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5 Help Desk Resume Examples Built to Work in 2024 

Stephen Greet

Help Desk Resume

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Being a help desk technician is all about being the go-to support hero for tech-related woes. You’re the friendly face or voice that guides users through their IT troubles, from computer hiccups to forgotten passwords. 

Your knack for problem-solving and communication makes you a troubleshooter extraordinaire. However, crafting a resume that showcases your IT prowess can be as tricky as decoding a complex error message. 

If you’re ready to put your skills on paper and land that dream job, we’re here to lend a hand. Our expert-written help desk resume examples can help you with everything from picking the right job skills to making your experience pop. To top it all off, use our free cover letter builder for the complete application.

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Help desk resume example with 9 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • It may not seem like much at first but specifying how you used industry-specific tools to make quantifiable differences can go a long way! Don’t sleep on your technical experience either! Add any instances when you monitored and improved a network’s security.

Entry Level Help Desk Resume

Entry level help desk resume example with retail cashier experience

  • The essence is to demonstrate that you’ve actually put textbook theories to work, which culminated in tangible outcomes in the real world. Maybe it’s a summer job as a cashier, where you mastered your customer service. If such is not an option, capitalize on the job-relevant seminars you attended, and the college projects you carried out.

Help Desk Analyst Resume

Help desk analyst resume example with 6 years of experience

  • You want to stay clear of terms like “aided” and “assisted” and instead bring out the big guns—words that convey leadership (think led, authored, negotiated), accomplishments (think overhauled and upgraded), and technical prowess (think analyzed, monitored, and executed).

IT Help Desk Resume

IT help desk resume example with 10 years of experience

  • Can’t forget about regulations too now, can we? If you’ve ever helped a company save costs on potential compliance fines, make sure to mention it and prove your dedication to any employer!

Help Desk Technician Resume

Help desk technician resume example with 11 years of experience

  • Once done, back up these metrics with actionable points like increasing a system’s uptime rate from 87% to 98.3%, or improving overall productivity by 26%.

Related resume examples

  • Customer Service
  • Office Assistant

Adapt Your Help Desk Resume to Match Every Job Description

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

When it comes to showcasing your skills as a help desk technician, you’ve got a toolbox full of tech expertise that employers are eager to see. Your resume is where you can dive into it. Be specific and steer clear of vague, generic terms—your IT-focused resume should shine a spotlight on your technical prowess.

Zoom in on the hard skills you’ve honed. List the software applications you’re fluent in, any cyber security frameworks you’ve mastered, and, of course, any programming languages that you’ve conquered. 

Highlight your know-how in networks, malware detection, and understanding system vulnerabilities. Remember, the key is to match the skills you have with what the job demands.

Need some help?

15 top help desk skills

  • Ticketing Systems
  • Hardware Knowledge
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Active Directory

professional resume help desk

Your help desk work experience bullet points

Your days working as a help desk technician are often a whirlwind of assisting users, resolving IT issues, and ensuring smooth tech operations. However, when it comes to your resume, it’s the remarkable achievements that truly matter.

Your work ensures that everything runs smoothly without interruptions or costly downtimes, and it’s important that you highlight this. Showcase moments you’re proud of, whether speeding up response times, reducing system downtime, or increasing user satisfaction. 

Quantify your achievements with metrics whenever possible to lend them more weight and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Highlight how quickly you were able to acknowledge and address user requests or IT issues.
  • Showcase your ability to resolve issues on the first interaction, minimizing the need for multiple support interactions and improving user satisfaction.
  • Use surveys or feedback data to quantify user satisfaction and report consistent ratings of 95% or higher.
  • Quantify how your support efforts reduced system or network downtime, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

See what we mean?

  • Developed a weekly backup schedule through Acronis Backup which decreased data loss incidents by 97%
  • Led a project to update password security policies using LastPass, curbing security breaches by 56%
  • Facilitated 1,742 remote support sessions using TeamViewer, resolving 92% of issues without on-site intervention
  • Leveraged Microsoft Teams’ bot and integration features to automate routine tasks, enhancing team productivity by 18%

9 active verbs to start your help desk work experience bullet points

  • Implemented
  • Optimized 
  • Coordinated
  • Collaborated 

3 Tips for Writing an Entry-Level Help Desk Resume

  • Showcase relevant coursework and academic projects that demonstrate your technical abilities. For instance, you could mention a group project where you contributed to designing and implementing a help desk ticketing system for your IT class. These hands-on experiences provide valuable insights into your capabilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Your hobbies and interests can be a goldmine of relevant skills. If you’re passionate about building computers, troubleshooting software, or managing home networks as a hobby, don’t hesitate to mention it. Show how your love for technology extends beyond the classroom and into your personal life, highlighting your dedication to the field.
  • Use a career objective statement to outline your aspirations as a help desk technician. Be specific about the kind of support you want to provide and the impact you aim to make. This helps employers understand your goals and motivations, even if you have limited professional experience .

3 Tips for Writing a Help Desk Resume With Prior Experience

  • Working in a help desk environment means working with people, but don’t list “teamwork” in your skills section. Instead, emphasize your customer-centric mindset by adding metrics like the number of resolved support tickets or the average 5-star rating you get every month.
  • If you’ve developed expertise in specific areas of help desk support, such as hardware troubleshooting, software configuration, or network diagnostics, don’t be afraid to brag about it. For instance, if you’re skilled in remote desktop support, emphasize how your proficiency can benefit remote workers.
  • List any certifications that align with the help desk field. Certificates such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, or HDI Support Center Analyst can boost your credibility. 

You can include a career summary , but it’s optional. If you choose to have one, make it job-specific. Focus on your key proficiencies, such as specific operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) that directly relate to the job.

It’s usually better to focus on your technical skills, namely hardware and software proficiencies. Talk about your in-depth knowledge of Spiceworks, RDP, backing up data, and IT security—your soft skills will shine through your cover letter.

Metrics that demonstrate your impact can set you apart. Highlight statistics such as reduced response times, increased user satisfaction scores, first call resolution rates, or decreased system downtime. 

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Help Desk Resume: Template for Download & Practical Examples

As a Help Desk Support Specialist, troubleshooting other people’s problems is your bread and butter. But have you figured out how to identify problems in your own resume? Let us give you technical support for once and provide you with some corrective steps for your career!

professional resume help desk

Help Desk Resume Example MSWord® Download our free Help Desk Support Specialist Resume template in Word and troubleshoot your own career!

Margaret Buj

Do you like helping others who are struggling with tech woes? Help desk support specialists are your digital superheroes, swooping in to save the day with unmatched IT skills and a proactive approach.

Whether it’s offering remote assistance or orchestrating seamless network operations , these experts are the lifeline in the chaotic digital realm.

Thinking about joining the ranks of these IT knights? Learn with us how to write a resume for IT help that’s as strong as your problem-solving skills. 

Dive in to build a resume that lands you that dream job !

Help Desk Resume Sample

Talented computer support specialists are always in demand. 

It is expected that the need for skilled staff in this field will keep rising in the years to come. In fact, about 49,200 job openings are projected for support specialists each year.

Even so, future candidates need to be aware that this is not your regular 9-to-5 job. Due to the nature of the industry, there is a need for 24-hour availability —nights, weekends, and holidays included. 

If you are looking for remote work , this might be the role for you, as often you will need to connect remotely to fix and troubleshoot user’s problems.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to write a professional help desk resume , we’ve put together an example for you to look over.

[Maria Johnson]

[Help Desk Analyst]

[Chicago, IL 600007 | 111-333-1111 | [email protected]]

>> Summary <<

Dedicated and experienced Help Desk Analyst with over 9 years in the IT field, exceptional problem-solving abilities and technical acumen in various environments. Successfully handled and resolved 20% of help desk cases at the current role, illustrating a strong track record in improving system functionalities and fostering client relationships. Adept at working in high-pressure situations and maintaining a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

  • Database Management (MongoDB, MySQL)
  • Frontend Development
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration
  • Operating System Administration (Windows, Linux)
  • IT Security Best Practices
  • Problem-solving and Analysis
  • Knowledge of IBM RS/6000 Systems
  • Application and Desktop Support

Help Desk Analyst

Example Co., Chicago IL. 

May 2019 – present

  • Expertly fix hardware issues including desktop PCs, printers, IBM RS/6000s, and networks – performed 100+ successful hardware and software repairs per week.
  • Manage the 24/7 support for application and desktop software, ensuring a remarkable 98.8% uptime rate.
  • Maintained 99% satisfaction rating in monthly end-user scoring through applied interpersonal skills and providing fast solutions in a team of 6.

Help desk Analyst

Hudson, Chicago, IL

February 2016 – April 2019

  • Coordinated with onsite technicians and clients to complete replacement of access and switch points at remote sites
  • Diagnosed and resolved 20+ computer and printer problems per week in a busy corporate office
  • Established positive relationships with 10 new clients
  • Completed documentation for projects and training


CompTIA A+ – issued by Google IT Support, 202

Bachelor of Communication

University of Seattle, Seattle

What’s the Best Help Desk Resume Format?

Help desk specialists stand as the crucial bridge between users and IT teams , dedicating themselves to resolving problems and maintaining optimal system performance daily. 

When crafting your resume, your presentation should encapsulate not just your proficiency but also your unique approach to problem-solving .

The reverse-chronological resume format is the premier choice for Help Desk Specialists. It allows recruiters to follow your career trajectory clearly , showcasing your growth and problem-solving strategies over time. 

This layout narrates your story of adapting and overcoming challenges in different roles , making a strong case for your expertise and abilities.

Regardless of the resume format you choose, ensure to include accurate contact details and utilize a professional, distinct font. Keep your content concise and focused on relevant work experiences and skills, adhering to the principle that less is more. 

Remember, recruiters appreciate succinct resumes that encapsulate vital information without forgoing substance.

If you are having trouble deciding what your resume should include, you can always check out our free help desk resume templates that are bound to help you build your help desk resume.

How to Write a Help Desk Resume Summary or Resume Objective

When starting to work on updating your resume , the first thing to think about is your introductory objective or summary . 

When choosing between a professional summary or a resume objective , you need to consider your experience and background. 

  • A resume objective is the best way to give an overview of the skills you possess from your education and your experiences. Moreover, it should include your career goals and aspirations. 
  • A resume summary is a more suitable option to outline your skills and work experience. 

Whichever format you decide on, both types of introduction need to be short and precise.

The length of this content should not exceed more than three or four sentences. They should be enough to paint a good picture of you as a qualified potential candidate.

You might consider using a generative AI chatbot like ChatGPT to help you write your resume introduction . You can give the bot a word limit if you are struggling to fit in all the information you want to include. Just make sure you edit the introduction afterward to sound like you.

Help Desk Resume Summary Example

These opening few lines may open endless job opportunities for you, therefore use them wisely. 

How can you catch the recruiter’s attention? 

Study the requirements listed in the help desk job description and try to reflect them by using industry keywords in your introduction

Communicate your value and make the recruiter aware of how hiring you would benefit the company. Use strong, active language to sell your strengths and achievements.

A professional summary should include your current role and how many years of experience you have, along with a metric or two that demonstrates one or more important accomplishments. 

Here is an example of a weak resume summary for Help Desk application.

Enthusiastic help desk analyst looking to gain experience and use personal skills to serve the company’s best interests.

This example is poor because it is overly vague and does not convey any specific skills , experiences, or achievements that would make the candidate stand out as a Help Desk Specialist. 

It relies on generic terms like “enthusiastic” and “personal skills,” which don’t give a clear picture of the candidate’s qualifications. 

Additionally, it mentions the desire to “gain experience,” which could potentially signal to employers that the candidate is not yet qualified for the role.

A good Help Desk resume summary should be written more like this:

Knowledgeable and expert IT professional, with over 7 years of customer support experience, seeking an opportunity to deliver training as a Help Desk Support Specialist. Skilled in providing customer and end-user help desk support by identifying and resolving IT issues in both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. 98% of incident tickets were completed to client satisfaction and within company’s specified time limit.

Highlighting over 7 years of experience in the field , the summary efficiently outlines the candidate’s strong skill set, including familiarity with a variety of operating systems and software packages. 

Moreover, it showcases their customer support background and ability to troubleshoot IT issues, effectively presenting a candidate eager and equipped to contribute as a Help Desk support specialist. 

That final sentence also includes a metric which confidently displays their achievements in client satisfaction and time-management.

How to Write an Entry-Level Help Desk Resume Objective

Preparing a captivating Help Desk Analyst resume objective may be challenging for some, but we have just the advice you need. First off, remember that the objective should illustrate what you can contribute to the company. 

This is the information that should be included: 

  • Your motivation for applying
  • Name the software you are proficient in
  • Provide information on your education and certifications
  • Underline what actions you can contribute to the company, perhaps gained from an internship experience, your schooling, or personal programming projects .

Get the recruiter to notice you by using industry terminology and keywords.

Look at the job description and make sure your statement fulfills it.

Entry-Level Help Desk Objective Example

Below is an example of a help desk analyst resume objective to give you an idea of the direction in which you should be heading with yours:

Highly motivated IT graduate seeking a position in a challenging helpdesk environment. Strong communication skills and solid knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and software packages. Looking for an opportunity to put my technical problem-solving skills to use at XYZ company.

The resume objective concisely outlines the candidate’s strengths including skills , as well as their foundation in operating systems and software packages. 

It also conveys ambition and a readiness to grow professionally , emphasizing a desire to use their technical problem-solving skills in a challenging environment. 

This paints the candidate as motivated and eager to leverage their foundational knowledge in a substantive role

How to Describe Your Help Desk Experience

Help desk candidates must remember that content is king when it comes to compiling a resume, regardless of the quantity. 

IT support services encompass a selection of skills that are used in different support jobs in the industry, such as analytical skills , effective communication, the ability to learn quickly, etc. Reflect on skills you possess that you should present in the experience section of your resume. 

To offer you some help, read the useful tips below to understand what an experience section should include:

  • Link the qualifications given in the help desk analyst job description to your experience in a skillful way.
  • Use a reverse-chronological resume format to list your work experience from the most current position backward.
  • When presenting your accomplishments, always use bullet points . Paragraphs appear too heavy for this type of information. Give a clear overview of your experience in no more than five bullet points.
  • When writing the experience section, provide information about the previous employment. Name the company that employed you, the position you held there, and the employment duration.
  • Simply listing your experience won’t do! Use action verbs to describe your tasks and achievements, and keywords to add texture to your descriptions. 

Help Desk Resume Examples: Experience

Being a help desk support specialist requires providing technical assistance to users.  

Remember to align your experience with the qualifications required by the company.

When preparing a Help Desk Support Specialist resume, you might want to include core competencies like the ability to deploy, configure, and support operating systems on mobile and desktop , a quick-thinking and resourceful nature, and an understanding of information security in user devices and systems.

Here is what your experience section should look like:

Help Desk Technician

Illinois Office of Inspector General, Chicago, IL

2021 – present

  • Managed over 10,000 help desk tickets via JIRA, maintaining a detailed equipment inventory using ServiceNow.
  • Reduced system downtime by 30% through expert troubleshooting utilizing Windows Troubleshooter and Remote Desktop.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction by 25% by offering responsive help desk support and fostering positive customer relationships.
  • Consistently exceeded customer satisfaction targets through proactive and adept problem-solving.

Entry-Level Help Desk Resume: Experience Section

Entering the job market as a beginner is not easy. Candidates lack the confidence they need to go up against experience in a rather competitive job market industry. 

The good news is there are cases when companies have chosen to hire entry-level candidates for their fresh views on the industry and the ability to train them from scratch.

When brainstorming your experience section, think back to all the situations when your help was needed with tech support. 

Perhaps you volunteered to maintain the computer network for a local organization ? Or did you complete an internship in the IT sector?

These early experiences can shape us for our future careers and you should link them to the job you are applying for. Let us look at an example of how to do this.

IT Intern XYZ 

School District, Jackson, USA 2021 – 2022

  • Supported daily IT operations for a 30-person team, ensuring smooth hardware and software functioning through basic troubleshooting.
  • Managed user accounts in Microsoft Active Directory, facilitating new user setups and appropriate access controls.
  • Aided in IT equipment inventory and budget management, contributing to efficient procurement processes.
  • Created a user-friendly guide to common IT issues, reducing IT department workload by empowering users to solve basic problems.

Is Your Education Section Troubleshooted? It Might Be

Working in IT support demands up-to-date knowledge due to rapid technological advancements. Educational expectations vary based on the role and company. 

For instance, larger software companies often require a bachelor’s degree , while technical roles might need specialized degrees in engineering or IT. 

Beyond formal education, recruiters value relevant certifications, which validate expertise in specific products or systems. Before applying, research a company’s tech stack and seek related certifications. 

Staying informed in the IT landscape , not just relying on experience, can make the difference in landing your desired position.

Help Desk Resume Education Section Example

Now that you know education requirements vary between positions and companies, do a little research on the company you are applying to. 

Review the job description and try to match your qualifications to the ones listed. Include any relevant projects or coursework that can strengthen your application.

To help you understand what the education section should look like , take a look at the below example:

BSc. Degree in Computer Information Systems 

NYC College, New York, NY

  • Member of Math Society. 
  • Final year project: led the update of computer systems at a local community centre as well as training users.

You can also include any extracurricular activities that might be relevant to the job , such as any technology competitions you might have entered or won at your college or school.

If you have developed any AI skills at college that you can include on your resume, now is the time to show them off. There is a skills gap in the IT sector, so AI skills are in demand!

The Best Help Desk Skills for a Resume

Help desk support employees trace and detect unexpected problems and then create apt solutions for them. Due to the nature of the job—help desk—patience is a necessary virtue. 

Working with a large number of teams requires them to be calm and able to communicate with all types of clients . Some of the most important qualities these employees should have include:

  • Listening skills —This skill is high on the list. If support teams don’t understand the customer’s problem, then they won’t be able to fix it. Careful listening encourages asking the right questions to clarify a certain situation. Make sure you demonstrate your active listening skills in your resume.
  • Customer-service skills —Getting calls from users frustrated with the hardware or software is not easy, which is why a help desk specialist needs to be patient and sympathetic with all clients. 
  • Speaking skills —Not everyone understands technical language and support teams need to explain the solution in the simplest terms possible, so the users understand it. 
  • Problem-solving skills —You must know how to locate the problem, analyze it, and offer a solution.

For roles within IT, it can be beneficial to list the software you are proficient in and technical skills you have at the top of your resume , just after the opening summary or objective. Recruiters will need to know this information first.

Find all the key hard and soft skills future help desk employees are looking for below.

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Meticulousness
  • Organizational skills
  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking

Hard Skills

  • Technical Support
  • Computer Literacy
  • Google Suite
  • Microsoft App Knowledge
  • Email Support
  • Database Management (Apache Hive, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Oracle PL/SQL)
  • User Interface and Query Software Proficiency (Amazon Redshift, Blackboard, ServiceNow, Transact-SQL)
  • Experience with Development Environment Software (Apache Kafka, Apache Maven, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft PowerShell)
  • Operating System Expertise (Apple iOS, Bash, Microsoft Windows Server, UNIX Shell)
  • Web Platform Development (Django, Google Angular, Microsoft ASP.NET, Spring Framework)

Select the best help desk resume skills that reflect those given in the job description. These skills have to reflect your proficiency in the job at hand. Don’t try to oversell your skills—recruiters have a nose for lies that appear on resumes . 

How to Add Other Sections for an Effective Resume

Extra sections can give recruiters an idea of who the candidate is outside their academic and professional profile. 

Again, when thinking about what to put in this section, always connect the information to the job you are applying for .

Give an overview of projects you have completed and industry organizations you belong to. If you haven’t listed your certifications in the the education section, you can create a subheading to list them here.

Help Desk Resume Samples: “Other” Sections

Below is an example of how you might include extra sections. Remember that any certifications or volunteer work should also be listed in reverse chronological order.

Continued learning

  • Completed various engineering and IT courses, focusing on network management and data security, XYZ University, 2019-2021
  • ITIL Foundation Certification, awarded by AXELOS Global Best Practice, 2020
  • Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Fundamentals, Microsoft, 2021

>> Languages <<

Fluent in English, Italian, and German, offering a strong advantage in multilingual IT support environments

>> Personal Interests and Endeavors <<

Regular participant in community tennis and basketball leagues, demonstrating teamwork and leadership capabilities

Checklist to Keep in Mind

If you have followed all the instructions we have provided in the guide above, you should have no trouble creating an impressive Help Desk resume.

Go through our key takeaways to make sure that you have covered all the aspects for updating your resume :

  • Use a professional font and strong keywords to attract the recruiter’s attention when presenting yourself.
  • Choose the reverse-chronology resume format as the best form of presenting your professional experience.
  • Write a strong resume objective or summary to introduce yourself
  • Use the experience section to emphasize your accomplishments and the impact that you made in any of your previous positions.
  • Include the skills that highlight your strengths, talents, and software proficiency
  • Use Extra Sections to present projects, continued learning, and other information relevant to the application.
  • List all your degrees, licenses, and certificates that will make you stand out in the crowd 

Don’t forget to check out our other resume examples and a variety of modern and professional templates to help you make your own!

professional resume help desk

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Help Desk Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the help desk job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters

Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies, tailor your resume & cover letter with wording that best fits for each job you apply.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Resume Builder

  • Assist with network issues, mobile device management, and third party application management
  • Effectively communicates with IT team members and management to document customer issues, create assignments, manage support requests and share best practices
  • Deploy and maintain out of band management devices in Retail locations, so that network equipment can be managed remotely
  • May provide lead work direction to college interns or new hires
  • Registers in HEAT (the incident management tracking tool) and assigns either to him (her) self or dispatched to a "queue" managed by additional support teams
  • Work and communicate with team members to deploy quality solutions in order to satisfy project and task work as assigned
  • Provide technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware
  • Assist on multiple project work assigned by a manager
  • Provides additional assistance or information to the IT Technical resource working on the escalated problem
  • Consistently meet and exceed established benchmarks in performance set forth by management for all Tier 1 Associates
  • Administers end-user workstations and supports end-user activities utilizing TCP/IP on a primarily Microsoft Windows-based local area network (LAN)
  • Use Active Directory and other Bain tools to create and manage user accounts and set permissions
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described
  • Resolve technical problems with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and other systems
  • Provide basic administrative support such as creating network and email accounts, editing permissions and performing file restorations
  • Identifies areas for service and support improvement and collaborates with Manager to implement changes
  • Provides remote Level I and II (basic and escalated) technical assistance and supports, and resolves problems related to the use of computer hardware and software for system end users
  • Maintains accurate and timely records in time tracking systems, ticket management systems, asset tracking systems, and weekly status and metrics report repositories
  • Documents current processes, procedures, and routing guidelines; and builds, maintains and contributes to a knowledgebase for financial and administrative systems
  • Perform any other duties deemed necessary by the Manager of International IT Operations and Help Desk
  • As time permits, or as directed by the Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure (or his reports) provide assistance to other groups within IT
  • Ability to react quickly and professionally in stressful situations
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, able to interact professionally with diverse user groups
  • Ability to deliver customer service to users with various levels of computer knowledge
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve basic software and hardware problems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills; attention to detail and accuracy; along with time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent team work and strong desire to help your coworkers
  • Strong knowledge or familiarity with Active Directory group and account administration
  • Computer proficiency with applicable software applications (for example Microsoft Office, CAD, Adobe Suite, programming
  • Excellent attitude with a strong desire to learn
  • Ability to execute procedures and follow quality assurance processes.��

15 Help Desk resume templates

Help Desk Resume Sample

Read our complete resume writing guides

How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, help desk associate resume examples & samples.

  • Investigates user problems and identifies their source; determines possible solutions; tests and implements solutions
  • Installs, configures and maintains personal computers, Windows networks, Apple workstations, file servers, network cabling, and other related equipment, devices and systems; adds or upgrades and configures disk drives, printers and related equipment
  • Maintains site licenses for department/organization
  • Plans and implements network security, including maintaining firewalls, configuring VPN, managing host security, file permissions, file system integrity, and adding and deleting users
  • Develops and conducts various training and instruction for system users on operating systems and other applications; assists users in maximizing use of networks and computing systems
  • Assists personnel of other departments as a computer resource
  • Knowledge of computer and/or network security systems, applications, procedures and technique
  • Ability to identify and resolve computer system malfunctions and operations problems
  • Normal, corrective vision range; ability to see color and to distinguish letters, numbers and symbols
  • Ability to reach with hands and arms
  • Occasionally lift and/or move up to 75 pounds
  • Degree in information technology or related field and 1-3 years of networking experience; or equivalent applicable work experience

Freelance CG & Remote Help Desk Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Candidates should have a strong working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system, directory structure, asset management, and navigation
  • Must have great verbal communication skills along with the patience and ability to explain technical concepts over the phone and talk someone through technical processes
  • Candidates will have solid problem solving abilities and be highly detail oriented
  • An enthusiastic knowledge of Sports is a must!
  • A course of study or degree in Communications, Broadcasting or Graphics is preferred
  • A working knowledge of WinZip and FTP Pro is desired
  • Candidates must be available for a variety of weekday, weeknights and weekend shifts

Help Desk Operator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, passion for customer service and resolving issues
  • Capable of learning both technical and procedural components of the Gap Inc. stores environment, must be able to react quickly to change
  • Must be willing to work none traditional hours including, early mornings, evenings, late nights and/or overnight shifts, must be punctual
  • 2 or more years of Service Desk or equivalent job experience. Retail experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with ticket logging solutions and knowledge base queries a plus

Senior Tier, Help Desk Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • 4+ years of experience working in IT role including Service Desk, Hardware deployment/configuration and Access Administration
  • SME knowledge of PC hardware and software with an emphasis on Microsoft
  • Excellent working knowledge of all components of IT infrastructure including desktops, servers, routers, and wireless devices (Blackberries)
  • Strong ability to interface and service VIP's with diplomacy and confidence
  • Familiarity with Service Desk Ticketing software
  • A+, MSCE and/or CCNE certification

Gti-help Desk Agent, Based Resume Examples & Samples

  • 4 Learning skills
  • 4 Ability to work independently as a self-starter, and within a team environment
  • 4 Planning and organizing
  • 4 Working knowledge of Microsoft products, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • 4 Information Technology Engineering or similar degree student
  • 4 Working knowledge of fundamental operations of relevant software, hardware and other equipment
  • 4 Knowledge of relevant call tracking applications
  • 4 Knowledge and experience of customer service practices

Team Lead / Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Seven years or more of demonstrated experience in client hardware/software support in a network environment is required. Additionally, demonstrated experience managing projects and managing and/or mentoring people is required. Ideal candidate will have a passion for customer service, collaborating with peers and solving problems
  • A high school diploma or GED is required; a four-year college degree and/or Microsoft certification is preferred. Candidate must have thorough knowledge of client computing platforms and concepts, specifically: Windows, Mac OS, Active Directory, Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, JAMF Casper Suite, WSUS, Windows Group Policy Objects and Windows & Mac Scripting
  • Detailed Job Description
  • Manage, mentor and develop help desk staff
  • Problem resolution requiring working with other teams and outside vendors to isolate problems and drive towards quick and complete resolutions
  • Document problem resolutions
  • Work with IT staff across the company, Internal Audit, executives and others
  • Maintain procedural and equipment documentation
  • Ability to describe and understand clients, client-based software solutions and network systems
  • Manage project tasks and see them through to completion while keeping upper management informed of progress
  • React to change productively, work with very minimal supervision, and handle other tasks as assigned
  • Off-hours work, 24 hour a day on-call duties, long hours required
  • Be able to effectively communicate with all individuals in the organization. Solid customer service skills
  • Be able to work effectively as part of a team in both leader and follower roles
  • Use scripting languages and other technologies to automate processes
  • Provide early warning of problems to management and expedient resolution of those problems
  • We are a drug free, EEO employer committed to a diverse workforce. We will consider all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, disability, education, political affiliation or veteran status

IT Help Desk Professional Resume Examples & Samples

  • First line of support for approximately 185 users (75% local)
  • Troubleshoot computer hardware, software, network or other technical problems
  • Cover 9-6 or 6:30-3:30 shift
  • Planning and organization
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks

Desktop Svcs Help Desk Rep Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identifies, investigates and researches user questions and problems as well as recognizing, researching, isolating and resolving information systems problems
  • Refers more complex problems to Level II analyst
  • Technical training and prior experience in computer troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Proficient in current Windows operating system
  • Assists in identifying trends in continuing hardware, software or systems problems
  • Refers user problems to EHD Management, senior analysts or other support groups within Information Technology as necessary when additional assistance is required for resolution
  • Associate degree in a technical or computer related field of study in a related field or equivalent work experience
  • 2+ years of related work experience
  • Installs, configures and maintains personal computers, Windows networks, network cabling, and other related equipment, devices and systems; adds or upgrades and configures disk drives, printers and related equipment
  • Maintain IT hardware inventory
  • Responsible for data backup using VEEAM backup software
  • Salesforce and /or SharePoint experience a plus
  • 1-3 years' help desk experience
  • A+, MCP, MCSE certification preferred
  • Knowledge of Microsoft exchange server 2010
  • Experience with windows active directory network share permissions
  • Experience working with virtual environment and virtualized networking technologies

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be an independent worker requiring a minimum of direct supervision to accomplish tasking
  • Use/Knowledge of the Remedy Ticketing system is a plus
  • Must have software installation and troubleshooting experience
  • Use/knowledge Microsoft Office Applications
  • Use/knowledge of Active Directory
  • Use/knowledge Network and Internet Applications and Protocols
  • Ability to handle fast paced high pressure environment required
  • Strong ethics and professionalism
  • Prior federal & government industry experience

Medicaid Provider Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • High School Diploma or equivalent; may hold 2 year post-high school Degree; may hold Bachelor’s degree
  • Typically, 1-2 years of working experience in related fields
  • Must be able to work Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Must have Customer Service or Call Center experience
  • Ability to demonstrate good oral, written and telephone communication skills
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with customers, peers and support partners
  • Prior office or clerical experience
  • Ability to access and retrieve information using a PC and basic understanding of Microsoft Office products
  • Ability to follow procedural guidelines
  • Ability to work on assignments with limited instructions from leadership

Help Desk Sca Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of experience with Windows XP and 7, MS Office 2003/2010
  • Requires ITILv3 Foundations and HDI Customer Service Representative certifications
  • Must be able to pass NACI background check
  • Desired experience with Gmail, iPhone and Android mobile devices in a corporate environment

Tier Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • A high school or equivalent diploma is required
  • One or more years of experience in a related position (help desk, IT support, technology-centric customer service) is required
  • This position will be an hourly employee
  • Hourly rate up to $15.38 an hour
  • An Associate or higher degree in technology support is preferred but not required and may be considered as a substitute for work experience

Psc Site Technician / IT Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Imaging/maintenance of ePEN workstations by adding them to NCSP domain, adding print functionality, and troubleshooting hardware issues
  • Imaging/maintenance of Admin workstations by adding them to NCSP domain, adding print functionality, troubleshooting hardware issues, installing software and configuring IP addresses
  • Administrative trouble reporting through Service Center 6.1 by opening and closing tickets
  • Assist PEDCS Workstation and network team as needed
  • Assist in ePS Scanning Operations (if applicable for site)
  • Design, setup, and teardown scoring areas, cubicles, conference rooms and computers
  • Prepare materials for scoring including, but not limited to, material tracking, hardware inventory, organization, and movement prior to and following scoring project
  • Maintain and control warehouse and work area in an orderly and safe manner in accordance with established procedures
  • Maintain shipping logs, handle receipt and shipment of materials and assets in and out of the center through established procedures
  • One-year certificate from college or technical school preferred or equivalent technical/computer experience in a business environment
  • Familiarity with Windows XP operating system and basic understanding of Network TCP/IP
  • Communication, organization, inventory control, teamwork, and customer service skills required
  • Ability to collect facility requirements from scoring directors and implement scoring floor design and pc set up for all projects
  • Ability to read, interpret and process documents and write routine reports
  • Must have pc knowledge and troubleshooting experience
  • Proven ability to work as a member of a team, working overtime and off shifts as required
  • Attention to detail and accuracy required
  • Must have ability to lift objects weighing over 50 lbs., stand for long periods of time, and push carts loaded with materials, which could weigh up to 650 lbs

Help Desk Associate Hours Per Week Resume Examples & Samples

  • **PART-TIME 20 Hours per week position with rotating schedule. MUST BE FLEXIBLE**** Working Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. College Students Welcome!!!!!!
  • Provide support for software applications including RetailNet POS, MS Outlook, VPN, and Open Office
  • Diagnose and resolve issues with network and system vendors or independently using remote access tools
  • Provide support for ongoing projects and hardware/software rollouts
  • Graduate of Technical Support/Help Desk related training or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency with Help Desk Software and Point of Sale Software
  • Networking experience including LAN and RF/Wireless system troubleshooting and installation
  • Component-level troubleshooting and system reimaging experience
  • Knowledge of account management and Active Directory

Tier Ii Help Desk Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Adept at resolving technical issues
  • Able to follow documented processes
  • Microsoft Windows and Office, Active Directory, Outlook

Help Desk Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Answering incoming help desk calls and logging tickets into the approved ticketing system
  • Working with customers over the phone, through email, Instant Messaging and in person to identify solutions to technical problems
  • Applying standard Windows images to computers, installing software and deploying to end users
  • Other projects as defined by management

Help Desk Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • Researches, resolves, responds to, and documents end user inquiries; and escalates or reassigns issues and problems as needed to appropriate resource for resolution
  • Troubleshoots operating system and LAN/WAN issues
  • Provides remote support for phone, VOIP/voicemail, and PDA devices
  • Sets up new Active Directory, email, network, and subscription accounts according to the Technology Services policies
  • Sets up FTP/secure portal environments and data transfers between office locations
  • Creates and manages email distribution lists as needed
  • Oversees and coordinates the Help Desk provisioning/de-provisioning procedures
  • Participates in Support Center oriented projects
  • Assists Supervisor to ensure Support Center operations and coverage are successfully maintained
  • Coordinates of team priorities, projects, tasks, and escalations per Manager’s direction
  • Reviews ticket metrics reports and Support Center internal processes and procedures including delivering
  • Extensively documents all communication and work in the help desk ticketing systems
  • Oversees and coordinates all other Service Requests within responsibility of Service Desk team
  • Acts as point of contact for escalated issues or urgent requests
  • Mentors other team members
  • Associate’s degree or equivalent required, Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience providing support in a technical support environment
  • Minimum 2 years of leadership experience providing mentoring to technical team members
  • Experience leading multi-tier IT support teams
  • Experience using automated helpdesk ticketing systems
  • Experience administering Help Desk ticketing system preferred
  • Metrics and reporting experience
  • Experience troubleshooting Windows desktop environment (networking, OS, Microsoft Office suite, PC hardware, printers)
  • Able to convey technical issues and material to non-technical people
  • Ability to work in a team oriented/collaborative environment
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize workload and adapt to new processes and procedures in a fast paced environment
  • Very detail-oriented and the ability to follow process
  • SharePoint experience – functional and technical support
  • Ability to travel for national project support
  • Provide support for corporate and franchise stores’ network issues, installation, POS hardware, office equipment, and peripherals
  • Track all communication and work using an incident management system
  • Manage outstanding open incidents in order to meet service agreements
  • Maintain inventory and asset information
  • Perform other projects or duties as needed
  • 1+ years general retail experience
  • Proficiency in DOS, UNIX/LINUX, PC computer hardware and peripherals, Windows XP, and Networking
  • POS systems and software experience a plus
  • Strong communication, multitasking, and customer service skills
  • Ability to work on call, nights, and weekends on a rotating schedule

Help Desk Representative Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responding to customer help requests by phone and email
  • Assessing needs of customers in a timely manner and providing solutions to technical problems
  • Proactively identifying problems and being able to assess when a situation should be escalated
  • Participating in team problem-solving
  • Creating and maintaining detailed ticket logs to document end user interactions
  • Assisting with product documentation updates
  • Occasional work on weekends as an on-call contact
  • Customer Service and Technical Experience
  • Quick learners
  • Dedication to customer service including responsiveness and timeliness in completing tasks; and problem solving skills, organizational skills, and the ability to exercise sound judgment
  • Attention to accuracy and detail
  • Ability to manage high volume incoming calls
  • Punctual and stays on-task

Senior Help Desk Supp Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Accountable for clearing the GCCS Operations Support inbox, where the majority of the ad-hoc requests arrive
  • Support technology projects, including application testing pre and post deployment
  • Works closely with the Call Center Managers, effectively communicating the day's events, troubleshooting efforts, and ticket statuses
  • Minimum of 1 year in a call center environment
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel is strongly recommended
  • Requires accuracy and attention to detail
  • Solid PC skills in a Windows environment

