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Driving engagement for HSBC Global Research

By Present Works

Since 2019 Present Works have been working with HSBC Global Research to drive audience engagement and deliver new clients to the team.

research case studies agencies

Bentley x The Surgeon

We created a collaboration in craftmanship with Dominic Ciambrone (aka The Surgeon). The world’s leading creative sneaker customiser.

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Adidas 'Ready for Sport'

We wanted to help adidas create excitement for the return of sport. Our hero film launched via adidas employees’ social feeds, adidas’ global social channels and athlete’s accounts. With 169M views, it became adidas’ second most viewed campaign ever.

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Wrap — Tackling Awareness and Accountability on Food Waste

People are in denial about how much food they waste at home. Through a dramatic visual stunt, we raised awareness of the issue and provided practical tips — reducing food waste in London by 11%.

research case studies agencies

Zalando — Developing an Always-on Creator Strategy for a European Fashion Powerhouse

Identifying and building a community of engaged influencers for Europe’s largest online retailer.

research case studies agencies

Diageo Bar Academy — Building a Thriving Hospitality Sector

Diageo Bar Academy, the world’s largest community of bar professionals, celebrates the industry through global multi-channel campaigns – bring together hundreds of thousands in real life, and millions online, to help build a thriving hospitality sector that works for all.

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Food Standards Agency — Speak Up For Allergies

Young people are especially at risk of food allergy incidents, as older teens often don’t disclose allergies. We worked with social media lifestyle influencers to introduce the topic of food allergies to a new audience, and emphasise the importance of looking out for friends.

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ASICS — A Sell-out First TikTok Campaign

Over the past five years ASICS has transformed its position in the lifestyle and fashion markets. Our work was at the heart of this pivot: delivering one of the brand’s first ever TikTok campaigns – driving impressions, clicks, and sales.

research case studies agencies

Keep Bealonians FC At Oakfield Playing Fields

By BIG little London

In need of an urgent, quick turnaround PR campaign, Bealonians FC contacted BIG little LDN after being recommended to them following the successful PR of the Jumpers for Goalposts Festival in 2018.

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Sarsons: Save Your Chippy

By Wonderhood Studios

Sarson’s Fryday campaign aims to save the nation’s chippies from closure.

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Macmillan Super Surgeon: A Chance at Life

Macmillan launched its first original branded entertainment project with new series ‘Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life’ on Channel 4, showing how cancer impacts people’s lives in ways you can't imagine, and how Macmillan Cancer Support does whatever it takes to support them.

research case studies agencies

Taking a stand on World Suicide Prevention Day with Movember

By Splendid Communications

To raise awareness around men’s mental health on World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September), we turned empty season ticket seats at two football stadiums, to drive people towards Movember’s ‘Spot the Signs’ landing page.

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OneBlade, One of a Kind

Philips asked us how they could promote the Philips OneBlade, a revolutionary grooming device. We helped them turn real-life reviews into cinematic storytelling.

research case studies agencies

Driving digital performance for HiPP Organic

By The PHA Group

Driving digital performance for HiPP Organic with integrated search engine marketing tactics to boost visibility and business impact.

research case studies agencies

Bump into Brum

By Media Bounty

Media Bounty project ACT Climate Labs partnered with Possible, an NGO enabling climate action on a local scale, to support their 'Car-free Cities' initiative in Birmingham with a positive spin.

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AMP Agency

  • Case Studies

Our agency has delivered diverse sets of work for many different brands and clients. Take a look through some of our marketing and advertising case studies to get a feel for the work we create.

research case studies agencies

As Fujitsu Document Scanners’ trusted agency of record, AMP Agency developed an awareness campaign to communicate their rebrand to Ricoh Document Scanners.

research case studies agencies

Teddie Peanut Butter

Teddie Peanut Butter is a family owned company that has been in business for almost 100 years. Teddie came to AMP wanting to reimagine their website to better showcase their brand, deep history and product diversity.

research case studies agencies

The AMPXD team worked in an AOR relationship to relaunch the Happy Hacking Keyboard website to better position the value proposition of their products.

