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Best Online Writing Courses: 18 Top Options (2023)

Discover the best online writing courses to help you take your career and craft to the next level.

I spent a year taking a traditional in-person writing class. We covered topics like writing short stories and personal essays. It was fun to meet other writers, but a conventional writing class involves traveling to a location at a set time each week. It’s often hard to do this with a job and family commitments.

New and experienced writers can choose from a plethora of online writing classes. You can learn a specific topic related to the craft at your own pace. No matter what you write, write books, articles, blog posts, and so on, there’s an online writing course for you.

Online writing courses provide valuable lessons for new and established writers. No matter your skill level, you can continually improve and build new skills with the help of industry experts. Some of my most valuable skills have been gained from online classes.

Using online writing courses can open up opportunities to further your career. This could include launching your online blog with articles, publishing your non-fiction or fiction book, beginning a copywriting career, or delving into journalism. Whatever your passion is, online courses are a great way to develop your skills and start your next adventure.

Learn from the world's best teachers and instructors about writing, business, creative pursuits and more. It's affordable and includes dozens of hours of high-quality lessons that you can't get anywhere else. It costs just $10 per month.


Establish Your Goals for an Online Writing Course

Set your course budget, the best online writing courses , 1. the successful writers’ club, 2. masterclass, 3. the novelry, 4. creativelive, 6. storylogue, 7. writers village university, 8. your first 10k readers, 9. self-publishing formula/ads for authors, 10. authority pub-academy, 11. brandon sanderson’s writing lectures at brigham young university, 12. accelerated program for six-figure copywriting, 13. skillshare, 14. coursera, 15. writer’s digest university, 16. bookfox, 17. grammar lion, 18. litreactor, why you can trust us, best online writing courses: the final word, do creative writing courses help, are writing-intensive courses hard, are writing courses worth it, masterclass resources.

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What to Do Before Starting a Writing Course?

The Best Online Writing Courses

The first step towards  improving your writing skills  is to understand online writing classes vary widely in price, content, and theme. Before picking a class, decide what part of the writing process you want to learn more about and your budget.

Before spending money on a course, it’s a good idea to reflect on what you write, who it’s for, and your ideal learning goal. For example, a non-fiction writer probably has different creative goals than a novelist. The former may want more clients, whereas the latter may be interested in world-building. So here are several questions to ask yourself before handing over your credit card details:

  • Are you a new writer looking for something to inspire you to start writing?
  • Do you need help with writer’s block?
  • Are you trying to hone your writing style?
  • Would you like to write your first book?
  • Or perhaps you want to pen and publish a personal essay?
  • Do you need help with novel writing?
  • Do you want to increase revenue by self-publishing your book on Amazon?
  • Are you a freelance writer who wants to develop better business writing skills?
  • Would you like to improve your brand storytelling skills?
  • Or do you want to hone everyday writing skills, like  self-editing ?
  • Do you need help launching and marketing a potential best-seller?

Online writing courses exist for all types of creative and business pursuits! These courses can help you improve several aspects of your writing skills. Some of these classes are available today, whereas others only open their doors several times a year.

Next, you must determine how much you are willing to invest in a course. For example, if you are new to online learning, you might want to try free online courses like Brandon Sanderson’s lectures for genre fiction writers.

You can check out affordable courses like Udemy or The Successful Writers’s Club. Then, once you have covered the absolute basics of the writing format through free online courses – step up to a more advanced paid class like Masterclass.

Remember, set your budget for what you can afford now and what is suited to your skill set. You can always note down interesting courses and add them to your wishlist to revisit at a later time. It is better to start small and build up to more comprehensive courses than pay for something above your skill level out of pocket.

Successful Writer's Club

I teach new writers how to share their stories, make an impact and get paid to write. With a plethora of experience, I share my insights into what makes a great book and how you can achieve your writing goals. By pulling from my writing, I share skills that will help you write online, get paid and make an impact. I also delve into popular topics like publishing a book, blogging and SEO for writers. The club comprises a series of mini-courses for writers and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Key Concepts:

I cover topics like

  • What it takes to go from the blank page to a finished book
  • Conquering writer’s block once and for all
  • Editing that messy first draft like a pro!
  • Getting paid as a freelance writer
  • How to find readers using blogging and SEO
  • Lots more… I record new mini courses regularly

Instructor(s):  Yours truly

Course Schedule:  Self-paced

Recommended for:  This course is suitable for bloggers, aspiring non-fiction authors, and freelance writers.

Pricing: It only costs $20 per month


With thousands of courses to choose from, Masterclass provides a professional platform for acclaimed experts to share their knowledge. In addition, Masterclass  offers writing classes focusing on the craft and theory of fiction and non-fiction writing. Where else will you find talented authors talking about their writing process and style in such great detail? Click here to read our detailed  Masterclass review .

Each lesson is between five and ten minutes long, and you can watch them on your mobile or desktop. They also come with downloadable materials like PDF worksheets and notes. You can also engage with other writers and students. If you’re lucky, one of the celebrity tutors may even workshop your piece!

Instructor(s):  Masterclass superstar writing tutors include: James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, and David Mamet. You might want to consider Patterson’s class if you write fiction and Gladwell if you write non-fiction. In addition, students can pick from over a dozen  Masterclass courses for writers .

Course Schedule:  The course is self-paced.

Recommended for:  From fiction to creative non-fiction to script-writing – Masterclass has courses for every kind of writer, including novelists, bloggers, and aspiring authors. You’ll learn about everything from character development to getting published.

Pricing:  These classes are relatively affordable and cost approximately $100. You can access digestible materials from great writers who are usually inaccessible.

The Novelry

The Novelry supports writers from the twinkling of an idea to submission to their literary agency partners. In addition, the Novelry  offers online creative writing courses for the budding author keen to complete a novel. Founded by award-winning Booker-listed novelist Louise Dean, The Novelry supports writers from the twinkling of an idea to submission to their literary agency partners. I recently interviewed  Louise Dean  for my podcast, and she has a great approach that helps writers finish a draft in 90 days.

Course Schedule:  Self-paced.

Recommended for:  Fiction writers. Aspiring novelists.


CreativeLive  is an exciting alternative to Masterclass. Rather than featuring celebrity writers and authors, many of CreativeLive instructors are entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online personalities.

Having taken several of these classes, I found them more practical than Masterclass offers. However, if Masterclass provides the theory, CreativeLive provides the steps you must take to succeed at blogging or book writing.

Click here to read my detailed  CreativeLive review .

These writing classes are recorded in a live studio by instructors teaching or presenting to other writers. It’s an exciting way to learn because you can see the audience’s reactions and get ideas from their questions for the writing instructors.

Again, the materials are readily digestible. With some exceptions, the lessons are between five and 15-minutes long. The CreativeLive writing classes also include downloadable PDFs, exercises, and worksheets. You can watch the materials on your desktop or through the CreativeLive app on your mobile device.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider  Wired for Story: How to Become a Story Genius  by Lisa Cron.

Instructors:  Notable instructors include New York Times  best-selling authors  Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss.

Recommended for:  CreativeLive has classes for bloggers and fiction and non-fiction writers.

Pricing:  The cost varies depending on the class. Classes start from $20.

Master your craft, your passion, or something new

with creative classes taught by the world’s best.

Creative Live: Free Live Online Classes

These Udemy classes cover everything from critical concepts like basic grammar and punctuation to freelance writing, self-publishing, and blogging. Udemy is the supermarket of online learning. It also has courses on hundreds of topics other than writing. You can choose from dozens of different writing classes of varying standards. These Udemy classes cover everything from critical concepts like basic grammar and punctuation to  f reelance writing , self-publishing, and blogging.

Typically, these writing classes involve the instructor recording a video from their office, sometimes supported by a PowerPoint presentation. However, the quality of the lesson materials varies widely from class to class, so make sure you read the reviews before buying one. In addition, consider taking the Secret Sauce of Great Writing by former  Wall Street Journal  editor Shani Raja. His other course writing with flair is popular.

Instructors:  Many of the instructors on Udemy are less well-known than CreativeLive or Masterclass.

Recommended for:  Udemy is an excellent place to start if you’re new to online learning, as the classes don’t cost much, and you can buy them anytime.

Pricing:  Udemy online  writing classes are cheap to start with and often sold at a discount . The cost varies depending on the class. Classes start from $9.99.


Run by screenwriter, author, and creative instructor Robert McKee, Storylogue is one of the lesser-known online writing classes available today. It’s based on what McKee teaches in person and his excellent book Storynomics.

Robert McKee’s in-person workshops cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on where and when you take them. However, the online writing class Storylogue distills what McKee knows about storytelling, emphasizing screenwriting and business writing. These lessons typically involve McKee speaking straight to the camera from his office.

The materials aren’t as well-organized as those in a Masterclass or CreativeLive. I had to use the search feature to find suitable lessons. They’ve updated the user interface since I was a member. The slight emphasis on screenwriting may also deter some writers.

Instructor(s):  Robert McKee is an author, lecturer, and story consultant. He consulted on business storytelling for companies like Microsoft, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Time Warner, and Siemens. I attended Robert McKee’s in-person business writing class several years ago in Kerry. He was an engaging and inspiring instructor. At one point, McKee became so passionate about a story that his eyes watered.

Recommended for:  This course is suitable for screenwriters,  content marketers , and anyone who wants to improve their storytelling skills.

Pricing:  You get access to all lessons for $19.97 (paid monthly) or $197 (paid annually).

Writers Village University

Writer’s Village University is a popular online writing class and community aimed at fiction writers. The emphasis here is on the community. So consider Writer’s Village University, an online version of your local creative writing group. It’s been around since 1995, too, making it the oldest writing class in this review. I joined for two months out of curiosity, even though I don’t write much fiction.

The website contains an active forum. There are over 200 different short classes you can take at your pace. They cover topics like writing poetry, crafting thrillers,  essay writing , and more. There’s less emphasis on video learning than in other classes featured in this review. Instead, you receive a series of writing assignments via email.

You can then submit your homework assignments to your online writing tutor and other students to the workshop. I joined this website for three months before moving on. That said, it struck me as a valuable resource for fiction writers who hunger for a community.

Instructor(s):  It is a community of writers.

Course Schedule:  Click  here  for more upcoming courses.

Recommended for:  These courses are suitable for fiction writers who want the support of other writers.

Pricing:  It costs $30 for a 30-day trial. After the trial period, a one-year Writers’ Village University membership costs $99.

Try Writers’ Village University

Your First 10k Readers

This online writing class is aimed at fiction and non-fiction authors who want to self-publish and sell more books. The instructor is Nick Stephenson, an author from the United Kingdom. Self-publishing is an underrated pathway to becoming a successful author. Nowadays, self-publishing has become the new normal. With the influx of social media, it is possible to self-publish, self-promote, and self-market.

I took this course in 2017. It walks you through some basic and more advanced book marketing strategies that work. For example – It teaches you the process of self-publishing a short book that you offer for free. This book serves as an introduction to your series or a reader magnet. The goal of this free book is to encourage people to buy your next book.

Instructor(s):  The course is offered by British indie author Nick Stephenson, known for his thriller novels.

Course Schedule:  Stephenson only opens this course several times a year, so you’ll need to join his email list first.

Recommended for:  This course suits authors who want to earn money from self-publishing books.

Pricing:  This course, in its entirety, costs around $595. However, you can sign up for a free training session.

Self-Publishing Formula/Ads for Authors

Both of these courses are taught by bestselling author Mark Dawson, a noted indie author from the United Kingdom. He’s also an expert in book marketing through paid advertising.

Self Publishing Formula  teaches the basics of writing, publishing, and promoting a book on Amazon and other stores. Dawson’s second course,  Ads for Authors , will help you sell more copies of your book. He explains how to use various ads to sell your books, including Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon ads. In 2016 and early 2017, I struggled to earn a profit from selling my books on Amazon. But, thanks to Dawson’s second course, I learned how to run profitable Amazon ads, making me an excellent monthly return on my books.

Instructor(s):  Mark Dawson is a British thriller author. He has reportedly  earned $450,000 a year  by publishing books on Amazon!

Course Schedule:  Dawson only opens the doors to his courses a few times a year, so join his email list first.

Recommended for:  This course is suitable for aspiring indie authors or established authors who want to increase their profits.

Pricing:  This course, in its entirety, costs around $497.

Authority Pub-Academy

Authority Pub-Academy  is an online learning class run by noted indie authors and entrepreneurs Steve Barrie and Barrie Davenport over at  Authority Pub .

I haven’t taken this writing class, but many other indie authors recommend it. I have browsed the curriculum, and it’s similar to what Bolt, Dawson, and Stephenson teach. In other words, this course walks you through the basics of writing and self-publishing a book that sells. The course contains six lessons, with multiple lessons in each one. Some lessons include:

  • The Current State of Self-Publishing
  • How to Research and Pick A Winning Niche
  • How to Create A Bestselling Topic
  • Ten-Day Free Book Launch Strategy
  • How to Create a Facebook Ad For Your Books

This writing course has been around for nearly ten years, which is encouraging. I will update this online writing course review when I take it.

Instructor(s):  Steve Barrie and Barrie Davenport have published nearly 100 books.

Recommended for:  It’s suitable for aspiring writers who want to learn about self-publishing.

Pricing:  The course, in its entirety, costs around $797.