Direct Hire Help Desk Tech Resume Examples & Samples

  • Receive requests via telephone, voicemail, e-mail, or in-person from Firm employees and/or clients for computer technical assistance
  • Provide technical support for a variety of client/server applications including, but not limited to, MS Windows 7, MS Office 2010, Citrix/Xen, SCCM Remote Tool, iManage, InterAction, departmental applications
  • Provide general problem solving and assistance on diverse software applications, and computer hardware systems
  • Collect and log detailed information to categorize requests in order to determine method of resolution
  • Communicate status of problem resolution to users ensuring satisfactory outcome
  • Provide support for VOIP phones, copiers and scanners, printer and printing and other office equipment and technologies
  • High school diploma or equivalent and two or more years concentrated Help Desk experience preferably in a law firm environment; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Computer proficient with advanced experience and technical knowledge of Document Management (iManage, DocsOpen), Contact Management (InterAction, Outlook), and Word Processing (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect) Accounting/Payroll (CMS/ADP), Database (Access, SQL), Project Management, Presentation (PowerPoint), Spreadsheet (Excel), and Human Resources (PeopleSoft), as well as proficiency working with all Microsoft Office applications
  • A+ Certification desired
  • Ability to provide technical support and information to a diverse group of users having different levels of computer expertise including attorneys, support staff, and clients
  • Efficient & accurate in documenting incidents/problems into the ticketing system within specified SLA's
  • Proficient with communication and documentation
  • Ability to develop working relationships with the Brooks Brothers Associates that this individual provides support to
  • One – Two years of Help Desk Experience preferred
  • Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment meeting Service Level Agreement Standards

Senior Analyst, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responds to the more complex problems escalated by the Help Desk staff pertaining to all application hardware and software products supported by the IT area
  • Provides technical guidance and consults with vendors and other systems support units to identify and resolve complex client problems
  • Alerts clients and team members when a major problem is suspected
  • Performs recovery testing to confirm availability of systems where outages have occurred
  • Documents and tracks status of client inquiries, coordinates appropriate response and follows up to ensure client satisfaction
  • Participates in the analysis of client identified issues or problems which may require changes to department procedures, standards or systems
  • Evaluates effectiveness of new utilities and tools
  • Assists in the training of less experienced staff

Enterprise Help Desk Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • Answers incoming calls from information systems users as needed to assist Enterprise Help Desk (EHD) analysts with call volume and act as a resource. 40%
  • Ensures quality customer service is provided at all times and refers more complex user problems to appropriate second- or third-level support groups for follow-up and resolution. 20%
  • Monitors daily work flow during assigned shift and delegates tasks as necessary to ensure completion within established service level agreements. 20%
  • Provides continuous on-call support for critical user problems. 15%
  • Provides input to Enterprise Help Desk (EHD) supervisors and manager for improvements in departmental processes and procedures. 5%
  • Help desk or customer support environment supporting various hardware, software and personal computer tools 3 years
  • Lead or supervisory experience 2 years
  • Networks and operating systems 2 years
  • Utilizing problem management and knowledge base tools 2 years
  • Technical training 1 year
  • Strong attention to detail Core Competencies Customer Focus
  • Delivers legendary service that meets and exceeds all customers' expectations

Client Representative Help Desk, Escalation Resume Examples & Samples

  • In the Help Desk / Escalation role you will be a single point of contact (SPOC) between internal and external groups, managing incidents, service requests and communicating with customers and suppliers
  • Performs service & process audits and post mortems with recommendations for improvements
  • Responsible for loading/assigning customer provisioning orders to technicians based on critical dates
  • Manage tickets/orders until completion/closure; escalating to support manager when required
  • Coordinate customer approved Changes (Changed Management)
  • Workload queue & prioritization management
  • Actively prioritize problems with internal/external suppliers and service partners to ensure outage time is minimized
  • Coordinate the isolation of common failures and drive timely re-establishment across teams
  • Demonstrate Business Ethics and Corporate Values at all times
  • Ability to work under pressure and within tight timelines and new situations
  • Very strong time management skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Strong negotiation, conflict resolution and relationship building skills
  • Ability to work as a team and in partnership with different departments
  • Knowledge of Networking
  • Focus on quality and resolution, prioritizing the client experience
  • Bilingual writing and speaking (French/English)
  • Knowledge of internetworking LAN/MAN/WAN
  • Knowledge of IP products and services (IPVPN, MPLS)
  • Knowledge of Legacy- Broadband products and services (T1, ATM, OE, NGCE)
  • Knowledge of vendor product (Cisco, Juniper, Nortel and Alcatel)

Help Desk Engineer for Bloomberg Philanthropies Resume Examples & Samples

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot desktop problems
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot Windows 7/8/10 problems
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot MS Office 2010/2013 software problems
  • Consulting and instructing users on hardware and software questions/issues
  • Install, maintain, and upgrade equipment and its associated infrastructure
  • Runs diagnostic tests to isolate system problems and make recommendations for potential solutions
  • Experience with enterprise-wide rollouts of new operating systems and software
  • Responds to telephone calls, email, and dispatched requests for technical support
  • Install, configure, and maintain PC, peripherals (local and network printers, scanners), and other end-user equipment such as Blackberries, phones, cell phones, PDAs, iPhones, and iPads
  • Implement, configure, upgrade, patch, troubleshoot and resolve problems with supported services
  • Responsible for the monitoring and tuning system performance, maintaining service documentation, and performing security patching
  • Assist senior level staff members with advanced maintenance and troubleshooting activities
  • Support and participate in new projects as assigned; seek continuous service improvement
  • Provide documentation for service team, end user, and Tier I support
  • Perform moderate to complex system administration tasks across supported technology areas
  • Backup the Senior Desktop Engineer for imaging and deployments
  • Six (6) years of IT knowledge and demonstrated hands-on experience and/or training in desktop engineering and administration (Windows 7)
  • Experience packaging desktop applications for remote distribution using enterprise tool (i.e. SCCM, WSUS, LANRev, etc.)
  • Experience providing Tier 2/3 support to desktop support technicians
  • ITIL Ticket Management System; SysAid a plus
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Active Directory Management (ADM)
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Experience with Mac hardware
  • Scripting ability a plus
  • Antivirus client management (ESET and/or Symantic)
  • N+ Certification
  • Project+ Certification
  • Macintosh Integration Certification
  • ITIL foundations certification or ability to obtain certification within 3 months desired
  • Please note that this is a separate entity than Bloomberg LP. You will be working out of the Bloomberg Foundation office located at 25 E 78th Street (Madison Avenue)

Help Desk Level Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (excel, word, power point, visio, and access)
  • Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Ability to communicate complex topics to Clients
  • Basic knowledge of troubleshooting various browser versions (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Ability to demonstrate proficiency in Commercial Cards Online Tools (CitiManager, GCMS, CCMS, CCRS)
  • Experience working with Internet Explorer Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox

Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree with 2 + years’ experience in an support position, or, equivalent education and experience
  • All aspects of Active Directory user administration - account creation, provisioning, file permissions, and account deactivation
  • Experience with the installation/configuration of desktop / laptop hardware and peripheral devices, with experience in using imaging and cloning software
  • Experience supporting Windows and Mac OS, and, Microsoft Office suite
  • Strong analytical, communication (verbal and written), and people skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as with a team
  • Experience with a ticketing / incident tracking system
  • Experience managing/troubleshooting mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android smart phones, and tablets
  • Experience maintaining Inventory of laptops, desktops, and mobile devices
  • MCP, CompTIA, A+ or equivalent certification
  • Experience with authoring user documentation (user guides, etc.) and, training

Client Representative Help Desk Escalation Resume Examples & Samples

  • As a key member of the Contract Management team, the incumbent will assist the contract manager in daily communications with various customers and with development of the group. In addition to drafting new contracts, the group regularly helps various departments and suppliers by providing both contractual clarification and reports
  • Establish standard and customized contracts
  • Obtain the appropriate approvals
  • Identify and make the necessary corrections to ensure the contracts are accessible in the system
  • Support and assist in the introduction of new contracts, contract addition(s)/amendment(s) and new practices and procedures relating to the Company's initiatives and orientation
  • Provide support on all questions regarding the Network Provisioning team's contracts
  • Provide training and coaching as needed
  • Analyze work operations to improve performance and results
  • Produce reports and provide information to other departments
  • Assist the health and safety manager with organizing technicians’ profiles on various platforms
  • Perform any other work associated with the accountabilities of the position in question
  • Some knowledge of Network Planning and Engineering functions
  • Strong team player who is able to work well with immediate and extended teams
  • Self-motivated and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experienced and comfortable working with Bell SAP P50,
  • Knowledge of Contract Management
  • Fluent spoken and written in French and English
  • Effective communication and presentation skills; written and oral
  • Knowledge and experience with the P30 Portal, Net X and related Network Planning systems
  • Advanced computer skills: Microsoft Office suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
  • Ability to collaborate with level 1 and level ii on various projects and daily tasks
  • Ability to develop working relationships with the brooks brothers associates that this individual provides support to
  • Ability to work the hours of 2:00 Pm to 11:00 PM
  • Ability to work temporarily for 6 months

Analyst Risk Origins Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Respond to user inquiries regarding the application (e.g. navigation, “how to”, definition of drop-down values, mandatory fields, differences between RO and the current MSWord Credit Application, differences between RO and the current credit authorization system “CARDS”), instructions on where to find guidance)
  • Redirecting inquiries or issues to applicable Subject Matter Experts
  • Log queries using Service Now
  • Escalate issues through the proper channels (e.g. Operational Support and Technical Support) as applicable
  • Track status of query and issue resolution
  • Knowledge of risk management policies, procedures, tools, and audit disciplines
  • Experience in a helpdesk where a new software platform was implement is an asset

Senior Manager Risk Origins Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Risk Origins Help Desk team (three analysts and the Asia Pacific manager)
  • Manage the team that is tasked with responding to user inquiries regarding the administration system for approval and archiving of non-retail credit requests during transition from existing platforms and processes and on an ongoing basis after the transition period
  • Define and maintain Service Level Agreements for help desk support
  • Define and monitor help desk key performance indicators
  • Ensure, through formal training and on-going coaching, that help desk staff are equipped to respond to questions covering topics such as
  • “how to” of navigation within the tool
  • Policy and procedural requirements
  • Instructions on where to find guidance
  • Definition of drop-down values
  • Completion of mandatory fields
  • Transitioning from the current MSWord Credit Presentation and credit administration system to the new administration system
  • General trouble-shooting
  • Reporting and Liaison
  • Design, manage, and maintain help desk reporting, ensuring it is focused on information that will support strategic decision-making within Global Risk Management (GRM)
  • Analyze queries and issues to identify themes and trends that indicate process improvements, guidance changes, or policy amendments are required
  • Suggest potential solutions and, working with relevant units, design and implement required process improvements, guidance changes, or policy amendments
  • Service Now application
  • Manage the underlying call management application to ensure it provides relevant information on the level of understanding resident in the user community
  • Maintain the relevance of mandatory fields and recommend the addition or removal of fields as priorities change (including to reflect the stages of the launch of the new tool)
  • Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the tool are maintained by working with Service Now developers on an ongoing basis to adapt the on-line user interface and call-management interface as volumes and priorities evolve
  • Knowledge of the Bank's existing risk management policies, procedures, tools, and audit disciplines, and the GRM website
  • A broad knowledge of the business conducted by the Bank and its units globally
  • Good communication and organizational skills are necessary
  • Must be able to operate effectively in a fast-paced environment with tight time frames
  • Must have computer skills and possess a knowledge of computer; programs(Word/Excel/Power Point) in order to effectively perform his/her daily duties
  • Must be able to work collaboratively with team members to ensure that the team’s objectives are met
  • This requires a high degree of flexibility as work may need to be re-prioritized based on business flows and client needs

Associate, Help Desk-nab Wealth Resume Examples & Samples

  • Providing 1st and 2nd level XPLAN support via phone, email, remote desktop and chat methods
  • Take ownership of in-bound queries and follow through to resolution, escalating when necessary whilst adhering to Service Level Agreements
  • Participate in ongoing resolution processes and educate stakeholders throughout
  • Collaborate with coaching teams to facilitate and deliver consistent and professional customer experiences
  • Provide support for all the firm's software and hardware including printers/peripherals
  • Answer all calls to Help Desk and log all phone requests into Trackit Help Desk system
  • Monitor Help Desk email account and Trackit ticketing system for new tickets, create new tickets when needed
  • Attempt resolution of all tickets, perform basic troubleshooting including computer hardware, software, printers, phones, peripherals, and escalate tickets you are unable to handle to appropriate person
  • Provision, troubleshoot, delete and wipe all firm connected PDAs including Blackberry, iPhone and Windows smart phones when necessary
  • At least five years of help desk experience in a law firm
  • Excellent service skills – this will be 75% phone, 25% deskside support
  • Great organization and management skills

IT Help Desk Representative Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of experience in help desk or technical support roles
  • Network/Desktop troubleshooting experience with: Re-Imaging Desktops, Windows XP/7 Operating Systems, Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server operating system
  • Service-oriented
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Operates an 800 dial-in service at a workstation equipped with a Problem/Change Management terminal
  • Calmly talks callers through a scripted question plan in an effort to accurately diagnose the problem being reported
  • Monitor, track, communicate, and ultimately resolve all issues
  • Escalates outstanding problems to the appropriate IT resource for resolution
  • Keeps the Manager of Retail Support Desk aware of unusual Chronic or critical problems
  • Provide rotating after hours, weekend, and holiday support
  • Work shift would be either 1:30pm-10pm or 4:30pm-1am
  • High School graduate, college degree desirable
  • Technical understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook and Office 2007 Software
  • Working knowledge of PC hardware and retail experience at the store level
  • Strong written, verbal, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must be detail-oriented and a team player
  • Must be willing and available to work off hours and holidays during which company business is conducted

Supv Enterprise Help Desk, Global Technology Resume Examples & Samples

  • Leads incident management tracking, trending and adherence to established service level agreements. Monitors daily work flow, including staffing, delegation and reporting on identified metrics
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing telephone calls, documents user problems, and maintains service level agreements with user business units/departments
  • Recommends training and provides feedback and coaching to partners
  • Lead or supervisory experience (4 years)
  • Use of incident management, problem management and knowledge base tools (4 years)
  • Networks and operating systems (2 years)
  • Technical training

End User Services Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Coverage for two sites (New York City and Totowa, NJ) – candidate must have the ability to work from either site as required. Typically 4 days in NYC; 1 day in NJ per week
  • Resolve incidents during end user call via both verbal and remote desktop interaction
  • Dispatch Desk Side support if the incident cannot be resolved during the Help Desk call
  • Provide a presence on the trading floor to enhance the response and resolution time of incidents
  • Responsible for Market Data systems and administration
  • Provide video conferencing support
  • Provide on/off site support for multi-media presentations
  • Have a strong technical background with solid history of delivering outstanding customer service. With a genuine commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Capable in being a liaison with strong communication skills proven by effective interaction with management, users, team members and vendors
  • Strong skillset is required in Microsoft Windows platform (Windows 7, Office 2010), Blackberry Enterprise, basic networking concepts and mobile devices
  • Strong background in troubleshooting both simple and complex problems, critical thinking skills

Help Desk Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to desktop laptops, printers, mobile, Exchange, MAC OSX, PCs, general software/hardware installation and a variety of in-house applications on a ticketing system
  • Provide L1 and L2 technical support and ensure ticketing/tracking support systems are up to date
  • Responds to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support within required service level time frame
  • Provides club opening and field based IT support for a high volume roll out plan
  • Identifies, researches, documents, and resolves technical problems based on the predetermined process and guidelines
  • Ensures processes and standards to maintain Equinox IT systems are followed for club openings
  • Assist with various projects assigned to the Help Desk team
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Technology Systems Engineering or a related field preferred
  • Help Desk/Service Desk experience in IT support, with a broad background in a variety of roles such as a help desk engineer & technician
  • Ability to provide on-call rotational coverage as required
  • Strong support experience with industry-standard IT best-practices, concepts and procedures for end user clients
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work with end users on a continual basis
  • Demonstrated expertise in IT support in retail or field-based environments a plus
  • Experience in the Retail, Hospitality, or Consumer goods industries a big plus
  • Treat unusual and complex situations
  • Elaborate documents following the analysis of repetitive situations
  • Conduct quality audits as per set standards
  • Knowledge of Telecommunication Facilities
  • Ability to interpret Legal Documentation and Agreements
  • Ability to interpret survey plans
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal/external clients
  • Team player with a strong desire to learn and contribute to team success
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Ability to guide and coach internal/external clients
  • Ability to demonstrate empathy
  • 3 year College Diploma or University Degree in Business/Real Estate or equivalent Real Estate work experience will be considered
  • Familiar with Real Estate terminology
  • Familiar with Terranet and Land Registry Office procedures
  • Ensures quality customer service is provided at all times and refers more complex user problems to appropriate second- or third-level support groups for follow-up and resolution
  • Monitors daily work flow of the Service Desk team during assigned shift and delegates tasks as necessary to ensure completion within established service level agreements
  • Provides continuous on-call support for critical user problems
  • Provides input to Enterprise Help Desk (EHD) supervisors and manager for improvements in departmental processes and procedures
  • Provides regularly scheduled on-site supervision at the Service Desk during periods when a Supervisor or Manager is unavailable
  • Help desk or customer support environment supporting various hardware, software and personal computer tools 2 years
  • Lead or supervisory experience 1 year
  • Utilizing problem management and knowledge base tools 1 year
  • Extract data from numerous sources to create, update and produce reports for short and long term business requirements
  • Expert knowledge of MS-Office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Discrete, detail oriented and flexible
  • Ability to manage multiple activities at a high level and dive into details when challenges arise
  • Ability to prioritize workload and time accordingly to balance multiple requests and projects
  • Willingness to manage own time, working extended hours when necessary to meet deliverable
  • Bilingualism an asset (English and French)
  • Provide first line of support to Customer Care Representatives for problem resolution , along with assisting in troubleshooting and resolving customer service inquiries quickly and accurately
  • Serve as a point of escalation for calls requiring a high degree of expertise
  • Triage inbound inquiries to appropriate departments for resolution
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of current functions of the Contact Center including, processes and procedures
  • Works to build and promote a team-based environment which delivers best-in-class service to our customers through phone, email, and chat contacts
  • Aid in driving one-call resolution to internal and external customers
  • Takes ownership of issues until the issue is resolved. Continues to follow up with the customer/agent providing them with updates as needed. If applicable, follow up with internal escalation
  • Work effectively as part of a team to achieve individual, team and departmental objectives, including sharing knowledge and skills as appropriate
  • Document cause, actions taken, and resources required to resolve customer issues
  • Work closely with assigned supervisor to communicate any concerns/successes within his/her team
  • Complete assigned projects accurately and in a timely manner
  • Participate in team projects and meetings
  • Other duties as required by our growing business needs
  • Preferred1 year experience in a call center environment
  • Proven ability to diffuse situations, utilize effective customer service skills, and bring the customer issue to closure while maintaining the highest level of service
  • Ability to effectively communicate with multiple levels of management within the organization
  • Strong organizational and time management skills; able to manage priorities and workflow
  • Enjoys fast paced work environment and possesses a sense of urgency in performing tasks
  • Must be able to maintain a very high level of confidentiality and professionalism in working with both new and existing staff
  • Must have a passion to serve members and agents, to thrive in a high-intensity and high-volume environment, and to achieve the highest possible level of customer experience and satisfaction
  • Basic knowledge of CRM, Incident ticket, and phone systems
  • Experience using Internet, Network, and VPN
  • Must be approachable, friendly, and easy to work with
  • Remains calm and professional at all times
  • Basic MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) skills
  • Use of good judgment that aligns with department’s vision and goals
  • 1+ year of experience in a Help Desk and/or Desktop Support role
  • Previous experience with Workstation and Laptop hardware
  • Working knowledge of Printers and Multi-Function Copiers
  • Experience with Mobile device hardware
  • Experience working for a large Law firm

Help Desk Techician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage network security tools, e.g., firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems
  • Monitor network performance and optimize the network for optimal speed and availability
  • Outgoing and enthusiastic personality
  • Professional business demeanor

Associate Help Desk / Escalation Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare business documents, communications and presentations for executives and the management team with clear key messaging
  • Identify process and tool improvements through knowledge of business and resolution of complex situations
  • Drive and be part of process improvements, be flexible in thought process to find solution, guide and coach others to contribute to outcome
  • Expert knowledge and experience with MS-Office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Positive attitude, dynamic, professional

Junior Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assists with the deployment of hardware and software to end users (including the installation, configuration and testing of more complex firm hardware)
  • Assists with provisioning and deprovisioning processing, including setting up of hardware/software for new hires, and receiving hardware from separating employees
  • Assists with (or coordinates) the repair of end user hardware and the reinstallation of software as necessary to resolve end user incidents
  • Resolves incidents associated with firm-standard end user software and hardware, including mobile/hand-held technologies Identify sources and trends of technical problems to prevent future occurrences
  • Under minimal supervision, provides after-hours service for escalated issues from the Service Desk or supervisor
  • Performs asset management activities (procurement, receipt, inventory, tracking, distribution, etc) in accordance with firm policy and IT Service process
  • Assists with off-site support for firm sponsored functions/meetings
  • Performs asset management responsibilities as assigned by supervisor
  • Assists with IT tasks related to office moves, buildouts and relocations
  • Operates as “remote hands” for other IT functions, such as Telecommunications and Hosting
  • Maintains a thorough understanding of IT Services’ organization and service offerings in order to identify how best to address end user technology needs and incidents
  • Understands the Firm’s business and organization sufficiently to anticipate and resolve end user technology issues that affect productivity of Firm personnel

Help Desk Team Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • At least 1 year of help desk agent work
  • At least 1 year knowledge/use of telephony systems. At least 1 year knowledge/use of Service Desk ticketing solutions
  • Technical Writing ability required
  • Experience with PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 or above

Help Desk Service Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • VoiP system
  • Telephony routing and building
  • Computing systems
  • Cloud based technology
  • MPLS systems
  • Telecom building, routing, troubleshooting
  • Excellent Professional Communication skills

Hunt & Fish Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Enthusiastic with a willingness to learn, courteous, dependable, and possess excellent communication skills
  • Customer Service and computer experience required
  • Available to be scheduled up to 30 hours/week, 7 day of the week (including evening, weekends, and holidays)

Help Desk Associate Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ticketing System
  • Windows 7 & 10
  • Office 365 Administration
  • 4+ years of related IT experience with a High School Diploma or: 1+ year of experience with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems
  • Previous experience in a Help Desk environment
  • Knowledge and experience working with Microsoft desktop/laptop systems, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Suite 2010 or higher
  • Excellent experience in support and troubleshooting in a Help Desk Support environment
  • Experience with first and second level support
  • Bachelor’s Degree related to Computer Science or Information Systems with a minimum of
  • 1+ year of work experience in related field
  • Excellent experience in support and troubleshooting in a Help Desk Support environment. In addition a
  • Strong analytical, verbal and written communication skills required for customer interaction, problem description and problem solving
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments with changing priorities while still meeting deadlines
  • Ability to learn new technologies as required for the job using documentation and other available resource

Global Help Desk Agent Resume Examples & Samples

  • Previous help desk / customer support experience,
  • Basic understanding of XML and HTML
  • Ability to read through log files,
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel),
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in fluent English A Plus
  • Experience with Hotel Property Management Systems
  • Travel Related online booking experience with related sites such as, Expedia , Orbitz etc
  • On-site hotel experience
  • Understanding of website tracking,
  • Knowledge of Internet applications,
  • Knowledge of the hotel IT-environment
  • Document, track and monitor of all issues in ticketing system and documenting updates to tickets of progress and resolution in a timely manner
  • Clearly and accurately escalates problems to technical services and development as needed providing analytical information to expedite resolution
  • Maintains hardware and software equipment in Corporate Office including inventory management
  • Availablility 1 weekend day/weekend (i.e. Saturday or Sunday)
  • Associate’s degree and 2 years experience in related support area
  • Good/Strong knowledge of Windows and Microsoft office
  • Demonstrate strong interest in advancing technical skills
  • 5-6 Performance Competencies
  • Fostering Collaboration and Building Relationships
  • Job Skills and Technical Knowledge
  • Proactivity and Drive

Tier, Help Desk Engineer Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of related working experience
  • Ability to work and prioritize well in a fast-paced, dynamic atmosphere
  • Proficient Microsoft Windows and Office, Active Directory, Outlook, etc

Systems Admin, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Maintaining the stability, functionality and performance of the Studio's desktop computer environment
  • Desktop security, including anti-virus updates
  • Image management and installation testing and configuration
  • Data and configuration backup and restore
  • Level 1 troubleshooting for desktop and production applications
  • Patching network connections and digital telephones (from network switch to desktop)
  • Configuring and troubleshooting user accounts and home directories for Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Training users in the proper use of applications and peripherals
  • Thorough record keeping and documentation as required
  • Provides technical assistance and support to junior and senior members of the helpdesk teams that includes; service request, help desk I, and help desk II
  • Manages problems related to multiple incidents and collaborates with teams within IT until resolved
  • Documents, tracks, and monitors problems to ensure resolution in a timely manner
  • Responsible for team communications oversight
  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with end users, Team Members and Management
  • Provide oversight for company- wide provisioning/de-provisioning processing
  • Collaborate with senior members to develop an ongoing approach to continual improvements for current processes and procedures
  • Collaborate with teams to develop and improve current processes, procedures, and routing guidelines
  • Conduct team meetings as needed to ensure the whole team is communicating during high user impacting situations
  • Ensure after hours support to end users is handled appropriately
  • Act as a career advisor for junior members and provide mentoring and coaching to all team members
  • Provide support for all department objectives and projects and manages small projects within the team
  • Ensure Support Center operations and coverage are successfully maintained
  • Coordinates team priorities, projects, tasks, and escalations per Manager’s direction
  • Responsible for ensuring the team meets key performance indicator targets
  • Provide oversight and adherence to Security Audits for the Help Desk team
  • Participate in assignments, projects and tasks relevant to team work product
  • Oversees and coordinates all other Service Requests within responsibility of Service Request team
  • Acts as point of contact for escalated issues or urgent requests from senior members
  • Associate’s degree or equivalent work experience required, Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Present a professional appearance and exhibit excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication with internal and external clients
  • Ability to demonstrate core competencies of communication, leadership, ability to drive change and problem analysis
  • Proven pattern of success or achievements in a fast paced business environment
  • Experience using and administering Help Desk ticketing system
  • Ability to build rapport with and elicit problem details from help desk customers
  • Clear understanding of all client expectations and ability to execute at the highest level

Help Desk Representative, Weekday Night Shift Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support installation of equipment in corporate and store locations including New Hire setup, Video Conference coordination, and in store office equipment
  • Complies with the Brooks Brothers Project Life Cycle and PCI/Security Standards
  • Availablility weeknights- Monday-Friday 5pm-10pm (25 hours)
  • Strong customer service and phone personality

Help Desk Representative, Weekend Day Shift Resume Examples & Samples

  • Write basic batch files and create “user friendly” technical documentation and formulate processes
  • Availablility to work Weekend Day shifts- Saturday 12pm-8pm and Sunday 12pm-7pm (15 hours)
  • Availablility the 1st month during day shifts Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for orientation and training
  • Ability to troubleshoot in store system hardware/software including in store printer, cash drawer and scanners

Help Desk Professional Resume Examples & Samples

  • First line of support for approximately 190 users (60% local)
  • Provide exceptional customer service via telephone, email, and in person
  • Learn fundamental operations of commonly used software, hardware and other equipment
  • Find answers to all questions addressed to them
  • New computer installation, imaging, and maintenance of existing computers
  • Follow infrastructure policies and procedures
  • Other projects as assigned by management
  • Cover 8:00am to 5:00pm shift
  • Cover 24/7 on-call on monthly rotation (approximately every 4 months)
  • Strong problem solving and research skills
  • In depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows / Office
  • 2 + years IT experience at a college help desk or for a small business
  • Apple iMac, Mac mini, MacPro, MacBook and MacBook Pro
  • HP zSeries workstations
  • HP and Xerox printers, scanners, faxes
  • Operating system installation and configuration
  • Windows 7; Windows server experience is a plus
  • Process oriented, but flexible around business needs

Junior Epmp Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • TSA clearance highly desired in order to expedite on-boarding
  • BA/BS Degree from an accredited college or university in a related field
  • U.S. citizenship may be required
  • Ability to work in the United States indefinitely required

Technical Help Desk Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversee 100% of the requests, incidents and problems. Manages and coordinates urgent and complicated support issues. Act as escalation point for all requests and incidents. Develop and mature phone/ticket escalation processes to ensure free flowing escalation and information within the organization. Determine root cause of issues and communicate appropriately to internal and external customers
  • Train, coach and mentor Service Desk Specialists (Level 1 / 2/ 3) including career development. Oversee staff activities. Builds/obtains (from other departments) training material for support staff. As needed, schedule employees working times and provide backup support. Interact with internal and external customers
  • Provide data and reporting of KPI’s and trends to IT department and other stakeholders in ad-hoc, weekly, monthly and as needed. Will drive Ticket Deep Dive and develop strategies for improvement. Work to make Service Desk the single source of truth and service delivery channel for IT. Monitor and manage phone and ticket tracking queues (participating in escalated calls as needed)
  • Create and maintain Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) repository and ensure these job aids are available to the staff. Develops Service and Business Level Agreements to set expectations and measure performance. Develops an effective and workable framework for managing and improving customer IT support in the organization. Advise management on situations that may require additional client support or escalation
  • Manage process for communicating outage/emergency activities to the organization. Manage vendor relationships as it depends on daily operational needs. PO review and approval/budgeting responsibility. Review survey feedback to improve services, tools and support experience
  • Participate in Release Planning activities in order to proactively identify, manage and schedule help desk staff training needs and SOP development
  • Provide technical assistance and support over the phone for incoming queries and issues related to Point-of-Sale related computer systems, software, and hardware
  • Keep records of all conversations in a call center database in a detailed manner
  • Troubleshoot basic network topologies and wireless infrastructures
  • Escalate outstanding problems to the appropriate IT resource for resolution
  • Maintain frequent communication with Supervisors to ensure they are aware of any unusual chronic or critical problems
  • Diagnose and perform minor repairs to Point-of-Sale equipment
  • Stage and configure software for register and backoffice PC’s
  • Produce daily & monthly reports for sales polling, inventory, traffic counter, and other Help Desk related issues
  • Must be willing and available to work off-hours and holidays during which company business is conducted
  • Fluent in English and Spanish preferred
  • Knowledge of PC and networking hardware
  • Customer service and retail store experience preferred
  • Technical understanding and working knowledge of Windows operation systems and MS Office
  • Candidate must detail-oriented and possess strong written, verbal, inter-personal and communication skills
  • The ability to multi-task and perform in a team environment is a must
  • Knowledge of MS Outlook, DameWare, Xcellenet, and SAP-based POS platforms is a plus

Remote Project Based Application Help Desk Representative Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to connect with students on calls
  • Openness to feedback
  • Ability to actively listen for long periods of time
  • Ability to establish rapport and overcome potential objections
  • Meeting daily and weekly call/email goals
  • Having a full understanding of the University of California application as well as the UC Admissions Website and utilizing those while assisting students
  • 2016 PeakSeasonal Hours
  • Peak Season hours – 8-10pm (Nov 2- Nov 30)
  • Minimum of 1 year or more customer service experience
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite (especially Outlook) and the internet
  • Ability to pass assessment testing
  • H.S Diploma or GED
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Must pass a criminal background check and drug screen
  • The available for a shift during the hours of operation are between 6:00am to 8:00pm including Saturday
  • For this remote position you must be able to meet remote requirements. Can you meet these requirements?
  • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in a Help Desk or Call Center environment
  • Ability to effectively lead a team, including professional development of employees
  • Experience developing process and procedures for end-user instructional use
  • 2 Years’ experience creating, documenting, and analyzing call tracking systems and large-scale call center reports
  • Logical reasoning and ability to solve problems
  • Good typing skills and excellent verbal, written and communication skills
  • Quick learner with exceptional customer service skills
  • Experience with PeopleSoft, TrackIT or HEAT help desk software preferred
  • Experience with ACD phone systems, preferably Avaya or Genesis. Advanced skills in Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, XP, 2007, Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and MS Exchange
  • 2 years’ experience in providing technical support to end users in a Technology environment
  • Experience with system administration, printer configuration, (PC) computer and email configuration/setup
  • Some experience working with web page (HTML) preferred

Finpro Help Desk Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience with PeopleSoft, Cognos, Concur and/or SciQuest (CU Marketplace)
  • Experience with Cherwell or other incident management tool
  • Experience in adult education, training techniques, and approaches
  • Experience in a customer service role (e.g. inbound help desk/call center)

Help Desk Group Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manages the day-to-day operation and help desk staff of multiple groups. Develops and schedules appropriate level of support
  • Provides management guidance by directing, motivating, and developing staff
  • Champions the maximization of individual contribution, professional growth, and the ability to function effectively within a team
  • ITIL Service Management Foundation certification
  • At least 10 years experience with tools and techniques for maintaining an environment where all understand, and are committed to, providing excellent service to internal and external customers
  • At least 6 years experience with management approaches, tools, and techniques for gaining the cooperation and support of others
  • At least 6 years experience with providing effective and efficient real-time support for a variety of desk-top and IT Operations technology users
  • IT incident management
  • Training process management
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • IT service level agreements
  • IT Monitoring and Automation Technologies

Help Desk Coord Assoc Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop troubleshooting skills and learn to use available diagnostic tools and resources. Able to demonstrate basic understanding of different types of information when presenting to the next stage of escalation, severity levels, and escalation procedures to adequately process incoming calls
  • Requires basic understanding and some knowledge of PC/LAN and network or ATM technologies. Requires basic knowledge of all of the Bank's Data Processing equipment/infrastructure
  • Position also requires good communication skills, excellent customer service, judgment and ability to work effectively with clients and other technical staff
  • ATM network preferred experience includes basic working knowledge or comparable experience level in Gasper Software, Base 24 prod/DCT/Tlf, MS windows, MS office, Lotus Notes
  • The ability to navigate through a PC and be proficient in typing
  • Ability to work the morning shift 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and on occasion cover vacation time off from other shifts (9:30am-6:30pm and 10:30am to 7:30pm)

Analyst IT Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1+ years experience working with mortgage software programs preferred, with experience in Encompass mortgage software preferred
  • Must demonstrate a strong dedication to quality customer service
  • Must demonstrate excellent communication skills (verbal and written) with the ability to communicate effectively via documentation, telephone and e-mail with customers, peers, management and vendors
  • Must demonstrate problem solving skills and strong decision making skills
  • Must have excellent time management skills and the ability to organize work in an efficient manner
  • Ability to work well under time constraints/deadlines is required
  • Must have a proven ability to work in a team oriented environment
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills required
  • Willingness and ability to learn additional technical skills as required
  • Must be proficient with Windows NT or XP and Microsoft Suite Applications

Help Desk Admin Resume Examples & Samples

  • 5 – 3 years of experience working in a helpdesk role. Experience working off a helpdesk ticketing system and ACD phone environment
  • Experience with working in a global team (experience with working with Australia, China, Japan and Korea are a plus but not required)
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with all levels of employees
  • A proven track record for ensuring user needs is met in a timely fashion
  • Hardware knowledge and the ability to troubleshoot Lenovo laptops, Macs, printers, scanners, basic networking and servers
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills with an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge in Windows 7, Mac OS(Mavericks & below), Ubuntu, MS Office Suite 2010/2016, Exchange Messaging, iOS, Android, VPN, wireless, Antivirus, Spyware, and file and print services
  • Experience with using remote support technologies like Webex, Bomgar, etc
  • Conceptual understanding of TCP/IP, OSI model, cluster technologies, RAID, SAN, 802.1x,WiFi, Avaya phone system
  • Experience with shipping and management of IT assets in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Candidates must be customer service oriented
  • Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Process-oriented and be able to follow existing procedures and provide feedback for process refinement
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward challenges and customers
  • Well organized and motivated individual who delivers assigned tasks on time while effectively multi-tasking under minimal supervision in an engaging environment
  • Administers end-userworkstations and supports end-user activities remotely on a primarily Microsoft Windows-based local area network (LAN)
  • Investigates userproblems and identifies their source; determines possible solutions; tests and implements solutions
  • Installs, configures andmaintains personal computers, Windows networks, Apple workstations, file servers,
  • Network cabling, and other related equipment, devices and systems; adds or upgrades and configures disk drives, printers and related equipment
  • Performs and/oroversees software and application installation and upgrades
  • Troubleshootsnetworks, systems and applications to identify and correct malfunctions and other operational difficulties
  • Develops and conducts various training and instruction forsystem users on operating systems and other applications; assists users in maximizing use of networks and computing systems
  • Maintains confidentialitywith regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed by the end-users on the network
  • Degree in information technology or related field and 6-12 months of Help Desk experience or equivalent
  • Ability to multitask and work within deadlines
  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory, anti-virus applications, and Local Area Networks
  • Abilityto communicate technical information to non-technical individuals
  • Abilityto install, configure and maintain personal computers, networks and related hardware and software
  • Knowledgeof computer and/or network security systems, applications, procedures and techniques
  • Abilityto identify and resolve computer system malfunctions and operations problems
  • Skillin organizing resources and establishing priorities
  • Excellentverbal and written communication skills
  • Abilityto learn and support new systems and applications
  • Goal oriented, excellent organization and time managementskills

