted blend of psychology and technology that captivates minds and fuels a hunger for knowledge. Let us explore the psychological underpinnings that make gamified PowerPoint presentations an educational powerhouse:

“Students get challenged when they see a particular colleague of theirs doing much better than others, creating a competitive yet fun atmosphere during class.” Nancy Martin, SEO Manager,  FTKnowledge

🧠 Intrinsic Motivation

Gamification taps into our innate desire to learn and achieve. By framing learning as a game, students become more self-motivated, eager to conquer challenges and unlock new levels of understanding.

💭 Immediate Feedback

The instant gratification of feedback in gamified presentations is a game-changer. It satisfies our craving for knowledge validation and fuels the urge to keep progressing.

🎯 Goal-Oriented Learning

Just like a game’s objective, learning becomes purposeful. Each concept mastered is a checkpoint reached, making the learning journey feel like a series of accomplishments.

🎁 Rewards and Recognition

The allure of rewards, badges, and stars triggers a surge of dopamine – the brain’s feel-good chemical. This not only boosts engagement but also makes learning a positively charged experience.

🏆 Sense of Achievement

Accomplishments in gamified PowerPoint games create a sense of achievement that’s hard to replicate in traditional learning settings. Every correct answer and level completed becomes a mini-victory.

🙋🏻‍♂️ Active Participation

The interactive nature of gamification transforms passive listeners into active participants. This hands-on approach solidifies understanding, as learning becomes an experience rather than a lecture.

🎱 Competition and Collaboration

Gamification strikes a balance between healthy competition and teamwork. ClassPoint’s features, like leaderboard , inspire friendly rivalry while fostering cooperation and peer learning.

😮‍💨 Reduced Anxiety

The game-like environment reduces anxiety associated with learning. Students feel more comfortable taking risks, experimenting, and learning from mistakes.

⏳ Long-Term Engagement

By tapping into our psychological need for novelty and challenge, gamified presentations maintain long-term engagement, preventing knowledge decay over time.

📚 Personalized Learning

Gamification allows for tailored experiences. Students can navigate at their own pace, focusing on areas they find challenging, enhancing the feeling of individualized attention.

Yes, we know you are excited to turn your lesson into an epic adventure. But before that, let us share a few pro tips with you so you can create much more powerful classroom games with PowerPoint:

Are you ready to turn your lesson into an epic adventure?

4+1 Downloadable PowerPoint Game Templates

We have prepared a collection of captivating PowerPoint game templates that you can use straightaway! Each one is meticulously designed to transform education into a thrilling journey. With the help of these templates and ClassPoint’s ingenious gamification features , you will be able to create interactive PowerPoint games that capture attention, spark curiosity, and foster a deeper understanding of your content.

Let’s get started!

PowerPoint Game Template #1: Memory Game

Who said memory exercises have to be boring? With our Memory Game template, you will be able to craft an engaging classroom challenge that is not only entertaining but also enhances memory recall. Using a mix of shapes and in-app icons, you will create a grid of hidden blocks, each concealing unique icons.

PowerPoint Game Template #2: Slide Zoom AI-Generated Quiz

Behold the Slide Zoom AI Quiz – a dazzling fusion of technology and education that will leave your audience in awe! Thanks to ClassPoint’s AI quiz feature , generating questions is a breeze. It is as simple as creating a PowerPoint slide; our AI does the rest. Whether your slide is about “marketing” or even “bananas,” our AI can create questions in a snap. Powered by OpenAI , the very technology that fuels ChatGPT , ClassPoint AI provides you with a ready-to-go quiz in seconds!

But that is not all! Transform these question slides into dynamic mini slides using PowerPoint slide zoom animation to bring your PowerPoint game to the next level. And the magic does not have to stop there – utilize ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects to reveal these mini slides, adding a dash of intrigue to your PowerPoint game.

And let us not forget the pièce de résistance – unleash the power of ClassPoint’s gamification features for the ultimate game mode. It is not just a quiz, but also an unforgettable experience in the world of PowerPoint games!

PowerPoint Game Template #3: Hidden Picture Game

Picture a puzzle where each question holds a clue to a hidden picture. But that is not all – ClassPoint’s dynamic presentations tools let you orchestrate the unveiling, turning it into a suspenseful adventure with drag & drop + live inking . As the game master, you hold the power to reveal the mystery picture.

And with an added wow factor from ClassPoint’s gamified stars , you will amplify the excitement and competition, making this template a true crowd-pleaser.

PowerPoint Game Template #4: Mandela Effect Quiz

Step into the realm of the Mandela Effect Quiz – a mind-bending exploration of memory and perception. Here’s the twist: it’s all about Multiple Choice magic, brought to you by ClassPoint’s interactive quiz question buttons . Participants receive the multiple-choice question slide on their smartphones, engaging in an instant battle of wits. Which is fact, which is fiction? Let your students find out. Challenge your audience’s understanding, spark debates, and bask in the thrill of discovering the truth together.

PowerPoint Game Template - Mandela Effect Quiz

[Bonus] PowerPoint Game Template #5: Trivia Quiz

The PowerPoint game templates list would not be complete without a trivia quiz template. Prepare for an exhilarating twist that will leave your students spellbound. Brace yourselves with the list of exciting trivia questions from easy to difficult, all orchestrated by the ingenious interactive quiz question buttons seamlessly integrated in PowerPoint from ClassPoint. Participants can easily participate in your PowerPoint quizzes simply by using their device! As the participants embark on this mental showdown, you can effortlessly spice up the game atmosphere by awarding stars and revealing the leaderboard at the end of each round!

free interactive presentation games

To ensure a smooth experience in using the above templates, make sure you have ClassPoint within your PowerPoint app! Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here .

And now, armed with our arsenal of PowerPoint game templates, you stand poised to usher your classroom teaching into an unparalleled realm of excellence and excitement! But, before you set forth on this transformative journey, we would like to let you in to one final secret , which allows you to turn these PowerPoint game templates into more powerful game adventures. Keep reading!

Elevating Your PowerPoint Games with ClassPoint

With the PowerPoint game templates alone, you will only be able to scratch the surface of interactive and gamified teaching. ClassPoint takes this playful and gamified learning to an entirely new dimension, turning your presentations into interactive adventures that engage, inspire, and educate like never before. We will share with you a myriad of ways on how you can make use of the ClassPoint integrated features in the PowerPoint game templates and easily turn any ordinary presentations into one-of-its-kind PowerPoint games:

  • Interactive Quizzing

ClassPoint’s interactive quizzes integrated inside PowerPoint allow you to turn ordinary PowerPoint slides into captivating quizzes with a mere click. Thanks to ClassPoint’s magic, question buttons become gateways to engagement and game sessions in PowerPoint. Participants can easily join any of the interactive quizzes using their smartphones or devices, while the presenter collects the responses on PowerPoint effortlessly.

  • Drag and Drop

The ability to drag and drop in PowerPoint is paramount for crafting captivating interactive games. Luckily, with ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects , you can turn your PowerPoint elements into draggable objects effortlessly. With ClassPoint’s ingenious Draggable Objects feature, your PowerPoint is bestowed with unparalleled flexibility instantly. It seamlessly transforms any elements within your presentation into draggable entities, allowing them to be manipulated effortlessly during Slideshow mode.

  • Handy Slide Show Tools

Wave goodbye to mundane presentations and say hello to dynamic control. With ClassPoint wide range of presentation features , you wield the power to create interactive PowerPoint game experiences that astonish. Spin the wheel to randomly select names , orchestrate live inking sessions, and indulge in dynamic drag-and-drop activities – all while your audience is on the edge of their seats.

  • Gamified Learning Journey

ClassPoint gamification

PowerPoint games reach new heights with ClassPoint’s star-studded reward system available in PowerPoint Slideshow mode. During PowerPoint games, you can award students stars , elevate them through levels , and watch as they proudly adorn badges of achievement. The competitive spirit soars as the in-built leaderboard paints a vivid picture of who’s ruling the knowledge arena.

  • Student Performance Data

ClassPoint Quiz Mode

Let us not forget to keep track of student performance while we incorporate games into student learning. Luckily, ClassPoint is more than interactive bells and whistles. It is a data-driven ally, enabling you to track student performance with precision during PowerPoint games! Downloadable Excel reports and quiz summaries are available right at your fingertips to paint a comprehensive picture of your student progress.

  • Real-time Game Feedback

No more waiting for post-game surveys. With ClassPoint’s quick poll , real-time feedback is your constant companion. Gauge understanding, adjust your approach, and make instant connections with your audience’s insights during or after your PowerPoint games!

The best part is — ClassPoint does not just play well with PowerPoint – it dances harmoniously within it. ClassPoint is seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint so you can turn any ordinary presentation slides into a game adventure instantly! No app-switching drama; just pure, uninterrupted focus on creating engaging content.

And so, we come to the end of our journey through the world of PowerPoint games and the magic of ClassPoint. This adventure has not only shown us the power of technology but also the incredible possibilities it brings to education. But more than just the technical aspects, remember the heart of it all – the excitement of discovery, the connections made, and the joy of learning something new.

Here’s to those “aha” moments, the animated discussions ignited by quizzes, and the sense of accomplishment that accompanies every step forward in learning.

Ready to take your PowerPoint games to the next level? Sign up for a free ClassPoint account now and embark on an educational journey where engagement knows no limits. Unleash the power of interactive design and gamification, and transform your presentations into captivating learning experiences that leave a lasting impact. Let’s make learning an adventure together!

Download All 8 Editable PowerPoint Game Templates

Engage your audience with these interactive PowerPoint Games. Customize the templates to fit your very own topic and presentation. The file includes templates for Interactive Quizzes, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Memory, Hangman, Jeopardy, and a PowerPoint Puzzle!

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free interactive presentation games

20 Interactive Presentation Games

  • Employee Engagement , Event Planning , Leadership Techniques

free interactive presentation games

Meetings and conferences can be painfully tedious and dull. So much so that the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” has made it into our lexicon. According to Thomas Sowell , an American political economist and commentator, “People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.”

But if the problem with meetings is that they tend to be boring, the solution lies in finding ways to better engage and entertain your audience. You probably know the feeling of sitting in a meeting, trying to pay attention while one person drones on for an hour.

Even if the purpose of the meeting is to train, disseminate new developments, or even get everyone up to speed on weekly goals, engaging your audience creates a motivation to pay attention.

That’s why interactive presentation games are a great way to re-energizing meetings by involving audiences in the presentation. Interactive presentation turn passive listeners into active participants. Games allow the attendees to learn new skills, think of solutions within a short time period, and solve problems together.

‍ MeetingPulse equips your team with the tools and resources to create engaging events. With that in mind, here’s our guide to a few popular interactive presentation games.

‍ Related: Creating a Positive Organizational Culture while working remote

1. Project Jeopardy

free interactive presentation games

This game is designed to make the presentation of reports more fun and interactive. The lead person on the report creates cards that have answers from the report.

For example, the card reads “25%.” The rest of the team is supposed to ask the correct question corresponding to the “25%” answer on the card. The question could be something like, “What was the company revenue growth for the quarter?”

‍ How to play: Give everyone the URL to your MeetingPulse meeting. Display the question on your screen and create multiple choice answers or leave it open-ended. The answers will pop up on the administrator’s screen in real-time, and you can share the answers to see how many people got it right.

2. Idea Box Game

free interactive presentation games

The Idea Box game is excellent for brainstorming meetings where employees can share ideas about a project or product . It helps get the creative juices flowing and might even lead to some usable prototypes. Instead of having one speaker after another speak about their idea, having a team create an idea box creates a space for collaboration to further spark innovation.

‍ How to play: Use the MeetingPulse brainstorming tool to have teams vote and collect feedback about the products. Have each attendee log in to your MeetingPulse link — a virtual Idea Box. Give small groups thirty minutes to brainstorm, then allow submissions.

At the end of the exercise, each team should have the product name, features and functions, marketing taglines, and other vital product details.