Brandon Sanderson's Writing Lectures at Brigham Young University

In 2016, Brandon Sanderson recorded a course focused on writing fantasy books. Then, he uploaded these classes and published them as a  YouTube playlist . Now, you can take Sanderson’s curriculum online in the same sequence as his students.

I don’t write fantasy stories (at least, not anymore), but I watched nearly a dozen of Sanderson’s writing classes. I was fascinated to hear him describe his world-building techniques and genre fiction writing.

Some of the classes are hard to follow because of background noise. Also, the classes were typically between 30 and 60 minutes long, and it took me a long time to go through them. Still, Sanderson’s classes are free and an excellent introduction to learning online for aspiring fiction authors.

Instructor(s):  Brandon Sanderson is a famous American fiction author specializing in fantasy. Notable works of his include the Mistborn series and his conclusion to the Wheel of Time series.

Course Schedule:  You can watch all of his videos at your leisure.

Recommended for:  These lectures are a great introduction to online writing courses. It is suitable for fiction writers (specifically fantasy).

Pricing:  You can watch all of his lectures for free!

Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Copywriting is a specialism for non-fiction writers that involves writing words that sell. In the past, I’ve taken several types of copywriting classes and enjoyed reading many books about this art. Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is the most popular online writing class for copywriters. Many noted online writers recommend it.

I haven’t taken this online writing class yet, but it’s on my list. I will update this writing class review with more information when I complete this class.

Instructor(s):  American Writers & Artists, various copywriters

Recommended for:  Suitable for bloggers, freelance writers, and copywriters who want to improve business writing skills.

Pricing:  The course in its entirety costs $497.


Students can take a class on almost anything by participating in nearly 30,000 classes. You can watch unlimited lessons while your subscription lasts, but when it expires, you lose access. With unlimited access, this course is brilliant if you want to scale up your skillset in multiple ways. Read our  Skillshare review

Key Concepts: Writing, coding, graphic design

Instructors : Varies

Recommended for:  This course is suitable for bloggers, freelance writers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Pricing : Free trial available

Explore your creativity with classes in illustration, photography, design, content writing and more.


By partnering with established colleges and universities, you can gain access to valuable certificates by completing specializations.

Key Concepts: The Creative Writing specialization contains multiple courses you can participate in, including short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. Coursera is a fantastic option for writers seeking official qualifications and certificates and learning from industry leaders.

Instructors: Coursera’s Creative Writing course includes Brando Skyhors (Visiting Assistant professor of Creative Writing), Amy Bloom (Distinguished University Writer in Residence and Director of the Shapiro Centre for Creative writing, Amity Gaige (Visiting Scholar in Creative Writing), and Salvator Scibons (Frank B. Weeks Visiting Professor of English).

Course Schedule : This course is self-paced and lasts 3-6 months.

Recommended for: Those who want to get a headstart on their writing career or to achieve college-level coursework and qualifications

Pricing: $49 per month

Writer's Digest University

Writer’s Digest University provides a creative writing crash course for those beginning their writing career. With a fantastic reputation of being an established magazine since 1920, you can get the best start to begin your first exciting writing project.

Key Concepts: The class teaches common concerns, such as deciding on the point of view and beating writer’s block.

Instructors: Ran Walker, winner of the 2019 National Undie Author of the Year Award.

Course Schedule: This is a 12-week course

Recommended for: Those who are ready to take the next to begin their writing career.

Pricing: $579.99


Bookfox is created by John Matthew Fox, a former college professor, editor, and writer. His course is packed with helpful information for writers looking to create an excellent children’s book. This course has 14 lessons, which take as long as you want as it is self-paced.

Key Concepts: 

The content provides you with everything you need to know to write and publish your book. This includes writing, proofreading, editing, finding an illustrator and agent, and getting your book on the shelves! It’s a must-have course for serious writers.

Instructor:  John Matthew Fox

Course Schedule:  This course is self-paced

Recommended for:  Children’s book writers

Pricing:   $149

Grammar Lion

This Grammar Lion course is perfect for those looking to upgrade their grammar skills or learn the art of proofreading and copyediting. The course material involves:

  • Identifying parts of speech.
  • Reviewing sentence structure.
  • Discovering different verb forms.
  • Learning about the different tenses.

This course allows one-on-one discussions with the lecturer to learn new skills. As well as this, you have access to 12 comprehensive lessons, each delving into a different topic that will improve your grammar.

Instructor:  Ellen Field

Course Schedule:  This course is self-paced and lasts 12 weeks.

Recommended for:  Beginners looking to elevate their grammar schools

Pricing:  $67


With interesting elements weaved into the coursework, this writing experience is like no other. For example, the course “Writing the Weird” features assignments that look at surreal and bizarre literature to find and examine the writing within these novels that makes them stand out.

Key Concepts: This course examines humanity, structure, setting, and resolution within a story’s plot.

Instructor: J.S. Breukelaar (finalist for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Award).

Course Schedule: 4-week schedule that you can work through at your leisure.

Recommended for: Writers within niche genres.

Price : $350

I’ve written and published dozens of articles for newspapers, magazines, and online publications, including Forbes and Lifehacker. I’m also a best-selling non-fiction author, a trained journalist, and a copywriter.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars taking writing courses in college and online. I consider writing courses a crucial part of my development as a writer. I also sometimes commission other writers to review these courses to get another point of view.

What other online writing classes would you like me to feature in this review? How do you plan to develop your English writing skills? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Please note the cost of some of these writing classes varies depending on when they are launched.

FAQs on The Best Online Writing Courses

Creative writing courses help if you complete the course and also write and share your short stories or pieces. In addition, it helps if you can take a course alongside other students and an experienced teacher.

If you haven’t written much before, they can be a challenge as you’ll have to cultivate a regular writing habit and adapt to getting feedback from other writers, even if it’s negative.

They are if you pick a course from a reputable instructor that solves a particular problem. For example, I took a book marketing course that doubled my book sales and earnings over time.

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Explore online writing courses and programs

Why learn writing skills.

The ability to write well is a foundational skill for communication in both personal and professional settings. Writing allows you to express thoughts, opinions, ideas, and emotions. It facilitates connections between people and allows them to engage in the type of discourse that can lead to discovery and progress. 

Clear and concise writing that conveys information both accurately and precisely can help guide people’s decision making and actions. The style of writing can express the importance and sense of urgency behind a message. The flow of writing can change the emotions that people feel when reading those words.   

Whether you are writing a script for a podcast, crafting an email to your colleagues, or penning a message to a family member, strong writing skills can significantly improve how the communication is delivered and how it is received.

Writing | Introduction Image Description

Browse online writing classes

Stand out in your field, learn at your own pace, earn a valuable credential, related topics, online writing course curriculum.

With online writing courses, any learner can master the skills needed to become a strong writer. Start with the fundamentals in an online grammar course, where you can learn about the different parts of speech, punctuation, conjugation, and sentence structure. Or more advanced writers can practice their storytelling and persuasive writing skills with an essay writing course. Develop your own style by reading and analyzing the works of other writers, and explore how to write in different formats and tones in creative writing courses. 

You can even find courses that teach writing for specific contexts. For example, a business writing class may cover how to relay tough feedback or how to adjust your tone to build consensus. 

For learners interested in advancing their knowledge in a variety of subjects, edX offers a range of educational opportunities, including boot camps , as well as bachelor's degree programs, and master’s degree programs. Explore how online education can help you build the critical skills you need and get started learning today.

Explore writing jobs

Clear writing and communication skills are assets in nearly every industry. Regardless of whether you work as a lawyer or a mathematician, you will likely need to be capable of crafting a well-written message. 

But for those who enjoy writing, there are careers that can leverage their talents, including: 

Journalist: Writes news or feature articles for video, online, or print publications. 

Novelist or author: Focuses on storytelling by writing longform fiction and nonfiction. 

Copywriter: Writes marketing-driven copy such as advertisements and emails. 

Communications or public relations specialist: Delivers strategic messages on behalf of a client or an organization. 

Speech writer: Crafts speeches for individuals including leaders or lawmakers.

Screenwriter: Develops scripts for movies, television shows, and other visual media.

Editor: Reviews and revises written materials for accuracy, clarity, and style.  

How to start a career in writing 

Writing takes practice. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field, it’s important to ensure that you have a mastery of the fundamentals of writing. You can build those skills through instruction and coursework in which you have to apply what you have learned. That means responding to prompts, writing essays, and critically reviewing your work to better understand how you can improve. 

Writing also requires expertise. While you can be a general writer, somebody who wants to pursue a technical writing career, for example, will need background knowledge of that field in order to be able to understand what they are reporting on or writing about. A strong understanding of how to research, interview, and source can also be beneficial for aspiring professionals in this space. 

If you dream of being the next great writer, begin honing your craft with online courses delivered through edX.

More opportunities for you to learn

We've added 500+ learning opportunities to create one of the world's most comprehensive free-to-degree online learning platforms.

Executive Education

Master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, writing faq.

Effective writing is clear and accurate and provides enough context to engage readers and help them understand the message you are trying to deliver. For example, journalists provide context by focusing on the “who, what, when, where, and why” of a situation. 

There are many different types of writing including, but not limited to: persuasive writing, creative writing, poetry, script writing, journalism, nonfiction, academic writing, speech writing, and song writing. 

Learners develop writing skills at their own pace. Developing mastery takes practice and time. 

Sometimes grammatical rules are not universally applicable, which can make them difficult to remember. Everyone has different learning styles and speeds. Memorization can help, but practice is key.

There are online courses that can help you learn how to organize your ideas and develop your voice for a business setting. You can practice writing effective emails, reports, and presentations. 

Aspiring creative writers can develop their skills by taking classes that not only teach them about the essential elements of storytelling, but also give them opportunities to practice writing and critiquing both their own work and the work of other writers. 

Last updated June 2023

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50 Best Free Article Writing Courses Online: Ultimate Guide 2024

50 Best Free Article Writing Courses Online Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you looking to improve your article writing skills? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, taking an online course can be a great way to enhance your abilities and learn new techniques. In this ultimate guide, we have compiled a list of the 50 best free article writing courses available online in 2024. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from grammar and punctuation to storytelling and content creation. So, let's dive in and explore the world of free article writing courses!

10 Important Statistics About Article Writing

10 important statistics about article writing

Before we jump into the list of free article writing courses, let's take a look at some important statistics that highlight the significance of honing your article writing skills:

  • 1. Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing methods.
  • 2. 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing.
  • 3. 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers unique content.
  • 4. 72% of marketers believe that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.
  • 5. 94% of people share blog posts because they think it might be helpful to others.
  • 6. 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.
  • 7. 59% of readers prefer articles that are easy to read and understand.
  • 8. 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts rather than reading them thoroughly.
  • 9. 80% of people only read the headline of an article before deciding whether to click and read more.
  • 10. 72% of marketers say that content creation is their most effective SEO tactic.

1. Article Writing Basics

1  article writing basics

If you're new to article writing, it's essential to start with the basics. These courses will teach you the fundamental principles of crafting engaging and informative articles:

1.1 Introduction to Article Writing

This course provides an introduction to the art of article writing. You'll learn how to structure your articles, develop a unique writing style, and engage readers from the very first sentence. By the end of the course, you'll have a solid foundation in article writing.

1.2 Grammar and Punctuation for Article Writers

Good grammar and punctuation are crucial for effective article writing. This course will help you brush up on your grammar skills and master the rules of punctuation. You'll learn how to avoid common mistakes and create polished articles that captivate your audience.

1.3 Writing Clear and Concise Articles

In this course, you'll discover the power of simplicity in article writing. You'll learn how to convey your ideas clearly and concisely, making your articles easy to read and understand. By the end of the course, you'll be able to write impactful articles that resonate with your readers.

2. Advanced Article Writing Techniques

2  advanced article writing techniques

Once you have a solid grasp of the basics, it's time to take your article writing skills to the next level. These courses will teach you advanced techniques to make your articles stand out:

2.1 Storytelling in Article Writing

Storytelling is a powerful tool in article writing. This course will teach you how to weave compelling narratives into your articles, capturing your readers' attention and keeping them engaged from start to finish. You'll learn how to create memorable stories that leave a lasting impact.

2.2 Writing for SEO: Optimizing Your Articles

In this course, you'll learn how to optimize your articles for search engines. You'll discover the best practices for keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. By the end of the course, you'll be able to write articles that rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.

Example where I used AtOnce's AI SEO optimizer to rank higher on Google without wasting hours on research:

AtOnce AI SEO optimizer

I use AtOnce's AI SEO writer to generate high-quality articles that actually rank in Google:

AtOnce AI SEO writer

2.3 Crafting Engaging Introductions and Conclusions

The introduction and conclusion of an article are crucial for capturing and retaining your readers' attention. This course will teach you how to craft compelling introductions that hook your audience and conclusions that leave a lasting impression. You'll learn techniques to make your articles more memorable and impactful.

3. Niche-Specific Article Writing

3  niche specific article writing

If you're writing articles for a specific niche or industry, it's important to understand its unique requirements and preferences. These courses focus on niche-specific article writing:

Example where I'm using AtOnce's AI article writer to write articles in minutes instead of hours:

AtOnce AI article writer

3.1 Writing for Business and Marketing

This course is designed for writers who want to specialize in business and marketing articles. You'll learn how to write persuasive copy, create engaging content for social media, and develop effective marketing strategies. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the skills to write articles that drive business growth.