The iRobot marketing intelligence platform utilizes custom-created tools and power business insights to expand online presence and e-commerce.

research case studies agencies

Indigo Health

See how our AMPXD team worked with Indigo to revamp their online presence by designing a responsive web experience to showcase their new service offerings.

research case studies agencies

Learn how Citibank & AMP Agency worked together to develop a cutting-edge marketing experience to engage consumers and highlight Citi's top services.

research case studies agencies

Sentient Jets

See how our AMPXD team elevated the Sentient Jet brand by creating a web experience that repositioned the brand's offering and communicated its value proposition to take them to the next level.

research case studies agencies

Learn how AMP Agency partnered with Verizon’s main experiential agency to create and manage a centralized, flexible, universal event marketing platform.

research case studies agencies

How we helped a beauty brand illuminate the power of skincare.

research case studies agencies

Read our case study about our digital innovation project with Syntactx which included a rebrand and redesign of their website to achieve their objectives.

research case studies agencies

OUE Skyspace

AMP Agency developed a distinctive and engaging digital interactive experience for OUE Skyspace by fusing cutting-edge technology and imaginative design.

See how we streamlined online consumer electronics support for XBOX in this Microsoft case study.

Microsoft Game Studios

See how we leveled-up player loyalty for Halo: Waypoint and Gears of War in this gaming case study.

Read our Vizio case study to learn how we gave this consumer electronics company a brand makeover.


See how we made the launch of MLB: The Show a home-run in our Sony Playstation gaming case study.

research case studies agencies

See how we crafted a digital-first game launch campaign for Battleborn in our 2K case study.

Riot! Games

See how we helped a gaming company leverage an e-sports viewing platform to drive engagement in this Riot! Games case study.

research case studies agencies

Read our food CPG case study to learn how we helped Maruchan bring new audiences to the table.

Sigma Beauty

See how we elevated a beauty brand’s paid social success in our Sigma Beauty case study.

research case studies agencies

See how we empowered women and flexed our sports equipment and apparel brand campaign muscles in this PUMA case study.

research case studies agencies

Apple & Eve

Learn how we modernized a heritage juice brand by reading our Apple and Eve case study.

research case studies agencies

See the beauty of experiential marketing in our Maybelline skincare case study.

We helped a sports equipment and apparel brand connect digital consumer to retail. Read how in our Nike case study.

We planned a road trip for this fashion and footwear brand. View the journey in our Patagonia case study.

Mission Foods

Learn how we helped this food CPG brand find success beyond shelf space in our Mission Foods case study.

In this skincare case study, we highlight how we used experiential tactics to deepen millennial engagement for Garnier Fructis.

research case studies agencies

LA Philharmonic

See how we brought modern branding to a classic form of entertainment in our LA Phil case study.

research case studies agencies

Learn how we strategically launched a beauty company’s products in our Virtue case study.

See how we helped this consumer electronics brand launch its newest laptop computer in our ASUS case study.

research case studies agencies

With just 3 weeks before Black Friday, AMP Agency was retained to develop and launch a new responsive, mobile-first, e-commerce solution for Illesteva.

This travel case study illustrates how we brought Aruba’s “One Happy Island” identity to its web presence.

See how we brought British fashion to America in our Boden case study.

Slacker Radio

We developed a digital product strategy that helped Slacker Radio win new customers. Read this case study to learn more.

Read our TaylorMade case study to learn how we helped elevate the online presence of this innovative golf brand.

See how we grew engagement for an entertainment media brand in this Fandango case study.

Primrose Schools

Read this case study to learn how we helped the regional Primrose Schools Franchise grow a national presence.

CiCi's Pizza

Read our Cicis case study to learn how we helped this pizza franchise roll out a brandtransformation.

