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Driver   Cover Letter

Driver cover letter (with examples).

Writing a driver cover letter can be a daunting task. For a lot of people, it’s difficult to talk about themselves, especially in a cover letter. To be successful , it needs to grab the recruiter or hiring manager ’s attention and encourage them to read more.

Then you need to walk a fine line with the voice and tone of your letter. All of that, just to get someone to look at your resume and call you for an interview.

At Zippia , we know there’s a lot at stake when you’re writing a cover letter. Whether you want to get a job as a driver or any other job, it’s an important step in the process.

Because we’re experts in helping people get hired, we’ve come up with a cover letter sample and some tips that should help this process be easier and might even land you that dream job.

Looking for a job? These position are hiring now near you:

  • Truck Driver
  • Truck Driver Class A
  • Class A Driver

Parts of a Driver Cover Letter

Before diving into your cover letter, it’s good to refresh yourself with the essential parts of a cover letter . Basically, all cover letters have the same parts, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Just start filling in what you know and jotting down some notes for the different sections. It should be easier to come back then and begin to get creative and personalized.

Your contact information. It’s the perfect way to start a cover letter, and it couldn’t be easier. You know this information and your potential new boss is going to need to know it too.

Your letter is already started if you fill this in right away. Typically, people like to put their contact information at the top in the center or in the upper left-hand corner.

Salutation. The salutation is who you address the letter to. You’ll often see people start a letter with “Dear Hiring Manager.” This is good if you don’t know to who to address a cover letter .

But if you can find out who will be receiving your email, it’s best to customize it and use their name, both first and last name, or their title and last name. This is sure to get their attention.

Opening. Are you ready to make your first impression ? Because your letter opening is where you do that. That means you should probably spend most of your time getting this just right. Make it interesting, unexpected, use action words, and try to get the reader to want to read more.

Cover letter body. Just because the body of a cover letter takes up most of the space doesn’t mean it’s the hardest to write. In fact, it’s actually sort of easy. Many people find the body sort of writes itself as long as you follow the three customary paragraph suggestions.

First paragraph. Express some enthusiasm for the job at hand, and then dive right into what your qualifications are. The current trend is to do that in bullet points. They’re easier to read and can stand out more than a paragraph format.

Second paragraph. In this paragraph, you want to let the reader know why they want to hire you. This is a better approach than telling them why you want the job . If you do it this way, you’re selling them on your qualities.

Third paragraph. Sum up the letter, let them know you’re enclosing your resume, and offer to be available if they have questions or if they’d like to schedule an interview.

Closing. This requires basically no thought at all. We suggest sticking with the classics: “Sincerely,” “Best Regards,” or “Appreciatively.”

Signature. If you’re emailing your resume, then you only have to skip one line (return twice) and type your name. If you’re printing out a letter and mailing it, then you’ll need to skip three lines (return four times) and type your name. Then when you’ve printed it above your typed name, add your handwritten signature.

No matter which method you use, it’s a good idea to add your email address and your phone number at the bottom, under your typed name.

Attachment. Always include your resume with your cover letter if possible. Adding the word attachment to the bottom of the letter is a good idea because it lets the reader know there’s supplemental information.

Driver Cover Letter Opening

Okay, are you ready to get started? As we mentioned, this can be the most difficult part, and we highly suggest writing something down, finishing the rest of the letter, and then coming back to this section. Rewriting this a few times can help you get it just right.

Here’s something to consider before you begin writing. A driver covers a lot of ground professionally. You might be a driver who moves goods across the country, a pizza or local area delivery driver , a chauffeur to celebrities, an Uber or Lyft driver; there are tons of different types of driving jobs.

Your best bet is to customize your cover letter to the job you want to get. This is good to keep in mind as you look at the sample below. It might not be for the type of driving job you want. That’s okay; you simply need to make it more customized and personalized. Here is a sample below;

If you’re looking for a responsible and experienced Driver to join your team, then you’ve found your person. I’ve been driving a taxi in this city for more than a decade and not only know all of the roads, but I understand the ebbs and flows of traffic and am adept at navigating quickly and safely. I realize your company is not a taxi company and you’re looking for a delivery driver. I’m excited about making this change in my career and looking forward to embracing new challenges . If you get to know me, I think you’ll see that my experience, attitude, and enthusiasm make me a great driver and a good addition to your team.

Isn’t that opening much more interesting than the standard where someone asks to be considered for a job posting? It gives you a better idea of the job candidate and expresses their enthusiasm.

Search For Driver Jobs

Driver cover letter body.

Keep your writing momentum going; it’s time to dive into the body of the letter. You’ll find the paragraphs get easier as you go. Use this sample cover letter body as inspiration.

I began working as a Taxi Driver after graduating high school . I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this career, but I feel it’s time for a change. I’ve been looking to get into delivery driving for some time and have earned the following qualifications in preparation for this career move. I have a clean and valid driver’s license Chauffeur’s license Completed driver training programs at Plymouth Driving School Class C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) I’m very familiar with Acme Deliveries and know that your company culture and policies will be a fit for my professional goals. Beyond that, I think you’ll find that my flexibility, knowledge of the city and traffic, and my desire to make this career change will make me an ideal hire for your company. I believe I’m more than qualified, and I’m always willing to learn more . Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter. My resume is attached, and you can contact me if you have any additional requests or questions. I’d be happy to meet at your convenience to further discuss my qualifications.

Driver Cover Letter Sample Closing

Don’t be overly familiar in your closing, much like the salutation. Keep it straightforward and professional.

Sincerely, Pat Patrick [email protected] (111) 222-3333

Example of a Driver Cover Letter

It’s time to put those parts together and add a few others, and all of a sudden, you’ve got a cover letter for a delivery driver. Remember, you’ll be tailoring your cover letter to fit your situation and the job you want, but this sample cover letter should give you a good idea of where to start and what your final result should look like.