3.2 Writing for Health and Wellness

If you're interested in writing articles about health and wellness, this course is for you. You'll learn how to research and write accurate, evidence-based articles on various health topics. You'll also explore different writing styles and techniques to engage readers and promote healthy living.

3.3 Writing for Technology and Science

In this course, you'll delve into the world of technology and science writing. You'll learn how to simplify complex concepts, conduct thorough research, and write articles that appeal to both experts and laypeople. By the end of the course, you'll be able to communicate scientific ideas effectively through your writing.

4. Content Creation and Strategy

4  content creation and strategy

Creating high-quality content is essential for attracting and retaining readers. These courses will teach you how to develop a content strategy and create compelling articles:

4.1 Content Strategy: Planning and Execution

This course focuses on developing a content strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience. You'll learn how to plan, create, and distribute content that drives engagement and conversions. By the end of the course, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of content strategy and its impact on your writing.

4.2 Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is timeless and continues to attract readers long after it's published. In this course, you'll learn how to create evergreen articles that provide long-term value to your audience. You'll discover techniques to identify evergreen topics, structure your articles, and optimize them for search engines.

4.3 Writing for Social Media

Social media platforms offer a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience with your articles. This course will teach you how to write engaging content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll learn how to craft attention-grabbing headlines, create shareable content, and leverage social media to increase your article's reach.

5. Freelance Writing and Monetization

5  freelance writing and monetization

If you're interested in turning your article writing skills into a source of income, these courses will guide you through the process of freelancing and monetizing your work:

5.1 Freelance Writing: Finding Clients and Building Your Portfolio

This course is designed for aspiring freelance writers. You'll learn how to find clients, pitch your ideas, and build a portfolio that showcases your writing skills. You'll also explore different platforms and strategies to market your services and establish yourself as a professional freelance writer.

5.2 Monetizing Your Articles: From Blogging to Sponsored Content

In this course, you'll discover various ways to monetize your articles. You'll learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and other revenue streams available to writers. By the end of the course, you'll have a clear understanding of how to turn your passion for writing into a profitable venture.

5.3 Copyright and Plagiarism: Protecting Your Work

Understanding copyright laws and avoiding plagiarism is crucial for any writer. This course will teach you how to protect your work and respect intellectual property rights. You'll learn about fair use, attribution, and best practices for citing sources. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the legal aspects of article writing.

6. Tools and Resources for Article Writing

6  tools and resources for article writing

These courses focus on the tools and resources available to enhance your article writing process:

6.1 Writing Tools and Software

In this course, you'll explore various writing tools and software that can streamline your article writing process. You'll learn about grammar checkers, plagiarism detectors, and content management systems. By the end of the course, you'll have a toolkit of resources to improve your writing efficiency and productivity.

Example of me using AtOnce's AI writing software to save 2-3 hours writing first drafts for anything:

AtOnce AI writing software

6.2 Research Techniques for Article Writing

Research is an essential part of article writing. This course will teach you effective research techniques to gather accurate and reliable information for your articles. You'll learn how to conduct online research, interview experts, and cite your sources properly. By the end of the course, you'll be able to write well-researched articles that provide value to your readers.

6.3 Editing and Proofreading Your Articles

Editing and proofreading are crucial steps in the article writing process. This course will teach you how to polish your articles and eliminate errors. You'll learn about common editing techniques, proofreading strategies, and tools to ensure your articles are error-free and ready for publication.

7. Writing for Different Platforms

7  writing for different platforms

These courses focus on writing for specific platforms and mediums:

7.1 Writing for Blogs and Websites

If you're interested in writing for blogs and websites, this course is for you. You'll learn how to create engaging blog posts, optimize your content for search engines, and attract readers to your website. You'll also explore different blogging platforms and strategies to grow your online presence.

7.2 Writing for Newspapers and Magazines

In this course, you'll discover the art of writing for newspapers and magazines. You'll learn how to pitch your ideas, structure your articles, and meet the editorial requirements of print publications. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the skills to write compelling articles for traditional media outlets.

7.3 Writing for Online Publications

Online publications offer a unique platform to showcase your writing skills. This course will teach you how to write for online magazines, journals, and other digital publications. You'll learn about the editorial guidelines, submission processes, and strategies to get your articles published online.

8. Improving Your Writing Style

8  improving your writing style

These courses focus on improving your writing style and developing your unique voice:

8.1 Developing Your Writing Voice

Your writing voice is what sets you apart as a writer. In this course, you'll learn how to develop your unique writing style and voice. You'll explore different writing techniques, experiment with different tones, and discover your strengths as a writer. By the end of the course, you'll have a distinct writing voice that resonates with your audience.

8.2 Writing with Clarity and Impact

Clarity and impact are essential elements of effective writing. This course will teach you how to write with clarity, ensuring that your ideas are communicated clearly to your readers. You'll also learn techniques to make your writing more impactful, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

8.3 Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block can be a frustrating obstacle for any writer. In this course, you'll learn strategies to overcome writer's block and unleash your creativity. You'll discover techniques to generate ideas, develop a writing routine, and stay motivated throughout the writing process.

9. Mastering the Art of Article Writing

These courses delve deep into the art of article writing, covering advanced techniques and strategies:

9.1 Advanced Article Writing Workshop

This workshop-style course is designed for experienced writers who want to take their article writing skills to the next level. You'll receive personalized feedback on your writing, participate in writing exercises, and learn advanced techniques to enhance your articles. By the end of the course, you'll be a master of the art of article writing.

9.2 The Psychology of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is a powerful tool for influencing readers' thoughts and actions. In this course, you'll explore the psychology behind persuasive writing and learn techniques to craft compelling arguments. You'll discover how to appeal to emotions, use rhetorical devices, and structure your articles to persuade your audience effectively.

9.3 The Art of Long-Form Journalism

Long-form journalism allows writers to delve deep into a topic and tell captivating stories. In this course, you'll learn the art of long-form journalism, from conducting in-depth research to structuring your articles for maximum impact. You'll also explore different narrative techniques and storytelling styles to engage your readers.

Now that you have an extensive list of the 50 best free article writing courses available online in 2024, it's time to choose the ones that align with your goals and interests. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced writer aiming to refine your skills, these courses will provide you with the knowledge and tools to become a better article writer. So, start exploring, learning, and honing your craft!

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Are there any free article writing courses available online?

Yes, there are several free article writing courses available online. These courses can help you improve your writing skills and learn the techniques required for effective article writing.

Where can I find free article writing courses online?

You can find free article writing courses online on various platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare. These platforms offer a wide range of courses that cover different aspects of article writing.

What topics are covered in free article writing courses online?

Free article writing courses online cover a variety of topics including understanding the target audience, structuring an article, writing compelling headlines, conducting research, and editing and proofreading techniques.

Asim Akhtar

Asim Akhtar

Asim is the CEO & founder of AtOnce. After 5 years of marketing & customer service experience, he's now using Artificial Intelligence to save people time.


10 Best FREE Online Writing Courses with Certificates (2023)

Alyssa Walker

There are many beginner professionals who want to improve their writing skills and get ahead in their writing careers. Moreover, it is also not feasible for working professionals to go back to school and improve their scribing skills. Thankfully, you will find many online writing classes on the Internet that help you polish and enhance your writing and authoring skills.

Following is a handpicked list of the Top Online Writing Courses & Certifications to gather knowledge about this subject. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) courses.

BEST Free Online Writing Courses for Creative Writers & Beginners

1) good with words: writing and editing specialization (coursera).

Specs: Duration: 4 hours a week | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Mobile apps: iOS and Android

Articles effectively communicate complex ideas and stories in a friendly, credible, and easy-to-follow way. This course, Good with Words , helps you learn how to write and publish an article of your own.

This free writing course explains how you can determine your writing approach, pitch your story to a publication, completely research your subject matter, and write and polish your article content. This course also discusses how you can submit a complete package to editors.

It is one of the best free online writing courses for new writers. It helps you to learn the skills you need to write a well-crafted article that connects with readers.

Good with Words Writing and Editing

Key Topics:

  • Determining Your Article Writing Approach
  • Techniques for adding nuance to your sentences and slogans
  • Creative ways to use syntax
  • Polishing and Submitting Your Article
  • Promoting Your work

Enroll Now >>

2) Creative Writing Specialization (Coursera)

Specs: Duration: Approx. 6 months to complete (1 hour/week) | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Languages: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Serbian, Chinese

This Creating Writing specialization course covers three important elements of writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

In this course, you will master the techniques that any good writer uses to create a story full of memorable characters. This beginner’s writing workshop also helps you to analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing. It is one of the best writing courses designed for anyone, from aspiring short story writers to established novelists.

Creative Writing Specialization

  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Character
  • Setting and Description
  • The Craft of Style
  • Self-Paced learning option for students
  • HD quality course videos
  • Practice quizzes
  • Graded assignments with peer feedback
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Programming assignments

3) Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact (Skillshare)

Specs: Duration: 1 hour 1 minute | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate

Creative Writing is an online proofreading course that shows how to give your writing more impact, regardless of its purpose. In this online course, the writer and journalist Tom Geller help you to search reasons for writing with the demonstration. The writer also teaches you how to use those reasons to drive the words you select and the tone you take.

The author of this course also shares his understanding of grammar and sentence structure for writing with maximum impact. After completing this free online writing course, you will be equipped with plenty of practical writing tips to make your writing clear and crisp.

Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact

Key topics:

  • Meaning of writing with impact
  • Learning about your Readers
  • Understanding How People Read
  • Key Idea: Looking Inward and Outward
  • Helps you qualify for continuing education units.
  • Professional author instructor.
  • Certificate on completion.

4) Secret Sauce of Great Writing (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.5 | Duration: 41 minutes of on-demand video | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate

Secret Sauce of Great Writing is a course designed by Shani Raja. This course will teach you the four main concepts of good writing: Simplicity, Clarity, Elegance, and Evocativeness. It will also help you learn how to add those ingredients skillfully.

At the end of this online writing course, you will have a good grasp of how professional writers create powerful and beautiful prose. In this online writing course, you can quickly identify your writing weaknesses, understand the principles, and fix and improve it significantly.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

  • The Secret Sauce of Flair
  • The Four Crucial Ingredients
  • How I Discovered the Sauce
  • The Power of Simplicity
  • Simplicity Exercises
  • The Power of Clarity
  • Clarity Exercises
  • The Power of Elegance
  • Elegance Exercises
  • The Power of Evocativeness
  • Evocativeness Exercises
  • Online video content
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Instructor direct message

5) Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.4 | Duration: 1hr 14min of on-demand video | Certificate on Completion: Yes

Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing is a video course that helps you learn how to write essays. This free writer’s course will help you find the essay writing success you deserve by learning essay writing foundations.

Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing

  • How the writing situation, process, and classroom resources.
  • Brainstorm to create and use ideas that help you to develop the essay.
  • Develop and structure introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
  • Write a clear, specific, and well-connected thesis.
  • Understand the organization of essay paragraphs.
  • How to create detailed, specific, and appropriate content.
  • Proof-read spelling and grammatical errors using helpful rules and tips.
  • Certificate of completion accredited by universities.

6) Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro (Udemy)

Specs: Duration: 5 hours 50 minutes | Pricing: $24.99 | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate | Mobile apps: iOS and Android

Writing With Confidence is an online course that helps you create ad copy that effectively conveys your brand and drives traffic to convert clicks into sales. The course designer Michael Duquet also teaches you the rules for writing ads for different platforms.

The author of this course, Clare Lynch, explains how you can change your message and tone according to your target audience and customer personality.

In the last chapters, you will learn about Create musical sentences that readers can’t resist.

Writing With Confidence

  • Rules of Ad Copy Writing
  • Ad Copy Goals
  • Writing Ad Copy for various media
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Personas and Tone
  • Do and Don’ts.

7) Craft Your Cover Letter (Udacity)

Specs: Duration: Approx. 1 Day | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Beginner

Craft Your Cover Letter is a short course where you will learn to use proven writing techniques to show why you are the best person to do this job.

In these writing classes for beginners, you will also learn how to research company values, target your writing pitch, and develop an authentic story. It offers the research and writing tools you need to show why you are the best person for the specific job!

Craft Your Cover Letter

  • Target your applications to specific opportunities.
  • Students are able to understand the purpose of a cover letter.
  • Write an effective introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Instructor videos
  • Learn by doing exercises.
  • Taught by industry professionals.

8) Write a Book! (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.3 | Duration: 30 hours on-demand video | Certificate on Completion: Yes

Write a Book is an online writing course offered by Udemy. This course explains how to organize and begin writing a short story, novel, or nonfiction book with concepts similar for each form. This online course is ideal for someone looking to grasp the fundamentals of writing using the English language.

Write a Book!

  • Learn to write basics, like including punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, etc.
  • Learn about advanced writing techniques.
  • Learn to write short nonfiction books.
  • The advanced dialog to draw the reader into your story.
  • How to use MS PowerPoint to create a book cover.
  • How to discover your writing style.
  • Learn how to self-edit your book manuscript.
  • 28 articles
  • Full lifetime access for students
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

9) The Complete Freelance Writing Course (Udemy)

Udemy offers a wide range of writing courses. This Complete Freelance Writing Course can be viewed on all devices connected to the Internet. You do not require any prequalification to take this course.

Udemy is an online platform that helps you create courses for business, writing, design, marketing, etc. You can develop new skills and achieve your goals by taking training and learning from the extensive library of various Udemy courses.