Naked Juice

Learn how we helped a CPG brand maintain category leadership by reading this Naked Juice case study.

Tap into this case study to learn how we helped Sena Cases elevate its brand presence and drive sales of its accessories.

research case studies agencies

Faraday Future

Learn how we crafted a vehicle launch and company roadmap for an automotive brand in this Faraday Future case study.

See how we made an EDM media entertainment company live up to Live Nation standards in this Insomniac case study.

Learn how we made LEGO Dimensions gaming experience the most talked-about brand on social in our WB case study.

Destination Maternity

Learn how we kept the world’s leading maternity fashion brand on top by reading our Destination Maternity® case study.

Starbucks Coffee

See how we brewed a new CSR brand pillar for a coffee franchise in our Starbucks case study.

Kaiser Permanante

Learn how we helped a healthcare insurance company reinvent its digital experience for consumers in our Kaiser Permanente case study.

See how we leveraged high-impact partnerships to lift brand awareness for this travel company in our Icelandair case study.

research case studies agencies

Next Insurance

In our Next Insurance case study, learn how our User Experience and Web Design team built a customized chatbot to utilize the intelligence of machine learning to optimize the customer acquisition funnel.

research case studies agencies

Nestle Coffee Partners Solutions Lab

See how we helped increase NCPSL’s revenue through strategic email content development, targeted customer segmentation, and effective email programs.

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Case Studies: How Successful Advertising Agencies Win Clients

Updated October 2023.

Is your ad agency struggling to get leads? Advertising case studies are an excellent way to demonstrate your best work to prospective clients to generate more consultation requests.

Case studies not only demonstrate your expertise as an agency, but also provide potential clients with helpful details about what they can expect from working with your company.

In this article, I will explore what an advertising agency case study is, why it’s important and how you can create one that effectively communicates your agency’s value and expertise.

research case studies agencies

Their expertise has helped Nextiva grow its brand and overall business

What Is an Advertising Agency Case Study?

A marketing agency case study  is a detailed analysis of an advertising campaign that an agency has developed and executed for a client. It typically includes information on the client’s business, goals and challenges, as well as the agency’s creative approach.

The case study may also discuss the challenges that the agency faced during the campaign and how they overcame them. They can provide valuable insights into the agency’s process and approach, as well as demonstrate the agency’s ability to deliver results for clients.

Advertising case studies are instrumental in your marketing kit, on your websites and for the sales team when they meet prospective clients.

Benefits of Advertising Agency Case Studies

Case studies are vital in building your brand trust, as customers nowadays want to know about the first-hand experience of your services before hiring you. Here are the top benefits of ad agency case studies.

Assists the Sales Team

Case studies on the website are a significant help for the sales team as they can offer your business services to clients without great effort. There’s nothing like seeing the results of an ad campaign on paper, a document that prospects can read over and over again. Once the customer is satisfied with the case studies, it becomes easier for the sales team to close the deal, significantly enhancing your business productivity.

Showcases Proven Results and ROI

In the world of marketing and advertising, clients are inherently results-oriented, and they want to see tangible evidence that their investment is paying off. Case studies provide precisely that: They are data-driven examples showing improved ROI .

By presenting real-world examples of successful campaigns — complete with quantifiable data on increased leads, conversions or revenue — you’re no longer simply telling clients what you can do … you’re showing them. When a client can see the concrete impact of your work, they can more easily envision the benefits for their own business.

Builds Trust and Credibility With Potential Clients

In today’s ultra-competitive market, few things make a bigger impact on your ability to land new clients than trust. Remember, it isn’t just money you’re asking clients to hand over — it’s the very reputation of their company itself.

A few well-crafted case studies can go a long way in instilling potential clients with the confidence that their reputation is in safe hands. Meanwhile, being able to show genuine results with genuine clients also helps clients trust that you’re legitimate.

