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How to Use PowerPoint Template Designs to Enhance Your Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have become a staple in the business world, and the design of your slides can greatly impact the effectiveness of your message. One way to level up your presentation game is by using PowerPoint template designs. These pre-designed layouts can help you save time, maintain consistency, and create visually appealing slides that captivate your audience. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use PowerPoint template designs to enhance your presentations.

Choose a Template that Matches Your Message

The first step in utilizing PowerPoint template designs is selecting a template that aligns with the message you want to convey. Whether you are presenting financial data, marketing strategies, or educational content, there are countless templates available for every topic imaginable. Take some time to explore different templates and choose one that complements your content while still reflecting your personal style or brand identity.

Customize the Template to Suit Your Needs

While templates provide a great starting point, it’s essential to customize them based on your specific requirements. Most PowerPoint templates allow you to modify colors, fonts, images, and layouts easily. By personalizing the template, you can ensure that it matches your branding guidelines and captures the attention of your audience.

Consider incorporating elements such as your company logo or relevant images into the slides. Additionally, pay attention to font sizes and styles for better readability. Remember that while creativity is encouraged, it’s essential not to go overboard with excessive animations or distracting elements.

Maintain Consistency Across Slides

One of the significant advantages of using PowerPoint template designs is maintaining consistency throughout your presentation. Consistency helps create a cohesive narrative flow and ensures that all slides look professional and polished.

To achieve consistency, make sure each slide follows a similar layout structure with consistent fonts, colors, and backgrounds. This approach allows viewers to focus on the content rather than being distracted by inconsistent design choices. Additionally, consider using slide master layouts to apply consistent formatting across multiple slides effortlessly.

Use Visuals and Infographics

PowerPoint template designs often incorporate visuals and infographics that can enhance the overall impact of your presentation. Visual elements help break down complex information into easily digestible chunks and make your slides more engaging.

Take advantage of charts, graphs, icons, and images provided in the template to illustrate your points effectively. However, ensure that the visuals you choose are relevant to your content and enhance comprehension rather than being mere decorations.

Remember to use high-quality images and graphics that are visually appealing and complement your message. Avoid cluttering slides with too many visuals as it can overwhelm your audience. Instead, focus on using visuals strategically to highlight key points or emphasize important data.

In conclusion, PowerPoint template designs are powerful tools that can elevate the quality of your presentations significantly. By selecting a template that matches your content, customizing it to suit your needs, maintaining consistency across slides, and effectively using visuals and infographics, you can create impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience. So why not take advantage of these templates today and take your presentations to the next level?

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


investor presentation template

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Investor Deck Template

625510 uses

Template preview

AI generated Pitch Deck 🤖

investor presentation template

What is an Investor Deck?

An investor deck is usually a 10-20 slide deck designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. Similar to a pitch deck, this is a document most of the times you send to potential investors.

What should be in an investor pitch deck?

A number of authors, venture capitalists, startup founders and evangelists have created different versions of what they consider required elements to successful pitching presentations. Most of them agree on the following:

  • Market Size
  • Business Model
  • Underlying Magic
  • Competition
  • Better/Different
  • Marketing Plan
  • Traction / Milestones

What's in this Investor Deck Powerpoint Template?

The 12 slide investor pitch deck by 500 startups.

500 Startups is a leading global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley with over $350M AUM.

This investor deck template is ideal for initial VCs and Angel Investors. If they ask to see your pitch deck , this is what you want to send. The outline of the investor deck mainly focuses on your startup's growth metrics and traction.

In 2016, we were fortunate enough to meet up with key members of 500 Startups at the Accelerator program, where we got their thoughts on creating a template for all Slidebean users to use. So this template is the end result of that meeting. Enjoy!

Pitch Deck Service

How to build an investment pitch deck.

Building an investment pitch deck is a crucial step for startups seeking to secure funding from investors. To create a compelling investment deck, start by outlining your company's mission, vision, and business model. Identify the market opportunity and demonstrate how your product or service fills a gap in the market. It is important to provide a clear understanding of your target audience, customer acquisition strategy, and revenue model. Showcase your team's expertise and track record, as well as any notable partnerships or endorsements.