Pacer Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Verbal and written communication skills​
  • Serve as first-line PACER user support
  • Analyze, isolate, and resolve technical CM/ECF issues for attorneys filing new documents
  • Analyze and resolve application issues for CM/ECF attorneys and PACER users with browser and Adobe settings to allow use of the CM/ECF and PACER application
  • Analyze and resolve proper processing of registrations placed in “hold” status
  • Keep senior staff informed of potential application problems
  • Provide general information to customers regarding PACER services available, telephone numbers, and individual account balances
  • Provide routine account support by using prescribed procedures to add new accounts, add new courts to existing accounts, make address changes, and name changes
  • May participate in decisions relating to how new methods and procedures can be applied to better serve the needs of the client
  • Perform related work as assigned.​

Help Desk Lead, Fort Meade Resume Examples & Samples

  • Will work with DISA customer to ensure the weekly and monthly reports provide the value desired consistently
  • Provide Tiers I&II support to onsite and telework DoDCAF employees
  • Support will include initial support and classification of all incidents or requests including ticket creation, management, escalation, and follow-up and technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware
  • Help Desk Lead will take a holistic approach to managing the DoDCAF’s Help Desk services
  • Ensure Cisco Call Manager training for all HD personnel, ensuring that each administrator knows how to login & logout of the system every day
  • Ensure that all HD personnel are properly trained on the operation & management of VMWare Horizon View, ensuring that all administrators can support remote customers
  • Provide a documented and proven process for Tier 3/4 escalation support will significantly reduce customer wait times and dropped calls. Help Desk Lead will ensure that all tickets are captured within the DoDCAF’s SharePoint ticketing system and are tracked until resolution. Administrative Support for the DoDCAF. The administrator will also provide support as WHS Trusted Agent for support of SIPR Tokens
  • Help Desk Lead will provide weekly and monthly status reports to DoDCAF Leadership
  • 3+ years’ experience
  • Active Security + or higher, IAT Level 1 certification
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Windows 7 Certified
  • Windows 10 Certified (to be obtained by 10/1/2016)
  • Active directory, vSphere, VMware, Horizon View, Microsoft

IT Help Desk Team Lead Resume Examples & Samples

  • The Team Leadership responsibilities include inspiring others, setting goals, holding people accountable, providing the escalation point for the team and the end-users of internal desktop applications, telephones, handheld email devices, printers and computer hardware
  • Manage priorities and workloads for the team as well as frequently representing the IT Operations Manager in broader internal forums
  • Carry out regular one to one meetings with the team, focusing on goal setting, performance and areas for improvement
  • A significant amount of time will also be spent supporting end user – diagnosing complex technical issues
  • Organize and prioritize workflow and meet established time frames
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of procedures, products and activities for the team

Technician, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Applies diagnostic techniques to identify problems, investigate causes, and recommend solutions
  • Travel - 75%
  • Recommends systems modifications to reduce user problems
  • Creates knowledge base articles for use by IT professionals and customer base
  • Responds to and diagnoses problems through using established procedures ensuring all actions taken are documented in the assigned ticket Ensures a timely process through which problems are controlled. Includes problem recognition, research, isolation, resolution, and follow-up step Provides support to end users on a variety of issues
  • Resolves all tickets assigned and works them IAW the Agency's ticket handling process Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem to ensure a timely resolution
  • Provides second-tier support to end users for all approved applications on the Agency's desktop Interact with network services, datacenter or business applications groups to restore service and/or identify and correct core problem
  • Recommends systems modifications to reduce user problems Creates knowledge base articles for use by IT professionals and customer base
  • Screens; refers and diagnoses internal inquiries and work requests as they relate to maintenance of personal computers and related systems
  • Installs; configures; and upgrades computer hardware and software
  • Applies diagnostic techniques to identify problems; investigate causes; and recommend solutions
  • Assists technical specialists; scientists; engineers; or more senior technicians by performing routine to moderately complex technical tasks such as set-up; assembly; and installation of components or equipment
  • Conducts testing and troubleshooting and makes repairs as directed
  • Gathers and maintains technical data such as test results; drawings; written notes; etc.; and prepares reports as requested
  • Provide Technical Assistance (TA) reports for all support provided to DCGS-N FoS Help Desk Customers. Support program management integration, systems engineering, and testing to resolve system CASREP issues. This may include CONUS and OCONUS travel to both shore and ship sites to support urgent operational requirements
  • Support DCGS-N FoS assessments to include shore and afloat sites to conduct Deploying Group Systems Integration Testing (DGSIT), Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Combat Systems Readiness Assessments (C5RA), Combat Systems Readiness Assessment (CSRA), and Inspection and Survey (INSURV) inspections
  • 4+ years of experience with mission operations and elicitation of analytic needs in the intelligence arena
  • Experience in concept definition for software information systems
  • Familiarity with both Windows and Unix operating systems administration in a heterogeneous environment is also needed to succeed in this assignment
  • Currently possess an active TS/SCI and must meet the requirements of DCID 6/4
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance or Distributed Common Ground Station background

Help Desk Service Center Manager South Korea Resume Examples & Samples

  • BS degree in computer science, information technology, or another related field; or at least 24 semester hours in a combination of computer science or information technology, mathematics, probability, statistics, mathematical logic, science, operations, research, or subject-matter courses requiring substantial competence in college-level mathematics or statistics
  • Ten (10) years or more managing a multi-work center IT support staff, 2 years of which must have been in the private sector within the last 10 years, supporting commercial companies on non-Governmental contract
  • At least three (3) years of experience in managing, or working in, a customer-support Service Desk for an IT services contract
  • Cost analysis experience
  • Must possess one of the following at time of hire
  • Master’s degree
  • Top Secret/SCI security clearance
  • Experience with O&M contracts
  • Experience managing subcontracts / subcontractors
  • Experience with international programs
  • Experience supporting US Forces Korea (USFK) networks
  • Some Korean language proficiency

ITD Help Desk Student Govt Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide computer support, including setting up computers, printers and phones for Agency employees
  • Respond to customer hardware/software questions with the highest degree of customer service and professionalism
  • Monitor, track, escalate and communicate with IT Specialist, for IT open HelpDesk service tickets until issue resolution
  • Perform basic level troubleshooting and assistance via phone or using remote tools
  • Assist with various projects assigned to the HelpDesk team
  • Strong attention to detail in logging support calls, updating call details and managing call closure
  • Basic PC, networking and LAN technologies (PCs, servers, switches, routers, cabling, etc)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office suite
  • Utilizing excellent verbal and written communication skills to deliver quality customer service
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing general network and PC issues
  • Professionally respond to and answer customer IT questions and issues
  • Maintain accurate documentation
  • Communicate effectively with Agency Staff and customers
  • Troubleshooting hardware failures
  • Software issues
  • Password Resets
  • Successful candidates must possess excellent customer services skills including telephone, verbal and written skills
  • Beneficial skills include experience with public sector customer care, BMC Remedy ITSM software and Cisco Unified Contact Center IPT system
  • The successful candidate will be provided training on tasks, tools and procedures required

Help Desk Anst Prin Resume Examples & Samples

  • 6-8 years working in a Service Desk environment
  • 6-8 years’ experience of basic troubleshooting of Microsoft based products
  • Security + (or obtain within 6 months of hire)

Help Desk Leads Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to plan and coordinate scheduling activities involving support to systems, projects or tasks
  • Ability to analyze interdependencies between related projects and coordinate appropriate resources
  • Ability to develop process/procedural documentation for help desk operations
  • Ability to perform business and administrative activities such as budgeting, manpower and resource planning, and financial reporting
  • Ability to produce management plans, technical documents and presentation graphics
  • Ability to organize, maintain and use project libraries as related to help desk resources
  • Must be prepared for and be able to report to work and remain on site for extended periods of time during emergencies and drills
  • Previous work experience supervising help desk activities/teams

Help Desk Specialists Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to respond to and diagnose problems through discussion with users
  • Ability to ensure a timely process through which problems are controlled. Includes problem recognition, research, isolation, resolution, and follow-up steps
  • Ability to supervise operation of help desk and serves as focal point for customer concerns
  • Willing to work shifts in support of 24x7 operations
  • Ability to obtain a Top Secret/SSBI Clearance, clearable to TS/SCI
  • Background in operations planning and management in a “real time” support environment
  • Understanding of OPSEC requirements for the USAF
  • CompTIA Security+ or other DoD 8570 certifications (A+, Network+ or Security+) as well as Computing Environment certification (CCNA, Win7, etc)
  • Provide phone coverage for 30-40 calls a day, but not limited to that number
  • Master PPG proprietary software
  • Assist other help desk team members in resolving hardware and software customer issues as needed
  • Respond to customer questions and, or, concerns regarding PPG or PPG vendor equipment policies
  • Update internal records in an efficient, effective and timely fashion
  • Build, and or, configure computers
  • Physically possess the ability to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Assist with special projects as assigned
  • Assist in other department related tasks as needed

Help Desk Bench Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assemble, and or, configure computers
  • Update internal documentation records, logs and tracking information
  • Administer vendor claims against vendor warranties and manage to resolution for in-house customer computers and computers at customer field locations across the United States
  • Assist in and, or, restocking benches in coordination with Logistics Warehouse coordinator
  • Support Help Desk team in resolving hardware and software customer issues to include troubleshooting computer hardware and using BenchMark testing software
  • Become familiar with client's software
  • Participate in special projects and other tasks as assigned
  • An Associate’s Degree in Business or Computer Science; OR equivalent work experience
  • 1-2 years’ experience using Microsoft Office Suite of products, especially Excel and Word, working with Operating System platforms (including Windows 7, XP and Vista)
  • Familiar with computers and basic computer terms
  • The technician must be able to understand and document a client's needs
  • Excellent ability to work with people, foster a team attitude and nurture customers
  • Strong analytical and logic abilities
  • Microsoft certifications and, or, A+ or Network + not required but a really strong plus
  • Solid organizational and administrative skills
  • Strong communicator both written and spoken
  • Make sound and timely recommendations and enthusiastic to share new ideas
  • Ability to work with moderate to no supervision
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds and stand 90% of the day
  • Steel toed shoes must be worn when engaged around the work-benches

Help Desk-technical Service Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Oversee the incidents and problem requests, manages and coordinates urgent and complicated support issues
  • Develop/implement/support agent quality assurance program with results reported
  • Act as escalation point for all requests and incidents, develop and mature phone/ticket escalation processes to ensure free flowing escalation and information within the organization and determine root cause of issues and communicate appropriately
  • Train, coach and mentor Service Desk Specialists (Level 1 / 2)
  • Build /obtain (from other departments) training material for support staff., schedule employees working times and provide backup support and interact with end users
  • Provide data and reporting of KPI’s and trends weekly, monthly and as needed
  • Drive Ticket Deep Dive and develop strategies for improvement
  • Monitor and manage phone queue (participating in escalated calls as needed)
  • Oversee Solutions repository and ensure top quality solutions are available to the staff
  • Develops Service and Business Level Agreements to set expectations and measure performance
  • Develops an effective and workable framework for managing and improving customer IT support in the organization

Help Desk Operations Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree required. (preferably Science, Business, Management or equivalent). Masters and any higher education is welcome
  • Minimum 8 years experience managing people of varying skill levels and work experience
  • Management of Customer Service, Inside Sales, and/or Training (preferred pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials, regulatory, or medical field experience)

Help Desk Anst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Plan, design, configure, and maintain various IT systems and applications
  • Work with internal and external organizations to support various customer user level requirements
  • Resolve elevated end user support requests. Follow up with customer to ensure issue has been resolved
  • Analyze business processes and develop system requirements
  • Configure user access and permissions
  • Monitor application status and work with vendors as needed for event resolution
  • Provide technical assistance, training and system documentation
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)
  • Working knowledge of various hardware platforms and software applications
  • Clearance eligible
  • Create and modify training documentation on various IT systems and applications
  • Design test plans for newly developed software
  • Work with internal and external organizations to support various customer user training requirements
  • Customer engagement to ensure training requirements has been met
  • Analyze business processes and develop training material as needed
  • Perform multi-level testing for developmental to production releases
  • Perform white box and black box testing as needed
  • Competent technical skills

Manager, USC Help Desk Operations Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensure all support functions are performed and delivered effectively and consistently based on USC standards
  • 5+ years of IT Management experience
  • Call Center/Help Desk Management experience
  • Experience leading projects and initiatives

IS Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Attending telephone support requests from worldwide Trimble employees
  • Gather customer’s information and determine the issue by elevating and analyzing symptoms
  • Following standard process and procedures
  • Fulfills ticket requests, completing the transaction, and forwarding the requests
  • To make sure that any faults associated with desktop computers are remedied in the shortest time possible with the least disruption for the user. This includes system hardware problems, operating system problems, supported application configurations and basic network connectivity issues
  • Ensure data integrity with regard to the fixed asset inventories related with I.T
  • Follow up and make scheduled call backs with user where necessary
  • Customer Service: demonstrate the ability to respond with a high degree of urgency to the needs & requests of others, internally and externally. Understand the impact of their work on others
  • Personable and able to deal with a wide range of customers with different skill levels in a positive and friendly manner (strong communication skills)
  • Actively listen to others and demonstrate understanding of other points of view
  • Willingness and ability to adjust to changing conditions or priorities
  • Take the initiative to identify and act on problems and lead by example. Consistently make decisions that resolve problems
  • Must have demonstrated track record of excellent customer service delivery
  • Must have the ability to work successfully with little supervision
  • Update knowledge by participating educational opportunities
  • Willing to work on shifts including a night shift
  • Position requires use of a Headset / Microphones
  • Proper phone etiquette
  • Must be able to solve problems by exploring alternatives and selecting the appropriate solution
  • Certification in windows / Mac / Linux is an added advantage
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of hardware and networking basics
  • Able to install, configure, troubleshoot and support Windows /Mac/ Linux clients
  • Knowledge on electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming
  • High level of analytical thinking to solve problems with an understanding of technology as well as an ability to ask the right questions and apply solutions to business problems
  • Does well with minimal “hands on” training and can pick up new skills quickly and can “take the ball and run with it”
  • Ability to multi-task and can handle frequent interruptions
  • Can consistently follow protocol and instructions
  • Can work independently with little management direction
  • Actively looking for ways to help people
  • Setup and administer user accounts within various systems
  • Learn various systems and applications and assist in the training of end users
  • Analyze and document processes and procedures within the service desk
  • Coordinate/attend meetings throughout onboarding cycle
  • Research application monitoring, validate existing monitoring configurations against standards, and remediate gaps
  • Identify L0 access requirements, submit access requests, and track provisioning status
  • Submit requests for new monitors (where applicable) and test/verify implementation
  • Create and monitor project plans as applications transition to steady state for L0 and CPS
  • Research and verify data quality of all related documents and repositories (Lifeline, BEA, IDIP, RightAnswers)
  • Involvement in developing and implementing service improvement opportunities
  • Developing/supporting ongoing reports within the SMART application
  • Utilize Microsoft tools such as Excel and MS Access to support analysis/research of data quality and process workflow improvements

Associate, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide external support for firm and/or external clients
  • Provide client support for Discovery Radar, Relativity, Clearwell, Global Evidence Tracking System (GETS), MOVEit, Citrix, network connectivity issues and VPN
  • Research reported issues, document issues, and coordinate Information Technology (IT) maintenance requests with clients
  • Perform initial problem analysis and escalate problem(s) to the professional technical staff, as appropriate
  • Monitor, escalate and provide reports on client activity through the designated ticket tracking software
  • Participate in the preparation of procedure manuals, technical documentation, disaster recovery documentation, and end-user documents; create and maintain technical documentation as well as general documentation and guides
  • One year of prior help desk, call center, or customer service experience
  • Fundamental understanding of Information Technology including workstation and server software and hardware
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with exceptional professional business communication skills, verbal and written
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively under stressful situations and help resolve client issues with effective communication
  • Analytical research and problem solving skills

Help Desk, Prf Resume Examples & Samples

  • Answer phone calls and chats for customer issues and request for IT services
  • Actively monitor Service Desk call queue
  • Record incident and request for services in the approved incident management system
  • Ensure ticket quality (i.e., correct CI, Product, assignee and owner, etc.)
  • Fully leverage available tools, processes and info (Service, Chat, knowledge articles, Helpful Links, tip sheets, quick ref, etc.)
  • Ensure timely resolution of issues or escalates on behalf of customer to appropriate technical support team(s)
  • Actively participate in Service Desk Chat
  • Provide case status updates to management and customers
  • Monitor and manage his/her ticket queue and document solutions using knowledge management articles and other approved resources
  • Demonstrate a high degree of employee motivation and morale, departmental and interdepartmental cooperation
  • Perform support for across current desktop environment including Windows XP, Windows 7, Outlook, MS Office 2016, password resets, desktop issues, VPN support, hard and soft token, IE 10/11; Jabber
  • Maintain current and basic understanding of technical skills in field of expertise and keep abreast of development in technology and solutions to common
  • Participate in event response failover and recovery of apps, maintain ability to perform duties such as VPN, offsite customer call capability, work from alternative location; comply with essential personal policy
  • Comply with Incident Management processes
  • Comply with controls and standards
  • Comply with Service Continuity in case of disaster/weather/other
  • Maintain and comply with policies and procedures relating to service desk operations
  • 3 - 5 years related work experience in a demanding, fast-paced customer service environment; IT environment highly desirable
  • Advanced computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Outlook
  • Working knowledge of Remedy and/or ServiceNow
  • Experience managing and administering Service Desk tool sets, application, KM, instructions, procedures, etc
  • Working knowledge of Service Desk “best practices” both process and technology wise
  • Understanding of the Service Desk environment, Windows 7, knowledge of Windows 10 helpful, ServiceNow ticketing systems, Active Directory, Outlook, Domino Administrator, RSA Authentication Manager, Cisco VPN & Anyconnect, Hard & Soft Token, Jabber client, MS Office 2016 and Outlook
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill. Ability to communicate effectively with team members, support teams and management on both business and IT sides
  • HDI certification a plus
  • ITIL Foundation certification a plus
  • Ability to work independently while also being team oriented
  • Ability to multi-task with attention to detail in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Demonstrates excellent time management and organizational skills with the ability to multi-task, follow directions, and have consistent attendance
  • Provides timely resolution of problems or escalation on behalf of customer to appropriate technical personnel
  • Works well under minimal supervision and follows established directions

Help Desk-asset Manager, Meade Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide Tiers I and II support to onsite and telework DoDCAF employees
  • Ensure Cisco Call Manager training for all HD personnel, ensurng that each administrator knows how to login and logout of the system every day
  • Provide a documented and proven process for Tier 3/4 escalation support that will significantly reduce customer wait times and dropped calls
  • Ensure that all tickets are captured within the DoDCAF's SharePoint ticketing system and are tracked until resolution
  • Provide administrative support for the DoDCAF; provide support as WHS Trusted Agent for support of SIPR Tokens

Help Desk Anst Senior Resume Examples & Samples

  • 5+ years experience providing quality outreach and/or help desk support at an elevated tier level
  • 3+ years experience providing consistent support and determining eligibility of access of user subscription
  • 1+ year experience testing, troubleshooting, and reporting system functionality
  • Experience maintaining and updating support processes and procedures
  • Good communication and written communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills with a focus on rapport building, listening, and questioning skills
  • Ability to accurately track and collect support metrics
  • Ability to prioritize and execute tasks from various user groups Ability to test an Internet application to identify and report issues
  • Plan, design, develop, tune, test, document, and maintain various data systems, including Oracle databases
  • Work with internal and external organizations to support project requirements, including resolving elevated end user support requests, and researching and deploying advanced technologies
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) as well as the ability to interact with team members, external vendors, various levels of management, and internal clients with assorted levels of computer experience

Client Experience Specialist / EBS Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • To know regulation, customers and competitors
  • To know and be in line with all regulatory, bank and the Unit’s requirements, procedures and processes
  • To know and comply with the Scoring System requirements
  • To daily support customers and resolve all their issues effectively with receipt of high level of their satisfaction
  • To successfully achieve targets, set for the Unit, group and employees
  • To conduct additional projects and duties assigned by Client Experience Unit Head
  • To replace other Client Experience Representatives of the group for customer service matters
  • To participate in weekly meetings to share own and customers’ feedback on daily issues
  • To share best practice with peers and Client Experience Unit Head
  • To collect and report customer and staff compliments to Client Experience Unit Head for further rewarding
  • To know and use all current functionalities of the Unit’s product environment, used for conducting of bank services and processes
  • To complete functional check-lists
  • To communicate with necessary units on daily solving the customer issues or questions related to Electronic Banking products and further follow up
  • To collect staff and customer requirements and claims with respect to improvement of service or processes, and to report the received requirements and claims to Client Experience Unit Head
  • Higher financial education; experience in bank finance and customer helpdesk
  • 1 year technical and bank finance skills; time management skills; product management skills; project management skills; communication skills; fluent English
  • Knowing of legislative and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international legislation governing the activities of the department documentation
  • Basis of accounting and banking
  • Internal and corporate policies and procedures
  • Methods of processing information using modern means of communication and connection, the computer work rules and regulations of labor
  • Rules and regulations of labor
  • Minimum of one (1) year banking or financial experience
  • Minimum of one (1) year customer service experience in a client service or help desk environment. Equivalencies may be considered
  • Aptitude for information technology and strong desire to learn
  • Working knowledge of the CWB’s core systems, desktop and user applications (Temenos T24, Windows 7, Office 2010)
  • Strong customer service skills, with patient, positive, customer friendly attitude
  • Ability to understand, accurately interpret and document the meaning, purpose and importance of issues reported by end users
  • Professional telephone etiquette
  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving capabilities
  • Ability to prioritize and effectively handle simultaneous tasks
  • Provide end users with quality support by providing first level resolution for banking and IT related incidents, service requests and general questions
  • Update end users as to the status of their incidents and service requests in a timely manner
  • Accurately record all contacts in ServiceNow and escalate where required
  • Instruct and advise end users in the use of applications within the scope of the position
  • Assist with creating and maintaining knowledge base articles and documentation for support staff and end users
  • Previous Customer Service Experience, working directly with customers
  • Technical and Analytical Skill (problem solving), Logical Thinking
  • Call Center Experience
  • Human Resources Experience
  • Must have intermediate Excel Skills (V lookups, formulas, pivot tables, etc.)
  • Must be comfortable manipulating data in excel
  • Must have the ability to effectively manage data across multiple excel tabs
  • An ideal candidate will be analytical in nature and able to investigate issues and troubleshoot errors
  • This person will be able to learn quickly and be able to adapt to change
  • This person will be resourceful and willing to learn new things
  • Must be willing to ask questions and adapt to changing environments
  • Workday experience highly preferred
  • Additional Language skills in French(Canadian) or Spanish are highly sought after but not required
  • Additional Language skills in Chinese or Russian are also of interest to the managers
  • Service center experience a plus but not required

Chicago Help Desk Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Microsoft Server & Client skills
  • Exposure to (understanding of) Exchange, Active Directory, Microsoft Operations Manager, OCS
  • TCP/IP, Ethernet, Internet, Enhanced Routing (OSPF), and VPN Network Skills
  • Familiarity with ITIL or MOF

Help Desk-indianapolis Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide first-level remote IT services or assist in the delivery of higher level services to our customers
  • Properly handle all calls that come in for IT assistance for client functions
  • Use appropriate triage processes to troubleshoot and resolve or escalate to the appropriate resource within allowed Service Level Agreement parameters. Ability to use remote desktop applications in order to troubleshoot end user PC related problems
  • Ability to resolve standard documented problems with minimal assistance. Creation of print queue and server experience very helpful
  • Experience in a print production environment preferred
  • Possesses working knowledge of customer support business and technology processes
  • Able to demonstrate excellent good customer service skills
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent communication and follow-up skills
  • Able to demonstrate basic hardware and software trouble shooting skills
  • Able to demonstrate ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of all necessary web based tools as it applies to the position (i.e. ProActa, Help desk call tracking applications , etc.) Able to demonstrate willingness to work as a team player
  • Able to demonstrate good organizational skills and ability to attend to details
  • 0-5 years in a technical customer environment, print production or server management experience preferred
  • Position works in high call volume Helpdesk environment supporting NCR's customers (both internal and external) and their analysts in providing problem resolution for NCR products and services
  • Allocates engineer appointment times for jobs requiring multiple resources on-site; Assigns and distributes workload of CE’s to meet SLA’s across broader areas
  • Responsible for ensuring the customer's entitlement of services
  • Remotely deliver solutions, dispatch service personnel, and when appropriate verify resolution of a customer's issue that has not been escalated
  • Work directly with the customer to understand the problem, and /or escalate problem to the next level
  • Following the documented Remote Incident Management Process, position’s primary responsibility is to perform Level I technical troubleshooting with end-users of PCs and retail point-of-sale devices (depending on account assignment)
  • Generates daily and weekly incident reporting; Reviews incident history to determine recurring faults
  • Provide technical phone support on Retail products, systems and various software products; Provide accurate and creative solutions to user problems of moderate nature to maximize product or system availability
  • Take ownership of service request from customer and ensure timely and satisfactory resolution of problem
  • Escalate both internally and externally when required according to defined Escalation Paths
  • Enhance and develop quality support methods and communication skills through coaching feedback, and other developmental approaches
  • Assist in the resolution of user and support issues over multiple user sites to ensure timely distribution of knowledge and cause positive impact on user satisfaction
  • Updates work orders and provides status information
  • Research, resolve, and respond to questions received via telephone calls, letters, and callbacks in a timely manner, in accordance with current standards
  • Communicate with customers through various means (oral, written, electronic) to remotely resolve customer problem
  • Use tools to remotely access customer equipment to diagnose and resolve customer problem; Follow solutions outlined in the knowledge database
  • Verify resolution of problem with the customer
  • Record information into the HDS (Help Desk Solution) system
  • Document, verify and make appropriate corrections to the incident record and customer profile
  • Ensure thorough documentation of problem description and all subsequent activity
  • Write knowledge articles based on lessons learned in resolving customer issues
  • Participate in special projects as assigned to continuously improve processes, tools, systems and organization, coordinate project start up activities
  • Maintain technical knowledge and expertise associated with multiple applications and hardware specific to individual customer's solution
  • Support less experienced colleagues on the helpdesk through joint working, monitoring, direct feedback and knowledge sharing; Follow all mandatory training courses according to provided timelines
  • Record information into the Incident tracking system (GEMS); Conduct GEMS quality audits and Call Monitoring activities through Verint monitoring tool
  • Manage operations during scheduled shifts using on-hand tools and observations
  • High School Degree
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience
  • Advanced knowledge level of Windows 98 2000, NT, XP and Vista
  • Advanced knowledge of the Internet including applications and protocols as well standard network monitoring and analyzing tools
  • Advanced trouble-shooting skills with MS Office and standard applications (Virus Scanner, Adobe, Zip)
  • Proficiency in data entry software applications and related desktop tools is necessary
  • High level knowledge of PC hardware equipment and utilization (printers, scanners, modems, network cards)
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels including excellent listening skills
  • Possess strong customer service skills and be able to work in a dynamic team environment
  • Advanced problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule (evenings/weekends); Ability to work in a multitask fast paced environment
  • Possesses working knowledge of customer support business and technology processes: -- Call handling processes, Customer shrink wrap software applications, operating system environment, asset tracking, etc. Identify customer-training issues on standard and non-standard products
  • Able to contribute to technical discussions with other team members and contributes to the decision making process
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency with Helpdesk tools , Microsoft operating systems, MS Office applications and anti-virus software, communications technology devices
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of all necessary web based tools as it applies to the position (i.e. ProActa, Help desk call tracking applications , etc.)
  • Able to demonstrate willingness to work as a team player
  • Analyze the nature/severity of received problem calls/messages
  • Understand and, to the extent possible via the electronic helpdesk system, balance the workload of support personnel and follow problems to completion to ensure customer satisfaction as well as the accuracy of tracking data
  • Distribute Corporate Flash weekends only
  • Verify all sales have been captured in the system and there are no missing transactions
  • Help to ensure timely closing of all sales at month end
  • Communicate any outages to the business in a timely manner
  • Minimum of 3 years helpdesk experience, delivering the highest-level customer-oriented service
  • ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft Certifications and Crystal reports experience a plus
  • Familiarity with Numara FootPrints or other helpdesk software systems
  • Experience supporting Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems a plus
  • Must be able to work a 4/10 (4 days a week, 10 hours a day) shift schedule and work varied shifts if necessary to insure coverage for our 15 hour coverage window

Client Representative, Help Desk & Escalation Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conduct detailed analysis of results, interpret, be reactive, and advise action
  • Be reactive to results, identify what’s important, make decisions, provide direction, take action to create awareness, address, and improve
  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of several databases, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data
  • Develop material and conduct training for new and existing processes and tasks
  • Knowledge of mathematical logic and statistical calculation
  • Adaptability – collaborate positively and openly in a constantly evolving environment
  • Able to learn quickly
  • Very good planning, priority management, ability to work independently or in teams in an ambiguous environment
  • Ability to identify and resolve complex issues
  • Understand and articulate requirements and issues from a business perspective
  • Fluent in English / Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to manage own time, working extended hours when necessary to meet deliverables
  • Experience in managing large data sets, identifying key message and preparing presentations
  • Post-secondary education
  • Resolving a wide range of system issues, troubleshooting software, hardware, and network issues
  • Shift work required (6am-2:30pm) w/ rotating weekend shifts to support 24/7 operations
  • Excellent Customer Relationship Skills
  • Must be able to work 6am-2:30pm
  • Design and develop IT systems and application design briefs
  • Produce new ideas and concepts and develop interactive design
  • Presenting finalized ideas and concepts
  • Demonstrating illustrative skills with rough sketches
  • Working as part of a team with software developers, administrators and end users
  • HS/GED with 8+ years work experience or
  • AA with 4+ years work experience or
  • BS with 2+ years work experience or
  • Passion and enthusiasm for design with a creative flair
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Being open to feedback
  • Working knowledge of various software applications
  • Familiarity with configuration management practices

Help Desk-tier Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage desktop support workflow, including problem analysis, communications with customers or client management, ticket documentation, ticket escalation when required and ticket closure
  • Manage desktop project deliverables; communicate project status to client and management
  • Perform troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common technical problems
  • Provide Microsoft Office Suite training to users when required
  • Perform upgrades of microcomputer hardware and software components as required
  • Respond to the needs and questions of users concerning their access of resources on the network
  • Troubleshoot server and e-mail related issues
  • Monitor problem ticket queue and expedite closure of aging tickets
  • At least two (2) years of experience troubleshooting computer hardware and peripherals required
  • At least one (1) year of experience troubleshooting Windows 2000/XP required
  • At least one (1) year of experience troubleshooting MS Office Suite, and MS Outlook required
  • At least one (1) year of experience with one or more of the following required: Cisco VPN client, MS Systems Management Service (SMS), Adobe Acrobat Professional 6/7, Internet Explorer, McAfee
  • At least six (6) months of experience with LAN/WAN connectivity, troubleshooting and /or documentation preferred
  • MS Office Specialist preferred

Tier, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide routine IT support on hardware and software utilized by the organization. This will entail maintaining PCs, troubleshooting network connectivity, setting up new employee/contractor, and providing prompt customer service
  • Manage relatively simple hardware, software, or network problems that can be resolved within 5 minutes
  • Log call activity
  • Resolve more complex issues requiring detailed systems and applications knowledge. These issues may require 5 to 15 minutes to settle
  • Use judgment and decision making skills to generate a work order ticket for issues that cannot be resolved via telephoneor e-mail and will require an on-site visit to the user's PC or workstation

Teir Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide routine IT support on hardware and software utilized by the organization
  • This will entail maintaining PCs, troubleshooting network connectivity, setting up new employee/contractor, and providing prompt customer service
  • Take initial telephone or e-mail inquiries and troubleshoot appropriately
  • Log call activity Resolve more complex issues requiring detailed systems and applications knowledge
  • These issues may require 5 to 15 minutes to settle
  • Answers incoming telephone, voicemail, e-mail and in-person requests for assistance from users experiencing problems with computer-related technologies
  • Registers in HEAT (the incident management tracking tool) and assigns either to him (her) self or dispatched to a "queue" managed by additional support teams
  • The Analyst is responsible for managing his (her) own queue
  • Identifies, troubleshoots, resolves (within established target times) hardware (non- dispatched) and software failures that prevent a user from employing an existing IT service
  • Follows up to make sure issue is resolved
  • Sets up new users, modifies access for existing users and installs standard applications
  • Document configurations of new or existing products and techniques for resolving problems
  • Document the processes needed to support any new software that is added to the environment as it relates to the desktop image or associated functions
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by Department and /or Division management
  • Support and troubleshooting Windows 7 Operating Systems
  • ������Support and troubleshooting of Cisco VPN Connectivity and other wireless products
  • ������Support and troubleshooting of Internet Explorer 8, 9 and higher, as well as experience with troubleshooting problems with web browser Internet and Intranet issues
  • Support and troubleshooting of Workstation OS, VPN, Wireless and WAN/LAN issues
  • ������Knowledge of Web Browser/Tools such as, DreamWeaver, FileWorks and Flash
  • ������Experience with remote troubleshooting/phone support
  • ������Experience working with a Ticket Management System such as HP Service Manager, Remedy, etc
  • Experience using knowledge-based and other documentation systems to troubleshoot, resolve, document and research incidents as appropriate
  • 1-2 years of experience working with "service desk ticketing tools" preferred. (Service Now, HP Service Manager, etc.)
  • Must be fluent in English and Spanish. Portuguese or any other languages in addition are always a plus
  • Punctual and willing to learn and assist team mates
  • PeopleSoft ( PeopleSoft HRMS / Payroll, PeopleSoft FIN /SCM)
  • SharePoint - Basic support
  • A+ Certification Preferred
  • Excellent Customer Service and phone etiquette skills
  • Human relation skills that include courtesy, professionalism and the ability to work well with customers, colleagues and team members
  • Able to multi-task in a fast paced environment
  • Enhanced operating system knowledge (currently Windows XP and Windows 7) and Working knowledge of desktop productivity software applications to provide desktop support (e.g., Microsoft Office, McAfee, SCCM applications)
  • Familiarity with relevant hardware (i.e. Laptops, Thin Clients, Desktops, printers, etc.)
  • Installation and support of peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, faxes, cameras, etc
  • Work assigned through ticketing queue. Responsible for customer scheduling, ticket updates and closure
  • Provides entry-level Service Desk based PC support and basic IT related infrastructure support per established corporate and department SLAs
  • Provides peripheral equipment support (e.g., printers, scanners, faxes, and cameras), wireless networking, Laptop support etc
  • Intermediate technical skills and experience
  • Understanding of basic network protocols as well as network hardware
  • Intermediate hardware and software troubleshooting skills in a massive environment required
  • Basic understanding of server side components and applications including web, application, and database infrastructure
  • Understanding of basic network protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, as well as network hardware

Level Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Accurately, quickly, and efficiently record all interactions with customers in an incident management tracking tool
  • Escalate high priority, high impact issues to the USC's internal support teams
  • Provide feedback on technical documentation for publication in Knowledge Base
  • Work in a high volume call center environment that operates 24x7x365
  • Identify, research, and seek resolution to a variety of complex end user technical problems. Respond to technical support requests via walk in, email, and telephone
  • Work with users and other IT staff to determine and develop specific information systems requirements and processes. Determine the impact on existing systems
  • Evaluate technical specifications and requirements against available solutions
  • Recommend, schedule, and perform PC, hardware and peripheral equipment improvements, upgrades, and repairs. Perform installation, setup, configuration, and troubleshooting for personal computers, handheld devices and peripherals
  • Analyze, design, develop, and implement fully integrated systems which may include applications, databases, networks, and related systems
  • Assist in developing long-term strategies and capacity planning in order to meet future computer hardware needs
  • 1) Technical Support
  • 2) Software/Hardware Troubleshooting Experience
  • 3) Customer Service
  • 1 Year Experience in Technical Support
  • Excellent Troubleshooting Aptitude
  • Excellent Customer Service Skillset and Work History
  • Able to pass background check and drug test
  • Second language in FRENCH or GERMAN is a HUGE PLUS but not required
  • First point of contact for all information technology issues
  • Function as a single point of contact for problems referred by other individuals and departments by providing close loop on routine queries
  • Understand team and organizational support structures
  • Bachelor's/Associates Degree or equivalent experience
  • 2 - 5 years previous experience in a service desk environment
  • Must have excellent customer service, telephone, listening and communication skills
  • Must have excellent documentation skills
  • Demonstrated experience in applying knowledge/skills in a Customer Support environment
  • Be able to solve problems regarding system errors or usage issues
  • Proficiency with laptop and desktop hardware troubleshooting
  • Handles and resolves basic issues via phone support
  • Ensures a timely resolution and/or escalates non-resolvable issues to higher-level teams
  • Configures, and supports desktops, laptops, virtual workstations, mobile phones, and miscellaneous devices
  • Monitors and enforces policies and procedures
  • Maintains patient confidentiality, complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and secures all operational data
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows and current Microsoft Office versions
  • Ability to assess and respond to urgent issues in a competent manor
  • Ability and desire toward learning Molina Healthcare's technology, support policies, and methods
  • Good organizational skills with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Ability to abide by Molina's policies and procedures