The Complete Freelance Writing Course

  • Understand different forms of writing styles and methods as per target audience.
  • Learn best practices for Blog Writing.
  • Learn how to do screenwriting to tell a compelling story.
  • Develop methods that help you to stay productive as a writer.

Key Courses:

  • Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers
  • The Complete Freelance Writing Course
  • How to Start a Freelance Writing Career
  • The Complete Freelance Writing Online
  • Freelance Copywriting: Write Dirty. Go Big
  • How to Start Profitable Freelance Writing Business in 5 Weeks

10) Online Creative Writing Classes (Skillshare)

Skillshare is an online course platform that is focused on education. It includes various topics related to graphic design, data science, e-commerce, analytics, etc. This online course will expand your horizons to learn more about creative writing. You can try these online classes that teach about creative writing techniques, tools, and topics like character development, outlining, storytelling, creating a compelling plot, and how you can make your words more artful.

This course helps you to enhance and helps you to create character-driven stories with creative writing prompts. This online class is broken down into short lessons that include hands-on projects to complete and share.

Online Creative Writing Classes

  • Learn creative writing in various genres like fiction, poetry, humor, etc.
  • It helps you to find classes that are designed for real life.
  • Get ideas for writing daily journals.
  • Real creators teach the classes.
  • You can learn from any device.

11) Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television (Coursera)

Specs: Rating: 4.5 | Duration: Approx. 93 hours to complete | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Mobile apps: iOS and Android | Mobile Compatible: Yes

Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television teaches you how to write a feature-length screenplay for film or television or web-series. In this screen playwriting course, you will also learn to break down the creative process into components. You will also discover a structured process that helps you produce a polished and pitch-ready script.

Completing this online course helps you to improve your confidence in your ideas and abilities. After learning this online course, you will feel prepared to pitch your first script and start with the next one.

Write A Feature Length Screenplay

  • Creating The Idea.
  • Logline and Dramatic Question.
  • Create your character profile.
  • The Three Act Story Arc.
  • Screenplay Formatting and Software.
  • Begin your screenplay.
  • Write the final section.
  • Table read your entire script.
  • Finishing things up.

12) Start Writing Fiction (Future learn)

Specs: Rating: 4.7

Start Writing Fiction is a course that helps you to create how to develop your ideas, which reflect on your writing and editing. This online writing class is intended for those interested in writing fiction or improving their fiction writing.

Start Writing Fiction

  • Creation of characters in fiction
  • Different sources for characters in stories
  • Ways of presenting characters in stories
  • Reading as a writer
  • Writing skill like creativity, research, observation, and editing
  • It provides the freedom to keep access to any online course you’ve achieved a digital certificate of.
  • It offers the flexibility to complete your choice of short courses in your own time within the year.


13) English Writing Skills–Revised (Alison)

Specs: Rating: 2.5 | Duration: 1.5-3 Hours | Pricing: Free | Certificate on Completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate | Mobile apps: iOS and Android | Mobile Compatible: Yes

English Writing skills is a free online English language course that will guide you through the most important English writing styles. It shows you how and when to apply each one verb and improve your knowledge about the correct usage of punctuation and grammar.

This online writing course helps you express yourself clearly and effectively in your writing. This online learning material also helps you fulfill your dream of becoming a professional writer or improving your English writing.

English Writing Skills–Revised

  • English Writing Skills
  • English-Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Science Fiction, Nonfiction, Instructional, Opinionative
  • Reflective Writing


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🏅 How to choose an Online Writing Course?

Here are some important guidelines for selecting an online writing course:

A. Identity your goal:

First, you need to find out your goal. Like you want to learn basic writing skills like improving your grammar, you want to learn notification writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, etc.

B. Set your course budget:

Then you need to decide yourself how much money you want to spend, both in terms of time and money. There are many free online writing courses. However, if you want to learn an advanced creative writing course, then you need to pay for that.

C. Pick a Commitment Level:

It is certainly the most important aspect for selecting the online writing course. How much daily or weekly time can you spend learning the course. There are many online courses that are completely self-paced, which means you work through the material on your own and take time as much as you want.

❓ What are the Pros And Cons Of Online Writing Courses?

Here are some important Pros and Cons of Online Writing Classes:

  • These courses are meant for independent study, so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Some courses do not even have homework assignments, writing exercises, or time constraints.
  • Online courses give you exclusive information and learning materials.
  • You are able to interact and learn with other writers using online communities, which helps you learn to write skills.
  • Online writing course sometimes not allows any personal touch of classroom writing courses.
  • You will never have face-to-face interactions with associate learners.
  • Some online writing courses have no instructor feedback.
  • The quality and price of online writing courses vary greatly.

⚡ What is the best app for writing letters?

Here are some of the best writing apps which help you to write professional letters:

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a widely used writing enhancement tool. It offers numerous writing styles, suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. You can use this tool via the website, as a browser extension, or as an app that you can download to your computer.
  • Prowritingaid: Prowritingaid is a tool that offers a world-class grammar and style checking facility. It helps you to edit documents faster. This software includes more than 1000 styles to improve your writing skills.
  • Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a writing app that helps you transform documents into web pages. It offers a real-time translation facility with just one tap. This program enables you to read and edit documents attached to the email.
  • Calmlywriter: Calmlywriter is free writing software. This online application is designed to help you focus on your writing skills. It has a “focus mode” option that can highlight the paragraph you are writing.
  • FocusWriter : It is a writing tool that enables you to access the interface by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. The software helps you to translate the content into more than 20 languages. It helps correct spelling effortlessly.

❗ What can you expect from a Free Creative Writing Class?

There are many free creative writing courses that help you to learn how to express yourself in words. A free writing course gives you training about general grammar, writing style, and other important stuff related to writing instead of teaching any specific fiction, nonfiction, or scientific writing skills.

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  • 9 Best IT Support & Help Desk Certification Courses (2023)
  • 9 BEST Copywriting Courses & Certifications Online (2023)
  • 12 BEST Human Resource (HR) Courses & Certification Classes
  • 5 Best Computer Science Courses Online with Certificate (2023)


Why Clients Buy—And Why They Don't

Article Writing Course For Small Business

The Article Writing Live Online Course With Sean D'Souza

Learn why articles do a far superior job of attracting the clients that you want (and how the right articles make you the expert in your field), article writing course - live.

The next live course will be in 2026.

How to stop knocking on clients' doors, and get them to call you instead

Knocking on a client's door is the hardest way to get business – yet we do it all the time.

In order to get the client's attention, we send out sales letters; we make presentations; we do everything we can to try and sell to clients. The more we try to sell, the higher the client's hackles go up. The more we try to convince; to persuade, the more the client starts avoiding you. Or at the very least, they put off buying from you till much later.

So why do clients put off the purchase?

There are two big reasons. The first reason, is that they don't want to buy at the exact moment that you want to sell. So even if you've just made this wonderful presentation of your product or service, there's a close to zero-response on the client's part. And that's just because they're not ready to buy right away. The second reason is that the client doesn't really recognise you as an expert. All they can see is someone who's trying to sell something to them. To them you're just another ‘sales pitch' coming through the front door. What you really need is a side-door entry!

Why articles help you sneak in the side door

Articles help you get the client's attention, because articles rarely if ever, try to sell. Articles educate. They give the client the various angles to a concept. And in doing so, clients don't put up a wall. The more you inform a client about a topic, the more they're interested in getting in touch with you. And not only do they get in touch with you– but they also choose you (instead of your competition).

Well-written articles are not only vital for your website and newsletter, but can earn you revenue, as well as free publicity. Articles published in offline magazines, can drive hundreds of readers to your business. And yes, if you write really well, you are actually given a column in a magazine or newspaper or online portal. The above are just some of the magazines that I've written for. And the articles were published in sales, training, marketing, business as well as alpaca magazines 🙂 And this is a small representation of places where our articles have been published.

But hey, the competition can write articles too, right?

Right. They can, and they will. But there's a difference. And that difference lies in the ability to not only attract the client to what you're writing, but to keep the client reading from the start to finish. And then to actually look forward to reading more than ever before. Now you've stopped becoming the ‘salesperson they want to avoid', and have become the educator and entertainer.

Entertainer? What's entertainment got to do with article writing?

Everything. Drama is what causes customers to keep reading your words. Think of a movie being rolled out in a word format. Each of your articles not only need to educate, but need to take the client on a rollercoaster ride. The biggest mistake most article writers make (actually most amateur writers) is that they believe in just writing words. Words don't create stickiness. Drama does.

Presenting: The Article Writing Live Online Course With Sean

article writing course

Do you stare at a blank screen every time you have to write something? Does it drive you crazy and then you just give up in frustration? Do you figure you're never ever going to write an article? If so, then this course is just for you. You'll learn how article writing, or writing for that matter, is a simple science. It's a paint- by-dot system.

By the time you finish the course, you'll have not only learned how to write an article, but have written one yourself plus have generated two or three future articles. And as we've seen before, you'll not only be able to write articles, but write articles that keep your customer riveted to your writing.

But there's always the fear…What if you're not a good writer? What if you've tried to write before, and gotten so-so results? What if you have other issues like dyslexia? Could you still learn to write captivating articles?

Debbie Perkins: Psychotactics Testimonial

Debbie & Andy Perkins Tauranga, New Zealand

“I have dyslexia and Irlen syndrome, which is why I have so much difficulty reading.”

Words on a page look like a waterfall to me– a fuzzy one at that. So I could not see how an article course was going to help me write. Our business was just starting to grow, when we hit an almighty hurdle. We realized that to grow the business further we were going to have to write articles. Andy did not have the time to do this and, saying he has no imagination at all, it fell to me (Debbie). Horror is the only way I can explain how I felt at having to write articles, as I had avoided reading and writing all my life. At the time of the Article Writing Course I had never (and I mean never) read any story books, not even at school (I managed to fake it at school by watching movies etc.).

Reading and writing to me was the worst nightmare ever

We came to realize I have dyslexia and Irlen syndrome, which is why I have so much difficulty reading. Words on a page look like a waterfall to me– a fuzzy one at that. So being dropped in at the deep end on this course was a huge thing for me – the hurdle I faced felt about 20 feet high. And I could not see how an article course was going to help me write.

How wrong can you be?

The course was interesting, and laid out in simple steps on how to write. At first I could not do it, or so I thought. With Sean's help, I kept plugging away. At times I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall. With persistence (and the help of a Dictaphone), out of nowhere the hurdle that was 20 feet high started to lower. And before I knew it, I was writing articles and rewriting everything Andy had written previously.

The best thing of all was that I was beginning to enjoy it.

We implemented the course in several ways. I now have articles published in magazines. I have rewritten our website and adverts, and I've written the intro to our technical book that's currently being worked on by Andy. I also use all of the course teachings in every aspect of our lives now. Now I can take a boring technical subject (we write articles about ignitions for classic bikes), and turn it into something that everyone can understand and enjoy–which helps educate our customers better.

My confidence in my ability has grown

And I am now communicating with people better than ever. You do not realize how much not being able to write rules your life (it stops you doing things, and holds you back). I also now read story books, and study the writing styles. Something I never thought I would be able to do (and enjoy). After this course I am now unstoppable. Nothing is too hard, and I am seeing the world with different eyes. For people who say they cannot write, I would say to them: everybody can (no matter what you think). You just have to find the right teacher, and luckily we found Sean. And you must trust that you can do anything you put your mind to, because if I can do it, then you can too.

The Article Writing Course is unique in many ways

It's not about writing per se, it's about the structure of writing, the rules and the whys and wherefores, which to me was a godsend. It made sense, and with a bit of practice is now easy to do. I still have trouble with my spelling, but have a wonderful husband Andy, who corrects for me.

My hurdle at the start was 20 feet high.

It's now non-existent, and I have Sean and the Article Writing Course to thank for that. Thank you, Sean.

Increase confidence Article Writing Course

The biggest problem with writing is a lack of confidence. Are the words making any impact at all? This lack of confidence causes every article to be slow and tedious. Learn how to write with a great sense of confidence and speed. Then add the power of drama and watch your articles come alive.

The Article Writing Course is designed to do the following:

The Article Writing Live Course With Sean D'Souza

  • Enable you to write faster than ever before.
  • Reduce the frustration of never getting past the first line
  • Create content that is so captivating that customers consider you the expert.

We use a simple system to achieve the above

  • Deconstruction
  • Reconstruction

In deconstruction, you'll take apart articles and other forms of copy. You'll see why the best writers in the world, became who they are, and what systems they used to persuade their audiences. In construction, you'll learn exactly what strategies and tactics you need to create text that moves people to action.

Anyone can write an article. What we are looking to create is speed, drama as well as expertise within the article. And I'll be there with you to guide and teach you, and more importantly to show you exactly what you need to fix, so that your articles improves instantly.

Have a look at the prospectus

Da Vinci Cartooning course details

The prospectus takes you on the journey of the Article Writing Course through the years. It shows you how the course is conducted and then moves into the experiences of past participants.

Click here for the 72-page pdf with details on how the course is conducted and what people say.

Gina Wang: Article Writing Course: Sean D'Souza

This course was quite different from what I’ve done before. The amount of personal time that Sean puts into the course is nothing short of amazing. I’ve participated in many other courses and forums and I’ve not seen any other coaches of mentors be so personally dedicated to the success of everyone in the course. It’s a rare find, indeed.