Include financial projections , milestones, and potential risks and challenges. Keep the design simple, professional, and visually appealing, and use concise language to convey your message effectively. Lastly, practice your pitch and be prepared to answer any questions or objections that may arise. By following these steps, you can create a compelling investment deck that highlights the potential of your startup and attracts investors.

How to Present Your Business?

Many investors have suffered through an inordinate number of poorly constructed pitches. Most startup entrepreneurs tend to focus on their pet projects to the detriment of the critical business pitches required for funding. It's fair to say that hardened investors expect to be disappointed. Surprising a cynical audience with a thoughtful, effective presentation that answers the important questions bids fair to invite a warm response that translates into a real shot at successful funding. A great pitch deck is an indispensable tool for any startup.

Paying attention to the following precepts will help with assembling an effective pitch deck.

Brief, clear words

Words are tools for conveying ideas. The best words fly a speaker's intended meanings into the minds of listeners before disappearing into the silence of contemplation. Sometimes, more words are better. They push and prod the intended meaning this way and that for a receptive audience. Investors want to be persuaded, and they know business is complex. They expect many words for a non-trivial business idea with many significant aspects. Still, those same investors are busy. They want to hear the presentation and then move on to other demands on their limited time and energy. They want exactly as many words as are needed and not one word more.


Furthermore, promoting a business idea calls for a businesslike approach. As any writer knows, it's all too easy to fall in love with poetic phrases or elaborate explanations. Focused passion is good, but rambling passion is a turnoff. Fluff belongs in a cow field and not in a presentation. Kill all words that puff and preen themselves without contributing to the presentation. For that matter, simpler words are better whenever possible. A dollar word like "utilized" compares badly to a two-bit word like "used." Dictionaries are full of short, powerful words. They should be used.

Free Investor Finder

Hone the presentation.

Practice makes perfect. There's nothing like testing a pitch before exposing it to investors. Smart entrepreneurs run prospective pitches past friends, colleagues, and co-workers willing to offer useful feedback on defects and omissions. A recorded test run can also reach distant or busy reviewers. In a pinch, a mirror will work.

Twenty minutes should be enough for even the most sophisticated business idea. Investors understand that the presentation will leave out a lot of details that are not relevant to the core concept. They expect a pitch to cover only the major ideas. If necessary, a professional writer can be hired to slice away fluff and to clarify the remaining text in a marketing deck. Given the stakes of what might be a single shot at persuading potential business partners to fund a cash-short startup, the extra money is little enough to pay

Open with an executive summary

The old rule about public speaking is to first briefly describe what will be said before delivering the main body of the speech, after which the speaker closes with a brief summary of what has just been said. This sort of one-two-three delivery prepares an audience for the upcoming message and helps with long-term memory. A funding pitch is a little different, but any business idea will benefit from a one-minute opening that clarifies the context before a subsequent barrage of details.

Prove the concept

investor presentation template

As the old saying has it, ideas are a dime a dozen. Any random schlub can pop out at least four half-baked ideas without breaking a sweat. Making an idea work is much harder. Making that idea an attractive business proposition is a different world. Investors see their mailboxes flooded daily with interesting proposals that fall apart under scrutiny. Investors want to see hard proof of the concept, and illuminating metrics on potential sales don't hurt at all.

Taking the time to hammer out a working prototype of a product or a functional alpha release of a business service will go far in persuading prospective investors that a startup's founders aren't steeped in unrealistic dreams. Also, very few ideas are new under the sun. How have other businesses succeeded with a similar concept? Who were their intended customers, and why did those customers accept the new product or service? How long did it take to increase sales to the point of profitability? What are the likely prospects for the success of the startup that is now seeking funding? Completing basic research into such questions before the presentation will reassure cautious investors that the startup's principals are hard-headed business people who know the score.

Promote the team

The success of any business that anticipates significant growth depends on the quality of its team. Smart, experienced personnel are much more likely to push a startup to profitability than inexperienced newcomers. Investors want to know who will be helping the founders turn their business plan into reality. A good pitch deck will include a brief profile of the qualifications of the company's core employees.

If available, an advisory board populated with well-known names will add considerable cachet to the founding company and strengthen the chances of funding.