Enhances Brand Reputation and Authority

Sticking with the subject of reputation for a moment, the best case studies can play a crucial role in bolstering your own credibility and establishing authority in your field.

In a marketplace saturated with choices, a strong brand reputation is an invaluable asset. Not only is it useful for influencing a would-be client, but it can also make other companies in your industry sit up and take note, opening new doors for collaboration, rewards and peer recognition.

Provides Insights Into the Agency’s Problem-Solving Abilities

Those campaigns that may throw you a curveball or put up unforeseen obstacles can provide just as much good material for a compelling case study as those where everything runs smoothly. At least they do as long as your agency rises to the occasion.

Highlighting your ability to navigate challenges and still deliver effective solutions, a case study can serve to showcase your creativity, strategic thinking and ability to adapt. Ultimately, this can further reinforce that all-important sense of client trust, resulting in more leads and happy, long-term clients .

Acts as a Valuable Tool for Internal Training and Onboarding

Beyond their external benefits, your advertising agency case study examples provide a real-world, documented playbook that can be used to train new hires and continually educate existing team members.

Ultimately, this helps new employees to quickly grasp your agency’s approach and methodologies, while also ensuring that long-tenured members of your team stay on top of current best practices, successful strategies and how your company capitalizes on evolving trends .

Attracts Potential Talent by Showcasing the Agency’s Impactful Work

Going public with your case studies spreads the word about your agency’s creativity, effectiveness and innovation, helping you to catch the attention of top marketing and advertising talent.

Advertising professionals are drawn to agencies that can demonstrate not only a proven track record, but also a creative vision that aligns with their own. So, when you showcase that through a case study, you’re ultimately taking steps toward assembling an elite force of creative and skilled individuals who are motivated by the prospect of contributing to impactful projects.

Facilitates a Better Understanding of Market Trends and Client Needs

Case studies serve as more than just success stories; they also provide a valuable window into emerging market trends and the evolving needs of clients.

By examining the data and results showcased in case studies, you can identify patterns, emerging trends and shifts in consumer behavior, all of which help your team take a proactive approach to staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing market.

Serves as a Reference Point for Future Campaigns and Strategies

Case studies provide a documented record of what worked and what didn’t in previous campaigns, serving as a valuable resource for advertising strategists and creatives alike. Using an advertising case study as a learning tool can help you identify which strategies and techniques to deploy in future and which mistakes to avoid at all costs.

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What to Include in Creative Agency Case Studies

Here are the key elements to include in your case studies to persuade your potential customers to choose your brand over others.

  • Title: Begin with a strong yet concise and results-orientated title that outlines what you did and who you did it for. The goal here is to captivate your audience and compel them to dive into your case study. So, think about who you’re trying to attract with this work and what would appeal to them.
  • Client Overview: Provide a brief introduction to the client, including their industry, size and any relevant background information. This is crucial as it helps potential clients see themselves in your past clients, making it easier for them to relate to the story being told and recognize your company as the right fit for their specific needs and challenges.
  • Challenge: Next, explain the specific problem that your client faced. This sets the stage for the reader to not only understand the onset of the case study, but also further helps a potential client to empathize with the issues they’re currently up against in their own business.
  • Objectives: Here, you need to be talking about the client’s desired results. Why did they hire your services? What goals and outcomes did they want to achieve? What were their expectations and how did you plan to meet them?
  • Strategy:  Once tasked with your objective, your next task is to devise a strategy to achieve it. You can use this next part of your case study to describe precisely what that was, detailing the creative and tactical steps you planned to take to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
  • Execution: The execution portion of your case study should provide a step-by-step account of how your agency executed the campaign. Be sure to include details about any challenging circumstances you encountered and how you overcame them, along with the reasoning behind your methodology.
  • Results:  Results are what matter most to clients, so it’s important to get this step right. Present the quantifiable results of your campaign using accurate, verifiable figures to detail how the campaign performed against your KPIs.
  • Testimonials: By now, you’ve talked a lot about your company and what you did, but readers are yet to hear from your clients. Address this by including feedback from the client on their experience of working with you. An authentic testimonial can provide a huge boon to your agency’s credibility and could well be the factor that seals the deal with a potential new client.
  • Lessons Learned: As you begin to wrap things up, take some time to reflect on the challenges faced during the campaign and the lessons that you and your team learned, noting how it improved the way you provide your company’s services and made you a better agency that is well equipped to meet the needs of new clients.
  • Visuals: As with any kind of content marketing, visuals such as images, infographics, charts and videos help to break up the content and make it easier to digest, while also reinforcing the important messages running throughout your case study.
  • Internal Links: As you work your way through your case study, pay attention to opportunities to link to other work on your website. Not only does internal linking help boost your website traffic, it also gives you an ideal way to provide further evidence of your experience and expertise.
  • Call to Action: If the whole point of your case study is to serve as a compelling lead magnet, it makes sense that you’ll need to end it with an equally compelling CTA that encourages readers to follow up by getting in touch with you for a free consultation.