Once each team has completed their box they’re invited to share it with the rest of the team who finally vote for the best box. Their ideas will appear on the screen right away, and participants can upvote or downvote in Reddit-style fashion and even submit emoji reactions.

3. The Introduction Game

free interactive presentation games

This game is ideal for a new group of team members meeting for the first time on a mutual project or new hires joining a team. Give the new hires a chance to introduce themselves in an unforgettable manner.

‍ How to play: Ask the new members to bring a personal item or a favorite song. During the meeting, introduce them by letting their song blare for a few minutes on the sound system and then ask them to say something about themselves. If you’re using the personal item, ask them to talk about the item and what it means to them.

4. The talking stick

free interactive presentation games

This activity makes sure that anyone who has a contribution not only gets to do so, but also that they get to speak uninterrupted. Using the talking stick is a great, rapid-fire way to focus the meeting on deep and meaningful contributions.

‍ How to play: Form a circle and make sure everyone’s seated. Before the discussion begins, everyone should agree that the moderator has the power to choose whoever speaks next. Once a member finishes talking, they should put the stick back in the center for the next person.

Use the MeetingPulse audience feedback capability to gain insight right away. Choose up to four emojis and allow your audience to react as they listen to new ideas.

5. Telephone game

free interactive presentation games

The telephone game is used typically as an ice breaker or to liven up a group after a couple of mind-numbing presentations. While it doesn’t really work with a very large group, a sizable number like 10 to 15 people is just right.

‍ How to play: The meeting leader whispers the latest company marketing strategy used to the person on their left who is then supposed to relay the message to the next person and on and on until the last person gets the message.

The last person then gets to tell the rest of the team the final message, and you can compare it to the primary message from the lead.

6. The trivia competition

free interactive presentation games

You can use this game to test the attendees’ trivia knowledge of the company or of general business trends . Create a trivia competition where the members play for points and the winner gets a prize. Project the points for everyone to see the winner.

‍ How to play: Formulate questions related to the company and use them for the trivia test. You can use MeetingPulse to create the questions, and set the timer to begin the game together. To add an extra touch of fun, include images with your multiple choice questions. Visuals add to the level of engagement and give your meetings an extra edge.

free interactive presentation games

7. Fill in the phrase

free interactive presentation games

Check out Meeting Pulse for Cool and creative ways to make polling questions and Quizzes!

‍ This game requires participants to fill in blanks on a survey or report. The survey or report should not be complete until the end of the presentation. This game rewards audiences for listening, and you can even provide some sort of prize.

‍ How to play: Create a report for attendees that has blanks. As you continue with the presentation, invite them to fill in the blanks from the information you are giving. Not only does the audience remain engaged, but they retain crucial information better.

‍ MeetingPulse integrates with Powerpoints , so you can use our single answer polling feature to play this game and display the results directly in your PowerPoint presentation.

8. Word of the day

free interactive presentation games

Have a word of the day game as part of your presentation or meeting. It can be a phrase or a word.

‍ How to play: The presenter should weave the word or phrase into their presentation and the audience acknowledges its use by shouting back. The word must come from the team and not the presenter. This activity keeps everyone alert. Sometimes shouting can be distracting in the middle of a meeting.

In this case, use the MeetingPulse emoji feature, and everyone can submit ? when you use the word “key learnings.”

9. The 20 questions game

free interactive presentation games

You get 20 questions to help you identify a picture that you can’t see, but the audience can. The audience can only lead you with yes or no questions. Use this game to liven up the audience.

‍ How to play: The audience will choose a picture that you can’t see. Have someone submit a photo and display it on the MeetingPulse user dashboard. Get blindfolded and begin to ask questions regarding the picture. You get only twenty questions to get it right.

If you’re an advertising agency, you can use this test your employees’ memory and see if they remember what you worked on. To keep track of all the questions and responses, have the audience choose “yes” or “no” by using a polling tool instead of having them shout it out.

10. Call and response

free interactive presentation games

This game keeps the audience focused. The leader in the meeting calls out a phrase randomly during their presentation and the audience responds to it .

‍ How to play: Agree on the action to be taken every time the phrase is called out. The second the presenter calls out the word, your audience can dance, clap or just rise and seat. Alternatively, they can respond with a phrase, word, or an emoji using MeetingPulse.

11. What would I have done?

In this game, ask each member of the team what their alternative career would be. The point of the game is to open up to each other and foster conversation.

‍ How to play: Each member writes down their alternative career and waits their turn to reveal. The audience collectively asks “What would you have done?” and the selected member responds explaining why they chose that alternative. This is another great game you can play virtually, especially if you’re working with a big team.

With MeetingPulse , you can find out everyone’s alternative career and even get some statistics.

12. Fabulous flags


In this game , team members draw things that matter to them on their flag. This is known as the personal flag game, and it’s an excellent ice breaker activity.

‍ How to play: Everyone gets 10 minutes to draw objects or symbols that represent something meaningful in their lives. Each person gets two minutes to explain the items on their flag.

free interactive presentation games

13. Botticelli

raise hand

Similar to 20 questions, this game also tests your trivia. You keep in mind a person, place, or thing, and the audience has to guess. The game is a bit more complex because the player can talk back to the audience and distract them from the name.

‍ How to play: The audience asks leading questions to which the player responds with a yes or no. If they ask a specific question like “Does the celebrity’s name start with B?” then the player can respond with “It’s not Brad Pitt.”

This game is logistically easy to plan because all you need to do is formulate the poll questions and integrate them into your PowerPoint with MeetingPulse .

14. Candy introductions

free interactive presentation games

This is a game that allows people to get to know each other while enjoying some sweet treats. It’s excellent for training sessions where participants are complete strangers, providing general topics for introductions that employees can elaborate upon further.

‍ How to play: The participants choose different types of candy from a bag and use each to represent different topics about themselves during the introduction. They can talk about family, career, hobbies, unexpected characteristic and dream destinations.

15. Crazy job interview

job interview game

In this game, one participant tries to convince the others why they would be the best for a certain job. They have to expound on qualities given by another player and how those qualities make them a good fit.

‍ How to play: The participant is given a career, like a supermodel. Then they are given random phrases like “angry with the queen” or “intellectually incompatible” and they have to use these phrases to explain why they would be great at being a supermodel.

16. The elimination game

person eliminated form game

The elimination game helps participants to get to know each other, using a series of questions to find out the most common and most rare similarities amongst people within your company.

‍ How to play: The whole room is asked to stand up. The leader then asks elimination questions like “how many are attending this conference for the first time?” That group gets to sit down. The next is “remain standing if this is your fourth consecutive attendance.” The rest of the group sits down. And the elimination questions continue.

17. Would you rather

person thinking

This is a fun game to liven up the room, giving participants two choices of something they can do. They have to choose the lesser evil.

‍ How to play: The player is given a question with two very bad or very good outcomes. For example, if the employees are afraid of heights, ask, “Would you rather go sky diving or bungee jumping?”

If you want to play this game with a large group of people, you can use MeetingPulse to get answers in real time. This game can also provide valuable insight for you. For instance, you can ask, “Would you rather have a breakfast spread or small desserts for our next meeting?”

18. Anagrams

free interactive presentation games

‍ Think up a word and have everyone else try to figure it out. Expect some hilarious answers as everyone chips in.

‍ How to play: Jumble up the letters but ensure that they create a five or six letter word anagram when correctly aligned. Only the presenter should suggest the word, and the activity should be timed. People can submit their answers live on MeetingPulse .

19. Two truths and a lie

Truth or lie

The players get to tell two truths and one lie about themselves and the audience deciphers which one is the lie.

‍ How to play: The player chooses a topic, like “career.” They tell two real facts about their career and one lie. The audience then decides which statement is false and why they believe that.

20. Choose the Agenda

free interactive presentation games

In this activity, the participants choose the agenda of the meeting instead of being told what it is. This allow them to address burning issues.

‍ How to play: Participants are invited to submit their agendas, which are shared by everyone and then voted on. The one with the most votes becomes the main agenda for the meeting. This gives participants control over the meeting as well.

You can use MeetingPulse’s brainstorming tool with the upvoting feature for this!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the best interactive presentation games, you’re ready to host your next event with new and creative ways to keep your audience engaged. MeetingPulse is a great tool and resource for you to make your presentations more memorable and — dare we say it — fun.

‍ Related: 25 Fun Poll Questions to Ask Your Audience

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free interactive presentation games

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free interactive presentation games

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15 Interactive Presentation Games to Engage Your Audience

From quizzes to polls, captivate your audience and make your presentations unforgettable with 15 interactive presentation games.

In the world of presentations and public speaking, engaging your audience is crucial. A captivating presentation can leave a lasting impact and ensure that your message is heard and retained. One effective way to achieve this engagement is by incorporating interactive presentation games into your talks.

Interactive presentation games break the monotony of traditional slideshows and transform passive listeners into active participants. In this blog, we’ll explore 15 interactive presentation games that can make your presentations more dynamic, memorable, and enjoyable for your audience.

Why Use Interactive Presentation Games?

Traditional presentations often involve passive listening, which can lead to disengagement and limited retention of information. On the other hand, interactive presentation games create an environment of active participation. 

Making your presentations more memorable and impactful. They foster interaction, feedback, and collaboration, turning your audience into active participants rather than passive observers.

Benefits of Engaging Your Audience

Engaging your audience with interactive presentation games offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: Interactive presentation games grab your audience’s attention and keep them actively involved throughout the presentation.
  • Improved Information Retention: Active participation enhances the retention of key information, ensuring that your message sticks with your audience long after the presentation is over.
  • Enhanced Learning: Games encourage a deeper understanding of the subject matter, making it easier for your audience to grasp complex concepts.
  • Better Audience Connection: By involving your audience, you establish a stronger connection, making them feel valued and heard.
  • Immediate Feedback: Games provide opportunities for instant feedback, allowing you to address questions and concerns in real time.
  • Fun and Entertainment: Interactive fun games add an element of fun and entertainment to your presentations, making them more enjoyable for your audience.

How to Choose the Right Presentation Games

Selecting the appropriate presentation games depends on your audience, topic, and objectives. Consider factors such as the size of your audience, the level of interactivity you desire, and the technology available. Tailor your choice of games to align with your presentation goals, ensuring they enhance your message rather than distract from it.

Now, let’s explore 15 interactive presentation games that you can incorporate into your presentations to engage your audience effectively:

01. Polling and Surveys

Polling and surveys involve asking questions to your audience and collecting their responses in real time. This game is useful for engaging the audience and gathering valuable data or opinions.

Example: During a marketing presentation, you can use polling to ask the audience which social media platform they use most frequently for product discovery, with response options like “Facebook,” “Instagram,” or “Twitter.” The results can guide your marketing strategy.

02. Quiz and Trivia

Quiz and trivia games challenge the audience’s knowledge of a specific subject. Correct-answer questions encourage competition and learning because participants’ scores are added up.

Example: In a history lecture, you can organize a trivia quiz about historical events. Ask questions like, “Who was the first President of the United States?” and award points for correct answers to make learning history engaging.

03. Interactive Q&A Sessions

Interactive Q&A sessions allow the audience to ask questions and engage in a live dialogue with the presenter. This interactive presentation game promotes engagement, clarification, and in-depth discussions.

Example: After a business strategy presentation, open the floor for an interactive Q&A session where the audience can ask questions about the proposed strategies, fostering a deeper understanding of the material.

04. Gamified Scenarios

Gamified scenarios present real-world situations or challenges to the audience. Participants make decisions, and the consequences of those choices are revealed, creating an immersive learning experience.

Example: In leadership training, simulate a business scenario where participants make decisions as managers. Their choices affect the company’s success, making the learning process engaging and interactive.

05. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games provide immersive 3D experiences. Participants can explore virtual environments or interact with augmented elements.

Example: In a product launch presentation, use AR to allow the audience to visualize how the product would fit into their homes. They can use their smartphones to see a virtual presentation version of the product in their living rooms.