Help Desk With Top Secret Clearance Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must possess a current Security + certificate
  • Must be Microsoft Certified based on one of the following
  • 349- Windows Operating Systems Fundimentals
  • 365- Window Server Adminstration Fundimentials
  • 366- Networking Fundimentals
  • 367- Security Fundimantals

IT Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist technical services team as required. May include building and configuring computers and installing hardware and software
  • Focus efforts on continuous improvement opportunities to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction
  • Submit knowledge documents for all resolutions not already contained in the knowledgebase. Update all existing documentation that is not current
  • 1-3 years of information technology experience
  • Proficient computer skills required including knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Office products, Internet, printing, operating systems, network operating systems, importing and exporting of data, communications and AS400
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively over the phone in a professional manner
  • A+ Certification
  • Experience with remote user support, VPN and wireless technologies

Help Desk & Systems Access Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • 20% Systems Access Management
  • Responsible for the validation, input and accuracy of the BMO Smart Procure (Coupa), SEMS (Hiperos), Ariba, and Details Online user id set-ups and location database
  • Ensuring that approval authority of users on BMO Smart Procure is per policy / approved by the appropriate managers
  • Ensure that correct direct deposit information is properly maintained in order for expense claims to be paid to the correct accounts
  • 60% Application Support
  • Provide excellent application support with ownership for first point of contact resolution for all Bank customers contacting the Procurement Help Desk. This includes BMO CAD/US, Nesbitt CAD, Harris Nesbitt Corp, Harris, and Legacy M&I
  • Monitor workflow and take appropriate action to reduce outstanding self-service claims and purchasing problems
  • In-depth learning of new PROCUREMENT applications being supported and application upgrades in order to best assist business partners
  • Provide consultation, collaboration, and updates with internal Teams (PROCUREMENT, Application Management, Team, Supplier Profile Management Office, etc)
  • Use discretion to service business partners within specific working guidelines and escalate issue, if necessary
  • Build and enhance relationship with clients through provision of specialized knowledge of Bank’s P&P and Operating Directives
  • Protect the confidentiality of client information
  • Contribute to PROCUREMENT Customer Service Index by consistently meeting and exceeding customer service goals
  • Manage business partner expectations, escalations, and prioritize to mitigate negative feedback
  • Provide suggestions on system improvements with adequate justification as raised by business partners, or through working experience with the systems/applications
  • 10% Processes and Standards Accountability
  • Effectively enforce the spirit of the Policies and Directives within the PROCUREMENT mandate
  • Identify non-compliant products and customers, advise clients of Policies and Standards and escalate to management, if appropriate
  • Identify business partner issues with respect to the Policies and Standards and proactively suggest work-around solutions to management
  • Acquire strong in-depth knowledge of PROCUREMENT methodologies and processes as well as Bank-wide Policies and Directives
  • Assist in all projects related to the PROCUREMENT applications supported (SEMS, Details Online, BMO Smart Procure, Ariba)
  • 10% Compliance and Operational Accountability
  • Comply with the Bank’s Policies & Procedures as it relates to purchasing, IT security, accounting, and fixed assets in all of the daily dealings and transactions
  • Participate in PROCUREMENT Application upgrades and conversion activities as it relates to business partner experience and provide feedback to the Team Lead, Systems Access and Help Desk Support
  • Provide suggestions to increase productivity as well as improvements in current process
  • University or college degree, diploma with relevant job experience
  • Previous experience supporting computer applications
  • Good knowledge of the BMO Financial Group structure i.e. Enterprise-wide
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of effective customer service
  • Strong Relationship Management skills
  • Bilingual French/English (oral and written) preferred
  • Good presentation and training skills
  • Ability to prioritize and organize multiple tasks
  • Detail oriented and strong commitment to data/process accuracy and integrity
  • Self motivated Team Player and willingness to assist at all times
  • Flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing environments
  • Keen focus of first point resolution with emphasis on customer service
  • Professional, reliable, punctual and great attendance required
  • 1-2 years of experience working with service desk ticketing tools preferred. (Service Now, HP Service Manager, etc.)
  • Outlook profile creation and maintenance
  • Creating and troubleshooting rules
  • Backup PST and OST files
  • Basic Microsoft Excel support
  • Basic Microsoft Word support
  • SharePoint (Basic support)
  • Provide telephone/remote technical support to internal end users
  • Windows Desktop Support duties including troubleshooting windows computers, ip phones and hardware support at the end user's desk
  • Perform software installs and updates
  • Participate in staggered after hours/on-call support rotation
  • Answer both phone and e-mail support requests, track the request, provide detailed information on the reported issues and resolutions
  • Perform basic phone system management, including deploying phones, adding/changing voice mailboxes, and moving/adding extensions in a ShoreTel environment
  • Be able to perform basic administrative duties on a Windows 2008 active-directory domain to include account creation and modification
  • Escalate issues as appropriate
  • 1 year of related experience in a customer service oriented technical support role
  • Windows OS troubleshooting (Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, 2012)
  • Basic Network troubleshooting (DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, WiFi)
  • Application layer troubleshooting
  • Providing amazing customer service
  • Antivirus, software updates, Windows updates, WiFi, TCP/IP, OSI
  • Microsoft Office support knowledge (2007 - 2013)
  • Microsoft Exchange support knowledge (2007 - 2013)
  • 3+ years experience providing application support to end users (applications will include eNet, cGov and MyIQ)
  • Experience providing customer service in a fast pace enviornment
  • Installing, analyzing and troubleshooting desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers and networks
  • Set up Staff on a required applications
  • Respond to Windows OS, Exchange, Outlook and other supported software problems
  • Maintain inventory of equipment
  • Provide user support on purchased systems
  • Troubleshooting for users
  • Documentation of progress and services provided
  • Responsible for ensuring technology is provisioned for new hires
  • (3) years working on a Service Desk
  • Experience utilizing a Knowledge Management System
  • Experience utilizing a Service Desk incident tracking software
  • Excellent customer service and people skills
  • Ability to work simultaneous tasks
  • Technical knowledge and understanding of PC hardware
  • Experience with MS Operating Systems (Windows XP & Windows 7)
  • Excellent Oral and Written communication skills
  • Minimum Typing speed of 25 wpm
  • Ability to meet critical time lines in a rapidly changing environment
  • Must be willing work flexible hours to include day, night, and weekends
  • Windows 7 operating system knowledge that includes the ability to
  • 2+ years of experience in a helpdesk or desktop support role (re-imaging desktops and laptops, troubleshooting basic Microsoft application problems)
  • 2+ years of hardware refresh experience-- someone who has been involved in a hardware refresh before
  • 2+ years of break-fix experience-- hardware specific, preferably laptops
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency with Helpdesk tools , Microsoft operating systems, MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook), Lotus Notes (Email) communications technology devices
  • Able to demonstrate basic hardware and software trouble shooting skills Able to demonstrate good problem solving & critical thinking skills
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of all necessary web based tools as it applies to the position (i.e. Help desk call tracking applications , etc.)
  • 0-5 years in a technical customer environment Call Center experience preferred EDUCATION

Analyst Operations / Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Log calls and paper requests for IT assistance into the change management system (software to log and track calls), with all pertinent end user identification information including name, department, contact information, and nature of problem or issue
  • Provides level one support for calls with a goal of 80-85% resolution on help desk calls received
  • Coordinate mobile communication devices for employees based on requests and review monthly invoices from the vendor
  • Rotational tape backup support is considered an essential requirement
  • Provide administrative assistance for IT department documentation and standards
  • 2 years of previous experience in a Help Desk capacity
  • Good communication and organizational skills are required
  • Security + and the ability to obtain a Microsoft certification (MCTS: Windows 7 or equivalent) within 3-6 months of hire
  • MS Office apps (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Associates Degree with 2 years of relative experience is preferred or equivalent experience
  • Individuals performing at this level of competence may be considered for reclassification into this level
  • 0 to 5 years IT experience
  • Associate Degree Required
  • Strong technical skills and background
  • Excellent communication skills, phone presence, organizational skills, and multitasking
  • Ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of customers, team members, managers and subject matter experts
  • Ability to take ownership of follow up status and communicate progress regularly to both their customers and leadership when requested
  • Consults with higher level technical support to determine resolution, or transfers unresolved issues to Level 2 or a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Identifies and resolves technical issues and/or researches and recommends effective solutions
  • Serves as the IT liaison to consultants, state and county staff, vendors, volunteers, and other professionals
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with a commitment toward customer service
  • Minimum knowledge of technology and a basic understanding of supported products; covers installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of products provide those products meet pre-defined standards
  • Knowledge of Cisco network products and LAN/WAN hardware administration
  • Ability and desire toward learning The Company' s technology, support policies, and methods
  • Highly motivated and the ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collaborate and solve problems
  • Ability to abide by The Company's policies and procedures

Help Desk-junior Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Windows 7 and application issues * Outlook support * Blackberry support * iphone support * ipad support * Desktop support * Hardware trouble shooting * Printer support * Remote connectivity support (Juniper)
  • ) 1+ years of experience in a first line help desk role
  • ) Experience with mobile device support (Blackberry, iPad, iPhone) 3.) Experience with Windows 7 support
  • ) Experience in a help desk role with a large environment
  • Lead a team of help desk analysts, providing guidance and support for troubleshooting and prioritizing customer issues
  • Resolve or refer system issues, both functional and technical, and track issues using a central incident management application
  • Troubleshoot calls to the support desk and facilitate the resolution process
  • Convey technical advice and information to clients and coworkers who have varying degrees of ability with Information Technologies
  • Solve technical issues in a professional manner and/or escalate in a timely manner
  • Perform training sessions and instructional webinars to system users
  • Compile and maintain helpdesk operational procedures, user guides and templates for FAQs and standard email responses
  • Prepare weekly ticket summary reports and lead weekly help desk meetings
  • May be asked to support testing efforts for project releases as needed
  • 3+ years of professional experience in help desk operations for federal IT systems and technology
  • Ability to effectively communicate with clients regarding issues
  • Ability to work on multiple issues concurrently, balancing needs and/or priority-setting appropriately
  • Experience with Web conferencing software, such as Adobe Connect
  • Experience with collaboration software, such as Microsoft SharePoint
  • Experience working in an Agile project management environment
  • Client-facing level one technology support role for a global user-base. Role involves basic troubleshooting of Microsoft applications & proprietary system
  • Desired experience in Microsoft Office application suite - how to, in addition to troubleshooting
  • Candidate should have excellent customer service skills. In-house training will be conducted, as needed
  • Technologies may include, but not limited to: Windows 7/XP, Mac OS X, Microsoft Office, Cisco/VOIP telephony, Blackberry, Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone), and ticketing systems
  • Service desk escalations
  • Adds/changes for hardware set ups
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Computer Science; OR equivalent work experience is preferred
  • Working knowledge of computers and computer networking terms and support
  • Supporting about 100 users onsite
  • New user Setup
  • Manager the Help Desk Ticketing System - Log all tickets and assign appropriately
  • First line for all Help Desk Inquiries
  • Computer Deployment
  • Maintain Email accounts and distribution groups
  • This role will also have some operations responsibilities added later on
  • Troubleshooting hardware like printers routers
  • Install, modify, and repair computer hardware and software as needed
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation communication skills
  • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts
  • Possess general understanding in the areas of application programming, database and system design
  • Self-managed, highly motivated and has a strong drive for results
  • Ability to Multi-task and work quickly under pressure
  • Provides first level support to end users for PC hardware and Network (Windows7/Windows XP environments) and Mainframe (UNIX/IBM) environments
  • Maintains daily awareness of outages and issues system wide
  • Shift work required/24x7 IT coverage environment
  • Technical degree preferred, and/or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge and/or experience with internal server/mainframe applications such as: Shares, QIK, IBM/TSO/TPX, and SCEPTRE
  • Ability to multi-task in a stressful environment
  • Works well within a team structure, effectively working toward common goals by supporting, encouraging and sharing information with colleagues
  • Exhibits resourcefulness in identifying information and materials that contribute to the completion of quality work
  • Possesses a strong customer focus with the desire to help or serve the customer and commit to continuous improvement of services
  • Possesses critical thinking skills with the ability to understand an idea, situation, or problem through in-depth analysis
  • Takes personal accountability for outcome of issue and puts feedback into action
  • Identifying, diagnosing and troubleshooting installed hardware and software problems (secure and non-secure) in response to customer service calls
  • Setting up, configuring and installing systems to support new/existing customer personnel and LAN printers, scanners, and other components
  • Removal and replacement of failed equipment to include peripherals, system components and or software
  • Problem isolation of network connectivity, desktop hardware and or stand-alone/network installed software programs
  • Installation and testing of hardware/software upgrades to be installed on user workstations
  • Disconnect, relocate, and reconnect computer equipment as requested by the customer
  • Update site documentation/database to reflect installed/relocated equipment
  • Perform data backups, unlock accounts and accomplish basic administrator duties on customer’s server(s), etc
  • Develop, edit, and update user manuals and system documentation
  • Enter, update and close support requests using REMEDY
  • Setup and operate customr terminals
  • Interface with the local communication squadron for all network support requests requiring base support
  • Helpdesk responsibilities include, creating trouble tickets, troubleshoot connectivity issues and requesting assistance and working with the team located at Ft. Bragg and MacDill, FL
  • This position requires shift and weekend work
  • Meet DoD 8570.01 for this position
  • Self-starter and able to work independently and within a team environment
  • Knowledge of computer systems, Windows operating systems and Windows Office Products
  • Entry Level Position: Minimum of 1 Year in IT Service Desk Operations support
  • Journeyman Level Position: Minimum of 3 - 5 Years in IT Service Desk Operations support
  • Ability to follow procedures under stressful conditions
  • Excellent English Written and Oral Communications Skills
  • Use predefined triage processes to troubleshoot and resolve or escalate to the appropriate resource within allowed Service Level Agreement Parameters
  • Use remote desktop applications in order to troubleshoot end user PC related problems
  • Resolve standard documented problems with minimal assistance
  • Contribute to technical discussions with other team members and contribute to the decision making process
  • Possesses working knowledge of customer support business and technology processes: Call handling processes
  • Proficiency with Helpdesk tools, Microsoft operating systems, MS Office applications and anti-virus software, communications technology devices. Customer uses Lotus Note
  • Basic hardware and software trouble shooting skills
  • Able to demonstrate good problem solving / critical thinking skills
  • Reliable to work with minimum supervision
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of all necessary web based tools as it applies to the position (i.e. ProActa, Help desk call tracking applications, etc.)
  • Willingness to work as a team player
  • Good organizational skills and ability to attend to details
  • Minimum: High School Diploma or equivalent No less than one entry level certification (A+, N+, or OEM vendor certification)
  • DoD 8570 Certification
  • Ability to present complicated technical issues with clear easy-to-follow solutions and path forward
  • Familiarity with Windows 7/10 workstation OS and ability to image a workstation
  • Ability to provide technical software, hardware and network problem resolution, making independent decisions by performing question/problem diagnosis in a Help Desk environment
  • Re-enable and unlock accounts, reset passwords and change OU's
  • Experience with password resets, e-mail requests, Fax, Web requests and direct requests for Help Desk support
  • Ability to document, research, identify and attempt to solve technical problems on initial call and/or triage where appropriate for resolution
  • Ability to utilize customer service and technical knowledge gained from prior experience to resolve issues surrounding installation, applications/systems, functionality, and training on software and/or hardware products as it relates to customer's environment
  • Experience developing working relationships w/functional groups and customers to meet established service level goals
  • Ability to obtain Top Secret clearance
  • Must have the ability to diagnose and correct operating system problems
  • Build new systems by installing the Army Gold Master (AGM) approved operating system, baseline software applications, and required security patches
  • Install encryption systems used to protect the data of portable systems such as laptops; and identify and install required drivers
  • Responds to initial phone calls/inquiries regarding system status and network connectivity, hardware and software problems, and service request activity supported by KP-IT
  • Provide basic support for PC and Mainframe calls
  • Identifies nature and criticality of calls, and is able to apply guidelines of Problem Management Process Guide
  • Logs all calls into problem tracking system, accurately documenting and verifying all client information provided, troubleshooting steps and activities performed
  • Triages and routes problems to the appropriate technical resource for problem resolution
  • Facilitates problem resolution through coordination and escalation. Performs closed-loop process on problem records
  • Maintains accountability for problem until resolved. Monitors assigned problems to ensure adequate and timely resolution
  • Provides suggestions for continuous process improvements and online documentation
  • Supervision Given and Received: Receives direct but not constant supervision. Typically requires some instruction and guidance from other higher level staff
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Identifies first level problems and escalates if necessary. Cannot make decisions independently aside from what is directly related to resolving ticket
  • Minimum one (1) year of experience in IT or equivalent
  • Experience with a problem tracking system
  • Associate's degree in computer science or a related discipline, OR two (2) years of experience in a directly related field
  • Broad knowledge of current and evolving information technologies to include but not limited to telecommunications, electronic data distribution networks and computers preferred
  • Enhanced Reliability Clearance
  • 1+ Year of IT Help Desk experience in a Windows Environment
  • Experience using Ticketing Systems
  • Working knowledge of personal computers and other productivity software
  • Working knowledge of MS Windows operating system features and configuration
  • Working knowledge with MS Office applications
  • Ability to multi-task and manage conflicting priorities
  • Exhibit a can-do positive attitude
  • Experience using a Help Desk trouble ticketing system
  • Familiarity with software that enables the remote control of workstations in a networked environment,
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory
  • Experience working in a healthcare environment
  • Initial Assesment
  • Triage Research
  • Resolution of basic incidents & requests regarding the use of application software products
  • Troubleshoot and resolve end-user hardware and software issues via phone/chat/self-service portal and utilizing remote tools (Bomgar)
  • Resolving at least 85% of the issues on the first call
  • Completely document tickets in software system (Service Now)
  • 2+ Years of Call Center/Help Desk/Service Desk experience and comfortable taking 40+ calls per day
  • General understanding of Windows fundamentals (profiles, screen resolution settings, share drives, drivers, event viewer, control panel)

Technical Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Phone Support
  • Collecting information through the phone, chat, and self-service portal
  • Follow Knowledge base articles for application specific processes
  • Bachelors degree in information technology or 2 or more recent years of help desk experience
  • Microsoft Outlook Experience
  • Active Directory understanding
  • Two or more years of help desk experience within a Microsoft environment. Password resets, basic troubleshooting, and being able to triage calls in an Enterprise level environment
  • 100% phone support- in depth troubleshooting required
  • Great attitude, team player, ability to communicate and document conversations

Radiology Is Help Desk Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carries a pager and shares on-call duties for 7x24 support of MIIT systems
  • Participates in both regular daytime and after hours “on-call” rotation
  • Responds promptly to Help Desk calls
  • Assists technologists with any necessary correction of electronic patient, exam or imaging information [PHI] associated with daily operations in Radiology
  • Associates degree or higher preferred
  • Knowledge of or experience working with clinical IS systems preferred
  • Experience in end-user training on clinical IS systems
  • Experience with PCs, Internet, and computer based transactional systems
  • Customer support/helpdesk experience preferred
  • Effective communication skills with clinical and administrative staff
  • Ability to work with professional staff at all levels
  • Proven ability to work well with others both in a support capacity and in a team
  • Must be punctual and meet attendance requirements
  • Ability to work from home in cases of emergency
  • Certification or degree from college or technical school OR
  • 1-2- years related experience OR
  • Excellent computer skills including a background in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Provide technical support for both hardware and software requests daily
  • Provide complete and thorough documentation for all support calls using ticketing software
  • Assist with projects and duties as assigned

Specialist, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provides expertise in account management. Ensures account management activities are handled appropriately, and confers with other staff as needed to ensure appropriate management of issues throughout the account management lifecycle
  • Maintains high level of expertise on all assigned account management activities, and adheres to procedures governing these activities. Provides exemplary customer service as identified by meeting service goals and objectives outlined in weekly metrics reports. Meets daily, weekly and monthly goals and objectives individually and as part of the team
  • Provides expertise on account related issues with systems, processes and procedures. Follows all processes and standards to add, modify, and delete accounts for applications throughout the organization, and meet all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Ensures cases associated with account management are handled appropriately, and confer with other case owners, queue managers and supervisors as necessary to ensure timely and appropriate management of cases throughout the support model. Escalate issues as necessary
  • Meets standards for expertise in utilizing the tool used to track and manage accounts
  • Assists management in the analysis of the technical performance and reliability of products, systems and services used for account maintenance against identified industry standards to ensure appropriate tracking and security
  • Identifies potential improvements to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Product Support Plans (PSP’s) and other applicable documentation, and provide suggestions on how plans, policies, procedures or actions can be modified to improve/strengthen organizational performance
  • Maintain appropriate levels of system and process security to ensure protection of the ARC IT systems supported through the account management process
  • Follows the account maintenance quality control program for all cases to ensure accurate and cogent case content, and when necessary, proper tier 2 dispatch and case prioritization
  • Good oral and written communications skills with the ability to communicate to both technical and nontechnical personnel
  • Demonstrates a proven record of high level work quality
  • Practices teamwork by demonstrating a positive and cooperative attitude, sharing acquired information, and participating in team projects
  • Handles highly stressful situations calmly and courteously, and adapt well to changing situations while maintaining a professional level of communication and diplomacy
  • Displays sound judgment and sound decision making abilities
  • Displays initiative and motivation in duties and responsibilities
  • Follows and communicates verbal and written instructions
  • Willingly accepts responsibility for new challenges outside their daily tasks
  • Experience with an FDA or blood banking regulated environment a plus
  • Must have strong analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, with all levels of management
  • Must have a strong reservations background and understanding of the various systems used for Customer Relations
  • Must have a minimum of 4 years’ experience in Reservations
  • Experience should include Helix, AACoRN, Sabre
  • Knowledge of Outlook, Word, Excel, Advocate, Rally and SharePoint a plus
  • Provides first line support for PC and Network operations
  • Provides consistent professional, courteous and high quality customer service on a daily basis
  • Ability to perform basic diagnostic techniques to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software problems, or escalate them for resolution via incident tracking software
  • Fully utilizes troubleshooting tools
  • Majority of end user contact is via the Helpdesk (In person), Helpdesk Portal (Self-Support), voicemail and email
  • Must have an Associate's Degree in a related technology field or be working towards a Bachelor's degree in a related technology field, however prior Help Desk experience without such a degree will be considered
  • Ability to multitask. The rep must be able to answer a call, research answer, exhaust all resources (manual, program, notes, knowledgebase), and coordinate support issues to ensure timely solutions and a positive impact on user satisfaction and productivity
  • Discretion –
  • Walmart or Retail Experience
  • Projecting Tracking Tools
  • Customer Service/ Sales

Help Desk Tier Resume Examples & Samples

  • Serve as first point of contact for end user questions
  • Resolve end user hardware, software, how-to, and connectivity issues within a predefined scope
  • Perform triage on incoming help desk requests
  • Assist with hardware and software setup for new employees and technology refreshes
  • Assist in equipment moves, inventories, and installations
  • Must possess strong mechanical and technical abilities
  • Minimum of 1 year relevant work experience in a help desk or call center environment; or relevant coursework demonstrating technical aptitude
  • Ability to install and configure computer hardware and software
  • Skilled in MS Windows and MS Office
  • Valid driver���s license to operate a vehicle in the State of Wisconsin, and unlimited access to reliable transportation
  • Responsible for effectively answering technical requests regarding the FBI DNA software
  • Assists in all activities of a Help Desk supporting a client's worldwide locations
  • Ensures that help desk tickets are tracked and closed appropriately
  • Maintains a service-oriented attitude in all situations
  • Interacts daily with supervisor, peer groups, and customers
  • Works on assignments that are complex in nature where judgment is resolving problems and making routine recommendations
  • Follows standard practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained
  • This position requires the candidate to have a flexible schedule in order to support a help desk operation that runs from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST
  • CORE Hours for this position are 10:30am to 7:pm
  • Maintain good writing, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and be a contributing team member
  • Records incident and request for services in the approved incident management system
  • Provides case status updates to management and customers
  • Performing support for current desktop environment including Windows 7, Outlook, MS Office 2016, password resets, desktop issues, VPN support, hard and soft token, IE 10/11; Jabber
  • Maintains current and basic understanding of technical skills in field of expertise and keep abreast of development in technology and solutions to common
  • Participation in event response failover and recovery of apps, maintain ability to perform duties such as VPN, offsite customer call capability, work from alternative location; comply with essential personal policy
  • Typically has 3 - 5 years related experience
  • College Degree or equivalent experience
  • Proactive in identify potential issues and identifies workarounds or permanent fixes via support teams
  • Must type a minimum of 55 wpm
  • Maintains and complies with policies and procedures relating to service desk operations
  • Works under minimal supervision and follows established directions
  • Manage and administer Service Desk tool sets, application, KM, instructions, procedures, etc
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years proven experience in a demanding, fast-paced customer service environment. IT environment highly desirable
  • Understanding of the Service Desk environment, Windows 7, knowledge of Windows 10 helpful, ServiceNow ticketing systems, Active Directory, Outlook, Domino Administrator, RSA Authentication Manager, Cisco VPN & Anyconnect, Hard & Soft Token, Jabber client, MS Office 2016 and Outlook; and Sharepoint 2013
  • Ability to multi-task and work in fast paced environment

Senior Manager of Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Has overall responsibility for help desk staff and the activities associated with the identification, prioritization, and resolution of reported incidents
  • Assigns personnel to various operations and directs their activities
  • Ensures all tickets are assigned and completed within assigned SLA including standard reporting
  • Continuous Implementation new user offerings (such as BYOD) to enable end user community with broader range of devices will still ensuring compliance with corporate standards
  • Provides technology roadmap to keep end user capabilities as modern as possible
  • Evaluates new and existing software products
  • Manage all helpdesk related projects for new technology deployments such as video conferencing, software/OS upgrades, and mobile enablement
  • Support moves/adds/changes across all Experian Consumer Service locations
  • Create and analyze customer service survey’s to enhance customer service levels. Analyze metrics to continuously improve helpdesk delivery. Ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • Introduce automation and self-service within the Help Desk including software stores and service catalogues
  • Provide hands on leadership to solve complex technical problems
  • Develop end user technology strategy and deployment plans
  • Mentor and lead technology staff members including definition of SMART goals and objectives
  • Manage collaboration tools and video conferencing solutions
  • Requires 10+ years’ related experience
  • 5+ years supervisory/leadership experience
  • Advanced ITIL Certification preferred
  • Strong knowledge of the Microsoft platform
  • Superior communication and documentation skills
  • Superior inter-personal skills
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Strong management and leadership skills: people, process, and technology
  • Strong Time Management Skills
  • Strong Project Management
  • Ability to multi-task across a number of different projects and business units
  • Provide timely communication (oral or written) to the Level 2 support or other management personnel as needed
  • Promptly consult Level 2 support or other management personnel regarding quality issues to determine acceptability or course of action
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding employee, company, and customer information

Help Desk Services Coordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1-2 years of experience in the IT field or equivalent work experience
  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Ability to follow established procedures on routine work and detailed instructions on new assignments
  • Ability to recognize the need for occasional deviation from accepted practice
  • Ability to respond promptly and consistently to changing customer needs and circumstances
  • Understanding of productivity suite software (i.e. Microsoft Office)

Help Desk Tech-swing Shift Resume Examples & Samples

  • Demonstrating outstanding internal and external service in accordance with “Red Carpet Service” program guidelines
  • Coordinating with IT team to take work orders, prioritize and resolve computer system issues
  • Providing technical and user support for all business applications and systems, including personal computers
  • Performing business application and system installations, upgrades, conversions and deletions to personal computers
  • Creating programs and queries to produce reports, mailing lists, and labels for various departments
  • Performing security administration functions and helps ensure data integrity of users
  • Installing software and upgrades as needed
  • Assisting in implementation of disaster preparedness and recovery plan
  • Responding as needed to inquries or complaints from internal and/or external guests
  • Attend departmental and company meetings as required
  • Bachelor's degree (BA) from four-year college or university; or one to two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Additional demonstrable knowledge or experience in other IT related areas is helpful
  • Basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, fractions, decimals, percentages etc
  • Must be willing to work some evenings/weekends and/or share night-and-weekend on-call duty as part of the IT department team
  • Ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English
  • Ability to understand and perform duties in accordance with

Critsit Help Desk Escalations Specialist Portuguese Speaking Resume Examples & Samples

  • Managing Premier Customers’ and Partners’ Critical Situation incidents to ensure that the CritSit process is being followed and any need of escalation is addressed
  • Expand internal visibility of Premier Customers’ Critical Situations with Executive level status summaries
  • Collaborate effectively with the customer and internal groups to solve customer issues and improve business processes in the quickest way possible

Critsit Help Desk Escalations Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Address high priority customer’s escalations needs, for critical and high-visibility problems impacting Microsoft’s strategic Premier customers (Critical Situations) and Partners
  • Provide timely, reliable and high-quality response to complex customer escalations
  • Provide mentor assistance to Premier TAMs and CSS Support Engineers regarding the CritSit process when required to ensure successful execution
  • Interface with various departments within the Customer and Partner to drive resolution, up to the executive level as necessary
  • Interface with various Microsoft groups to drive resolution, up to the executive level as necessary
  • Positively impact customer satisfaction by
  • Delivery of a high quality customer and partner experience through timely and effective Response to internal and external customer needs; owning active Critical Situations
  • Deliver a high quality customer and partner experience through timely and effective Resolution of customer’s issues in the quickest way possible

Help Desk Escalation Specialists Surface Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide the highest level of technical and customer support for tablets with business clients
  • Recognize and respond to customer needs and demonstrate sincere commitment to resolving customer needs
  • Probe customers to identify underlying issues and pose critical questions
  • Search and retrieve information from various databases for the customer
  • Demonstrate a sincere commitment to resolving the needs of the customer
  • Respond to customer frustrations using excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Explain concepts and present technical information clearly to business customers; identify the level of technical knowledge of the customer and adjust technical communications to solve customer need
  • Complete case notes in the call tracking database accurately

Junior Help Desk / Systems Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Basic scripting
  • Follow up and close the loop with all customers….internal and external
  • Ability to work successfully in an agile, team-based environment
  • Potential to conceptualize technical specifications based on conversations with business customers (internal and external)
  • Self-directed/self-motivated
  • Desire to learn, improve skills
  • Enjoys challenges, problem-solving
  • TS/SCI w/polygraph security clearance required
  • 6 years of relevant experience with IT and mission applications
  • Must be competent and able to work at the highest technical level analyzing systems applications when
  • Responsible for providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for: Databases, Systems Hardware or Production of
  • Support Includes: Help Desk Assistance, Triage, Resolution Activities, Systems Monitoring, Service
  • Provides consistent high quality telephone customer service to panelists
  • Answers between 50-100 incoming calls daily in a confident and courteous manner
  • Troubleshoots and resolves all scanner issues
  • Answers general inquiries, i.e. point balances, membership, surveys and gift orders
  • Builds and maintains relationships with clients by providing prompt and accurate service
  • Consistently maintains and updates call “Comments” in the panelist database accurately
  • Keeps current on all new panelist issues and procedures
  • Reviews Outlook email daily for departmental updates and work requests
  • Responds to assigned Panelists’ inquiries via email in accordance to service level
  • Make outbound calls to panelists to improve client loyalty and retention
  • Requires frequent contact with management team for quality control and performance feedback including but not limited to call monitoring and side by side coaching
  • Able to operate general office equipment (i.e. copier, fax, phone) and sit at a desk for extended periods of time
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Good oral/written communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail with the ability to solve problems
  • Organizational, interpersonal and motivational skills and ability to interface with all levels of staff and management
  • Flexibility with new assignments and work flexible hours
  • High School diploma or GED or equivalent work experience
  • A minimum of 1 + years of customer service or call center experience
  • Duties may include setting up administrator and service accounts, maintaining system documentation, tuning system performance, and installing software on servers and workstations
  • Conducts capacity and performance analysis. Provides system configuration change and upgrade recommendations
  • Work with internal and external organizations to support various customer user level requirements, including resolving elevated end user support requests, and researching and deploying advanced technologies
  • Implement approved system security policies to include the configuration of user access and permission across a variety of systems
  • Experience with troubleshooting, proactively identifying issues and driving them to resolution
  • Available during off hours and weekends for routine maintenance and unplanned support issues

Help Desk Team Member Resume Examples & Samples

  • At least two years' hard lines retail management experience that includes P&L, staff supervision, shrink control and payroll
  • Minimum of a high school diploma/GED ( a bachelor's degree in a business, agriculture or related field is desirable)
  • Ability to relocate within your district if necessary
  • Minimum of two years hard lines retail management experience required
  • High school diploma or the equivalent
  • Bachelor degree in agricultural-science or business related field desired
  • P&L, scheduling and payroll management experience required
  • Shrink control experience required
  • Team member staffing, hiring, supervision and counseling experience required
  • Must have a Valid Driver's License if you drive for company business
  • Highly motivated leader capable of motivating others to achieve company goals
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to resolve issues ethically and with minimal conflict
  • Perform and execute principle responsibilities
  • Process information / merchandise through system and POS Register system
  • Communicate effectively with team members and customers
  • Read, write, and count to accurately complete all documentation
  • Freely access all areas of the store including selling floor, side lot, stock area and register area
  • Move and transfer merchandise generally weighing 0 -- 50 pounds throughout the store
  • Work a minimum of 52 hours per week
  • Travel to other store locations and to company functions
  • Understands basic fundamental concepts, theories and principles of the discipline
  • Resolves routine technical problems of limited scope following standard instructions or procedures
  • Service Desk (Practice Specific)
  • Demonstrates customer service mindset
  • Possesses exposure to Windows and/or Mac platforms
  • Displays willingness to learn
  • 1-2 years of experience at a technical service desk/call center providing technical support via phone to end users possessing varied levels of technical knowledge, or equivalent The Company experience
  • Excellent systematic problem-solving skills, ability to think "outside the box" and understand department needs, e.g. awareness of calls in queue, real-time trending and staffing concerns
  • Proficiency with Windows and Microsoft Office products
  • Microsoft Office Suite or similar product knowledge is required
  • 1 year Technical Experience
  • 3 years Customer Service
  • 4 year Degree in an IT related field
  • Determine the most effective manner to resolve customer's technical issue
  • Engages in research and in depth troubleshooting to resolve technical issues
  • Use and maintain a comprehensive knowledge repository for solutions to customer inquiries
  • Verify suggested solutions effectively resolve the customer issue via phone, chat, or email support
  • Record required customer and problem information in a ticketing system
  • Update tickets with appropriate entries of activities, and closes tickets with resolution entered upon completion
  • Maintain a high level of world class customer service/professionalism to a wide range of customers
  • 6 months help desk experience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Able to obtain and maintain required Government Clearance as needed
  • 2 years help desk experience
  • Experience working in a fast paced environment
  • Assists with the installation, configuration, and support of Retail POS and related peripheral equipment
  • Works with help-desk team to determine and resolve problems as it pertains to POS, Back Office, Mobile, and Networks
  • Provide first level support when necessary to customers, assisting them with hardware and software problems as they relate to all Store Technology via phone, email, or remote desktop support
  • Maintain appropriate documentation and resolution information through our ITSM tool, ServiceNow
  • Technical resolution - troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving retail application issues through a full incident life-cycle
  • Support ticket management - managing tickets through our Service Now tool, by taking ownership and providing accurate updates
  • Shift flexibility - flexibility to work evenings and weekends is a must
  • Process driven - Ability to follow documentation to fix issues in a series of steps
  • Commitment to improvement - Contributing new information to our knowledge base and bringing ideas to the team
  • Communication Skills - Professional and effective communication skills over multiple media: Telephone, email, in-person

