12 Awesome Topics for Content Writing to Write on in 2022

12 Awesome Topics for Content Writing to Write on in 2022

You cannot be formulaic in content writing because writing about the same topic can get monotonous and create apathy among your readers. You need to constantly reinvent yourself and look for exciting themes and hot takes on which you can give your own two cents. 

But that is easier said than done. Content writing is not a cakewalk. You must constantly come up with some of the best topics for content writing that will resonate with your target audience. 

This blog will help you with innovative niches on which to focus your content writing skills. 

12 Niches to Get Your Creative Content Juices Flowing 

Are you consistent with your writing and still unable to get engagement on your articles? Are you not able to get good search engine rankings even after optimizing your content? You need engaging, interesting topic ideas to keep the audience glued to your content.

We all know that content is king. However, we often forget that engagement is equally essential, which is why choosing your niche wisely before you start writing is very important. If you are a beginner and want to excel in content writing, it is very important to understand what the audience wants to read. 

content writing topics 2022

Whether it is an informative or promotional article/blog, choosing the right topic is paramount for any writer. These days, amidst the busy lives we all lead, we want everything to be quick: a quick read, a quick ad. 

To get engagement, you must tell your audience what they will get from reading your blog. This is where the topic plays a significant role. If it is appealing, the readers will read for pleasure. If it is informative, they will read it for knowledge. But to read the content, they first need to like the topic. Here are a few topic ideas to get started. 

content writing topics 2022

Times and trends come and go, but one thing that remains constant is our love for food. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we searched for new restaurants with great music and a fantastic ambiance.

Post-COVID, we have been searching for food outlets and cloud kitchens to send delicious food to our doorsteps. Food, as a niche, will always be in trend. Write about food—from old recipes to new eateries in town, just gather all the interesting information you can and write interesting articles on it. 

2. Lifestyle

With the world on social media, everyone wants to read more about a lifestyle: what habits to adapt, what to let go of, and the like. Write about how people dream of living and help them with expert tips.

content writing topics 2022

3. Entertainment

With so much chaos in the world, everyone entertains themselves via movies, web series, and TV shows. With the rising OTT fever, almost everyone wants to know what new series is launching on Netflix. Write about entertainment and build a loyal audience base. 

Books are one of the most interesting topics to cover as a content writer. From book reviews to book clubs, there’s a lot a book enthusiast can explore. However, make sure you don’t make it drab. 

content writing topics 2022

Everyone has goals and bucket lists about traveling to mesmerizing places. Tell those travelers about the roads less traveled through your research and experiences. Show them undiscovered destinations. 

Health is true wealth, and almost everyone keeps looking out for tips on how to stay mentally and physically fit. People easily get attracted to such articles. The health marketing industry is booming, and you can take advantage of it by contributing marketing content to medical establishments. 

7. Marketing

The world has transformed drastically with digitization. Hence, marketing remains one of the top niches on the internet. Choose this niche and write informative content readers can actually take lessons from. You can cover everything from SEO and content marketing to social media and analytics. 

content writing topics 2022

8. Career advice

Career is a niche that has always been constant. With everyone looking for their dream job, people are eager to get good career advice to drive their growth. Also, at some point, almost everyone thinks about starting a business of their own. Give your audience good business ideas for kick-starting their dream. 

9. Art 

Everyone loves art. Write about the best art pieces, galleries, seminars, and exhibitions. However, not everyone can comprehend art well, so you may or may not have many takers. Tread carefully. Understand your audience well. 

10. Unknown facts

We are all curious creatures and always want to know more about mysterious topics. Telling people about unknown facts through your articles is an excellent way to gain traction.

11. Technology

Tech is driving the world these days. Talk about the latest innovations in this space. You can focus on automation and how it can be applied to almost every sphere of life today. You can even interview tech experts to give your article more credibility.  

Sports is a vast nice, and there is much room for exploration. Scan the news daily and talk about what’s trending in the space. It is not hard to turn sports lovers into loyal readers. Just make sure to create engaging, SEO-rich content. 

19 Best Types of Content

No one can escape writer’s block , not even a seasoned content writing expert. This is why we have come up with a list of 19 great topic formats so that your content writing well never runs dry. Let’s dive in. 

1. Myth-busters

In this age of misinformation and fake news, being a trustworthy source can score many brownie points with your readers. Debunking myths and fact-checking is a great way to add value to your readers’ lives. For instance, if your niche is content marketing, you can bust content marketing myths and win the goodwill of your audience.

content writing topics 2022

2. Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks are probably as old as the content writing industry itself because someone will always need a quicker way to do things: cracking Facebook ads or baking delicious cakes. 

This is an evergreen content type because no industry is static. You can publish new tips and tricks every year, depending on your space’s changing trends and paradigm shifts. It is also ideal content for making videos. 

3. Listicles 

Laundry lists are extremely popular and one of the most easy-to-consume content types (even this blog is one). It sets the reader’s expectations about what exactly they will be getting from the article and gives them multiple options to consider. 

content writing topics 2022

What better topic to write about than one already in the news? Trends make for great reading because people are already talking about them, so you’ve already crossed that initial interest barrier. Here is an example to spot upcoming trends and stay relevant: 8 Ways to Find Trending Topics and Keywords.

5. Hacks and trade secrets

You might think this is the same as tips and tricks, and you wouldn’t be way off the mark. Hacks or trade secrets are helpful pointers you get from someone who has deep expertise in the field. For example, you can invite experts to share their opinions and insights on a particular topic and compile it into a comprehensive blog.

6. Year-in-review 

A year-in-review post for a particular niche is a great way to summarize the top happenings of the last year and prepare your readers for what to expect in the coming year. Mary Meeker’s annual “State of the Internet” report is an excellent example of year-end summaries done right.

7. A vs. B vs. C

Being confused between multiple choices is more commonplace than you think, so comparison posts are one of the most sought-after ways to address readers’ dilemmas. You can make an honest comparison of your service vis-a-vis competitors. Not only is this great for SEO, but it also solves customer queries elegantly.

8. Tutorials 

As a brand, you should publish numerous how-to guides, giving your customers step-by-step assistance with specific features. This is a great content format because it directly tackles customers’ search intent: no beating around the bush, just a straightforward tutorial on getting the job done.

9. Problem-solution pieces 

Troubleshooting guides are an SEO marketer’s dream because they almost always guarantee high click-throughs. People face a problem and are actively looking for a solution to that problem. So if you include both in the title of your blog, it is a surefire way of raking in many views. 

10. Toolkits 

content writing topics 2022

Craft an in-depth article reviewing the different tools used in your industry or for a particular use case. This helpful, impartial content format is not overtly promotional and can supercharge your product discovery.

11. Industry news

Offer opinion pieces and hot takes to your readers about major highlights in your industry. Blogs on tech, business, marketing, design, and culture are some of the most sought-after currently. 

12. Controversies

People love to read and discuss contradictory viewpoints. If you have an idea or opinion that has scope for debate, it can help create a buzz in your community. Jason Fried is a master of this format, triggering conversations about unpopular opinions and unconventional concepts.

13. Advice pieces 

Let’s suppose you’re good at something: just blog about it. People love to read about entrepreneurial journeys (the good and the bad) or how someone reached the top of the pyramid. So once you do, don’t hesitate to condense all the bittersweet experiences and wisdom you gained into an engaging blog/blog series.

14. Repurposed content

Rehashing existing content is an effective way to widen the coverage of your most popular pieces. You can repurpose blogs into infographics, videos, and even presentations to introduce your content to new audiences and maximize its reach.

15. Season’s greetings

Run promotional campaigns on special days of the year, such as Christmas, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, and April Fool’s Day. Organize contests, host giveaways, and more through your blog. Publish the list of winners once the promotion ends.

16. Behind-the-scenes content 

Readers love to know more about the people behind the successful brand or corporate entity. They are the key figures running the show. Conduct an informal tête-à-tête with your team members or talk about your organization’s culture and working styles. It humanizes your brand and makes you more approachable.

17. Case studies

content writing topics 2022

Case studies are an excellent method to put your best foot forward. Through case studies, you can exhibit brand reliability and win the trust of your prospective customers. It’s a brilliant lead conversion tactic as well. 

18. Parodies 

Not all blog topics need to be serious. You can mix it up by writing a satirical or humorous version of a boring article. You can keep specific themes light and breezy and establish a fun relationship with your audience.

19. Guest posts

Guest posting is when a reputable writer, thought leader, or subject-matter expert posts on another website, in exchange for having their website linked to the piece. This way, the website owner gets more content, and the author gets more traction. 

To Summarize 

After going through this blog, we are confident you will have much to write about. However, outsource your work to a reputable SEO blog writing service if you’ve exhausted all the above options and reached your creative limits. They might offer fresh takes and unbiased thoughts on topics that matter.  

content writing topics 2022

We hope this comprehensive guide has removed the creative rust and jogged the wheels of your mind into action. So the next time you suffer from writing paralysis, come back to this blog for a dose of content writing inspiration.

Here are some tricks to choose the best topics for content writing: – Search for trending topics.  – Select an evergreen topic.  – Give solutions to problems.

Food, travel, marketing, technology, business, and sports are among the best content writing topics.

Here are some reasons why you can choose content writing as a career: – Make money with freelancing.  – Become more knowledgeable about various topics.  – Explore your creative side.  – Get more sales/promotions for your products.

Optimizing content with keywords to reach the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) is called SEO writing .

You don’t necessarily need to have a writing degree to become a content writer. However, having studied marketing, linguistics, literature, or journalism helps.

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Top 30 Content Writing Topics to Write On In 2023

content writing topics 2022

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Whether a novice or a seasoned writer, you have undoubtedly pondered content writing ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Even if you are an experienced content writer, there will be times when you question the viability of the topics you select. There are always specific themes that may be relied upon. They invariably contribute to improving the lives of your target audience. However, choosing a topic is difficult, especially for beginners. When you initially begin your career as a content writer, it is natural to need clarification and clarity about a particular topic. In addition to the fact that multiple thoughts vie for prominence in your mind, you must also determine your preferences. Here are the top 30 content writing topics to write on in 2023.

Content Writing Topics to Write On – Memories, Experiences, Adventures, Stories, Imaginations, Values, Beliefs, Facts, Attitudes, Feelings, Experiments!!

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content writing topics 2022

Everybody loves to minimize presentness, for the reason that immortality is predominant, yet it’s the characterizing of a pattern, creating content, and being a piece of the present day that will place you in the pages of experiences.

How is any age recalled? How is any time recollected? How is any period remembered? How is any culture celebrated? The speculation of patterns after some time permits us to distinguish and frame a set of experiences—a course of events—of progress.

The process of documenting, planning, writing, and creating experiences all on a piece of paper or an internet writing tool, altogether is Content Writing.

Making trends, and creating content can be utilized to reach a larger audience. They empower us to take into consideration the current requirements, scenarios, wants, and demands of our crowd. It’s all about pertinence. 

Trends are a chance to explore new territory from a singular viewpoint, however on a full-scale level. Patterns permit us to move social flows and eventually portray a hidden instinct. 

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished Content Writing Topic s or a fresh starter, you will have days when you consider the adequacy of the themes you pick. 

When you start as a Content Writer initially, it is normal to feel confused by two thoughts or ideas about a theme.  Nevertheless, you likewise need to distinguish where your tendencies are and what matters most to you or what is more relevant at this point.

At the point when you make content, see to it that they oblige the requests of your followers, clients, and customers first. Keep in mind that you are principally writing to offer some incentive to your crowd.  Assuming you mean to spread pertinent data, web crawlers will consequently esteem your substance dependent on the quality.

One of The Best Content writing Course institutes in India is Henry Harvin Education. The curriculum covers the entire secrets and codings of Content Writing.

Top 30 Content Writing Topics to write on in 202 2

1.) bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or a digital currency, that can be used as an online version for cash to buy products and services. Bitcoin is also cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending content writing topics of 2022. One can write about the various doubts, facts, myths and give profound knowledge about cryptocurrency, for eg:- how to start investing in Cryptocurrency, news updates about Cryptocurrency, influencers or investors to follow, Trading blogs, etc.

Bitcoin – digital money – is a type of currency that is completely virtual. It’s like an online version of cash.

You can use it to buy products and services, but not many shops and businesses accept Bitcoin yet and some countries have also banned its use of it completely.

2.) Social Media Marketing 

Nowadays everyone is on Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok Whatsapp, etc. everything is just a click away. The second best Content writing Topic for this year.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the second popular Content Writing Topics. It is the activity of making content to promote or market your business and products or items on different online media stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Your one-of-a-kind substance ought to be custom fitted to the particular stage it’s being shared on to assist you with boosting transformations and increasing brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing makes it easy for a business to sell a product and easier for a customer to buy the products and services. 

You can guide with-

  • How to start Social Media Marketing?
  • What time of the day is the best to put up content?
  • How often can you put up marketing blogs?
  • What kind of content to post?
  • How to increase followers for more sales?

3.) Fast Online Courses to Earn Fast Mone y

content writing topics 2022

To make their life exciting and worth more, they opt for fast online courses that can help them earn quick money.

It’s the time for you to get creative and Content Writing Topics ideas or courses that can help them run the mill. You can guide them about-

  • What and where are the most popular online writing Courses?
  • Data Science and Computer Programming Courses.
  • Infographics & Data Analytic Courses
  • Freelance Work from home guides.
  • Affiliate Marketing Courses.
  • How to Transcribe Audio files Courses.

4.) Time Management 

content writing topics 2022

But time is not in our hands, yes time management is in our hands. It cant be expanded. It can be stopped. It cant be bought.

But you can opt for either one of the two things- take the work to the next day or improve your time management skills. 

Therefore, this becomes a  very important Content Writing Topics .

Many people are dealing with this mess these days. What can you suggest to make it better for them? Write about how to manage time in their daily routine.

You can cover –

  • How to Set achievable Goals?
  • Making priorities.
  • Setting a time constraint for each task.
  • Taking Breaks between Tasks.
  • How to not dive into the cell phone every minute?
  • Organize yourself and your tasks.
  • Decluttering unwanted things and tasks.
  • Planning for tomorrow.

5.) DIY Tutorials 

DIY Content Writing Topics has acquired fame in the last couple of years. Essentially, these are projects for making or fixing absolutely everything – without taking help and assistance from anyone else.

Do-It-Yourself Projects offer a bunch of directions, rules, steps, works, etc, for making or creating something. 

From specialties and home improvement to preparing a cake, wiring our home and water pipe fittings, there are DIY projects promptly accessible for pretty much anything and everything.

You can write blogs that would help an individual get through the start of DIYs-

  • How to make a vision board?
  • Decide what the product would be?
  • Checking what stock, ingredients, and things would be needed for the specific item.
  • Making illustration videos.
  • Explaining each step and method.
  • Writing and composing for the same.

6.) Online Etiquettes

Online Etiquettes also known as Netiquette refers to guidelines set to follow when communicating online or on the internet. It ensures calm and positive interactions with fellow mates.

With everything currently moved to the digital platform, it may work from home or attend education classes online, Netiquette or online manners for netizens is highly recommendable and required. Adults and young students can benefit from a blog or write-up about the same. 

You can share information with your followers about –

  • Respecting people’s opinions.
  • Putting forth your thoughts and Ideas, without disrespecting or insulting a Teammate.
  • Muting microphones and Using noise cancellation headphones.
  • Choosing words carefully, while speaking or posting a message. 
  • Keeping verbal and nonverbal communication respectful.
  • Not typing too much in Capital Letters. It sounds like you are yelling.
  • Keeping good intentions while reading and posting a message.
  • Spelling out acronyms and abbreviations the first time at least, makes it easier for the reader to understand.
  • Not yelling or speaking above your tone.
  • Speaking only when spoken to, Or wait for your turn to speak.
  • Make yourself look good and present for the Online class or meeting.
  • Knowing that the person on the opposite side has feelings too. He/She is Human.

7.) Online Shopping and Fashion Bloggin

Fashion is a profoundly big industry, which clarifies why Online Shopping and Social Media are for the admirers of style.

However, there is undeniably more style content online than what individuals share via web-based media. It has consistently been a solid specialty for publishing content to a blog.

There are numerous quality style sites, which highlight great photos of the most popular trend developments.