06. Storytelling Challenges

Storytelling challenges encourage participants to create and share their stories, fostering creativity and personal expression.

Example: In a team-building workshop, ask each participant to share a personal success story related to teamwork. This engages the audience and builds a sense of connection among participants.

07. Collaborative Whiteboard Activities

In real-time, collaborative whiteboard activities involve multiple participants contributing ideas, drawings, or annotations on a digital whiteboard. This game fosters teamwork and brainstorming.

Example: During a brainstorming session for a new project, use a digital whiteboard tool where team members can simultaneously sketch out their ideas and add comments. This promotes collaboration and idea generation.

08. Interactive Polls and Word Clouds

Interactive polls and word clouds engage the audience by having them vote or input keywords related to a topic. The results are displayed dynamically.

Example: In a conference PowerPoint presentation about technology trends, ask the audience to submit keywords related to the most exciting emerging technologies. Display the results in a word cloud to visualize the collective interest.

09. Simulations and Case Studies

Simulations and case studies replicate real-life scenarios for participants to make decisions and see the outcomes. This game is effective for practical learning.

Example: In a business strategy workshop, provide participants with a case study of a struggling company. Have them analyze the situation and propose strategies to turn the business around. The best solutions can be discussed as a group.

10. Role-Playing Exercises

Role-playing exercises involve participants taking on specific roles or characters to act out scenarios. This game promotes empathy and communication skills.

Example: In customer service training, participants can take on the roles of customers and service representatives. They act out various customer service scenarios to practice effective communication and problem-solving.

11. Breakout Rooms and Group Discussions

Breakout rooms and group discussions split the audience-focused audiences into smaller groups to discuss specific topics or tasks. This great game promotes active participation and in-depth exploration of ideas.

Example: In an educational webinar, use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups. Each group discusses a different aspect of the topic and then shares their insights when they return to the main session.

12. Live Challenges and Competitions

Live challenges and competitions introduce competitive elements to the best presentation games. Participants can compete individually or in teams to solve problems or complete tasks.

Example: In a team-building event, organize a friendly competition where teams compete in a series of challenges. Challenges could include problem-solving tasks, physical activities, or trivia quizzes to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

13. Interactive Presentations

Interactive presentations incorporate multimedia elements, quizzes, and audience participation throughout the entire presentation screen to keep the audience engaged.

Example: During a product launch presentation, embed interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and live demos within your slides. This ensures constant engagement and information retention.

14. Icebreakers and Energizers

Icebreakers and energizers are quick, fun activities designed to create a relaxed atmosphere and engage the audience at the beginning of a presentation or during breaks.

Example: At the start of a team meeting, use a fun icebreaker like “Two Truths and a Lie,” where each participant shares two true statements and one false one about themselves. It lightens the mood and promotes bonding.

15. Creative Challenges and Brain Teasers

Creative challenges and brain teasers stimulate creativity and problem-solving. They present puzzles, riddles, or creative tasks to engage the audience stand.

Example: During a creativity workshop, present participants with a riddle or a creative problem to solve as a group. Encourage them to think critically and come up with innovative solutions, fostering creative thinking.

How QuestioPro LivePolls can help in Interactive presentation games

When you use any tool for an interactive show, you need to think about how your audience votes and your presentation’s goals. Make sure the interactive elements enhance the learning or engagement experience rather than becoming a distraction. 

Here are some ways a survey-based tool like QuestionPro can assist in creating interactive presentation games:

Question and Quiz Creation

Many interactive presentation game tools allow you to create questions and quizzes that you can integrate into your presentations. These questions can be multiple-choice, true/false, open-ended, or other formats. Participants can then respond to these questions during your presentation.

Interactive presentation fun game tools often include features that engage your audience. This can include things like timers for questions, leaderboards to display scores, and interactive survey elements that make your presentation more engaging and fun.

Feedback and Scoring

These tools typically provide instant feedback to participants. Correct answers might be rewarded with points, while explanations could follow incorrect answers. Scores are often tallied in real time, creating a competitive or gamified atmosphere.

Data Collection

Interactive presentation game tools can help you collect data on audience response software . This data can be valuable for assessing learning outcomes, understanding audience vote opinions, or tailoring your content to your audience’s preferences.


You can often customize the appearance and behavior of interactive elements to fit your presentation’s theme or style. This allows for creative and engaging presentations.

Audience Participation

Such tools enable audience members to actively participate and feel involved in your presentation. This can lead to higher engagement levels and better retention of information.

Reports and Analytics

Some tools provide analytics and reports after your presentation, which can help you assess the effectiveness of your interactive elements and the overall presentation.

Incorporating interactive presentation games into your talks can elevate your engagement, foster learning, and make your message more memorable. Whether you choose polls, quizzes, simulations, or storytelling challenges, tailoring the games to your audience and objectives is key. 

By doing so, you’ll transform your presentations into dynamic and unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience. So, level up your presentations with these interactive games, and watch your audience become active participants in your message.



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A video tutorial on how to make a revolving 'gap' timer. The gap in the circle diminishes over a set time until it disappears and an alarm s [...]

free interactive presentation games

Animal Recall (Memory game)

Choose the number of seconds you want to memorise the positions of 6 or 9 animals. Reveal the animal to be found then click on the number t [...]

free interactive presentation games

The 3-Card Monte

A game based on the infamous 3-card trick (aka 'Find the Lady') that's usually performed by scammers on the street. This game is different. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Chess ‘N’ Checkers (Draughts)

Two classic  games on two slides for two opposing players. This is another game that you play in 'Presentation' mode so you just have to dr [...]

free interactive presentation games

Test Your Strength

A game for one or more players that uses a little known technique for its game-play. It's a little piece of PowerPoint magic that requires [...]

free interactive presentation games

As the name suggests, this is a car racing game for 1-2 players. Spin the spinner and click on the buttons to move the cars. It's a basic r [...]

free interactive presentation games

Game of Drones – Spinner game

A new 2-player Survival spinner game. Be the first to land your drone on the landing pad. Spin the wheel and take the action it shows. Ther [...]

free interactive presentation games

Higher or Lower?

A game for up to four players where you simply have to predict if the next card revealed is going to be higher or lower in value than the p [...]

free interactive presentation games

Make a Random Spinning Arrow (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make an arrow that spins, slows down, and stops - randomly. Use for educational or fun games and PPT projects. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Christmas Card Game – 2020

A 'Spot the Difference' Christmas card game that you can play and send to friends & relatives (as long as they've got PowerPoint or a v [...]

free interactive presentation games

New Game Notifications

If you would like an email notification when I upload a new game, you can subscribe to my You Tube channel. I make videos of all games and [...]

free interactive presentation games

Blokit – Strategy game

A drag & drop strategy game for one or two players based on the Blokus-Duo game. Move as many block shapes onto the board as you can. A [...]

free interactive presentation games

Top Hat Rabbit

A 'scoring' game for up to 4 players. Choose the right spot where the rabbit will land and score some points! See the video directly on You [...]

free interactive presentation games

Simple Drag & Drop (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make a simple Drag & Drop slide. Useful for educators and anyone who wants to make a quick drag & drop g [...]

free interactive presentation games

There Their They’re – (Educational game & template)

Use this game to help teach / learn the correct use of There, Their, & They're (plus other variations). This game is fully customizable [...]

free interactive presentation games

Nerfshoot – Spinner game

Another Survival 'Spinner' game. Spin the wheel and see if you get a Hit or a Miss, or something else! Knock down all the cans to win. A ga [...]

free interactive presentation games

Gone Fishing!

Another scoring game for up to 4 players. Click on fish and you'll either catch it, or it will swim away. Catch more, score more. But...cat [...]

free interactive presentation games

Survival Educational Games – New home

I have recently moved the Survival Question & Answer games for teachers and educators to a website called 'Teachers pay Teachers'. The [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Magic Black Ball

Got a question? Get your answer here!! Will I pass my exam? Do they really love me? Is it the right time to buy that new bike? Ask the Magi [...]

free interactive presentation games

A one-player version of the classic Battleships game. There are 12 different playing screens that are randomly selected, so you never know [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Wraith of the Woods

A scary suspense puzzle game. Can you find the correct combinations of people to cross the bridge before the Wraith of the Woods arrives? I [...]

free interactive presentation games


An explosive game for two players. Shake up a can of pop and mix it in with some other unshaken cans. Then choose one and hope that it's no [...]

free interactive presentation games

A simple game where you have the 'Across' and 'Down' words on either side of a crossword frame. All you have to do is drag the words into t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Penalty Shoot Out – Spinner game

Another 'Survival' one or two player game. It's like the other 'Spinner' games except this time there are two spinners - and they're invisi [...]

free interactive presentation games

Moment Of Truth

In this puzzle game, one of the Plumpy Brothers has either gained or lost 2 kilograms. All you have to do is identify which brother, and if [...]

free interactive presentation games

Torpedo (2) – Points game

A similar, but different, game to the educational Torpedo game. This is a single or multi-player point-scoring game. Judge the speed of the [...]

free interactive presentation games

Torpedo – Educational Q&A game

An educational Multiple Choice Question & Answer game. Get a question right, and a torpedo can be launched. Get a question wrong, and.. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Balloon Wheel – Spinner game

Spin the wheel to see what happens next. Be the first to burst all the balloons on the big rotating wheel. A game for 2 players (although y [...]

free interactive presentation games

Cannonballs – Spinner game

A re-engineered version of the Cannonballs 'Survival' educational game for 1 or 2 players. Instead of getting questions right or wrong, you [...]

free interactive presentation games

Blowpipe – Spinner game

Another 'Survival' game re-worked as a 1-2 player game. Spin the wheel to determine if your blow dart hits or misses a balloon - or somethi [...]

free interactive presentation games

Mini Roulette

Another game for the lockdown! A cut-down version of Roulette for up to 4 players. Works in similar way to real roulette but with 12 number [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Mondrian Game

Another 'Click'n'Stop game for up to 4 players. You can play solo too. In early development, this game looked quite different. The more I w [...]

free interactive presentation games

Monopoly – The Vietnamese version!

A Vietnamese version of my Powopoly game and a Monopoly version too with Vietnamese place names. All elements of it have been reproduced br [...]

free interactive presentation games

Moving Matchmaker – Educational

An educational game where you, or your students, aim to stop a moving picture above its name plate. This is a fully customizable template. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Tic Tac Splat II

A re-vamp of the 'Survival' Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts & Crosses) game for general, rather than educational play. In this 2-player game you s [...]

free interactive presentation games

Make Randomly-Landing Dice (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make dice that act like real dice and can land randomly. Many games can be based on the throw of dice, and many [...]

free interactive presentation games

Between The Lines

A game of skill for up to 4 players. Set your disks moving then stop them 'between the lines' and get them to match a randomly selected pat [...]

free interactive presentation games

Where’s Mickey?

A game of luck and strategy for all the family. Pick the box Mickey is hiding under and win some points! A lovely, simple little game to pl [...]

free interactive presentation games

Domino Matching Game (Tutorial & Template)

This is mainly a video tutorial of how to make an educational domino game where you match text to pictures, or text to text. This is a pack [...]

free interactive presentation games

Wheel of Death

The famous knife-throwing act translated into a PowerPoint game. The wheel gets faster at each level. You need to throw to miss your glamor [...]

free interactive presentation games

The classic code-breaking game now available to play as a single-player game on PowerPoint. Finish one game and another will be chosen at r [...]

free interactive presentation games

Stop the Virus!