Director, TSC Help Desk Operations Resume Examples & Samples

  • Help Desk / Service Desk Operations
  • 5+ years technical / operational leadership experience
  • Direct team management experience of 75 - 100 staff
  • 5+ years help desk / call center leadership experience
  • International business experience / understanding
  • Utilize Altiris/Symantec Ticketing system for Incident Management
  • Researches, evaluates and recommends new hardware and software technologies
  • Prepares monthly status reports, project summaries, and technical recommendations
  • Utilizes the IT Project Management tool and procedures for appropriate projects
  • Windows 7 and 10
  • Call Center
  • 24/7 Availability needed. Shift bids every 4 months
  • Efficiently probe to understand the callers issue and quickly resolve or escalate the issue
  • Maintain customer service skills and focus while taking calls
  • Provide quality customer service through communication, composure, empathy, helpfulness, and flexibility
  • Diagnose, research, classify, resolve, and assign technical and procedural issues as outlined in Support documentation
  • Communicate effectively to store employees in a manner that is easy to understand and non-technical
  • Understand the business impact of issues a customer reports, have a genuine concern for their situation and act appropriately
  • Identify and report improvements by utilizing the department documentation update process
  • Passion for customer service and resolving issues
  • At least 1 year of Service Desk or equivalent job experience. Retail experience is a plus
  • Capable of learning both technical and procedural components of the Company environment
  • Must be able to handle ambiguity

IT Data Entry Clerk & Level Help Desk-univ of Minnesota Resume Examples & Samples

  • Enter/edit product information in cash register management system
  • Review/edit data to insure accuracy
  • Provide requested information/reports as requested
  • Filing and other administrative duties as assigned
  • Support other IS/IT projects as assigned
  • Responds to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for desktop hardware/software support
  • Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems both over the phone and in the field
  • Documents, tracks and monitors technical problems to ensure a timely resolution
  • Prepares workstations by configuring hardware, software, and network settings, printers and peripherals
  • Associates degree or higher and/or a combination of 2+ years of relevant experience

Technical Help Desk-level Resume Examples & Samples

  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Troubleshooting and Analytical Skills
  • Teaming skills
  • Must Have strong skills with AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1 and SUSE Linux SLES 10/11 Operating System in large enterprise environment
  • Good understanding of XEN virtualization, Pacemaker and DRBD on SUSE Linux in large enterprise environment
  • Knowledge of Windows 2003/2008 Operating System
  • Knowledge of Vormetric Encryption on AIX and SUSE Linux Operating System
  • Strong skills with Incident and Change management using Remedy 7
  • Strong skills with Shell Scripting (Korn, Bash, Perl)
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Basic to Intermediate HW Skills to include: BladeCenter, Advance Management Modules & Nortel Switches, pSeries, xSeries(x3650), N-Series (3700, 3300, 5200) Storage, EMC Clarion Storage, DS3200/DS3400 Storage
  • Basic to Intermediate SW Skills to include: TSM (5.x) , CBMR (5.x, 6.x) , AIX OS Maintenance Level and SUSE Linux Service Pack updates
  • Basic to Intermediate Networking Skills to include: Switches (BNT, SCM, SAS, Cisco) , TCP/IP, VLAN/bonding (configuration and troubleshooting)
  • Nice to have but not required would be experience with Retail industry Infrastructure

Help Desk Service Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide excellent customer service support to firm associates for core MS Office products or other hardware and software issues of low complexity. Resolve issues in accordance with HelpDesk Procedures
  • Provide on-site issue resolution of hardware and software issues of low complexity in assigned offices
  • Act as the IT liaison between firm associates and other support staff in the process of issue resolution for escalated issues
  • Acquire and maintain knowledge of firm systems and support policies and procedures
  • Record all actions, communications, and resolutions for issues being investigated in appropriate systems according to firm policies and procedures
  • Escalate complex hardware and software issues per HelpDesk policy
  • Provide on-call support outside of normal business hours for firm associates hardware and software issues on a rotating schedule with other Service Analysts
  • Review and maintain Help Desk documentation and knowledge base as directed or indicated according to firm policies and procedures
  • Review and recommend improvements to service support procedures
  • Participate in IT projects as directed
  • Requires a High School Diploma or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • An Associate Degree in Information Technology would be preferred
  • Prior computer system experience including Windows Operating System and knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Hardware maintenance and repair skills desired
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Other: Experience with Power Point preferred
  • Emphasize courtesy, clarity, and accuracy in all communications with customers and others in IS
  • Triage incidents and service requests in a professional manner via approved tools
  • Troubleshoot the caller/requestor's issue and resolve upon first contact when appropriate
  • Accurately record and document relevant details of the issue or service request, in order to triage to the correct resource or fulfillment team
  • Proactive, fun, friendly, self-starting personality
  • Extreme reliability, punctuality and flexibility to cover for peers when needed
  • Someone who makes you smile
  • Accurate and precise organization and documentation skills

Help Desk / Technical Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • A+ certification (Would Be Nice)
  • Time Management
  • Works well as part of a team-Demonstrates a general technical aptitude
  • Receives coaching in an open manner
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills
  • Learns technical topics in an effective manner
  • Demonstrates solid time management skills
  • Has solid customer service skills
  • Follows standard operation processes
  • Follows role requirements and accurate time recording
  • Has ability to lift and move objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Some overtime and weekend work
  • 1-2 years of technical help desk experience
  • Must possess strong interpersonal, organizational, and documentation skills
  • A+ Certification is preferred

Oracle Financial Help Desk Accountant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Technology or equivalent major
  • 2 years of accounting experience
  • Basic accounting principles knowledge
  • Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, especially Oracle Financials
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, especially MS Excel (pivot tables, V-lookups, analysis)
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Availability to work at least one Saturday a month for weekly / monthly processing
  • Provide superior customer service when addressing corporate and retail store technical issues
  • Escalate more complex or urgent matters to appropriate resource
  • Conducts follow-up calls to customers to close out requests
  • 1-2 years related experience and/or technical training; or equivalent combination of education and related experience
  • Knowledge of help desk support and familiarity with help desk software including ticketing systems
  • Understands, through direct experience, basic retail operations including cabling; payment systems; label and form printers
  • Associate's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, etc. or equivalent work experience
  • Technical training certifications preferred
  • Knowledge of Windows/Macintosh operating systems and ability to troubleshoot issues and demonstrate problem solving techniques for local and remote users
  • Self-motivated and strong analytical / problem solving skills
  • Ability to collaborate at all levels of the organization and across other functional areas.EEO/AA/M/F/Veteran/Disabled
  • Monitor, update and maintain tickets in defined ticketing system
  • Candidate will need 3+ years of experience working in a technical support desk environment supporting end users
  • Proactive attitude and proven ability to provide courteous and professional service
  • Office 365 experience preferred
  • Experience with Remote Desktop troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • 3+ years of experience in implementing, troubleshooting and supporting end user technologies & services in medium to large sized environments
  • 3+ years of Windows OS administration, configuration and troubleshooting experience
  • Microsoft Intune or equivalent MDM experience with managing mobile devices, configuring mobile policies and deploying mobile applications
  • Demonstrated knowledge of key technologies including Enterprise Mobility, Office 365, Collaboration, Messaging, Video Conference equipment and Unified communication
  • 3+ years of Technical Service Desk Experience

Comp Ops / Help Desk Apprentice Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist senior personnel in incident management and documentation which includes call and problem handling/escalation (accurately collect, analyze information, and escalate). 60% of the time at the Help Desk
  • Prioritize and handle multiple tasks, pay close attention to detail
  • Assist the support of Tier 1 network, mainframe and client server application monitoring and/or escalation to ensure 24x7 availability
  • Team environment with situations involving minimal decision making
  • Candidate must have the ability to prioritize tasks, handle multiple tasks and pay close attention to detail
  • Must have the ability to learn a computer operations job through on-the-job training and computerized course work
  • This is a 3 or 4 day, 8 hour day or night time shift. The position requires flexibility to work weekends and holidays as required
  • Three or more years of related technical and managerial experience in a help desk environment supporting Desktop, Wide Area Network, Local Area Network equipment and other crucial functions like new and upgraded software and hardware
  • Demonstrated management and decision making skills concerning Information Systems policies, processes and procedures, with a proven track record of completing tasks and maintaining project schedule
  • Ability to manage multiple high priority initiatives in a fast paced highly technical environment
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher education degree
  • Eight or more years of related technical and managerial experience in a help desk environment supporting Desktop, Wide Area Network, Local Area Network equipment and other crucial functions like new and upgraded software and hardware (list of software and hardware below)
  • Dell laptops and Desktops
  • Microsoft O/S 2007
  • Lexmark Local Printers
  • Microsoft Office Professional Suites 2010
  • HP and Xerox Network Printers
  • Internet Explorer 11 & Mozilla Firefox
  • Fujitsu fi-5220, fi-6230 Flatbed Scanners
  • Oracle Siebel 8.1.1 14 Patchset 6 CRM Public Sector
  • Symbol Handheld scanners
  • Printer drivers HP & Cannon network printers
  • Barcode Logics RF Wireless Scanners
  • Print drivers for Lexmark local printers
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader
  • McAfee Antivirus software
  • Cisco Jabber
  • FileZilla FTP
  • WinZip 19.0
  • Microsoft Visio Viewer
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple QuickTime
  • WordPerfect
  • Micro Express
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD
  • In addition to the standard software the following COTS applications are used
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional XI
  • Oracle Version
  • MacBook Pro Notebook and Mac Desktops
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8; Mac OS X 10.6.8; Mac OS X 10.7.5; Mac OS X 10.7.4; and Mac OS X 10.9.5
  • Help Desk/IT Services

Help Desk / Videoconferencing Administrator Resume Examples & Samples

  • Resolving day-to-day help desk issues
  • Identifies researches and resolves technical problems
  • Daily operational support and coordination for all videoconferencing/telepresence services throughout the Amicus Therapeutics Inc
  • Maintain knowledge of and establish video/conferencing standards
  • Ensure conferences are set up correctly before meetings and connected on time
  • Monitor and attend meetings as needed
  • Train end users on the appropriate use of the equipment
  • Conduct weekly conference room tests to ensure equipment is working properly
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and coordinate with vendor services at all locations
  • Stay abreast of new state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment for future needs
  • Assist with other audio-visual needs and meeting support throughout the Amicus Therapeutics
  • Experience with configuring and supporting Skype for Business
  • Experience with configuring and supporting BlueJeans videoconferencing
  • Experience with configuration of Outlook/Exchange; Able to solve Outlook configuration issues such as permissions, calendars sharing, emails and data migration
  • Install all new hardware, systems, and software
  • Install, configure and maintain network services, equipment, and devices
  • Manage user accounts, permissions, email, AV, anti-spam, anti-malware, etc
  • Manage Smartphones devices
  • Proficient in the Windows Operating environments for Windows 2008/2012 servers and Windows XP/7 workstation systems
  • Experienced supporting Microsoft Office 2013
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot systems problems
  • Excellent communication skills to communicate with support personnel, customers, and managers
  • Answering 25-35 technical phone calls daily in regards to issues related to email, desktop, hardware, printers, banking applications, etc.)
  • Logging tickets
  • Resolving issues
  • Escalating situation when necessary
  • Closing tickets
  • Interacting with internal bank clients in this role
  • 2-3 years of help desk experience
  • Experience resolving issues in relation to email (Outlook), mobile devices (Blackberry & iOS), laptops, printers, applications, hardware, Windows 7, and desktops)
  • Desktop imaging experience
  • A+ or MCSE certification
  • 2+ years Help Desk experience
  • 2+ years troubleshooting experience with Network and Desktop environments
  • Knowledge and/or experience with internal server/mainframe applications such as: Shares, QIK, MAPPER, IBM/TSO/TPX, and SCEPTRE

Accounts Payable Help Desk Auditor Resume Examples & Samples

  • High School Diploma and minimum 1 year of Finance related experience
  • Experience working in an Accounts Payable role
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office products, specifically Excel
  • A Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business
  • Ability to trouble shoot office suite is the main skill set for this person. The rest can be taught
  • Experience working on an enterprise desk supporting over 300 employees is preferred
  • Performs first-level core troubleshooting on hardware/software systems problems; answers questions, provides technical solutions, and follows up to assist users in solving their information systems problems in a continuous user-support environment
  • Associate degree in a technical or computer related field of study, or equivalent related experience
  • Help desk or customer support environment supporting various hardware, software and personal computer tools (1 year)
  • Retail Point of Sale systems and or computing systems (1 year) Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to work with users of various levels of computer knowledge
  • 3-5 years desktop support experience
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task
  • Familiarity with Database System
  • Associates Degree

Co-op Internship Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Enter all cases into the Salesforce ticketing system insuring accurate and complete information is in each case, route cases to the appropriate queues
  • Communicate effectively with users to determine and resolve common problems and requests in compliance with established service level agreements
  • Act as a liaison between the end-user community and the IT staff, including escalation of cases to 2nd level support and feedback to the users
  • As required, assist in desktop support activities (installations, moves/adds/changes, software installation, and some trouble shooting
  • Will assist in creating Excel spreadsheets and graphs for group metrics and the documentation of draft Help Desk policies and procedures
  • This position requires that individual participate in on-call rotation with a laptop and cell phone. Undertake virtually any other task that may be necessary to create an outstanding environment for the growth of a value-driven company
  • Qualified candidates must be currently attending school, pursuing either Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • This position requires 20 hours per week at Aspect’s Phoenix office
  • Learn and develop the troubleshooting and resolution skills required to address hardware and software problems on computer systems and other supported hardware (mobile devices, phones, voicemail, projectors, etc.)
  • Perform consistent follow-up with users to ensure complete resolution and user satisfaction
  • Learn the Bain image and PC configuration and testing process to build and deploy notebook and desktop computers
  • Develop the skills required to support the varied Audio-Visual equipment your local office and in the other offices across the local region (Projectors, Videoconference Units etc)
  • Develop best practices in the IT environment through experience sharing across the TSG staff in the other offices across the region and globally
  • Learn to coordinate off-site repairs with external vendors
  • Participate in Global projects on a requested and volunteer basis
  • Provide off-hours, weekend and holiday coverage as needed
  • Excellent customer service skills are paramount to success in this position
  • Resolves basic software/hardware matters of significance pertaining to networking connectivity issues, printers, servers, and applications to meet business needs
  • Performs basic troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common system problems; documents system events to ensure continuous functioning
  • Upgrades routine system software and hardware components as required to meet business needs. Uses prescribed protocols and procedures to ensure upgrades are occurring in accordance with established parameters
  • Upgrades and configures basic system files and services to enhance performance
  • 1+ years of experience with computer systems or networking
  • Communication skills for communicating with support personnel, customers, and managers
  • Reset/re-enable of Visa Online passwords of existing single users or high risk applications based on existing criteria while validating profile information
  • Entitle users on to the multiple build in VOL applications/subscriptions, ensuring credentials and permissions are granted by the correct application's owner. These request may be single user or bulk request received via email or the VEM tool
  • Enrollment of new users on to the VOL web based tool, reviewing, requesting missing and updating any necessary information in the user's profile based on defined access control guidelines
  • Provide first level technical support to troubleshoot, analyze and resolve applications access and usage issues
  • Perform off boarding profile deletions for clients as well as Visa staff while providing a high level of privacy
  • Perform similar access control support functions as in VOL for specialized services (IFD, Visa Risk, ICS/PCS Direct)
  • Work directly with clients and application's owners on issue resolution
  • Support customer initiatives and escalates issues to the correct point if contact
  • Take initiative to escalate any issues challenging client satisfaction or service targets
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with clients, multiple application owners, business office development groups and other stake holders
  • Educate clients on all supported product and software applications, usage, and functionality; ensuring client understands best practices
  • Manage phone hotlines, assigned regular and specialized email requests, and requests on the VOL web based application to ensure that support service levels are met and/or exceeded
  • Leverages on a CRM tool to track daily work and other related services
  • Responsible for the distribution of work to others and its own work assignments
  • Assist in compiling data for reports as requested
  • Work on projects that require some level of expertise

Co-op Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide 1st level telephone support for standard applications and basic network administration to internal customers
  • Participate on selected projects aimed at optimizing the IT process and increasing the quality of service provided to our customers
  • Resolve 40% - 60% of problems directly with the client via remote control software, account management and other tools
  • Participate as an active member of the Help Desk team
  • Provide reports and updates to the Help Desk Team Leader on a regular basis
  • Will be responsible for contributing to the documentation of a new hire training guide
  • Previous experience in an IT Help Desk or Technical Support function preferred
  • This position requires 20 hours per week at Aspect’s Chelmsford office
  • This employer will not sponsor applicants for work visas
  • Only local candidates will be considered, relocation assistance will not be provided
  • Physical requirements include sitting for long periods of time

Help Desk Service Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist technical staff and end-users with the replacement of desktop and notebook computers; this service will require the transfer of locally-stored data files, if any, to the user’s OneDrive for Business account in Office 365, as well as the transfer of the user’s system settings from the old to the new computer
  • Manage service desk tickets from initiation through completion or assignment to colleagues; track progress, keep record of issue/request resolutions, etc
  • Install software and peripheral computer equipment; hardware, printers, and monitors
  • Assist technical staff with the transfer of data files from obsolete servers to new platforms, including SharePoint online, OneDrive for Business, and new Windows Server systems, as instructed by the Deputy Director
  • Manage equipment and inventory; tag new assets, install and image new equipment for deployment, and remove all proprietary data prior to surplus
  • Provide general administrative support
  • Accredited Associates degree in Information Technology and two (2) years of help desk, technical support, or related experience; OR accredited Bachelor’s degree and one (1) year of experience. Plus, a CompTIA A+ certification, or equivalent
  • Windows Server – intermediate level of proficiency, or higher, is required
  • Windows 7/8/10 – intermediate level of proficiency, or higher, is required
  • SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 – beginner level of proficiency, or higher, is desired but not required
  • PowerShell script development is desired but not required
  • Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds

Help Desk-monitor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Solid communication skills (verbal, written, listening)
  • Sound customer service skills
  • Intermediate level computer skills: Microsoft Suite, SharePoint, OneNote, Lync SoftPhone
  • Providing a high level of customer service to internal employees and end users
  • Provide first level support for IT relating to desktop technologies, hardware, software, networking, etc
  • Handle IT installations for all end users
  • Escalate complex issues to Tier 2 as appropriate
  • Ensuring all issues are logged in ITSM ticketing tool and maintaining/adding to existing documentation
  • Maintain relationships with third-party vendors
  • Experience supporting both computer hardware and software

Secret Cleared Help Desk Tier-iii Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • 1-2 years of experience on a HD- ideally in an enterprise environment
  • Ability to resolve general hardware and software problems with customers having little or no background in computers
  • Ability to conduct component level diagnostics
  • Ability to maintain documentation for procedures and processes, as well as, maintenance logs and equipment databases
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft based platforms (Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Office Suite, Etc.)
  • Significant understanding of Active Directory (Account Management, Organizational Units, Mailbox Management, Exchange features)
  • Significant experience in understanding of Network, LAN, VLAN (troubleshooting and setting up printers on network, identifying network versus local based issues)
  • Able to lead and manage projects (coordinating with other branches of IT, team player
  • Properly enter all calls into the helpdesk system Use predefined triage processes to troubleshoot and resolve or escalate to the appropriate resource within allowed Service Level Agreement parameters. Ability to use remote desktop applications in order to troubleshoot end user PC related problems
  • Ability to resolve standard documented problems with minimal assistance
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency with Helpdesk tools, Microsoft operating systems, MS Office applications and anti-virus software, and communications technology devices
  • Knowledge of all necessary web based tools as it applies to the position (i.e. ProActa, Help desk call tracking applications, etc.)
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to attend to details
  • Education Minimum: High School Diploma or equivalent No less than one entry level certification (A+, N+, or OEM vendor certification)
  • You have the ability to work in a fast-paced, team environment
  • You possess strong communication skills
  • You demonstrate a positive customer service attitude coupled with the ability to manage multiple client engagements
  • You are self-motivated and an efficient problem solver
  • 0-3 years of relevant professional experience in a support/helpdesk position
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (including Outlook)
  • Responsible for the day to day management and performance of the End User Desk-Side Support Team
  • Responsible for staff scheduling to ensure coverage meets defined hours of business
  • Will monitor and assist with managing partners (vendors) in the day to day delivery of IT services this includes support processes and procedures as required
  • Will monitor, track and report on key performance metrics
  • Will Manage and maintain the incident and service management (ITIL) process
  • Provides timely communication and updates to all stakeholders for major incidents
  • Actively manage business expectations and escalations and proactively act to identify and action issues before they become complaints/escalations
  • To develop and maintain documentation and standards to ensure a consistent and effective means of support is provided on day to day basis
  • Assist the Client Services Manager with performance reviews and team objectives relative to defined KPIs (SLA’s)
  • Work with the Client Services Manager for assigned projects and other duties as assigned
  • Previous experience (5-7 yrs) in a support function working in an IT operations role
  • Trained in basic computer administration obtained through completion of technical vocational training or equivalent combination of experience and education; normally requires Bachelor’s Degree of computer sciences or similar
  • Experience and knowledge of with ITIL and ITSM with certification
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing (English; French is an asset)
  • Ability to resolve customer issues quickly and creatively in order to improve customer satisfaction
  • (2) years working on a Service Desk
  • Ability to meet critical timelines in a rapidly changing environment
  • Must be willing to work at the companies office locations in San Antonio and Regional Offices as required
  • Address user questions
  • Document lessons learned and provide a written report of same
  • Provide support in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, administer, manage user accounts on Microsoft Active Directory System
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, administer, manage user accounts on Microsoft Exchange including Exchange mail stores
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, administer, manage user accounts on other enterprise applications and systems as assigned
  • Follow Incident and Request Management process for account administration
  • Document issues and troubleshooting steps in Incident Management system and knowledge base
  • Assist other Access Administrators as needed
  • Resolve Service Desk tickets as assigned
  • Provide end-user training as appropriate
  • Field incoming access requests from end users via ticketing tool, telephone and e-mail in a courteous manner
  • Assist in cross training & documentation within immediate support team
  • Actively seek opportunities for service improvement, recognizing the needs and expectations of our clients
  • Provide knowledge transfer and mentoring of other team members when required
  • Prioritize and schedule access requests
  • University Degree or College Diploma in a computer related field or equivalent work experience
  • ITIL Foundations certification preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory
  • Microsoft or other widely recognized technology certifications
  • Experience in a health related field is an asset
  • Multiple years of Microsoft Active Directory 2003 / 2007 or newer administration experience
  • Multiple years of Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010 / 2013 or newer administration experience
  • Experience with MIS dictionary within Meditech
  • Experience with other Health Care applications an asset
  • Proficiency in Windows 7 and all MS Office products
  • Builds rapport and leverages customer relationships with existing and potential borrowers with the goal of meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations
  • Analyze customers' financial situations and provide the appropriate solution by advising customers as to the appropriate loan product for them
  • Excel in a fast paced environment with the ability to multitask and follow up with multiple customer and work on multiple files each and every day
  • Accept multiple live, qualified inbound leads daily
  • Lock loans at point of sale, request initial documents from the customer, and submit an initial, paperless loan package to production staff
  • Structure and price loans accurately
  • 2+ years' full time refinance loan origination experience; call center environment preferred
  • Strong desire to succeed in a sales environment and be a top producer
  • Ability to correctly and accurately structure and price loans
  • Complete knowledge of conventional and government loan programs (purchase and refinance)
  • Current CA DBO and NMLS license
  • Four or more additional state NMLS licenses preferred
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills
  • Self-motivated, self-starting professional
  • Detail oriented with strong organizational and follow through skills
  • Truly independent mortgage sales professional
  • Bilingual; ability to read, write and speak Spanish is a plus but not required
  • Two or more recent years' full time loan origination experience, preferably in a call center environment
  • Minimum of four approved state licenses through the NMLS

Analyst, Help Desk Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide end user support and monitor, track, and resolve trouble calls
  • Install PC hardware and software as needed on desktop computer systems
  • Identify and research issues, evaluate and recommend solutions, and coordinate IS staff to effect change
  • Identify opportunities for operational improvements through improved manual processes, information systems or both
  • May be required to guide, train, or coordinate activities of other staff.. Performs other duties as assigned
  • Provide technical customer service to various users, answer questions and resolve issues over the phone or via remote desktop access
  • Perform first line support, troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve Network, System, Desktop, and User issues (i.e. password resets, access and application issues, user accounts, active directory, etc)
  • Open, track and escalate requests via Helpdesk System; follow up and ensure resolution within specified timeframes
  • Partner with various vendors, system administrators, and senior associates to ensure resolution to escalated technical issues
  • Position has high level systems access and ability to remote into computers
  • Position does not affect general ledger, wire transfer or cash
  • High School Diploma or equivalent required; Associate’s Degree in Information Technology or related field a plus
  • Minimum 1 year of Helpdesk or related technical assistance experience required
  • Knowledge of Windows, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Microsoft Office, PC, Laptop, Blackberry, and Active Directory
  • Customer service oriented with strong interpersonal skills; able to respond promptly to client needs, follow through and resolve issues in a pleasant and helpful manner
  • Ability to communicate well with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Team player with a positive can-do attitude; good time management skills, able to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines

Help Desk-it Resume Examples & Samples

  • Driving to different sites and offices will be required occasionally
  • Provide remote technical support on a help desk and training on a company-wide basis to all levels of users. This includes trouble ticket resolution, development of user applications, and on-site training/assistance for workstations
  • Load base images, install 3rd party software, and deploy computers
  • Report and research solutions to issues, create installation procedures, following-up with customers, and making sure escalations are made (when needed)
  • Support, LAN connected, Windows/UNIX client workstations and application software (Internet, Email, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, McAfee)
  • Utilize Microsoft SMS (Systems Management Server) to inventory, deploy, and manage software applications
  • LAN administration
  • Record support incidents and requests in our ServiceNow service management system, monitor and manage the Service Desk ticket queue and document solutions using our knowledge management system
  • Escalate “high-priority” tickets as needed
  • Maintain a high degree of customer service for all support requests
  • Perform special projects as assigned/required
  • Maintain updated knowledge on computer hardware and software
  • Excellent telephone soft skills
  • Good analytical and troubleshooting skills are required
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft based operating systems, Mac OS operating systems and suites
  • Able to read and understand manuals pertaining to operations of computer hardware and software
  • Familiarity with search engines advance usage and using them to solve obscure issues
  • Professional certifications a plus (Windows 7, Microsoft Desktop Support, ITIL)
  • Professional certifications desired (CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Desktop Support, ITIL, etc.)
  • Able to work independently as well as be a team player
  • Individual must be customer focused and have a sense of urgency
  • Excellent computer and written/verbal communications skills
  • Be intuitive, have great follow through skills as well as Hardware/software troubleshooting abilities
  • Must be able to deal effectively with all types of internal/external customers
  • This position is located in Lexington, KY
  • 1-2 years of customer service and technical support in a call center environment
  • Technical support experience
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Triage incidents and service requests in a professional manner via approved tools (ITSM, Service Catalog, etc.)
  • Review employee-self-service submissions for completeness and clarity - gather additional detail when needed prior to routing to resource teams
  • Escalate issues as needed to peers, leaders, and other IS teams per established guidelines
  • Notifies peers, leaders when he/she needs assistance, additional clarity, or guidance
  • Provides constructive feedback on IS or Service Desk processes
  • Leverage internal resources (knowledge base, team sites) to efficiently route or resolve issues
  • Respond to end-user inquiries regarding the status of incidents or requests
  • Competent in 1 or more service markets (CA, OR, Swedish, Western WA, Eastern WA, Montana, Alaska, Community Connect, Epic, MyChart/MyProv)
  • Provide clients assistance with technical inquires primarily over the phone
  • Participate in the preparation of procedure manuals, technical documentation, disaster recovery documentation, and end-user documents
  • Participate in the testing of proprietary and/or supported software, as necessary
  • Fundamental understanding of IT including workstation software and hardware information
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively under stressful situations and help resolve client issues with effective communication; Professional business communication skills
  • Ability to work an eight-hour shift between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m

Senior Help Desk Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provides Customer Service
  • Represents the company in a customer support role and is responsible for onsite customer satisfaction with equipment and servicing as well as remote support to Kratos offices nationwide
  • Performs customer support activities involving the installation, modification, and repair of equipment and systems
  • Refer service outages to IT management
  • Supports contractual obligations and specified ISO, CMMI, ITIL, Earned Value or other quality/financial control processes
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Research, design, develop, test, and oversee the installation of hardware and supervise its fabrication and installation
  • Supports identification of hardware problems and problem resolution, preparation of engineering plans and technical documentation and may participate in configuration management activities
  • Responsible for evaluating current systems and making recommendations on ways to optimize
  • Maintain, monitor and troubleshoot Windows server environments
  • Maintain, monitor and troubleshoot network based services: File and Print services, Email, Active Directory, DHCP/DNS/WINS
  • Works with Project Teams to plan large scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies
  • Conducts on-site installation of equipment and follows established testing procedures to ensure proper working order
  • Administrative activities
  • Properly document and track incidents, requests and changes using the online ticketing system
  • Create new user accounts, update AD accounts when needed
  • Generate purchase requisitions when necessary
  • Provide and maintain documentation of backup processes and retention periods
  • Prepare and maintain written documentation of local site server and application environments
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work independently with limited supervision
  • Ability to meet deadlines and complete projects in a timely manner
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft server, Microsoft Active Directory
  • Working knowledge of Server and PC operating systems - such as Windows 2008 and 2012, Windows 7 and 8
  • Working knowledge of PC/LAN application software including word processing (MS Word), spreadsheets (MS Excel) and E-Mail (MS Outlook)
  • Ability to interface with technical and engineering personnel in order to discuss technical issues pertaining to problems, purchases or technical specifications
  • Bachelor degree in IT, Engineering or related field (preferred)
  • Minimum of Five (5) or more years of experience with hardware engineering within an enterprise IT environment
  • Minimum of Five (5) years experience testing solutions for interoperability within an enterprise IT environment
  • Good interpersonal skills to interact with management and team members
  • 3+ years of experience with Active Directory -account set up (unlock, password reset, and move items around)
  • Enterprise help desk experience
  • 3+ years experience with Windows 7, Office 2010, strong Outlook-2010
  • Process first level phone contact, email and personnel requests for technical support within established Service Level time frames (SLA’s)
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to desktop laptops, laser & label printers, mobile, Exchange, MAC OSX, PCs, general software/hardware installation and a variety of in-house applications, utilizing a ticketing system and remote access application
  • Escalate issues to higher level teams when unable to provide First Call Resolutions (FCR’s)
  • Maintain service integrity by monitoring open tickets and keeping them consistently updated
  • Must be available to work outside of normal working hours or on-call within rotation, as needed
  • Help Desk/Service Desk experience in IT support, with a broad background in a variety of roles such as a Help Desk Agent/Technician
  • Demonstrated expertise in IT support in retail or field-based environments a plus
  • Processes urgent requests for password and session resets to minimize system down-time for GCCS CSR population
  • Provides level 1 triage for GCCS workstations and applications, to diagnose issues, detect patterns of impact, and ensure validity of complaints
  • Works closely with GCCS management and IT to effectively communicate the day's issues, troubleshooting efforts, and ticket statuses
  • Supports regularly scheduled technology projects, including application testing, both pre and post deployment
  • Manages severity incidents (application outages, network failure, etc…) with IT support teams and regularly informs impacted lines of business and senior management
  • Assist enforcement of Business Continuity Plans related to catastrophic IT failures, security alerts, or weather events
  • Responsible for administering multiple call center applications to support call routing (Genesys), call recording (NICE), and user permissions (Siebel, VSAFE, various vendor applications)
  • Manages call center staff on-boarding and off-boarding, and maintains responsibility for access controls
  • Ascertains compliance controls for GCCS systems, including regularly auditing AD groups and validating privileged access
  • Accountable for resolving IT and infrastructure complaints and requests via phone, email, walk up, and instant message
  • Minimum of one year experience with general call center technical and/or operations support
  • Minimum of one year in a GCCS call center environment preferred
  • Advanced knowledge of ticketing systems related to technical support preferred
  • Need solid PC skills in a Windows environment. Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel is strongly recommended
  • Must be able to manage multiple service requests with strict time limits
  • Needs ability to make quick decisions based on internal client needs
  • Must be accurate, well organized, and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work as part of a high-performing team
  • Responsible for additional duties as needed in support of the GCCS Call Centers
  • Successfully resolve simple to moderate technical issues (related to hardware and software) from incoming customer contacts and proactive notification systems. Respond to service, product, and customer-relations questions on timesheet status. Begin to proactively assist customers to avoid or reduce problem occurrence
  • Work is often reviewed by Supervisor or Team Lead
  • Articulate in excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Technical troubleshooting with timecards for the providers
  • Excellent fluency in language to be supported ENGLISH/CHINESE
  • Experience in a phone based remote role, support, e-chat, or similar

Help Desk Team Leader Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage day to day Operational and Administrative Tasks
  • Minimum 1 year leadership or supervisory experience in a fast-paced customer-centric environment
  • Proficient at MS Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Effective feedback, coaching, mentoring skills
  • Ability to promote reliability and dependability of Team Members
  • Ability to motivate and coach Team Members towards achieving performance targets
  • Must be able to multi-task, troubleshoot and thrive in a high paced and highly challenging environment
  • Ability to balance Account and IBM requirements as well as end result client expectations
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include weekends & holidays, as needed
  • Ability to work overtime as needed Motivate a team of Employee Partners to achieve performance targets
  • Monitor and track achievements against performance targets
  • Provide regular feedback on team and individual performance
  • Plans, designs, develops new system architecture. Maintains existing Windows IT systems
  • Uses automated tools and scripts to improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Business process analysis and system requirements development
  • Monitors application status; support application event triage, monitoring, tracking, and correlation and event characterization and escalation, work with vendors as needed for event resolution. Follows up with customer to ensure issue has been resolved
  • Provides technical assistance, training and system documentation for users to promote efficient operation of applications
  • Experience with Windows operating systems and concepts
  • Familiarity with documenting system functionality, source control systems and configuration/change management practices
  • Virtualization (VMware) and cloud architectures (AWS)
  • Windows and/or Linux OS level server experience
  • Network routing and switching, load balancers, and firewalls
  • Standards compliance and information assurance, including ITAR, CCA, FedRAMP, DIACAP, RMF, ITIL, CMMI
  • Quality Assurance
  • Prior experience training, coaching and working directly with end users
  • You must be able to maintain focus while dealing with a crisis situation
  • You need to be able to prioritize tasks effectively when dealing with multiple issues
  • You need superior English language communication skills with a focus on providing customer service excellence
  • You must have strong analytical and decision making skills

Help Desk Level Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • The Help Desk Support Specialist primary responsibility is to provide Tier I and II support to the company’s end-user community
  • This specialist role ensures that the company’s end-users can accomplish any business computing tasks
  • This includes actively resolving escalated end user help requests within established SLAs
  • Problem resolution may involve the use of diagnostic and help request tracking tools, as well as require that the individual provide support using remote control software over the phone at multiple facilities and/or in-person, hands-on help at the desktop level
  • Fluent English and strong written and oral communication language skills
  • Knowledge of advanced computer hardware, including desktops/laptops/tablets, mobile phones, printers/copiers (TEC, HP, Zebra, Canon, Ricoh, etc)
  • Experience with desktop applications, desktop operating systems and server operating systems, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Suite, and Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP), MDM (AirWatch) and Video Surveillance Systems
  • Knowledgeable in managing and supporting antivirus system
  • Industry certification (e.g. MCP, MCDST, A+) preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in the Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field preferred and 5 to 8 years related work experience
  • 3 to 5 years equivalent work experience as a Help Desk Technical Specialist (Level I and II)

Help Desk Levell Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responding to incoming help desk inquiries promptly, politely and professionally
  • Quickly prioritizing and responding to all client calls and emails, identifying problems and providing expedient technical assistance for all computer related issues, including service workstations and other equipment for users through remote support techniques
  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues to user’s satisfaction
  • Research users questions using available information resources and advise user on appropriate action
  • Installs new hardware and software for customers utilizing remote management tools
  • Follow standard help desk procedures like logging all help desk interactions
  • Redirect problems to appropriate resources
  • Troubleshoot Hand Held Scanner issues
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Influencing a positive work environment that fosters team performance through own work and behavior
  • Will be on call as part of Help Desk rotation at least once in 4 weeks to provide coverage between 6 pm and 6 am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays
  • Assist in hardware rollouts
  • Talk to vendors to get quotes and create PO’s
  • Arrive to work punctually when shift starts and login to be online during working hours
  • 5+ years of related technical helpdesk and customer service experience
  • A+, MCP, and / or MCSE Certifications
  • Associates degree and/or Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience with repairing/working with Intermec Hand Held scanners is a plus
  • Experience with cabling, switches, and routers are a plus
  • Experience with AS400 is a plus
  • Strong analytical abilities are required to interact with customers to evaluate work and provide technical assistance
  • Good interpersonal skills are required to interact with customers and clients and provide technical assistance to resolve problems
  • Good organizational skills are required to communicate effectively
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, officers, carriers and the public
  • All applicants are subject to criminal background investigation