Most style sites are brimming with motivation for those mornings when you are so confused to decide what to wear.  They make an optimal spot to start your online investigation into what’s hot this year and you head off to buy your outfits. They can likewise give you thoughts regarding what you can blend and match to make that ideal look.

Fashionistas look forward to reading such content on the internet. It’s the right topic for you to research and evolve. Some of the main features you can write about are-

  • Selecting a fashionably rare name.
  • Making a marketing strategy
  • Collaborating with Brands
  • Deciding Cost and Measures
  • Selecting a Target Audience
  • Showing Availability
  • Creating Sustainibility

8.) Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is a term that covers dealing with your money, savings, expenditures, and investments.  It includes planning, banking, insurances, funds, emergencies, retirement compensations, and family maintenance.

The term frequently alludes to the whole business that offers monetary types of assistance to people and families and prompts them about monetary and speculation openings. 

A Personal Financial plan is constructed by meeting individual monetary objectives, regardless of whether it’s having enough for momentary financial necessities.

Everything depends on your salary, Cost of living, personal expenses, and your daily needs and wants —and concocting an arrangement to satisfy those requirements inside your monetary imperatives.

You can have your readers hooked by mentioning about-

  • How to make a budget?
  • Creating an emergency fund.
  • Spending less, Saving More.
  • Using credit cards only when needed.
  • Maintaining a credit score.
  • Investing in Mutual Funds at your own risks.
  • Take life insurance and medical insurances for you and the family.

and much more…

9.) Parenting

Someone has rightly quoted -“It takes a community to raise a child”. 

Fortunately, in today’s times, this community is online.

There are so many pages, websites, and blogs on how to raise a child. Right from the early stages of pregnancy, adoptions, raising toddlers, guiding teenagers, creating great bonding, keeping kids and parents emotionally and physically sane, and so on.

Keeping parents updated with the latest trends, and providing emotional support are some of the very vast diversion of topics you can write on. You can mention on-

  • Keep a blogging goal.
  • Make your content unique.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Ask Why. Show How. Tell Do.
  • Different styles of Parenting.
  • Parenting Facts & Myths.

10.) Love, Marriage, and Relationships

A cheerfully ever-after Hollywood or Bollywood storyline is regularly portrayed as a successful ultimate relationship, however, all things considered, making an enduring and flourishing relationship takes work—and there are knocks en route.

With the numerous superb encounters, one may face a whole lot of couple problems. Even more, these days, when there is no work-personal life balance. 

To make work- Love, Marriage, and Relationships are the essence of today.

This would be one of the most preferred content writing topics of recent times. To make it unique, elaborate it with-

  • How to handle finance as a couple?
  • What relationship habits can lead to a happy marriage?
  • How to communicate with your partner and how does communication affects a relationship?
  • How do survive in quarantine together?
  • What can you do to nurture a partnership?
  • When and how can one maintain healthy boundaries?
  • What makes a marriage sacred and intimate?
  • How to build a successful Love and Marriage relationship?

11.) Diet, Fitness, and Yoga

content writing topics 2022

Shockingly, figuring out how to work out or become familiar with another exercise or diet routine can be hard. 

A survey had uncovered that practically 75% of individuals who set staying fit as their New Year’s goal generally stop before they achieve results. 

One can only assume that the fitness goals cannot be achieved is if the diet and fitness routine is wrong and not compatible with the body type or maybe because the individual is doing it all alone by him/herself.

To get your readers and followers interested, you can –

  • Start by naming famous fitness influencers?Their stories, diets, workouts, etc…
  • Draw and explain different body types and structures.
  • Make a diet routine for everyone to follow.

     -Veg / Non -Veg Food plans

    – Fat and Cholesterol intakes

     -Protein requirements

     -Sugar intake

    -Vitamins, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron needs.

  • Create an Exercise routine.
  • Time the workouts.
  • Yoga structure and poses.
  • Fitness Goals. 

..and much more…

12.) Food Blogging 

content writing topics 2022

Food Blogging is a combination of a “Foodie”- someone who loves to cook and eat or just eat good food, “Blogger”- someone who writes about their interests, and “Food Photography”- someone who likes to capture on camera from all sorts of angels, of the food they eat.

Food Blogging could consist of –

  • Restaurants / Restaurant reviews
  • Food / Food Reviews
  • Food Ethics in different cultures
  • Food Photography
  • Types of Foods
  • Gourmet cooking
  • Village cooking
  • Creating and documenting unique and rare dishes.

13.) Wanderlust- Travel

content writing topics 2022

The world is a book, you have to travel to know more about it. Travel helps us to find purpose and to focus. It’s a heart-filling Content Writing Topic.

Travel is a medium to associate human interactions, with regards to culture, food, new places, music, and the way individuals carry on with their everyday lives in various regions, places of the planet.

It is an awesome way of learning by being on location and viewing and gaining knowledge of everything around you.  Most importantly, Travel helps you to declutter your mind and is very necessary for the goodness of mental health.

To write about Travel, one has to have the urge to explore places and make the world their own. You can write about –

  • Solo Travels
  • Family Travels
  • Jungle Safaris
  • Romantic Vacations
  • Honeymoon /Babymoon Vacays
  • Educational Visits
  • Places to visit
  • The varied list of waterfalls, mountains, etc
  • Hikers guide
  • Beach Spots
  • Sunset Locations
  • Needs for travel
  • What to pack?
  • Ways of travels
  • Collaborations with the travel industry.

…and many such other queries and concerns.

14.) Gardening

content writing topics 2022

The process of growing and cultivating plants is called gardening. A number of factors are connected to having a good garden, the right blend of daylight, ripe soil, and water to make your plants flourish. It’s likewise about satisfying your enthusiasm. 

Nature is an awesome educator. The more you plant, the more you’ll find out, what works and what doesn’t.

Some people have a great interest in gardening but lack knowledge of the same. If you have the profound skills, you can help followers and readers with some gardening tips like-  

  • What type of soil is required for which kind of plant?
  • Distinguish soil and fertilizer patterns for, Flowers, Vegetables, Shrubs, Bushes, Creepers, Climbers, trees, etc.
  • When to prune the plants?
  • Which climate is suitable for which plant?
  • How to make compost?
  • How to save your plants in harsh winters, harsh summers, or harsh rains?
  • When to cut deadheads?
  • How to control weeds in the garden?
  • When to water the garden? How much water is needed?

15.) Reviews- Movies, Web series, Books.

content writing topics 2022

Review Writing helps bloggers earn money. Writing reviews for Movies /web series and writing reviews for books is a little different from each other.

The contents that would go in for Movie and Web series Review content writing topics are

  • Watch the movie twice. It would only make you sure of the thorough facts you intend to write about.
  • Mention the Movies / Web series name.
  • Mention the characters and the actors who played them? Did they do justice to the role? Who gave the best performance?
  • Talk about the movie plot. But do not give out too much information and do not disclose the climax.
  • Always have evidence to your opinions.
  • Give credits to the special effects, Technicians, Screenplay, etc.

To write a book review, Read the book patiently –

  • Mention the author’s name
  • Name of the book
  • What type of book? Fiction, Nonfiction, Sci-fi, etc.
  • The theme of the book.
  • Summarize content without letting out too much information and do not let out the climax of the story.
  • Show off the book cover.
  • Describe if entertaining, boring, interesting, etc.
  • How did the reading affect you as a reader?
  • What are your suggestions to the author?
  • Provide links to buy or read the books.

16.) Beauty, Make-up, Skincare, and Haircare.

content writing topics 2022

Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, and Haire care are some of the most popular content writing topics for bloggers. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, characters, and sizes.

And readers want more and more content on it. The more you give, the lesser it is. There are so many topics under Skincare, beauty, and hair care that you can elaborate on. Listed as follows-

Beauty Blog-

  • Product Reviews
  • Beauty essentials to carry in your handbag.
  • Beauty Tips
  • Season trends
  • Vegan Cruelty-free products et c

Make-up Blog-

  • Quick Make-up
  • Beginners guide
  • Celebrity Make up
  • Make-up Mistakes
  • Different types of make-up looks
  • Concealing.

Skin Care Blog-

  • Morning Routine
  • Night Routine
  • Skin, Care habits
  • Must do for a glowing skin
  • Diets for good skin
  • Which SPF for which skin types
  • DIY masks and scrubs
  • Antiageing skin guide

Hair Care Blogs-

  • Tips to colour and dry the hair
  • Which hair color suits which skin tone
  • Haircare Mistakes
  • Hairstyling tools
  • Haircare oils
  • Hair Masks and spas
  • How to protect hair in harsh summers / winters.

17.) Spirituality 

content writing topics 2022

When plagues occur, people turn to religion,

When terror strikes, people think of God,

When war hits, people want divine intervention…

Science is a truly important piece of mankind.

Notwithstanding, it hasn’t yet clarified everything. Venturing completely into a significant life requires a change in the manner we appear for ourselves and others. 

Spirituality is the recognition of a feeling of Divine power. It is to believe there is something and someone greater and bigger than all things.

It’s a Universal power that helps cope with life. The cosmic and divine rays enlighten only those that who open their hearts and souls to accept the same.

The world is changing and so are people’s needs, feelings, souls, etc. The need for Spirituality arises in our everyday lives. and therefore Spirituality as one of the content writing topics is flourishing at the hour.

When writing about spirituality, one can write on –

  • What is the importance of Spirituality?
  • Elements of Spirituality
  • Benefits of Spirituality
  • Spirituality in Psychology
  • Relationship between you and Spirituality.

18.) Inspirations 

content writing topics 2022

Inspiration is what makes you a better person. These blogs are writing content that’s going to self-help and motivate you. There are thousands of Inspirational blogs over the internet.

 What’s going to make your blog unique, is what new you are going to talk about.

Inspirational blogs may include-

  • Self Help Tips
  • What can make you a  better person
  • What’s going to motivate you
  • People that inspire
  • Hobbies that can inspire you
  • Inspirational guides
  • Inspirational influencers
  • A hint of Ted Talk speeches
  • Earning with Inspiration

19.) Small Business Startups

content writing topics 2022

Dream Big, Start Small, but most importantly, Just start.

That’s how one grows a business. So many people have started a small business from the comfort of their homes.

In today’s world, salary does not suffice the cost of living. Starting a small business brings you extra income and your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is accomplished. 

Followers wait for such blog releases or some content written on how to start small businesses. You can mention about –

  • Think of a Business idea
  • Check for competition in the market
  • What’s Unique in your product or business
  • Make a business plan
  • Set aside Finances for this particular business
  • Name and register the business
  • Strategize marketing
  • How to promote
  • Whom to collaborate with?
  • How to make sales
  • How to pack and deliver?
  • What would be the mode of payment?

20.) Short Stories, Haiku Jams, Poetry Recitations

content writing topics 2022

Stories, Poems, and Haikus are nothing but Memories, Feelings, Thoughts, and Imaginations put into words. Everybody has stories, but only some can write about them. Each individual has feelings, but not all can mention them.

All have memories, but some do not have the heart to pen them down. And for those who do, it is one of the best ways to lighten your heart, mind, and soul. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful Content writing topics to be noted.

How would you make your content different-

  • For Short Stories –

– Think of a concept

– Research on the topic and characters you wish to write 

– Fiction /Non-Fiction

-Make it Believable

– Choose a subject

– Define the goal of the story

– Focus on Characters, Goals of Characters, Not too many Characters

– Create a Mind Map

– Keep it short and simple

  • For Haiku –

– Only 3 sentences

-Follow the 5-7-5 rule

-The first line must have 5 syllables

-The second line must have 7 syllables

-The third line must have 5 syllables

-Keep it meaningful

  • For Poetry-

– Read many poetries

– Listen to poem recitations

– Start with short poems

– Use dictionary and rhyming words

– Let it make sense

– Express your thoughts

– Help connect with the audience

21.) Celebrity Updates  

content writing topics 2022

Celebrity gossip is one of the main aspects of the entertainment industry. It not only gets the audience interested but also keeps the celebrities in the limelight. 

Fans love to keep a track of what their favorite celebrities wear, looks, contracts, lifestyle, affairs, etc.. and content writing on this topic fulfills the purpose.

You can write on –

  • Vacations they take
  • Sensational Stuff
  • Their affairs
  • Current roles
  • Family gatherings
  • Celebrity hotspots

22.) Cracking Interviews

content writing topics 2022

An interview is a question-answer process between an employee and a candidate.  While seeking new jobs, a candidate has to attend an interview to get the job.

It is not very easy nor difficult to crack a job interview. It all depends on the type of skills required, your knowledge about the job, the experience you have, the qualification you have, etc…

Mostly, freshers do not know how to crack job interviews. They look forward to searching things on the internet and researching for knowledge about the same.

Not only freshers but also other professionals seek information on how to crack difficult interviews.

Therefore, sharing knowledge about how to crack interviews is one of the most prioritized content writing topics in recent times.

You can mention about-

  • Do some research about the employer
  • Show interest in the job and the… company
  • Make the first impression
  • Share as much information about yourself, Your experiences
  • Speak only when spoken too
  • Show manners
  • Respect the interviewer
  • Avoid Yes and No answers. Elaborate as much as possible.
  • Greetings are required.

23.) Screentime for Kids

content writing topics 2022

With screens practically all over the place, controlling a youngster’s screen time can be testing. To confuse matters, some screentime is due to school being online these days. 

Free play is more important for little children’s creative minds than is electronic media. Kids under the age of 2 are bound to take in and recollect data from a live show than they are from a video. 

By 2 years of age, kids can profit from certain types of screen time, like rhymes with music, development, and stories. You can assist your kid. Notwithstanding, detached screen time shouldn’t supplant perusing, playing, or critical thinking.

Parents are going crazy with the pandemic around, the whole family working from home, and managing the home chores and kids all at the same time. Therefore, they feel guilty too of giving elaborate screentime to kids. 

However, they have not much an option, but to solace to their jeopardy, while making a content writing topic on this, try to elaborate things as-

  • Developing rules for Screentime
  • Setting a time limit
  • Keeping Parental Lock control
  • Download only Kids appropriate apps

24.) Facts & Myths

content writing topics 2022

Facts are something that is known to be true.

Myths are false narratives, that are believed to be true.

There is so much content everywhere, so it’s only obvious there are myths to facts and, there are facts to myths too.

If you plan to write an elaborative on this content writing topic, you need to debunk the myths with factual evidence.

Your readers will get hooked on your blog, only if what you write is true after vast research, It could be time-consuming, but worth it.

25.) Global Warming 

content writing topics 2022

Global Warming- The earth is heating. Due to the current over pollution around the world, in various forms, may it be air, water, population, etc, the gases get trapped in the atmosphere making it difficult for the earth to survive.

Everything on planet earth is interconnected. Sadly humans do not understand the facts and effects of global warming.

When writing about global warming, one can mention the –

  • Reasons for global warming
  • Effects of Global warming
  • How can you help in the prevention of global warming
  • Climate Change
  • How to inculcate in children to use resources only as per need.

26.) Camping & Trekking 

content writing topics 2022

Camping is spending a vacation in a single tent and Trekking is walking on the entire vacation, living in tents, and enjoying the scenery.

Many readers are interested in Camping and Trekking. You can write a content writing topic for the same. It could include-

  • Places to camp and trek
  • Appropriate clothing to wear
  • What kind of gear shoes can be worn
  • Essentials to be carried
  • Destinations to arrive at

so on.. so forth…

27.) Home Interior Decoration

content writing topics 2022

Home Interiors is a vast content writing topic. Some people love to decorate their homes and are always seeking out new innovative ideas. 

When you write about home interiors, you can discuss-

  • Colour of the walls 
  • Drapes & Upholstery -measures, colors, materials, etc
  • Type of closet
  • The theme of the room
  • Accessories for styling
  • Recycling old stuff
  • DIYs for decoration
  • Kitchen Cabinet types 
  • Storage Ideas
  • Lighting decor

28.) City or Home town Blogging

content writing topics 2022

Some people are interested in sharing what’s happening daily in their city or hometown. Many such people get interested in making good content that also in turn helps flourish the city or place they reside.

For such content, include-

  • Public space issues
  • Developments within the place
  • Traffic updates and routes
  • Housing projects
  • NGO’s that need help
  • Shopping centers
  • What to find where
  • Main Attractions
  • Places of Worship etc…

29.) General Knowledge

content writing topics 2022

It is good to stay updated with current affairs and the history of the past.