A very topical game. Find the right combination of chemicals to kill the Covix-22 virus You've got just 5 minutes (No video as it would giv [...]

free interactive presentation games

The White (Memory) Game

A memory game with a difference! You are shown an icon to search for. As you search around a white screen, icons will pop into view. Rememb [...]

free interactive presentation games

Make A Game Of SNAP! (Tutorial)

This video shows you how to make a game of Snap! You can make a 2-player game and shout when you see a pair, or a 1-player game where your [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Quick-Draw Magraws 2

A PowerPoint game where you need lightning-fast reactions to beat your bother Red to the draw - with your paintball guns. This is a single [...]

free interactive presentation games

Click O’ War 2

A single player version of the previous tug-of-war game. For this game you need fast continuous clicking skills, and stamina! [...]

free interactive presentation games

Powopoly – Monopoly on PowerPoint

This is game number 100!! A game for 2-4 players. Using PowerPoint functions instead of street names, this has virtually the same game-play [...]

free interactive presentation games

A realistic PowerPoint darts game to test your skills. Play any game of darts you want with this replica game. Click on the moving target b [...]

free interactive presentation games

Christmas Card Jigsaw Game

A Christmas card jigsaw puzzle. When a jigsaw shape appears in the frame, click on the piece around the outside that fits. Send it to your [...]

free interactive presentation games

Trouble In The Toilet

Probably the most gross and disgusting game ever made on PowerPoint! It's based on the 'Toilet Trouble' toy. Click to flush the toilet the [...]

free interactive presentation games

Animal House

A game for one or two players loosely based on poker dice. Play a 'live' opponent or 'The House'. Stop the spinning icons to get a score, t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Make a clickable scoreboard (Tutorial)

This video will show you how to make a scoreboard which progresses one click at a time. It also provides a method for using it without the [...]

free interactive presentation games

A set of eight games where you link a number of revolving cogs to connect one point of the slide to another. To do this you need to switch [...]

free interactive presentation games

Mouse Overrun

A quirky game where you run your cursor over 100 mice to reduce their numbers to 1. But... beware of the Black Mice! [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Memory Game

A Memory card game with three levels of difficulty. There is a 3-part video tutorial on how to make games like this on You Tube: Part 1: ht [...]

free interactive presentation games

More or Less?

An original game where you roll 5 dice which are covered so you can't see them. You then roll your own 5 dice and choose if you think the t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Pirate Island

A PowerPoint game based on the traditional dice game of 'Ship, Captain, Crew'. To get to the treasure, you need a ship, a captain and a cre [...]

free interactive presentation games

Around the Clock

The classic darts game on PowerPoint. Click around the board from 1 - 20 in sequence - but within certain limits! [...]

free interactive presentation games

Not so much a win or lose game, more of a game for relaxation and mindfulness. Spin the cubes to make hundreds of colour variations and pat [...]

free interactive presentation games

The most English game in the world. Made famous by Winnie the Pooh. The sticks drop into the stream from one side of the bridge. Score a po [...]

free interactive presentation games

Doors of Death!

A deadly game of chance and strategy based on the 'Monty Hall Problem' - but with a twist! Choose one door and a different 'safe' door will [...]

free interactive presentation games

Shut The Box!

The traditional English pub game originally played within a wooden box with a lid that could be shut by the winner. No lid here, but the ga [...]

free interactive presentation games

Mind Your Fingers!

A game for 1-4 players where someone spreads a hand and you stab around their fingers with a dagger - except you need fast clicking rather [...]

free interactive presentation games


A cross between Scrabble and a crossword game. Unusually, this game is played in PowerPoint 'Presentation' mode. It is also fully customisa [...]

free interactive presentation games

Tilly The Tame T-Rex

Tilly is a tame T-Rex - most of the time! The T-Rex is made up of parts from the animated 3-D images available on the latest versions of Po [...]

free interactive presentation games

Once Upon a Click

Based on 'Story Cubes' this is a game where you reveal a number of icons then make up a story based on the icons revealed. It can be used a [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Caverns of Horyd House

A brand new 'Big Game' from the Horyd House stable. 15 caverns to find your way out of, with search games, shooting games, maze games and c [...]

free interactive presentation games

Add new words to ‘Hangman’ (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to add new words to the original 'Hangman' game which is played against the computer. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Another classic game for 1 - 4 players adapted for PowerPoint. Instead of the players spinning around, the screen goes dark as the donkey m [...]

free interactive presentation games

Click O’War

Another 2 Player - 2 Cursor game where both players have their own mouse & cursor and need to click wildly on their figure to try and p [...]

free interactive presentation games

Rock Paper Scissors

The classic game played here for points where you play against PowerPoint. First to 20 wins At the signal, double click on your choice of R [...]

free interactive presentation games

Getting Started – Shoot the Spaceships (Video Tutorial)

If you are relatively new to making games on PowerPoint, this Video Tutorial will help you get started. It's a fairly basic shooting game b [...]

free interactive presentation games

The classic game now available to play on PowerPoint. Can be played by up to four players like the normal game. Standard rules and playing [...]

free interactive presentation games

Click on the airplane as it flies across the sky to make the parachutist jump and try to get him to land on a high target score. However, y [...]

free interactive presentation games

Pyrotech 2018/19 – New Year Firework display

A game where you can choreograph your very own New Year firework display over Sydney Harbour, Australia. Click on the 12 firework buttons a [...]

free interactive presentation games

Stop Ninja Santa!

Throw snowballs at the evil Ninja Santa to stop him ruining Christmas! A Christmas game-card that you can download and send to your friends [...]

free interactive presentation games

The classic game adapted for PowerPoint. This is maze game for one to four players where you need to move your cursor along the red arterie [...]

free interactive presentation games

Santa’s Halloween Rescue

A moving maze / dodge game where Santa has been kidnapped by evil Halloween spirits and you have to rescue him. (If you don't hear the audi [...]

free interactive presentation games


Two crossword-type games: 'Find the Answers' and 'Find the Fives'. Both games ask you to fill the crossword grids with the right words in t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Murder in Horyd House (Cluedo)

The classic Cluedo (Clue in US) board game adapted as a PowerPoint game. The rooms come from 'Escape from Horyd House' and the suspects com [...]

free interactive presentation games

Zombie Spotlight

Game number 60! A gory zombie shoot-em-up with techniques of 'background picture fill' and 'mouseover hyperlinks' Shoot all eight zombies t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Socc ‘O’ War

Unusually, this is a game that's played entirely in PPTX 'Presentation' mode rather than PPSX 'Show' mode. It's a two-player game where bot [...]

free interactive presentation games

Brain Buster

All you have to do is click on what it says in the centre of the screen If it says 'Blue Word', then move your cursor over the word that's [...]

free interactive presentation games

A game for 2 players who can share a mouse if they don't have one each. It's based on scoring points, not gambling. 2 points for a pair of [...]

free interactive presentation games

Snakes and Ladders

The traditional game re-created on PowerPoint. Intended as a 2-player game, but you can always play against yourself. For 2-players, it wil [...]

free interactive presentation games

This is a 2-player PowerPoint version of the traditional 'Dots and Squares' game. Make a square by clicking on the lines, then fill it in w [...]

free interactive presentation games

Mind Reader II

The second amazing mind-reading / mind-blowing PowerPoint production. How can PowerPoiont do this?!! Just concentrate on your chosen card, [...]

free interactive presentation games


A strategic dice game with echoes of roulette. Place your bets on guessing the right number and win some points if you choose correctly You [...]

free interactive presentation games

The first Hangman game was you against the computer. This new version is a 2-player game that replicates the original pen & paper game [...]

free interactive presentation games

Jurassic Chase

A one or two player chase / race game where you are the hunter (the T Rex) or the hunted (the Runner). It's a pretty simple game of chance [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Beerhunter

Inspired by the movie 'The Deerhunter' and the subsequent party game of 'Beerhunter', this is a tribute to the latter. If you think you mig [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Quick Draw Magraws

The feudin' Magraw brothers - which one is quickest to the draw?! This is the second game that uses the 2-player / 2-cursor approach and yo [...]

free interactive presentation games

Yahtzee – The Classic Dice Game

The classic dice game now available on PowerPoint. You can play the simplified 'PowerPoint Only' game, or play to the full rules, with scor [...]

free interactive presentation games

Yes, it's the classic most-fun card game now available on PowerPoint. There is a solo-player game, where you play against the clock, and al [...]

free interactive presentation games

Tenpin Bowl

Just like a real bowling alley! A one or two player game where you can get a strike if you hit the right spot (or maybe get a fluke!) This [...]

free interactive presentation games

The traditional game with 10 words to identify. Almost identical to the pen & paper game, but with a few more opportunities to continue [...]

free interactive presentation games

After watching the 2017/18 New Year's Eve firework display in London I was challenged by a friend to make a firework display in PowerPoint. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Escape From Horyd House

As the title page of this game says ‘You can enter any time you like but it’s very hard to leave’. With some startling graphics and animati [...]

free interactive presentation games

Jayar’s Cubes

Revolve the cube structure by simply moving your cursor over the squares. This game uses mouseover animation and the new 'morph' transition [...]

free interactive presentation games

Random Object Selector (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make objects or pictures appear randomly. It shows you how to make the objects appear, then shows two way [...]

free interactive presentation games

Random Object Selector – Part 2 (Tutorial)

This video tutorial shows you how to make a more precise 'randomiser' made of more than four segments. It also shows you how to make a 'mask [...]

free interactive presentation games

Slide Background Fill (Tutorial)

Slide background fill is one of my favourite PowerPoint functions. It opens up so many possibilities. This is a video tutorial on how to ap [...]

free interactive presentation games

Moving Flashlight (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make a moving flashlight that will scan across any scene or picture. This tutorial also shows you how to [...]

free interactive presentation games

Beat the Machine

Once you have started to move along the black areas and cream coloured blocks, you must avoid touching any metal / grey parts of the machin [...]

free interactive presentation games

This is a maze game where you need to avoid touching the floor. From your starting position, jump on to each passing dodgem car to work you [...]

free interactive presentation games

Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Someone has let the dogs out and they’re chasing you. In this moving maze game you’ll need to get through two woodland areas and cross an o [...]

free interactive presentation games

Stars in the Dark

In this maze game, the aim is to collect the six stars dotted around the screen. Trouble is, you can’t see any path or walls until you hit [...]

free interactive presentation games

Save Tiddles

Poor little Tiddles is all alone and lost in the desert with a 10 ton weight about to drop on her (for some unknown reason). You have just [...]

free interactive presentation games

Criss Cross

This is a wide-screen moving ‘dodge’ game. From your starting position, you need to make your way to a circle that will appear on the yello [...]

free interactive presentation games

DANGER - Minefield! Cross this minefield one square at a time and remember where the explosions come from. There are only two routes to get [...]

free interactive presentation games

Zombie Graveyard

This is a Zombie Shoot-’em-up game. You’ve got to take out all of the zombies, and the Zombie King’s head in order to win - otherwise, it’s [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Deathship Defender

This is an alien invasion shoot ’em up game which, in some ways you can win - but you also lose. It started off as a game of shooting the r [...]

free interactive presentation games

Tank Attack

A reasonably realistic looking game. Your tank formation is under attack from enemy missiles so try to shoot them down before they strike. [...]

free interactive presentation games

Blowing Bouncing Beach Balls

Another beach game where you need to catch some beach balls blowing away in the wind before they get lost in the sea. Looks quite easy, but [...]

free interactive presentation games

Asteroid Attack

This is ‘Shoot the Spaceships’ on steroids: a-steroids! Your spaceship is in the asteroid belt and twenty asteroids are on a collision cour [...]

free interactive presentation games

Drop Me a Line

This is a relatively simple game although the mechanics took a bit of working out. The game uses the new icons supplied with the newer vers [...]

free interactive presentation games

Shoot the Spaceships

Three alien spaceships fly across the screen and all you have to do is click on them to blast them out of the sky. Your tally of hits shows [...]

free interactive presentation games

Christmas Card / Game 1

There are two Christmas card /games available for 2017. This one is essentially a shooting game, the second is a search game. I’ve found th [...]

free interactive presentation games

Bucket Drip 1

It’s raining, things are leaking, get the bucket out quick! See if you can get the bucket to the drips in time before they splash on the fl [...]

free interactive presentation games

Bucket Drip 2

Someone’s let the bath overflow! There’s water coming through the ceiling! Get the bucket out! See if you can get the bucket to the drips i [...]