Help Desk Consultant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Must be able to use a computer keyboard and mouse
  • Ability to work productively with other members and pro-actively take on fair share of work
  • Must display ability to work independently and exhibit the initiative to actively work incidents and projects to completion
  • Professional experience supporting PC and Mac, with support experience for hardware and software problem analysis, diagnostics, and repair; computer imaging; Active Directory and Casper computer object creation and group assignments; customer support and service; Microsoft and Apple OS & applications; iOS and Android email and calendar configuration support; printer support; network troubleshooting
  • Position frequently requires transport, manipulation, and installation of bulky or heavy equipment
  • Must be able to lift up to 60 lbs

Help Desk / Digital Asset Technician Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support daily Help Desk operations in a complex environment to resolve issues related to computer systems, software and hardware, network and configuration standards
  • Troubleshoot and resolve PC/Desktop and related issues in a timely manner to include; remote access, mis-configurations, registry settings, GPO updates, WSUS/patch testing, etc
  • Create a systemic method to identify, catalog and manage digital assets across multiple domains and windows networked environments, (i.e. IP Address, FQDN, Serial/Tag#, URL, Noun Nomenclature, etc.)
  • Enforce data security while maintaining DISA and DoD compliance standards
  • Current CompTIA Sec+ CE certification or an approved DoD 8570-M AT-Level I/II certification
  • Demonstrable experience supporting Held Desk operations, specifically
  • Knowledge of basic network architecture, (i.e. Active Directory: Enterprise, Forests, Domains, OUs; FQDN, etc.)ACLs, port switching and common protocols
  • Working knowledge and/or experience with MS Group Policy and Power Shell
  • Experience with government off-the-shelf (GOTS) or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) asset management and lifecycle inventory tools (i.e. PBUSE, SCCM, WiseTrack, etc.)
  • Experience using a systematic method to catalog digital assets and networked devices using various tracking criteria, (i.e. Asset Tag#, Noun Nomenclature, IP Address, FQDN, URL, etc.)
  • Other COTS and GOTS inventory management systems
  • Experience working with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to define a 'Device Collection' and identify windows based objects in an Active Directory domain
  • Experience conducting Asset Intelligence Synchronization and Active Directory Forest Discovery which identifies IP Address boundaries and assets on a weekly basis (default configuration)
  • Experience working with Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) conducting network discovery scans and creating related queries
  • (2) years Desktop or systems experience
  • Must be willing to work at office locations in San Antonio and Regional Offices as required
  • Must be willing work flexible hours to include day, night, and weekend
  • File copy functions
  • Manual installation of software applications
  • Provide desktop support for 1,200+ users at Signature Bank; answer IT related questions via phone or remote desktop access (i.e. PC, laptop, tokens, systems, scanner, printer)
  • Diagnose and resolve technical issues related to Active Directory, Desktop, and Systems (i.e. password resets, email, system access, application issues, user accounts, active directory)
  • Open, track and escalate requests via Helpdesk System; follow up and ensure resolution are provided within specified timeframes
  • Partner with various IT vendors, system administrators, and senior associates to ensure resolution to escalated technical issues
  • 1 year of related internship or technical support experience strongly preferred; experience with desktops, email, or banking systems preferred
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Microsoft Office, PC, Laptop, Blackberry, and Active Directory a plus
  • Good team player, friendly, with a positive can-do attitude
  • Client service oriented and able to respond promptly to client needs; follow through and resolve issues in a pleasant and helpful manner
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written); communicate well with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Able to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Must be available to work some weekends and holidays as needed
  • High School Diploma or GED required; College Degree in Information Technology a plus

Help Desk IT / Mobility Liaison Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system by Knowledge and Skills
  • Possesses a broad understanding of Sales operational processes and AbbVie Inc commercial business. Possesses a deep understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) including nine knowledge areas (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk and Vendor Management) and is viewed as the subject matter expert in project management
  • Leverages knowledge of sales force goals, issues and structure to partner internally or externally with teams to develop and support Field Operations’ strategies and objectives
  • Continually educates self on the latest trends related to Help Desk operations and project management methodology and keeps abreast of changes in the business
  • Project/Process Lifecycle
  • Responsible for managing large cross-functional projects. Will review all project processes and seek ways to improve efficiency and timelines of project processing and deliverables
  • Utilizes PMBOK methodology for assigned projects
  • Sets project priorities, develops project plan and manages resource needs
  • Facilitates communication and key decisions with stakeholders
  • Oversees initiatives to ensure all key business objectives, goals, deliverables and milestones are met. Responsible for identifying and managing risks, scope, issues and preparing mitigation strategies. Ensure project issues and risks are mitigated and escalated as appropriate
  • Measure performance to assure the project is progressing as compared to original plan and budget
  • Communicate project progress by producing project reports to provide timely and accurate project status and updates
  • BA, BS degree required. Master's degree in business or IT science preferred. BA/BS required to ensure effective understanding and application of business concepts. Successful candidate will have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in project management (including leadership of a significant cross-functional project) and 8 year overall experience in information technology, sales, sales operations, help desk operations, training and/or sample management
  • Must possess excellent verbal, written and communication skills
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry, compliance regulations and standards preferred
  • Able to manage multiple tasks/priorities simultaneously with sense of urgency
  • Provide timely and accurate second level Help Desk support and meet set Service Level Agreements for assigned support tickets
  • Provide assistance to employees via ServiceNow ticket escalation applications, and managing administration tasks
  • Apply understanding of business terminology and processes to support role
  • Handle unexpected service outages and serve as weekend and overnight escalation point of contact
  • Minimum one year of experience in IT help desk application support or service integration experience, preferably within a support center or similar environment
  • Ability to support complex and diverse applications
  • Knowledge of ITIL Incident Management and Service Desk processes
  • Strong verbal/written communication, problem solving, organizational and independent judgment skills to support an environment driven by customer service and team work
  • Ability to build productive relationships with peers

Help Desk Estates Co-ordinator Resume Examples & Samples

  • To be the first point of telephone contact for Trust staff and IFM employees
  • To answer, input and allocate service requests (maintenance and domestic) accurately and in a timely manner and direct the appropriate personnel to undertake the tasks
  • To make decisions regarding service delivery and the priority of work. Where conflicting priorities arise, assess the task and direct staff appropriately within guidelines and protocols
  • To liaise with employees, supervisors/managers and contractors to ensure work (both reactive and planned) is completed in compliance with SLA requirements
  • To communicate with service users to ensure they are kept up to date on the progress of their requests
  • To monitor all Helpdesk service requests and take appropriate action to prevent non-compliant incidents in line with policies and procedures
  • Ensure that all helpdesk and maintenance records are maintained and available for inspection. Fully maintain and update records and files for all Statutory and Planned Maintenance, including sub-contractor and insurance reports. To bring any shortfalls to the attention of the Estates Manager
  • To be the first point of telephone contact, as per the absence procedure, for IFM employees who are calling in sick or to report an absence. Ensure the relevant information is taken from the employee and communicated to their manager
  • Responsible for the jeopardy management of the Planet Management System to achieve the efficient work allocation and execution of task delivered to the client. To report system and equipment faults to the appropriate personnel
  • Liaise with the relevant managers for the preparation of month end reporting. Produce the necessary reports to substantiate the monthly performance statistics
  • Provide excellent customer service (internal and external), escalating service issues to the relevant manager where appropriate
  • To be fully conversant with the Major Incident Procedure
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the operational objectives and SLA requirements of IFM (as appropriate to the role)
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the key issues related to the delivery of an FM service in a National Health environment
  • Help ensure the requirements of a 24/7 helpdesk service are met by being flexible with shifts, providing cover out of hours as required
  • Undertake any other reasonable tasks, within training and ability, as deemed necessary by the Helpdesk Manager and Helpdesk Supervisor (Works Control)
  • You will be expected to offer support and advice to new starters during their training and induction period
  • Be aware of the business continuity plan for the part of the business you work in
  • Background in customer service/helpdesk role
  • Good standard of eduction (GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English)
  • Experience of working in a fast moving environment
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Ability to work unsupervised or as part of a team
  • Ability to develop positive cooperative relationships with other groups and departments
  • Good organisational ability and attention to detail
  • Able to assess and prioritise work
  • Good listening skills
  • Experience of working in a hospital and/or FM environment is desirable
  • Reliable, flexible, adaptable and innovative
  • Able to remain calm under pressure
  • Positive and professional manner and attitude at all times
  • Self motivated and ability to use own initiative
  • Knowledge and experience of PPM environment is desirable

Help Desk Tech Resume Examples & Samples

  • Manage technical details associated with day-to-day operations with a focus on Customer satisfaction and proactive solutions
  • Log and work escalated tickets to completion, involving other team members as required
  • Install, configure, and maintain desktop and laptop PC’s and peripherals such as printers, and other equipment in a combined office/manufacturing environment
  • Identify, research, and resolve complex technical problems
  • Respond to Level 2 telephone calls, emails, and personnel requests for technical support
  • Troubleshoot hardware/software issues for local and remote users
  • Create/Maintain active directory users and groups
  • Manage help desk tickets in a ticketing system
  • Document daily procedures and activities
  • Escalate unsolved issues in a timely manner
  • Connect and configure basic IP manufacturing and network equipment
  • Maintain Avaya phone systems configurations and users
  • Work with team members to troubleshoot and resolve LAN/WAN performance, connectivity, and related network issues
  • Technician must be flexible to work overtime and weekends to provide emergency coverage
  • Ensure proper I.T. SOX procedures are followed
  • Follow up on tickets escalated to infrastructure, applications, etc
  • Periodic travel to other data centers is required
  • BA or BS College Degree preferred
  • 5 – 10 years PC desktop experience
  • 3 – 5 years of active directory experience
  • Strong help desk support experience
  • Solid Microsoft Office 2010 and Outlook support
  • Anti-virus support experience
  • Familiarity with a variety of tech support concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Must have strong communication and professional presentation skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to present in both technical and non-technical terms to all levels of staff
  • Highest level of integrity, including an ability to preserve sensitive and confidential information and maintain confidentiality
  • Excellent research, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a sense of urgency and a good sense of humor
  • Must be able to work independently as well as a team player
  • Experience with the company’s tools a plus: Footprints, Landesk, Windows 7 Professional, Server 2008, Server 2012
  • Provide Level-I / Level-II support via phone, email, and onsite support as required
  • Handle first call resolution while building strong customer relationships
  • Provide support for Laptops and desktops, setup communication software such as Outlook and Lync
  • Manage licensing for Email and Instant Messaging applications
  • Manage Active Directory users and group assignments
  • Coordinate issues via technical bridges regarding high level outages for internal and external tools used by the remote locations to service customers
  • Log tickets and requests received via phone, voicemail, Chat, email and will also log information regarding alarms from network and server monitoring tools
  • Escalate to internal departments as needed and ensure requests are resolved within Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Monitor and respond to alerts generated by various network and server technology tools, solving initially and escalating when necessary
  • 1+ years customer support/help desk related experience in a mid to large size company
  • 1+ years of experience operating in a Network Operations Center (NOC) environment
  • Strong working knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FTP and HTTP
  • MS Windows Clients from Windows XP – Windows 7
  • Mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids
  • Solid understanding of MS Office applications
  • Solid understanding of network environments (Wired and Wireless)
  • Monitoring solutions such as OpenNMS, What’s Up Gold, or similar technology solution
  • Experience with CSI, IEX, or call center related software is a plus
  • Excellent communication (Both written and verbal) skills
  • Expertise in troubleshooting, performance tuning, and problem resolution
  • Proven ability to multi-task between operational and project related work efforts
  • Strong documentation, communication skills, and ability to train others

Help Desk Supp Analyst Resume Examples & Samples

  • Increasing documentation on frequently used products
  • Creating\Editing functional processes performed by IT HelpDesk agents
  • Creating\Editing self-service processes for callers or documentation to assist callers which will avoid IT HelpDesk contact

Related Job Titles

professional resume help desk

Resume Worded   |  Proven Resume Examples

  • Resume Examples
  • Administrative Resumes

3 Help Desk Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

As a help desk specialist, you keep the company up and running by providing technical support. your role is to help both end-users and employees troubleshoot their issues with software or hardware. that is why help-desk professions are so important in any organization. do you want to take your resume to the next level check out this guide. we’ll help you create your own help desk resume with three customizable templates and insightful tips. let’s get started..

Hiring Manager for Help Desk Roles

A help desk is an IT system and the main point of contact between a company and its users. It provides support for both its personnel and customers. Additionally, these systems include self-service resources such as articles and a community channel. They have a contact channel where users can request a help desk analyst to help them solve their issues with products. Employees can also talk to technicians if they need help with setup or networking issues. 

Help desk technicians must be proficient at troubleshooting and networking. These are two main things you should mention in your resume. You should also have excellent communication skills and logical thinking to resolve issues efficiently. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the majority of entry-level computer support specialists have an associate degree in a computer science -related field. However, some employers will hire candidates with only a high-school diploma and relevant IT experience. You can also include relevant certifications in your resume to stand out. 

Most help desks work with support tickets to keep track of the volume of requests and prioritize those with higher urgency. As a help desk specialist, you can work on multiple bulks of tickets with a prioritization approach.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the different help desk roles and give you tips on how to optimize your resume. Take a look below to get more insights about each career.

Help Desk Resume Templates

Jump to a template:

  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Help Desk Technician
  • IT Help Desk (Entry Level)

Jump to a resource:

  • Keywords for Help Desk Resumes

Help Desk Resume Tips

  • Action Verbs to Use
  • Related Administrative Resumes

Get advice on each section of your resume:

Template 1 of 3: Help Desk Analyst Resume Example

Help desk analysts assist customers and employees with technical support via email or phone calls. They have a customer service role as well as an IT technician. That’s why it is vital to demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills in your resume. Sometimes you will be talking to people who don’t have a technical background, so you must be patient and explicative.

A help desk analyst that highlights relevant skills

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Tips to help you write your Help Desk Analyst resume in 2024

   demonstrate your knowledge of help desk software..

Most help desk analysts work with specialized software like Jira to optimize operations. This type of software helps technicians with ticket prioritization and automation. Therefore, it is crucial to mention in your resume that you are familiar with these systems.

Demonstrate your knowledge of help desk software. - Help Desk Analyst Resume

   Highlight your technical skills.

Some employers might overlook your educational background if you have the right skills and experience. That’s why it is important to put some effort into this section. Include skills like troubleshooting, networking, customer service, etc. It is vital to focus on your technical competencies.

Highlight your technical skills. - Help Desk Analyst Resume

Skills you can include on your Help Desk Analyst resume

Template 2 of 3: help desk technician resume example.

A help desk technician’s primary goal is to improve customer satisfaction by helping them resolve technical issues with the organization’s product. That’s why your resume should be tailored to the IT industry. They will also assist employees with technical queries. Another relevant help desk technician's responsibility is to educate employees on how to use machinery and software.

A help desk technician resume example that prioritizes work experience

Tips to help you write your Help Desk Technician resume in 2024

   indicate your familiarity with agile principles..

Most help desk technicians work with an Agile approach. This helps them reduce productivity leaks and encourages collaboration among team members and stakeholders. That’s why it is worth mentioning your knowledge of this system in your resume. Technicians who are familiar with Agile principles are generally more efficient.

   Mention your abilities to cooperate with teams.

As we mentioned earlier, help desk technicians often assist employees with technical support, but they must also help them understand how to use software and hardware responsibly. Therefore, collaboration and team work skills are competencies that you must highlight in your resume.

Mention your abilities to cooperate with teams. - Help Desk Technician Resume

Skills you can include on your Help Desk Technician resume

Template 3 of 3: it help desk (entry level) resume example.

Help desk centers usually work in tiers, meaning that technicians have a designated level of complexity with technical support. Some of them handle advanced issues while others focus on basic setup tasks and lower-level troubleshooting. That is precisely the work of an entry-level IT help desk specialist since they don’t have extensive experience on their resume.

A IT help desk (entry-level) resume template that is tailored to the IT industry

Tips to help you write your IT Help Desk (Entry Level) resume in 2024

   include volunteering experience in it..

Having a lack of professional experience in help desk centers doesn’t have to prevent you from applying to this position. You can also include relevant experience in volunteering and internships. These days, this type of on-the-job training has a lot of value in the IT industry.

Include volunteering experience in IT. - IT Help Desk (Entry Level) Resume

   Highlight projects in which you used your transferrable skills.

If you have worked in personal or extracurricular projects where you used your technical support skills, you can mention that in your resume. This is a good idea to demonstrate your value. You can highlight skills from this experience, such as problem-solving and troubleshooting.

Highlight projects in which you used your transferrable skills. - IT Help Desk (Entry Level) Resume

Skills you can include on your IT Help Desk (Entry Level) resume

We consulted with hiring managers from companies like IBM, Dell, and Accenture to gather their best tips for creating a winning help desk resume. The following tips will help you showcase your technical skills, customer service abilities, and problem-solving expertise to land your next help desk job.

   Highlight your technical skills

Employers want to see the specific technical skills you possess that are relevant to the help desk role. Include a 'Technical Skills' section on your resume and list the software, hardware, and systems you are proficient in.

  • Proficient in Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems
  • Experienced with help desk software including Zendesk, Freshdesk, and ServiceNow
  • Skilled in remote desktop tools such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn
  • Knowledge of networking protocols including TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS

Bullet Point Samples for Help Desk

   Emphasize your customer service experience

Help desk roles require excellent customer service skills. Highlight any customer service experience you have, even if it's not directly related to IT.

  • Answered phones and responded to emails
  • Helped customers with their problems

Instead, quantify your achievements and provide specific examples:

  • Maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rating while handling 50+ support tickets per day
  • Resolved complex technical issues for non-technical customers, resulting in a 20% reduction in escalations to higher-level support

   Show your problem-solving skills

Employers want to see that you can troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems. Use bullet points to describe specific examples of how you used your problem-solving skills to resolve issues.

  • Diagnosed and resolved a recurring network connectivity issue, resulting in a 30% reduction in related support tickets
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify and implement solutions to a critical system outage, minimizing downtime by 50%

   Tailor your resume to the job description

Customize your resume for each job application by using keywords from the job description. This will help your resume pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and grab the attention of hiring managers.

For example, if the job description mentions specific skills like 'ITIL' or 'Salesforce', make sure to include those keywords in your resume if you have those skills.

Experienced help desk professional with 3+ years of experience providing technical support for Windows and macOS systems. Skilled in ITIL best practices and experienced with Salesforce CRM. Achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rating and resolved over 500 support tickets per month.

   Include relevant certifications

Certifications demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your field. If you have any relevant certifications, such as CompTIA A+, ITIL, or HDI certifications, make sure to include them on your resume.

List your certifications in a separate 'Certifications' section or include them in your 'Education' section. For example:

  • CompTIA A+ Certification, 2021
  • ITIL Foundation Certification, 2020
  • HDI Desktop Support Technician Certification, 2019

   Highlight your achievements

Use metrics and data to showcase your achievements and demonstrate your impact in previous roles. This will help you stand out from other candidates and show the value you can bring to the organization.

  • Resolved customer issues in a timely manner
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores

Instead, quantify your achievements:

  • Consistently resolved customer issues within a 2-hour average response time, resulting in a 95% customer satisfaction rate
  • Implemented a new ticketing system that increased first-call resolution rates by 20%
  • Trained and mentored 5 new help desk technicians, resulting in a 30% increase in team productivity

Writing Your Help Desk Resume: Section By Section

  header, 1. put your name on the first line.

Your name should be the most prominent element in your header, making it easy for hiring managers to identify whose resume they're reviewing. Use a larger font size than the rest of your contact details.

  • John Smith | 123 Main St, Anytown, CA | (555) 555-5555 | [email protected]

Instead, format your header with your name on its own line:

  • John Smith 123 Main St, Anytown, CA | (555) 555-5555 | [email protected]

2. Include essential contact details

After your name, list your key contact details so employers can easily get in touch:

  • Phone number
  • Professional email address
  • LinkedIn profile URL (optional)
  • City and state of residence
John Smith (555) 555-5555 | [email protected] | | Seattle, WA

Including your full mailing address is no longer necessary. Listing your city and state is sufficient and protects your privacy.

3. Optionally include your target job title

While not required, you can include your target job title in your resume header to immediately communicate the role you're seeking. This helps busy hiring managers quickly understand your career goals.

Here's an example of a resume header that includes the target job title:

  • John Smith IT Help Desk Specialist (555) 555-5555 | [email protected] | Seattle, WA

However, avoid listing multiple job titles or unrelated roles, as that may confuse hiring managers about your career focus.


A resume summary is an optional section that highlights your most relevant qualifications for the job you're applying to. While it's not required, it can be a strategic way to provide additional context about your career goals and the value you'd bring to the role, especially if you're changing careers or industries. Avoid using an objective statement, which focuses on your own goals rather than how you can contribute to the company.

When writing a summary for a help desk position, focus on your technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and customer service experience. Keep it concise and avoid repeating information that's already included in other sections of your resume.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Help Desk resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Help Desk resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Help Desk Resume Summary Examples , or Help Desk Resume Objective Examples .

1. Highlight your technical expertise

Employers hiring for help desk roles are looking for candidates with a strong foundation in technical support and troubleshooting. In your summary, showcase your proficiency in the specific technologies, software, and systems relevant to the position.

For example, instead of using a generic statement like this:

  • Experienced IT professional with a background in technical support

Provide specific details about your technical skills:

  • Help desk professional with 5+ years of experience troubleshooting Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as network connectivity issues and software installation

By highlighting your technical expertise upfront, you'll demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the necessary skills to excel in the role.

To ensure your resume includes the right technical skills and keywords, try using Targeted Resume . This tool analyzes your resume against a specific job description and provides feedback on how well your qualifications align with the requirements.

2. Emphasize your customer service skills

In addition to technical expertise, help desk positions require strong communication and customer service skills. Use your summary to showcase your ability to interact with users, explain complex technical concepts in simple terms, and provide patient, empathetic support.

Help desk technician with a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service and resolving complex technical issues. Skilled in active listening, clear communication, and maintaining a positive attitude under pressure. Committed to delivering timely, effective solutions to ensure user satisfaction and productivity.

By emphasizing your customer service skills, you'll show hiring managers that you have the interpersonal abilities necessary to succeed in a help desk role.

Avoid using generic soft skill buzzwords like "team player" or "strong communicator" in your summary. Instead, provide specific examples or metrics that demonstrate your customer service abilities, such as consistently maintaining high user satisfaction ratings or successfully resolving a high volume of tickets.

3. Tailor your summary to the specific role

To make your summary more impactful, customize it to the specific help desk position you're applying for. Review the job description carefully and identify the key skills, technologies, and experience the employer is seeking.

For example, if the job description emphasizes experience with a particular ticketing system or customer relationship management (CRM) software, make sure to highlight your proficiency with those tools in your summary:

  • Experienced help desk technician with expertise in using Zendesk and Salesforce to efficiently manage and resolve customer support tickets

By tailoring your summary to the specific requirements of the role, you'll demonstrate to hiring managers that you're a strong fit for the position and increase your chances of landing an interview.

After tailoring your resume to the job description, use Score My Resume to get instant feedback on how well your resume matches the key criteria hiring managers look for. This tool analyzes your resume on over 30 essential factors and provides personalized suggestions for improvement.


Your work experience section is the most important part of your resume as a help desk professional. It's where you show hiring managers how you've applied your technical skills and knowledge to solve problems, support customers, and contribute to your team's success. In this section, we'll break down the key steps to writing a compelling work experience section that will catch the attention of hiring managers.

1. Focus on your help desk achievements

When describing your work experience, don't just list your day-to-day responsibilities. Instead, focus on your key achievements and the impact you made in each role. Use specific examples and metrics to quantify your successes.

For instance, instead of writing something generic like this:

  • Responded to customer inquiries and resolved technical issues
  • Collaborated with team members to improve support processes

Highlight your achievements with specific details and numbers:

  • Maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rating by promptly addressing and resolving an average of 50+ support tickets per day
  • Implemented a new ticketing system that reduced average resolution time by 30%, improving team efficiency and customer satisfaction

2. Highlight your technical skills and tools

As a help desk professional, your technical skills and knowledge of specific tools are crucial to your success. Make sure to showcase your expertise by mentioning the specific technologies, systems, and tools you've worked with in each role.

For example:

  • Proficient in troubleshooting hardware, software, and network issues across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments
  • Experienced in using ticketing systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, and JIRA to manage and track support requests
  • Skilled in remote support tools such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and Bomgar for efficient issue resolution
Developed and maintained comprehensive knowledge base articles using Confluence, reducing ticket volume by 20% and empowering customers to find solutions independently.

3. Show your career progression

Hiring managers love to see candidates who have grown and advanced in their careers. If you've been promoted or taken on additional responsibilities within your help desk roles, make sure to highlight that progression in your work experience section.

For instance:

  • Promoted from Help Desk Technician to Senior Help Desk Analyst within 18 months, based on strong performance and technical expertise
  • Took on additional responsibilities as a Team Lead, mentoring and training 5 junior help desk staff members

By showcasing your career growth, you demonstrate your ability to learn, adapt, and take on new challenges – qualities that are highly valued in the fast-paced world of help desk support.


The education section of your help desk resume should be concise and highlight your most relevant qualifications. It's important to format this section correctly and include the right information to showcase your skills and knowledge. Here are some tips to help you write an effective education section on your help desk resume.

1. Put education at the top if you're a recent grad

If you've recently graduated or have limited work experience, place your education section above your work history. This will draw attention to your academic achievements and relevant coursework.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of California, Los Angeles Graduated: May 2022 Relevant Coursework: Network Administration Database Management IT Service Management

2. Include relevant certifications

Help desk positions often require specific certifications. If you have earned any relevant certifications, include them in your education section or create a separate 'Certifications' section.

Relevant certifications for help desk roles include:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Here's an example of how to list certifications:

Certifications: CompTIA A+ (2021) ITIL Foundation (2020)

3. Keep it concise if you're a senior professional

If you have extensive work experience in help desk roles, your education section should be brief. Include your degree, university name, and graduation year (optional).

Senior help desk professionals should avoid:

  • Listing irrelevant or outdated degrees
  • Including graduation dates that may lead to age discrimination
  • Mentioning high school education

Instead, keep it simple:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology University of Texas at Austin

Action Verbs For Help Desk Resumes

Help desk analysts must possess excellent communication skills and be extremely reliable. To demonstrate this in your resume, it is important to use the right language. You can streamline your resume by adding bullet points to your work history and describing your experience and achievements. 

These bullet points should start with strong action verbs that accurately describe your experience. Action verbs provide trustworthiness and improve readability, so this is an excellent way to impress your potential employer.

Action Verbs for Help Desk

  • Streamlined
  • Interpreted
  • Troubleshooted
  • Strengthened

For more related action verbs, visit Customer Service Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

Action Verbs for Help Desk Resumes

Skills for help desk resumes.

As a help desk analyst, you must have a combination of technical support and customer service skills, since you’ll be working with people. You must have analytic thinking, attention to detail, patience, and team working skills. These are traits that you should highlight in your resume.

The skills section is very important for a help desk specialist's resume, so you should spend some research in advance. Try to find related job posts and find opportunities for skills that you can add. This way, your resume has better chances of getting past applicant tracking systems and it’s more relevant for your potential employer. 

  • Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Active Directory
  • Computer Hardware
  • Help Desk Support
  • Windows Server
  • Customer Service
  • Operating Systems

Service Desk

  • Microsoft Access
  • Printer Support
  • Remote Desktop
  • Software Installation
  • Information Technology
  • System Administration
  • Computer Repair
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Network Administration
  • Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

How To Write Your Skills Section On a Help Desk Resumes

You can include the above skills in a dedicated Skills section on your resume, or weave them in your experience. Here's how you might create your dedicated skills section:

Skills Word Cloud For Help Desk Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Help Desk job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Help Desk Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Other administrative resumes, desktop support.

A Desktop Support Engineer resume showing extensive experience in the financial, customer service, and professional recruitment industries.

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Help Desk Resume Guide

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  • Help Desk Analyst Resume Example
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  • IT Help Desk (Entry Level) Resume Example
  • Tips for Help Desk Resumes
  • Skills and Keywords to Add
  • All Resume Examples
  • Help Desk CV Examples
  • Help Desk Cover Letter
  • Help Desk Interview Guide
  • Explore Alternative and Similar Careers

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Ever helped anyone with a gadget? [ Click here to directly go to the complete help desk resume sample ]

How do you write that in your resume?

If providing technical support is your forte, then you are the most suitable person for the job of a help desk professional.

All you need is a job opening to put your help desk resume skills to some good use.

But do you include "Critical Thinking" or "Conflict Resolution" in your help desk skills resume? What information do you put on your cover letter for help desk?

You also need to remember that there are a number of people who apply for a professional help desk job, thus making it a tough competition for you.

Everyone is eyeing to sit on the iron throne by hook or crook. You know you are not just any normal help desk employee.

We know that too. The question here is - How would you show this to the recruiters waiting there to hire you? Claiming a job in 2022 is much more difficult a task than claiming a throne.

You need not worry. We are here to solve all your queries involved in making a professional helpdesk resume to explicitly showcase your help desk resume skills.

Before we delve into the turbulence of all these questions, let us begin with a quick overview of who a help desk professional is, and what are their responsibilities.

Moving forward, before you apply for a help desk job, not only do you need a help desk resume, but you also need to know the answers to:

  • what is help desk job description
  • how to get a help desk job with no experience
  • how to get help desk experience
  • what are the basic help desk resume skills

Along with help desk resume examples, the following article shall tell you why having a professional IT help desk analyst resume is important. We shall also assist you with the steps to build the same along with both free and paid help desk analyst resume templates.

Let's get started.

Why do you need a Help Desk Resume?

Every company needs help desk professionals so as to resolve any problems that their customers/users might face. It is very important for an organisation to ensure customer satisfaction in order to maintain a goodwill of their own in the market.

Every organisation in the US today is in need of highly professional help desk executives and if you think you have the flair for it, then no one can stop you from getting the job.

Well! Only one thing can. Not having a professional Help Desk Resume.

A professional help desk analyst resume for a Help desk expert is just like the Long Claw for Jon Snow. After all, how can a warrior win a war without a sword?

According to Glassdoor, there are around 14,000 job vacancies for an IT help desk professional in the US today with a salary averaging USD 60,000. All the more reason for you to have a professional help desk resume.

With the growth and advancements happening in the technological arena at a lightning speed, companies are dying to hire professionals who are adept in them and can help their customers by troubleshooting their problems and resolving issues.

That is why it is important for you to make a professional help desk resume to hit the bulls-eye.

Complete Help Desk Sample Resume

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Just to provide you with an idea of how a help desk resume should look, we have taken up the Traditional Blue template which incorporates all relevant information within a single column help desk resume sample.

  • Hardware: PCs, Laptops, Telephony Systems, Printers, Routers, Modems
  • Networking: LAN & VPN/Remote Connectivity, TCP/IP
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, NetWare Servers, Citrix
  • Browsers: Chrome; Safari; Firefox; MS Edge; IE; SeaMonkey Navigator; Opera
  • Responding to ~10 client accounts questions including billing and field service requests daily
  • Checking reported issues and briefing the customers with the scripted service protocols
  • Troubleshooting hardware, peripherals and software issues and make the appropriate recommendations
  • Creating service orders to replace defective parts or request for technician assistance
  • Preparing correspondences and maintaining client appointment logs & records
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of all company products , service procedures & offerings to assist clients
  • Rendering support for LAN, remote access & resolving basic connectivity issues
  • Handled 150+ daily inbound calls while providing superior customer service to customers as it pertains to account support, billing and technical support
  • Awarded “Star Employee” three times for delivering outstanding technical support
  • Answered ~50 user inquiries weekly regarding computer, email, phone connectivity, software or hardware
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve a range of software, hardware and connectivity issues
  • Investigated reported issues and briefing the customers with the scripted service protocols
  • Processed ~60 monthly customer inquiries & resolved complaints, billing questions & payment extension/service requests
  • Communicated thoroughly with client representatives and customers, enabling effective information exchange and efficient process management
  • Played a key role in retaining existing client base by repairing trust and designing customer-centric solutions
  • Provided computer help desk support via telephone communications for 300+ end-users, & ~20 calls daily
  • Resolved 95% of the customer issues on the first call without escalation
  • Star Employee | Dorne Computers | Sep '15
  • Certified IT Help Desk Professional | Kan's Institute | '11
  • Summer Certification | Public Speaking | Welhem School | '09
  • Secured 1st position in the Elocution competition held at Washington University in '06
  • Awarded the McBright Scholarship worth USD 15k for undergraduate studies in ’04

Who needs a Help Desk Resume?

A help desk is responsible for:

  • helping customers with the expertise of technical know-how
  • providing support to end user with troubleshooting issues
  • imparting knowledge about related products through emails, chat-rooms etc.

If you are a person with a pro-level expertise in technology-related problems and can resolve customers' issues for the same, then you definitely are someone who needs a help desk resume to portray your help desk resume skills.

This is to say that the help desk profession has different requirements which you must know in order to build a brilliant help desk resume.

To go forward with applying for the same and making a help desk resume, you must begin by shortlisting the top 5 recruiters who you would want to work for, keeping in consideration, their stature in the market and then follow the 3 rules for a standard research involved in the process mentioned below.

  • Start with scavenging of LinkedIn profiles of the help desk professionals who are already in the game to identify what all certifications they have acquired for it.
  • Further, go through all the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram observing (stalking) your potential employers to understand what they are looking for in the recruit.
  • The last thing you need to do is to get hold of all the targeted keywords & jargon to use for the job description in your help desk resume. You'll further see how this is going to help.

This sounds great as going by the idea of colour psychology, blue provides a sense of confidence and support which will help your help desk resume stand out in the eye of the recruiters, thus increasing your chances of getting shortlisted.

Not really going with the idea? Don't worry. You can look for other resume templates and choose one from the plethora of templates available on our Resume Templates.

It is preferable to create your help desk resume in the reverse-chronological resume format due to its global acceptance and more professional outlook.

Using this kind of a format in your help desk resume is the first step up the ladder to get shortlisted by the recruiter for a face to face interview as this helps them to have a better flow while gazing through your help desk resume.

Always use an open sans font to match up the industry standards.Also, take care of ample spacing to provide a free look to the help desk resume. You would not want to decrease your chances of selection by making the recruiter tense their eyes while going through your resume.

Well, Well, Well, Congratulations!

With this, you have successfully completed your help desk resume format.Let us now march further into the different sections of a help desk resume.

Help Desk Resume: Personal Details


Avoid mentioning your full address as it is quite redundant and does not go with the industry standards prevalent today.

Only mentioning your city and country information is sufficient.

Always try to keep it minimal and professional.

In case you are putting up a picture, try to keep it professional to reflect a reasonable impression.

Help Desk Resume Key Sections

Help desk resume: professional career summary.


A professional career summary is not less than a ship in the ocean. It helps the recruiter in understanding your expertise in the relevant areas to make crossing the ocean of information that is yet to come, easier.

A summary is basically a 3-5 line synopsis giving an overview of your entire career to make a long-lasting impact on the recruiters' minds.

Recruiters are busy people. They don't go on skimming the help desk resume, rather will just have a quick glance.

They just filter all the relevant information in 6 seconds and move ahead with another one.

This is the manual sorting system.

On the other hand, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software-driven approach used specifically by large conglomerates.

It is mandatory for your summary to have these qualities in order to get sorted by the ATS and help you reach to a one-on-one interview with the recruiter:

  • Tailor your help desk resume based on the interests of the employer and not in any other way.
  • Mention all the specific keywords listed by the recruiter to pass the ATS test.
  • It is always recommended that you start with the number of years of your experience to make your summary look strong and dazzle the recruiter.
  • The cause-effect relationship should be used in every sentence to make the recruiter understand the quantifiable impact of it.
  • If you have a high standard certification in the industry, put it to use immediately.

If you would notice the sample help desk resume given above, the number of work experience years and adjectives are used by the candidate to start the summary to make it look versatile.

You can make the summary better using powerful words to highlight your professionalism in a better way.

In this example, we have used impacting words such as adept, armed with, proficient, etc.

Usage of such words is a trademark of reflecting positive assertion to create an impact on the recruiter and in turn, impress them for your benefit.

Please take note that we have used a simple job title as Help Desk Professional. You need to be very careful by mentioning the job title.

It is not a hard and fast rule that the job title should match your current profile but it should, without arguments, be in accordance with the profile you are targeting at.

Consider that you are a mid-level help desk professional applying for a higher in-line position. You can definitely go on forward to use it as your job title to reflect what you seek.

Help Desk Resume Skills

Help desk professionals should understand consumers and their needs while clearly articulating the same for providing user-friendly solutions.

Help Desk Resume: Key Skills

Let's look at the following list of help desk resume skills from an IT help desk resume example.


Help Desk resume skills are a sure shot way to level up your help desk resume game. A big number of help desk resume samples do not feature the key skills sections.