General knowledge is a tool to judge your intellectual skills and be abreast with the modern world.

It could be an interesting content writing topic for today’s generation. You can write about anything under the sun and even beyond that.

  • General Knowledge helps you to start breaking the ice conversations
  • Gives you good grades at school
  • Makes you capable of making responsible decisions
  • Makes it easy for us to interact with people from other cultures or countries.
  • Helps to form opinions.

30.) Latest New Update

content writing topics 2022

People do not have the time to switch on the television in recent days. Everyone is on the cell phone. The latest news updates too are on the phone itself.

News can be browsed on all social media platforms. Content Writing Topic on the latest news updates only makes sense.

  • Write a captivating headline
  • Write only facts
  • Do a proper research
  • Use present tense and active voice
  • Do not use Jargons


No matter how experienced a content writer you are, at times it does get difficult to decide what to write about. With so much content on the internet, it’s hard to think about what your next blog is going to be about.

Nevertheless, the above Top 30 Content Writing Topics To Write on in 2022, will help resolve your thoughts and give you a clear insight on what to write next.

So, What’s going to be your next Topic? 

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Q1. W hat is Content Writing?

Ans. The process of planning, writing, editing, proofreading, posting, or uploading for websites or marketing or personal pages is termed Content Writing.

Q2. What does a Content Writer do?

Ans. A Content Writer creates written content for various platforms. Organizations hire content writers to develop content. The content created by Content Writers should be in line with the company’s ethics and policies.

Q3. How to start a career as a Freelancer in Content Writing?

Ans. The first thing you need to do is create a promising portfolio. Pitch jobs that you know you can fulfill.

Post and publish your works on social media, Linked In, etc. Attend more training sessions. Start from small.

Q4. What are the rules of Content Writing?

Ans. Listed below are the rules of Content Writing- -Use short sentences. -Make short paragraphs. -Reduce Jargon, abbreviations, etc. -Use an active voice tone. -Write in a simplified manner, use simple words. -Focus on a single point or an objective. -Incorporate Keywords. -Use relevant images.  -Finish with a good conclusion.

Q5. Annually, how much does a Content Writer earn?

Ans. A content Writer with experience between 0 to 2 years is approx Rs.1,20,000/- to Rs.2,16,000/- per annum.

And a Content Writer with experience between 2 to 5 yrs is approx Rs.2,15,000/- to 5,00,000/- per annum. And anything above 5+ years gets a promotion and is paid accordingly.

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content writing topics 2022

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Top 21 Content Writing Topics To Write On in 2024

Whether you are an experienced or a new writer, you must have wondered about content writing topics that would appeal to your target readers. even if you are a seasoned content writer, you will have days when you ponder over the effectiveness of the topics you choose. there are always some topics that you can count on. they invariably help to make a difference in the lives of your target readers.  but it is not easy to select a topic, especially for novices. when you first start your journey as a content writer, it is but natural that you are confused, and in two minds about a topic. apart from the fact that several ideas jostle in your mind for prominence, you also have to identify where your inclinations are. here are the top 21 content writing topics to write on. .

The image describes the Top 21 Content Writing topics

Let’s cover the popular content writing topics in this article. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas on what topics to pursue for maximum productivity and impact.

You have to identify your strengths and existing skills. For some, writing on technical topics is intriguing. Some concentrate on writing on generic subjects. Then some want to write business and news reports. Choose your topic wisely, and insert keywords as and when necessary.

When you create content, ensure that they cater to the demands of your consumers, and target readers first. Remember, you are primarily writing to provide value to your audience. If you intend to disseminate relevant information, then search engines will automatically value your content based on its quality.

content writing topics 2022

Now let’s look at the top 21 Content Writing Topics that writers can choose to write on. They provide you with the option of diversity. You can also gauge your versatility by attempting to write articles on such topics.

Health and lifestyle.

Health and lifestyle together is an issue that is always going to be in demand. Today’s life is fast-paced life and the din and bustle of the city tell on the overall health. A healthy lifestyle has become a growing concern among people from all fields.

There are numerous articles, topics, data published on these topics regularly. The innumerable health magazines need high-grade content on diet instructions, exercise, nutrition, supplements, and other related elements.

You have to be able to understand the health and lifestyle industry to create successful articles. It requires plenty of research and an incisive understanding of how different people need different ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no “one size fits all” policy.

The article should inspire confidence and inform your readers. Therefore the write-up has to mandatorily be well researched and backed up with facts and statistics.

Some of the most in-demand topics for health and lifestyle are as follows: 

  • Food And Dietary Instructions
  • Types Of Diet To Follow
  • Yoga And Mind Healing
  • Managing Different Ailments
  • Importance of Mental Health
  •  Styling And Beauty Tips

The article should be packed with value and should incentivize readers to lead a better and more healthy lifestyle.

Writing Tips

In this age of information, every online user is inundated with different content. One thing has to be constant in this dissemination of content across platforms. It is the ability to write compelling articles that will induce the target reader to take notice.

Writing tips are one of the best content writing topics that you can choose to educate your readers on. Today we have further opportunities for people from diverse fields to make a career in the web domain.

Most of it is concerned with disseminating written, audio, visual information to the public. Keep in mind, in any form of information distribution, writing is an indispensable part.

Whether it is a script for a podcast, an explanation of a video, content writing is paramount to convey the information properly.

This is why there is a huge demand for people wanting to know what would help them to improve their existing writing skills. Talent in writing will bolster their opportunities for a lucrative income online as well as the offline medium.

Business, Finance, law, Marketing, and every other avenue requires the skills of a competent writer. And to become skilled you need to remember the important writing tips that make for great content.

Enrol in the Best Online Digital Marketing Course for better prospects in the online job domain.

Facts vs Myths

When there is so much information being relayed consistently, it is imminent that you will have untrue/false information being disseminated as well.

Providing adequate evidence and debunking myths with facts is one of the most appealing ways of getting readers. It is a sure-shot way of appealing to your target readers.

It also helps to establish your dominance in this niche. With a well-rounded article that is strengthened with proof, you can ensure that you invoke trust in your target readers as a dependable content creator and writer.

Real-life Incidents and Takeaways

Slice-of-life stories and real-life examples are great topics for writing. It helps you to inform your target reader about the challenges and wins of real life. With compelling content, you can also provide information on how to face the hardships and come out a winner.

Real-life incidents have a way of influencing people to make better, well-informed decisions. By discussing these topics, you provide your target readers with the best examples and proof. Such content is of immense value.

This type of content almost always contains a takeaway at the end. You should be clear as to what you want your target readers to take away from your article to dispel any ambiguity.

Learn to create engaging content with the Best Content Writing Course

Relevant Industry News

If you are a digital marketer, a financial analyst, or a fashion Technology expert, you’ll always have industry news to disseminate to your focus Group.

This type of content is always in demand since people are interested to know about what’s happening in the relevant industries.

Trending Topics 

Trending topics are those subjects that intrigue and interest target readers the most. Look up trending topics in a particular country or a specific niche. You will see several results coming up. This indicates what the readers want to read. Trending topics are the result of people’s curiosity. They make topics trend. So, you get a clear idea of what to write on.

For example, if you take up today’s trending topics for India, you will see several political news, covid news, and news on IPL trending.

The competition is high for trending topics. You have to incorporate an attractive headline and an appealing first paragraph to reel the reader in. Any trending content topic has the potential to attract a great readership provided you abide by the rules of content writing.

Case Studies

Case studies are some of the most popular content writing topics. They are generally an account of a person or organizations’ different story from failure to success.

It is generally the story of triumph after going through several difficult steps to achieve the goals and objectives. Well-structured case studies can get great traffic and readership.

Case studies help to instill a sense of confidence and trust in people. You might encounter a similar situation as an organization or an individual. Hence, you can find innovative ideas to get solutions to your problems.

Also, Case studies are created by a variety of industries and businesses. They are a great means to connect with their target audience and resonate with the reader. It is a great way to promulgate your brand, products, and services and increase conversions.

Businesses use a lot of case study content to put forth their points with clarity. Case studies can be very valuable because they are effective in connecting people with stories of accomplishments and success. There are plenty of facts, statistics, and data provided in case studies to prove the points.

Lists and How To’s

Lists are comprehensive and have the characteristic of certainty attached to them. Listicles almost always come with a certain number that helps to give it a definite purpose.

For example: 

  • 10 Advantages Of Digital Marketing
  • 9 Reasons To Learn Content Writing.

These topics always provide insight into the topics and help you to make informed decisions. It also gives you several choices that you can ponder on.

The same is applicable for how-to content topics. They generally deal with life hacks and are a favorite with the readers.

Today more and more content is based on the listicles and how to format. Since they are a favorite with the target reader, most companies come up with innovative ways to impress the readers with such topics and headlines.

Education is always one of the most popular content writing topics. They aim to educate and inform the readers about the latest certificate, diploma, graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

With the advancement in the digital domain, there are several ways to get an education. You can write about online classes and the particular characteristics unique to them.

Content writing topics on education can provide details on such courses and certificates. They should invoke the emotional as well as the practical aspects of a person.

Select some of the topics that have a high search volume on this domain. Make sure you dedicate several hours to research the topics. Use fluid language, and powerful words to get your point across.

Work Culture and Ethics

In the ever-competitive and relentless corporate world, it is essential to uphold the standards of work ethics and culture to be successful. When someone is a budding professional, you might lack confidence, and knowledge of work ethics and culture.

Content writing topics on work culture and ethics help to clear such muddled minds. They give you a clear picture of how to develop and improve social skills and become an asset to your organization.

It also involves providing information on developing your interpersonal skills, becoming more resourceful. Also, several content topics in this niche help to imbibe the qualities of honesty and transparency.

In-house content topics help to know about the characteristics of an organization and business. You learn how to co-ordinate, collaborate for maximum productivity.

How to Crack Interviews and Get that Desired Job

This is an extremely popular and always in-demand content writing topic. There are so many new job candidates every year. The prospect of appearing for an interview can be unnerving. These new professionals cover articles covering these topics. Acing interviews is their main aim right after passing out from an institute. Providing a guide or detailed article on the probable questions in an interview can be a great content topic. Combine it with a listicle on FAQs of cracking interviews. You have a winner article there.

Tutorials on Tools and Applications

You constantly need to innovate your content writing techniques and incorporate new things to provide to your target readers. Tutorials are great for sustaining readership and bringing in recurrent readers to your blog or website.

There are some pertinent best practices to create tutorials that would continue to reap the benefits in the long run. Most importantly, you have to be clear on the points you communicate.

It is generally a step-by-step process of informing your focus group about a particular application, software, device, or tool. You should write it as simply as possible.

A very important part of writing tutorials is to include text with images as you proceed with clarifying the steps. It helps your target reader to understand and follow the article more closely. Moreover, a long-winded tutorial without images to bolster your write-up will not appeal to your target readers.

Tutorials are a great way to expunge any doubt relating to any device. application, appliances, etc.

You should take the utmost care to provide as much value and give them as much help as you can in your article. Do not forget the element of intrigue. Keep it interesting, conversational, and structure it properly.

Solving Problems

This topic is a corollary of the above points. Nevertheless, problem-solving is one of the most widely read topics for any niche globally.

The 5 Ws and 1H can be great topic titles for content topics that deal with problem-solving. The how, why, where, when, what questions can lay the premise for a great article.

Every niche comes with its fair share of queries, and questions. If you provide satisfactory answers through your content, it is bound to get you results. It will help you become a reliable content writer with a sustained readership.

Some Examples: 

How To Choose A Niche For My Blog
When Is The Best Time To Workout
5 Tips To Start Affiliate Marketing
20 Best Ways To Boost Your Self-confidence
How To Build Your Self-esteem
What You Need To Become An Influencer
How To Choose The Right Career Path

You have so many opportunities to write and make an impact on target readers and consumers. There can be diverse content topics to create impeccable content on.

Special Occasions, and Festivals

Festivals a moment to rejoice and create memories. Articles on festivals should have a human element to them. There are always memories attached to festivals and events. You should research and know about the history of these festivals, and special occasions.

They are fun topics to write on, and you can put your perspectives into your write-up to give a more personal feel to it

Content writers can choose to write on a variety of topics in festivals. Ideas for decoration, gourmet food, celebrating with near, and dear ones, are some human stories that have an evergreen appeal to them.


In this digital era, several small and medium enterprises have come up. Entrepreneurship can be an extremely important topic for budding marketers and entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the online as well as offline domain.

Writing on entrepreneurship gently entails creating a comprehensive report on the industry you are writing for. You have to possess business acumen and know the glossary, jargon, and terms used in that particular industry. It is paramount that you do your research well and do not give out any ambiguous or untrue information unwittingly.

Content writing topics on entrepreneurship can be extremely rewarding for writers across the globe today. The only prerequisite is that you have to be knowledgeable yourself. Create articles that are full of information that concerns your target reader.

International Affairs/ International Relations

This is also one of the favorite content topics. You have to possess in-depth knowledge of several disciplines to be able to write on international affairs. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular but challenging content writing topics.

Whichever topic you choose to write on, you have to know no the language you write in very well. Another aspect is having a comprehensive understanding of the political scenario. You should know about the economy, social structure, cultural aspect, history, and geography of countries you are going to write on.

Whatever facts you provide out there, should be backed by enough evidence. You can also create an analytical report based on the facts you gather.

A content writer of this domain should have a unique style. They should know who they are writing for very well. Since the reader base will be wide, owing to the nature of the topics, ensure that you convey your points coherently.

Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing and its different modules are the top content writing topics to consider. The fact is that all businesses today are venturing into the online domain for marketing purposes. This makes it extremely relevant to write about the medium.

Digital marketing has gained tremendous momentum in the past couple of years. There has been a lot of changes, development, new regulations & rules about the digital industry.

Digital Marketing offers innumerable topics to write on. There is a huge readership for Digital Marketing articles and people are ever ready to read them. The main purpose of the content on digital marketing should be to educate them on the different facets of the digital industry. You can also combine the education aspect and create articles on the different courses available and their utility.

Digital Marketing constituents are a goldmine of topics for content writers. There are SEO and Digital Advertising modules. Then, there is Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing. Working on the digital marketing niche opens up abundant opportunities to write.

Try to provide as much information as you can on these topics. The articles, blog posts, webpages should be full of significant news and information.


This is another topic that is gaining prominence by the day. Freelancing in any job is different from a regular office job. There are many intricate elements to successful freelancing. People are curious to know about their prospects. Therefore, it can turn out to be a very promising topic for content writing.

Various industries today require the services of freelancers. Whether it is web designing and development, coding, marketing, transcribing, every sector is today replete with freelancing work. There are numerous advantages to a freelancing career. And, as content writers, you have the opportunity to inform your readers about it.

However, freelancing is also new and unexplored still. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding it. You should research and write on topics that will be of value.

Freelancing fees & charges, job opportunities, prospects in the future , are some of the hot topics for content writing. You need to invest time and dedication in writing these articles. If you are a freelancer yourself, that experience can come to great use.

Social Media Tips

Making a favorable impact on social media is a challenging task today. So many influencers and companies vying for your attention on these platforms. You might be at times, confused about what strategies to use.

This can be a great topic for content writers. You can create several topics on the utility of social media and how to make an impact on the different social media channels.

Life, Spirituality, and Relationships

Topics on the different facets of life, spirituality, and relationships can be very interesting topics to read. They make for great topic ideas for content writing.

You need to have the traits of empathy, compassion, and depth of character to be able to write topics about these elements successfully.

Additionally, You should take the utmost care not to offend sensibilities and try to create a positive vibe with your writeups on such topics.

People generally read topics on these subjects to gain a sense of calm, and understanding. Therefore try to create an optimistic ambiance through your writing. Provide a feeling of hope. That can immensely help your target readers and turn you into a thought leader in these niches.

Reviews on Varied Topics

Reviews get a lot of traffic simply because online consumers are interested in knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of a business, product, brand, or service are.

For example, you can write about new products that are launched in the market. You can also write about educational institutions. There are varied topics in every niche that you can pick and write reviews for.