Todd Smith: Article Writing Course: Sean D'Souza

The main reason I decided to take the Article Writing Course was to attract more customers to my startup business.” The group was the core of my learning. Group pressure to show up every day with a new article was essential. I'm sure I would have petered out long before I made a breakthrough if it wasn't for the group.


Sean is a master of deconstruction. He works out fool-proof systems for how seemingly ‘mysterious’ processes work, and then he comes up with a ‘tiny increments’ approach to teach students to replicate his success. As a result, his training takes you from zero skill to exceedingly skilful in a relatively short time, yet every single step feels do-able.

Marcus Stout: Article Writing Course Sean D'Souza

After I finished the course, I started writing a weekly newsletter to thousands of my customers, generating a good amount of revenue and interest for me. I also wrote an industry article for a magazine 2 months into the course and was chosen to write the only tea related article in their magazine, the most prestigious industry coffee/tea magazine in the US. And this is coming from a guy who seriously can’t spell and can’t type either. And I can now crank out a newsletter in 40 minutes. So is it worth the money? Well considering that advertising in that same magazine costs $5000 for a full page ad, I would say so.


Sean wants to make money too. He wants to have a good living, but his mind is really focused on taking apart things into little steps that people can grasp and they can be satisfied. The ego is not driving his choices. He's not saying, “Wow, I’ve really impressed these people because I am so smart, and I’ve given them so many cool ideas, that they’re somehow going to take back and do something well.” He makes sure you get the concept and can implement it easily enough.

Elyn MacInnis

The Article Writing Course was the best writing course I ever took in my whole life. Why? Because Sean breaks things down into steps. Just one step at a time. Master one aspect, then a new one, then a new one. No trying to get it all at once. In the end, your brain clicks into gear like a well trained soccer team, and you can really turn out the articles. This course is worth a million dollars. Whoever gets in is one lucky person!


The course gave structure to my writing. For me that was the single biggest benefit.Before, I’d sit down to write something and then be off on a directionless drift without a point. What’s more, and I think Sean will attest to this, I have a propensity to veer of on 90-degree tangents. Great for creativity, bad for readers who are looking for the point. It minimizes the amount of research needed by letting you see just what you need.


I would recommend the course to anyone who thinks he can't write but who is serious about learning to write. The step by step method, the high quality teaching methods, the detailed teaching content, and the support thanks to the incredible involvement of Sean D'Souza make this course probably the best one in the world.

A tiny insight into what you'll learn.

  • The three main systems of writing. And how to pick a system that is suited to your own individual personality. This means you can be who you are, instead of simply copying someone else.
  • Spotting an instant disaster before you write the article. You'll learn how to spot if an article is useless, simply by analysing parameters in your headline. This alone saves you hours of frustration and toil of going round in circles.
  • Why writing effective headlines is critical. Most articles are read, or deleted solely on the basis of a headline. If your reader doesn't get attracted by your headline, the rest of the article is almost never read–leading to a massive waste of time on your part. (This applies to both online as well as offline articles, by the way).
  • How to get the reader to slip-slide (yes, there's no better word) right from the headline to the first fifty words. And what to put in those first fifty that captivates the reader, and almost compels them to read the entire article.
  • How to then take the reader past the first fifty words. The secrets to connecting thoughts, and disconnecting thoughts. And how connectors and disconnectors, when used with structure in mind, create intense drama and flow.
  • How to create a grid that speeds up your article writing by 50% or more. The grid also enables you to construct an article that suits both the reader who reads every word, as well as the reader who scans.
  • How to never run out of ideas. You'll have so many ideas, that you'll realise that writer's block is really a myth.
  • Learn why ‘creating a wall' or ‘disturbance' in an article is critical to keep the reader's attention, and why it so appeals to human nature. Most mediocre articles avoid the ‘wall', thus creating a boring, tepid style of writing.
  • How to literally outline half a dozen (or more) articles in less than an hour , sitting at the cafe.
  • How to mesh articles with selling products/services. Just writing an article will not get your customers to respond. You need to actually guide the customer to buy the product or service. How do you move from editorial to sales seamlessly?
  • The secrets of formatting an article. Formatting is the visual aspect of your article. Most people look at a page, before they read a word. In an instant, your ‘lack of formatting' can lose the reader.
  • Learn which article headlines work better–and why. Why: That's what you want to learn. Why does this headline supercede that headline? The key isn't in copying blindly, but having a deep understanding of human psychology (It's easier than you think).
  • Understanding what makes an article boring –and how to avoid that scenario like the plague. It's not enough to know what makes an article exciting. There are factors that make an article boring too. What are those factors?
  • The Secret of writing angles to a story –and how you can write on one topic over and over again–without losing audience interest. This saves you enormous time and effort. Imagine having one topic and being able to generate ten, twenty, even a hundred angles. And yet the audience is clamouring for even more angles to that topic.
  • How to use structure to build up momentum. Without structure you're simply writing without parameters. Every time I write randomly, I waste more time than ever, and end up with a half-baked article that can't be used. The structure is what will enable you to avoid making the mistakes I made at the start–and write faster than ever before.
  • How to leverage articles into books, reports and other forms of revenue and customer-generation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to master the ability to write. And not just write, but write with drama and flow. Therefore, we've had complete beginners on this course, and seasoned copywriters, or article writers. Just because you're comfortable writing, doesn't mean you're outstanding. It takes a certain discipline to be outstanding at your writing, and in this course, everyone (from beginner to advanced writer) finds a lot that they can learn and move ahead.

If you're a complete newbie at writing it doesn't matter. And if you're a pro, there's a lot to learn. This may appear weird to you when reading this paragraph, but you can trust me on this. Every course has a mix of people from different countries, backgrounds and skills. And this course moves them all along the path where they become superb at what they do.

Article Writing Details

John “Wiz” Withers,  MD, USA

“I'm not saying I thought Sean was a liar – I just didn't think one course could do all that”.

In June 2009 I began the live Article Writing course. I was simply looking to write better, faster articles – because I wanted to establish a level of expertise in my industry. Prior to signing up for the course, I emailed Sean. I had two main concerns:

– I was S – L – O – W : writing just a short article took me forever! I was already tight on time with my existing business. – There are some “big names” in my industry who also write – a lot. Deep down, I didn't think I had enough expertise to compete with them. Sean promised me three things.

If I did the work and completed the course: – I would be able to write an article per day without a sweat; – People would love my articles – I would become a thought leader (and get more business); – I would be able to write “expert” articles in ** any ** field, regardless of what it was. I didn't believe him.

I'm not saying I thought Sean was a liar – I just didn't think one course could do all that. I would settle for just being able to write faster. So I signed up for the basic course – not the premium version. (Note: John went on to complete the entire 9 month premium course). And I did everything I was told to do. Not always willingly – I had a couple “adamant” disagreements with Sean. But we worked through it – or rather I did. Here's where I found myself in January 2010:

I landed my biggest client to date. I contacted an agency in my industry about outsourcing some of their workload to me. In our discussions, I discussed writing articles for their site. I pointed to articles I had written in the course – class assignments, mostly. My articles helped seal the deal – not only did the agency start sending me a significant amount of industry work, they also wanted me to write articles for their marketing. I was told, “we're glad to have someone with your expertise helping us.” I proved to myself I could write about anything.

A colleague of mine is in industrial sales – selling certain technical components to large manufacturing firms. He wanted to position himself as an expert in his industry. We discussed articles – he knew that's what he wanted, but said he wrote “like an engineer”. I heard myself saying: “Dan, you and I have a 60-minute telephone conversation, and I can turn out a dozen articles for you.” I had no qualms about saying that – because I knew I could do it. We're still negotiating terms, but it's very promising. But even if the deal falls through, I still have another service to offer my clients. Article writing is becoming more and more natural.

My wife writes a newsletter for her industry – something completely separate from mine. She was having difficulty with a recent issue, and asked me to review something she'd written. Almost immediately I could “see” where her article could be adjusted: things to tweak, thoughts and tangents to take out, how to tie the opening and closing together. I could see these things because I had seen literally hundreds of critiques (from Sean and also my classmates) and written dozens of them myself. It was as simple as tying a shoe.

My wife was happy – and also saw the power of that “expensive” course I had taken. In short – not only did I get what I was looking for, but all three things that Sean promised had come to fruition. I can't even begin to calculate the ROI of the course.

Article Writing Live Course Testimonial: Sean DSouza

Nadira Jamal, Boston, USA

“Right after I signed up, I got dizzy. Literally: my head swam a little and I had to sit down. This was the biggest-ticket line item I've ever bought, other than my house. (I don't own a car.)”

Before joining the Article Writing Course

The biggest obstacle in my mind that would have prevented me from joining the Article Writing Live Course was the price. I didn't doubt it was a good value, but my business is very very small, and I didn't have that much money set aside. I broke my “incur no business debt” rule to take this course.

My Three biggest objections?

a) Scheduling was a big concern. I have a day job, and I had to rearrange my schedule and get permission from my boss to take 90 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.

b) Spending so much on one course. For perspective: I spent about as much on this course as I do on a year's worth of dance classes.

One Week After Joining

Right after I signed up, I got dizzy. Literally: my head swam a little and I had to sit down. This was the biggest-ticket line item I've ever bought, other than my house. (I don't own a car.)

1 month into the course

After a month the 3 biggest benefits I found. a) After one month, I wouldn't say that I was writing well, but I understood what I had to do. b) The course gave me some great tools for generating article ideas (ask for questions) and content (answer them). c) I felt pretty comfortable with the other students.

What progress had you made in the month? The who/what/why/how structure made a HUGE difference in my writing.

On completion

The feature I liked most about this course? The course did a good job of giving us bite-sized pieces of information. None of the concepts or tasks felt intimidating.

The three biggest benefits from completing the course are that: – I've got an action plan for writing. I know how to get started and get moving. – I've developed a habit of writing every weekday morning. I turn off the alarm, make some coffee, and get back into bed with my laptop. If I don't write, my whole day feels off. – I know how to audit my own writing. It isn't always easy, but I can get it done.

I would definitely recommend the course. If you do the work and ask questions, you can learn a lot. I always know that I will learn something good from Sean: after all, when he tells you exactly how he goes about selling you something and the sales process still works, you know it has to be good! Teaching Style

Sean is a very friendly teacher, which makes me feel less self-conscious about making mistakes.

Course Material

It was helpful to get the notes and audio in advance because it allowed me to do some of the preparatory work in advance if I knew I'd be busy the following week.

Click here to read how the course has helped others.

I know the struggle of writing

For one I know how it feels to deal with a blank page. When I started, I had what was called the ‘article graveyard'. I'd write half an article. Then I'd stop. Then I'd start off with another another. Soon I had a graveyard of articles. (Aarrrrrrrrrgh!) But that's not all. I was also taking a whole two days to write one article. So in order to just write 12 articles a year, I was taking close to a month!

Well, now I write hundreds of articles a year…

So going from all that struggle, I found a way to write faster and with more effect than ever before. And today, our articles are not just for Psychotactics subscribers. They are published in magazines both online and offline. They help run a membership site at 5000bc. And they form the basis for books, products etc. (What is a book or product but a series of articles in a chapter format? What is a video but a series of articles in a set of frames? What is a teleclass but an article being spoken out?) But of course you may want to put off this learning till later…

So could you do this course later?

There are several reasons why you may think that you'll need to do this later.

Reason 1: You're busy now and later may be better…

Unless you're going through a really messy situation in your life (you know what I mean) there's never going to be a better time to do this course. I'll tell you why. Most people think that somehow there will be more time in the future. Think about it. Do you have more time today, than say even a year or two ago? You're never going to have free time in the future.

You're going to have to make that time now. And the nice part about article writing is that it saves you enormous time in the long run. In fact, at first the course will indeed suck up all your time (read that again).

That's normal when you're learning any skill. Then as you get better, you'll be able to turn out articles in a fraction of the time. And not just articles—any idiot can write an article—but an outstanding article. So time is a good excuse, but time doesn't free itself, and it's up to you to make the time for this course.

Reason 2: The Difficulty Factor

In terms of difficulty, you have three levels. Anything in life can be described in three ways. Cat, dog or baby level.

Anything in life can be described in three ways. Cat, dog or baby level. The Article Writing Course needs a lot of work. It's like having a baby.

  • Cat Level: Little or no maintenance
  • Dog Level: A bit of maintenance
  • Baby Level: A lot of maintenance

To get you to sign up to something, people will give you the impression that your course is going to be at “Cat Level”. That you'll learn some techniques and voila—you'll be super duper at the skill. This course doesn't give you that false impression. And really, feel free to do another article writing course because then you can see for yourself how much more is put into this course.

So yeah, it's not easy, and that may put you off. But nothing really great is easy to achieve. If you put your mind to it, and we pulls oars together, we'll get there—difficulty or no difficulty. If you want to learn this skill like it should be learned then now is a good time. The more you put it off, the more you'll start believing in “talent” (see below). Depending on how much effort you put in, the value you get will scale accordingly. I'm here to make sure you struggle for a while, because it's in the struggle that you're going to really learn.

So if you're wondering what level you'll need to do the course at, it oscillates somewhere between “dog” and “baby” level. It's never going to be at “cat” level, because frankly you can't learn anything with zero effort. Which of course takes us to the age-old misunderstanding of inborn talent.

Reason 3: It seems scary and possibly you don't have the “talent”

Most people were told by their parents and teachers that some people are more talented than others. This course is proof that talent (if it does exist) doesn't matter at all. What matters is daily practice, making lots and lots and lots of mistakes (and fixing them), and application of the methods to write better and faster.