Don't babble about how

As any experienced engineer or manager knows, manufacturing and service processes tend in practice to be amazingly complicated. In truth, unexpected complexity is in fact expected, and few investors will be surprised at difficulties with innovative processes. Rarely is there a need to spend precious pitch time on anticipating the unanticipated.

For that matter, most investors expect even basic manufacturing and service processes to pose daily challenges. Explaining in advance exactly how employees and founders will implement a new product or service is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, it's not relevant to the pitch. A broad overview of the basic ideas behind the business proposition will do. Technically knowledgeable investors will ask more in-depth questions later if needed. The briefest possible mention of process details will serve well for the great majority of opening pitches.

Result over process

Smart entrepreneurs will focus on the outcome for customers and clients. Marketing begins with investors, who might themselves be prospective users of a new product or service. How will the new offering meet the needs and desires of potential purchasers? How will the startup achieve this more efficiently than competitors? How will the startup's marketing experts persuade potential customers and clients to abandon old solutions for an unfamiliar alternative? Inertia is a powerful force, and entrepreneurs often must pair an innovative solution with innovative marketing to succeed. Virtually all startups face the harsh reality of intense competition for attention and brand loyalty.

Engage the audience


Investors are no different from other people. Behind stern faces, their deepest emotions await. They love hearing a good story that is told with strong words. Professionalism is not incompatible with storytelling, and a story that brims with energy and passion is far more effective than a dry explication of abstract benefits. Painting a mental picture of how a specific customer will benefit or has already benefited from the new product or service packs a wallop.

Paint vivid images

Overuse of meaningless charts and graphs mars many presentations. All visual elements should serve a purpose that cannot be met with mere words. The best visual elements pound home their points with words that allow the presenter to show unmistakable belief in the intended meanings through a confident tone of voice and friendly body language. Pictures of manufacturing facilities or smiling service personnel also help as long as they mirror the reality of a successful startup. Vaguely related stock images should be avoided as insincere and manipulative.

Be prepared for anything

Despite the intense brevity of a typical presentation, investors expect enormous depth behind the curtain. They expect entrepreneurs to immediately answer critical questions about how their core business idea works. Ignorance about the exact details of complex manufacturing processes or sophisticated software algorithms can be forgiven because investors don't expect founders to know everything. Stumbling over the answers to basic questions, on the other hand, tends to ring alarm bells in the minds of wary investors. If the founders cannot summon up convincing answers, then what will happen in reality? Will the company drift rudderless while its founders struggle to find their way through the consequences of poor comprehension? Too many otherwise promising startups fail after burning up seed investments on fruitless plans.

Investors prefer to deal with confident, savvy startup founders who show themselves to be ready for success. If necessary, entrepreneurs seeking seed money will prepare for a presentation by consulting with industry experts and spending long nights with authoritative materials that cover every major aspect of the startup. Where no legal problems threaten to arise over intellectual property issues, studying operational businesses that implement a similar idea is quite useful.

“Investors prefer to deal with confident, savvy startup founders who show themselves to be ready for success.

Networking works

Whatever the specific business idea, major aspects will cry out for intelligent feedback from outsiders. More than a few otherwise brilliant startup founders suffer from a narrow view of potential difficulties. Canny investors who have seen it all will be watching for these blind spots. A deep awareness of the many practical difficulties of running a business will result in a stronger pitch. Making a sustained effort over months or years to establish a network of sympathetic contacts in relevant fields such as business management, manufacturing, software design and others will boost the prospects of a successful funding round.

Furthermore, there's such a thing as being too close to the problem, even for the most experienced businessperson. Depending on the business concept, it may pay to get the reaction of a total outsider to the core business idea. Company founders might learn a lot by asking for first impressions from friends and colleagues who work in unrelated fields. Alternatively, any parent can attest that young children are prone to uttering amazing insights. If the nature of the business idea permits, asking a young family member for feedback could yield startling thoughts about the potential reception by actual customers.

Wrapping it up

The closing statement of a presentation should include a direct request for a funding round that will benefit both the startup and the investors. It's remarkable how many speakers neglect this step. Also, most investors appreciate a brief thank you from the speaker for listening to the pitch.