Pat Patrick 12 Fifth Street Chicago,IL 60601 [email protected] (111) 222-3333 3/30/2021 Chris Christianson Hiring Manager Acme Deliveries 10 Straight Avenue Chicago, IL 60601 (888) 999-7777 [email protected] Dear Chris Christianson, If you’re looking for a responsible and experienced Driver to join your team, then you’ve found your person. I’ve been driving a taxi in this city for more than a decade and not only know all of the roads, but I understand the ebbs and flows of traffic and am adept at navigating quickly and safely. I realize your company is not a taxi company and you’re looking for a delivery driver. I’m excited about making this change in my career and looking forward to embracing new challenges. If you get to know me, I think you’ll see that my experience, attitude, and enthusiasm make me a great driver and a good addition to your team. I began working as a Taxi Driver after graduating high school. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this career, but I feel it’s time for a change. I’ve been looking to get into delivery driving for some time and have earned the following qualifications in preparation for this career move. I have a clean and valid driver’s license Chauffeur’s license Completed driver training programs at Plymouth Driving School Class C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) I’m very familiar with Acme Deliveries and know that your company culture and policies will be a fit for my professional goals. Beyond that, I think you’ll find that my flexibility, knowledge of the city and traffic, and my desire to make this career change will make me an ideal hire for your company. I believe I’m more than qualified, and I’m always willing to learn more. Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter. My resume is attached, and you can contact me if you have any additional requests or questions. I’d be happy to meet at your convenience to further discuss my qualifications. Sincerely, Pat Patrick [email protected] (111) 222-3333 Attachment

Tips for Driver Cover Letters

Now that you’ve seen our complete sample cover letter, let’s take just a minute to go through some more tips. These are specific tips, just for professional drivers, and they might help you get a leg up on the competition .

Highlight soft skills. Yes, you’re going to need to point out all of your driving credentials; those are hard skills. But soft skills are also important; sometimes, they’re the most important thing.

If you’re driving people around, then having a spot on soft skills can make you a much better candidate, so it is beneficial to point them out.

Specific skills or technology. Some driving jobs use specific apps or programs to help keep track of rides or deliveries. It’s a good idea to list them somewhere. If you feel there’s no room in the cover letter, then this information can slide over into your resume.

Mechanical skills. Your job might not require any mechanical skills , but they could be a huge benefit if you have them. This can make you stand out from other applicants and feel like a bonus to the hiring company.

Awards or recognitions. If you have earned any awards or special recognitions, make sure to point them out. It adds some shine to your cover letter and your professional profile.

Simplicity. Don’t get too caught up in writing a lot. We really suggest you go for the bullet points to make an impression, and hopefully, they’ll want to look at your resume.

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Driver / Logistics Driver Cover Letter Samples & Examples That Worked in 2024

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

Just finished CDL training or seeking to navigate new routes in your trucking career? Your vehicle to success is a convincing driver cover letter . This crucial document is your chance to showcase your skills and express why you're the perfect candidate for the job.

To help you stay on course, we offer valuable advice, effective examples, and compelling templates for crafting a driving cover letter that stands out . 

Cab Driver Cover Letter Example

Read on and learn all about:

  • Ensuring your driver cover letter resonates with the company's tone
  • Using a compelling headline
  • Crafting a powerful cover letter introduction as a driver
  • Emphasizing your driving skills and accomplishments
  • Addressing the company's needs in your driver cover letter
  • Ending your cover letter strongly
  • Accessing top job search resources for drivers

1. Reflect the company's tone in your driver cover letter

Before crafting your cover letter, research the company you're targeting to understand its overall tone. Look at the company's social media and website, read any blog posts or articles they've written, and see how they describe themselves.

Do they use a lot of industry jargon? Are they more casual or formal? Your cover letter should reflect the company's tone so that they can see that you're a good fit.

If they're formal and corporate, then your letter should be too. But if the company is more laid-back, you can afford to be a little more casual in your language.

Let your cover letter write itself — with AI!

2. use a killer headline in your driver cover letter.

When potential employers read your cover letter, they will first see the headline. So it's important to make sure it's attention-grabbing and relevant to the job you're applying for.

Your headline should give the reader an idea of what they can expect from your letter while also making them want to read on. To write a headline that packs a punch, use active language and focus on your unique skills and qualifications.

Here are some effective headlines for your driver cover letter

Experienced Long-Haul Driver Looking For a New Challenge. Safety-Minded CDL Holder With Five Years of Experience.

Avoid using generic phrases like "looking for a driver position" or "seeking employment." These are dull and don't tell the employer anything about you or what you can bring to the table.

3. Write a powerful cover letter introduction as a driver

Once the reader is hooked with your headline, it's time to give them more information about who you are and what you're looking for. This is your opportunity to make a good first impression, so don't waste it with small talk or irrelevant information.

Although there are different ways to start a cover letter, you can begin by introducing yourself and telling the employer how you heard about the job.

If you have a personal connection to the company (e.g., you know someone who works there), mention it. This will immediately make you more relatable and likable to the reader.

After that, give a brief overview of your experience and qualifications. And finally, explain why you're interested in the job and how you can contribute to the company.

Remember to keep things short and sweet. You want to give the employer just enough information to whet their appetite and make them want to learn more about you. So save the details for later on in the letter.

Here’s an effective introduction from a driver cover letter

Dear Mrs. Chen,

I am a professional driver with 5 years of experience working as a taxi driver, responsibly transporting passengers to their desired destinations. In my former position at [Former Employer], I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with your company’s COO, Jane Smith. After being kind enough to provide feedback on my resume, Ms. Smith strongly recommended I consider applying for a position with your company.

Find out your resume score!

Resume Analytics

4. Emphasize your driving skills and accomplishments

Now it's time to get into the meat of your cover letter in the body paragraphs and start showing the employer how you're the perfect candidate for the job. This is where you can really sell yourself and your skills, so take your time to craft a well-written and convincing argument .

Start by listing your relevant qualifications and experience, then go into detail about how you would be an asset to the company. Use specific examples, numbers, and language to demonstrate your value. You can start by reviewing driver cover letter samples to understand how to structure your own.

For example, suppose you're applying for a job as a UPS driver . In the body paragraphs of your cover letter, you could mention how you have a perfect driving record and are always punctual and professional with deliveries.

Here’s an example of how to emphasize your skills in a cover letter

I responsibly sorted mail in delivery sequence for 312 active boxes and delivered them along my assigned 23-mile route.

The key is to show how your qualifications and experience match up with the requirements of the job. This will show the employer that you're not just throwing your hat in the ring, but you're genuinely interested in and qualified for the position.

5. Address the company's needs in your driver cover letter

When writing your cover letters, always keep the company's needs in mind. Your goal should be to show how you can help the company achieve its goals, not how the company can help you achieve yours.

To do this, look closely at the job listing and identify what qualities and skills the employer is looking for. Then, focus your cover letter around these qualities and skills.

For example, suppose the job listing is looking for a driver who is "safety-minded" and has "excellent customer service skills."

In your cover letter, you could mention how you have a clean driving record and how you're always careful to follow safety regulations. You could also describe how you're patient and courteous with customers, even when they're rude or difficult.

In other words, you want to make it as easy as possible for the employer to see how you meet their needs. And the best way to do that is to address their requirements in your cover letter directly.

