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Content Wall


Digital Roadmap


Free Prezi Templates

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Templates for your next presentation! A collection of free Prezi templates made by . For a full list of all available  free templates visit our shop page . For presenting with a free template you will need to create an account on All our templates can also be used with the Free and Public Prezi account type which can be created on this page. Starting your presentation from a Prezi template can give you good head start, as you can focus more on the real content of your presentation and worry less about how your presentation looks. Happy Zooming!

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Prezibase is officially certified by as an independent Design Expert . This means you can count on the quality of our products and services and rely on our friendly customer support if you need any assistance with our templates. No matter who you are – a student, teacher or an entrepreneur, by using our ready-made templates you can focus more on the content of your presentation and worry less about the design. Pick the template you like, add your own content and save more time for preparing and rehearsing for your presentation!

Infographic Templates

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With our collection of infographic and diagram Prezi Templates you will be able to present various business and educational reports, charts, graphs in a creative way. Stop presenting mountains of information with bullet points. Visualize your numerical data colorfully with creative concepts, symbols and your message will become much more clear to your audience. With our customizable infographic prezi templates you can make every presentation look unique. Change the colors, resize the infographic diagram elements and add information according to your needs.

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Sky is not the limit anymore! Get inspired with creative Prezi Templates and take your presentations to a whole new level.

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Whether you’re staying true to Prezi Classic or being innovative with Prezi Next , we’ve got you covered with Prezi Templates and Design Services for both versions. 1000+ templates for any presentation topic you need along the way.

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Creative Zone

prezi presentation templates

Interactive Media


Key To Success


Global Line


Around a Topic

Ideas in motion, latest prezi templates.

Prezi zoom template Bundle collection of Prezi templates

Zoom template bundle

home ownership timeline

Roadmap to Homeownership

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Free Ukraine Russia War


Free NFT Presentation

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Online Health

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Real Estate

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12 featured Prezi presentations and templates for engaging lessons

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Michael Lee August 30, 2019

After spending hours and hours researching your lesson plans , not to mention putting together the resources and assignments, it’d be a shame if your students still didn’t pay attention due to text overload or a stale, linear presentation format. To help make your life easier, we’ve compiled 12 stunning Prezi presentations and templates that you can use today to breathe life into your lessons (and back into your students). 

Featured presentations 

These presentations take advantage of Prezi’s animations and conversational format to show off familiar subjects in a more riveting way. You’ll find a wide range of subjects across science, English, math, and history. 

The best part? These presentations are all reusable, so if you like a design but want to change the content, you can click on “Make a copy” and add your own timelines, lesson details, and everything in between. 

Scale of the universe 

Explore the scale of the universe in this Prezi presentation.

This presentation uses animations to illustrate the massive scale of our big and beautiful universe, starting with an atom and zooming all the way out to a super galaxy. 

Climate change

Learn more about climate change and how to help in this Prezi presentation.

Climate change is a complex issue – this presentation helps break down its causes, its repercussions, what’s on the horizon, and more. 

The physics behind the egg drop 

A Prezi presentation focused on the physics behind the classic egg drop experiment.

The egg drop experiment is a classic way to help students apply STEM principles in a practical setting. Use this visual presentation to explain the physics they’ll need to consider when building a device to break the egg’s fall. 

The scientific method

Give an overview of the scientific method for your science lessons with this vibrant Prezi presentation.

Help your students understand all aspects of the scientific method with this detailed presentation.

Grammar game show 

Make English lessons fun with this grammar game show Prezi presentation.

Turn your English lessons into a fun activity with this game show presentation, which covers basic grammar, reading comprehension, and more. 

Verbs & adverbs

Breakdown of verbs and adverbs in a Prezi presentation.

Break down the different types of verbs and adverbs with specific examples, then end the lesson with an assignment to reinforce key concepts. 

Biography of Henry Ford

A Prezi presentation on the life of Henry Ford.

Teach your class about Henry Ford with this presentation on his life, death, and legacy. 

Basic math operations

A Prezi presentation that's perfect for math lessons by illustrating addition and subtraction.

Help your younger students understand addition and subtraction with visual examples (and the assistance of an adorable Professor Dino). 

Featured templates

If you want to create your lesson from scratch, we have a great selection of presentation templates to get you started. Below are some of our favorites for the classroom. 

Lesson plan 

A chalk-themed lesson plan Prezi template for teachers.

Structure your lessons with this chalkboard-themed presentation template, which makes it easy to add topics, assignments, notes, and more. 

World map Prezi presentation template for history lessons and current events.

Take your students on a journey with this world map template. Perfect for covering history lessons, current events, or any other topic that references a location. 

Open book Prezi presentation template for the classroom.

The book image in this template works as a broad visual metaphor to cover a wide range of subjects. The letters provide a clear outline for your content, and also makes the presentation easy to customize. 

A Prezi presentation template for reports.

Present your results, analysis, and findings in a more engaging way with this illustrated template. Or, share it with your students to help them structure their reports. 

It’s time to create A+ presentations for your class. Pick a reusable Prezi presentation or template and start exploring, or turn to our Learn page for quick how-tos and tips. 

Short on time? You can also take your existing slide decks and quickly turn them into dynamic Prezi presentations with our PowerPoint Converter feature. Be sure to also check out our discounted EDU Plus plan , which includes offline access, voiceover, and more. 

prezi presentation templates

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    To help make your life easier, we’ve compiled 12 stunning Prezi presentations and templates that you can use today to breathe life into your lessons (and back into your students). Featured presentations. These presentations take advantage of Prezi’s animations and conversational format to show off familiar subjects in a more riveting way.