I personally don't believe in talent, because I've seen dozens of people do this course. People who believed they could not write; people who had dyslexia or other issues, and they all come out at the other end writing outstanding stuff. If you are ready to rise above the beliefs of your teachers, parents (and possibly the belief in your own brain) then yes, you'll get there—guaranteed!

Warning! BIG Warning!

If you are prone to making excuses, this is not the course for you. I want to make you exceedingly good at creating superb content.

If you're not serious about getting outstandingly good, then don't bother. If you are self-motivated, you will indeed be encouraged and given the tools and the expertise to move ahead.

This article writing course is not about hundreds of pages of notes, endless videos and audio. You'll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. This course is not about even more information—it's about skill.

But what if you're already good at writing?

Article Writing Course For Small Business

Michael J Smyth, Approachable Lawyer,  Auckland, New Zealand

“I always thought I was quite good at writing articles.”

Anyway, I decided to implement everything I learnt.

At the end of the day you can't argue with the figures – the Psychotactics methodology works. The open rate for my newsletter was at best average, and as I said, I always thought I was quite good at writing articles. Then after going to the Psychotactics articles workshop, I decided to implement everything I learnt about structure and content — just to see what would happen.

Since the newsletter went out I have monitoring visits to my web site and new subscribers. All of a sudden my daily average number of visits and new subscribers have shot up. I have done nothing else other than the newsletter to generate this increase. To add to that, I now find it much easier to and quicker to write.

At the end of the day you can't argue with the figures—the Psychotactics methodology works.

Complete Details of the Course: (Tentative dates)

Duration:   How many sessions do I get for my money? Prospectus and what clients say: Click here for the 72-page pdf with details on how the course is conducted and what people say. Topics:  What are the topics that will be covered?  Format:   How is the course conducted? And who conducts the course? Will there be a live course next year? Cost and Installments:   What does it cost? What are the installments? Purchase:   How do I sign up for the article writing course right away? Guarantee:  Is there a guarantee? Self Study Vs Live:   Can I do the live online course after I do the self study? Support:   Do I get any support? Cancellation:   What if I can't attend the course?

This leads us to the nitty-gritty details 

How many sessions do I get for my money?  The course starts on 2026 .  However, you can start learning few weeks before the start of course. You get access to some materials, and therefore there are no surprises. You come to the course fully prepared and relaxed. And everyone on the course is on the same page.

We don't believe in “shock and awe”. We believe that learning is best done when you are better prepared and have gone over the material once or twice. So the course starts in 2026  ( runs for 12 weeks ) . And the Premium option gives you access to the forum and other material for 30 days after the end of the course.

Other Information—Forum Access : With the Premium Option, your forum access will be extended another 30 days after the end of the course.

Some of the topics that will be covered

1) How to write with drama–so your material is actually read. 2) How to use structure to speed up your writing considerably. 3) How to use articles online as well as offline to create expertise. 4) How to craft stories, analogies and metaphors like clockwork. 5) Deconstruction of the work of other articles (and other media). 6) How to write consistently great headlines that pull clients in. 7) How to write even if you believe you're not a writer.

How is the course conducted? And who conducts the course? Will there be a course next year? The primary program will be forum based. You will be given a syllabus and notes for the entire course. You will be working through the forum for the duration of the course. Sean will be working with you right through the course. Sean will be conducting the entire course. He will be checking your work 5-days a week. Important Note: This is the only live course in 2026 and there will be no live course in 2027.

Do I get any support? Yes. There will be a forum specially for the participants. And you can ask all your questions, and Sean will answer them. Also, with the premium package, you  get 3 months of email support  from Sean.

What does it cost? And do you have an installment plan?  See below for information and the installment plan.

Is there a guarantee? This course has been running since 2006 and the results are more than evident if you read the prospectus, hence there is no money-back guarantee on this course.

What if I can't attend the course and wish to opt-out? If you have to opt-out of the course because of an emergency, you will be given your money back PROVIDED someone on our waiting list takes your place.

Can I do the live online course after I do the self-study course? 

Yes, you can do the live course if you have completed the self-study course. If you already have the self-study course you're on the priority list for the live course. However, you will need to email Renuka to make sure you're availing of this priority. The priority matters because we only take between 15-20 people on any given course (and the course often sells out within a single hour). To get on the super-priority list, here's Renuka's email address .

How do I sign up for the Article Writing Course right away?

Click here to get on the waiting list.

P.S. Note: Not everyone will be chosen. You need to meet the requirements. The first requirement is that you own and have read The Brain Audit. And once you register, we will be sending you a questionnaire as well. If you fail to respond to the questionnaire, your money will be refunded right.

Article Writing Course Details

The course is designed for frighteningly outstanding results

How To Beat Inertia

This isn't your yada, yada course where you get notes and you get a little nudge. If you want to play around with your career, then this course is not for you. This is not a course for those who want to avoid dedication and hard work. You can become an average writer by reading a book or two, or doing a course or two.

But you can't become a stunning writer

A writer who demands and gets attention. For that, you need to be able to put in the effort to make mistakes—yes make mistakes—and then correct those mistakes. This course requires time for your brain to make all of those mistakes, and then systematically correct them, so that you become close to flawless in your writing.

It's not designed to simply give you information about articles, but enable you to become a master at writing, and then going on to create audio articles/podcasts, and video. It's designed so that you can create powerful presentations, just by sitting down for 10-15 minutes and implementing the lessons learned.

In short, it will make you a master of being able to communicate.

The course isn't treated just like another ‘hobby', but instead that you're learning a language where you need to be super-fluent and super-confident. And to get to this super level, you need to go through stages that don't allow for laziness or excuses.

  • It's designed to maximise your time and money by helping you make “mistakes”.
  • It's structured in great detail.
  • You're never ever alone to work out things.

Maximising Time By Increasing Your Mistake-Rate

If you look up “article writing courses” on the Internet, you'll find courses that are a lot cheaper than ours. A lot. This one isn't cheap and it's not cheap because it's designed to maximise your time and your money. The way to maximise your time is to get you to deliberately make mistakes. Most courses tell you what you should do, and then leave you alone.

That is not the way the human brain learns.

Instead the brain needs to learn the right way, then make mistakes and then fix those mistakes. This is how you truly learn. This is how we learned to walk, talk, drive cars etc. You have to make mistakes—and get instruction. This course is aware how busy you are, and hence allows you to make more mistakes—thus speeding up the learning process.

article writing course

Article writing isn't just about “writing”.

It's about creating drama and flow. And this drama and flow can and is taken across to other media, thus giving you complete control of creating content on the fly, while others just struggle.

Intense, Detailed Structure

Most courses have no structure. They give you a whole bunch of concepts and tell you to implement them. Blind implementation is not a good way to learn. You have to know what to do, when to do it and most importantly WHY it needs to be done. Each piece of the puzzle is critical, otherwise your brain doesn't really get a full understanding of how to implement a system at high speed. E.g. You speak a language today, because you know what to say, when to say it and why you can say certain things and why you can't.

This structure and subtle understanding of article writing is what enables you to put your thoughts on paper. And to do it with drama and flow (drama and flow are critical). And then caress it to a fine finish. Structure is paramount. Just telling you what you should do is never enough. And yes, each course has breaks. Why breaks? Because you'll need the breaks. The intensity is so high that you and I will both need a rest at every stage. So yes, there will be breaks to help you get a breath or two and then come back refreshed.

You are never alone

The reason why this entire series of courses are expensive is because of the time and effort involved. Most courses will have you write when you please. Not this one. Each section is designed for you to make and fix mistakes. To make and fix mistakes, we have to have a daily routine of writing. It doesn't have to be a complete article, but it needs to be a daily routine. You're fooling yourself if you think you can write once a week, or once a month and become a great writer. You can be average, that's for sure, but you'll never stand out.

I am there to watch everyone of you.

And read every article. And comment on every article. And give you assessments of your progress. And this takes time. Lots of time on your part, and lots of time on my part. And you'll never be alone. You'll always have your group (you'll see how the group really helps) and you'll have me—sometimes ten times a day, or fifty times a day. I'm there to help you and move you ahead. Without the help, you'll quickly get into trouble, and believe that article writing is not for you.

What’s Unique About This Course?

The difference between this course, is simply ‘the drama'..

Drama enables you to get and keep the attention of the reader from start to finish. Something that most articles just fail miserably to do. Drama is everything. Learning how to mix drama with structure is what makes this course different from anything else. Other courses simply give you the ingredients of basic article writing.

The Psychotactics Article Writing Course is different, because you write using methods that are similar to what's used in movies, television series etc. In just three months, you progress from just any ol' writing to stuff people stop, read—AND read again. The Article Writing Course brings out that drama in your writing.

This article writing course is not about hundreds of pages of notes, endless videos and audio.

You'll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. This course is not about even more information—it's about skill.

I'm there all the time, seventeen thousand times a day to help you along.

You are never alone. I will push, cajole, encourage and move you along. This course is not about more information—it's about skill.

Creating A Style Of Your Own: Why It's So Hard (And Easy)

Difference between a Psychotactics Course—and any other course

The only way you can experience the difference between a Psychotactics Course—and any other course on the planet— is to experience it. There are three reasons and a P.S.:

1) It doesn't allow you to make excuses.

You are not allowed to make excuses. Success isn't a fluke. It's a combination of deep practice, of a robust system and detailed support from a master coach. On the article writing course, you get all three. It's then up to you to do what's required to succeed. On a Psychotactics course you won't find whiny folks. That alone should tell you that you'll be amongst people who are determined to succeed no matter what the odds.

2) You learn how group learning is way superior to solo-learning.

It follows the system of: If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go in a group. There is intense group activity that enables you to work with me, and to work with your peers. You will not realise how much power a group has, till you do a course like this. If you've ever felt the loneliness of working alone before, you won't feel it on a Psychotactics Course.

The rule is simple: Be kind, be helpful or begone. And the group works together, and you learn like never before. (Interesting fact: We attract lots of introverts who become very active in a warm, friendly environment of a small group. Extroverts feel very comfortable too).

3) The learning methods are quite different from what you've been exposed to so far.

The methods are based on a combination of text, audio, visuals, cartoons and forums. You learn in tiny little bits and you master those bits. It's like learning notes of music. You master each ‘note', then you move ahead steadily. And in time, you're able to play awesome ‘music'. Sure this is about getting information about how to write articles etc., but don't fool yourself. Information alone will not help you write like a pro.

What's critical is that we work on all of these three core concepts. It's designed to bring skill—not more information You'll be given precisely what you need to get a high level of confidence—and skill—in article writing. This course is not about more information—it's about skill.

P.S.) I don't sleep. The course is conducted ONLY by me.

I will be working with you 5-days a week. I don't sleep. I really don't. I'm there all the time, seventeen thousand times a day to help you along. You are never alone. I will push, cajole, encourage and move you along. No this isn't “Hell's Kitchen”. I don't use bad language and will not disrespect you in any way. But I won't let you disrespect yourself either. I set a very high standard for you, and I make sure I'm there to keep you moving (because believe me the road gets pretty darned rough as you go through the course). At the end of the course you will acquire a skill and not just more information.

Small Business Products: Marketing Business Products Above $200

Important: Reason Why You Shouldn't Delay

#1: It's more economical than most consultants

You get the benefit of working directly with me. You get the chance to ask all the questions you want to ask on the topic. And the entire course costs far less than what most consultants or coaches will charge you. Most coaches and consultants will charge you between $750-2400 per month. And many of them don't even have the practical experience. You'll get practical experiences on training, consulting, info-products, marketing, selling and no B.S.

#2: No Hidden Cost

Another reason is that this program doesn't include any hidden costs. Many a consultant will give you a figure, and then put in some hidden costs (and you're robbed of time, money or both). On this course, what you see is what you get…and a whole lot more as well.

#3: It's not about the info-dump. It's about the applying what you learn And at Psychotactics, we make it fun to learn. Instead of simply drumming you with truckloads of data, you get to learn in the way we all learn best–by having fun.

#4: You are in a ‘safe-zone' You are in a ‘safe-zone', so that both introverts as well as extroverts feel un-intimidated. When we're comfortable, we learn well. When we're scared in some way, we hold back restricting our learning. And you'll find that when you do this course, you're in a ‘safe-zone' with very limited numbers of people. This makes you comfortable and focuses on the learning, instead of fighting for ‘air-space'.

And then there are the applications What you learn on this course isn't restricted to article-writing. Because the concepts are built on drama, and flow, and other media concepts, they end up helping you in your speaking, networking, making presentations, sales etc. This course shows you what you've been missing from your communication, and how to spot the missing pieces–and then insert them into future communication.

How to be a source of inspiration to others

Incredibly Valuable Bonuses

Creativity Triggers

# 1 Big Bonus: Psychotactics Archives worth $300 (Premium) Imagine getting over 100 articles from the archives specially chosen. You'll have an instant inspiration, that you can draw upon when you write an article.

#2: 12 Article-Starters worth $300 (Premium) Often the hardest part about just about anything is starting up. Well, it's not such a big problem if you have a bunch of article-starters. With the Premium Option, you get a dozen ways to start up any article. That gets you well on your way.

# 3: (Worth $1500) Two Critiques by Sean (Premium) Every time Sean critiques a sales page or any marketing material, there is a fixed fee of $750 per critique. As part of the Program, you will be entitled to two complete critiques worth $1500. (Note: Critiques are valid until 6 months from the date of purchase).