We can help with your Investor Deck

We have a team of talented business analysts with an expertise across multiple industries.With Caya's guidelines, they'll work on condensing your information into a powerful pitch deck. This phase of the project is handled on a shared, live document, which allows us to quickly iterate on the outline of the deck.

A first draft is usually delivered in 3 business days, and revisions are delivered within 24 hours.

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Investment Business Plan

Investment business plan presentation, free google slides theme and powerpoint template.

Rewards come after a great investment, and this applies especially to companies. You’ll need to attract potential investors and other people to put their trust in your project. With this free presentation template, you can explain your business plan, your market research and everything you need to strike a new deal.

When trying to convince your audience of the viability of your plan and all the steps that are to be taken, first and foremost you need to convey a sense of formality: your project is serious, well-thought, professional. The design of our slides are suitable for this, with a minimalist and elegant look displaying a geometric approach. They include several pictures with buildings from different perspectives: your plan is solid from all points of view. The palette is as sober as it gets, since it’s focused on dark gray and white, so there are no distractions whatsoever. As for the typography, just look at it. For titles, there’s a serif font with a firm look, and is very readable on screens. For body text, we’ve opted for a sans-serif typeface to better differentiate your content. Numeric data is essential and your investors will expect you to present that as clearly as possible, so you’ll have an easy time using the graphs, charts and other resources that we provide. Everything is customizable, which means you can create a captivating presentation totally adapted to your needs.

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 30 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics and maps
  • Includes 1000+ icons and Flaticon's extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

How can I use the template?

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Cryptocurrency Investment Plan presentation template

Investor Presentation Template

Any young business will need to entertain conversations with investors at some point in order to get their company off the ground. An investor presentation helps teams outline their strengths and goals in order to generate buzz for their company. A successful investor presentation will get businesses through to the next meeting with investors, ultimately resulting in raising money. Teams can tell their story better with Beautiful.ai’s investor presentation example.   

The customizable template has everything you need to define your business plan and goals, and communicate that effectively with potential investors. A successful investor presentation can help entrepreneurs and executive teams lay down the foundation for future funding. 

Our investor template can also help you:

  • Compile your company’s goals, milestones, and business plan in a clear and concise way
  • Communicate your story with board members or potential investors
  • Act as a reference point for future rounds of funding 

Use our template to create an effective investor presentation

An investor presentation helps teams communicate their business plan to investors so they can land the funding necessary to scale. That’s why our template includes everything you need to create professional investor slides. Whether you need to outline your growth playbook or showcase profits, you can bring your visions to life with these customizable templates and our entire library of professionally designed template slides.

Title Slide

Pro tips to create your own investor presentation

As you use this template to build your own investor presentation, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Your investor presentation should unfold in a story that keeps your audience engaged. The order of your slides impacts the ultimate outcome and whether or not your audience is persuaded at the end of your presentation.

You want your entire presentation to look cohesive to give investors a feel for your brand. Keep fonts, colors, and graphic styles consistent across all slides.

Too much information packed into one slide can be overwhelming. Talk about one idea per slide so your audience doesn’t get lost.

Anticipate what your investors need to know and hit those key points up front. If your presentation is too long, you’ll start to lose your audience’s attention (and money).

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Research Project Template

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Product Launch Strategy Presentation Template

Product Launch Strategy Presentation Template

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Linkedin Pitch Deck

Linkedin Pitch Deck

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We took a look at LinkedIn’s original pitch deck to look for ways to improve the design.

Year-End Review Presentation

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When the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what worked for your business and what didn’t.

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Spotify Rebrand Presentation Template

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30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates

By Ryan McCready , Jul 04, 2023

30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples, Tips & Templates Blog Header

A startup is, by definition, a fast-growing company. And to grow you need funding.

Enter the pitch deck.

Haven’t created a winning pitch deck before? No worries. You’ll find a ton of pre-made pitch deck templates and designs inspired by the examples throughout.

Then, use Venngage’s Presentation Maker to easily edit the templates — no technical expertise required.

A well-designed pitch deck is vital to convincing investors that your company has massive growth potential, so you can get the resources you need to scale.