Key Skills can be displayed in your help desk resume by following these basic rules. There are 3 simple rules to state your key skills:

  • Bullets all the way! Separate every key skill with them.
  • Add the Key Skills section just below the professional summary section.
  • Statements are redundant. Avoid them! Key skills should be in small phrases. Don't write "proficient in troubleshooting issues". Just write "troubleshooting".
  • Make sure that they are going in line with the work you have done but also incorporate the keywords given by the recruiter in the job description.
  • Abbreviations? REDUNDANT! They confuse the recruiters. Use the expanded form at least once and then use the abbreviated form.

As mentioned in the above image, there are many such key skills which come in accordance with the help desk resume you are making.

Help Desk Resume: Technical Skills

Help desk resumes should comprise help desk resume skills and certifications in IT project and service management frameworks like ITIL and Prince2.


In case you are applying for an IT help desk professional, you need to have an IT help desk resume.

In such a case, the technical skills are also very important and need to be highlighted.

Putting your technical skills in an IT help desk resume is a must - the software you are adept at, the databases that you know, the programming languages you are proficient in, etc.

Help Desk Resume: Work Experience


The guidelines you follow while making a help desk resume exemplifies the steps you take to make a standard help desk resume:

Bullets & one-liners

The recruiters won't be merciful enough to skim through your entire help desk resume in depth. They just glaze through it in 6-10 seconds.

Also understand that it is not by choice but by condition. It's not just your profile but hundreds of others that have to be considered.

Now, if this is the condition, then the ideal length of your help desk resume should be 2 pages.

Hence, it is important that you describe your work experience in multiple one-liner bullet points. Doing this is beneficial as it takes less space to begin with and also makes it easier for the recruiter to go through it while maintaining a proper flow.

Bold Relevant Keywords

Highlighting something in bold allows you to choose what you want to reader to emphasize on. This method has a very crucial role in the writing industry and the documents which are prepared.

Everything you do - from drafting letters, application forms, cover letters or even answering a question in the exams - highlighting an important phrase or word plays an important part.

Highlighting a text helps the reader to pay some extra attention to it as it is a deliberate action taken with a purpose to draw their attention towards it and showcase its worth.

The same thing applies here while writing a help desk resume as well.

Now, when you are targeting a recruiter with just 6 seconds to spare for you, it is very important to bold important words, phrases and numbers to make a long-lasting impact on them.

While going forward with structuring your work profile and putting up points in that section, you will get to see a number of points showing a particular trait you possess.

To make a help desk resume more consistent, it is recommended that all the similar points are clubbed under a single sub-section or as it is called, a single "bucket". Doing this makes the recruiter's job of scanning your resume easier.

To avoid making your help desk resume look like a dump yard of chunks and chunks of information reflecting no useful meaning in particular, bucketing is the only way to go forward to make it easy for the recruiter.

Don't make it difficult for the recruiter to go through your help desk resume. If it happens, they won't even think twice before they move on to the next help desk resume!

Key Achievements

The duties you performed while working as a help desk professional is now put on the platter.

But wait a minute! Think about it! Is that enough?

What truly attracts a recruiter is the list of remarkable achievements that you have added under your folds while working as a help desk professional.

Your achievements are surely gonna provide you with a better edge over the other applicants in the game.

If you don't give importance to the achievements section and try to club it with the work experience, you will fail to bring out the x-factor that the recruiter might be eyeing at.

For a unique portrayal of your achievements, it is important that you highlight them under a separate header under each work experience.

Give the recruiter the eye-candy they are looking for.

Always go with the right approach and do not forget to mention all the verbs under this bucket in the past tense because you have already achieved them all.

Aligning Dates & other details

Based on the extensive research involved in understanding the structure of help desk resumes and aligning them with the industry standards, the best way is to keep the company name and designation towards the left.

In the same order, align the location of the workplace and dates towards the extreme right.

Hiration Pro Tip: If you face any difficulty in the alignment of dates and company details to make them fit under the same lines, no need to worry. You can always use our Resume Builder to process the help desk resume quickly and align the details in place in an easy manner.

Company Description

The recruiter with just 6 seconds in hand is a poor chap. We need to give them a benefit of doubt.

They have a gazillion of help desk resumes and multiple applications on their desk as they start the day. With such a lot on their heads, it is nearly impossible to spare any more time to go through details in depth.

Here, it is our duty now that we make the job of the recruiter easy. Hence, it is really needed that we give them a brief one-line company description for all our work experience.

After all, How and why would the recruiter know which company were you working in and what does it deal with? This is a lot to expect from them.

Ok, I get it if it is a brand. But we cannot expect them to know about each existing brand on the face of the earth - given that now everyone calls themselves a brand.

Also, look at it this way - the recruiter sees your help desk resume but all the help desk resumes they have been through before you, have a company description under every work experience and yours doesn't?

Ring a bell? You lost a point here.

So why would you want to miss it in the first place?

The description of the company in your help desk resume also carries a positive impression on the recruiter proving that you value the worth of the companies that you worked with.

Any kind of numbers or a related entity that quantifies something gets imprinted on the recruiter's mind.

Words are all the same but the numbers are what provides the real value in a help desk resume.

The most exotic way to describe the company where you worked earlier or are currently working is by providing figures around the current revenue of the company and the number of employees associated with it.

This not only provides the recruiter with an idea about the company but also proves your stature of not being just any normal candidate in the lot.

Start Date and End Date

The more important it is to correctly align the date, the more it is important to mention the joining and resignation date from a company.

This is important as it provides the recruiter with the stability factor they are looking for. Mentioning such details provides the recruiter with insights on how long did you serve the company you were working with.

Let your mind not divert from the point that we are working to give the recruiter a sigh of relief by making their work easy and smooth.

The recruiter should not feel perplexed with the information in the help desk resume or get aggravated by it. That would be a wrong move.

Moving forward, the exact date of joining is something that not everyone remembers, especially when a person is working in a company for a long time, say 18 years or so.

That is why the date of joining is not something which is important to be put on a help desk resume. The most accepted format is that of the month of joining followed by the corresponding year, going on to the month and the corresponding year of resignation.

Also, it is only appropriate to mention the first three letters of the month and the last 2 digits of the year - "Jan '06 - Dec '18"

Reverse Chronology

Reverse chronological resume format is the most basic and widely accepted format from a long time dating back to starting ages of employment industry.

Pick even the oldest of the help desk resumes you can find. In each of it, you would see that the most recent work experience is always at the top.

This is further followed by other jobs that you have done previously.

There are 3 particular reasons to this as to why a help desk resume should be in the reverse chronological order:

  • Global Acceptance.
  • ATS compliance
  • Serves considerably as an easier job for the recruiter to scan

Numbers are Important

Being a help desk professional, you must have resolved a number of customer complaints or you definitely would have provided troubleshooting solutions to clients.

And you must have documented details of every customer on a daily basis. We understand. But you need to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and think for yourself.

Will they understand?

A recruiter will only get to understand the worth of your contribution only if you provide some potential figures to display that information via the help of numbers, percentage, ratio, etc. Words are not your real friends here.

Grammar is important too

Always start all the one-liner points with a power verb.

Every point should be in present continuous tense for the current company (except the key achievements subheading).

Moving forward, for all the other work profiles you were in previously, the one-liner points should begin with a power verb with all the lines in past tense.

To take an example, for your current work experience you would say:

  • Managing key client accounts and processing billing & field service requests
  • Troubleshooting hardware, peripherals and software issues and proffer relevant recommendations

For the company you have worked earlier, put them as:

  • Managed client accounts and processed billing & field service requests
  • Troubleshoot hardware, peripherals and software issues and proffer appropriate recommendations

Just For a Reminder!!!

Key Achievements section will always be in the past tense as it portrays something that you have already achieved - even if it's in the current profile.

Help Desk Resume: Education details


After the work experience section comes the education section where all your academic information is added.

This also should be put in the reverse chronological order just like in the work experience. Your recent education should be on the top followed by the course you took earlier.

Check out the example attached above for a better understanding.

Here, one important factor that you should be concerned about is that a standard help desk resume is only 2 pages long. No need to fit in all the projects and other irrelevant details here.

If you have achieved anything remarkable during your academic tenure, that information can be separately put under the section of 'Awards & Achievements'.

Help Desk Resume: Certifications & Training


The kind of competitive world we live in today, certifications have a crucial role to play.

There are a gamut of certifications for a professional help desk profession to acquire.More the number of certifications portraying your diverse help desk resume skills, more are the chances of you getting shortlisted.

The most appropriate way to go about mentioning your certifications is to put it under a separate section in the help desk resume.

Mention the certifications with the respective authority providing it and the year you received it in.

In case, if you have taken certifications and also have undergone training, make it a point to put them together under the "CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING" section.

We are working to resolve the recruiter's problems rather than increase them.

Are you still under confusion? Do you want to know more about the format in which the certifications should come? This is the solution: Guide to Certifications on a Resume.

Hiration Pro Tip: For better coherence and to create a huge impact, align this section in the help desk resume, just below the education section. Reverse Chronology is the best way to go! Highlight important phrases in BOLD.

Check out the list of certifications relevant for a help desk professional here:

Help Desk Resume: Awards & Recognition


This section is what we were talking about earlier. Any remarkable achievement of yours during your college or prior to that while working for an organization will come here.

This includes any title you received in any work profile for your excellence or any academic pursuit of yours.

But remember, this should also be something which strengthens your help desk resume. Align it in that manner and avoid unnecessary details.

Follow reverse chronological order, mention the event or the competition you won the award for, followed by the year in which you got it.

Help Desk Resume: Co-Curricular Achievements


This is the second last section in the help desk resume. Yes! That's right! You are just there at the edge of completing your professional help desk resume.

This section of your help desk resume contains all the details of any achievements that you secured outside the work proficiency arena.

Everything from sports to extra- curricular activities will go here.

Help Desk Resume: Additional Information


The End is Here!

This is the last section. You made it. A pat deserving performance that was. This section includes all the other information like languages, hobbies, interests in general, etc.

Hiration Pro Tip: This section is more important if you're just entering the workforce - it can act as an icebreaker during interviews. If you have more than 5 years of experience, you can refrain from adding this section.

And you are done!

Help Desk Resume: Bypassing the ATS

ATS is an abbreviation used for the Applicant Tracking System.

Now, this particular software is designed to help the recruiters.

How? Let me tell you.

ATS is a specially designed software which oversees the first round of screening before the shortlisted resumes reach the recruiter for further shortlisting.

As per the data received from a recent research conducted, more than 77% of the companies use ATS to accelerate the hiring process.

So to reach a human recruiter's desk, your help desk resume needs to cross this so-called hurdle of a machine.

How do you go about doing that?

ATS works on keywords

An ATS works based on a specific list of keywords which are fed to it manually by the employer.

Now, these keywords are nothing to be afraid of. They are just a set of words used in certain job descriptions or are some industry-specific jargon and terms.

So can you do about it?

Put those keywords in your help desk resume and just get over that machine. Only do it if you think you can substantiate them or justify the same in interviews.

Did it make you recollect the research that we asked you to conduct in the beginning?

Tailor your help desk resume to your target job

Let's face it, you are probably going to make just one help desk resume and that would be it.

But the point is that you can not use it for every company or any job there is. A help desk resume prepared on a pre-defined pattern will only get you a few numbers of interviews.

But, if you really are passionate about your work and want to reflect an outstanding persona, the help desk resume that you are making should be tailored in a way that it fulfills all the requirements of the targeted company.

All you have to do is use the research that you did earlier as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Just tweak the help desk resume skills section and the summary to realign it towards a particular job description.

Research plays a crucial role to help you make a job winning help desk resume for yourself.

Formatting a help desk resume

  • As per the industry standards, circular bullets are the most professional symbol to use in help desk resume while putting up a point and not anything arbitrary. ATS is also designed to scan only these bullets.
  • Use a plain open sans font with a font size not less than 10 points. It should be readable for the recruiter. Use fonts such as Calibri, Open Sans, etc.
  • Reverse chronological order is the only way to arrange all your profiles and contributions.

No Abbreviations

The profile you are targeting for incorporates a lot of technological jargon in relation to software, product details, etc.

To keep your help desk resume fool proof and avoid any discrepancy, it is advisable to use full forms even if this means expanding a long abbreviation. You can put the abbreviated form in a bracket to make it understandable for the recruiter.

The idea is that there's no way to tell what keywords have been fed in the ATS. For instance, if the ATS lists "MBA" as a pre-requisite qualification, and you've written the full-form (Masters in...), even though they mean the same, there's no way to tell if the ATS will also process it in a similar way.

Key Takeaways

  • Put all the key skills in the help desk resume keeping in mind the ATS compliance and other important factors.
  • The professional help desk resume summary should be assertive and between 3-5 lines.
  • Follow a reverse chronology for each section from work experience to education and certifications.
  • To end with, say NO to abbreviations.

For assistance around your help desk resume summary, you may always reach out to us or use Hiration's content templates.

As soon as you are done with your help desk resume in its entirety, you need to look for job applications to apply for. Visit our Guide on Best Job Sites and start applying!

Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at [email protected] and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Help Desk Support Resume: Examples and Best Practices

professional resume help desk

A well-crafted Help Desk Support Resume is critical for job seekers who want to land a Help Desk Support job. A Help Desk Support Resume serves as an introduction to the job candidate and provides a snapshot of their experience and qualifications.

A Help Desk Support Resume that is poorly written or lacks information can immediately disqualify a candidate from consideration. Conversely, a well-written and tailored Help Desk Support Resume can set a candidate apart from the competition and increase their chances of getting an interview.

Key Elements of a Help Desk Support Resume

When it comes to creating a help desk support resume, there are some key elements that every candidate should include. These elements will not only showcase your relevant experience and qualifications, but will also make it easier for potential employers to contact you for an interview. In this section, we will discuss the five key elements that should be included in every help desk support resume.

A. Contact Information

The first element of your help desk support resume should be your contact information. Make sure to include your full name, phone number, email address, and physical address. You can also include links to your LinkedIn profile or other professional online profiles. This information should be placed at the top of your resume so that potential employers can easily find it.

B. Summary Statement/Objective Statement

The second element of your help desk support resume should be a brief summary or objective statement. This statement should be one or two sentences that summarize your skills and experience. Make sure to tailor this statement to the job you are applying for. If you are unsure what to include, review the job description and company website for guidance.

C. Relevant Skills and Qualifications

The third element of your help desk support resume should be a list of your relevant skills and qualifications. Make sure to include any software, hardware, or systems that you are proficient in. You should also include any certifications or relevant training that you have completed. This section should be tailored to the job you are applying for so that potential employers can easily see how your skills match their needs.

D. Work Experience

The fourth element of your help desk support resume should be a detailed list of your work experience. Make sure to include the dates of employment, job titles, and key responsibilities. You should also include any accomplishments or positive feedback that you received while on the job. This section should be in reverse chronological order so that potential employers can see your most recent experience first.

E. Education and Certifications

The final element of your help desk support resume should be your education and certifications. Make sure to include the name of the institution, degree or certification earned, and the graduation date. You can also include any relevant coursework or projects. This section should be placed after your work experience section.

A strong help desk support resume should include all of these key elements. By tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for and highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications, you will increase your chances of getting an interview and landing the job.

Best Practices for Writing a Help Desk Support Resume

As a help desk support professional, it’s essential to create a resume that not only highlights your skills and experience but also demonstrates that you’re an excellent candidate for the job. Here are some best practices to follow when writing your help desk support resume:

A. Tailor Your Resume to the Job

Tailor your resume to the specific help desk support position you’re applying to. Read the job posting carefully and ensure that your resume highlights your relevant experience, skills, and education. Include any certifications or credentials that are required for the job.

B. Use Keywords and Phrases from the Job Posting

Use keywords and phrases from the job posting throughout your resume. This will help you stand out from other applicants and show the hiring manager that you have a deep understanding of the position requirements. Make sure to use specific technical terms and industry jargon that are relevant to the job.

C. Highlight Your Achievements and Responsibilities

Highlight your achievements and responsibilities in your previous roles. Be specific about your accomplishments and quantify them whenever possible. For example, if you reduced call wait times, include the percentage by which you reduced them.

D. Keep it Brief and to the Point

Keep your resume brief, concise, and to the point. Help desk support managers are usually very busy and don’t have time to read lengthy resumes. Try to limit your resume to one or two pages, using bullet points to summarize your experience and skills.

E. Use Action Verbs and Quantify Your Achievements

Use action verbs and quantify your achievements throughout your resume. This will help you convey a sense of action and accomplishment in your previous roles. For example, instead of saying “Answered customer calls,” say “Resolved customer issues by answering 50+ calls per day with a 95% customer satisfaction rating.”

Follow these best practices when writing your help desk support resume and stand out from the rest of the applicants. Remember, your resume is your first chance to make an impression, so make it count!

Examples of Help Desk Support Resumes

Sample help desk support resume #1.

Name: John Doe

Summary: 5+ years of experience in providing technical support and troubleshooting to end-users.

  • Experience with Windows and Mac OS
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Knowledge in network administration
  • Experience in remote desktop support
  • Adept in ticketing systems and knowledge bases


  • Technical Support Specialist, XYZ Company (2 years)
  • Provided level 1 and 2 support to end-users for software, hardware and network issues
  • Configured and installed software, hardware, network and peripheral devices for new users
  • Maintained accurate records of service requests and resolutions through a ticketing system
  • Help Desk Analyst, ABC Company (3 years)
  • Resolved technical issues via phone, email or remote access
  • Collaborated with team members to investigate and troubleshoot complex issues
  • Provided first-class customer service to end-users

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, XYZ University Relevant coursework: Networking fundamentals, Operating Systems, Database Management

Sample Help Desk Support Resume #2

Name: Jane Smith

Summary: 8 years of experience in technical support and problem-solving with a reputation for excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Proficient in Mac and Windows environments
  • Adept in Citrix, Active Directory and Exchange
  • Skilled in remote support
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively both independently and in a team environment

1. Technical Support Engineer, DEF Company (5 years)

  • Resolved technical support requests for software, hardware, network, and server issues
  • Provided new employee onboarding training and support
  • Monitored backups and ensured all servers were up-to-date with software patches

2. Help Desk Manager, GHI Company (3 years)

  • Managed a team of four help desk analysts
  • Provided remote and on-site support to internal and external customers
  • Maintained ticket tracking system and provided monthly reports to management

Sample Help Desk Support Resume #3

Name: Mike Johnson

Summary: Help desk support specialist with over 7 years of experience providing top-notch technical support and customer service to end-users.

  • Proficient in Windows and Mac OS
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and other software applications
  • Experience with network management and remote desktop support
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize and work well under pressure

1. Help Desk Support Specialist, XYZ Corporation (4 years)

  • Provided technical support and troubleshooting for software and hardware issues
  • Assisted end-users with account setup, password resets, and system configurations
  • Utilized remote desktop tools to resolve issues efficiently
  • Documented support requests and solutions in the ticketing system
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to resolve complex technical problems

2. Technical Support Analyst, ABC Company (3 years)

  • Responded to support tickets and provided timely resolutions to end-user problems
  • Installed, configured, and maintained software and hardware systems
  • Performed system upgrades and patches to ensure optimal performance
  • Assisted in training new team members on support processes and procedures
  • Collaborated with vendors and escalated issues as needed for prompt resolution

Tips for Crafting a Stand-Out Resume Summary

A. Importance of a Strong Resume Summary

The resume summary serves as the first impression on potential employers. It is a brief paragraph located at the top of the page that summarizes your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. A strong resume summary can set you apart from other candidates by highlighting your unique value proposition and attracting the attention of the hiring manager.

A well-crafted resume summary can also give a clear idea of your career goals, your experience, and what you can offer to the company. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths and highlight how your skills align with the job you are applying for.

B. Examples of Effective Resume Summaries

Customer-oriented Help Desk Support with 5 years of experience providing technical assistance and support to internal and external stakeholders. Proficient in troubleshooting hardware and software issues, managing IT assets and helping end-users with their technical needs. Certifications include CCNA and CompTIA A+.

IT Specialist with a strong background in Tier 1 and 2 support experience. Equipped with excellent communication skills to provide efficient solutions for hardware and software issues. Proficient in MS Office programs, Active Directory, and remote access applications.

Help Desk Technician with over 3 years of experience in providing technical support for internal and external customers. Expertise in proactive system monitoring, hardware and software installation, and server management. Certifications include MCSA and ITIL Foundation.

C. Tips for Writing an Effective Resume Summary

Keep it concise: Your resume summary should be no more than 3-4 sentences long. Focus on highlighting your most relevant skills and experiences.

Tailor it to the job: Read the job description carefully and adjust your summary to emphasize how your skills align with the job requirements.

Highlight your accomplishments: Use strong action verbs to describe your accomplishments and quantify them with specific numbers.

Showcase your skills: Highlight the skills that you bring to the table and how they can add value to the organization.

Use keywords: Incorporate keywords that are relevant to the job description and industry standards. This will help your resume get past the automated tracking systems and noticed by human recruiters.

A strong resume summary can make all the difference in your job search. By focusing on your skills and experiences, tailoring it to the job you are applying for, and using strong action verbs and keywords, you can craft a stand-out resume summary that highlights your unique value and enhances your chances of getting hired.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Help Desk Support Resumes

When creating a Help Desk Support resume, it is important to avoid common mistakes that can harm your chances of landing an interview. Here are some things to watch out for:

A. Generic Resumes that Lack Details

Avoid creating a generic resume that lacks specific details about your experience and qualifications. Make sure to tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for by highlighting relevant skills and accomplishments.

B. Typos and Grammatical Errors

Nothing can destroy your chances of getting an interview faster than typos and grammatical errors. Make sure to proofread your resume carefully for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

C. Including Irrelevant Information

Avoid including information that isn’t relevant to the job you’re applying for. Information about your hobbies or personal interests, for example, may not be important to a potential employer unless they directly relate to the position.

D. Exaggerating Accomplishments and Skills

Exaggerating your accomplishments and skills can be tempting, but it is not a good way to impress potential employers. Stick to the facts and provide concrete examples of your achievements to demonstrate your value as a Help Desk Support professional. Keep your resume concise and avoid using too many words to describe your accomplishments and skills.

Help Desk Support Resume Template and Format

If you’re looking to pursue a career in Help Desk Support, it’s essential to have a well-formatted and professionally crafted resume that stands out from the crowd. The following sections will guide you through the steps required to create a winning Help Desk Support resume.

A. Proper Formatting of a Help Desk Support Resume

A well-structured Help Desk Support resume should be divided into different sections, including:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Professional Summary
  • Certifications

Technical Skills

  • Professional Experience

These sections should be arranged chronologically, starting with the most recent and ending with the oldest. It’s essential to customize your resume to cater to the specific employer’s needs while highlighting your skills and experience.

B. Recommended Font, Margins, and Spacing

Choosing the right typeface and font size is crucial in making your resume legible and easy to read. It’s recommended to use a standard font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri, with a font size between 10pt and 12pt.

When it comes to margins, it’s suggested to set them at 1 inch all around, allowing sufficient white space for readability. Additionally, proper spacing between paragraphs and sections is crucial. Using a single line break or double spacing, depending on your preference, can ensure the reader’s attention.

C. Resume Templates for Help Desk Support Professionals

Thankfully, several Help Desk Support resume templates can serve as a basis for crafting your own. These templates, easily customizable and tailored to your needs, can save you time and make your resume aesthetically pleasing.

While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to resume templates, selecting one that caters to the required skillset, industry, and experience can help you land your dream job. When using a resume template, remember to adjust it to your individual work experience, education, and skillset.

Crafting a winning Help Desk Support resume requires effort, attention to detail, and customization to the specific employer’s needs. Utilizing these best practices of proper formatting, font, margins, and spacing, along with selecting an appropriate resume template, can help set you apart from the crowd and land you a job.

How to Showcase Soft Skills in a Help Desk Support Resume

When it comes to applying for a help desk support role, it’s important to acknowledge the value of soft skills. While technical ability is crucial to the position, possessing soft skills can make all the difference in providing exceptional customer service.

A. Importance of Soft Skills in a Help Desk Support Role

In a help desk support role, you will be the face of the company for many customers. It’s important to have exceptional soft skills to handle difficult customers, diffuse tensions, and offer effective solutions. Soft skills can also assist in creating a positive customer experience, which can lead to repeat business and positive reviews.

B. Examples of Relevant Soft Skills

Some of the essential soft skills you should possess as a help desk support professional include:

  • Communication: Clear and concise communication is key to resolving customer issues. Active listening and adapting your communication style to suit the customer’s needs and personality can also increase their satisfaction levels.
  • Empathy: Being able to identify with your customers’ concerns can help them feel heard and understood. This can result in a positive outcome, even in challenging situations.
  • Time Management: Effectively managing your time and workload can increase your efficiency and the number of customers you’re able to assist.
  • Problem-solving: As a help desk support professional, you will encounter a wide variety of issues. Being able to think critically and offer creative solutions is essential to succeeding in this role.

C. Tips for Highlighting Soft Skills in Your Resume

To showcase your soft skills effectively, consider the following tips:

Utilize the job description: Review the job description and ensure that you include any keywords or phrases that are mentioned. This can demonstrate that you possess these skills and are a strong match for the position.

Use specific examples: Rather than simply stating that you have excellent communication skills, provide examples of instances where you utilized these skills to solve a problem or create a positive customer experience.

Quantify your achievements: If possible, quantify the impact of your soft skills. For example, mention the percentage increase in customer satisfaction ratings following your implementation of a new time management technique.

Emphasize team collaboration: Collaborative skills can be particularly important in a support role. Highlight any instances where you worked with others to provide exceptional customer service.

Showcasing your soft skills as a help desk support professional can strengthen your application and increase your chances of landing your dream job. By utilizing these tips and highlighting your relevant skills, you can stand out as an excellent candidate for the role.

Qualifications and Certifications to Include in Your Help Desk Support Resume

As a help desk support professional, your resume should highlight your qualifications and certifications to demonstrate your expertise in the field. Here are some tips on what to include:

A. Relevant Qualifications for Help Desk Support Professionals

When listing your qualifications, focus on those that are relevant to the help desk support role. These may include:

  • Education: A degree in computer science or a related field can demonstrate your knowledge of IT concepts and technical skills.
  • Relevant experience: If you have prior experience in a help desk or customer service role, highlight the skills you developed that are relevant to the position. This may include strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and technical troubleshooting experience.
  • Other training or certifications: If you have completed any training programs or certifications that demonstrate your knowledge of IT software or hardware, be sure to include them.

B. IT Certifications for Help Desk Support Professionals

In addition to your relevant qualifications, you may also want to include any IT certifications that you have earned. Some of the most common certifications for help desk support professionals include:

  • CompTIA A+: This certification covers hardware and software technologies, making it relevant for help desk technicians.
  • ITIL: This certification demonstrates knowledge of IT service management, including service design and delivery, incident management, and problem management.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): This certification demonstrates expertise with Microsoft technologies, which are commonly used in help desk environments.

C. Tips for Highlighting Your Certifications and Qualifications

When listing your certifications and qualifications, make sure they are prominent and easy to read. To ensure that they stand out:

  • Include them in a separate section of your resume labeled “Certifications” or “Qualifications.”
  • Use bullet points to break up the information and make it easier to read.
  • Focus on those certifications and qualifications that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Use descriptive, action-oriented language. For example, instead of just listing a certification, describe the skills and knowledge you gained through the training program.

By highlighting your relevant qualifications and certifications in your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills and expertise needed to succeed as a help desk support professional.

How to Optimize Your Help Desk Support Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems

A. how applicant tracking systems work.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)  are software systems that help recruiters and employers manage the recruitment process. These systems can quickly and easily filter through resumes to identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, experience, and other key factors.

Essentially, the ATS acts as a gatekeeper, screening all of the resumes that come through and only allowing the most qualified applicants to move on to the next stage of the hiring process. It uses algorithms to scan resumes for keywords and phrases that match the job description, as well as other criteria such as work experience, education and certifications obtained.

Without proper optimization for ATS, a Help Desk Support resume may be overlooked despite its overall merit.

B. Best Practices for Optimizing for Applicant Tracking Systems

Here are some tips to help you optimize your Help Desk Support resume for ATS:

Use relevant keywords and phrases. When crafting your Help Desk Support resume, be sure to include key skills, experiences, and certifications that are relevant to the job description. This will help your resume to appear more prominently in an ATS scan.

Follow a clear, easy-to-read format. To make sure that the ATS can easily read your Help Desk Support resume, stick to a clear and easy-to-read format. Use bullet points and section headings to organize your information, and avoid using images or graphics.

Use job-specific titles when describing your experience. Use the exact titles of your previous positions, as listed in the job description. This will help the ATS to recognize your experience and qualifications.

Keep it professional. When designing your Help Desk Support resume, stick to a professional and simple format. Avoid using fancy fonts or graphics, and make sure that your contact information is prominent.

C. Common Mistakes to Avoid in Optimizing for Applicant Tracking Systems

Avoid the following mistakes when optimizing your Help Desk Support resume for ATS:

Using irrelevant keywords: Don’t over-stuff your Help Desk Support resume with irrelevant keywords in an effort to get past an ATS. Your resume should be genuine and relevant to ensure proper scoring.

Submitting an unformatted resume: Avoid submitting a resume with a poorly structured format that cannot be processed by ATS.

Using unconventional design elements: Do not use unconventional design elements such as photos, graphics, icons, or tables which can break formatting.

Failing to review your resume: It is crucial to review your resume before submission to avoid mistakes in formatting, spelling, and grammar as these may compromise your candidacy.

By following these best practices and avoiding common mistakes, you can optimize your Help Desk Support resume for ATS and increase your chances of getting noticed by the employers.

In addition to the relevant soft skills, Help Desk Support professionals are required to have technical knowledge and expertise to provide solutions and assistance to customers. In order to showcase your technical skills, it’s important to create a separate section in your resume highlighting your proficiency in various technical areas. Here are some examples:

Hardware Skills

Help Desk Support professionals must have a thorough understanding of the hardware components of a computer system. This includes knowledge of different types of hardware such as desktops, laptops, printers, and scanners. Additionally, professionals should have expertise in diagnosing hardware issues and providing recommendations for maintenance or replacement.

Software Skills

An important aspect of Help Desk Support is troubleshooting software-related problems. One must have knowledge about operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Additionally, proficiency in software applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite is a must.

Network and Security Skills

With the increasing usage of cloud technologies and remote work, network and security skills are becoming more and more important. Familiarity with network topology, protocols, and administration is necessary for providing assistance for connecting, configuring, and troubleshooting network and server issues. Knowledge about firewalls, anti-malware software, and data-security measures are also key to addressing the security concerns of customers.

Remote Support Tools

Help Desk Support professionals must be familiar with remote support tools such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and TeamViewer. These tools enable professionals to provide remote assistance and securely diagnose and troubleshoot customer problems from a distance.

Mobile Devices and Applications

With the shifting trend towards mobile devices, Help Desk Support professionals must also have expertise in providing assistance for mobile devices and applications. Knowledge about smartphone operating systems such as iOS and Android, and proficiency in mobile applications such as email and messaging apps, is a must.

Highlighting your technical skills is an essential aspect of creating an effective Help Desk Support resume. These skills set you apart from other candidates and demonstrate to the employer that you have the required knowledge to troubleshoot and solve customer issues.

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Resumes are still the most important document in your job search . Generating a professional and interesting resume isn’t easy, but there is a standard set of guidelines that you can follow. As hiring managers usually only spend a short time looking over each resume, you want to make sure that yours has a reason for them to keep reading.

If you’re looking to write a resume, rewrite a resume you already have, or are just curious about resume format, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will go through the steps to writing an excellent resume, as well as offering examples for what sections of the resume should look like.

Key Takeaways:

A resume is a short document that details your professional history in a way that tailors your experience and skill set for the particular job you’re applying for.

Resumes follow a few standard formatting practices, which hiring managers and recruiters expect to see.

Highlighting your work experience, skills, and educational background with relevant keywords can help you get past applicant tracking systems and into more interviews.

How To Write A Resume

How to write a resume

Writing a resume involves using the proper formatting, writing an introduction, and adding your work experience and education. Stuffing your entire professional life into a single page resume can feel overwhelming, but remember that you’re distilling the relevant parts of your professional experience in order to catch the eye of the recruiter .

Formatting your resume. To start, use a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Google docs. Standard resume formatting calls for:

1 inch margins

10-12 point font

A professional, commonly-used font

Additionally, there are three resume formats that are commonly used. Most people should stick with a chronological resume format , but the combination resume format and functional resume format can be effective for more advanced workers or those who have significant gaps in their resume.

Write a resume header . It doesn’t matter if you have the best resume in the world if the hiring manager can’t contact you. Every single resume should include the following contact information:

Your full name. First and last.

Your phone number. Use a personal phone number, and make sure your voicemail is set up properly.

Your email address. Nothing inappropriate — [email protected] is a safe choice.

Location. City, State, Zip Code is fine, but you can include your full mailing address if you think it’s appropriate.

Your social media (optional). LinkedIn is the obvious one you’d want to include, but make sure your profile looks good. If you have an online portfolio , either on a personal blog/website or on a site like Journo Portfolio , feel free to include that here as well.

Your job title. Also optional, but can be useful for applicant tracking systems.

Resume introduction. You have four options for your resume introduction: a resume objective, summary statement, resume profile, or qualifications summary. For most job-seekers, a resume summary statement is the best choice. Regardless of which resume introduction you choose, avoid first-person pronouns (I/me/my).

Resume objective. A resume objective is the goal of your resume. Since the objective of every resume is to land a job, this is not the most original or impressive opener you can have.

On the other hand, it’s a good choice for an entry-level applicant or someone who is changing career paths . This should be a 1-3 sentence summary of why you’re motivated to get the position you’re applying for.

Who should use a resume objective: Entry-level applicants, career-changers, and recent college graduates.

Resume summary. This is the best opener for most job-seekers. As the name suggests, a resume summary highlights the most salient aspects of your resume.

It should include your current position, how many years of experience you have, some of your biggest achievements, and possibly your career goals. This should be a 1-3 sentence spiel and should include some quantifiable experiences.

Who should use a resume summary: Most job seekers; anyone with quantifiable accomplishments to emphasize and a broad range of skills.

Qualifications summary. A bullet point list (4-6 points is the sweet spot) of your qualifications for the position. It’s best used by applicants going for jobs that require a fixed skill set. It’s not a great choice for entry-level applicants who lack quantifiable achievements.

You’ll notice that a qualifications summary takes up more space than a resume objective or summary, but it can actually save the hiring manager time if you provide a bunch of valuable information right off the top.

Who should use a qualifications summary: Those applying to a job with requirements for certain skills and job-seekers who have a lot of experience in their industry and/or field.

Resume profile. A resume profile is similar to a resume summary, but goes into more detail about your accomplishments at your current or former job, while also telling the reader about your career goals. Think of a resume profile as a section that pulls all the best parts of your work experience section into one place.

Who should use a resume profile: Anyone with significant accomplishments under their belt, expertise in a niche field, or applying to a job in the same industry that they have lots of experience in.

Resume headline. Resume headlines aren’t necessary, but you can include one alongside any of the four types of resume introduction listed above. A resume headline comes between your contact information and the resume introduction of your choice.

Headlines can be used by entry-level applicants and experienced job-seekers alike. The important point is that your headline should be short and to the point. Additionally, you should use title case when writing your resume headline (capitalize words as you would for a book title).

Who should use a resume headline: Any job-seeker who wants to showcase their experience or unique value right off the bat.

Work experience. Your work experience section is the place to let hiring managers know that you have relevant experience that would allow you to handle the job you’re applying for.

If you’re using the chronological resume format, your work experience section would come after your resume summary/objective. In a funcitonal reumse, it would follow your skills section. Either way, work experience should be listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent experience at the top).

When listing your work experience, you should include all of the following information:

Job title. Start by stating the position you held at the company. These are easy cue for the hiring manager to look at and determine whether your past positions would help you succeed at their company.

Company Info. Include the name of the employer, the location where you worked, and perhaps a brief description of the company, if it isn’t a well-known name.

Dates Employed: Use the mm/yyyy format if you want to be sure that most applicant tracking systems (ATS) will pick it up. Whatever format you use for dates, be consistent, or your resume will look sloppy.

Job Description. Don’t just list your job’s responsibilities; hiring managers and recruiters already have an idea of your duties based on the job title. Instead, list your most important and impressive responsibilities/achievements at the job with bullet points. Determine which of these are most relevant for your new role based on the job description.

Ideally, each bullet should be no longer than a single line. However, two lines is acceptable, if used sparingly.

Always start with a strong action verb, followed by a quantifiable achievement and a specific duty. For example: “Developed ad campaigns for clients, increasing sales by an average of 27%.” Each job title should include 3-5 bullet points.

The order that you include this information can be changed around, as long as you are consistent throughout your resume. However, the bullet points detailing your job’s achievements should always be the last item for each entry.

It’s important that you tailor your resume’s work experience section to the job you’re applying for. We recommend reading the job description carefully and highlighting the action verbs in one color and the skills, adjectives, and job-specific nouns in a different color.

Educational background. In almost all cases, your education section should come after your professional history. If you’re a recent college graduate with limited work experience, you may choose to put your educational achievements first.

