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published books from wattpad

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published books from wattpad

11 Published Books That Started Out on Wattpad

This post may contains affiliate links. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more details.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for   Published Books That Started Out on Wattpad:

  • Silence by Natasha Preston – Our Top Pick
  • Trapeze by Leigh Ansell
  • Vicious Depths by Madeline Stanford
  • Textrovert by Lindsey Summers
  • After by Anna Todd

Millions of young readers and writers have found their home at Wattpad over the years. Now, many of those who found their fame on the site have been scouted by publishers or have  self-published their own novels .

Table of Contents

1. Silence by Natasha Preston

Oakley stopped speaking eleven years ago. Only she knows why. Her best friend, Cole, has stuck at her side even so, finding a way to communicate with her without having to use words.

But as they grow closer, Oakley realizes she’s ready to break her silence. She wants the world to know what happened to her.

Natasha Preston self-published this novel in 2013 after its success on Wattpad, and has since made a career from self-publishing thriller novels. 

2. Trapeze by Leigh Ansell

Corey’s life is turned upside down when the circus that she’s been a part of for years is burned to the ground.

Now, she’s being sent to live with her estranged family to live the life of a typical teenager. She’s determined to hate her new life, but with a romantic interest in the picture and family life to navigate, she has a lot to learn about herself and the kind of person she wants to be.

Trapeze was published by Wattpad Books after a long stint on their website and was one of the first to be taken by their publishing program.

3. Vicious Depths by Madeline Stanford

Alex finds herself in hell after dying far too soon and making a deal to escape purgatory. Her mission is to spy on the leader of hell – or ‘the Depths’ – and report back to the Azure, otherwise known as Heaven. But hell doesn’t seem so bad when she makes friends, parties constantly and falls head over heels for the mysterious Flynn Cooper…

Madeline Stanford won the Hot Key Books & Wattpad Young Writers Prize in 2015 with this novel and then went on to self-publish it with Amazon.

4. Textrovert by Lindsey Summers

When two polar opposite people accidentally swap phones for a whole week, there’s bound to be drama. Keeley gets to know Talon by texting him, but he’s got a secret that might threaten to destroy the new relationship they’re building together…

Previously known to Wattpadders as The Cell Phone Swap, this funny, sweet young adult romance is perfect for anyone who loves rom-coms and stories filled with drama.

5. After by Anna Todd

Possibly one of the most famous stories to come from Wattpad, After is adapted from a Harry Styles fanfic and follows the love story of Tessa and Hardin.

They start out hating one another, but hate quickly turns into something raw, passionate and sexy between sweet Tessa and bad-boy Hardin. They say opposites attract, but are they too different to be together?

This book was also adapted into a Netflix movie, and the sequel is coming out later in the year.

6. Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Two young girls attend the Comic-con of their dreams when their lives change forever. Charlie is about to meet her celebrity crush and realize that her romantic feelings might not be one-sided, while Taylor is finding a way to step out of her comfort zone and fall in love for the first time. Together, they’re about to make their dreams a reality.

Jen Wilde began her writing career on Wattpad, gaining a lot of followers prior to her publication by Swoonreads in 2017.

7. The Supervillain and Me by Danielle Banas

Abby’s brother is a superhero, and she is not. She’s just ordinary. But when her hometown’s supervillain swoops in to save her from a mugging, she’s about to get involved in a world of good and evil more than she ever planned before.

Also scouted by Swoonreads, Danielle Banas’ novel was published back in 2018 and her next novel is being published in August 2020.

8. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board by Zoe Aarsen

McKenna is living her best life until a new girl shows up in town and predicts how she and her friends are going to die. When one of the predictions comes true, McKenna must try to understand what is happening to her and her friends before the new girl, Violet, finds ways to bring them all to a sticky end.

This book was published in 2018 after a long stint on Wattpad, and has now been adapted into a Hulu TV series.