free interactive presentation games

Bucket Drop

Just click on each ball to make it land inside the bucket. Easy! Except that it gets just a little bit harder as you climb the three levels [...]

free interactive presentation games

Target Golf

This website started off in January 2017 with 20 of my games. This is game number 40 uploaded in September 2017. It’s is a game made in A4 [...]

free interactive presentation games

Target Darts

A game for 1 -2 players. Step up to the oche and pick a dart to throw at the target board. You play five rounds of darts and you can employ [...]

free interactive presentation games

Penalty Shoot Out

A game for 1 -2 players. In this game you’re the goal keeper. It’s all about how many penalties you can save. Click on the ball to take the [...]

free interactive presentation games

Championship Putting

Yes, golf (or at least putting) on PowerPoint! A game from 1 to 6 players. Choose a ball to play, then click on the golfer’s head to take t [...]

free interactive presentation games

Snowboard Slalom

A quick and simple game in a ‘portrait’ page format. All you have to do is click on the right red or blue button at the right time to get t [...]

free interactive presentation games

This wide-screen cycling game has a non-PowerPoint element of a stopwatch and countdown timer so you can try to set personal records for yo [...]

free interactive presentation games

Red Dot Racer

This is one of the first games I ever made in PowerPoint. It’s simple, but quite good fun. In this game you are racing against the blue dot [...]

free interactive presentation games

The Fishing Game

In this wide-screen fishing game, move your cursor around the lake until you see a screen-tip to try a particular spot. Click to cast to th [...]

free interactive presentation games

Blackbeard’s Doubloons

This is a MACRO ENABLED game so you will need to enable the macro when prompted by PowerPoint. Blackbeard’s cask of 30 golden doubloons has [...]

free interactive presentation games

This game is a bit weirder than the others! Jake has lost his sun cream. It’s buried in the sand somewhere. You have to dig up the beach to [...]

free interactive presentation games

Christmas Card / Game 2

There are two Christmas card / games available for 2017. This one is a 'search' game. The other, with Santa's sleigh, is a kind of shooting [...]

free interactive presentation games


The classic two player game that requires players to be on different computers. It’s also a game that has to operate in both PowerPoint ‘Pr [...]

free interactive presentation games

Most people will remember Tetris, one of the first smash-hit computer games. Well here’s a simplified and easy-to-play version of that game [...]

free interactive presentation games

Another two-player game that needs no introduction. Click on the left hand side of a white circle for a yellow counter to drop into it, and [...]

free interactive presentation games

Naughts & Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)

A big and bold traditional game for two players that needs no introduction whatsoever. Click on the left side of a box for a cross to appea [...]

free interactive presentation games

This is a game for two players on separate computers or devices. Click a button to see your person, and ask questions about your opponent’s [...]

free interactive presentation games

This is an original two-player strategy game that you can play by sharing a mouse, or play remotely by using the ‘Battleships’ style grid r [...]

free interactive presentation games

Sargent Pepper’s Heads

A fairly simple game where all you have to do is look at the name at the top of screen and click on that person. A tick (check mark) will t [...]

free interactive presentation games

A game that started life as a board game, then evolved into an Android app, now incarnated again as a PowerPoint Game. Just click on a squa [...]

free interactive presentation games

Emporium Jigsaw

For some strange reason I’ve always wanted to make a jigsaw puzzle game in PowerPoint. I could never work out a way to make the individual [...]

free interactive presentation games

Jigsaw Pieces (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can be animated and moved independently. This is the meth [...]

free interactive presentation games

Famous Falling Faces

Click on the blocks as they fall until the are in the correct position to complete the full portraits of six famous people. The game is not [...]

free interactive presentation games

First to Eight

A game for 1 -4 players. Randomly choose a colour to play, then click on each orange peg to remove a black dot and reveal a coloured dot be [...]

free interactive presentation games

Mind Reader

In this mind-boggling wide-screen game you think of a two-digit number, do a quick calculation with it, then match the answer you get to a [...]

free interactive presentation games

Scrolling Background (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make a scrolling background in PowerPoint This example uses a background scene from side to side, but you [...]

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No worries, you can download the PowerPoint viewer from here: FREE POWERPOINT VIEWER

10 interactive presentation games for students

free interactive presentation games

“Welcome to Panel Island, one of my favorite sessions of all time. Not because I get to vote nice people off, but because you get to vote nice people off.” – Mark Fordham, iMeet Central

Four experts. Three rounds. One survivor. That was the wrinkle Mark Fordham, VP of Customer Success at iMeet Central, added to his company’s recurring panel discussions .

Each panelist answers specific questions related to his or her field. Then the audience votes for their favorite responses. The panelist with the fewest votes is voted off the “island.”

Discussions continue until only one panelist remains. Poll Everywhere handles the voting. Between talks, the audience selects their favorite speaker using their mobile devices, and the results appear in an animated chart in real time.

This is just one of many ways presenters and educators use interactive presentation games to keep the audience on its toes. Here are eight more ideas for your next class, workshop, or meeting.

1. Process of elimination

This presentation game for 10 or more players helps the audience get to know each other

Presenter facing large audience

This game provides valuable insights into your audience members, while also giving them a chance to stretch their legs.

Here’s how it works: Have everybody in your audience stand up. You’ll then pose prompts one at a time. Attendees’ responses to those prompts will dictate whether they stand or sit.

For example, let’s say that you’re speaking at a large auditorium style classroom. Once your whole class is on their feet, you’d start by saying something like, “Sit down if this is your first time in this building.”

From there, you could keep thinning your students by saying, “Stay standing if you’ve had more than one class in this room,” and so on and so forth until only a few people – or only one person – remain on their feet. At that point, you could offer a prize or a round of applause.

Read more: When anonymous trumps public feedback in a presentation

2. Two truths and a lie

Welcome new students, or reintroduce old ones, with this presentation game

Poll: Two truths and a lie: Bruce Wayne

This classic icebreaker game works great with a recent Poll Everywhere addition: instruction image . Now you can present a photo alongside that person’s two truths and a lie so everyone knows exactly who they’re voting on.

Here’s how it works: create a new multiple choice activity in Poll Everywhere. Enter the participant’s name as the title, and two truths and a lie as the responses. Select the checkmarks next to the two truths to do a big reveal after voting ends.

After you create this activity, add an instruction image depicting the person you’re talking about. Be sure to check the box next to ‘Show instructions image on bar chart’ so the image is always visible.

You can see in the image above that I changed the bar chart to a column chart. I find this improves readability on the presentation screen since the text isn’t sandwiched between chart and image. Try to make your two truths and lie as short as possible. Shorter responses are always easier to read in the chart.

3. Telephone

See just how jumbled a phrase can get when it’s passed one-by-one around the room

Happy audience

Do you remember the game of telephone that you played as a kid? It’s just as fun as an adult.

Here’s how it works: Telephone starts by whispering a sentence into someone’s ear. Then that person repeats what you said to the person next to them. The chain continues on until the final person states aloud what they heard. It’s often something totally different from the original — with hilarious results.

You can use this in your presentation in an educational way by starting with a question that the audience wants to know (i.e. “How did Company XYZ increase their sales by 45%?”). Then, whisper the answer to the first person. Make sure to speak in a complete sentence — rather than just a few words — to make it tougher for your participants.

Despite the fact that you started the chain by whispering, “Company XYZ used content marketing to engage prospects,” you’re sure to end up with something quite ridiculous by the end.

A little advice: If you want to make this game go faster, you can do this by individual audience rows, instead of involving the whole room. It can also be fun to compare the different end results. Just know that the more people you have involved, the more twisted (and funny) the result becomes.

Read more: 20 staff meeting ideas that keep employees alert and engaged

4. Riddle me this

Wake up the audience with a brain-teaser, then reveal everyone’s responses at once

Poll: The more you have of it, the less you see. what is it?

Riddles are a natural fit for Poll Everywhere word clouds . This activity transforms audience responses into a colorful, animated word cloud. Repeated words grow larger within the cloud.

Here’s how it works: create a new word cloud activity. Make the title a riddle that has a single-word answer (not a sentence or a list). Create the activity, and on the following screen locate the ‘Show results’ button. Click it so that a picture of two phones appears. Wait until everyone has responded to your riddle, then click ‘Show results’ again to reveal the finished word cloud. If the correct answer is the largest word in the cloud, that means most of the audience got it right.

By hiding the results and revealing them after everyone has voted, you prevent participants from submitting whatever seems like the most popular answer. When the results are hidden, there is a small counter in the lower left that shows you how many have responded. That way, you know when voting is finished.

5. 20 questions

Deduce a hidden image or photo by flying through 20 yes-or-no questions with the audience

College student in lecture hall

Who doesn’t love a good game of 20 questions? Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to play with your presentation audience.

Here’s how it works: display a word or picture (it could be anything from a celebrity to an animal) on the screen behind you — so that you can’t see it but the audience can. You can even ask someone to blindfold you if you don’t want to run the risk of cheating.

Now, your entire audience can see what’s on the screen, and it’s up to you to ask twenty “yes or no” questions that will help you guess exactly what’s being displayed.

Invite audience members to just yell out their answers to your questions simultaneously to create a lively game that’s sure to give your audience’s enthusiasm a boost. Double down on this by setting a 60-second timer for the questions. When time runs out, it’s time to guess.

6. Would you rather?

Learn how the audience thinks with a tricky “Would you rather?” scenario that divides the group

Poll: Would you rather...

This presentation game is more of a conversation-starter than a traditional game. There should never be a right or wrong answer in a “Would you rather?” scenario. The winner is whoever best justifies their choice and why it’s the best one for them.

Here’s how it works: create a new multiple choice activity. Begin the title with “Would you rather…” and enter the two responses as the two scenarios. After you create this activity, locate the ‘ Visual settings ‘ button. Select it, then locate ‘ Donut chart ‘ and select that too. Doing so changes the look of your activity from a bar chart to a donut chart. Donuts are a great way to clearly visualize the audience’s preference between two choices.

To take this game a step further, start a discussion after the voting ends. Ask everyone who voted for one option to raise their hands. Then, go around the room and ask people to explain in a few words why they selected one option over the other. Save and email a copy of the donut chart afterwards as a memento.

7. Anagrams

Challenge the audience to come up with a unique solution to your anagram that on one else will guess

Poll: Solve the anagram...

The crux of this presentation game is solving an anagram: a jumble of letters that can be rearranged into many different words. This is a fun mental exercise for the audience, doubly so if you’re breaking up multiple, back-to-back presentations.

Here’s how it works: create a Poll Everywhere word cloud . Select an anagram that’s at least five or six characters long, such as the one above, so that the audience has plenty of possibilities. If you want to give this a competitive edge, challenge the audience to submit words no one else will think of. These words appear as the smallest words in the cloud. If you do this, be sure to hide responses while everyone responds. Otherwise participants will copy each other’s responses.

For added fun, set the number of submissions to unlimited. Doing so rewards players for coming up with multiple unique words (thereby increasing their chances of winning) or by strategically submitting the same word multiple times to inflate its size in the cloud. You can see who submitted what on the activity’s response history page .

8. Trivia competition

Quiz the audience with multiple choice questions. A leaderboard updates live with the scores.

Two people playing Poll Everywhere Competitions

Nothing hooks the audience’s attention faster than putting their pride on the line. Do this with a friendly trivia competition. Trivia questions are fun. But graded trivia questions are a contest. Poll Everywhere has the perfect activity for this scenario.

Here’s how it works: create a Poll Everywhere competition . This activity is a fully customizable trivia contest. You create the questions. The audience plays for points, and a leaderboard shows everyone who is in the lead. The audience earns points for responding correctly. They also earn bonus points for responding quickly. Expect to hear gasps and cheers each time the leaderboard reveals the new point totals.

Competitions is a great interactive presentation game for energizing the audience. People can compete individually or group into teams and respond from a single phone or device. A timer adds some extra pressure and keeps the competition moving. Don’t want the added stress? Switch off the timer. Either way, when you reach the end the winner gets a fun confetti surprise.