# 4: Special Password Protected Forum The forum will be just for those doing this course, and will be monitored by Sean. All the questions you need to ask, will be answered on this forum, thus ensuring you're never short of solutions to your copywriting and strategy problems.

#5: Email Support For Three Months (Premium) You know how you always need something clarified? Well you will have email access to Sean for three months.

#6: Special Extended Password Protected Forum (Premium) You will have access the forum for an additional three months after the course finishes.

How do I join the Article Writing Online Course ?

Eligibility: You will have to have purchased and read the Brain Audit . If you do not own a copy of the Brain Audit, please do not get on the waiting list. The details are below.

Sean D'Souza: Psychotactics and The Three Month Vacation Podcast

Warm regards, Sean D'Souza

P.S. If you need this course, and are hesitating, just remember that he or she who hesitates is lost. The law of nature is simple: Sow and you shall reap. You have to be prepared to sacrifice today, for even greater gain tomorrow. Like you, even I struggled from month to month. Now the copy I write, brings me tens of thousands of dollars each month. I too was scared and still am, when I have to make a big decision. But I know from experience, that if I don't make the sacrifice earlier, I never get ahead in life. If you want to get ahead in life, this is your moment. Don't hesitate.

P.P.S. The fees for this course have been kept very affordable so that even a small business can take advantage of this training program. If you have any doubts about how economical it really is, simply pick up the phone and call a business coach. Just ANY coach will charge you more than this fee for consulting.

Questions?  If you have questions, please email me directly using the link below at the bottom of the page, and let me know how I can help.

article writing course

What Bugs Me

The headline report.

  • About Psychotactics
  • Contact Sean
  • Psychological Strategies
  • Starting Up Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Article Writing Strategies
  • Copywriting Strategies
  • Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Client Results
  • Start Here First
  • Article Writing
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  • Info Products
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Centmatters-Every Penny Counts

  • All Courses

Article Writing Course: Gain New or Upskill your Content Writing Skills

User Avatar


  • A laptop/desktop/tablet
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Content writing basics
  • How to earn with content
  • The first steps to take as a new content writer
  • Where to find content writing jobs
  • How to choose an ideal niche
  • Article format in details
  • How to write different types of articles
  • How to come up with the right keywords
  • Best monetization strategies for your content
  • How to grow your website
  • How to get clients on Upwork
  • How to find direct clients

Target audiences

  • Newbies who want to venture into the freelance writing industry
  • Experts ready to advance their skills in article writing

Last Updated on: 6th June 2023, 09:04 am

Hello and Welcome to the Article Writing Course!

Thanks for enrolling in the “Online Writing  Course: Content Writing for Digital Platforms Masterclass.”

This course will help you write quality, engaging content that will attract readers and generate leads.

Through lectures, video tutorials, and practice exercises, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft effective headlines,
  • Create compelling narratives,
  • Develop strong arguments based on data or facts,
  • Research your topic thoroughly before writing your article or blog post pieces.

I’m confident you’ll become a better writer and earn valuable insights and skills to help you succeed in your writing endeavors.

Whether you learned about the course through search engines, social media, or friends, a content writing course like this is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and improve your work. We will ensure that you won’t regret the decision to enroll and will help you with each step.

Welcome on board! I hope you enjoy and benefit from this course!

Article Writing Course: Learn How to Write and Optimise your Blog Posts

About your trainer.

I am Lydia, an experienced writer, businessperson, and online entrepreneur with more than five years of experience in the writing industry. I hold certificates for content writing, SEO copywriting, and social media marketing.

With a top-rated badge on Upwork and clients willing to pay me up to a dollar per word to write their content, I am confident I’m the best fit to help you start your career as a writer.

So far, I’ve taught and mentored many on various aspects of writing, from Web publication to magazine publishing, book publishing, and more.

I believe that my knowledge and experience will help improve your content writing skills and scale your freelancing business. You can rely on me every step of the way to guide and support your growth as a writer.

My Brief  Journey as a Freelancer

Before proceeding with the course outline, let me share my freelancing journey. I believe that my story will inspire you and push your desire to succeed in this industry a bit further.

Here is my journey as a freelancer.

How I Became a Freelancer

I began freelance writing in 2017 after seeing a post about it on Facebook. Someone posted that they earn a living online, and I was intrigued.

I quit my job as an accountant in 2015 with a nudge to become an entrepreneur. Soon after, I started a few businesses, most of which didn’t go as I’d desired.

Therefore, having been without a stable income for two long years, that Facebook post couldn’t have come at a better time.

I did a heavy online search in my quest to find out how people make money online. Then I discovered numerous online jobs and opportunities, from writing to transcription, virtual assistants to captioning, and an endless list.

I tried a hand in transcription, and soon after, I transitioned to writing. I have been writing ever since.

My First Online Writing Earnings

Online Writing course

When you join a new industry, the first earnings are unforgettable.

I made my first few dollars (around $ 2) on iWriter. I was able to withdraw the money from the platform after I had written a few articles, and the amount had accumulated to $20 (which was their minimum withdrawal amount).

After some time, finding new jobs on this platform was like finding a needle in a haystack. So, I had to look for greener pastures.

Upwork was my next ‘stopover.’ I opened an Upwork account, and this has been a gold mine.

My Upwork Journey

Upwork success

On Upwork , getting the first client was a nightmare. I lost my first account due to making many applications. But I did not give up. Soon after, I opened another one. After a constant search and bidding, I got my breakthrough.

My first task was to write a 1000-word article for 5 dollars for a Canadian client. I delivered high-quality content and got a five-star rating. The review opened the door to many others.

The money was still too little, given that Upwork cut is 20 per cent of your earnings for every new client on their platform until you make $500. But it was a good start.

It took me quite some time (about a year) before I could land clients willing to pay me at least $10 for a 1000-word article. I landed a few consistent clients, but the work they gave me was one or two weekly articles, which was still not good enough.

In November 2018, I finally landed a client with a massive amount of work, but the pay was still less than $0.01 per word. But the more articles I delivered daily, the more money I made.

Upwork has been a goldmine. And one of the biggest highlights was when I landed a dollar-a-word client. Though that was a one-time project, it was surreal. It still motivates me to date.

Transitioning to Owning Online Business

Like everyone else, I researched where my clients post the content I help them create. I found out they become blog posts that answer peoples’ questions on Google.

And as they answer the questions, they earn through various ways, including affiliate marketing, display ads, and Amazon associates. This gave me the nudge to start my websites and monetize them.

Over time, I have been able to start my own online business, including this website, centmatters. com , a three-in-one freelance hub. After receiving loads of queries on how I earn online, I made this website to answer people’s questions. This site also has a Youtube channel , which you can subscribe to get great online money-making tips.

My purpose in creating this course is not only to help you land writing gigs but help you monetize different types of content.

Modules in this Article Writing Course

In this article writing course, you’ll learn:

The free module contains the following:

  • The first  steps to take as a content writer

The customised, one-on-one session is a paid Module contains (the fee is $300):

  • How to come up with a perfect niche
  • Getting the right keywords for your content
  • How to write different types of articles, including.:
  • “How to”  articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews, including Amazon products reviews, software reviews, tangible product reviews, and service review
  • Comparison articles
  • Best of articles
  • Q & A (question and answer articles)
  • Buying guides
  • About Articles
  • Checklist articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Case studies
  • Op-Ed (Opinion Editorials)
  • Top Resources pieces
  • Expert Roundups
  • Outreach email templates
  • Social media roundups
  • Infographic chop ups
  • Glossary of terms

Also, we will cover other topics like:

  • How to post articles on your blog and ensure they are optimized
  • Checking grammar and plagiarism
  • Getting direct clients
  • Finding clients

How to Monetize your Writing Skills

Monetizing your writing skills can extend beyond writing for clients. Here are a few additional ways to generate income through your writing abilities:

  • Blogging: Start your own blog and create content on topics that interest you or align with your expertise. You can monetize your blog through various means, such as displaying advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or selling digital products like e-books or online courses.
  • Self-publishing: If you have a passion for storytelling or have knowledge to share, consider self-publishing your own books or e-books. Platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allow you to publish and sell your written works to a global audience.
  • Content creation for online platforms: Explore opportunities to create content for online platforms, such as writing articles for popular websites, contributing to online magazines, or becoming a guest writer for blogs or publications. Some platforms may offer payment for your contributions or provide exposure that can lead to other monetization opportunities.
  • Content writing for content mills: While writing for content mills may not always be highly lucrative, it can be a way to earn income while building your writing portfolio and gaining experience. Content mills pay writers for creating articles on various topics, and although the rates may be lower, it can be a starting point for earning income from your writing skills.
  • Ghostwriting: Consider offering ghostwriting services where you write articles, books, or other written content on behalf of clients. Ghostwriters typically receive payment for their work while allowing the client to take credit as the author. This can be a lucrative option if you have strong writing skills and enjoy collaborating with others.
  • Copywriting and advertising: Develop skills in copywriting, which involves creating persuasive and compelling written content for marketing materials, websites, advertisements, or social media campaigns. Many businesses are willing to pay for expertly crafted copy that helps drive conversions and sales.

My email address is [email protected]. You can write to us to book a session.

Meet Lydiah Wanjiru K, a finance whiz turned content writer and virtual assistant. She’s your go-to for digital marketing expert with skills in SMM (that’s social media marketing), Search Engine Optimization (yep, SEO), plus top-notch SEO tools and knowledge. And that’s not all! She’s got a bunch of other virtual assistant services up her sleeve. Wanna chat? You can catch her on, or just drop a line at [email protected]. Let’s connect and make some digital wonders happen!

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article writing course

The Writers Bureau

Article writing course.

Article writing is where the money is if you want to get earning quickly.

Learn to Earn from Writing Articles

As a part-time freelance writer you can earn a very useful extra income from writing articles. At the same time, you can widen your horizons, have a lot of fun, satisfy your creative desires and gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeing your name in print. This course is ideal for beginners, and you can earn while you learn. It also comes on a 15-day trial to make sure it is right for you. Enrol Now

Enrolling Is Easy

Request a free prospectus.

Request your prospectus which has full details of your course and how it works. This will be sent to you by email and you can download it as soon as you have completed the form.

Ask Your Questions

If you have any questions, after reading the course prospectus, please call us on 0161 819 9922 (during office hours) or email our student advisors .

Enrol When You're Ready

You can enrol on this course as soon as you are ready to do so. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to select your enrolment plan. Your course materials will be available immediately after your payment has been accepted.

We give you:

A first-class course on Article Writing from professional writers.

Caring, constructive help from expert tutors - all published writers.

Help and advice when you need it from our experienced Student Advisory Team.

A flexible study programme to suit you with two years in which to complete your course.

Nine tutor-marked writing assignments.

Assignments where you will be writing material that can be submitted for publication.

Specialist advice on how to sell your writing.

Online access to your course as soon as you enrol.

15 days to inspect your course and to make sure it's the right training for you.

Course Synopsis

Welcome and how to proceed.


Your Study Path

Sending Your Assignments

WB's Writers' Community

Discounted Writing Magazine Subscription For WB Students

Totum Student Discount Card – UK Students Only

Terms of Enrolment If You Enrolled Before 1st June 2022

Terms of Enrolment If You Enrolled After 1st June 2022

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 Making a Writer Out of You

Assignment One

Personal Profile Questionnaire

Market Research Questionnaire

Module 3 Reader's Letters and Fillers

Assignment Two

Module 4 Generating Ideas for Articles

Module 5 Market Analysis

Module 6 How to Present Your Typescript

Module 7 Structuring Your Article for Different Markets

Module 8 Essential Legal and Business Aspects

Module 9 Travel Writing

Module 10 Profit from Your Photography

Module 11 Writing Reviews

Module 12 Journalism

Module 13 Writing for the Internet

Supplement 1 Style, Punctuation and Spelling

Supplement 2 Getting the Most from Interviews

article writing course

About this course

  • 9 tutor-marked assignments
  • 13 information-packed modules

Skills & Equipment Needed To Take A Course

Ideal for beginners.

No qualifications or previous experience needed.

You'll need access to a laptop or computer with word processing facilities and internet connection.

You don’t need to be able to touch type; plenty of people get along fine with just two fingers.

Use Email & Attach Files

Your assignments are sent to your tutor by email so you'll need to be able to send and receive emails and attach files to them.

Enrolment Options For The Article Writing Course

Enrol on Plan A to receive a £20 Amazon voucher (this will be sent to you by email once your 15-day trial period has finished). Plans B and C: payments will be automatically charged to your card each month until the end of your chosen plan.

Plan A: Includes a £20 Amazon Voucher sent to you when your trial period has finished.

5 x £83.80 = £419

Plan B: 5 x £83.80

10 x £41.90 = £419

Plan C: 10 x £41.90

Business Training Works

Onsite Training Courses

  • Business Etiquette

Business Writing

  • Change Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Problem Solving
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership and Management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Productivity
  • Storytelling
  • Team Building
  • Train-the-Trainer

Virtual Classroom Training Courses

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  • Business Etiquette and Professionalism
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Leadership Development

Corporate college solutions, interactive keynotes, meeting and retreat facilitation, one-on-one coaching.