It brings recurrent traffic to your blog and/or website. If your reviews are genuine, it builds an element of trust. That can go a long way in helping you build your brand reputation as a reviewer.

So here, we have the 21 content writing topics that you can choose to write on. Your topics should include the characteristics of great communication, impactful language, originality, and coherence. Once you achieve these, you are likely to gain great traction for your website and your goodwill as a writer.

Creating content that influences people positively takes time and solicitude. You should have the ultimate aim of providing value in the form of education and information to your target consumers. Only then will your content topics serve the purpose. Once it starts answering the questions that are buzzing in the minds of your target reader, you are on the path to becoming an impressive content writer.

Excellent article, and very well-written, too. Thank you!

Very informative article… thanks for providing such a important and necessary information.. Appreciate the work you are doing… Thanks from bottom of my heart…

Nice article

Intrested in writing contents .

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13 Trending Topics for Content Writing 2022

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content writing topics 2022

Content writing is a vast field that involves a diverse range of topics and niches. You must pick out the ones that appeal to the audience and make it easier for you to write. The content can be developed for a number of purposes but the most successful attempts are the ones that bring more traffic, positive feedback and create an impact on the society.

Below are the 13 most popular and interesting topics for creating valuable content:

Table of Contents

1. Scope of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become quite essential for achieving business goals no matter what kind of business it is. To manage all the social media pages for a business, one needs a team of experts. It has great scope since the social media engines generate huge traffic toward the business blog. So, share your thoughts on this important topic.

2. 10 Smart Ways to Earn Money Online

Online earning is quite popular these days due to the enhanced scope of working from home or remote places. Almost everyone loves to have the luxury of not following strict schedules and earning money smartly through online means. There is great competition among skilled and passionate individuals so providing a list of such ideas can be of great help.

3. Best Tips for Time Management

Maintaining a work-life balance is not easy and most of the problems occur due to ineffective management of time. The sudden changes or delays in routine can create great stress. Therefore, many people look for the most applicable and useful time management tips. You can create a list and elaborate on the best ways for solving the problem.

4. Most Memorable Travel Experience

Traveling is a hobby possessed by many and people love to explore various regions within or outside the country. It is an activity performed usually during the leisure period so sharing some of the most enjoyable experiences can be great fun. Writing travel blogs not only brings useful information and entertainment to the audience but also helps you cherish such moments.

5. The Hobby You Enjoy Most

Hobbies help you keep your creativity alive and relax your mind while doing something productive. You might be fond of painting, swimming, or any other activity that brings your comfort and happiness. Sharing your thoughts on such hobbies with others can bring great comfort and happiness. You can inspire others to try out new stuff and explore their capabilities.

6. 8 Ways to Deal with Boredom

Boredom can be annoying and many people either prefer to go to sleep or start making plans to do something that helps them get rid of it. You can suggest some of the unique and most productive ways to deal with it. Sharing a story from your own life can give a more personalized touch and compel the reader to try those ideas.

7. Balanced Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

To avoid the excessive fees of dieticians, most people explore tips on various health-related blogs. They look for some quick, affordable, and effective homemade remedies and get inspired. You can create a well-customized health-related blog and share diet charts and some healthy recipes. Turn your passion and field of interest into a wholesome service and help people through some amazing concepts.

8. How Do You Relax After a Long Tiring Day?

Ever thought of suggesting to people different ideas to relax and spend their free time doing something useful? Well, if you haven't yet then gone for it without a second thought. You can bring your unique ideas and make them worth the read. Such kind of informative and entertaining content brings great traffic and admiration from the audience.

9. What are the Most Profitable Business Ideas for College Students?

College students usually aim for startup businesses and love to invest their money in some profitable venture. They search for the most productive ideas and blogs containing this kind of information can be of great value to the content creator. You can inspire them through real-life examples using a diverse range of narrative writing topics . Therefore, craft well-sought pieces and guide the younger generation towards a better approach.

10. Best Tips to Maintain Mental Peace During Exams

Exam stress can affect the physical and mental health of students adversely. It can be very problematic and enhances the possibility of non-productive consequences. If you share some practically applicable tips to deal with such situations wisely, it can be really helpful for the students. Your words can be a source of motivation and help them improve their routines.

11. Top 20 Books to Read in 2022

Reading is a very healthy activity that brings useful information, improves vocabulary, and entertains the reader. Many avid readers love to check out book reviews for selecting the best ones. If you want to suggest a list of books that are worthy to read, create well-sought content and see the magic it brings to your blog. Make use of correct tags and facilitate the target audience with the desired material.

12. Cryptocurrency and its Scope

Long gone the era of transferring money in the form of cash only when there are plenty of options available at present times. You can now make digital transactions and keep your assets safe from any kind of scam. Writing about this latest invention having tremendous scope in the industry can bring the desired outcome if you compose a meaningful piece.

13. DIY Crafts for Home Décor

In this modern era, many people hire event planners and architects to decorate their homes beautifully. If you possess the creative abilities to design some really useful products from the material of daily use, share your ideas online. It may include fascinating photo frames, handmade pottery, abstract art, sculptures, etc. Your blog will become popular, especially among teenagers and housewives.

The creation of unique and well-structured content becomes quite easier if you are familiar with the most popular topics that attract the audience. Once you have gathered insights into the public's interests and preferences, you can then compose the content accordingly. Make sure to avoid cliché phrases and bring the most innovative and thought-provoking ideas.

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Top 35 Content Writing Topics to Write o in 2023

Here are the top content writing topics for you.

Content writing is a vast field with an ever-growing demand. Picking the right topics that appeal to the audience can be quite tricky. While there are many institutes that provide content writing course s, the talent for grabbing a reader’s attention resides in the topic you choose. A catchy headline will keep your readers hooked to your blog for minutes. This has to be justified by interesting content about the topic and related illustrations. All of these make your blog attractive and draw attention. Keeping all these factors in mind, here’s a list of top content writing topics for your guidance.

top content writing topics

List of top content writing topics to Write in 2023

1. good health and well-being.

good health and well being

Health and well-being is a concern that is on top of everyone’s mind. Hence it is listed among the top content writing topics. You can write about tips, advice blogs, recently introduced smart foods, or about the benefits of traditional/regional diet to maintain optimum health, etc. There are many catchy headlines you can derive from this niche such as

  • Here’s Why You Should Follow A Traditional-Regional Diet!
  • Top 10 Simple Steps To Stay Healthy

As this is related to every single person, the readers are constantly looking for such topics. They are also attracted to any new interesting fact you have written. Hence this niche is a wonderful choice to produce consistent write-ups over the years.

2. Physical fitness

physical fitness

If you’re a fitness-conscious person then this niche is for you. There is a growing demand in this field as a result of growing illnesses and conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle.  Especially after the pandemic era, everyone understands the importance of being fit. Hence readers will be attracted to such blogs. You can write about fitness hacks, myth-busters, various gymming techniques, the importance of exercise, miraculous benefits of running, etc. There are innumerable topics in this field. A few are suggested for you below.

  • Want To Know How Physical Activity Can Improve Your Mood?
  • Say ‘No’ To These 8 Things If You Want To Stay Fit For Longer!

A well-researched and well-presented blog will always catch the eye. Hence the writer should have a good knowledge of body dynamics and the basics of human physiology. Along with this, thorough research will help you achieve your goals as a good content writer.

3. Mental health

mental health

Did you know that mental health issues are rising over the years? Moreso in adolescents who are facing mood disorders and suicidal tendencies at growing rates. There is also taboo or sometimes ignorance about these issues. This is where a writer’s role is very important. As a content writer, you can choose topics to shed light on mental health issues for a larger audience. Suggested topics in this regard are:

  • Did You Know That Depression Is Not Just Feeling Low?
  • Mental Health Disorders Rising In Adolescents-How Can Parents/Caretakers Help?

Do good research to understand the different dimensions of the topic. Educate the audience such as people who are looking for self-help or those who are the caretakers of such individuals through your articles. This is a very sensitive and in-demand issue, hence making it one of the top content writing topics to write on.

4. Lifestyle 


Next on our list of top content writing topics is lifestyles. This is also a niche that never goes out of trend. Hence providing a golden opportunity for the writers to produce constant and long-lasting content. Minimalistic lifestyle is a trending subject for a few years. Choose to write about topics such as

  • Read To Know How a Minimalistic Lifestyle Can Also Be Stress-Free 
  • 5 Tried And Tested Ways To Break Old Unhealthy Habits and Start New Healthy Ones

In this niche, there are a variety of topics the audience is looking for, write for them. Write what they dream about. Topics such as how to adopt a new habit,  how to change an existing unhealthy habit, personal growth tips, address self-doubt issues, etc. will draw readers to your blog. Giving a catchy headline will do wonders to lifestyle blogs.

5. Organic foods and products

organic products

In today’s world, we are exposed to a multitude of chemicals from all sources. It will be intriguing to read and know about various foods and other products that are grown or obtained chemical-free. Organic products are booming for over a decade. You can write about various organic foods or cosmetics or oils, how using them will benefit the readers, the places or brands you can obtain organic products from, and so on and so forth. Reading blogs about these products will educate the readers. Hence this makes it one of the informative top content writing topics. A few suggested topics in this area are:

  • Here’s All You Need to Know About Organic Coconut Oil
  • 10 Benefits of Organic Essential Oils

6. Fashion and grooming

fashion and grooming

This is yet another area that will never go out of trend. Being one of the interesting and among the top content writing topics, fashion and grooming blogs attract a lot of traffic as everyone wants to look their best and needs advice for the same. You can write for magazines, and e-magazines or be a freelancer and write about topics such as season’s fashion, personal grooming goals, best travel wear, fashion weeks, best places in town to upgrade your wardrobe, etc. the list is endless. Here’s a couple of suggested topics for you-

  • Want To Know All The Details Of The Paris Fashion Week?
  • Winter Is Coming…So Is The New Fashion! Read To Know The Latest Outfits For You This Season!

If you are a fashionista with a passion for writing as well, then this is the niche for you. Create consistent blogs over a period of time to leave an impression on your readers who will dedicate themselves to you eventually.

7. Entertainment


Entertainment blogs are evergreen and always in demand. Readers like to take a glance at the latest releases on OTT platforms or good movies to watch in a multiplex over the weekend. Write about these topics and publish them regularly to draw readers towards your content. Entertainment will always remain among the top content writing topics as everyone needs recreation once in a while. A couple of suggested topics for your guidance-

  • Top 5 Blockbuster Movies To Look Forward To This Month!
  • The All-Time Hit/Classic Movies You Should Watch This Year!

8. Books and movie reviews

books and movie reviews

Reviews on various movies and books are one of the interesting ways to keep readers drawn to your content. This niche gives you an opportunity to write about books and movies released all over the world. With good research and interest in this field, you can create many topics for the target audience. Here are a couple of examples for you.

  • Here’s All You Need To Know About Jeffrey Archer’s New Release
  • Catch The Review Of The Latest Movies Released This Week

9. Best-selling authors/books

best-selling books

Writing about bestselling books is a good way to keep the readers in your audience hooked to your blog. Many avid readers like to check on bestselling books to decide on which one to read. Hence writing listicles like top 20 bestselling books to read this year will be a wonderful way to draw readers to your blog site. A well-sought and well-presented content will do magic to your blog.  A few suggested topics are presented below.

  • 10 Inspiring Books That Were Released This Year
  • Excerpts Of An Interview With The Bestselling Author

10. Alternative medicines

alternative meds

In India, many people believe in alternative medicines like homeopathy or Ayurveda because of their traditional origin and naturally sourced organic compounds. More people have started taking these medicines, especially in the post-pandemic era, seeking immunity boosters and energy boosters. Writing about these topics will be promising. Make sure your research is up to date and your content accurate. Presenting the content in a concise and skimmable manner will make your blog catchy.   Below mentioned are examples of topics you can choose.

  • Naturopathy- The Best Way To Boost Your Immunity!
  • Here’s How Homeopathy Has Advanced Over The Years

11. Weight loss and management

weight loss and management

This field is definitely one of the all-time top content-writing topics of the 21st century. There are innumerable topics you can write about in this niche. You can choose topics such as weight loss regime, top 5 ways to lose weight, how to lose weight in 30 days, how to manage weight with regular diet, how diet and exercise go hand in hand to help lose weight, a listicle of superfoods that will aid weight loss, etc. Below mentioned are a couple of headlines for your guidance.

  • 7 Tips To Easily Lose Weight In Your Busy Life
  • Here’s How These Smart Foods Will Help Maintain Your Weight

There is a ready audience for this topic so are many writers who have written about this topic. Your job is to present your blog in an attractive and easily understandable format and somehow stand out from the rest.

12. Adventure-related blogs


Those who love adventure know the adrenaline rush of jumping off a cliff(paragliding), parasailing on a beach, or go-karting. These are the group of people who are looking for new places or new adventures to experience. You can write about top spots in town for adventure lovers, the outskirts of the city where you can get some thrill, trekking camps or weekend hiking conducted by certain agents, etc. If you are an adventure lover with a talent for writing, then this is one of the top content writing topics for you. A few suggested topics are mentioned below.

  • Best Weekend Getaways For You Around The City!
  • Top 5 Adventures In South India You Should Not Miss

13. Tourism/travel 


In the 21st century, many of us have a ‘you only live once’ mindset. Therefore we want to visit new places and explore new cities while we can. This is a great niche for content writers to produce consistent blogs as there are innumerable places that come with new experiences. Examples of blog topics are mentioned below.

  • Best Places To Quench Your Wanderlust This Summer!
  • 5 Historical Places You Should Visit This Vacation

To make your content unique it is important that the structure of the blog is short and attractive with new additional information about the places you write about. 

14. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

In this digitized world, every business small or big goes to digital platforms to promote their product. Digital marketing blogs or digital marketing techniques are a great way to generate revenue for them while it is an amazing opportunity for writers to show their talent. There is a lot of scope for content writing in this niche. The topics that you can write is as follows:

  • Top 10 Digital Marketing Hacks Every Business Should Apply
  • Amazing Tips and Tricks To Optimize Your Content


As a writer, you can choose unique content writing such as blogs on the latest art exhibition in town, best art pieces, art galleries, etc. Many people love art but drawing a dedicated audience to your blog site can be quite challenging initially. However, with consistency and hard work, there will be dedicated readers over time. Here are a couple of suggestions for you.

  • Check Out The Art Exhibitions In Your Town This Weekend
  • Sculpture Making Crash Course For All You Art Lovers in The City

16. Career advice

career advice

Blogs on career advice are always looked out for. Whether a beginner or a professional wishing to upgrade their career, people always keep an eye out for career tips or advice. Hence this is one of the top content writing topics. You can choose to write listicles, new courses that have been introduced, blogs that the readers will want to read to make their dream come true, tips to achieve career goals, etc. Be creative and present your content excellently to make your article unique. A few suggestions of the probable topics are mentioned below.

  • What Career Path to Choose After Business Management Course
  • Top 10 Career Options In India and Abroad For PMP Professionals

17. Social media tips

social media tips

Making an impression on social media today is more important than before. Many influencers and also companies are looking for social media tips to increase their visibility in the web world. You can write about tips and tricks to generate viewership, how to use various tools or apps to make their social media presence more visible, etc. A couple of suggested topics are given for your reference below.

  • Tips and Tricks To Increase the Visibility Of Your Post
  • How To Leave An Impression On Your Readers- A Must-Read For Budding Writers

18. Technology


Today’s world is driven by innovative technology. Writing about these is one of the best niches you can choose. Topics such as best innovations, the latest innovative technologies, how to use new tech gadgets, how to fix errors, exploring a new gadget, etc. will attract readers to your blog site. Your research has to be thorough and content clear and easily understandable to be able to reach out to a larger varied audience. You can write topics such as-

  • Learn The Latest Innovations in AI
  • 10 Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easy

19. Product comparisons

product comparisons

Comparing different products and brands are a unique way of attracting an audience to your content. Readers always seek comparisons before deciding on which product to purchase. Present easily understandable content with clear comparisons in similar attributes. You can compare gadgets, electronic items or accessories, apps, tools, websites, etc. based on your niche.  You can find a couple of suggested topics below.

  • Pros, Cons, Recommendations – Laser Printers Vs Inkjet Printers
  • Why Choose PMI PMP Course Over Regular Management Course?