6. End your driver cover letter on a high note

Once you've made your case, it's time to wrap things up in the closing paragraph . Start by thanking the employer for their time and consideration, then reiterate your interest in the job and how you would be an asset to the company.

You could also mention how you'll follow up (e.g., "I'll call you next week to discuss the job further"). And finally, end on a positive note by expressing your confidence that you're the perfect candidate for the job.

Here’s an example of an effective driver cover letter closing statement

I am beyond grateful for your time and consideration, and hope to hear from you shortly regarding this position. The best way to reach me on weekdays is at (123) 456-7890 between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., or at [email protected] on weekends. Knowing that you have an incredibly busy schedule, I do plan to follow up next Tuesday if I have not heard back from you.

Many Thanks,

[Applicant Name]

Writing a cover letter for a driver position doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to landing your desired job. If you still need help, you can use a cover letter builder to create a custom cover letter in minutes.

7. Top job search resources for drivers

The job hunting highway might seem overwhelming, but worry not — we're here to navigate you through. Rev up your search with these resources aimed at steering you straight to the perfect job.

  • Online job boards: Websites such as Indeed , Glassdoor , or SimplyHired harbor a treasure of job advertisements for drivers. Here, you can filter your search by criteria such as location and experience level.
  • Networking websites: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for drivers to network, connect with potential employers, and explore job openings.
  • Specialized job forums: If you're all about keeping it in the transport family, why not check out niche job boards like TruckingJobs.com or JobsInTrucks.com ? They're like your industry's insider club — linking you straight to jobs that speak your language.
  • Social media: Platforms like Facebook host numerous job search groups. X can also be a productive avenue to explore hashtags related to driver job postings.
  • Company websites: If you have a specific logistic or transport company in mind, their own “Careers” page can be a gold mine of job postings.
  • Career coaches or recruitment agents: These professionals can provide personalized advice and direct you to opportunities not widely advertised.
  • Local newspapers: Don't discount traditional methods: local newspapers often list job ads — an excellent resource if you prefer to work locally.
  • Trucker forums: Sites like TheTruckersForum.net can be a great place to trade tips and find job leads. 

Remember, in your quest for the perfect driving job, your driver cover letter is as much a tool as any of these resources — use it wisely!

Driver / Logistics Driver Cover Letter FAQ

Highlight your experience, skills, and CDL certification. Don't forget to mention any industry-specific training or endorsements you've received. Lastly, highlight your commitment to safety and customer service skills. 

Keep it concise and focused - ideally, around three to four paragraphs. 

It's always good to address it to a specific person if you can. If this information isn't available, "Hiring Manager" is a good alternative.

Absolutely, it's vital to show that you've researched the company and understand its needs. Try to echo the company's tone and culture in your writing.

No, your resume and cover letter should complement each other. Use the cover letter to spotlight your noteworthy experiences and explain why you're excited about the job.

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

Julia Gergelova

Julia is a professional writer, translator and graphic designer. She holds degrees in translation and interpretation, and has international work experience from a number of different countries in Europe as well as China and Panama. Julia formerly taught academic writing and as a graphic designer contributed to outlets such as  The Business of Business . She has a passion for lifelong learning and good coffee.

All transportation / logistics cover letter examples

  • Aviation Specialist
  • Post Officer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Traffic Technician
  • Transportation Manager

All driver / logistics driver cover letter examples

UPS Driver Cover Letter Example

Related driver / logistics driver resume examples

DoorDash Driver Resume Example

Let your resume do the work.

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Driver Cover Letter Examples And Template

Check out these driver cover letter sample and examples previously used by job seekers to land on job interviews as driver. use our ai cover letter generator to create a personalized cover letter as driver..

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Cover Letter Examples

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Professional Driver Cover Letter Example for 2024

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Driver cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

Avatar image

How to write a driver cover letter that makes you proud

Writing a Driver cover letter might feel like skating on thin ice – choosing between buzzwords mentioned in the job description and original content, while worrying about making even the slightest mistake.

And what can make this experience a bit more fun and exciting? You guessed it. Relying on expert advice and examples.

Luckily, we have you covered. Check out our tips on writing a memorable cover letter below.

driver coverletter.png

There are several things you need to do if you want to make your cover letter stand out.

First and foremost, make sure to stick to a tone of voice that is either formal and more on the traditional side or completely matches the company culture.

Second, make sure you’re not just re-writing your resume. Rather, build upon it.

And third, focus on achievements and motivations, rather than plainly listing your hard skills.

Now, if you want to stay on top of your cover letter game, we’ve got some additional tips for you.

Choose the right salutation and write a strong introduction

It’s always better to address your cover letter to a specific person. This shows that you’ve taken the time to research who the hiring manager might be and that you’re attentive to detail.

However, in case you don’t know the recruiter’s name, you can go for traditional gender-neutral salutations.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Dear Mr. James,
  • Dear Human Resources Manager,
  • To the [team you're applying for] Department,
  • Dear [company name] Recruiter

Coming up with a good introduction is your chance to make the right impression and give the hiring manager a solid reason to remember you.

So instead of going for popular opening lines such as “I found your job advert on website X”, prove that you are actually passionate about the position. Share why you would like to grow in this field and what makes the company exciting.

Mention both your hard and soft skills

So you’ve listed all your hard skills on your resume, now what?

It’s time to think about the soft ones. But remember, it’s essential to not just list your soft skills but to link them to the actual ways they can help you do well in the future.

And what about hard skills, have we completely crossed them out? No, not at all. You still need to mention some of these if you want to pass applicant tracking systems that screen texts for certain keywords. Check the requirements section of the job advert for a complete list of phrases you need to include.

Show how passionate you are to join the company

Having a paragraph that shows you’re aware of the company and the issues it faces is always a good idea. It proves your enthusiasm to join the team and makes a great impression.

For bonus points, you could also share how some of your strengths could help resolve company or even industry problems.

End in an actionable way

Ending your Driver cover letter in a suitable way can help you land an interview. Why? Because strong endings portray applicants as considerate and, what’s even more important – passionate about the job.

Just make sure that your ending (just like your cover letter’s body) matches the company culture. If you prefer to be on the safe side, go for traditional closing lines such as “Looking forward to hearing from you”.

Driver cover letter

Cover letter examples by industry

  • Truck Driver

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Learn from people who have succeeded in their job hunt.

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Pair your cover letter with a matching resume for guaranteed success

Having a strong cover letter is great, but you know what’s even better than that? Pairing it with an equally good resume.

Check out our Driver resume examples for some additional tips and inspiration, or talk to an expert .

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StandOut CV

Delivery Driver cover letter examples

Andrew Fennell photo

If you’re looking for your next driving role, then you need to deliver a standout cover letter that’s going to secure you an interview.