  • Custom Solutions

Ask an Expert

  • Training and Development
  • Workplace Communication

Media Inquiries

  • Business Etiquette, Civility, and Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Sales and Negotiation


  • Job Needs Assessment
  • Management Styles Assessment
  • Stefanie Coleman
  • Myla DeLoatch
  • Shawn Doyle
  • Thomas Farley
  • Elizabeth George
  • Shanna Kabatznick
  • Charlie Long
  • Mariana Marko
  • Laurie McIntosh
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Our Clients

  • Pricing and FAQs

Web-Based Training for Writing Knowledge-Base Articles

  • Fees and FAQs
  • Join Our Mailing List

article writing course

About The Virtual Classroom How does web-based training work?

article writing course

The Full List See all virtual classroom courses.

article writing course

Start a Conversation Contact us to connect.

Online instructor-led knowledge-base-article writing training, self-service support: creating effective knowledge-base articles and other materials to answer customers’ questions, available formats: multi-session virtual classroom course, course outcomes.

This writing skills course for knowledge-base article authors will:

  • Discuss various content formats and when each makes sense.
  • Suggest areas to consider when building a self-service support hub.
  • Outline best practices for creating content.
  • Suggest metrics to evaluate the usability and use of the content.

Program Overview

“I love that website! It answers everything. The information is easy to find, and the troubleshooting instructions are a piece of cake to follow. Who could ask for more? Our IT department rocks.”

Most service support teams dream of creating that type of self-serve user experience. The question is how to do it? This hands-on training course supplies the answer. During the three-part program, participants will learn how to develop and organize self-support materials. From knowledge-base articles to short videos, the workshop covers the gamut. The course targets groups who are starting from square one as well as those who already have a self-service library in place.

Segment One Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of a robust self-service support library.
  • Discuss considerations when deciding how to store and retrieve information.
  • Describe what an audience wants from an article or other support material.
  • Write a knowledge-base article.
  • Create a content checklist.
  • Identify high-priority content.

Segment One Modules

  • A Full Stack: The Benefits of a Self-Serve Library
  • Easy Come and Easy Go: Storing and Retrieving Information
  • Quick and Easy Reads: Guidelines for Creating User-Centric Material
  • Top Topics: Identifying Content

Segment Two Objectives

  • Leverage strong titles, headings, bullets, numbers, keywords, and links to make information easier to find.
  • Replace generalities with specific language.
  • Build templates to make the writing process faster and easier.
  • Decide when to add screenshots, pictures, or videos to enhance the clarity of a message.

Segment Two Modules

  • Think Like Your Users: From Skimming to Searching to Linking
  • Clarity Counts: Avoiding Ambiguity
  • Time-Saving Templates: Information, Instructions, Troubleshooting and FAQs
  • Show with Tell: Screenshots, Photos, and Videos

Segment Three Objectives

  • Create a style sheet to promote consistency across articles.
  • Use a variety of proofreading and editing tools.
  • Select metrics to measure the effectiveness of a knowledge base’s content.
  • Build a schedule to routinely review existing content.
  • Decide the triggers for reviewing content outside of the normal process.

Segment Three Modules

  • Style Sheets: Staying Consistent Across Documents
  • Clean It Up: Proofing and Editing
  • Metrics Matter: Measuring What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Keeping Current: Removing or Revising the Out of Date

By the conclusion of this six-hour course, participants should be able to create and measure the effectiveness of their knowledge-base articles and other support material.

Related Directories:

Didn't find what you were looking for, questions this page answers about web-based training for writing better knowledge-base articles.

  • Who can help my team learn how to write knowledge-base articles?
  • We want to make it easier for our customers and clients to find answers to their questions. Who can help us think through a self-serve option? 
  • Who offers help for writing knowledge-base articles and creating short explainer videos?

“Yesterday’s workshop was both thoroughly enjoyable and tremendously beneficial. From all accounts, it was a productive, engaging, and substantive experience from which participants were able to glean significant professional insights and lessons for best practices in their field.”

“My director just called me and said whatever discussions you and Stefanie had made this training focused, interesting, fun, and valuable – she’s already getting additional feedback on the team (they love the interactivity).  She already wants me to work with you and Chris on something else.  And she’s not an easy push….so thank you, thank you!”

“Our customer service manager of 21 years stated that this training was the best and the most relevant class she attended in her career.”

“This course provided everything you would need to hold a successful chat.”

“I have never attended D&I training before and didn’t know what to expect. This exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t boring. It was timely and relevant. D&I can be a sensitive topic with some and I felt like the approach here brought people along with being judgmental or condemning anyone.”

“Charles’ presentation style is so engaging that I felt like he was speaking to me! Thanks for making what could be a dry topic a fun session!”

“I wanted to thank you again for the chat training. This was essential to our new chat initiative moving forward, and we hope to see some substantial increases in our customer satisfaction scores in the upcoming new year.”

“Thank you. This was the first course I’ve had virtually that truly maxed the technology to solicit audience participation. Thanks for teaching by doing!”


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Grammar Refresher

article writing course

Minute Taking

article writing course

Writing Stronger Narratives

article writing course

Email Etiquette

article writing course

Policy and Procedure Writing

article writing course

Narrative Memo Writing

Using Writing to Teach in Any Discipline

Delta Program logo

Register Here

Course Description

This course is offered in collaboration with Writing Across the Curriculum .

Research has shown that when students write more in a course, they learn course content more effectively and engage more deeply with the material. At UW–Madison, many faculty and instructors across the disciplines have taken up this approach by making writing central to their courses. This approach works best when assignments are well designed and build on students’ experiences. Join the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program to learn how to use writing to promote students’ active learning in an inclusive classroom environment!

In addition to going in-depth on how to use writing to teach in your discipline, this course will also explore writing assessment. Additional topics covered include navigating the new AI writing landscape as you teach and assess writing and considering the intersection of writing and wellness for your students.

Contact [email protected]

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Join a Journal Article Writing Group for Graduate Students: Spring 2024

Posted in: Center for Writing Excellence , News Students Can Use , Upcoming Events

article writing course

Are you a graduate student working on a journal article for publication? Learn more about the Graduate Student Journal Article Writing Group!

This writing group will run during the Spring semester (January 22 – April 19, 2024). Weekly topics will include: publication venues, selecting a journal, writing your argument, literature review, citation management and more. Participants can participate mostly asynchronously, though a weekly synchronous meeting will be convened. We will use Wendy Laura Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks to guide the discussions and work.

Attend one of the upcoming Zoom information sessions where we will discuss how the program will run, the expected time commitment, and answer any other questions you may have. If you want to sign up without attending an information session, or if you have questions, email [email protected].

Wednesday, November 22nd, 12:30-1pm

Wednesday, November 29th, 2:30pm-3pm 

Tuesday, December 5th, 8pm-8:30pm

Monday, December 11th, 7pm-7:30pm 

Thursday, December 14th, 5pm-5:30pm

Sponsored by the Center for Writing Excellence and the Harry A. Sprague Library.


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    article writing course


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    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular writing courses. Creative Writing: Wesleyan University. Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan. Academic English: Writing: University of California, Irvine. Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University. Writing in the Sciences: Stanford University.

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    Course Overview • 10 minutes. Essential Reading: Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing • 30 minutes. 3 quizzes • Total 12 minutes. Introduction to Academic Writing • 4 minutes. Building an Argument: The Core of Academic Writing • 6 minutes. Structure of an Academic Paper • 2 minutes. 2 peer reviews • Total 240 minutes.

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    Recommended for: Udemy is an excellent place to start if you're new to online learning, as the classes don't cost much, and you can buy them anytime. Pricing: Udemy online writing classes are cheap to start with and often sold at a discount. The cost varies depending on the class. Classes start from $9.99.

  6. Best Content Writing Courses & Certificates Online [2023]

    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular content writing courses. The Strategy of Content Marketing: University of California, Davis. Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Squarespace: Coursera Project Network. Writing in English at University: Lund University.

  7. How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course)

    Module 1 • 3 hours to complete. In this section of the MOOC, you will learn what is necessary before writing a paper: the context in which the scientist is publishing. You will learn how to know your own community, through different exemples, and then we will present you how scientific journal and publication works.

  8. Best Online Writing Courses and Programs

    Online writing course curriculum. With online writing courses, any learner can master the skills needed to become a strong writer. Start with the fundamentals in an online grammar course, where you can learn about the different parts of speech, punctuation, conjugation, and sentence structure. Or more advanced writers can practice their ...

  9. Top Writing Courses Online

    A writing course on Udemy can help boost your confidence and build your skillset. Writing instructors teach their students how to structure their writing passages. They share tips and tricks that make writing easier. Students can grow their vocabulary, polish their grammar, and freshen up their spelling skills.

  10. Best Essay Writing Courses & Certificates Online [2023]

    English Composition I: Duke University. Writing in English at University: Lund University. Writing in the Sciences: Stanford University. English and Academic Preparation - Pre-Collegiate: Rice University. Creative Writing: Wesleyan University. Introduction to Research for Essay Writing: University of California, Irvine.

  11. [2023] 170 Free Online Writing Courses to Improve Your Skills

    This 8-week course starts with the basics of grammar and sentence construction and quickly advances to thesis development and essay writing with tools for creating outlines and editing your work. Dr. Maggie Sokolik of the College Writing Programs at the University of California, Berkeley guides students through this excellent introductory ...

  12. How to Write a Good Article—Quickly

    Here is a step-by-step guide full of great tips to help you write a good article in record time: 1. Keep a list of ideas handy. You never know when writer's block will hit. That's why it's important to keep a list of ideas for potential news articles or personal stories that could be expanded into essays. Any time you have an idea, jot it ...

  13. Free Writing Courses and Tutorials

    Top Free Writing Courses & Tutorials Online - Updated [November 2023] | Courses from $14.99. Click button to see savings. Ends in 2h 54m 38s. Click to redeem.

  14. 11 free online writing courses

    2. Creative writing: The craft of plot (Wesleyan University) This short course can be completed in one day and is one of five modules in Wesleyan University's Creative Writing offerings. In this ...

  15. Best Technical Writing Courses & Certificates Online [2023]

    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular technical writing courses. Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order: University of Michigan. Google Project Management:: Google. Technical Communication: University of Colorado Boulder. Introduction to Technical Writing: Board Infinity. Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders: Rice University.

  16. 50 Best Free Article Writing Courses Online: Ultimate Guide 2024

    9. Mastering the Art of Article Writing. These courses delve deep into the art of article writing, covering advanced techniques and strategies: 9.1 Advanced Article Writing Workshop. This workshop-style course is designed for experienced writers who want to take their article writing skills to the next level.

  17. 10 Best FREE Online Writing Courses with Certificates (2023)

    12) Start Writing Fiction (Future learn) Specs: Rating: 4.7. Start Writing Fiction is a course that helps you to create how to develop your ideas, which reflect on your writing and editing. This online writing class is intended for those interested in writing fiction or improving their fiction writing.

  18. Article Writing Course: How To Write Articles: Details

    The Psychotactics Article Writing Course is different, because you write using methods that are similar to what's used in movies, television series etc. In just three months, you progress from just any ol' writing to stuff people stop, read—AND read again. The Article Writing Course brings out that drama in your writing.

  19. Free Online Writing Skills Courses

    These free online writing skills courses will give you a better understanding of this important part of communication. Having good writing skills allow people to communicate messages with clarity and ease, expressing thoughts and ideas to a far larger audience. It helps develop communication and thinking skills and is a great way to teach ...

  20. Article Writing Course: Gain New or Upskill your Content Writing Skills

    Article Writing Course: Learn How to Write and Optimise your Blog Posts About your Trainer. I am Lydia, an experienced writer, businessperson, and online entrepreneur with more than five years of experience in the writing industry. I hold certificates for content writing, SEO copywriting, and social media marketing. ...

  21. Step By Step Guide To Writing Online Articles

    In this course you will learn how to: Assess and improve your writing skills. Become a topic specialist. find places that pay highly for writing jobs. use little known resoruces to profit even more. correctly market your services to clients. make clients see you as pure gold. negotiate like an A+ article writer would.

  22. Article Writing Course From The Writers Bureau

    A first-class course on Article Writing from professional writers. Caring, constructive help from expert tutors - all published writers. Help and advice when you need it from our experienced Student Advisory Team. A flexible study programme to suit you with two years in which to complete your course. Nine tutor-marked writing assignments.

  23. Online Knowledge-Base Article Writing Training Course

    Course Outcomes. This writing skills course for knowledge-base article authors will: Discuss various content formats and when each makes sense. Suggest areas to consider when building a self-service support hub. Outline best practices for creating content. Suggest metrics to evaluate the usability and use of the content.

  24. Supporting Graduate Students' Writing in Online Courses

    Annamary Consalvo, Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Tyler where she teaches undergraduate, masters, and doctoral courses in adolescent literacy and research methods.A former middle and high school English teacher, her research interests include the teaching of writing, and aspects of literature for young adults.

  25. Using Writing to Teach in Any Discipline

    Research has shown that when students write more in a course, they learn course content more effectively and engage more deeply with the material. Learn how to use writing to promote students' active learning and create a more inclusive learning experience in any disciplinary or course context. Thursdays, 2-3:30pm, starting January 25. ΔΔ

  26. Join a Journal Article Writing Group for Graduate Students: Spring 2024

    Learn more about the Graduate Student Journal Article Writing Group! This writing group will run during the Spring semester (January 22 - April 19, 2024). Weekly topics will include: publication venues, selecting a journal, writing your argument, literature review, citation management and more. Participants can participate mostly ...