Writing about sports and sportspersons will never go out of trend. As a writer, you can write about tournaments or championships, blogs on sports stars and their fitness/practice regime, trivia about various games, etc. If you are a sportsperson or love watching sports then this niche becomes easier for you to write about.

  • Catch The Updates You Missed At Today’s Final Championship
  • Exclusive Interview Of The Tennis Star Roger Federer

21. Innovations in the field of medicine

content writing topics 2022

The field of medicine like many others has seen a lot of technological advancements. Making readers aware of the recent innovations in treatment and diagnostic techniques is a great idea for content writing. While educating the readers, you are also getting an opportunity to present information about the growing field. Hence this makes it one of the top content writing topics to write on. You can write topics similar to the ones mentioned below.

  • Breakthrough Innovation In Cancer Detection!
  • Read To Know The Advanced Non-Invasive Treatment of Renal Calculi

22. Tutorials on how to do-s


Tutorials are a great chance for writers to create blogs on varied topics. How-to-topics such as drawing, cooking, gardening, solving Rubik’s cube, hairdo, etc. are a few examples of varied topics you can choose from. Based on your interest you can choose any simple topic to write tutorials that will help beginners to understand the idea clearly.  A few suggestions are given for your reference.

  • Here Are The 8 Steps to Solving Rubik’s Cube
  • Learn How To Start Your Own Bonsai Garden

23. Life and relationships

life and relationships

Everyone starts reflecting on their life at some point. Blogs on relationship dimensions are always interesting to read. To be a good writer in this niche, you are expected to have a depth of character and empathy to create great content. Your articles should be optimistic and diplomatic while presenting opinions on sensitive topics. A couple of examples of types of topics that can be chosen are mentioned below.

  • Here’s How You Can Bring The Magic Back in Your Relationship
  • 6 Amazing Things You Could Say on Your First Date

If your blogs can answer relationship problems or life questions one at a time, it is a great way to create long-lasting content while grabbing readers’ interest. 

24. Spirituality


Everybody wants to find peace within their heart. In this stress-inducing world, peace can be quite hard to achieve. Writing about tips and tricks or simple rules to follow to keep your mind calm is a great way to connect with your readers. Articles on how to infuse spirituality into your everyday life will draw many readers to your content.  A few examples of such topics are mentioned below.

  • 7 Easy Steps To Find Peace Within
  • Ready To Master The Art Of Letting Go

25. Education


Blogs on education are popular and among the top content writing topics in the present world. Write about the latest courses, certifications, and diplomas that various academies have to offer. You can write listicles on various courses which give complete information about them that the readers are interested to know. A couple of topics are mentioned for your guidance.

  • Top 10 French Courses In The City
  • Best Python Programming Courses For Beginners

Mentioning the career options after the completion of these courses will give closure to your blogs. Therefore, the readers need not go through other articles to get a complete understanding of the topic you have chosen for them.  

26. Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship blogs have a lot of scope among small and large business communities. Many people seek out advice or would want to know what’s the current trend in the field. Hence writing a comprehensive report on the topic you choose is very important. Extensive research along with the use of the right jargon will add depth to your write-up. Examples of topics are given below.

  • The Top Unicorns In India In 2021 and What They Have In Common
  • Here’s The Compilation of Tips From Experts For Launching Your Own Startup

27. Cryptocurrency and its scope


Cryptocurrency is another innovative product of the modern world. Cash transactions are depleting by the day and updated versions of currencies are taking their place. Hence writing about how cryptocurrency works, types of digital currencies to choose from, how to be aware of cryptocurrency scams, etc is interesting to the readers. Here are a couple of suggested topics for your assistance.

  • Is Investing In Cryptocurrency A Wise Choice?
  • Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency

28. Special occasions and festivals


India is a land of diverse cultures. The number of festivals and occasions to celebrate are many. With growing western influence, there are many of us who are slowly forgetting our culture. Hence writing about festivals, the significance they hold in our tradition, the various foods prepared for festivities, etc provides a great opportunity for content writers. Below mentioned are the suggestions for topics,

  • 9 Facts You Should Know About Navratri
  • Interesting Facts About Ancient Cultural Symbols of India

29. Freelancing 


The digitized era has given rise to a number of freelancers in various niches. This is among the top content writing topics. Many people are wannabe freelancers, hence writing about topics such as aspects needed for freelancing, income made by freelancers, the future prospects for them, various niches of freelancing, etc form a great way to connect with readers and generate viewership for your blog site. A couple of examples for such topics are given below.

  • Tips and Tricks To Start Freelancing Blogs
  • Freelance Writing Vs Blogging- Pros and Cons To Help Choose What’s Best For You

30. Trending topics

trending topics

Blogs on trending topics with catchy headlines always make their way to readers in the digital era. Write about what’s new in various fields with an attractive headline to get viewers to your blog site. A title that starts with ‘did you know?’, ‘check out what’s new’, ‘here’s what we know, etc. always get readers’ attention. A few suggestions are given below.

  • Check Out The New Fashion of The Season
  • Here’s All Your Need To Know About The Latest Music Festival

31. Skincare and beauty

skin care and beauty

In this era where we upload pictures on social media and want to look our best, everyone will want to read about various beauty secrets. Hence, this is an interesting niche to generate many eye-catching topics to educate the readers on beautification. You can write about various cosmetics or natural ingredients, make-up routines, foods that do wonders to the skin, etc. the list is very long. Choose a topic each time to publish your content consistently.  A few examples are given below.

  • 5 Morning Routine Steps To Follow For Glowing Skin
  • Top 10 Natural Ingredients That Will Improve Hair Growth

32. Photography


Photography is one of the creative fields where you have the opportunity to write various blogs. You can write about photographers, photography competitions, galleries or exhibitions, workshops, etc. There is always a dedicated audience who will be interested in this niche. You have to learn to master the art of drawing them toward your content. A few suggestions for topics are mentioned below.

  • Here are All The Details of The Photography Exhibition Happening This Weekend
  • Top 10 Photography Courses For Beginners

33. Mythology 


India is a country with rich culture and many mythological stories to pass on to the future generation. What better way to do it than publishing articles about it? You can target your articles for kids or adults. You can write about various Hindu epics, different yugas or Vedas, etc. Writing with simple language using attractive illustrations will direct readers to your blog site. 

  • 5 Advice By Krishna That Is Applicable To Everyone
  • 10 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Tretayuga

34. Celebrity updates


People are always interested in what celebrities do. As a content writer, you can choose topics such as what celebrities wear, where they travel, what’s their latest work, what are their business interests, etc. This is an evergreen niche and among the top content writing topics to write on. There is a good opportunity of posting regularly in this niche. A few suggestions of topics are mentioned below.

  • Check Out The Celebrities’ Favourite Travel Destination This Summer
  • Read To Know The Highlights of The Latest Film Festival

35. Scientific discoveries

scientific discoveries

Science is a fascinating field to many. There will be a good number of readers who want to know about the latest scientific discoveries around the world. You can write listicles, the top discoveries of the month or year, breakthroughs in the field of science, etc. If you are a curious person interested in this niche, then science blogs are for you. Here are a couple of suggested topics for you.

  • Top 5 Greatest Scientific Discoveries Of Humankind
  • Read About Breakthrough Discoveries in DNA Testing

Recommended Reads

  • What is content writing-A complete guide 2022 edition
  • Top 15 content writing career opportunities in 2022
  • Top 10 content writing books in 2022

Henry Harvin’s content writing course

Do you have a passion for writing but want to know the technicalities of the writing industry? Then you should opt for the Content Writing Course offered by Henry Harvin Education. The institute is one of the best and top academies providing online training for candidates. With training given by highly skilled trainers, Henry Harvin’s content writing course curriculum includes modules on internet skills, language skills, blogs, business, market writing, content strategy, creative writing, etc. 

The excellent training you receive in this 40-hour duration course will prepare you to become a professional blogger. With a nominal fee of 17,500 INR, you get internship assistance, placement training, and Bootcamp sessions as added benefits. 

Content writing is a very promising career in this digitized era and it is in great demand. Most of the top content writing topics have been presented to you in this article. We are hopeful that these will guide you to choose your niche and help in pursuing a career in this field. Digital content writing is a booming industry with a lot of scopes to make a good career. You can choose to be a freelancer or get employed by companies to present your writing skills. Either way, there are a lot of unexplored opportunities for talented people in this area.

Yes, initially there might be a few challenges that you have to overcome. But with consistent writing, you will get to know your readers and learn to write for them, which in turn will end up as a good career for you.

Relax, it happens to many of us. Just keep writing and experimenting in various topics. As you are in this process you will discover your niche soon. Then there’s no stopping you!

Well, based on your profession we can suggest that you write about various software, apps, gadgets, computer languages, etc. But as an individual, you can write about any topic that you are passionate about. A little research in your interested area will help you write about various subjects.

Well, it depends on many factors such as a freelancer or an employee, the niche you have chosen, the target audience, the uniqueness of the topic, skimmable topic, etc. Overall, we can say that content writing is quite satisfactory in terms of income, especially when you have established an identity on the web with your consistent blogs.

Ramya Singh G

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content writing topics 2022

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15 Topics For Content Writing For Beginners To Try Out

May 9, 2023

15 Topics For Content Writing For Beginners

Are you a beginner content writer struggling to find inspiration for your next piece?

Do you often stare blankly at your computer screen, unsure what to write about?

Don't worry; you're not alone. No matter how experienced, every writer has faced the dreaded writer's block at some point.

But here's the good news: there are plenty of topics for content writing for beginners that can help jumpstart your creativity and get your words flowing. In this blog, we'll explore 15 topics perfect for beginners to try out.

So, whether you're a brand new writer looking to get started or a more experienced writer in search of new inspiration, our guide to topics for content writing for beginners has got you covered.

Let's get started!

How to Choose a Content Writing Topic?

Choosing the right topic for your content can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner.

Here are some tips to help you select a topic that will resonate with your target audience:

1. Consider your Target Audience

Before choosing a topic, it is essential to understand your target audience and their interests. Consider their demographics, such as age, gender, location, and profession, to create relevant and engaging content for them.

2. Research and Identify Trending Topics

Research the latest trends and hot topics in your industry to identify subjects that are currently in demand. Use tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and social media platforms to find out what people are talking about and create content around those topics.

3. Brainstorm and Narrow Down Your Ideas

Once you have identified several potential topics, brainstorm different ideas and narrow down your options based on relevance, uniqueness, and interest. Choose a topic you are passionate about and can write on enthusiastically.

Top categories which users can blog about

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts with the world.

There are many different types of blogs, each catering to different interests and audiences. Some of the top categories which users can blog about include

1. Personal Lifestyle: This is a broad category that includes topics like fashion, health and fitness, beauty, food, and travel. It's perfect for individuals who want to share their personal experiences and interests with others.

2. Technology: Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, tech blogs are very popular. Topics can include gadget reviews, software tutorials, coding tips, and discussions about emerging technologies.

3. Business & Entrepreneurship: These blogs often cover topics such as starting a business, entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, finance management, and industry trends.

4. Education: This can range from sharing educational resources, discussing teaching strategies, providing learning tips, to reviewing books and courses.

5. Personal Finance: This category covers budgeting, investing, retirement planning, tax tips, and other financial advice. Check out LongShot's Personal Finance autoblog workflow ...

6. Parenting & Family: These blogs can offer advice on parenting, share family experiences, discuss child development, and review children's products.

7. DIY/Crafts: Blogs in this category can provide step-by-step instructions for various projects, share crafting ideas, or discuss DIY home improvement tips.

8. Travel: These blogs can share personal travel experiences, provide tips for travelers, review destinations, or discuss travel gear.

9. Health & Wellness: Topics can include nutrition advice, exercise routines, mental health awareness, or chronic disease management.

10. Food & Cooking: These blogs can share recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, or discuss food trends and nutrition.

11. Home Decor & Interior Design: These blogs can offer decorating tips, discuss current design trends, or showcase home makeover projects.

12. Personal Development: This category can cover self-improvement tips, career advice, productivity hacks, or motivational content.

13. Environment & Sustainability: These blogs can discuss environmental issues, share sustainable living tips, or review eco-friendly products.

14. Gaming: This can range from game reviews, walkthroughs, industry news, to esports coverage.

15. Sports & Fitness: These blogs can discuss various sports, provide fitness advice, review sports gear, or share personal fitness journeys.

Remember that the best blog category is one that you are passionate about, as this will help you create engaging and authentic content.

You can create different types of blogs using LongShot's workflows. And you can get started for free. Create blogs using LongShot.

Importance of Choosing the Right Topic

Choosing the right topic is crucial in content writing as it determines whether your content will be read and shared by your target audience.

A relevant and interesting topic can help you establish yourself as an authority in your field and attract more traffic to your website or blog.

On the other hand, a poorly chosen topic can result in low engagement and a lack of interest from your audience.

15 Content Writing Topics for Beginners To Get Started

Here are 15 easy yet interesting topics that beginners can write on:

1. Technology Trends to Watch Out

Write about the latest tech trends and innovations, such as AI, AR/VR, and blockchain, and their potential impact on businesses and society.

2. Beginner's Guide to Fashion

Provide tips and advice on fashion and style for beginners, including how to dress for different occasions and accessorize your outfits.

3. Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living

Write about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including tips on nutrition, exercise, mental health, and self-care.

4. The Best Travel Destinations for Adventurers

Provide recommendations on the best travel destinations for adventure enthusiasts, including outdoor activities, sightseeing, and cultural experiences.

5. Exploring the World of Social Media Marketing

Write about the latest social media marketing trends and strategies, including creating engaging content, building a following, and measuring your success.

6. How to Build a Successful Online Business

Provide tips and advice on starting and growing a successful online business, including choosing a niche, creating a website, and marketing your products or services.

7. The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Write about the potential impact of AI on various industries, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, and discuss ethical considerations and challenges.

8. Understanding Cybersecurity Threats and Solutions

Provide an overview of cybersecurity threats and solutions, including how to protect your personal and professional data from cyber attacks.

9. The Art of Effective Communication

Provide tips and advice on how to communicate effectively in different settings, including interpersonal communication, public speaking, and writing.

10. The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Write about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for mental and physical health, including how to practice mindfulness and meditation techniques.

11. The Power of Positive Thinking and Self-Confidence

Provide tips and advice on cultivating a positive mindset and boosting your self-confidence, including overcoming negative thoughts and self-doubt.

12. Unlocking Creativity: Tips and Techniques

Write about how to unlock your creativity and generate new ideas, including creative exercises, brainstorming techniques, and overcoming creative blocks.

13. The Role of Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Provide insights into the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership and entrepreneurship, including how to overcome gender bias and stereotypes.

14. Navigating the Job Market: Tips for Career Growth

Provide tips and advice on how to navigate the job market and grow your career, including how to write a resume, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salary.

15. The Science of Happiness and Well-being

Write about the latest research on happiness and well-being, including cultivating positive emotions, building strong relationships, and finding meaning in life.

We hope our list of 15 topics for content writing for beginners has provided you with the inspiration you need to get started on your next writing project. Remember, the key to successful content writing is to find a topic that you are passionate about and that your audience will find engaging.

If you're still struggling to come up with ideas, why not try LongShot AI's Blog Ideas Generator ? This powerful tool can help you come up with blog ideas in just a few seconds based on your specific interests and target audience. With LongShot AI, you'll never run out of ideas for your next blog post.

So, whether you choose to use our list of 15 topics or try LongShot AI, the most important thing is to keep writing and practicing your craft. With dedication and hard work, you can become a successful content writer and make your mark in the world of digital media.

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Quetext Plagiarism Checker: The Most User-Friendly Tool on the Market

Quetext Plagiarism Checker: The Most User-Friendly Tool on the Market

content writing topics 2022

Five content writing trends to watch out for in 2022


  • June 20, 2022

Is content writing part of your 2022 strategy? If not, it needs to be. Creating on-trend copy – be it a social media post, web page, or blog – is a great way to reach your audience and connect with them.

If you publish often you’re a step ahead of competitors who don’t. But are you leading the curve or behind it? Content writing rules change over time – as does the technology used to create it.

With that in mind let’s look at some current trends (and see how many you can tick off).