To help you do this, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide full of our top writing tips.

We’ve also created some delivery driver cover letter examples to point you in the right direction.

CV templates 

Delivery Driver cover letter example 1

Delivery Driver cover letter 1

Delivery Driver cover letter example 2

Delivery Driver cover letter 2

Delivery Driver cover letter example 3

Delivery Driver cover letter 3

The example cover letters here should give you a good general idea on how your Delivery Driver cover letter should be formatted and written.

The rest of this guide gives more specific guidance on how to create your own cover letter in this format, and even includes some templates you can copy and paste.

How to write a Delivery Driver cover letter

Here’s how you can write your own eye-catching cover letter, broken down into simple steps.

How to write a cover letter

Write your cover letter in the body of an email/message

When you send a cover letter with a job application, you should always write your message into the body of your email – or the body of the messaging system if you are sending via a job website.

Why do this?

Simply because you want to get your message seen as soon as the recruiter opens your application.

If you attach the cover letter as a separate item, this means the recipient will have to open it before they can read it – slowing down the process and potentially causing frustration along the way.

So, write your cover note in the body of your email/message to ensure you make an instant connection with the reader.

Write cover letter in body of email

Start with a friendly greeting

Cover letter address

To build an instant connection with the recruiter reading your cover letter, start with a warm greeting.

It should be friendly but not casual – keeping it professional at all times.

  • Hi, hope you’re well
  • Hi [insert recruiter name]
  • Hi [insert department/team name]

Avoid overly formal greetings like “Dear sir/madam ” unless applying to very traditional companies.

How to find the contact’s name?

Addressing the recruitment contact by name is an excellent way to start building a strong relationship. If it is not listed in the job advert, try these methods to find it.

  • Check out the company website and look at their  About page. If you see a hiring manager, HR person or internal recruiter, use their name. You could also try to figure out who would be your manager in the role and use their name.
  • Head to LinkedIn , search for the company and scan through the list of employees. Most professionals are on LinkedIn these days, so this is a good bet.

Identify the role you are applying for

Once you have opened the cover letter with a warm greeting, you need to explain which role you are interested in.

Sometimes a recruitment consultant could be managing over 10 vacancies, so it’s crucial to pinpoint exactly which one you are interested in.

Highlight the department/area if possible and look for any reference numbers you can quote.

These are some examples you can add..

  • I am interested in applying for the role of Delivery Driver with your company.
  • I would like to apply for the role of Sales assistant (Ref: 40f57393)
  • I would like to express my interest in the customer service vacancy within your retail department
  • I saw your advert for an IT project manager on Reed and would like to apply for the role.

See also: CV examples – how to write a CV – CV profiles

Highlight your suitability

The bulk of your cover letter should be focused around highlighting your suitability for the job you are applying to.

Doing this will show the recruiter that you are suitable candidate and encourage them to open your CV.

The best way to do this, is by studying the job advert you are applying to, and find out what the most important skills and knowledge are.

Once you know the most important requirements, you then need to highlight your matching skills to the recruiter. In a few sentences, tell them exactly why you are a good fit for the job and what you can offer the company.

Cover letter tips

Keep it short and sharp

A good cover letter is short and sharp, getting to the point quickly with just enough information to grab the attention of recruiters.

Ideally your cover letter should be around 4-8 sentences long – anything longer will risk losing the attention of time-strapped recruiters and hiring managers .

Essentially you need to include just enough information to persuade the reader to open up your CV, where the in-depth details will sit.

Sign off professionally

To round of your CV, you should sign off with a professional signature.

This will give your cover letter a slick appearance and also give the recruiter all of the necessary contact information they need to get in touch with you.

The information to add should include:

  • A friendly sign off – e.g. “Kindest regards”
  • Your full name
  • Phone number (one you can answer quickly)
  • Email address
  • Profession title
  • Professional social network –  e.g. LinkedIn

Here is an example signature;

Warm regards,

Jill North IT Project Manager 078837437373 [email protected] LinkedIn

Quick tip: To save yourself from having to write your signature every time you send a job application, you can save it within your email drafts, or on a separate documents that you could copy in.

Email signatures

What to include in your Delivery Driver cover letter

Your Delivery Driver cover letter will be unique to your situation, but there are certain content guidelines you should stick to for best results.

To attract and entice recruiters, stick with the following key subjects in your cover letter – adapting them to fit your profession and target jobs.

  • Your professional experience – Employers will be keen to know if your experience is suitable for the job you are applying to, so provide a good summary of it in your cover letter.
  • Your qualifications and education – Highlight your most relevant and high-level of qualification, especially if they are essential to the job.
  • The positive impact you have made – Employers love to hear about the benefits you can bring to them, so shout about anything impressive you have done, such as saving money or improving processes.
  • Your reasons for leaving – Use a few words of your cover letter to explain why you are leaving your current job and ensure you avoid any negative reasons.
  • Your availability – Let recruiters know when you can start a new job . Are you immediately available, or do you have a month notice period?

Delivery Driver cover letter templates

Copy and paste these Delivery Driver cover letter templates to get a head start on your own.

Good morning, Ben

Attached you will find my CV for the Delivery Driver position at Amazon Flex, as advertised on Glassdoor. With a strong track record of safe and efficient driving, combined with exceptional customer service skills, I am confident that I can uphold your organisation’s reputation.

As a Delivery Driver with 8 years of experience, I have completed numerous successful deliveries, always prioritising on-time and accurate order fulfilment. My familiarity with local roads and efficient route planning has allowed me to consistently meet tight schedules and maintain high CSAT. At Fast Parcel, I developed a reputation for exceptional service, where I received commendations for my professionalism, achieved a record of five consecutive years with 0% delivery errors, and reduced YoY fuel costs by 20% through implementing efficient route planning strategies. Additionally, I collaborated with warehouse staff to optimise loading procedures and decrease delivery preparation time by 15%.

I understand the importance of positively representing a company during interactions with customers, and striving to exceed delivery expectations and I am excited to bring this mindset to your organisation. I am open to travel for an in-person interview ASAP.

Kind regards

Carl May ¦ 07777777777 ¦ [email protected]

Good day Harry

I am writing to apply for the Junior Delivery Driver vacancy at Tesco, as advertised on Indeed. With a passion for providing exceptional service and a strong commitment to safety on the road, I am confident that I can contribute to your team’s success and maintain your esteemed company’s reputation.

As a responsible part-time Delivery Driver spanning six months at Waitrose Limited, I understand the importance of prompt and accurate deliveries to ensure high customer satisfaction. I am proud to maintain an impeccable driving record, while consistently adhering to traffic laws and guaranteeing the safety of myself, other road users, and products being transported.