In this post, we’ll look at the best startup pitch deck examples from heavy-hitters such as Guy Kawasaki, Airbnb, Uber and Facebook. We’ll also uncover the secrets of their successful startup pitch decks, and how you can leverage them to attract investor dollars, bring on new business partners and win new client contracts.

 Table of contents (click to jump ahead):

  • What is a pitch deck?

What is the purpose of a pitch deck?

  •  Best pitch deck examples & sample pitch deck templates

What is the difference between a pitch deck vs business plan?

Pitch deck faq, create a pitch deck in 4 easy steps, what is a pitch deck .

A pitch deck is a presentation created to raise venture capital for your business. In order to gain buy-in and drum up financial support from potential investors, these presentations outline everything from why your business exists, to your business model, progress or milestones , your team, and a call-to-action.

The best startup pitch decks can help you:

  • Prove the value of your business
  • Simplify complex ideas so your audience can understand them (and get on board)
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Tell the story behind your company to your target audience (and make that story exciting)

What is a pitch deck presentation?

On the other hand, a pitch deck presentation is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses to effectively communicate their ideas, products or services.

The purpose of a pitch deck presentation can be to generate interest, secure funding, form partnerships or gain clients. A well-crafted pitch deck can greatly support a pitch deck presentation by effectively conveying the key messages, engaging the audience , and enhancing the overall impact of the presentation.

Great. Now let’s take a look at some of the best startup pitch deck examples out there. 

Best pitch deck examples & sample pitch deck templates

1.  sequoia capital pitch deck.

How much did they raise? Sequoia Capital is actually a Venture Capital firm. According to TechCrunch , they’ve raised almost $1B for later-stage U.S. investments.

Key takeaway : “If you can’t tell the story of the company in five minutes, then you’re either overthinking it or you haven’t simplified it down enough.” – Mike Vernal, Sequoia Capital

VC firm Sequoia Capital has its own  10-slide pitch deck format to rival Guy Kawasaki’s famous example that we’ll take a look at a little later on. Its highly-curated, clarified format shines a spotlight on innovative ideas.

As the video above suggests, effectively communicating your mission, not just listing features, is key. Below is our take on the Sequoia Capital pitch deck example; you’ll find it clean, clear and easy to create.

Sequoia Capital pitch deck

Design tip : Click the blue background and select a new color from our color wheel (or one of your own brand colors via My Brand Kit, available with Venngage for Business ) to create a pitch deck with your branding.

Related:  How to Make Successful Financial Pitch Decks For Startups

Blue and pink iconics pitch deck

Ready to try it for yourself? Add a pop of color to your version of the Sequoia pitch deck template with this pink and blue slide deck. The contrasting colors will make your information stand out.

Blue Pink Iconics Pitch Deck Template

Return to Table of Contents

2. Airbnb pitch deck

How much did they raise?  $20k at three months and $600k at eight months (seed), according to Vator .

Key takeaway: A large marketplace, impressive rate of traction and a market ready for a new competitor are the factors which made Airbnb stand out early on, says Fast Company. The organization’s slide deck clearly demonstrates these points.

Your pitch deck should explain the core information in your business plan in a simple and straightforward way. Few startups have done this as well as Airbnb.

We’ve re-designed Airbnb’s famous deck as two light and airy sample pitch deck templates. The focus here is on engaging visuals, with minimal text used.

Airbnb fundraising slide deck

This type of deck is also called a demo day presentation .  Since its going to be viewed from a distance by investors while you present, you don’t need lots of text to get your message across. The point is to complement your speech, not distract from it.

Another great thing about Airbnb’s fundraising slide deck format is that every slide has a maximum of three sections of information:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

As one of the most popular presentation layouts , the rule of three design principle has been drilled into my head. And for good reason!

Here’s one of the slides that demonstrates why this pitch deck design tip works:

Airbnb Pitch Deck Template

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  Learn how to customize this pitch deck template by watching this quick 8-minute video.

Minimalist Airbnb pitch deck template

This simple sample pitch deck template is clean and incredibly easy to customize, making it perfect for presentation newbies.

Don’t forget to insert your own tagline instead of the famous “Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels” slogan. Hint: your tagline should similarly convey what your business offers. Airbnb’s pitch deck offers up tantalizing benefits: cost savings, an insider’s perspective on a location and new possibilities.

