1. Cómo escribir un artículo para el Writing del B1 Preliminary (PET

    write article b1

  2. Teaching Together How to write an article for B1 Preliminary

    write article b1

  3. Cómo escribir un artículo para el Writing del B1 Preliminary (PET

    write article b1

  4. How to write an ARTICLE

    write article b1

  5. Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): How to write an article in 2021

    write article b1

  6. How to write an article for the new B1 Preliminary 2020

    write article b1


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  3. B1- PET| Hướng dẫn viết báo article B1 Cambridge đơn giản, dễ áp dụng


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  1. Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): How to write an article in 2021

    Introduction. In the PET exam you always have to write an email, but you can choose if you want to write an article or a story. In an article task you get the topic from a website or magazine and there is some information or questions that you have to write about. Also, your language should normally be between neutral and informal.

  2. How to write an article?

    B1 Preliminary (PET) Article: Writing Checklist B1 Preliminary (PET) Article: Useful Phrases & Expressions The article is an optional writing task in writing part 2 of B1 Preliminary (PET) Cambridge exam where you can decide if you want to write an article or a story. An article that you'll have to write is for publication in a magazine or ...

  3. How to write an article

    Other common B1 topics include education, entertainment, work, shopping, healthy lifestyle, etc. The article you must write is usually meant for a magazine or website. This means that you need to make the article fun and full of helpful information for your readers. Structure of the Article. A good article should follow a clear structure.

  4. Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): How to Write an Article

    In this video, you will find out everything you need to write awesome articles for Cambridge B1 Preliminary. We look at a practical example and go into detai...

  5. B1 Preliminary (PET) writing

    B1 Preliminary (PET) Writing. Two parts - 45 minutes. Writing part 1: write an email; Writing part 2: write an article OR a story; Scoring The Writing section is worth 25% of the total score for the exam. Writing part 1 is marked out of 20; Writing part 2 is marked out of 20; 0-5 marks are given for each of the following criteria: Content

  6. Writing an article

    Organisation. Plan a route through your article before you start writing it - the structure of an article is usually in three parts. For example: An introduction - engage your reader's interest and introduce your argument or the main points of the topic to be discussed. A middle - develop relevant and interesting points about the topic ...

  7. PDF Prepare for exam success: B1 Preliminary for Schools self-access

    In B1 Preliminary for Schools Writing Part 2, you can choose to write an article or a short story. You should write 100 words. It's a good idea to. plan and write short stories and articles regularly, both at home and in class. 1. Summary • Build your vocabulary related to stories and storytelling.

  8. Cambridge English Preliminary: Writing

    In the Cambridge English Preliminary (PET) exam, the reading and writing components are on the same paper. In the writing section of the exam, which consists of three parts, candidates are encouraged to focus on the structural patterns of language and to communicate a specific message in a clear and concise manner.

  9. PDF B1 Preliminary Writing Part 2 article Teacher's notes

    The two samples here were scored as follows: Candidate A: Content 5, Communicative Achievement 4, Organisation 4, Language 4 Candidate B: Content 5, Communicative Achievement 3, Organisation 3, Language 3. You may want to share these with the students if useful or appropriate. 5. Now ask learners to write their own answer to the 'films ...

  10. PDF Writing Guide for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary Exam

    Writing Guide for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary Exam ) 19 Step 3. Write. Sample answer: Figure 16. Writing articles: 4-step process, Step 3. Step 4. Check. Check your work: It is essential to check, check and check again to maximise your grade in language. Practice! Write an article of about 100 words in 22 minutes.

  11. B1 Preliminary preparation

    B1 Preliminary Digital Reading Sample Test. Writing. Time: 45 minutes. Instructions to candidates. Answer the Part 1 question and one question from Part 2; Information for candidates. Each question in this paper carries equal marks. B1 Preliminary Digital Writing Sample Test. Answer keys and tapescript: B1 Preliminary Listening Sample 1 answer key

  12. Writing B1 Cambridge Checklist

    In our previous article, Insights Into B1 Preliminary Writing, we have said that there are three kinds of texts that B1 Preliminary candidates must be familiar with: An email, An article and A story. The Writing paper consists of two parts and three questions: Part 1:. Answer a friend's email and include the notes that are provided.; This part is compulsory.

  13. Part 2

    Type: Story. Your English teacher has asked you to write a story. Your story must begin with this sentence: 'When Jenny looked out of the window, she couldn't believe her eyes'. Write your story. 0. / 100 - 120 words. "Enhance your writing skills for the B1 Preliminary (PET) exam with Cambridge's Writing Part 2 practice.

  14. 11 Writing Examples

    by Adam Skimins 23rd July 2023. Article. 11 Writing examples - Email/Story/Article | B1 Preliminary (PET) Level: B1. Exam: B1 Preliminary. Writing. Article navigation: B1 (PET) Email Writing Example: End of year party. B1 (PET) Email Writing Example: New film club.

  15. B1 PET

    The B1 Preliminary Writing test lasts 45 minutes and is composed of two parts. It contributes to 25% of your overall score. Part 1: Email Writing. In the first section, candidates must craft an email that's approximately 100 words long. Don't worry about the exact word count; keeping it between 80 to 120 words is fine.

  16. Shopping

    Writing Part 1. Writing Part 2. In addition, we add listening and speaking exercises in order to practise for this part of the B1 Preliminary test. Part 3 - Listening. Part 4 - Listening. Speaking. The more words you encounter and understand, the broader your day-to-day vocabulary will become. Our word games and puzzles are an excellent way to ...

  17. How to write a story? (writing examples)

    Step 1: Briefly analyse your task. Writing a story has the advantage that your imagination is not limited and you can come up with whatever you want and put it in your story. The only thing you need to stick to is the sentence your story begins with. Below you can see a sample exam task: Your English teacher has asked you to write a story.

  18. How to Write a Story for B1 Preliminary (PET) Writing

    Before starting to write your story, brainstorm a couple of things and write down some ideas. This can include vocabulary related to the topic, connectors, time phrases, etc. Also, decide before writing how the story is going to end. Revise, edit and improve. Don't write all at once and then move on.

  19. PDF Writing Tasks

    ESS008 - Essay : Extreme Activities. ESS007 - Essay: Becoming Happy By Helping Others. ESS006 - Essay : Time Management. ESS005 - Essay: Immigrants In A New Country. ESS004 - Essay : Teenagers and Their Free Time.

  20. Cómo escribir un artículo para el Writing del B1 Preliminary (PET)

    Instrucciones del Writing B1 Preliminary Part 1: Artículo. Estructura de un artículo de B1. Ejemplo de Artículo para el Writing del PET. Expresiones para utilizar en cualquier artículo de B1. Para empezar un artículo. Para introducir y separar ideas. Para enganchar al lector. Para concluir.

  21. PDF B1 Preliminary for Schools Writing Part 2

    Description. This lesson plan is to help students prepare for B1 Preliminary for Schools Writing part 2. This lesson plan can be delivered face to face or online. The 'online options' column gives teachers ideas how the stages could be adapted for teaching online. Students look at a sample writing question, and answer.

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  27. B1 Preliminary exam format

    StudyPortals. B1 Preliminary is made up of four papers developed to test students' English skills. You can see exactly what's in each paper below. The formats below are the same for both the paper-based and computer-based exams and digital exams. Please note, during March 2024 we will be moving from our current computer-based exam delivery ...

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