I have also honed my time management skills and developed a keen sense of navigation to traverse through busy city streets/suburban neighbourhoods and contributed to a 30% increase in delivery efficiency by collaborating with despatch and warehouse teams to streamline operations. Furthermore, I received an average CSAT score of 98 out of 100 based on post-delivery surveys.

I am flexible with my schedule and can accommodate an interview at a time that works best for you.

Ian Shearer ¦ 07777777777 ¦ [email protected]

I am pleased to reach out to you concerning the Senior Delivery Driver position at Falcon Transport. With 13 years’ experience, a track record of outstanding delivery performance, and a focus on exceeding customer expectations, I am confident that my dedication make me an excellent fit for the role.

As a Delivery Driver for HMP Group Ltd, I was recognised as a top-performing delivery driver, achieving 17 consecutive months of error-free deliveries, and receiving positive feedback for my exceptional service. Throughout my career, I have leveraged my skills to consistently achieve a 98% on-time delivery rate, helped implement strategies which increased order accuracy by 5%, as well as navigated through various traffic conditions with a 0% accident rate, even during peak hours.

I pride myself in verifying that the correct packages are loaded into vehicles, planning routes, and unloading goods at their destination. I also motivate and train junior drivers on effectively communicating with despatchers/supervisors to receive instructions and provide progress updates.

Please let me know your preferred date and time for an interview, and I will ensure to be there promptly.

Grant Richards ¦ 07777777777 ¦ [email protected]

Writing an impressive cover letter is a crucial step in landing a Delivery Driver job, so taking the time to perfect it is well worth while.

By following the tips and examples above you will be able to create an eye-catching cover letter that will wow recruiters and ensure your CV gets read – leading to more job interviews for you.

Good luck with your job search!

cover letter for job driver

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3 Truck Driver Cover Letter Examples Working in 2024

Stephen Greet

  • Truck Driver Cover Letter
  • CDL Truck Driver Cover Letter
  • Delivery Truck Driver Cover Letter
  • Write Your Truck Driver Cover Letter

Efficient truck drivers are always needed to keep companies running smoothly and get products into customer’s hands faster. You ensure success with effective route planning, accurately loading and unloading cargo, and performing top-notch vehicle maintenance. 

Are you capable of creating a cover letter and truck driver resume ready to show you’re the driven professional companies need?

While navigating routes is a breeze, making a cover letter that gets you into your next job can feel more challenging. We’ll make it much easier with our truck driver cover letter examples that have been successful for many transportation professionals in 2024.

cover letter for job driver

Truck Driver Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Truck driver cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • It’s all about portraying your capacity to deliver intact shipments punctually, sparing the company revenue loss and fostering ultimate customer satisfaction. In the same vein, talk about cargo distribution, tying, and covering, and emphasize your knowledge of relevant regulations.

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

CDL Truck Driver Cover Letter Example

CDL truck driver cover letter example

  • Regarding your CDL truck driver cover letter template, prioritize something polished that complements your content without overshadowing it. Keep the piece to a concise one-page length divided into four to five well-structured paragraphs, with each section having its unique purpose.

Delivery Truck Driver Cover Letter Example

Delivery truck driver cover letter example

  • Quantifying your accomplishments, whether audit pass rate, loading and unloading efficiency, fuel efficiency, or miles driven, casts a vibrant spotlight on your capacity to deliver desired results. You can liken it to adding a shot of adrenaline to your candidacy.

Related cover letter examples

  • Truck driver resume
  • Police officer
  • Firefighter
  • Construction

How to Write a Successful Truck Driver Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Writing an effective cover letter is like loading your truck with the correct items and ensuring proper placement. In this case, you need to evenly distribute your top skills and experiences throughout in a concise overview of what makes you the best driver for the job. 

So, how do you pick the best job skills to write about? The job description will help you navigate those decisions. For example, emphasizing abilities in hazardous materials handling and defensive driving may work well for a position that requires hazardous waste transport.

cover letter for job driver

Get on the road to success by optimizing the greeting and intro 

A great touch to start with is greeting a specific hiring manager by name if you can find it in the job description or on the company website. It’s similar to learning your contact person’s name at delivery sites to provide personable client service. 

Then, you can optimize the opening paragraph by relating to the company’s mission and how your truck driving skills fit in. For example, you could write about how you’ll use your route planning skills to ensure safe and efficient transportation that helps the company achieve its goal of industry-leading delivery times. 

The example below is missing a few stops along the way since it doesn’t greet anyone by name or list any specific truck driving skills based on company needs.

Try to get more specific than this! 

Upon seeing your long-haul truck driver opening, I thought this would be the perfect position for my skill set. With seven years of experience, I believe I’ll be a great fit for your team.  

The following example does a much better job showing how the applicant’s logistics and transportation skill set will help FedEx achieve prompt delivery and satisfied customers. 

An intro aligning with the company’s mission! 

Dear Ms. Jones,

As someone who thrives on long-haul drives punctuated by picturesque views and takes pride in facilitating critical supply chain operations, I’m thrilled to apply for the truck driver position at FedEx Freight. Drawing on my six years of hands-on experience in logistics and transportation, I’m ready to contribute to your renowned team, noted for its prompt delivery times and customer satisfaction.

cover letter for job driver

Provide the right details in the body of your truck driver cover letter

Truck driving is results-oriented, with delivery times and incident prevention being essential to success. 

You can emphasize your abilities in the body of your cover letter by talking about how you’ve used skills in cargo handling and road assessments successfully based on each company’s needs. 

Also, try adding transportation metrics that companies care about the most. For example, you could write about how you performed diligent record-keeping, leading to 78% more accurate deliveries. 

A great body paragraph with relevant truck driving skills!

I was tasked with performing pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure the safe operation of vehicles at Gaab Trucking. My attention to detail and adherence to stringent checks led to a 19.6% decrease in unscheduled downtime.

cover letter for job driver

End on the right note with the closing of your truck driver cover letter

In the closing paragraph, indicate how your truck driving skills will help the company achieve its mission. For example, you could state how you use efficient cargo handling to provide timely and accurate deliveries to all customers. 

Then, thank the hiring manager for their time and use a light call to action, such as “I look forward to discussing this truck driving position with you further.” 

The closer below falls short since it’s too generic and doesn’t get into any specific truck driving skills this applicant will use to achieve the company’s mission.

A bit too generic! 

Thank you for considering me for your overnight truck driver position. I’m eager to discuss further how my skills and experiences will be a great fit for your team. 