More Posts About Case Studies: * 4 Facebook Ads E-commerce Case Studies that Increased ROAS * 7 Amazon Advertising Case Studies that Showcase Top Strategies * Best Programmatic Advertising Case Studies for Exceptional ROAS

How to Prepare Your Creative Agency Case Study

Creative agency case studies are instrumental in enhancing sales and maximizing conversion rates. They efficiently provide readers with real-life examples of how your agency helps clients achieve their business goals.

Here are the steps to create an exceptional case study for your business.

  • Identify a Successful Campaign or Project: The first step in creating a compelling case study is to identify a successful project where your agency could showcase its expertise. The project should showcase your agency’s creativity, problem-solving abilities and results achieved for the client (the more impressive, the better).
  • Obtain Client Permission to Feature Their Case: Some campaigns immediately stand out as being ideal for a case study, but you’ll need to achieve the client’s consent before you can begin bragging about the amazing work you did for them. Make your request clear and concise, explaining the benefits of featuring their company in your case study while also addressing any concerns they may have with regard to confidentiality and branding.
  • Define the Main Challenge or Problem Faced by the Client: A good case study should read like a story , and for any story to be truly gripping, its protagonists (in this instance, your agency and the company you worked for) need a challenge to overcome. So, use this opportunity to detail what that challenge was and why your client chose you to overcome it.
  • Outline the Objectives Set for the Campaign: Here, consider the goals and metrics your clients wanted you to focus on. What outcomes were they looking for? What specific requirements did they provide you with that made this campaign particularly interesting or unique?
  • Describe the Strategy Developed to Address the Challenge:  At this stage, saying “So, we devised a strategy to achieve that objective” isn’t going to cut it. Be specific in describing the strategy you devised, the reasoning behind key decisions and creative ideas, and why you believed this to be the best approach for the brands you work with.
  • Detail the Execution of the Campaign or Project: Providing as much value as you can about the actions you took to execute a campaign gives readers an insight into the way you work, helping them to understand if your agency is a good fit for them while also demonstrating your ability to overcome challenges.
  • Gather and Analyze Results and Outcomes: Collect as much data as possible about the project, including the client’s brief, your agency’s strategy and approach, the creative process and the results. Speak to both your client and employees involved in the project to gather their insights and feedback.
  • Collect Testimonials or Feedback From the Client: Strong testimonials serve as solid, first-hand validation of your agency’s ability and a reflection on what it’s like to work with you from the client’s perspective, both of which make a big difference when it comes to converting case study readers into qualified leads.
  • Highlight Your Unique Selling Points:  In your case study, you should highlight your agency’s unique selling points and what sets you apart from competitors. Focus on the specific strengths demonstrated in the project, such as your creativity, strategic thinking or ability to deliver results.
  • Incorporate Relevant Visuals and Graphics: Eye-catching visuals not only make your case study more attractive and easier to read, but they can also illustrate key points and help you put your campaign results front and center.
  • Write and Structure the Case Study Content: A well-structured case study should include the following sections: introduction, problem statement, strategy and approach, creative process, results achieved and conclusion. Use a clear and concise writing style, and make sure to include visuals such as images, graphics or videos to support your story.
  • Review and Edit for Clarity and Accuracy: By now, you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in creating your case study, so the last thing you want is for all that hard work to be wasted due to a few overlooked mistakes that threaten to tarnish your reputation. Reviewing and editing the case study for clarity and accuracy ensures that the content is concise, error-free and easy for readers to comprehend.
  • Publish and Promote the Case Study on Relevant Platforms : Once your ad agency case study is live on your website, your next task is to identify the most effective channels to get it in front of your target audience. Whether that’s social media, your email list or a blog post, the more you can do to maximize the reach of your case study, the more potential clients you can reach and the more likely you are to get the leads, website traffic or brand recognition you were hoping for.