Minimalist Airbnb Pitch Deck Template

Design tip : Click the text boxes in our online editor and add your own words to the pitch decks. Duplicate slides you like, or delete the ones you don’t.

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3. Uber pitch deck

How much did they raise? $1.57M in seed funding in 2010, reports Business Insider .

Key takeaway : Successful pitch decks clearly highlight the key pain point (the inefficiency of cabs) and a tantalizing solution (fast, convenient 1-click ordering).

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp shared the company’s very first pitch deck from 2008 via a  Medium post .

While there’s a surprising amount of text, it still manages to hit on every major part of their business plan succinctly — including key differentiators, use cases and best/worst-case scenarios.

Want something similar? We’ve updated the classic Uber pitch deck template with a sharp layout:

Uber investor deck

Uber Pitch Deck

Many of the best pitch deck presentations out there are rather brief, only covering a few main points across a handful of slides. But sometimes your deck needs to provide more information.

There’s nothing wrong with having a longer investor pitch deck, as long as you switch up the slide layouts throughout — no one wants to see basically the same slide (just with different metrics or points) 25 times over.

This sample pitch deck template we created based on the infamous Uber deck has 20 or more slides and a diversity of layout options:


Design tip : Replace the photos with your own or browse our in-editor library with thousands of free professional stock images. To do so, double click any image to open our “replace” feature. Then, search for photos by keyword.

Blue Uber slide deck

In this navy version of the Uber pitch deck template, we’ve added bright colors and creative layouts.

Again, it’s easy to swap out the icons in our online editor. Choose from thousands of free icons in our in-editor library to make it your own.

Blue Uber Pitch Deck Template

Related : 9 Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills For Your Next Meeting

4. Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

How much did they raise?  Guy Kawasaki’s Garage Capital raised more than $315 million dollars for its clients, according to one estimate .

Key takeaway : Avoid in-depth technical discussions in your pitch deck. Focus on the pain point you’re solving, how you’ll solve it, how you’ll make money and how you’ll reach custvomers.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10 slide outline is famous for its laser focus. He’s renowned for coining the 10/20/30 rule : 10 slides, 20 minutes and no fonts smaller than 30 point.

While you may be tempted to include as much of your business plan as possible in your pitch deck, his outline forces you to tease out your most important content and engage investors or clients within a short time span.

We’re recreated his famous outline in two winning templates you can adapt and make your own:

Gradient Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

This clean pitch deck template has all the sections you need and nothing you don’t.

Kawasaki’s format steers you towards what venture capitalists really care about : problem/solution, technology, competition, marketing plan, your team, financial projections and timeline.

Gradient Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

Read our blog post on persuasive presentations for more design and speaking tips.

Design tip : Quickly add in charts and graphs with our in-editor chart maker. You can even import data from Excel or Google sheets.

Blue Guy Kawasaki pitch deck

This more conservative pitch deck template design keeps all the focus on the core information.

Remember: opt for a 30-point font or larger. This will force you to stick to your key points and explain them clearly. Anything smaller, and you’ll risk losing your audience — especially if they’re busy reading while tuning out what you’re actually saying.

Blue Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

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5. Buffer pitch deck

How much did they raise?  $500k, according to Buffer’s co-founder Leo Widrich .

Key takeaway : The traction slide was key for Buffer: it showed they had a great product/market fit. If you have great traction, it’s much easier to raise funding.

What’s interesting about Buffer’s pitching process was the issue of competition, as that’s where many talks stalled. Investors became confused, since the social media landscape looked crowded and no one was sure how Buffer differed.

Eventually, they created this slide to clear the air:

Buffer Pitch Deck Slide

To be frank, I’m still confused by this addition to the Buffer pitch deck, but perhaps their presentation would have cleared things up.

In any case, we’ve recreated Buffer’s pitch deck with its own traction, timeline and competitor slides, plus a clean new layout and some easy-to-customize icons:

Buffer Pitch Deck Template

Design tip : don’t forget to add a contact slide at the end of your pitch deck, like in the business pitch example below.