Beth Lindstrom

The following is far more successful since the applicant showcases how their knowledge of DOT regulations and logistics experience will help Amazon Logistics deliver a great customer experience.  

A top-notch closer aligned with the company’s mission!

I admire Amazon Logistics’ commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience and maintaining timely deliveries. I’m confident that my knowledge of DOT regulations and relevant experiences can contribute significantly to your delivery fleet. I look forward to discussing how my background and passion for logistics can help support Amazon’s ongoing success in revolutionizing the logistics industry. Thank you for your consideration.

Thiago Silva

You should limit your cover letter to a single page. The logistics and transportation industry is fast-paced, so hiring managers need to review applicants quickly. Aim to keep it concise and relevant while focusing on key job skills like defensive driving and vehicle assessments. 

Entry-level truck drivers can still find many relevant abilities to write about. You could include achievements and knowledge gained from obtaining your CDL, such as road assessments and navigation skills. In addition, previous work experience where you performed customer service or accurate record keeping also works well. 

Try to match the tone of your truck driving cover letter to the one each company uses in the job description . It’ll help show how you’ll be a great cultural fit based on each company’s needs. For example, a company with a friendly and upbeat tone may seek drivers who provide positive customer service to all clients during deliveries.  

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The Cut

How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a Job

I ’ve read thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of cover letters in my career. If you’re thinking that sounds like really boring reading, you’re right. What I can tell you from enduring that experience is that most cover letters are terrible — and not only that, but squandered opportunities. When a cover letter is done well, it can significantly increase your chances of getting an interview, but the vast majority fail that test.

So let’s talk about how to do cover letters right.

First, understand the point of a cover letter.

The whole idea of a cover letter is that it can help the employer see you as more than just your résumé. Managers generally aren’t hiring based solely on your work history; your experience is crucial, yes, but they’re also looking for someone who will be easy to work with, shows good judgment, communicates well, possesses strong critical thinking skills and a drive to get things done, complements their current team, and all the other things you yourself probably want from your co-workers. It’s tough to learn much about those things from job history alone, and that’s where your cover letter comes in.

Because of that …

Whatever you do, don’t just summarize your résumé.

The No. 1 mistake people make with cover letters is that they simply use them to summarize their résumé. This makes no sense — hiring managers don’t need a summary of your résumé! It’s on the very next page! They’re about to see it as soon as they scroll down. And if you think about it, your entire application is only a few pages (in most cases, a one- or two-page résumé and a one-page cover letter) — why would you squander one of those pages by repeating the content of the others? And yet, probably 95 percent of the cover letters I see don’t add anything new beyond the résumé itself (and that’s a conservative estimate).

Instead, your cover letter should go beyond your work history to talk about things that make you especially well-suited for the job. For example, if you’re applying for an assistant job that requires being highly organized and you neurotically track your household finances in a detailed, color-coded spreadsheet, most hiring managers would love to know that because it says something about the kind of attention to detail you’d bring to the job. That’s not something you could put on your résumé, but it can go in your cover letter.

Or maybe your last boss told you that you were the most accurate data processor she’d ever seen, or came to rely on you as her go-to person whenever a lightning-fast rewrite was needed. Maybe your co-workers called you “the client whisperer” because of your skill in calming upset clients. Maybe you’re regularly sought out by more senior staff to help problem-solve, or you find immense satisfaction in bringing order to chaos. Those sorts of details illustrate what you bring to the job in a different way than your résumé does, and they belong in your cover letter.

If you’re still stumped, pretend you’re writing an email to a friend about why you’d be great at the job. You probably wouldn’t do that by stiffly reciting your work history, right? You’d talk about what you’re good at and how you’d approach the work. That’s what you want here.

You don’t need a creative opening line.

If you think you need to open the letter with something creative or catchy, I am here to tell you that you don’t. Just be simple and straightforward:

• “I’m writing to apply for your X position.”

• “I’d love to be considered for your X position.”

• “I’m interested in your X position because …”

• “I’m excited to apply for your X position.”

That’s it! Straightforward is fine — better, even, if the alternative is sounding like an aggressive salesperson.

Show, don’t tell.

A lot of cover letters assert that the person who wrote it would excel at the job or announce that the applicant is a skillful engineer or a great communicator or all sorts of other subjective superlatives. That’s wasted space — the hiring manager has no reason to believe it, and so many candidates claim those things about themselves that most managers ignore that sort of self-assessment entirely. So instead of simply declaring that you’re great at X (whatever X is), your letter should demonstrate that. And the way you do that is by describing accomplishments and experiences that illustrate it.

Here’s a concrete example taken from one extraordinarily effective cover-letter makeover that I saw. The candidate had originally written, “I offer exceptional attention to detail, highly developed communication skills, and a talent for managing complex projects with a demonstrated ability to prioritize and multitask.” That’s pretty boring and not especially convincing, right? (This is also exactly how most people’s cover letters read.)

In her revised version, she wrote this instead:

“In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for details — particularly when it comes to presentation. One of my recent projects involved coordinating a 200-page grant proposal: I proofed and edited the narratives provided by the division head, formatted spreadsheets, and generally made sure that every line was letter-perfect and that the entire finished product conformed to the specific guidelines of the RFP. (The result? A five-year, $1.5 million grant award.) I believe in applying this same level of attention to detail to tasks as visible as prepping the materials for a top-level meeting and as mundane as making sure the copier never runs out of paper.”

That second version is so much more compelling and interesting — and makes me believe that she really is great with details.

If there’s anything unusual or confusing about your candidacy, address it in the letter.

Your cover letter is your chance to provide context for things that otherwise might seem confusing or less than ideal to a hiring manager. For example, if you’re overqualified for the position but are excited about it anyway, or if you’re a bit underqualified but have reason to think you could excel at the job, address that up front. Or if your background is in a different field but you’re actively working to move into this one, say so, talk about why, and explain how your experience will translate. Or if you’re applying for a job across the country from where you live because you’re hoping to relocate to be closer to your family, let them know that.

If you don’t provide that kind of context, it’s too easy for a hiring manager to decide you’re the wrong fit or applying to everything you see or don’t understand the job description and put you in the “no” pile. A cover letter gives you a chance to say, “No, wait — here’s why this could be a good match.”

Keep the tone warm and conversational.

While there are some industries that prize formal-sounding cover letters — like law — in most fields, yours will stand out if it’s warm and conversational. Aim for the tone you’d use if you were writing to a co-worker whom you liked a lot but didn’t know especially well. It’s okay to show some personality or even use humor; as long as you don’t go overboard, your letter will be stronger for it.

Don’t use a form letter.