Learn how to write a case study with this detailed guide: How to Write a Case Study that Converts Prospective Buyers into Customers

Best Ad Agency Case Study Examples

There are many great ad agency case study examples that showcase the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns, such as PPC ad strategies or content marketing strategies. Here are the best ad agency case study examples:

1) Single Grain’s Nextiva Case Study

Nextiva provides robust IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. And though they were attracting leads, they wanted to optimize their ads for greater ROI — decreasing ad spend  while generating more qualified  leads. They came to Single Grain for help with their social advertising.

Here are the strategies that Single Grain  implemented:

  • Worked with Nextiva to determine what lead would provide optimal down-funnel performance
  • Identified the most cost-efficient audience segments
  • Created messaging and design specifically to appeal to the target audience
  • Used their “best of test” methodology for optimizing Google Ads

With the help of this marketing agency, Nextiva was able to reduce their cost per lead by 41.37% year over year on Google Ads.

Key takeaways:

  • The portfolio presented the results in big fonts to make it easier for potential customers to read the achievements. Plus, the significant growth numbers were highlighted in bold for an easier understanding.


  • Single Grain kept a minimalistic logo and a bolded headline that focused on the results.


2) Halo Waypoint’s Gears of War  Gaming Case Study

Microsoft Game Studios hired Amp Agency  to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy for the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

Amp Agency had a goal to prevent gaming enthusiasts from defecting to other competitors and engage them in playing Halo and Gears of War longer. Here are the strategies that Amp Agency used in the case study:

  • Dedicated Website:  Amp created a new website specifically for Halo 5: Guardians , which was a hub for all of the game’s marketing materials. The website featured trailers, screenshots, other promotional content and links to pre-order the game.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Amp Agency next ran several campaigns to build excitement around the game’s release. These campaigns included Twitter sweepstakes, where fans could win prizes by tweeting about the game; and a Facebook poll, where fans could vote on their favorite Halo character.
  • Influencer Marketing:  Amp partnered with popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers to promote Halo 5: Guardians  to their audiences. The influencers  created gameplay videos and other content showcasing the game’s features and encouraged their followers to pre-order it.

The game sold over five million copies in its first three months, generating over $400 million in revenue. The social media campaigns created by Amp Agency were particularly successful, with the Twitter sweepstakes generating over 100,000 entries and the Facebook poll receiving over one million votes.

  • The customer story insights featured the main product in the background to help readers understand the client’s product in great detail.


  • The case study included stunning images, screenshots and graphics throughout the content for easier understanding of how the campaign was implemented.


3) Single Grain’s Twenty20 Case Study

Twenty20 disrupted the crowded stock visual media space with a major twist on a tried-and-true mode. They hired Single Grain to focus on the pillars that truly differentiate them from their competitors. Single Grain designed a powerful marketing process, including a robust content marketing strategy.