9. Choose your own adventure

Let the audience vote to control the flow of your presentation

Example choose-your-own-adventure poll

One of the best ways to reinforce new information is to give people the opportunity to use that information in some way. Poll Everywhere multiple choice activities are a simple, customizable way to create that opportunity for almost any topic.

Here’s how it works: Say you just finished presenting a lengthy seminar on how to sell vacuums door-to-door. Everyone in the audience has scribbled pages of notes on what to say to whom and when. But none of them has actually sold a vacuum, yet.

Create a choose-your-own-adventure style conversation using a series of multiple choice activities. Each activity is a different line from your fictional vacuum purchaser, and the audience votes on different replies. Whichever reply gets the most votes is the one that advances the conversation, for better or worse.

This style of questioning has plenty of applications besides vacuum salesmanship, but the core function should be constant: Giving the audience a simply way to reflect upon, and apply, what they just learned.

10. Fill in the blanks

A simple worksheet does double duty during presentations

woman preparing for meeting

Here’s how it works: Create a worksheet and print out several copies before your presentation. Each question on the worksheet should be an important line from your presentation – but there’s a word or phrase missing. Ask the audience to fill in those gaps as they listen.

This accomplishes two very important things for the audience. First, the questions on the worksheet make it obvious what the key points or takeaways are from your presentation. They know what to focus on and pay special attention to. Second, the completed worksheet doubles as a resource that summarizes what you just presented. Attendees can refer back to it later if they forget something.

You can gamify this exercise ever-so-slightly by entering everyone who completed the worksheet before the end of your presentation into a raffle. It’s up to you whether or not you announce this beforehand, or have it be a surprise at the end.

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Home / List Articles / Top Free PowerPoint Game Templates for a fun Presentation

Top Free PowerPoint Game Templates for a fun Presentation

free interactive presentation games

Have you heard about “Death by PowerPoint” ? Death by PowerPoint is caused by poor use of presentation software. Key contributors include confusing graphics, text-heavy slides, etc.

Today there are almost 300 million Power Point users; they do 30 million presentations daily, out of which 50 % of presentation fails.

So how to craft a presentation that doesn’t bore the audience to death? How do I make my PowerPoint fun?

It’s simple just to play fun activity PowerPoint games. Playing games, our brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, which keeps us active and engaged. Playing PowerPoint games during a presentation can be a fun and engaging way to keep the audience entertained and involved. Breaking the monotony of lecture-style presentation. These Microsoft PowerPoint presentation games are a great way to keep your audience entertained.

Free Interactive PowerPoint Game templates for Fun in Presentation

Fun PowerPoint games keep the audience focused, entertained, and learning. Finding fun-interactive game templates can be a daunting task. To help you out with a nerve-wracking task, in this article, we have listed the best PowerPoint games to play in your presentation. Choose the presentation best creative game template that you like and boost the presentation engagement.

Free Interactive Family Feud Game Template

Free Family Feud game template

Are you a fan of the Family Feud game? Then try using this free PowerPoint interactive Family Feud game template and create your own personalized version of the popular gameshow Family Feud. We creatively designed to create a template that resembles the game set, the show’s iconic logo, colors, fonts, etc.

Free Interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire

who wants to be a Millionaire

What would you do if you won million dollars? I guarantee till now; you would have started dreaming. American popular tv show who wants to be a millionaire can turn your dream of winning millions of dollars into reality. Now test the knowledge of your audience with this free interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire-inspired template. Teachers can use this template as a game-based learning tool in the classroom. It’s an amazing memory game template using which you can test your students’ knowledge.

Free Wheel of Fortune Template

wheel of fortune

Here’s another game template, the free Wheel of Fortune game template, best for audience engagement. In this, your audience needs to click the arrow to spin the wheel in order to win the prize. In this surprise wheel game, would you rather win a huge prize or would lose it a luck game.

Free Hangman Game Template 

hangman template

This Hangman PPT game template let’s you test your vocabulary. If you’re looking to make study a lot of fun. We’ve got you a free Hangman quiz game template. In this game template for each false answer, the hangman ropes get tight and for the correct answer the rope releases. So give the correct answer to make the hangman live.

Free Interactive Toy Claw Machine Template

free interactive toy claw machine

Presentation isn’t just about text-heavy slides and lectures. Sometimes presentations are too entertaining when presenters use super-creative slides like free interactive Toy claw machine templates. Play a luck game with your team using this toy claw machine slide and reward them when they win.

The Price is Right Template

the price is right

The price is right is an amazing game you can play with your  team  to make a presentation super-entertaining. This game template is based on the popular tv show, “The Prize is Right,” where contestants guess the price of the merchandise to win cash prizes.

Free Pokémon Cards Game Template

Pokemon cards

Want to have a fun time with friends and colleagues? Then try playing cool Pokémon battles in real life with this free Pokémon cards game template. It includes picture of Pokemon

Free Animated Whos That Pokémon Template

whoz that Pokemon

Are you a true Pokémon master? Then try another fun game template based on the Pokemon theme. Test your Pokémon knowledge by guessing the Pokémon with this free animated Whos that Pokémon template. It’s an animated template with the voice of real Pokémon. It’s a quiz template that you can choose to test your knowledge of the Pokemon show.

Free Interactive 2 Truths and a Lie Game Template

two truths and a lie

The best way to make a presentation entertaining is the engage with your audience. And best way to do this is by allowing them to know more about you. When your audience knows you, it builds a connection, and the audience will be keen to know your ideas. This free interactive Two Truths and a Lie Game PowerPoint template is the perfect game to play with the audience. It displays three options that your audience can select which applies to you.

Free Interactive Wordle Game Template

Wordle game template

Interested in playing word games? Then why not show your vocabulary skills and test audience knowledge and memory with this free interactive Wordle game template? Download this word puzzle game is fantastic if you want your audience to be active and engaged throughout the presentation. This game template looks amazing for each correct answer the words gets green.

Free Card Game Template


Card games are interesting; they can let you win. Let your audience try their luck with this free card game template. It’s a great game template that comes with twelve amazing gameplay buttons. This gameplay template is entirely customizable; you can easily shuffle the cards and add gifs and surprises. Choose this free card template and give your presentation a different look.

Free Jeopardy Presentation Template

jeoparty game

There’s nothing better than playing a game in your presentation to know your audience and build a bond. So, to make your presentation fun, we have a free Jeopardy presentation template based on the greatest American television show, Jeopardy! The player can test their luck using this free game template. Go through slides, customize them, and you’ll be ready to play with your audience.

Presentation with interactive games can make business meetings & teaching any subject more fun, especially if you reward the winners. When the audience starts enjoying the presentation, they will likely be attentive to everything you are saying. The upshot of all the above free PowerPoint Game templates is guaranteed to make your next presentation super-entertaining.

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Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu is a copywriter who loves to tune into what makes people tick. He believes in presenting his ideas with flair and wit, which has made him an expert at standing on stage and charming the pants off of any audience he's faced with. Priyanshu lives for learning as much as he can, so if you ever need help understanding something - just ask!

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10 Free PowerPoint Game Templates

Customizable slideshows for Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, and other games

free interactive presentation games

  • Emporia State University

free interactive presentation games

  • Southern New Hampshire University

PowerPoint templates are a great way to introduce a new unit or review for a test with your students. It's a break from the regular routine, and students love the teamwork and competitiveness.

I've also used these templates with friends. I can replace the questions and answers with fun topics we're all familiar with and then play in person or online over a video call.

There are lots of websites with free PowerPoint templates that work with Microsoft's software and free presentation programs .

Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates

Most of the hard work is done for you.

Sleek graphics.

Some come with familiar sound effects and theme song.

Some are in the HTML format only.

A few require your email address.

One of the most popular types of PowerPoint games to use in the classroom is Jeopardy. It's a great game to use to review for a test or to introduce new material to students. They can be played as a class, teams, or individually on computers.

Family Feud PowerPoint Templates

Can encourage and be used with teams of students.

Great graphics resembling the TV gameshow.

Realistic sound effects from the gameshow.

Some are limited to a few slides.

Some require quite a bit of customizing.

Not much non-English support.

Some don't come in the popular PPTX format.

Another free game that's popular with teachers and students is Family Feud. These are played just like traditional Family Feud, and kids of all ages really get into the game. 

Wheel of Fortune From Games by Tim

Comes with great instructions for setup.

Realistic looking graphics.

Website has handy instructional video for help.

Cool animation.

Setup is pretty involved.

Doesn't automatically figure dollar amounts.

Can load only 12 puzzles.

Spin the wheel, use your own puzzles, and track scores with this Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template that really reminds me of the actual game. It comes in the PPTM format .

Only Connect From Fisher Huntz

Includes sounds.

Multiple templates with questions and answers.

Includes a blank template.

Provides directions for playing and editing the template.

Doesn't include the game's Connecting Wall.

More free PowerPoint templates are available here that are modeled after the game Only Connect. One template is basically blank, so you can fill it out with whatever you want. Each of the others have 20 prefilled questions and answers that are ready to go for any teacher looking to entertain their kids with math or science related questions.

Deal or No Deal From Mining Quiz

Included a game rules slide for players.

Has a small help page to assist in setup.

Easy to edit template.

Graphics are a bit simple.

Single sound effect isn't clear.

This Deal or No Deal PPTX template is easy to manipulate and has sounds for each time you choose a briefcase.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Verbs

Comes with 12 pre-made questions.

Graphics and text are easy to read.

Added sound effects to enhance gameplay.

Will need to change the money values for other countries.

The lifelines are not clickable and only advance the slide.

Doesn't accurately keep track of winnings.

This Who Wants to Be a Millionaire template has questions already filled out for you about simple verbs. There are 12 questions in total, and I like that it has sounds and animated graphics for realism.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Templates From Sctriton Science

Website provides optional sound effects.

Provides enough blank question templates to play a full game.

Sound effects add some excitement.

The lifeline links reveal all answers.

Sound snips aren't very high quality.

This is yet another template for playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in PowerPoint. It has 15 questions, all blank and ready for you to fill out with your own information.

Cash Cab From Sctriton Science

Provides enough slides to play an entire game.

Gives basic game instructions.

Fun ceiling animation like the TV show.

Can easily edit it.

Sometimes the template messes up.

Just like in the real game, this template includes not only blank slides for all the different questions, but also a place for a Red Light Challenge and a Video Bonus Question. You can also download the audio files for this template.

Cash Cab First Aid From Mining Quiz

Gives clear instructions on how to customize.

Nice sound effects to engage player.

Text is easily readable at a distance.

Distracting background.

No extra rounds like actual the actual game.

No way for player to select answer.

This Cash Cab template for PowerPoint has 12 questions, all related to first aid information. This template revolves around the objective to reach the Empire State Building before being kicked out of the cab with too many wrong answers.

You can also grab a blank template from the same download page if you want to write in all the questions and answers yourself.

The Price is Right by Stranded Goose

Works for free through Google Slides.

Very simple design.

Must make a TPT account if you don't already have one.

TPT requires access to your whole Google Drive account.

This 22-page template for The Price is Right is from a user called Stranded Goose at Teachers Pay Teachers. It works in Google Slides , so you'll use the presentation as part of your Google account.

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Blog > PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

PowerPoint Quiz Templates - 10 free Quiz Designs

08.20.20   •  #powerpoint #interaction #game.

If you want to boost your audience engagement, lighten the mood, or test how attentive your listeners are, quizzes are a great way to do so! Making a quick question layout is very easy (as you'll see in this blogpost), however it can be tedious to get the design to look good. So if you a) don't have time b) don't feel like doing a template yourself or c) just want to impress the audience with some nice looking quiz designs that you might not have thought of creating yourself, we got you covered.