You don’t need to write every cover letter completely from scratch, but if you’re not customizing it to each job, you’re doing it wrong. Form letters tend to read like form letters, and they waste the chance to speak to the specifics of what this employer is looking for and what it will take to thrive in this particular job.

If you’re applying for a lot of similar jobs, of course you’ll end up reusing language from one letter to the next. But you shouldn’t have a single cover letter that you wrote once and then use every time you apply; whatever you send should sound like you wrote it with the nuances of this one job in mind.

A good litmus test is this: Could you imagine other applicants for this job sending in the same letter? If so, that’s a sign that you haven’t made it individualized enough to you and are probably leaning too heavily on reciting your work history.

No, you don’t need to hunt down the hiring manager’s name.

If you read much job-search advice, at some point you’ll come across the idea that you need to do Woodward and Bernstein–level research to hunt down the hiring manager’s name in order to open your letter with “Dear Matilda Jones.” You don’t need to do this; no reasonable hiring manager will care. If the name is easily available, by all means, feel free to use it, but otherwise “Dear Hiring Manager” is absolutely fine. Take the hour you just freed up and do something more enjoyable with it.

Keep it under one page.

If your cover letters are longer than a page, you’re writing too much, and you risk annoying hiring managers who are likely sifting through hundreds of applications and don’t have time to read lengthy tomes. On the other hand, if you only write one paragraph, it’s unlikely that you’re making a compelling case for yourself as a candidate — not impossible, but unlikely. For most people, something close to a page is about right.

Don’t agonize over the small details.

What matters most about your cover letter is its content. You should of course ensure that it’s well-written and thoroughly proofread, but many job seekers agonize over elements of the letter that really don’t matter. I get tons of  questions from job seekers  about whether they should attach their cover letter or put it in the body of the email (answer: No one cares, but attaching it makes it easier to share and will preserve your formatting), or what to name the file (again, no one really cares as long as it’s reasonably professional, but when people are dealing with hundreds of files named “resume,” it’s courteous to name it with your full name).

Approaching your cover letter like this can make a huge difference in your job search. It can be the thing that moves your application from the “maybe” pile (or even the “no” pile) to the “yes” pile. Of course, writing cover letters like this will take more time than sending out the same templated letter summarizing your résumé — but 10 personalized, compelling cover letters are likely to get you more  interview invitations  than 50 generic ones will.

  • ‘I Had a Great Job Interview — Why Haven’t I Heard Back?’
  • How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ in a Job Interview

by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Politics latest: Sunak criticises Speaker's 'very concerning' handling of Gaza ceasefire votes

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has joined the legion of Tory and SNP MPs who have criticised the Commons Speaker over his handling of votes on a ceasefire in Gaza, with the motion of no confidence in him attracting dozens of signatories.

Thursday 22 February 2024 17:50, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

  • Coming up on Politics Hub With Sophy Ridge at 7pm
  • Starmer denies threatening Speaker on Gaza vote
  • SNP says Sir Lindsay Hoyle 'cannot continue' in role
  • PM criticises him over 'very concerning' handling of vote
  • Speaker reveals police meetings over 'frightening' threats
  • 67 MPs sign no confidence motion  |  How Speaker can be ejected
  • Explained: What happened in the Commons  |  Why MPs are angry
  • Sky News Daily: What damage has Gaza vote chaos done?
  • Live reporting by Ben Bloch and (earlier) Charlotte Chelsom-Pill

News is moving fast here in Westminster as the Speaker faces pressure after yesterday's chaos in the Commons over the Gaza ceasefire votes.

This post has the very latest figure for how many MPs have signed a no-confidence motion in Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

Context: It's important to note this early day motion won't necessarily force Sir Lindsay out.

He is not bound to resign if a certain number of MPs back it and there is unlikely to be a debate on it.

Rather, the EDM is being used as a mechanism by his critics to show the strength of feeling in parliament after what happened yesterday with the Gaza ceasefire votes.

Sir Lindsay sparked outrage among SNP and Tory MPs when he selected a Labour amendment to the SNP's motion.

Convention dictates that only the government can amend an opposition motion, but Sir Lindsay opted to choose Labour's amendment as well as the government's.

Scroll down for more detailed updates and the latest reaction and analysis from our team of correspondents.

The third-largest party in the House of Commons, the SNP, says it doesn't have confidence in its Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

The Speaker himself says he took decisions about how MPs debated and voted on calls for a ceasefire in Gaza because he wanted as broad a discussion as possible. He's apologised but said the safety of MPs on such a divisive issue was also on his mind.

With thousands dead in Gaza and war continuing, the optics of MPs rowing about Commons procedure - rather than debating important international issues - have not sat well with everyone.

Niall Paterson speaks to Dr Hannah White from the Institute for Government about why she thinks it's another example supporting the case for parliamentary reform.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood describes it as his "worst day in parliament". He recently had dozens of anti-Israel protesters gather outside his home.

And chief political correspondent Jon Craig picks over how the chamber moves on from this - and whether Sir Lindsay Hoyle will stay in his job.

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Our weeknight politics show  Politics Hub With Sophy Ridge  is live on Sky News from 7pm.

The fast-paced show dissects the inner workings of Westminster, with interviews, insights, and analysis - bringing you, the audience, into the corridors of power.

Tonight, Sophy will be speaking to Labour shadow minister  Nick Thomas-Symonds  on the fallout from last night's chaotic Gaza ceasefire vote.

On that same topic, she will also hear from Tory MP Danny Kruger , who has signed the motion of no confidence in Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

On her panel tonight are:

  • Tim Montgomerie , founder of the Conservative Home website;
  • Tom Baldwin , former Labour Party senior adviser.

Tune in to watch on Sky News from 7pm, with live updates right here in the Politics Hub.

Watch Politics Hub With Sophy Ridge Monday to Thursday on Sky channel 501, Virgin channel 602, Freeview channel 233, on the  Sky News website  and  app  or on  YouTube .