9. The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones by Daven McQueen

It’s 1955, and Ethan feels different. He’s a biracial kid raised by a white father and has never talked about race much. But when he spends the summer with his auntie and uncle in Alabama, he soon feels unwelcome. The one person who doesn’t reject him is Juniper Jones, the free spirit of his home for the summer. She is the key to him finding a way through the dark, and she’ll prove to him that he has a beauty he’s never seen in himself before.

This new release by Wattpad Books rose to fame on their site and is now available for purchase in paperback. 

10. Tired of Being Tired, Sick of Being Sad by Azia To 

Originally written on Wattpad under the title ‘Sad Girl Clapback’, this stands out on this list as the only non-fiction piece. Azia To explores what it means to be young and depressed through her self-help book. Compiled of reflective poetry, real-life text messages and essays, this book is original and fresh.

On Wattpad, it supported young people all over the globe in growing up. Now as a self-published book, it continues to reach and touch the hearts of young people everywhere. 

11. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Alice is fresh out of a relationship after confessing she’s asexual, and not looking for love. But when Takumi moves to town, Alice discovers she has unwanted feelings for him that she can’t escape. As they become close friends, Alice must decide if she wants to pursue a love her new friend might not understand. 

Swoonreads published this novel, but Claire Kann still posts sometimes on her Wattpad account. 

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published books from wattpad


  • Oct 11, 2022

10 Famous Wattpad Stories for Your Reading Bucket List

These ultimate Wattpad classics are a must-read for fans of the orange app.

published books from wattpad

by Anna Todd

706 Million Reads

No list of Wattpad classics could miss Anna Todd's ultra-hit Harry Styles fanfic, After . Jam-packed with drama a sex, it's no wonder this famous Wattpad series spawned 4 published books and 4 movies.

published books from wattpad

The Cell Phone Swap

by Lindsey Summers

125 Million Reads

This teen romance about two high school students who accidentally switch cell phones skyrocketed to fame in the early 20-teens. It was eventually physically published by Wattpad as Textrovert .

published books from wattpad

Through My Window

by Ariana Godoy

370 Million Reads

Spanish-language sensation A Través De Mi Ventana is also known for its English translation, Through My Window . The book was turned into a hit movie for Netflix in 2022 with two sequels on the way.

published books from wattpad

Chasing Red

by Isabelle Ronin

260 Million Reads

One of the first big Wattpad books to score an outside publishing deal, steamy romance Chasing Red has amassed success on and offline since 2016.

published books from wattpad

Perfect Addiction

by Claudia Tan

85 Million Reads

This boxing romance is actually the second standalone in Claudia Tan's Perfect series , but quickly became a fan favorite. It was published by Wattpad Books in 2022 and is being turned into a movie by Constantin Films .

published books from wattpad

Storm and Silence

by Robert Thier

111 Million Reads

2015 Watty winner Storm and Silence is a billionaire romance that has become a major fan favorite. The full 6-book series has since been published by the author.

published books from wattpad

Cupid's Match

by Lauren Palphreyman

59 Million Reads

This young adult fantasy based on Greek mythology became an instant star among readers and won a Watty in 2016. It was later published by Wattpad Books and optioned for a TV show by the CW in 2018 .

published books from wattpad

The Hoodie Girl

by Yuen Wright

81 Million Reads

Yuen Wright's YA romance between the invisible girl and the high school quarterback is exactly the kind of deliciously tropey fare we love in a Wattpad novel. It's now a published novel through Wattpad Books.

published books from wattpad

The Bad Boy and the Tomboy

by Nicole Nwosu

109 Million Reads

Now published internationally and also as an audiobook, teen romance The Bad Boy and the Tomboy started out as a very popular Wattpad story.

published books from wattpad

She's With Me

by Jessica Cunsolo

143 Million Reads

Jessica Cunsolo rose to Wattpad fame with her book She's With Me , published in 2020. Its sequels, Stay With Me and Still With Me , were both subsequently published, making it the longest full series currently published under the imprint.

Are we missing any Wattpad classics? What would you recommend?

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