Content trend #1: Rise of the machines

If this headline conjures images of humans battling robots in a future landscape, you’re not alone. The introduction of artificial intelligence into the world of marketing sent shivers down the spines of many a copywriter. That’s because this emerging trend seemed set to threaten these writers’ livelihoods.

In truth, this technology is not yet sophisticated enough to pull off such a coup. And it may never be. But this hasn’t stopped organisations from experimenting.

After all, an AI copywriter:

  • Is cheaper than hiring a professional
  • Can work 24/7 without getting tired
  • Doesn’t mind repetitive tasks
  • Works faster than a real person

As copywriting trends go, so far so good. Unfortunately, AI tools don’t always understand the context. They also generate spelling errors too.  In some cases, the output can be gibberish.

Should you make AI part of your marketing strategy? Read our in-depth AI blog a nd make up your own mind.

  Content trend #2: All hail the return of long-form copy

In this age of smartphone technology, our concentration spans have never been shorter. Like highly-caffeinated fleas, we flit from app to app  – our pitstops lasting barely 30-seconds.

In short, trying to hold a prospect’s attention has never been harder. Hence why marketing trends have shifted toward more easily digestible short-form content.

Nonetheless. long-form content is on the rise….

This is good news – because:

  • Readers engage with it more compared to short-form content
  • It’s almost always a hit when shared on social channels
  • Long-form content is great for search engine ranking
  • Storytelling formats tend to yield better conversions

Learn more about the benefits of long-form content writing trends in our fresh-off-the-press blog.

Content writing trend #3: Email copy is hot in 2022 too

And its ‘return’ is most welcome. Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and forge deeper connections with them – although this process takes time.

Writing email copy will yield great results if:

  • Your content is 100% unique & personalised
  • Your brand stories are compelling

Test your emails to find out which topics resonate. Then adapt your content until open rates increase. AB testing this way is essential if you want to build campaigns that convert.

Why not read our short email marketing guide or, better still, reach out to one of our experts for advice.

Content writing trend #4: Video copywriting is the way forward

People spend 4.8 hours per day glued to their smartphones. And despite long-form content enjoying a resurgence, most prefer to engage with video.

Video takes the hard work out of engagement. Instead of having to interpret a complex blog post the reader can sit back and let the presenter tell the story. It’s no small wonder video content converts!

Invest in video and:

  • Increase revenue almost 50% faster than your competitors
  • Tell your brand story in a format anyone can understand
  • Watch your search engine rankings skyrocket
  • Influence and convert even more customers

Learn how to master video content by visiting this short guide we compiled especially for you.

Content writing trend #5: Demand for specialist copywriters is growing

In this data-driven world, customers want insight into everything. If your content is anything less than informative prospects will switch off in their droves and find their answers elsewhere.

As experts in your industry surely you’re best poised to write this content? But knowing a topic inside out doesn’t make you a great writer (or marketer for their matter).

Hire a content writing specialist and:

  • You won’t have to manage them – because they’ll understand your sector in-depth 
  • You’ll benefit from their insight too which will improve your search engine rankings and conversions

If you’re on the fence when it comes to hiring specialist writers you’ll find our latest blog extremely helpful.

Understanding emerging 2022 content trends will help you get the edge over competitors, reach more prospects, and boost conversion rates (not to mention ROI).

Naturally, trends come and go. And so it’s important to continually review your strategy to avoid falling behind the times. This can be problematic if you’re not an expert.

Trusting specialists to keep your organisation on-trend makes better sense. That way you can focus on your business – safe in the knowledge your content is relevant, engaging, and converting.

Content marketing that’ll help you grow by reaching the right people in the right places

With a provable track record of using content to improve our customers’ ROI, we’re perfectly positioned to help your business grow. Take the next step by booking your free consultation now.

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  • mary's marketing adventures

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content writing topics 2022

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14 BEST Content Writing Topics for beginner Content Writer [In 2022]

Amit upadhyay.

  • August 17, 2022
  • Content Writing

BEST Content Writing Topics for beginner Content Writer

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Greeting! Listen, I’m talking to you. If you are reading this article and looking for the best content writing topics , then I am definitely sure that you are a beginner content writer who is in the early stage of content writing or a novice blogger who always needs content for his blog material required.

Then this post is exclusively for you!

If you’re a beginner content writer or a beginner blogger , finding the best content writing topics can be a challenge. It takes time to research and match your interests, skills, and expertise to find the perfect topic for your masterpiece.

But after reading this article, you’ll surely gain confidence and find the best content writing topic in your field of interest or expertise. Whether you want to write content for your blog site or even write as a freelance writer for a project, this article will help you find the perfect topic.

So let’s get to the topic and try to find out the best content ideas in front of you that you can easily choose.

Remember selection is also the key to success, you cannot choose a random topic . As a professional blogger and content writer, I always recommend you to choose a topic that matches your I.S.E. (Interest, Skill, AND Expertise).

And now let’s get started…

Table of Contents

What’re the top trending topics for content writing? [in2022]

When looking for the best topics for content writing in 2022, consider your audience, niche, and interests. The best content writing topics are those that are closely related to your niche and audience. You should also consider your own interests and expertise when choosing a topic. By tailoring your content to your audience and your own interests, you can create content through your content marketing strategy that’s both interesting and useful.

14 BEST Content Writing Topics thatThe Content writers can choose for writing

Before you get to this point, please note the things I described in the paragraph above. and fulfill the reader’s views for your content strategy.

Now that you know how important it’s to choose the right topic, let’s take a look at the top 15 content writing topics for 2022:

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most important tools businesses can use to reach their target audiences. It’s a diverse and ever-evolving field, which makes it an extremely relevant topic.

As a business owner, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices to ensure that your marketing efforts are effective.

Digital marketing has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with new developments and changes in the industry occurring all the time. This is due to a number of factors, but one of the most important is the increasing use of digital channels by consumers.

To keep up with this trend, companies have had to adapt their marketing strategies and focus more on digital channels. This has led to a variety of new opportunities for companies to reach their target groups and for marketers to develop new skills.

Because digital marketing is such a large and ever-evolving industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. By writing articles on the different aspects of digital marketing, you can ensure that your readers are up to date with all the news and developments.

This not only builds your authority as an expert in the field but also shows your readers that you’re committed to keeping them in the loop.

There’s no denying that the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, providing a treasure trove of opportunities for content creators.

SEO and digital advertising modules are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to opportunities to write in this field. Digital advertising, online reputation management, and email marketing are other aspects of this luxurious subject area.

Tips on how to make money on the internet

Making money online topics can be the best topic choice because there are many people who want to make money online but lack the knowledge on how to do it.

Now is the opportunity for you if you’ve experience and interest in this topic and can recognize the people who want to make money and search on Google through your informative and aware content writing topics.

You can help them by providing informative and actionable content that will help them achieve their goal. By building a strong online presence, you can also establish yourself as an authority in the field, which will help you earn money.

Writing for SEO purposes.

Although SEO ( Search engine Optimization is part of Digital marketing) if you narrow down your topic then SEO is a great topic for content writing however SEO is the yet broad Topic Because, In SEO, There are many things Included for example.

  • What is the On-page SEO?
  • What is the Off-Page SEO?
  • What is Keyword research?
  • How to find related keywords for your blog post
  • What is link building?

So on …

When writing about SEO content topic ideas, you should understand the above topics so that when you write your article on your website, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your blog and convey a clear message to your audience.

Write Only Lists and How To’sTutorials

If you’ve extensive knowledge in a particular field and enjoy writing, you can create informative tutorials and list articles on your blog. Articles in the form of lists are always a good way to engage your audience because they’re easy to share and are very popular.

People always search on search engines.

  • 5 Best tools to search for topics.
  • 9 ways – How to generate more traffic to your website.
  • 7- Steps on how to start writing content.

And so on…

How-to guides are also a great way to provide your audience with valuable information and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

If you want to write good how-to content, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, write a clear and concise introduction that tells the reader what to expect.

Then break down the steps of the process so that they’re easy to follow. Finally, summarise what’s been covered and what the reader should now be able to do. By following these simple tips, you can create quality ‘how-to’ content that’s useful for your readers.

Similarly, as people try to read up on each topic, use some question-like phrases, for example.

  • Why is content writing important for SEO?
  • How do I write engaging content?
  • What’s content writing?

Both types of content can be very useful for any business.

I hope you understand what I’m saying: your job is to write engaging, informative, unique content, easy-to-read and digestible content that answers the questions of your target audience .

As a content writer, you should always try to sound like an expert on the topics you’re writing about. This means that you should use a confident, authoritative voice when writing good content.

Write for product comparisons

Product comparisons are always popular with consumers. They want to know which product offers the best value for money.

As a writer, you can provide this information by writing product comparisons. When writing a product comparison, you should focus on the features of each product and its benefits.

Make sure that there’s a call to action at the end of the comparison so that readers can buy the product that you think suits them best.

By writing product comparisons, you can help your readers make informed decisions about the products they buy. This way you can build trust with your readers and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

write for creative writing tips

Creative writing is a great way to express yourself and connect with your readers. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

As a content writer, you can offer tips and advice on how to write more creatively. This way you can help your readers get the most out of their writing and produce more imaginative content.

When writing creative writing tips, focus on giving practical advice that your readers can apply. For example, you could point out how to come up with ideas for your writing or how to overcome writer’s block.

In addition to tips, it’s also important to encourage your readers to keep writing so that they can continue to improve their skills.

Creative writing is a skill that can be learned and perfected. As a writer, you can help your readers learn creative writing tips by giving them helpful information. When writing about creative writing, you should focus on the techniques you can use to improve your writing.

Social media marketing is always a trendy topic

There’s no doubt that social media has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses and individuals. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer incredible opportunities to reach a large audience with your message.

However, it’s not enough to simply have a presence on social media. To be truly successful on social media, you need to put in the effort to create engaging and quality content.

This is where content writing comes in. A good writer is able to create great content that not only promotes your business or product but also captivates and engages your audience.

So if you want to take your social media presence to the next level, content writing is a great place to start.

And instead,

Adapting your content for each social media platform is important to increase conversion rates and build brand awareness.

As a business, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to market your products and services. And social media offers an easy way to do just that. By creating content tailored to each platform, you can reach a wider audience and make it easier for customers to buy your products and services.

Writing for events and festivals

If you choose to write about festivals, this topic offers you another opportunity to engage your audience with well-researched content.

Festivals and occasions are a great opportunity to engage your audience with well-researched content. There are so many festivals and occasions around the world, and if you focus on your country’s festivals and occasions, you can write more content creation on your blog.

You can even write your content in the local language of your country. This is a good choice because many people want to read online about their festivals and the history behind these occasions in the local language. This way, they can learn why people celebrate this festival, how they celebrate it, and where it comes from.

As a content writer, you can write these kinds of questions I mentioned above in the form of informative articles, then you can build a following faster.

Real-life Incidents and Takeaways

When you write about your own life experiences, you can connect with your readers on a personal level. By sharing your challenges and successes, you can encourage your readers to face their own difficulties and achieve their goals.

In addition, your stories can spark important conversations about the human experience and give your readers a new perspective on the world around them.

When it comes to making decisions that affect our lives, it’s important to be well-informed. Your target readers will turn to you for advice and guidance, so make sure you always deliver your content confidently and professionally.

EducateTime Management and descipline

It’s common knowledge that time management is a crucial factor in our lives and that we’ll not succeed if we don’t manage it properly.

However, we also know that it’s difficult to manage time because it’s always in motion and if we focus too much on it, we cannot concentrate on our actions. The key to effective time management is to focus on and take responsibility for our actions by spending productive hours in a disciplined way. In this way, we can achieve our goals.

In addition, it’s important to remember that everyone has the same amount of time every day – the difference is in how we use that time. Time management isn’t about controlling time, but about how we use time. And that starts with taking responsibility for our own actions.

By choosing this blog idea, we can educate our audience on the importance of time management and show them how to use their time effectively. With informative, unique, and engaging content, we can help them succeed in their lives.

Write On Celebrity’s latest streamline

There’s no denying that celebrity gossip is an important part of the entertainment industry. It not only piques the interest of the public but also keeps celebrities in the limelight.

Though some may consider it merely gossip, one cannot deny that it plays an important role in the world of entertainment.

As a celebrity, your fans love to follow every detail of your life. Writing content writing tips on this topic satisfies their need for information and keeps them up to date with what’s new about you.

In addition to news articles, your fans also enjoy reading blog posts, interviews, and other types of blog content that offer insights into the life of a celebrity.

Write about culture and ethics

Work ethics and culture are important in any workplace, but especially in the corporate world. To be successful, you must always be professional and adhere to rules of conduct.

If you’re still at the beginning of your career, it can be difficult to feel confident due to a lack of experience. However, with a good understanding of work ethics and culture, you can succeed in any company.

It’s important that you have a clear understanding of work culture and ethics in order to be an asset to your company.

By writing about these great topic ideas, you can develop and improve your soft skills and give them a clear direction on how to increase your confidence through your remarkable behavior in the corporate world.

Write for Scientific News

Science news is another content writing topic where you can express your knowledge-based science news and research concepts and provide the best and most informative material to your audience.

As a science Content writer, it’s important that you keep your audience in mind and write in a way that’s engaging and informative. When writing about science news, make sure you focus on the latest research to provide your readers with the most up-to-date information. Write clearly and concisely, and be sure to cite sources so that your readers can learn more about the topic.

So, when choosing this topic, be sure to do thorough research for the content you’re going to write. Once your research is well-defined and you’ve checked the facts and sources, you can write your post in the form of content.

It’s also important to have the right tools for the job. A good gardening set includes a trowel, a rake, and a hoe. Gardening can be a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding. Seeing your plants grow and flourish is a great feeling.

If you want to learn more about gardening, nature is the best teacher. By planting different things, you can find out what works well and what doesn’t. This trial-and-error method is a good way to gain knowledge about gardening.

As you develop the necessary skills, you can give your followers and readers some gardening tips with your informative blog content and show them how to garden effectively.

For example, you can show them which plants thrive in their climate, how much water they need, where they get the most sunlight, and what fertilizer they should use for optimal growth.

You can also teach them about common pests in the garden and how to prevent these pests from eating all the plants. By sharing your expert knowledge, you can help your readers grow beautiful gardens that will thrive for years to come.

FAQs – For the best content writing topic.

Is affiliate marketing the best topic for content writing.

Yes, affiliate marketing can be a good content writing topic. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique where companies reward their affiliates.

What topic is suitable for content writing?

It’s important that you choose a topic that interests you and that you’re passionate about. Also, the topic should be related to your niche and you should have experience writing about it.

If you choose a topic that meets all these criteria, you can be sure that your content will be of the highest quality and well-received by your audience.

What are some top Content writing topics for beginners?

There are so many topics and subjects you can choose from when it comes to content writing, and it ultimately depends on you and your interests as to what kind of content you want to write about.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have any experience, don’t worry – as long as you’ve some skill and interest in a particular topic, you can easily start writing about it. The more content you produce and the more you understand the flow and depth of writing, the more confident you’ll become – until eventually, you feel like an expert in your field.

Conclusion – For Best Content WritingTopic

However, if you’re just starting out, it’s important that you choose a topic that you’re passionate about and already have experience in. By creating quality content ideas on a topic that you’re knowledgeable about, you can build a good reputation and be considered an expert in your field.

As we’ve seen, there are many different factors to consider when choosing a topic for content writing. However, if you follow the tips and advice in this article, you can be sure that you’ll choose a topic that suits you and your target audience and get rid of writer’s block . So, don’t be afraid, get started – and have fun writing!

Amit upadhyay

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content writing topics 2022

Ten Best Content Writing Ideas

Interesting and engaging content drives people back to your blog, and the key to that is well-researched content that meets the reader’s needs.

Sneha Mathew

Sneha Mathew

Interesting and engaging content drives people back to your blog, and the key to that is well-researched content that meets the reader’s needs. That is due to the field of content writing being very competitive, and to rise above your competitors, you definitely need to take extraordinary measures.

Writing about different topics and keeping your audience engaged is the ultimate purpose of content writing. However, there are quite a few challenges that come with writing good content consistently, with the biggest challenge being what to write about next.

Coming up with new topics to write about requires considerable skill and experience. Often growing businesses and startups tend to hire a content writer to ease their work and obtain better results in terms of website traffic.