Like the section on your professional history, educational experiences should come in reverse-chronological order, with your highest level of education at the top. If you have a college degree, you don’t need to add any information about your high school experience. If you didn’t finish college, it’s okay to give a list of what credits you did complete.

Each educational experience can be listed in the following format:

Degree/Program Name College/University Name Dates attended

You don’t need to add anything else, especially if your resume is already impressive enough. But if you’re struggling to fill up the page, or you feel that aspects of your educational experience will help make you a standout, you may consider also including:

Minor. If you think it rounds out your not-exactly-relevant-to-the-job major nicely.

GPA. Only if it was 3.5 or higher. Otherwise, it’s not going to do you any favors to include this.

Honors. Dean’s List, Cum Laude, etc.

Achievements. If you wrote a killer thesis/dissertation that showcases intimate knowledge relevant to the job to which you’re applying, you can include its title and a very brief description.

Extracurricular activities. Only include if they’re relevant. For example, if you’re applying for a management position and you were president of your student government.

Certifications/Licenses. If the job you’re applying for requires/likes to see certain certifications or licenses that you have, you may include them in this section as well.

Skills section. Your impressive skills should be scattered logistically throughout your professional history section, but you should also include a section solely dedicated to highlighting your skill set . Skills can be broken down into two categories:

Hard skills are skills you learn through training and indicate expertise with a technical ability or job-specific responsibility.

Soft skills are your personality traits, interpersonal abilities, and intangible qualities that make you more effective at your job.

Your resume should have a healthy mix of hard and soft skills, as both are essential to job performance. However, since soft skills are harder to prove in the context of a resume, we recommend leaning more toward hard skills. Additionally, whenever you list a soft skill, make sure that it has a correlating item in your work experience section.

For example, if you say you are skilled in collaboration, you should mention a time when a team project was a major success somewhere in your work experience section.

Optional sections. If you still have space left or there’s more you want to show off that doesn’t quite fit in any of the above sections, you may consider adding an additional section covering one or more of the below categories:

Language . Being bilingual is always impressive, and can be included on a resume for any company. Highlight this more if your position involves liaising with international distributors and/or clients. Don’t lie about your proficiency level.

It may be best to not mention it if you’re not particularly proficient speaker . Such as if you took courses in school, or haven’t really managed to gain fluency. It can end up looking like an attempt to inflate your credentials, which you want to avoid.

Volunteer experience . Always a good thing to include. It shows you’re a team player who behaves in a way that promotes the greater good, without thought of personal gain. Especially good for entry-level candidates and those applying for jobs at a non-profit. If you have gaps in your work history, you can also consider including volunteer experiences in your work history section instead.

Personal projects. A personal blog, published works, or a portfolio of your past projects are all good things to include. They show you take initiative, enjoy and take pride in your work, and that you can handle the responsibilities of the job, if relevant.

Certifications/licenses. If you didn’t include these in your education section, this is another good place to list relevant certifications or licenses that you have.

Interests . This is largely just a space filler if your resume is light in other areas. However, if your hobbies are directly related to the job that you’re applying for, it’s not a bad idea to include them. And it might draw a recruiter’s attention if you end up sharing some of the same interests as they do.

If you have several seemingly random items that are valuable, but don’t warrant creating a whole separate section for, you can also make a section called “Additional Experience.” Here you can include all of the above categories in one place. Just make sure that each item is clear and easy for readers to understand.

Resume samples

Now that we have a good idea of how to write a resume, let’s take a look at some example resumes:

resume example zippia resume builder

Jack Pilgrim Washington , DC 14015 – (555) 444-3333 – [email protected] – Resume Summary Graphic designer with 3+ years of experience creating and implementing promotional materials and social media graphics. Worked with sales and marketing teams to increase inbound calls by 23% YoY through compelling digital media. Adept at planning, managing, and prioritizing multiple deadlines at once, and thrives in fast-paced work environment. Work Experience Creative Designs | Washington, DC Lead Graphic Designer | June 2018-Present Worked with sales and marketing teams to create landing pages, sales proposals, and supporting media elements to drive sales by over $250,000 per quarter Trained, managed, and mentored team of 4 junior designers to fulfill 40+ project orders on a weekly basis Conducted UX research through surveys, usability testing, and data analysis to plan content marketing strategy, driving organic search traffic by 12% Presented proposals, results, and status updates to set of 4-7 clients, ensuring customer satisfaction at or above 95% for 3 years straight Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Junior Graphic Designer | July 2016-May 2018 Translated client needs and branding strategies into design and content strategy, increasing client retention by 22% Reduced project turnaround time by 8% by Utilizing web-based ticket system for completing and archiving finalized pieces Posted digital artwork to network IPTV using web interface to produce high-end info-graphics and other materials Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Marketing Intern | September 2015-July 2016 Assisted marketing team with data collection, analysis, and presentation using Google Analytics Drew up storyboards for new marketing campaigns alongside sales team, increasing brand awareness through social media Wrote 500-1000 word articles to pair with graphical elements on page, leading to a 40% boost in engagement on company website Education Savannah College of Art and Design | Savannah, Georgia May 2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Skills Adobe Creative Suite Typography HTML/CSS WordPress Collaboration Organization
Allison Neederly Chicago, Illinois , 60007 | (333) 222-1111 | [email protected] | Resume Summary Dedicated customer service representative with 4+ years experience resolving customers’ needs in-person, online, and over the phone. Top achiever at XYZ Inc. with a 100% customer satisfaction rate for Q1 of 2020. Friendly personable, and knowledgable about company’s products and services. Relevant Skills Customer Service Responded to upwards of 200 customer queries daily with XYZ Inc., reducing the average wait time by 56% and increasing customer satisfaction rates by 13% Ability to resolve conflict and create a positive atmosphere for shopping for both new and existing customers through technical proficiency Expert product knowledge and communication skills, and experience training and mentoring new customer service staff Web Chat and Phone Skilled in 3 web chat platforms for helping online customers resolve their queries quickly and accurately Achieved fastest call resolution rate at XYZ Inc., with an average resolution time of under 5 minutes per customer Performed outbound calls for customer satisfaction surveys, as well as writing web-based surveys for 10,000+ customers Troubleshooting Detailed product knowledge allowed for customer technical issues to be resolved at rate within top 5% of all customer service associates at XYZ Inc. Created manual for step-by-step directions for troubleshooting that was implemented for team of 100+ customer service reps Positive attitude took average tech-related negative response from 1/5 stars to 4/5 stars, increasing trust in brands and services Work Experience XYZ Inc. | Philadelphia, PA Customer Service Associate New Look Global | Burlington, VT Junior Customer Service Representative L.L. Bean | Burlington, VT Sales Associate Education University of Vermont | Burlington, VT May 2012 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
Priya Laghari New York, NY | (222) 111-0000 | [email protected] | Resume Profile Strategy Development: Grew John Deere’s international sales by 13% by tapping into undeserved countries in Southeast Asia Management: Oversaw a team of managers representing marketing, sales, and product teams. Streamlined collaborative, cross-functional communications through agile and scrum management system CRM: Developed, customized, and implemented new customer relationship management database for accounts totaling over $10M in value Work Experience Business Development Manager 01/2015-Present Microsoft | Redmond, WA Developed product strategies and roadmap for Google AdWords, increasing inbound traffic by 26% YoY Reduced time training on new software by 50% for new and existing employees by implement e-learning programs Spearheaded digital marketing campaign worth $1M that saw a return of 200% in first year by qualifying leads earlier in the sales funnel Regional Sales Manager 11/2012-01/2015 Big Things Inc. | St. Louis, MO Managed territory encompassing 29 regional locations with an annual revenue of approx. $55M Worked with C-level executives to plan business strategies, resulting in 20% reduction in overhead costs Increased client retention by 12% in first year by implementing a CRM approach based on account profiling and elevating levels of relationship selling Account Manager 02/2009-11/2012 Solutions Corp. | Chicago, IL Implemented and developed CRM strategic plans, increasing retention of long-term clients by 22% Maintained 50+ accounts totaling over $35M in value Generated leads through one-on-one consultation via phone inquiries, online check-ins, and meeting office walk-ins Relevant Skills CRM: Proficient with Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot; some experience with Keap. Used various CRM software over a decade to successfully manage customer relations and quick to adapt to new software and tools that aid in quality of customer experience. Salesmanship: Negotiated and closed over several deals worth $1M+ and skilled in upselling and cross-selling. Adept at working closely with marketing and product teams to maximize the efficiency of the sales funnel for both inbound and outbound traffic. Presentation: Represented Microsoft Northwest Region at quarterly board meetings, ensuring all stakeholders were kept abreast of new developments and opportunities. Also deliver monthly presentations to big clients and vendors to maintain positive relationship. Data analytics. Expert at integrating data from various analytics platforms, including Google, Microsoft Power BI, and SAP BusinessObjects Education Colgate University | May 2008 MBA Fordham University | May 2006 Bachelor’s Degree in Business

For more resume examples and templates:

Resume examples by job

Google docs resume template

Resume templates

Resume builder

Resume Headers Samples:


Tip : Never put your contact info in the header of your document; some applicant tracking systems might miss it.

For more on how to write a resume header:

Resume Header

Resume Titles

Resume introduction examples

Entry-Level Resume Objective.

Recent graduate with a bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Virginia seeking an entry-level role in content marketing. Excellent copywriter with 2+ years experience editing content as a member of the UVa Writing Center.

Career Change Resume Objective.

Eager to apply 7+ years of experience with customer success management to make successful outbound B2B calls, deliver customized business solutions to new and existing customers, and provide expert product knowledge in the role of Account Manager for XYZ Inc.

Example Resume Summary Statement.

Accountant with over 8 years of experience in the medical industry. Adept at advising on management of cash deficits, reconciling departmental accounts, and creating new accounts and codes. Coordinated invoice preparation system for ABC that reduced contractor overhead by 19% YoY.
English teacher with a love of language and 6 years of experience teaching high school students. Developed new curriculum that boosted freshman reading comprehension scores by 12% and created after school book club for AP Lit class, resulting in 100% of participating students achieving a 5 on the AP Lit test.

Example Qualifications Summary.

Executive assistant with 5+ years experience helping maintain efficiency in an office of 25 employees Communicated directly with internal and external stakeholders, helping Senior Vice President manage projects worth $5M+ Proactively managed office schedules, identifying and prioritizing changes to ensure client satisfaction Recognized in a company of 500 for “Outstanding Achiever” in May 2019

Example Resume Profile.

Detail-oriented IT Specialist with 4 years of experience overseeing and improving the infrastructure of IT systems. Adept at building and running troubleshooting systems and testing services. Decreased security risk by 47% through continual optimization, while also improving the speed of client portal by 22%. Excellent communicator both internally and for client-facing discussions. Achieved 98%+ customer satisfaction ratings through weekly and monthly check-ins with accounts valued cumulatively at $500,000.

Entry-Level Resume Headline.

Bilingual College Graduate with 80 WPM Typing Speed and Tutoring Experience

Experienced Resume Headline.

Business Development Specialist with 6+ Years Experience Scaling Start-Up Tech Teams

For more on resume introductions:

Resume objective statement

Resume summary statement

Resume summary statement examples

Qualifications summary

Sample resume work experience sections

sample resume work experience section

Work Experience XYZ Industries | Seattle, WA Marketing Associate | May 2019-Present Delivered weekly presentations to client-base to communicate brand messaging, increasing client retention by 11% Served as liaison between marketing and product teams, resulting in projects finishing 2 weeks early, on average Leveraged Excel skills to create and maintain spreadsheet to track consumer insights, emergent trends, and inform decisions of marketing team through competitive analysis Managed team of 5 contractors to juggle multiple priority projects simultaneously, never missing a deadline Initiated an affiliate referral program that PR team went on to turn into a revenue-generating stream valued at $30,000 annually ABC Corp | Seattle, WA Marketing Intern | September 2018-May 2019 Developed, maintained, and processed 20+ digital consent forms and distributor forms Worked collaboratively with a team of 10 marketing professionals, closely aligning our goals with the PR team Provided data analysis using Google Analytics and performed keyword research to increase blog traffic by 56% over six months Answered up to 50 customer queries by phone and email each week

For more on building the perfect resume work experience section:

Resume work experience section

First resume (no experience)

Examples Of Education Resume Sections

Graduated recently from a 4-year program.

Western Illinois University | Macomb, Illinois May 2020 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology | Minor in Psychology 3.95 GPA magna cum laude Dean’s List all semesters

Two degrees.

Fordham University | Bronx, New York April 2016 Master of Chemical Engineering Stony Brook University | Stony Brook, New York April 2014 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Anticipated graduation date (not yet graduated).

DePaul Univeristy | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Arts in History – Degree anticipated May 2021 Current GPA: 3.8

Older job seeker (graduated 10+ years ago).

University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Business Administration

High school graduate (no college degree).

Johnston High School 2016-2020 Head of Computer Club

More on crafting the perfect resume education section:

Education resume section

GPA on resume

Dean’s list

Magna cum laude

Examples Of Skills For Resume

Examples of hard skills include:

Examples of soft skills include:

Here’s more information on how to incorporate skills into your resume:

Resume skills section

Hard skills

Soft skills

Top skills for professionals

Skills-based resume

Resume writing FAQ

What is a resume?

A resume is a one to two-page document that focuses on professional experience, past achievements, education and certifications, and specific skills tailored to the job you’re applying for.

Almost every job application requires a resume, and hiring managers use them as a first impression in determining which applicants get a shot at an interview.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or have 30 years of professional experience, this guide should help craft a resume that stands out from the crowd and get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

What is the format for writing a good resume?

Most people will want to use a chronological or reverse-chronological resume format. This format is compatible with most applicant tracking systems (ATS) and is easy for employers to read. Additionally it helps highlight your experience, which helps prove your qualifications.

How far back should a resume go?

A resume should go back no further than 10 to 15 years. However, it is important that all your information is relevant. Therefore, do not include job experience that is irrelevant to your application, even if it’s fewer than 10 years old. Save that information for later discussions.

Should you personalize your resume for each job?

Yes, you should personalize your resume for each job you apply to. Many recruiters use ATS now, which will search for keywords in a resume and reject those that don’t have them. That means that the skills you choose to highlight as well as your opening, such as your resume summary, should be altered to suit each job you apply to.

You don’t need to rewrite the entire resume for each job, but it does show attention to detail and initiative to make sure that your resume is customized. It also makes it more likely that you’ll get past the first step of the process.

State of New York Department of Labor – Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Applications

Harvard University – Create a Resume/CV or Cover Letter

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10 Best Resume Builders to Create A Great Resume – 2024 Guide

A re you exhausted from investing endless hours into creating an impeccable CV? This article introduces the top resume builders that will revolutionize your job application approach. Bid farewell to monotonous formatting and greet a remarkable resume that distinguishes itself from the rivalry. Prepare yourself to secure your dream job with self-assurance effortlessly!

>> Unlock Your Career Potential With Super Star Resume

10 Best Resume Writing Services

  • Super Star Resume - Best overall
  • ZipJob - Best for guarantees
  • Resumeble - Best with custom bundles
  • Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best for range of career service
  • ResumeSpice - Best for job seekers of any level
  • TopResume - Best customer service
  • Resume Writing Services - Best for affordability
  • Craft Resumes - Best for quick turnaround
  • Resume Companion - Best value resume writing service
  • - Best free service

When creating this compilation, we considered different elements such as affordability, ease of use, accessibility, the privacy policies of the companies involved, and more. The highest-rated services offer advice, templates, and tools and allow you to consult with experts who can help you craft an impressive resume highlighting your strengths to potential employers.

Our collection comprises free services and those that make use of professional writers’ skills. Some options require a subscription or one-time payment.

>> Secure Your Dream Job With Super Star Resume

Super Star Resume - Best Resume Builder Overall

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Super Star Resume is an innovative resume builder that completely transforms creating professional resumes. By offering a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, Super Star Resume enables individuals to produce exceptional resumes that effectively showcase their abilities, accomplishments, and work history.

  • Skilled and seasoned writers
  • Customized strategy aligned with unique career objectives
  • Timely delivery of resumes
  • More significant expense compared to certain other resume writing services
  • Restricted selection of additional services
  • Availability may be restricted depending on demand and geographic location
  • Intuitive resume builder: An intuitive interface that simplifies the resume creation process, offering modern templates for a professional look.
  • Customization choices: Users can personalize their resumes by selecting from various font styles, colors, layouts, and sections to align with their unique style.
  • Comprehensive content suggestions: Access to a collection of expertly curated bullet points, action verbs, and industry-specific phrases to craft impactful resume content.
  • Real-time previews and editing: Real-time previewing and editing capabilities ensure a visually appealing and error-free final resume.
  • Integration with professional networking platforms: Integration with LinkedIn allows users to maintain consistency between their online presence and resume.
  • Tailored resumes for different job applications: The duplication feature facilitates the creation of multiple resume versions, each customized for specific job applications or industries.
  • Resume analytics and tracking: Users can monitor the views and downloads of their resumes, gaining valuable insights to optimize their job search strategies.
  • Professional Resume : $169
  • Resume With Cover Letter : $199
  • All-Included : $199

>> Use Super Star Resume to Secure Your Dream Job

ZipJob - Best Resume Builder for Guarantees

Star Rating: 4.7/5

ZipJob is widely regarded as an excellent option for resume creation, especially for those who value guarantees. Their impressive 60-day assurance ensures that individuals searching for employment will experience a surge in interview invitations within this period.

If this desired outcome cannot materialize, ZipJob proactively offers a complimentary review and revision of your resume. This guarantee highlights their commitment to client contentment and showcases their unwavering belief in the superior quality of their resume writing services.

  • The starting package is cost-effective
  • Complimentary ATS check included
  • 60-day interview assurance with higher-tier packages
  • The design and layout made it challenging to read the resume
  • The summary section was overly lengthy and filled with clichés
  • The formatting of the education and training sections was subpar
  • Expert resume writers: ZipJob provides access to a team of expert resume writers with the skills and knowledge to review, evaluate, and optimize your resume for compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers.
  • ATS optimization: Meaning they ensure your resume is structured and formatted to navigate and succeed in ATS filters effectively. Employers commonly use these filters to assess and rank resumes during the initial screening process.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder online offered by ZipJob assists you in identifying and integrating pertinent keywords and industry-specific terminology. This practice heightens the visibility of your resume, making it more likely to capture the attention of hiring managers.
  • Job-specific content suggestions: ZipJob provides valuable advice regarding the most relevant and influential content to include in your resume for different job titles and industries. This guidance is invaluable in customizing your resume for specific roles.
  • Cover letter writing assistance: ZipJob supports the creation of impactful cover letters that complement your resume, strengthening your overall job application.
  • Unlimited revisions: One noteworthy feature of ZipJob is the option for unlimited revisions and updates to your resume. This ensures that your resume not only meets but continues to meet your specific requirements and mirrors your professional growth.
  • Collaboration with resume writers: the platform facilitates direct collaboration with the resume writers, enabling you to share additional information, discuss specific requirements, and seek clarifications at any stage of the resume creation process.
  • Launch Package: $139 (or $48/mo)
  • Fast Track Package: $189 (or $65/mo)
  • Premium Package: $299 (or $27/mo)

>> Use ZipJob to Secure Your Dream Job

Resumeble - Best Resume Builder With Custom Bundles

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Resumeble is a highly efficient and user-friendly resume builder that empowers individuals to create professional and compelling resumes. With Resumeble, crafting a standout resume becomes a streamlined process thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive range of customizable templates.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking to change careers, Resumeble caters to all needs and skill sets. It offers helpful suggestions and expert advice to ensure your resume showcases your unique qualifications and achievements in the best possible light.

  • A 60-day interview guarantee is included
  • Budget-friendly package deals are available
  • It’s more established than some other websites
  • Keyword optimization: This feature helps optimize your resume by suggesting relevant keywords aligned with your target industry or job, enhancing your visibility to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiters.
  • Content import: Resumeble allows you to import your existing resume or LinkedIn profile, saving you the time and effort of manual data entry.
  • Real-time editing: You have the convenience of editing and modifying your resume in real time, providing the flexibility to experiment with various formats, sections, and content.
  • ATS compatibility: Resumeble ensures your resume is ATS-compatible, essential for better visibility and a higher chance of being shortlisted by employers using Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Download options: The platform offers various download formats, including PDF, Word, and plain text, ensuring compatibility with diverse application processes.
  • Cover letter builder: Resumeble features an integrated cover letter builder, streamlining the creation of professional and personalized cover letters that complement your resume.
  • Career Pro Package : $159.00
  • Professional Package : $299.00
  • Premium Package : $399.00

>> Use Resumeble to Secure Your Dream Job

Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best Resume Builder for Range of Career Service

Star Rating: 4/5

Let’s Eat, Grandma is an inventive and progressive tool for creating impressive resumes. The platform streamlines the resume-building process, making it easier for job seekers to craft exceptional resumes. With Let’s Eat, Grandma, individuals can create unique resumes that catch the eye of employers and set them apart from the competition.

This user-friendly platform offers a range of customizable templates that allow users to tailor their resumes to showcase their specific skills and experiences. Let’s Eat, Grandma also provides expert advice and recommendations to help ensure that your qualifications and achievements are effectively highlighted in your resume.

  • Complimentary resume evaluation
  • Choices available for individuals from entry-level to executive-level positions
  • Extensive collaboration opportunities
  • Not specialized in academic CVs or federal resumes
  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some other services
  • Potential for a longer turnaround time compared to competing services
  • Expert choice: You can save your resume in multiple formats (PDF, Word, plain text) or easily share it with potential employers via email or a link, simplifying the distribution of your resume.
  • Error highlighting: The builder can identify potential errors, inconsistencies, or missing information within your resume and provide suggestions or alerts for improvement.
  • Section prompts: Pre-written prompts for various resume sections (e.g., work experience, education, skills) can help you structure your resume effectively and ensure you include essential details in each area.
  • Customizable sections: You can add, remove, or rearrange sections to tailor your resume to emphasize your strengths and relevant experiences.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder can recommend industry-specific keywords based on the job description, enhancing your resume’s chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and grabbing the attention of hiring managers.
  • Starter Package : Priced at $439, but there is an anti-inflation sale price of $389.
  • Accelerated Package : $549.
  • The premium Package : $689, but the anti-inflation sale price is $614.
  • Executive Concierge Service : $1,899 or as low as $119/month.

>> Use Let’s Eat, Grandma to Secure Your Dream Job

ResumeSpice - Best Resume Builder for Job Seekers of Any Level

Star Rating: 3.8/5

ResumeSpice , a renowned online resume builder, streamlines crafting professional resumes. This platform provides job seekers with a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of templates, enabling them to create impressive resumes that align with their career objectives.

With ResumeSpice’s seamless experience, users are guided through each resume section effortlessly while receiving valuable tips throughout the process. From personal details and work history to skills and accomplishments, this platform ensures that all crucial aspects of a resume are comprehensively addressed.

  • Additional assistance
  • Timely service
  • ATS optimization
  • Guaranteed interviews
  • Restricted revisions
  • Insufficient customization options
  • Restricted refund policy
  • User-friendly interface: ResumeSpice boasts an intuitive and user-friendly platform, simplifying the resume creation process and offering a seamless experience to users.
  • Extensive template library: The platform offers a vast selection of professionally designed templates tailored to various industries and job positions. Users can explore different styles and layouts to find the perfect match for their needs.
  • Import and export options: ResumeSpice enables users to import their existing resumes in formats like PDF or Word for easy editing and updates. Users can conveniently export their finalized resumes in multiple formats, facilitating sharing with employers or uploading to job portals.
  • Mobile-friendly design: ResumeSpice is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to create and modify their resumes using smartphones or tablets.
  • Cloud storage: The platform provides secure cloud storage for users’ resumes, ensuring accessibility and updates from any device with an internet connection.
  • Resume tracking: ResumeSpice includes tools for tracking the performance of submitted resumes, such as monitoring views, downloads, and application outcomes. These features empower users to evaluate their progress and make data-driven enhancements to their job search strategies.
  • Entry Level Resume : $479
  • Professional Resume : $589
  • Executive Resume : $699

>> Use ResumeSpice to Secure Your Dream Job

TopResume - Best Resume Builder for Customer Service

Star Rating: 3.6/5

TopResume is an outstanding resume builder explicitly tailored for customer service professionals. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling users to create exceptional resumes effortlessly. The platform goes beyond just providing a basic resume template, offering valuable suggestions and tips to optimize the content.

This ensures that each resume created on TopResume is unique and attention-grabbing in the highly competitive job market.

Besides its user-friendly interface, TopResume provides expert review services. These services allow skilled professionals to provide personalized feedback on resumes, helping enhance their overall quality further. By leveraging this feedback and incorporating attention to detail, customer service professionals can create compelling resumes that effectively capture the attention of potential employers.

  • Streamlined registration process
  • Well-designed and formatted one-page resume
  • The summary and Job Scope sections were overly extended
  • The training section needed to have prominence
  • Skill-based sections: The resume builder features dedicated sections highlighting essential customer service skills, including communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and relationship building.
  • Expert review services: TopResume provides expert review services where experienced professionals offer personalized feedback and recommendations to enhance the overall quality of your resume.
  • ATS compatibility: The platform ensures that the resumes created are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which employers commonly use for scanning and filtering resumes.
  • Download and sharing options: Users can download their resumes in various formats, such as PDF or Word, and easily share them with potential employers or upload them to job portals.
  • Industry-Specific Tips: TopResume offers industry-specific tips and guidance to assist users in tailoring their resumes to the customer service field, helping them stand out among competitors.
  • Cover letter builder: Besides resume building, TopResume provides a builder that empowers users to craft professional and compelling cover letters customized for customer service roles.
  • Mobile accessibility: The platform is mobile-friendly, allowing users to create, edit, and update their resumes while on the go, using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Entry level : Up to 200$.
  • Professional level : Up to 200$-400$.
  • Executive level : Up to $350-$700.

>> Use TopResume to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Writing Services - Best Resume Builder for Affordability

Star Rating: 3.3/5

While may be a different size than its competitors, it stands out due to its team of talented and experienced resume writers. The website is user-friendly and provides exceptional service. However, this service’s true strength lies in its writers’ expertise. sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive consultation process and goes beyond expectations by providing unlimited calls with its resume writers. This personalized approach distinguishes them from other companies and guarantees each client receives individual attention and support.

  • Experienced resume writers of the highest caliber
  • Unlimited phone consultations and revisions
  • More expensive than rival services
  • A limited range of products
  • Skilled and experienced resume writers: takes pride in its team of highly trained and professional resume writers who possess a deep understanding of crafting effective resumes.
  • Personalized service: offers a personal touch by providing unlimited calls with their resume writers. This unique feature allows clients to engage in direct communication and close collaboration with the writers throughout the resume creation process.
  • Competitive job market expertise: The writers at have knowledge of current job market trends. This ensures that the resumes they create are optimized to excel in today’s fiercely competitive job market.
  • Quality Assurance: The service maintains a rigorous quality assurance process to guarantee that the resumes delivered to clients meet the highest standards and align with their expectations.
  • Timely delivery: is committed to delivering resumes within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring clients receive their documents promptly.
  • Client satisfaction guarantee: offers a client satisfaction guarantee, assuring clients are fully content with the final resume. The service is ready to provide revisions if necessary.
  • Affordable pricing: provides pricing options that are competitive and transparent, making professional resume writing accessible to a wide range of job seekers. employs a pricing system that is clear and easy to understand for their resume-building services. The initial package begins at $270 , including a comprehensive consultation with a skilled resume writer and developing an individualized resume.

They offer extra options that enable customers to personalize their packages based on their unique preferences. This adaptable pricing strategy guarantees that clients can choose the services that align with their requirements and financial constraints.

>> Use Resume Writing Services to Secure Your Dream Job

Craft Resumes - Best Resume Builder for Quick-Turnaround

Star Rating: 3/5

Craft Resumes stand out as a well-established writing and editing service known for its ability to deliver effective outcomes. Our dedication to providing a 24-hour turnaround guarantees you’ll receive the initial version of your resume promptly.

Navigating our user-friendly website is effortless, making it easy to use our services. At Craft Resumes, we specialize in crafting customized resumes to match your skills, qualifications, and aspirations for your career.

  • Speedy completion
  • Customized CVs
  • Intuitive site
  • Insufficient details
  • Absence of assurances
  • Quick turnaround: Craft Resumes commits to delivering the initial draft of your resume within 24 hours, ensuring a speedy and efficient service.
  • Expert Writers: Craft Resumes prides itself on its team of experienced writers who possess expertise across various industries and stay up-to-date with current hiring trends. They’re dedicated to making your resume stand out and catch the attention of potential employers.
  • Unlimited revisions: We provide unlimited revisions to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have specific changes or additions in mind, our team will collaborate with you closely to implement the modifications.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: At Craft Resumes, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. You can trust that your data will be handled securely and with the utmost discretion.
  • Tailored resumes: We specialize in tailoring resumes to align with your career objectives, industry, and job requirements. Each resume is personalized to accentuate your unique strengths and qualifications.
  • Resume Writing : $229.00
  • Basic : $279.99
  • Optimal : $339.99
  • All-In-One : $499.99

>> Use Craft Resumes to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Companion - Best Value Resume Builder

Star Rating: 2.8/5

Resume Companion is a virtual platform and service that specializes in aiding individuals in creating resumes that are professional and impactful. It offers an array of resources and tools to assist job seekers in crafting interesting resumes that effectively showcase their skills, experiences, and qualifications.

A prominent feature of Resume Companion is its user-friendly resume builder. This tool allows users to select from various professionally designed templates and personalize them based on their specific requirements.

Users can effortlessly incorporate their personal information, employment history, educational background, skill set, and other pertinent details to produce a customized resume tailored to their needs.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • High-quality templates
  • Efficiency-boosting functions
  • Cost-effective choice
  • Restricted editing features without subscription
  • Absence of extensive customization options
  • Limited availability of extra services
  • Cover letter builder: Resume Companion goes beyond resumes and provides users with a tool for crafting customized cover letters tailored to specific job applications. This feature guides users through the process, helping them effectively present their qualifications and make a compelling case to prospective employers.
  • ATS optimization: In today’s job market, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. Resume Companion helps users ensure their resumes are ATS-friendly. The platform offers valuable tips and insights on incorporating relevant keywords, formatting the document correctly, and increasing the likelihood of passing through the ATS screening process.
  • Educational resources: Resume Companion extends its services by offering an informative blog and educational materials that cover various aspects of resume writing, job search strategies, interview techniques, and career development guidance. These resources provide users with valuable insights and advice to help them create impressive resumes and enhance their job search efforts.
  • Download and sharing options: Upon completing their resumes, users can conveniently download their documents in multiple formats, including PDF and Word. Resume Companion also makes it easy for users to share their resumes online or print them offline.
  • Customer support: Resume Companion values user satisfaction and offers customer support to assist with users’ questions or concerns while utilizing the platform. Users can access support through email or the platform’s contact form.

Resume Companion provides a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an all-inclusive service. It’s vital to remember subscription renewal is required to access future editing services. In summary, Resume Companion offers a wallet-friendly option for those who desire a user-friendly resume-building experience without needing advanced writing abilities.

>> Use Resume Companion to Secure Your Dream Job

Our Ranking Methodology for Best Resume Writing Services

To comprehensively and objectively rank the top resume writing services, it is essential to have a thorough methodology. The first step in this process was conducting extensive research and analysis. This involved gathering a comprehensive list of reputable resume-writing services from multiple sources such as online searches, customer reviews, industry directories, and personal recommendations.

  • Feature analysis: Evaluate the functionalities provided by each resume builder, considering elements like template variety and quality, customization flexibility, user-friendly editing and formatting options, import/export capabilities, spell check and grammar tools, and integration with job search platforms and professional networks.
  • Template collection: Examine the assortment and quality of templates. Look for a wide range that suits various industries, job levels, and design preferences, considering these templates’ aesthetics, readability, and contemporary design.
  • Editing and customization: Scrutinize the adaptability and user-friendliness of the editing and customization tools each resume builder provides. Assess the capacity to add or modify sections, reorganize content, and tailor resumes to specific job requirements.
  • User interface and experience: Analyze the user interface and the overall user experience each resume builder offers. Evaluate the ease of navigation, instruction clarity, guidance or prompts, and the platform’s responsiveness.
  • Integration with job search platforms: Determine whether resume builders offer seamless integration with popular job search platforms and professional networks like LinkedIn or ATS systems. Consider how well the resumes can be transferred and their compatibility with these platforms.
  • Additional resources: Evaluate if the resume builders provide extra resources such as sample resumes, tools for creating cover letters, interview tips, or career advice. Consider the breadth and practicality of these supplementary resources.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Gauge the mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of the resume builders, recognizing the growing trend of mobile job searching and application processes.
  • Customer support: Reflect on the accessibility and quality of customer support services, encompassing options like live chat, email support, or knowledge bases. Assess the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team.
  • Pricing and value for money: Appraise the pricing plans presented by the resume builders in terms of the value they offer based on features, usability, and overall service quality.
  • Industry reputation: Consider the standing and trustworthiness of the resume builders, considering factors such as awards, recognition, partnerships, and user feedback from reputable sources.

Buyer’s Guide: Why Use a Resume Builder?

Crafting a well-crafted CV comes naturally to particular job seekers. However, even the most seasoned experts may need help in resume writing. If you find yourself in need of help with creating a compelling resume, here are several ways in which the best online resume builder can be beneficial:

Resume builders provide users with pre-designed templates and helpful tips, streamlining the process of writing a resume and alleviating stress.

Offers Writing Tips

Promoting oneself requires considerable effort. Only some people possess writing skills, even if they enjoy self-promotion. To showcase one’s experience and knowledge effectively, a resume builder can help select the most appropriate words and phrases.

Improves Design

In every field, there are unique standards for an impressive resume. If you need to gain knowledge in design or the tools, resume builders can provide free templates to enhance your resume’s visual appeal and quality.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Recruiters often use ATS systems to scan resumes. A good resume builder will help with formatting to ensure that your resume is easy for these systems to read.

What’s the Best Resume Builder?

The ideal resume builder for each individual may differ according to their specific requirements. If you prefer a tool that offers step-by-step guidance in creating your resume, we suggest using a builder that provides helpful tips and recommendations. If you prefer a resume builder that auto-generates a summary, we recommend using a tool that extracts information from your LinkedIn profile.

For those who enjoy having creative control over their resumes, we suggest using a platform with features. By selecting the resume builder that aligns with your needs and suits your industry and personal style, you’ll significantly increase your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers.

Resume Builder vs. Resume Writing Service: What Matters for You

When it comes to crafting a resume, there are three options available. You can opt to create it independently, use a resume builder tool, or enlist the services of a professional resume writer. Your best choice will depend on your writing abilities, available time, and financial resources.


You have the choice to construct a resume entirely by yourself. The benefit of this option is that it costs nothing but requires a significant amount of effort. Along with composing all the information, you must possess graphic design skills.

This approach works well if you have these abilities, but with them, your options for creating a resume are unlimited. To overcome this limitation, you can use a resume builder or enlist the help of a resume writing service.

Resume Builder

A tool for creating resumes allows you to input your details into a template, resulting in an original appearance and layout with no design work. The top resume building tools also offer suggestions on enhancing your resume and tailoring it to match the specific job you are applying for.

While you are still responsible for writing the content, once it is written, you can quickly transfer that information into any other template with just a few simple clicks. Some of these services are free and many like to promote themselves as such, but most require a small payment to download your finished resume.

Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional resume writing services are expensive, but they offer the convenience of handling all the work for you. An experienced writer will gather relevant information about your background and transform it into a unique and engaging resume.

The process typically takes a few days, and the level of originality in the outcome largely relies on your choice of company and writer. However, we will not delve into these services further in this guide.

Are Resume Builders Worth It?

Definitely, without a doubt. An effective resume creator will guarantee that your CV is formatted correctly to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems and ultimately reach the hands of recruiters.

Is It Unprofessional to Use a Microsoft Word Resume Template?

Relying on a template will not set you apart, and there is a high likelihood that your application will be dismissed because your resume is identical to those of other job seekers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right resume builder is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Creating a professional and impactful resume that stands out from the crowd can significantly impact your job search. With the right tool, you can save time, improve your chances of landing an interview, and ultimately secure your dream job.

When selecting a resume builder, consider your specific needs and priorities. Look for features like customizable templates, industry-specific examples, and the ability to export your resume in different formats. Consider user reviews and ratings to ensure you choose a reputable and reliable platform.

Remember, an exceptional tool for crafting resumes should give you the power to present your skills, experience, and accomplishments effectively. It should simplify and expedite creating a resume without hassle. Investing in a reliable resume builder is investing in your professional future.

Therefore, explore the different options available for resume builders. Test out their free trials or demos and choose the best fit for your objectives. Our top recommendation is Super Star Resume . This meticulously designed resume can open doors to exciting career prospects and be a dependable companion on your journey toward success.

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