1. Qantas CASE Study

    qantas case study 2020 pdf

  2. Qantas Business Case Study Update

    qantas case study 2020 pdf

  3. QANTAS AiRLiNES-SEC 1.pdf

    qantas case study 2020 pdf

  4. The Qantas Case Study

    qantas case study 2020 pdf

  5. Qantas Operations Case Study

    qantas case study 2020 pdf

  6. Business Studies Case Study Qantas

    qantas case study 2020 pdf


  1. Qantas Safety Video

  2. Market Segmentation Qantas Explained

  3. Qantas Operations Strategies Explained

  4. Qantas Group Pilot Academy Official Opening

  5. Qantas Business Class

  6. Qantas A380 safety demonstration video


  1. 2021 HSC Business Operations Notes with Qantas Case Study

    QANTAS: requires all stakeholders at Qantas working together to improve the processes, service and culture of the company. 4 Overcoming resistance to change. These notes are the HSC Business study syllabus notes for the operations syllabus. Numbered by Jacaranda Textbook headings and including up-to-date Qantas Case.

  2. 2020 Qantas Group Data Book

    The Qantas Group Financial Framework targets an optimal capital structure with a net debt range of between $4.5 billion and $5.6 billion, based on Invested Capital as at 30 June 2020 of $6.1 billion and a minimum ROIC return of 10 per cent (5.8 per cent ROIC in FY20).

  3. Airline-within-Airline business model and strategy: case

    Raynes, C. and Tsui, K.W.H., 2019. Review of Airline-within-Airline strategy: Case studies of the Singapore Airlines Group and Qantas 12 Iryna Heiets/ Transportation Research Procedia 00 (2019) 000–000 Group. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 7(1), pp.150-165. Shy, O., 1995. Industrial organization: theory and applications. MIT press.