With the help of Single Grain, Twenty20 received more traffic volume  with the same consistency in revenue per session. They also witnessed an exponential growth in free trial volume with a significant reduction in their advertising cost.

  • They added a video in the case study featuring Micah Cohen of Twenty20, who shared his opinions on the great work done by the Single Grain’s team.


  • They also shared numbers and stats that emphasized the importance of the digital marketing service that Single Grain offered.


  • The case study also featured a prominent CTA button for increasing the conversion rates.

4) Infidigit’s Myntra SEO Case Study

The Infidigit SEO case study  for the Indian e-commerce store Myntra is another great example of an SEO campaign case study. By conducting comprehensive SEO audits and implementing SEO strategies at scale, Infidigit helped Myntra achieve a 187% increase in organic revenue and a 150% increase in organic visits.

  • The case study website features a hero image with a smiling face, which is known to increase conversion rates.


  • They effectively added internal links to other case studies from the right sidebar to lower the bounce rate of the page and to drive people to more pages on the site for maximum conversions.

Infidigit case study

  • They added exact screenshots of the target keyword and the SERPs, which displayed the keyword ranking at the top of the organic search.


  • They used bright orange-red as the CTA button color in a bid to attract more clicks.


5) Inflow’s Facebook Advertising Paid Ads Case Study

B2C brand Seltzer Goods approached Inflow  to market their service. Inflow used Facebook  as an advertising investment channel to promote their service. With intelligent ad targeting, the brand was able to acquire a 9.68x return on ad spend and a 785% increase in monthly revenue. Moreover, they achieved a $4.87 cost per customer acquisition, which was exceptional.

  • They published the case study as a blog post, which helped to attract social shares.


  • The post is comprehensive and explains the entire strategy and technology that they used to attract potential prospects and scale the brand’s growth. They leveraged data at every point to make it easier for the readers to understand how their campaign worked.
  • They added actual ad creative screenshots to tell readers exactly how they used the branding and logo to engage the customers.


Dive Deeper: We Refreshed 15 Posts on 3 SaaS Blogs – And Increased Organic Traffic on All

To produce a successful creative agency case study, it’s important to focus on the key elements that will make it engaging and informative. This includes providing a clear overview of the client and the challenges they faced, outlining your thought-process tactics and presenting your results in a compelling way. Most importantly, don’t just present dry facts and numbers; tell the client’s story .

If you’re ready to level up your business with ads that convert with the best ROAS, Single Grain’s advertising experts  can help.👇

Advertising agency case study faqs, how do you write a case study for an advertising agency.

Here are the steps involved in writing a case study for a marketing agency:

  • Choose a client and a project.
  • Collect information about the project.
  • Create a structure for the case study.
  • Write the case study, emphasizing your company’s strengths and expertise.
  • Include quotes from the client to highlight their satisfaction.
  • Edit and proofread the case study thoroughly.
  • Publish and promote the case study to illustrate the company’s expertise.
  • Tailor the case study to your target audience, using visuals and language that resonate with them.

What is a good example of a case study?

An exceptional case study that refers customers and generates more leads includes:

  • A brief introduction
  • Strategies used in the case study

How can I choose the right advertising agency for my business?

To choose the right advertising agency for your business, consider the agency’s experience, expertise, track record and client portfolio. Look for an advertising company with experience in your field that can demonstrate its ability to deliver results.

What are the benefits of working with an advertising agency?

Working with an advertising agency can offer several benefits, including access to expertise and resources that may need to be available in house, the ability to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns, and the potential to save time and money by outsourcing marketing functions.

What is an agency case study?

An agency case study is a comprehensive presentation in which an advertising agency showcases their success stories in an attempt to win over potential clients. It generally includes details about the goals of past clients, the approach an agency took to achieve those goals and the results produced.

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The Effectiveness of Case Studies on Agency Websites

Case studies offer agencies the opportunity to highlight their success stories. By featuring work on your website, you’re able to demonstrate the process and results achieved –– from developing marketing strategy to achieving results.