Simple Marketing Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Template

Because sometimes you’re going to pitch to a small room of investors. Other times, it will be to an auditorium full of random people in your industry. And I can guarantee that not everyone is going to know your brand off the top of their head.

You should make it extremely easy for people to find out more info or contact your team with any questions. I would recommend adding this to the last slide, as shown below.

Modern Marketing Pitch Deck Template

Alternatively, you could add it to the slide that will be seen the longest in your pitch deck, like the title slide. This will help anyone interested write down your information as event organizers get things ready.

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6. Facebook pitch deck

How much did they raise? $500K in angel funding from venture capitalist Peter Thiel (first round).

Key takeaway : If you don’t have revenue traction yet, lean heavily on other metrics , like customer base, user engagement and growth.  Use a timeline to tell a story about your company.

The best pitch decks tell the real story about your company or brand. You should not only want to sell the audience on your product but also on the hard work you’ve done building it from the ground up.

Design tip: Try data visualizations to relay a company or product timeline . Since people are familiar with the format and know how to read them quickly, you can convey the information impactfully and save room while you’re at it.

Here, Facebook’s classic pitch deck shows the incredible schools that’ve already signed on and describe when future launches will happen.

The sample pitch deck template featured below shows another example of a company or product timeline . This would have been a great fit in the Facebook pitch deck, don’t you think?

Investor Pitch Deck Template

Plus you can summarize a ton of information about your brand on a single slide. Check out how well the timeline fits into this pitch deck template below:

Startup Pitch Deck Template

If the designer wouldn’t have used a timeline, the same information could have been spread over five or six extra slides! Luckily, Venngage’s timeline maker can help you visualize progress across a period of time without any design experience required.

7. TikTok Pitch Deck

Tik Tok Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? $150.4M in funding in 2014 (back when TikTok was called Musical.ly), says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Use icons as visual anchors for written information.

(The full slide deck is available to Digiday subscribers , though you can view some of the key slides in this Medium post . Keep in mind: this TikTok pitch deck was created for potential advertisers, not investors. No other TikTok pitch decks are publicly available.)

What TikTok does really well in the above example is use icons as visual anchors for their stats. (I could write a whole article about using icons in your presentations correctly. There are so many ways you can use them to upgrade your slides.)

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just look at the slide deck template below.

Purple Startup Pitch Deck Template

Each of the main points has an icon that gives instant visual context about what the stat is about to the audience. These icons draw the eye immediately to these important facts and figures as well.

Design tip: Remember to use icons that have a similar style and color palette. Otherwise, you run the risk of them becoming a distraction.

8. Y Combinator pitch deck

Y Combinator Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? This startup accelerator has invested in over 3,500 startups to date, according to the company website . They state their combined valuation nears $1 trillion.

Key takeaway : Create clear, concise pitch deck slides that tell a story investors can understand in seconds.

The classic Y Combinator pitch deck is incredibly simple, and for good reason. Seed stage companies can’t provide much detail, so they should focus on telling a story about their company.

That means your slides should tell a story investors can immediately understand in a glance.

Note that one of Y Combinator’s key components is the problem (above) and solution (below) slides.

Y Combinator Pitch Deck

Explaining how your startup is going to solve a pain point is a vital part of any slide deck. According to Y Combinator , startups should use the problem slide to show the problem your business solves, and how this problem currently affects businesses and/or people. Additionally, if you’re starting a new startup, forming an LLC could be a great choice to launch your business in the right direction.

Without that information, investors are going to be left with more questions than answers.

Blue Investor Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

The solution slide should show the real-world benefits of your product/service. I recommend using data visualization to show traction, like the chart above, with a couple of notes for context.

To ensure your problem and solutions slides are easily understood, use a similar layout for both, as shown below.

Investor Pitch Deck Template

This will help the audience quickly recall the main problem you want to solve, and connect it to your solution (even if the slides are separated by a few other points or ideas).

9. Front pitch deck

Front Startup Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise ? $10M in Series A funding

Key takeaway : Use a simple flowchart to visualize a problem your product/service solves.

Not everyone is going to be able to explain their problem and solution as succinctly as the previous examples. Some will need to take a unique approach to get their point across.