Quiz Templates

We created 10 exclusive designs that you can download and use - 100% free - both for commercial use e.g. your next presentation and for private use (how about a trivia night?!) Just look through our list and get the one you like most - we got something for every taste! And by the way, if you need inspiration for quiz question ideas, be sure to check out our article on 50 Quiz Ideas for your Presentation !

free interactive presentation games

  • Galaxy Quiz
  • Basic Black and White Quiz
  • Kahoot Quiz
  • Summer Beach Style Quiz
  • Keyboard Style Yes-No-Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Picture Quiz
  • Minimalist Quiz
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire Quiz

#1 - Galaxy Quiz

Have you ever had a question that only the stars could possibly answer? Now you can ask it with our beautiful galaxy / universe quiz design. This quiz template is the perfect way to go for all the people who adore some extravagant designs - you'll definitely wow your audience! The only downside is that your quiz participants might be so mesmerized by the galactic infinity that they may actually forget to vote for the right answer.

galaxy quiz

#2 - Basic True and False Quiz (Black & White Style)

This template is pretty plain and basic, yet far from boring! The contrast between black and white and the diagonal text elements make it the perfect elegant choice for anyone who's looking for an interesting and timeless classic design. It even comes in three different options. You can either decide for one or use all three in one quiz-session. We got you covered with one simple white, one black, and one half black- half white design for anybody who can't decide which one they like better. You can use this template for all kinds of questions that have two possible answers (so it is perfect for Yes/No or True/False quizzes!)

a basic black and white Quiz design

#3 - Kahoot PowerPoint Template

Unfortunately, there is no way to conduct a Kahoot quiz via PowerPoint. Until now! We built this wonderful template that looks exactly like the design of our favorite online- quiz- game. But now you can easily play it in your presentation without having to open the browser. And don't worry, participating via smartphone is still absolutely possible and easier than ever by using the SlideLizard Quiz Creator Plugin . Similar to Kahoot it lets you conduct fun audience quizzes, but embedded directly within your PowerPoint presentation!

Kahoot design in PowerPoint

#4 - Summer Beach Style Quiz

Get some instant holiday vibes without leaving the country, or even the house! Inspired by our tropical island PowerPoint template (which you can get right here !), we designed a wonderful new quiz template that will give you and your audience the feeling of being on vacation while you're actually in a meeting, lecture, or elsewhere. So it is basically everything you could ever want in a quiz. There are even two background styles that you can choose between!

quiz template summer design

#5 - Keyboard Style Yes/No Quiz

Without a doubt, our keyboard style Yes/No Quiz is one of the most creative ones! It is really fun and an amazing option for anyone who's looking to switch things up a little. The best thing? It comes with an esc- option! So if your quiz participants really, really don't know the answer, they can just - well - escape instead! The slides with the Escape- options are optional however, so if you'd rather want your audience to vote either Yes or No, you can leave out the esc- key. It doesn't matter, weather you're only asking if the audience needs a bathroom break or hard- to- answer trivia questions, with this template you're always in style!

keyboard style quiz

#6 - Personality Quiz

Until now you probably thought more about doing trivia questions in your presentations, but did you know that personality quiz questions can also be an amazing engagement- enhancing element during any presentation? They are especially great as ice breaker questions , but could also be used as mood- lightener at any point. And the best thing: If you get SlideLizard, you can even see the audience results, so you have a statistic overview of e.g. people's favorite ice cream flavors (or whatever else you've always wanted to ask!) P.S: You could also use all the other templates in this post as personality quizzes, but this one is specifically designed as such.

Personality quiz template

#7 - Picture Quiz

If pictures speak to you more than words do, our picture quiz template might be the one for you! It comes with a fun, modern and playful design, and the pictures can of course be changed to whatever you want them to be (you can also add or remove new images, so there is a selection of 2, 3 or 6 pictures). The picture quiz can be used for testing vocabulary (although #9 covers that already), or to spice up your trivia questions. You could even use it as a fun way to introduce yourself to the audience (e.g. "Which of these baby photos is me?") in order to break the ice. Tip: If you want to know more about ice breaker questions, check out our blog post here .

Picture quiz

#8 - Minimalist Quiz

Minimalism is extremely popular right now, and we totally get why! This is the simplest out of all the templates, but isn't it beautiful? With this quiz template, you get slides for Multiple Choice AND True/False questions! We are in love with this template in all its simplicity, but if you want, you could definitely use this as a blank canvas and upgrade it by adding pictures, backgrounds, new fonts or your favourite colors. The sky is the limit!

minimalist quiz

#9 - Vocabulary Quiz

This one is different from all the other quizzes, since it is neither multiple nor single choice, but instead somewhat of a memory game. We recommend this animated PowerPoint quiz template for testing new vocabulary or difficult terminology, but you could also adapt it and make it a regular open question format by writing questions instead of words on the cards and the right answers on the green cards below (it sounds more difficult than it actually is, and when you download the template, you'll get a detailed guide on how to use it.) In this format, there are some boxes with words in English (which you can exchange with your own words, obviously). By clicking on those boxes in presentation mode, they disappear and leave a green answer card. You can easily play this with your audience/students by letting them shout out the translation of a certain word and then clicking on the matching box to see if the translation is correct.

Vocabulary Quiz

#10 - Exclusive Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz Template

Last but certainly not least, is our "Who wants to be a Millionaire" Template, which we created exclusively for you to feel like a real game show contestant! The whole template is pretty extensive, which is why we put it in a blog article on its own. Be sure to check it out right here in order to learn how to get the best experience possible out of the game - you'll also find the Download link there. The template comes with everything you could wish for - sound effects, a design that is stunningly similar to the real one, and even the possibility to participate via smartphone! The video below gives you a short demonstration of how the game looks.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Let your audience participate with their smartphone

Once you have chosen a quiz, you have to ask yourself: How do I conduct it during my presentation? Of course, you could just let your audience raise their hands for the answers of their choice - but that seems outdated and overly complicated (counting the amount of votes for each answers,...). The way more convenient option is to use an application like SlideLizard, which allows your audience to vote for the answer of their choice via their mobile devices, making the experience a whole lot better - quiz competitions have never been better!

The process is easy:

  • Get SlideLizard for free by clicking here .
  • Connect your presentation with SlideLizard. If you need more details on how to do that, please watch this short video tutorial .
  • The Slides are already programmed to fill in your questions and Answers into the slots. We recommend to start by creating all the quiz questions you want to ask your audience.
  • Then, duplicate the question slide as often as you need (= same number of questions you created). It is also a good idea to insert an answer slide after every question.
  • You only need to assign the questions to the slides , and you're good to go!

Watch our video to get detailed instructions on how to connect your quiz with SlideLizard:

Adapt the templates

If you'd like to use one of our templates, but feel like making some adjustments, you can easily do that yourself. All of the given templates can be modified, you can make a two- answer quiz in a multiple choice one and vice versa, you can change colors, fonts and shapes to fit your personal taste or company branding. In the following quick guide, you will be shown how certain elements can be transformed. We're using our galaxy template as an example, but all the templates are transformable in the same or very similar ways.

So here's our downloaded template:

template by SlideLizard

Now, let's start by changing the background first. Click anywhere on a slide and select "Format Background"...

background format

Then go to "Picture or texture fill" (or Solid Fill if you want the background to be a plain color).

new background chosen

After clicking "Insert" your file explorer will open. Select the picture of your choice and click "Insert" once again. Your backround is now changed.

insert picture as background

The existing boxes should be rectangular, don't you think? Let's do that by deleting the existing boxes and exchanging them with new ones. To do so, click on a box, then right click > "Cut" (or hit the backspace key). Then go to the insert tab and click "Shapes", where you can choose the shape of your choice and draw it on the slide. Place it where you want.

new shapes inserted

If the object you just drew hides the text, just go to the "Shape Format" Tab and then click "Send backward" until the text shows again.

send elements backward

And while we're at it, maybe just remove two answer options and make it a True/False quiz? If you want to, you can also change the font, and we're good to go! You just modified our quiz and made a whole new one that has your own personal handwriting!

final changed template

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About the author.

free interactive presentation games

Pia Lehner-Mittermaier

Pia works in Marketing as a graphic designer and writer at SlideLizard. She uses her vivid imagination and creativity to produce good content.

free interactive presentation games

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SlideLizard Live Polls

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for your PowerPoint Presentations

The big SlideLizard presentation glossary

Informative presentations.

An information presentation is created when no solution is currently available. Facts, data and figures or study results are presented and current processes are described.

Declamation Speech

A declamation speech describes the re-giving of an important speech that has been given in the past. It is usually given with a lot of emotion and passion.

Virtual Event

Virtual events take place entirely online. They are very convenient as anyone may join from wherever they are via a smartphone or computer.

Vertical Communication

Vertical communication means that information is passed from one person to the next according to a linear system based on their titles. This type of communication is used when a company follows a hierarchical structure or for important, sensitive information.

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Free PowerPoint Games And Templates To Teach English

Here you can find many FREE PowerPoint Games and PowerPoint Game Templates . Use one of our ready-made games or make your own using the Blank Templates provided. These PowerPoint games are perfect for teaching kids and can be used on Zoom, in online classes, or in the classroom. Simply click on the type of game you would like to download to see the PowerPoints Games currently available.

PowerPoint Games And Templates

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Game

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Games

These ‘Hidden Picture’ PowerPoint games are great to introduce or review vocabulary. There are pictures hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, the image is revealed. Students must try to guess what the word is before the picture is revealed.

Memory Game PPT Game

Memory Game PowerPoint Game

Test your students’ memory with these matching games. Behind each number is a word/picture. Students must try to find the matching pairs. You can download ready-made memory game PPTs, or add your own pictures to the Memory Game PowerPoint Template.

PowerPoint Race Game

PowerPoint Race Game

In this PowerPoint game template, students will race to mars as either a rocket or an alien.  Students will choose a letter and answer the question. If they get it right, they can move their rocket or alien ship. This PowerPoint game is great for kids and young ESL students.

Sleeping Penguins PPT Game

Sleeping Penguins PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must work together in groups of 4 to write down the correct answer.  Add your own words and sentences to the PowerPoint template.

Telepathy PPT Game

Telepathy PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must use ‘Telepathy’ to read the teacher’s mind to find out the answer.  For each question, there are two possible answers. Students should choose one and write it down. 

Mystery Box PPT Game

Mystery Box PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Mystery Box’ G. Students should answer a question and then choose to KEEP the box or GIVE the box to the other team. This game is a lot of fun! To play, simply add your own questions to this PowerPoint game template.

Top Five Quiz PPT

Top Five Quiz PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Top Five Quiz’ template. Each question in the quiz has many possible answers. Students should write down one answer. If their answer is in the ‘Top Five’ answers, then they score some points. This PPT game is so much fun and students really enjoy it. Especially when they get the top answer.

Lucky Box PPT Game

Lucky Box PowerPoint Game

This simple PPT game is great for reviewing vocabulary. To play, students should choose a box by saying the word to reveal the points beneath. You can download a blank template to add your own words or choose one of the many ready-made PPT games.

Let's Dance PPT Game

Let’s Dance PPT Game

This PPT game template is a fun game for kids. To play, students should take turns reading words on the PPT. The student who reads the last word must dance! You can choose one of the ready-made PPT games or download the PPT game template to add your own words.

Jeopardy PPT Game

Jeopardy PPT Game

This PPT game template is a ‘Jeopardy’ game. To play, students should take turns choosing a category and a value. Next, students will see the answer and must guess what the question is. Download the Jeopardy template and add your own questions and answers.

Soccer PPT Game

Soccer PPT Game

This game is a soccer PPT game in which students will compete in teams to ‘score a goal’. Students will answer questions and then ‘kick the ball’ closer to the goal. The first team to score is the winner!

Halloween PPT Game

Halloween PPT Game

This Halloween game for kids is super fun! In this game, students will ‘Race’ to the Halloween candy. This Halloween PowerPoint game is great for kids and beginner English language learners.

Alternatives To PowerPoint Games

There are lots more free games and activities on Games4esl. Check out our fun Activity Videos , Online Quizzes , and Board Games for more ready-to-use ESL activities.

free interactive presentation games

Simple, Delightful, Group ‍‍ Engagement

Rated 4.9 Stars


free interactive presentation games

"I am always searching for fun, engaging, and unique experiences to facilitate with a group. I discovered Slides With Friends and was blown away! What a great way to get all session attendees laughing, sharing, and connecting."