There are now 67 MPs who have signed a motion of no confidence in Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

Here's the full list of Conservatives:

  • William Wragg
  • Gary Sambrook
  • Jill Mortimer
  • John Stevenson
  • Kieran Mullan
  • Anthony Mangnall
  • James Duddridge
  • Chris Green
  • Bob Blackman
  • Tom Randall
  • Jonathan Lord
  • Karl McCartney
  • Derek Thomas
  • Jack Brereton
  • James Grundy
  • Brendan Clarke-Smith
  • Lee Anderson
  • Graham Brady
  • Eddie Hughes
  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
  • Marco Longhi
  • Simon Baynes
  • Shaun Bailey
  • Matt Warman
  • Steve Double
  • Danny Kruger
  • Miriam Cates
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Jonathan Gullis
  • Kelly Tolhurst
  • Paul Howell
  • Andrew Lewer

And from the SNP:

  • David Linden
  • Stewart Malcolm McDonald
  • John McNally
  • Gavin Newlands
  • Pete Wishart
  • Patricia Gibson
  • Joanna Cherry
  • Alison Thewliss
  • Anum Qaisar
  • Douglas Chapman
  • Carol Monaghan
  • Drew Hendry
  • Anne McLaughlin
  • John Nicolson
  • Kirsty Blackman
  • Ronnie Cowan
  • Dave Doogan
  • Amy Callaghan
  • Brendan O'Hara
  • Stephen Flynn
  • Mhairi Black
  • Richard Thomson
  • Kirsten Oswald
  • Allan Dorans


  • Rob Roberts

The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has told Sky News the party does retain confidence in the Speaker ( more here ).

Cabinet minister Michael Gove has backed the embattled Speaker of the Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, after a chaotic day in parliament.

Asked about events last night, he told The Sun newspaper: "I don't think this issue is really about the Speaker.

"If you're a government minister like me, you've got to respect the ref – even if you disagree with his decisions."

He added that he does "like" Sir Lindsay.

The veteran cabinet minister also said the "thing I regret is that [Labour leader] Keir Starmer is allowing himself and the Labour Party to be dictated by fear and intimidation".

"We have a situation where MPs are being told that they have to vote a particular way, or they're going to face pressure from extremist groups," he said.

"The issue is being able to say to extremists outside the House of Commons: get back.

"You are not going to force elected representatives to vote in a particular way because of your tactics, and because of your commitment to extremist causes."

Rishi Sunak has reiterated the government's position on the Israel-Hamas war after the chaotic proceedings in the House of Commons last night.

He said the government wants to see "an immediate pause in what's happening in Gaza so that we can get more aid in and crucially get the hostages out, including the British hostages".

That, he said, would be a "foundation to build a sustainable, lasting ceasefire".

"But that involves Hamas having no part to play in the future governance of Gaza."

The government's priority, the PM said, is "getting more aid in", and cited the first air drop of aid into northern Gaza last night alongside the Jordanians, which is "making a difference on the ground".

As a reminder, the amended motion passed by the Commons last night called for an "immediate humanitarian ceasefire", rather than a pause.

Rishi Sunak has criticised Sir Lindsay Hoyle's handing of the Gaza ceasefire votes as "very concerning", but says the Speaker is "reflecting on what happened".

"What happened in the House of Commons last night is very concerning," the prime minister said.

"It seems that the usual processes and the way that the House of Commons works were changed. 

"Now my understanding is that the Speaker has apologised for that and is going to reflect on what happened."

He added: "But I think the important point here is that we should never let extremists intimidate us into changing the way in which parliament works.

"Parliament is an important place for us to have these debates. And just because some people may want to stifle that with intimidation or aggressive behaviour, we should not bend to that and change how parliament works.

"That's a very slippery slope."

By Deborah Haynes , security and defence editor

The UK is backing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to be the next head of NATO, Sky News understands.

Jens Stoltenberg, the incumbent secretary general of the alliance, is expected to step down this year after repeatedly having his time in charge extended.

All allies have to agree on his successor in what is typically a closed-door process. It means it is significant that the UK has chosen publicly to back a potential candidate.

A Foreign Office source said Britain believes Mr Rutte, a veteran politician, would be the ideal person to lead the alliance at a time when NATO is working hard to bolster its defences to deter Russian aggression.

The UK was initially hoping former defence secretary Ben Wallace would be appointed to the role at the end of Mr Stoltenberg's last term, but he said the US wanted the incumbent to remain in post for another year.

The government has appointed commissioners to help run Nottingham City Council, which effectively declared bankruptcy last year due to a "significant gap" in its budget.

It issued a section 114 notice in November as its chief financial officer had decided it "isn't able to deliver a balanced budget for this year, which is a legal requirement".

The council has come under financial pressures after its attempt to enter the power market with Robin Hood Energy (RHE) failed in 2020, losing the authority millions, and was also hit hard by changes to central government funding under the coalition government back in 2013/14, as well as soaring inflation and growing demand for social care.

The Department for Levelling Up decided against bringing in a commissioner after the failure of RHE three years ago, but gave an advisory board more powers to ensure the council adhered to their advice.

In a letter to the board chair today, levelling up minister Simon Hoare praised them for their work so far improving the council.

He went on to say he and Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove "expect a managed transition from the Board to the Commissioners and that momentum isn't lost".

The commissioners - appointed for two years - will work with the council's officers and elected representatives to put it back on stable financial footing.

Robert Jenrick, MP for Newark in Nottinghamshire, praised the government's decision, and said it is "the sad conclusion of years of Labour misrule in Nottingham".

He went on: "My constituents will be breathing a sigh of relief that they don't live in the city, although the city's success is important to the success of the whole region."

Away from the continued fallout from last night's chaotic scenes in the Commons, a government minister has issued an update on plans to exonerate and compensate victims of the Post Office scandal.

Under new legislation, the government says it will "quash all convictions which are identified as being in scope".

The Post Office minister says possibly exonerating people actually guilty of crimes is a "price worth paying" to ensure innocent people are cleared.

Writing to the House of Commons, postal minister Kevin Hollinrake said: "As noted in my statement on 10 January, the legislation is likely to exonerate a number of people who were, in fact, guilty of a crime.

"The government accepts that this is a price worth paying in order to ensure that many innocent people are exonerated."

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A Conservative MP has revealed his elderly parents were threatened with being stabbed to death following an opposition day debate like the SNP one held yesterday.

"We all face difficult votes in this House, I myself saw the consequences of one of those votes when after an opposition day debate some time ago, my elderly parents were threatened with being stabbed to death," James Grundy, the MP for Leigh, told the Commons.

His comments came after yesterday's SNP opposition day descended into chaos. One of the issues it has thrown up is around MPs' safety.

House Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is under pressure after opting to select amendments tabled by both Labour and the government to a Gaza ceasefire motion put forward by the SNP.

Convention dictates only the government can amend an opposition motion, but Sir Lindsay said he had MPs' safety in mind when he made the unusual decision.

Mr Grundy told the Commons while the move may have meant Labour MPs "were protected from potential threats of violence and murder", Tory MPs were "consequentially more exposed to such threats".

"We cannot continue like this, such breaches of procedure are unacceptable, everyone's right in this House to vote in the way that they wish, and their security should be equal across all benches," he said.

Commons leader Penny Mordaunt replied: "It is not just what is directed against us, it is directed against members of our family, perhaps most appallingly honourable members' children as well."

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