Since what topics to write about is one of the biggest challenges in writing, we’ve done the basic research to help you out. Here is a list of topics that work best and also have a high search volume.

content writing topics 2022

Source: Unsplash


While the whole world has recently picked up its obsession with cryptocurrency, some people still do not have adequate knowledge about what it is or how it works. This is where writing about the whole concept and explaining why and how you can earn money through cryptocurrency will help you draw attention.

The key here is not just to explain what it is but also to share content in your article that is also helpful to the reader. For example, writing a blog titled “ What is a cryptocurrency and how can you earn money through it? “ will get many readers' attention when cryptocurrency gains and loses fluctuate.

Similarly, writing an article about “ Where to invest your Bitcoins to gain maximum returns.” will also get high views.

content writing topics 2022

Gadget, movies, and book review

While everyone loves updating their tools and gadgets, investing without doing the proper research is pretty risky. When it comes to devices, people usually rely on other people, primarily friends or family, who have had the experience of using the same gadget or something similar manufactured by the same company.

When something is newly launched, you’re probably one of the first few people to buy them? This is when people go online to do their research and read about the product themselves. Many bloggers and influencers specialize in reviewing gadgets.

Then, they purchase and use the device for a few days to understand why someone should invest in them. It might sound unreliable, but it is the best option before investing in something you are unsure about.

The real pros and cons of a gadget are only determined when used daily, and that is where writing a detailed review on every feature of the device will help you become more authentic in the eyes of the readers.

People love going to the movies, but no one would want to spend money and time watching something that they would rather skip if they came across it on the television. People rely on several movie critics and bloggers who write movie reviews and book reviews for the same reason.

Where the writer very precisely describes the genre and setting based on the taste of the director and how the story goes about throughout the movie or the book. This is a very convenient way of writing and getting recognized by people.

Giving out the correct information without revealing any spoilers can make you an authentic source that would eventually bring you organic traffic.

content writing topics 2022

Relatable problems

Many people come to the internet to find solutions to their problems. These problems can range from wanting to update the software on their system, knowing how to remove a stain from expensive fabric, or something as simple as comparing two neighborhood restaurants.

The answers to all these questions depend entirely on how well you place those keywords in your content. Not everyone is an expert at doing that, but who isn’t hiring content writing experts who transform your content so that it attracts organic traffic.

In addition, it gives a sense of relief to someone on the internet that someone else is going through the same problem as them, hoping that there is a possible solution to it.

While writing issues passed on to our elders is easy, that does not assure that it works. Home remedies are very different from actual solutions to problems. While writing problem solution blogs, remember to do your research right to provide authentic information or source your data from wherever you read it.

The ultimate goal of your writing is that your reader finds a solution to the problem while you compile and provide the data and information that you found about the same.

content writing topics 2022

This is one of the most popular categories of blogs where essay writers become very creative. You name it, from cooking to technology to relationships, and it has a ‘How to’ article about it. This is the internet’s favorite category to read and write about.

Thousands of pages and websites would provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide telling you how to grow a plant or train your dog, paint, or anything! Perfect examples of the same are pages like WikiHow .

The real challenge here will be how to be different from others while doing the same thing?

The answer to that is by making click bate headlines. Carefully choosing words to place them so that it convinces the reader to click can help you gain the traffic you aim to achieve.

Virtual assistants are trained professionals who have experience in writing great headlines that bring in organic traffic to websites. Hiring a content writer can boost the reach on your page and push to give that recognition to your product as well as the content.

In addition, you can do multiple things to differentiate your blogs and articles from others, starting from putting in self-clicked pictures or personal experiences, scientific studies explaining why and how, and even linking videos of people trying the solution out.

Besides you can also hire content writing experts to monitor and polish your content with SEO techniques.  

content writing topics 2022

Social media marketing

The world is on social media, and everyone wants to become famous. But there are businesses who not just want to be recognized but also convert some leads through that popularity.

Giving out important information on how the algorithms of social media work or following a guide to help create good content that would drive people to follow and talk about their content could be helpful.

While writing about such things that involve another platform, check your facts. Accurate and well-researched information will help you go a long way. Gaining followers has become the ultimate goal of any user on the internet, and a guide to achieving the same would be a real treat for a reader.

Working on the same while giving your readers something extra, for example reviewing apps that help stay consistent or designing websites that help you create better creatives, will help you cross that extra mile that other bloggers or websites have not explored.

content writing topics 2022

Explaining trends

When it comes to the internet and social media, there is an evergreen category that you can write about and always have an audience till the time it stays, and that is ‘Trends.’ Writing about trends must be the best way to gain organic traffic.

But before we dive into more details, let us first get to know what they are trends?

An inclination toward a thing or an activity that stays till the time people talk about it is the definition of a trend in the layman’s language. Not everyone is always on the internet to look for trends and would be curious to know where and how the trend started, how it got popular, and how you could contribute to it or take advantage of it.

While working with trends, there are thousands of possible ways to make the hype work for you. For example, the recent trends that took the internet like a storm were the cancel culture and when Dalgona coffee became the best aesthetic drink during the lockdown.

While people aggressively participate in the trends, others who do not have adequate information rely on the internet for answers and ideas.

content writing topics 2022

Time management

People miss out on many things in the busy world due to poor planning and oversleeping. Shooting for the weak spot and writing a researched article about time management could be a great idea.

But, quite often, we find ourselves landing on pages and articles to find solutions to our problems that could quickly be dealt with. Still, the validation of reading it from an authentic platform and following it gives us a sense of satisfaction.

Time management is something that people of almost every age group have to face. That is what makes this category so widely searched if you put in the right amount of words and the right amount of helpful information, your article could reach many people.

Putting in the proper research and including a professional’s advice could make the information more reliable and authentic. Advice on time management coming from a professional would be preferred by people more than a writer, even if the information is well researched.

content writing topics 2022

Online shopping and fashion

Everyone loves staying up to date with their clothing when it comes to fashion. Fashion comes with the knowledge of colors, layers of fabric, and everything put together to make people feel confident about themselves.

Thousands of people on the internet love to write about fashion and where to purchase trendy clothes, which makes this another popular category to write about.

Not everyone can afford the best brands for fashion, but an article that would guide them to get the best fashion accessories and mimic the brands and their style would gain popularity very quickly.

Many websites online offer trending clothing but not all deliver the quality they promise. Writing a review of the clothes bought through the same website could help go that extra mile for a reader who wants to stay up with the trends but has a selective budget.

Which color looks good with which shade and the kind of footwear that would look good with which clothing are all a twisted mystery solved by fashion bloggers on the internet.

There are many websites like MensXP which not only sell trending accessories but also provide guidance on how to pair two garments together. Even if you do not know about the ongoing trends, doing the proper research can do most of your work.

content writing topics 2022

Financial planning

Investing money and saving the right way is essential while thinking about a secure future. Of course, it is necessary to save money, but it is also necessary to invest your money in the right place to get returns.

Financial planning helps you draft a systematic procedure to invest your money while keeping your future goals in mind. Not having adequate knowledge about the world of finance is where you could thrive and use your skills to research the right way.

Presenting an article about how to invest right could draw the attention of the reader—star by making financial goals and utilizing them to make small goals every day.

The most beneficial thing about working towards a big goal one day at a time is that the burden of work does not seem as hard as it gets distributed.

content writing topics 2022

Diet and fitness

The world has body image issues, and everyone is unhappy with their body looks. So searching for solutions on the internet for the same is the first instinct that comes to your mind when you feel low about yourself or feel like bringing in some positive change.

This is where our marketing industry comes into action and uses other people’s insecurities into selling their products. But we would do the exact opposite, where we make people believe through articles and blogs that nothing is impossible and give them solutions.

Everyone wants to hear that they are correct, intelligent, beautiful, and perfect. Use the same idea to draft fitness goals or exercise challenges, diet charts, and body positivity articles, making people come back for more.

The only way to keep your audience engaged with your content is to make them believe that your content is worth coming back to. This helps bring the reader back and share the article with people it might be helpful for.

For example, diet is a crucial part of staying fit but not doing that right could lead to severe illnesses. The key here is to include attributes from a dietician or a physician who is better trained at giving advice and a diet plan that best suits the reader.

Any person would prefer going to the internet and searching for a diet plan than spending thousands of dollars on a personal trainer. Keeping that in mind, you could create one which fits all budgets.

content writing topics 2022

Food blogging

When it comes to writing about food, everyone wants to know where they could get the best food at the best price, and if you put in the words and research right, you might have the answer to that question.

Having knowledge about food and being enthusiastic about eating different food at different places regardless of the consequences is the risk everyone takes once in their life.

It is easier to explore places with great food when you have someone local to guide you. This is where you, as a writer, can thrive. As a local of the city you stay in, you sure know your way around the best places to eat.

So putting that knowledge into words will help travelers and tourists land on your blog or website. That is not it. Many food bloggers get paid by restaurants to get their names mentioned in their articles to write about the best places to eat.

This way, it would not just be you guiding a traveler to that restaurant but also getting paid to do so. People love to travel, and this is one of those contents that are evergreen and would not go out of trend, especially if you live in an area where people come to travel a lot.

But, even if you don’t, that’s alright. That is where you use your research skills and get the best out of them.

content writing topics 2022

Traveling tips

Another similar category that gets a lot of attention on the internet is travel tips. People love to travel and explore new places while getting to do things that they haven’t before.

While writing travel tips and top sites to visit lists, remember to highlight unusual things or the things that the place is well known for. This puts the highlight on the items or the keywords that people might type in to get there and will help in optimizing your article.

Think about all the possible things you might need information about when traveling to a new place. Now turn all those challenges into solutions for people traveling there.

There is a lot of information that you as a person from that area know than a traveler. Use that information to your advantage and build the best guide for travelers. Include in budget places to stay, eat, dine out, party, and the most affordable mode of transport.

content writing topics 2022

Content is as important as anything on your profile that involves graphics and design. This is because it drives results when search engines are used and eventually helps in increasing the footfall on your website or blog.


To write good content, remember to make it valuable and knowledgeable for the readers to return for more or hire a long time good writer to help you go that extra mile.

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Matt Janaway

12 Proven and Tested Topics for Content Writing

Are you struggling to find topics for content writing? You're in luck! Use these 12 proven topics to kick your content production into high gear.

Matt Janaway

Table of Contents

To achieve digital marketing success, you need a robust strategy and some great topics for content writing .

It's easy to hit the wall when coming up with topic ideas. But don't give up.

If you’re learning how to create topic clusters, start a new blog, or promote your business online, here are 12 amazing content topic ideas to get the ball rolling.

Importance of choosing topics for content writing

If you don't craft content that encourages engagement, you can easily come unstuck. Check out the reasons why you need to pick topics carefully for content writing:

Tip 1: Build a solid readership

The first (and perhaps most important) reason to choose content topics wisely is to capture the interest of your target audience.

To do this, build a content marketing strategy around their problems and goals.

You can write about your own products or services every once in a while. However, the bulk of your content should benefit your readers without requiring them to buy from you.

Tip 2: Analyse your target audience’s content preferences

Testing topic ideas will help you understand the content preferences of your target audience.

Implement a content tracking system and compare the performance of existing content. Double down on topics that get the best results and decide whether to tweak or eliminate weak-performing topics from your strategy.

Tip 3: Reduce the cost of your content development

Identifying your best topics and formats helps optimise your content development strategy.

This lets you avoid wasting time, money, and manpower writing content that won’t benefit your digital marketing goals. More importantly, you can allocate the right resources to creating content pieces that are proven to get results.

Tip 4: Refine your team’s content-writing skills

Content writers can consistently improve the quality of their output by focusing on a set of relevant topics.

Each assignment is a learning experience that builds their expertise. This makes them capable of producing high-level content packed with original information.

12 Proven and tested topics for content writing

Here are the top 12 topics that make content research an absolute breeze:

Topic Idea 1: “Top” listicles

Top listicles are the bread and butter of most businesses that do content marketing.

They’re easy to research, even easier to write, and are always in demand by users in search of easily digestible information.

Listicles are also flexible and can be moulded for almost any subject. You’ll find many top listicles about tools, strategies, websites, and other resources.

Here’s an example of a top listicle from the Semrush blog:

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: Semrush.com

Top listicle title examples:

  • Top X [resource category] to help you achieve [goal]
  • X Best [resource category] for [target readers]
  • The ultimate list of X [resource category] for [year]
  • X ways to do X

Topic Idea 2: How-to guides

How-to guides are just as popular as top listicles in search engines. They’re the perfect format for users looking to solve a specific problem.

To create an effective how-to guide, ensure your content can help readers accomplish their goals by the end. Include detailed instructions and use visuals whenever possible to make the steps easier to understand.

Some examples of visual content are screenshots, videos, infographics, and still images.

Here’s an example of a comprehensive how-to blog post that includes informative screenshots:

content writing topics 2022

How-to guide title examples:

  • How to [goal] for beginners
  • [Resource name] ultimate guide: How to use [Resource name] to [goal] like a champ
  • How to [goal] in X easy steps

Topic Idea 3: Life hacks

Life hack posts do great on social media platforms, particularly if they’re attached to visual content like short-form videos or infographics.

A life hack is a strategy that solves a common problem using accessible tools and everyday objects. It should be easy to do and can be considered a “shortcut” to accomplishing something that normally takes more work.

Multiple life hacks are usually combined in a single listicle.

For example, here’s a compilation of social media hacks by Inkbot Design :

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: InkbotDesign.com

Life hack title examples:

  • This simple hack lets you [goal] like a pro
  • Use this life hack to [goal] in minutes
  • Top X [resource category] hacks to maximise your [goal]

Topic Idea 4: Industry news

Writing industry news articles can provide you with a quick spike in traffic.

They may not have evergreen value. But publishing a news post about trending topics is a surefire way to boost your brand’s relevance in your particular niche.

An industry news article is also a straightforward assignment for any content writer.

You don’t need to share a step-by-step strategy that readers can follow. Just report the news as accurately and honestly as possible while chipping in original insights.

If the news can affect your readers, share a few tips on how they can adjust to the changes.

Search Engine Journal regularly posts SEO industry news on its blog. This enables them to capitalise on the latest news in the digital marketing world to generate consistent traffic.

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: SearchEngineJournal.com

Tip: Use Google Trends to search for trending topics based on Google queries. This can point you to newsworthy information that makes for an interesting content-writing topic.

Industry news title examples:

  • [Name] releases [resource]: Here’s what you need to know
  • [Name]: “[quote]” — what it means for [target readers]
  • The rise/fall of [name]: What happened in the [event]

Topic Idea 5: Customer success stories

Customer success stories are relatable, inspirational, and powerful in lead generation.

Before you start writing your first success story, reach out to your customer first and get their permission. Not all customers are happy to share about the brands they use online.

With their approval, prepare a list of questions about their experience or schedule a phone call. Any means of communication between you and your happy customer will help you craft a compelling success story.

Google Workspace has an entire library of customer success stories on its website. In each story, they highlight how their clients benefit from their platform’s specific features.

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: Workspace.Google.com

Customer success story title examples:

  • How [customer] achieved [goal] using [your product] in X days
  • “[Quote]”: Customer success story featuring [customer]
  • How [your product] helped [customer] get [goal] and how you can do it, too

Topic Idea 6: Interviews

Interviews are more versatile than you think.

Aside from promoting another brand, interviews can also provide valuable and expert-level insights to your audience.

Ask your interviewee for any advice they can give your readers whenever possible. To ensure the content stays on-brand, you can organise interviews with your business executives or managerial staff.

That’s exactly what Infrastar did when interviewing their CEO, Glen Griffin.

It has the added advantage of being shared by the interviewee so you can reach their audience.

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: Infrastar.co.uk

Interview title examples:

  • X takeaways from our interview with [position], [interviewee]
  • We interviewed [interviewee] about [goal]: Here’s what we learned
  • Interview with [position], [interviwee]: “[quote]”

Topic Idea 7: Pain points

Your audience’s problems are a never-ending supply of content writing topics.

Focus on their pain points and help them understand where things went wrong. To make your article more compelling, incorporate a list of solutions that address their problems.