Elaine Schwartz, Digital Enablement Leader

free interactive presentation games

"My team absolutely loves Slides With Friends. The interactions are so fun and it's easy to create custom polls & quizzes just for our group. This has quickly become one of my favorite tools for online team experiences."

Matthijs Keij, CEO

free interactive presentation games

"As someone who’s been professionally gathering folks for years, I can 100% say that Slides With Friends is a huge breakthrough for any group looking to connect more deeply."

free interactive presentation games

Najva Sol, Head of Product & Marketing

free interactive presentation games

"Slides With Friends has been such an amazing addition to our team's remote stack. This tool brings people together in a way that is rare across the internet."

free interactive presentation games

Steph Smith, Head of Paid Products

How it works, as easy as building a slide deck.

Build your presentation or game like a slide deck (or just pick from our ready-to-play decks below ). Add special interactions like word clouds, live polls and surveys, multiple choice and text-answer questions, photo sharing, ratings, quizzes, and more, as new slides.

free interactive presentation games

Share your screen & invite your group

Launch your presentation the same way you would a powerpoint. Then display your slides on a projector, or share your screen through Zoom or any video call software. Your players can join in easily on their phones or any device, using a simple QR code or URL. No apps or downloads required 👌

Get instant feedback & incredible engagement

See real enjoyment and understanding as your team or students connect over your content. Play, laugh, and engage as a group — when you give everyone a voice through interaction, you'll bring them together, no matter where they are.

free interactive presentation games

"We received tons of positive feedback after using Slides With Friends. The beauty of this app is that it's so simple to design a unique branded game with questions and tasks on any topic. We loved this as an ice breaker!"

free interactive presentation games

Ready-to-Play Slide Decks

Choose from hundreds of popular pre-made games and presentations. Play as-is, or use one as a base: tweak these however you like to make your own custom events.

Register for free in one minute

The easiest way to host meetings your team will love

free interactive presentation games

"Slides With Friends has been such an amazing addition to our team's remote work. This tool brings people together in a way that is rare across the internet."

free interactive presentation games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We've got some answers.

Go to your account, select a deck, and open it! You'll see a big pink "Launch an event" button on the top right corner. When you click this, it will start a live, full-screen event (just like a powerpoint or google slides presentation). Display this live event page to your group (eg. "share your screen" on Zoom), and have them join in! Then advance through the slides by clicking the next arrow or pressing the arrow keys.

On the first slide of your launched event, you'll see an auto-generated QR code and a URL link. Tell your players to get their smartphone and open their camera. They just need to hold their camera up to the QR code, and they'll be taken to a join page. If they don't have a phone or are having trouble with the QR code, they can use the link displayed on that page, which goes to the same page. On this page, they'll be able to select an avatar, enter their name, and click "Join Event"! You'll see each person appear on your main screen, as they join. From there they can send in responses, photos, and fun sound reactions.

With a Pro account you can have up to 200 players join, and with a Starter account you can have up to 50 players. Our forever-free account lets small groups of up to 10 people play your event, no charge :)

Yes! Our forever free account is fully-featured. We believe in building strong connections and community, and for that reason SlidesWith will always be no-cost for smaller groups — you can create a deck and play with up to 10 people for free. The only time payment is required is if you want to run events with larger groups.

No, this is a slide deck presentation tool that you can use in any video call or in person. We recommend using SlidesWith wherever you can show your screen to your audience. So whether that's on a video call platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, (or any other video conferencing software), or live at an in-person or hybrid conference or meeting, as long as you can share your screen, you can use SlidesWith. Think of it like using a powerpoint presentation, but with superpowers ;)

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Interactive Presentation templates

Pick one of our interactive presentation templates to further enhance the experience of your audience by the use of hyperlinks. edit them in powerpoint or google slides and enjoy a dynamic slideshow., elegant workplan.

Developing a successful business plan can be challenging, but with the right tools at your disposal, it becomes much simpler. This template is a comprehensive document that allows you to outline your business goals, strategies, and financial projections in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way. The full suite of resources...

Motion Graphics App Pitch Deck

You have designed the perfect app for motion graphics, how can you present it now very visually and still keeping your company’s essence? Check out this template for PowerPoint! It’s perfect for an app pitch deck for your product. The 3D shapes floating over the soft slides will make your...

Dividing Integers presentation template

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Dividing Integers

Download the "Dividing Integers" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides and teach with confidence. Sometimes, teachers need a little bit of help, and there's nothing wrong with that. We're glad to lend you a hand! Since Slidesgo is committed to making education better for everyone, we've joined hands with educators....

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Interactive Lesson for Pre-K

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Interactive Folders presentation template

Interactive Folders

Folders are very useful when it comes to organizing classes, whether you are a student or a teacher. Today we bring you a digital and interactive version of them. You will love its colorful design, full of illustrations that will bring joy to your notes. In the number tabs on...

Interactive and Animated Social Media Strategy presentation template

Interactive and Animated Social Media Strategy

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Fractions: Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

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Quoting App Pitch Deck

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How-To Geek

6 ways to create more interactive powerpoint presentations.

Engage your audience with cool, actionable features.

Quick Links

  • Add a QR code
  • Embed Microsoft Forms (Education or Business Only)
  • Embed a Live Web Page
  • Add Links and Menus
  • Add Clickable Images to Give More Info
  • Add a Countdown Timer

We've all been to a presentation where the speaker bores you to death with a mundane PowerPoint presentation. Actually, the speaker could have kept you much more engaged by adding some interactive features to their slideshow. Let's look into some of these options.

1. Add a QR code

Adding a QR code can be particularly useful if you want to direct your audience to an online form, website, or video.

Some websites have in-built ways to create a QR code. For example, on Microsoft Forms , when you click "Collect Responses," you'll see the QR code option via the icon highlighted in the screenshot below. You can either right-click the QR code to copy and paste it into your presentation, or click "Download" to add it to your device gallery to insert the QR code as a picture.

In fact, you can easily add a QR code to take your viewer to any website. On Microsoft Edge, right-click anywhere on a web page where there isn't already a link, and left-click "Create QR Code For This Page."

You can also create QR codes in other browsers, such as Chrome.

You can then copy or download the QR code to use wherever you like in your presentation.

2. Embed Microsoft Forms (Education or Business Only)

If you plan to send your PPT presentation to others—for example, if you're a trainer sending step-by-step instruction presentation, a teacher sending an independent learning task to your students, or a campaigner for your local councilor sending a persuasive PPT to constituents—you might want to embed a quiz, questionnaire, pole, or feedback survey in your presentation.

In PowerPoint, open the "Insert" tab on the ribbon, and in the Forms group, click "Forms". If you cannot see this option, you can add new buttons to the ribbon .

As at April 2024, this feature is only available for those using their work or school account. We're using a Microsoft 365 Personal account in the screenshot below, which is why the Forms icon is grayed out.

Then, a sidebar will appear on the right-hand side of your screen, where you can either choose a form you have already created or opt to craft a new form.

Now, you can share your PPT presentation with others , who can click the fields and submit their responses when they view the presentation.

3. Embed a Live Web Page

You could always screenshot a web page and paste that into your PPT, but that's not a very interactive addition to your presentation. Instead, you can embed a live web page into your PPT so that people with access to your presentation can interact actively with its contents.

To do this, we will need to add an add-in to our PPT account .

Add-ins are not always reliable or secure. Before installing an add-in to your Microsoft account, check that the author is a reputable company, and type the add-in's name into a search engine to read reviews and other users' experiences.

To embed a web page, add the Web Viewer add-in ( this is an add-in created by Microsoft ).

Go to the relevant slide and open the Web Viewer add-in. Then, copy and paste the secure URL into the field box, and remove https:// from the start of the address. In our example, we will add a selector wheel to our slide. Click "Preview" to see a sample of the web page's appearance in your presentation.

This is how ours will look.

When you or someone with access to your presentation views the slideshow, this web page will be live and interactive.

4. Add Links and Menus

As well as moving from one slide to the next through a keyboard action or mouse click, you can create links within your presentation to direct the audience to specific locations.

To create a link, right-click the outline of the clickable object, and click "Link."

In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click "Place In This Document," choose the landing destination, and click "OK."

What's more, to make it clear that an object is clickable, you can use action buttons. Open the "Insert" tab on the ribbon, click "Shape," and then choose an appropriate action button. Usefully, PPT will automatically prompt you to add a link to these shapes.

You might also want a menu that displays on every slide. Once you have created the menu, add the links using the method outlined above. Then, select all the items, press Ctrl+C (copy), and then use Ctrl+V to paste them in your other slides.

5. Add Clickable Images to Give More Info

Through PowerPoint's animations, you can give your viewer the power to choose what they see and when they see it. This works nicely whether you're planning to send your presentation to others to run through independently or whether you're presenting in front of a group and want your audience to decide which action they want to take.

Start by creating the objects that will be clickable (trigger) and the items that will appear (pop-up).

Then, select all the pop-ups together. When you click "Animations" on the ribbon and choose an appropriate animation for the effect you want to achieve, this will be applied to all objects you have selected.

The next step is to rename the triggers in your presentation. To do this, open the "Home" tab, and in the Editing group, click "Select", and then "Selection Pane."

With the Selection Pane open, select each trigger on your slide individually, and rename them in the Selection Pane, so that they can be easily linked to in the next step.

Finally, go back to the first pop-up. Open the "Animations" tab, and in the Advanced Animation group, click the "Trigger" drop-down arrow. Then, you can set the item to appear when a trigger is clicked in your presentation.

If you want your item to disappear when the trigger is clicked again, select the pop-up, click "Add Animation" in the Advanced Animation group, choose an Exit animation, and follow the same step to link that animation to the trigger button.

6. Add a Countdown Timer

A great way to get your audience to engage with your PPT presentation is to keep them on edge by adding a countdown timer. Whether you're leading a presentation and want to let your audience stop to discuss a topic, or running an online quiz with time-limit questions, having a countdown timer means your audience will keep their eye on your slide throughout.

To do this, you need to animate text boxes or shapes containing your countdown numbers. Choose and format a shape and type the highest number that your countdown clock will need. In our case, we're creating a 10-second timer.

Now, with your shape selected, open the "Animations" tab on the ribbon and click the animation drop-down arrow. Then, in the Exit menu, click "Disappear."

Open the Animation Pane, and click the drop-down arrow next to the animation you've just added. From there, choose "Timing."

Make sure "On Click" is selected in the Start menu, and change the Delay option to "1 second," before clicking "OK."

Then, with this shape still selected, press Ctrl+C (copy), and then Ctrl+V (paste). In the second box, type 9 . With the Animation Pane still open and this second shape selected, click the drop-down arrow and choose "Timing" again. Change the Start option to "After Previous," and make sure the Delay option is 1 second. Then, click "OK."

We can now use this second shape as our template, as when we copy and paste it again, the animations will also duplicate. With this second shape selected, press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, type 8 into the box, and continue to do the same until you get to 0 .

Next, remove the animations from the "0" box, as you don't want this to disappear. To do this, click the shape, and in the Animation Pane drop-down, click "Remove."

You now need to layer them in order. Right-click the box containing number 1, and click "Bring To Front." You will now see that box on the top. Do the same with the other numbers in ascending order.

Finally, you need to align the objects together. Click anywhere on your slide and press Ctrl+A. Then, in the Home tab on the ribbon, click "Arrange." First click "Align Center," and then bring the menu up again, so that you can click "Align Middle."

Press Ctrl+A again to select your timer, and you can then move your timer or copy and paste it elsewhere.

Press F5 to see the presentation in action, and when you get to the slide containing the timer, click anywhere on the slide to see your countdown timer in action!

Now that your PPT presentation is more interactive, make sure you've avoided these eight common presentational mistakes before you present your slides.


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