A 2018 survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that case studies were the second most popular type of content used by B2B marketers. 47% of all respondents said that case studies were the most effective form of content they created for their B2B content marketing.

A case study provides a detailed and specific analysis of work your agency did, including the strategy behind the work and the results achieved. They are an effective form of long-form content that demonstrates the expertise of the agency. It’s important to be well-researched when developing a plant, and the same is true for a case study. The most effective case studies are detailed and well fleshed out, making it clear to any reader –– potential business partner or otherwise –– the work the agency did and the success achieved.

They’re also the most popular content marketing tactic used for self-promotion in the US. According to an eMarketer survey, 62.6% of marketing agency executives say case studies are effective in generating leads .

research case studies agencies

Between highlighting your business’s expertise and generating concrete future business, case studies are an important part of any successful digital marketing agency’s website and portfolio.

Highlight Your Agency’s Strategy and Strengths

Case studies allow an agency to show, not tell. They highlight concrete work that a team has done and demonstrate not just what they do but how they do it –– an important piece in securing future business. Case studies are a space to dive deeper into the strategy behind decisions made and really emphasize why your agency does it best.

Most case studies start off with an explanation of a businesses needs and how the agency met those needs using research, an individualized strategy, and their own expertise. Moving forward, the case study highlights the specific work the agency did and concludes with concrete data to show how effective and successful their work was at delivering results.

Whether it highlights a rebranding of an outdated website , the expansion of a brand’s presence to new social media platforms, or producing qualified leads, a case study allows an agency to demonstrate its diverse services and offerings all while highlighting its mastery in the field.

Digital agency showreels can be another way to display your portfolios.

Clarify the Type of Work Your Agency Does

People may find descriptions of a business and its services and skills unclear. They may need more information to understand what an agency can offer. Having case studies on your website will help maximize your ability to convert leads.

Each case study can highlight a different aspect of your business’s services. From website design to search engine optimization to rebranding, they can allow you to be more specific about what kind of work you’re doing – all of which can help attract even more future business, too.

Show Your Work to Relevant Businesses in Similar Industries

An important part of any business’s strategy is standing out amongst competitors. Case studies are an effective way to differentiate your agency and demonstrate why your team stands out. If your agency boasts a  success story involving a digital rebranding of a company’s website and marketing efforts, then drafting and sharing a case study reflecting that work could mean that in the future, more clients with similar needs go to you first.

Many businesses want an agency to show expertise in their field. If an agency has done work and can demonstrate success with hotels , a hotel company may be more likely to hire that agency than if they’re inexperienced in the field. In a similar vein to optimizing a website or a blog post for search, case studies can act like a strong keyword that drives traffic to your website. If a person is searching for “digital rebranding” services and your website has a case study with that title that showcases your hard work and expertise , it’s more likely to pop up on the search results. Case studies can thus help drive organic traffic to your website.


Generate Leads

According to BigCommerce, once a visitor to your website interacts with a testimonial or review, there are serious results . 58% of visitors are more likely to convert after seeing a review, they buy 3% more per order on average, and the website generates 62% more revenue per site visitor.

Case studies act as the perfect way to include testimonials on your website in a strategic and purposeful way that is proven to generate leads. Piquing potential future businesses’ interest is just another reason why case studies are such a powerful tool to showcase on a digital marketing agency website.

Close the Sale

Drafting well-written and high-quality case studies to share on your website is only one part of the process. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your team to close the sale and secure the business of any potential clients –– but case studies are proven to help get you there.

If nothing else, they can help get you to the first meeting –– because as we’ve seen, website visitors are influenced by testimonials, of which your case studies will be full –– and you can engage the person from there.

About 97 Switch

97 Switch is a nationally ranked, Chicago-based digital marketing and strategy agency. Its globally ranked services include top-notch web design and development, digital marketing services and strategic planning and results.

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