Here’s an example of a pain point article from MakeUseOf:

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: MakeUseOf.com

Pain point article title examples:

  • Here’s why you’re not [goal] (and ways to fix it)
  • X reasons why your [resource] isn’t working
  • Why [goal] is hard: X reasons and strategies to improve

Topic Idea 8: Case studies

Case studies feature hard facts and proven results to win the audience’s trust. They also function as natural link magnets—earning backlinks from other websites that cite data from your study.

If you have the resources, create a case study using original research about a specific strategy or product.

Here is a case study from Marketing Labs about their SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns with Croft Vets:

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: MarketingLabs.co.uk

Alternatively, create content about existing case studies by other reputable brands in your niche. This is a more cost-effective strategy considering the time, money, and extensive research it takes to publish an original case study.

Case study title examples:

  • The most common reasons why [statement]: Case study [year]
  • Case study: X things about [resource] you don’t know about
  • Case study: The truth about [topic] and why you should care

Topic Idea 9: Statistics

Statistics posts offer another opportunity to organically win backlinks from other sites.

Start with a relevant topic or question that matters to your audience. From there, compile data from various third-party sources—including your own case studies—to build another link-worthy post.

Statistics posts are usually presented as a list.

To maximise linkability, insert data visualisations or entire infographics. These visuals will also make your content more shareable on social media.

Here is an example of a statistics post with an infographic from Business2Community :

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: Business2Community.com

To create brilliant data visualisations and infographics without a professional graphic designer, use drag-and-drop tools like Canva . It offers a free version with lots of templates and customisable design elements.

Remember to use large and readable fonts for mobile conversion optimisation .

Statistics article title examples:

  • Infographic: X mind-blowing stats about [topic]
  • X statistics about [topic] and what it means for [target readers]
  • Top X [topic] statistics every [target reader] should know

Topic Idea 10: Brand stories

Brand stories make your company more relatable and approachable to your audience.

Company events, C-suite backstories, everyday gossip at the office—these topics give readers a “behind-the-scenes” look at your company.

Semrush does brand stories all the time in their website’s “Newsroom” section.

content writing topics 2022

Make your brand stories more impactful and share-worthy using short-form videos on social media.

Shoot Instagram Stories, TikTok videos, Facebook “My Day” clips, and YouTube Shorts featuring your company culture and the people in it. Then, share a link to the full brand story on your website to take that traffic home.

Brand story title examples:

  • A look at the [company event]: X things we learned
  • Meet [employee]: Our new [position]
  • Introducing [product]: The easiest way to [goal] yet

Topic Idea 11: Product reviews

If you’re an affiliate marketer, product reviews let you publish interesting content AND increase the passive income potential of your website.

Affiliate marketing entails promoting another company’s products in exchange for commissions. It lets bloggers, businesses, and digital publications monetise their websites while providing useful product recommendations to readers.

Websites can sell virtually anything as affiliates—from digital marketing tools to smartphones.

Some websites like What’s The Best even partner with multiple marketplaces, giving their audience more options on where to buy.

content writing topics 2022

Image Source: WhatsTheBest.co.uk

Product review title examples:

  • Ultimate [product] review: Pros, cons, and tips
  • We used [product] for a week: X things we know so far
  • [Product] review: Is it the best [product category] you can buy?

Topic Idea 12: Comparisons

Comparison posts take reviews to the next level.

Instead of reviewing just one product, a comparison lets you feature two or more. This is useful if you want to promote multiple affiliate products in a single article—or if you already reviewed the product and need to present it from a new angle.

It’s also easy to come up with content title ideas for comparisons.

Take a look at this example about Hemingway App vs Grammarly vs Whitesmoke:

content writing topics 2022

Comparison title examples:

  • [Product] vs [product] vs [product]: Which one should you pick?
  • [Product] vs [product]: The ultimate [product category] showdown
  • Ranking the best [product category]: [Product] vs [product] vs [product]

FAQs when choosing topics for content writing

What kind of content can i write.

Some popular content writing topics include industry news, how-to guides, interviews, customer success stories, and reviews. Cover various topics to attract audiences with different goals.

How do I find a content topic?

Ways to find interesting topics for content writing:

  • Do keyword research
  • Look for questions your target readers are asking
  • Spy on your competitors’ web pages
  • Observe online communities and social media groups
  • Check Google suggestions

How do I start content writing?

To be a successful content writer, always start with content research to understand what internet users are looking for. Conduct keyword research for SEO and observe popular posts about the same topic for ideas. You can then move on to the writing stage.

Power up your content strategy with the best topics

Topic research is a crucial step in content writing, but it’s difficult to pick the right topics every single time.

Unless you have a dedicated content team to do all the heavy lifting.

Contact me here , and let my team build your perfect content strategy.

How to Create Topic Clusters (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Create Topic Clusters (Step-by-Step Guide)

Top 10 Content Marketing Automation Tools

Top 10 Content Marketing Automation Tools

10 Best Practices to Create a Content Cluster Strategy

10 Best Practices to Create a Content Cluster Strategy

Digital Content Strategy: How to Develop a High-Performing Content Strategy

Digital Content Strategy: How to Develop a High-Performing Content Strategy

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25+ Trending Article Ideas to Rank #1 on SERPs

25+ Trending Topic Ideas for Content Writing to Rank #1 on SERPs

Have you been staring at the computer screen searching for the best topics to write an article on? What you actually need is the right approach for deciding on a blog topic. Confused about where to start? This guide will help you navigate more than 25 article ideas for creating engaging blogs your audience will love to read and search engines will love to rank.

Best Article Ideas and Topics to Make a Splash

The secret of a successful content writer’s magic lies in their research . The better your research, the more meaningful and informative your content will be—which is what your readers come to the web for.

Let’s take a look at some trending topics to write about across various industries.

How-To Guides

How-to guides have become the most sought-after blog form writers love to write and readers love to read. These blogs focus on delivering step-by-step instructions to the audience, guiding them on “how to” do things.

For example, some trending topics to write about in how-to guides would be:

Topic: A step-by-step guide to investing in ABC

Topic: How to update XYZ software

Such guides are information-focused and often targeted to help the reader achieve a certain goal. Unless your how-to guide does that, there’s no point in writing it.

By nature, how-to guides are best suited for the SaaS and finance industries. Why? With technology and finance, there’s always scope for doing better and gaining more. People want to know how they can maximize their returns from technology and investments.

People have become more financially responsible after the shock of the pandemic and are seeking ways to grow a corpus to support them during the rainy days. This forms the backbone of most personal finance blogs today. The blog topic below hit the mark:

Topic: “A step-by-step guide to build a personal financial plan” by Principal

content writing topics 2022

The digital revolution has brought forth a huge wave in the adoption of cloud technology. SaaS has become ingrained in the network of work and business.

How-to guides that help professionals make the most of their SaaS products have thus gained popularity today. This  How-to-Geek blog is a good example:

Topic: “The Beginner’s Guide to Google Docs” by How-to-Geek

content writing topics 2022

Interview-Based Blogs

Consider this: what would you rather believe—your relative’s adventures with his investments or a finance professional’s own words regarding how to handle your money?

In situations where credibility is important, you should turn to interviewing industry professionals and writing blogs (with their permission, of course) with insight. This is the kind of knowledge that the audience seeks.

Words coming straight from an experienced expert’s mouth are more likely to be followed, shared, and believed rather than your own take on the capabilities of complex technology or on which stocks to invest in.

Needless to say, sensitive, ripple-creating industries like finance do best with interview-based blogs.

Some of the most trending topics to write a blog in the interview-based form would be:

Topic: What’s trending in crypto? In interview with XYZ

Topic: Fixed deposits: What to expect?

Finance and Crypto

Companies like Forbes and Forrester do a lot of interviews to corroborate the information and insight they deliver through their content. This is one of the major reasons their blogs are highly regarded, referenced, quoted, and cited by many other bloggers.

In the example below, Forbes broadly covers the same topics and quotes insights from an interview:

“Forbes’ First Crypto Exchange Rankings | Exclusive Interview With Our Data Director” by Forbes

content writing topics 2022

Listicles: blogs that are written in the form of a list. This blog form is suitable for when you wish to tell your readers about a lot of things, but you know that the audience is impatient. How do you deliver loads of information in a precise manner without losing out on the engagement midway? You make a list.

Lists allow you to quickly let your readers scan what you would be talking about. It throws the ball in their court—you’ve made a list; now they can choose what they’d like to read about.

Listicles are best suited for eCommerce and SaaS industries where there are more products than stars in the sky. You can cover a lot of bases by picking one kind of product and creating ideas for content writing through listicles.

Here are a few best topics to write an article in listicle format:

Topic: “Top 10 best [product] in India 2022”

Topic: “The Ultimate List of [SaaS technology products/services] for [Month/Year]”

The Economic Times really capitalizes on eCommerce listicles:

“Best 15 Litres Geysers in India” by The Economic Times

content writing topics 2022

And so does the eCommerce brand, Purplle:

Topic: “Top 10 Shampoo Brands In India 2022” by Purplle

content writing topics 2022

With more and more competing SaaS tools in the industry today, the audience needs to be given a bird’s eye view of their options. The SaaS listicles shown below really help drive the point home:

Topic: “The 14 Best Free Note Taking Apps to Use in 2022” by ClickUp

Topic: “13 Best AI Photo Editor Software in 2022 (Compared & Reviewed!)” by Expert Photography

content writing topics 2022

User/Customer Story Blogs

Relatability drives empathy. Empathy is a great way of connecting with the audience. The best way to do that is through content writing ideas that center on telling a real-life story.

If you’re a business and seek to connect with your target audience, you can request one of your happy customers to tell their story of transformation while using your products.

Because of the nature of customer story blogs, they’re best suited for healthcare and EdTech industries—both are extremely user-centric and directly impact their lives and futures. This weighs heavily on the readers’ minds and urges them to try the product or service being talked about.

A few great examples of easy articles to write about in customer story blogs are:

The important thing to note about these blogs is that you should have actual results to show for the blog you’re writing—numbers, statistics, and a measurable impact, preferably. You can also include the methodology adopted, solutions used, and technologies involved to drive more awareness.


In healthcare, people want to know that patients get better. CTOAM does this beautifully:

Topic: “Patient Presentation: Squamous Cell Parotid Gland” by CTOAM

content writing topics 2022

Remember: healthcare is also about technologies, not just treatment. A B2B blog can also be successfully written in that vein:

Topic: “Southern Cross Healthcare Migrates Critical Patient Records to AWS” by ORION HEALTH

Since eLearning, remote schooling, upskilling, and reskilling became big after the pandemic, brands like Cisco capitalized on customer success stories:

Topic: “Customer Spotlight: How One Montessori School Delivers Engaging and Inclusive Learning Experiences with Webex Rooms” by Cisco

EdTech runs on technologies, which is showcased beautifully by the blog shown below: a combination of customer story and interview blogs:

Topic: “A Full-Circle Connection Customer Success Story with Microsoft in Education” by Connected

content writing topics 2022

Product Comparison/Alternative-to Blogs

With high purchasing power, people want to know what they’re investing their money in. Detailing how various products and services stack up against each other gets consumer attention very quickly.

Some catchy titles for articles in the comparative niche could be:

Topic : [Product 1] v/s [product 2]: which is best for you?

Topic: Features to consider when choosing the best [product/service]

When you think about it, such blogs are the best-suited formats for the SaaS and eCommerce industries. You can also write comparative blogs for OTC products in the healthcare industry.

Countless cloud-based apps hound the internet today, and users are left confused about which ones they should use. Zapier expertly capitalizes on this conundrum:

Topic: “Evernote vs. OneNote: Which note-taking powerhouse is right for you? [2022]” by Zapier

Every tech industry has its own take on various SaaS apps and technologies:

Topic: “Should You Use SharePoint or Google Drive?” by Dock

content writing topics 2022

Writing alternative-to blogs is a great way to insert desired products in the list as a second option for your customers. Shopify proves it with this blog:

Topic: “Conquering Our Caffeine Addiction: 8 Surprising Substitutes for Coffee” by Shopify

There are also plenty of content writing ideas for educating customers about products that your eStore offers:


content writing topics 2022

Product Update Blogs

Product update blogs can be a bit tricky to write—they must be timed correctly to generate the kind of audience traffic you need.

You need to be engaged in following a product and related news like a hawk in order to quickly put together a blog whenever something new is announced. This seems daunting but is actually easy when you’re an avid follower of a technology or product.

These blogs, needless to say, work best for SaaS and Healthcare. eCommerce is a contender industry in the list, but with the wide range of content already available in the niche, your update blog may get lost in the noise.

Some good examples of content writing topics in the niche are:

Suggested Reading: 25+ Best WordPress SEO Checklist for 10x Traffic: Full Guidance

Search Engine Journal demonstrates how product update blogs are written best:

Topic: Yoast SEO 19.10 Update – Know This Before Updating by SearchEngineJournal

You can also cover update history timelines for SaaS marketers, like SemRush:

Topic: These Are the Most Important Google Algorithm Updates (That Still Matter Today) by Semrush

content writing topics 2022

Blogs that focus on medical innovations are a great topic for update-oriented articles:

Topic: “GlucoRx showcases “world’s first” multi-sensor non-invasive CGM at MEDICA” by MED-TECH Innovation

Company Culture Update Blogs

Company culture blogs are all about letting the outside world know about how a company is responding to trends or keeping its employees happy.

The topics can also focus on social and community issues, new launches, major overhauls, and a lot more—that’s what makes these blogs interesting. Think about Tesla: aren’t you always curious to know what happens behind the scenes?

Such blogs can have topics like:

Topic: How [Company name] is responding to XYZ crisis

Topic: How XYZ initiative helps employees boost productivity

Topic: Coming Soon: [Company news]

Even better if you write about your own company after running the blog through the content administrators. These blogs do best in healthcare and finance.

Look at how CHG creates healthcare blogs about how to improve company culture:

Topic: “5 key strategies for strengthening your company culture after the pandemic” by CHG Healthcare

And finally, Great Place to Work shows how to write company culture blogs for finance:

Topic: “Great Companies Show Finance Can Be Fun: by Great Place To Work

content writing topics 2022

Tips to Generate Content for Topics Faster

Getting to the market first is everything today. With this much competition, how do you get content writing ideas and bring them to fruition faster? 

Follow the steps below to streamline and accelerate your content creation process:

  • Develop a Content Strategy: You need to figure out why you’re creating content. You also need to know the kind of readers you have to align the content better.
  • Make a Schedule: There’s no greater motivator than a deadline. When all your topic ideas are in place, put them on a calendar.
  • Prepare Extra Headlines: Headlines are subtle CTAs. Unless they are catchy, the content won’t get read. Have a few extra headlines for each content handy.
  • Speed up Content Generation : Gather interviews, request users to create their own content for you to share, and compile something like “insider stories”—it helps fill the content gaps and is highly relevant.
  • Be Channel Agnostic: Ensure all your posts are responsive and can be inter-shared between platforms.
  • Know When You Work Best: Clock your productive times. This is when you should be writing to create content the fastest.
  • Let the First Draft Be: Don’t over-criticize your writing. Just write the first draft uncensored, and start editing from there to save time.
Read More: 22+ Content Writing Examples, Useful Tools & Best Practices

Content marketing is a surefire way to increase traffic on your digital channels. The more interesting and SEO-polished your content is, the higher hits you will receive.

Leverage the guide above to make a smart selection of content writing ideas and create content on schedule.

Go on, get writing!

content writing topics 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What is content writing.

Content writing is an arm of digital marketing that involves planning, creating, editing, and posting content for the web that aims to generate online traffic for a business.

How to become a content writer?

Content writing is skill-based; you don’t need a formal education to begin your career in content writing. If you have a strong command of any language, you can build your own brand online. Alternatively, you can sign up as a writer on content writing platforms like WittyPen.

What are content writing skills?

As a content writer, you should possess the following skills:

  • Capability to write in different styles
  • Strong skills in information research
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Clear, expressive writing skills

How can I get ideas for content writing?

The best way to get content writing ideas is to follow the topics that are trending. It can be in any industry, like entertainment, politics, technology, lifestyle, or travel.

What are the ways to improve my content writing?

You should write catchy headlines, keep your content easy on the reading scale, stick to the word count, always do a fact-check and keep content relevant, and most importantly—keep practicing!

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  • Professional Content Writers

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