That’s why I want to highlight how Front masterfully communicated the problem to be solved. They likely realized it would be a lot easier (and cleaner) to create a flow chart that visualizes the problem instead of text. (Did I mention you can make your own flowcharts with Venngage?)

Also, I really like how they distilled each down to a single phrase. That approach, combined with the visuals, will help it stick in investors’ minds as one of the best pitch decks.

Here’s another example pitch deck that uses a chart to convey their problem/solution:

Simple Marketing Pitch Deck Template

It splits the competition slide right down the middle to illustrate the differences. It also shows exactly how the processes differ between the two entities using mini flowcharts.

Helping the audience make the right conclusions about your company should be an important part of your pitch deck strategy. Without saying a word, the visual choices you make can greatly impact your message.

Colorful Creative Presentation - Best Pitch Deck Examples

10. Crema pitch deck

Investor Pitch Deck Example

How much did they raise? $175K in seed funding .

Key takeaway : Choose background images carefully — making sure they have a similar color palette.

The best pitch decks keep things consistent, mainly because there are so many moving parts in any presentation. You want each of your slides to feel like they’re connected by a singular feeling or theme. An out-of-place presentation background image can throw that off.

Keeping things consistent when you use a solid background color or pattern isn’t hard. But things can get tricky if you want to use different photos for your backgrounds.

However, if you pick presentation background images that have a similar color palette, you’ll be fine. Check out the images Crema used in their startup pitch deck below:

Startup Best Pitch Deck Example

If you’re struggling to find exactly the same colored photos, you can use a color filter to make things more uniform.

11. WeWork pitch deck

WeWork Pitch Deck - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $6.9M in seed funding in 2011, says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Put your metrics on display.

The behemoths at WeWork still have one of the best software pitch decks, despite recent troubles (layoffs, and a valuation that dropped from $47 billion to $2.9 billion).

In fact, this investor pitch deck actually helped them raise money at a $5 billion valuation.

My favorite thing from this is how their key metrics are on the second slide. They waste no time getting down to business!

Minimalist White WeWork Pitch Deck Example

A lot of the time brands hide these metrics at the end of their presentation, but WeWork made sure to put it front and center in their slide deck.

This approach puts the audience in a positive state of mind, helping them be more receptive to the pitch.

12. Crew (Dribble) pitch deck

How much did they raise? $2M in seed funding

Key takeaway : Start your presentation with a simple statement to set the tone.

Sometimes you have to set the mood of the room before you jump into your slide deck. A simple way to do this is by adding a powerful statement or famous quote at the beginning of your slides.

This may sound cliche, but the creatives over at Crew (now Dribbble ) used this approach well in their pitch presentation.

Crew Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

By claiming that every business is an online business, they instantly change the way that people think about the business sector.

Additionally, the designers used this straightforward statement to set up the rest of the presentation. In the next few slides, the potential market is explained. Without the statement, I don’t think these numbers would be as impactful.

Let’s take a look at the graphs and charts the Dribble team used in their slide deck. In the below business pitch example, you can see that the line charts use the same color palette, size, and typography.

Crew Startup - Simple Pitch Deck Examples

One of my favorite tips from my presentation ideas roundup article states you should never make the audience do the math.

You can also use this mantra when you’re adding data visualizations to your slides. Make each slide extra easy to consume, as well as, easy to compare to other visualizations.

Below the pie charts use the exact same color palette, size, and typography as well:

Crew Startup Pitch Deck

If the designers would have used a different example, the audience would be distracted trying to decipher the information.

But consistent design across multiple visualizations will ensure your audience can make comparisons that lead to the right conclusions.

Pro Tip: You can use a comparison infographic to summarize key points you’re comparing.

13. Aspire Food Group pitch deck

How much did they raise? $1M from the Hult Prize in 2013 to scale their project.

Key takeaway : Simple graphics clearly illustrate the problem (food security), the size of the market and Aspire’s unique farming project (spoiler alert: it’s insects).

Nonprofits pitching donors or social enterprises pitching for funding have a slightly different challenge than other organizations. They need to present a unique solution and  make an emotional connection to their audience.

Aspire’s simple pitch deck graphics allow investors to grasp their unique business idea at a glance. Plus, by introducing the audience to one of their customers and describing how insect farming has impacted her food budget, the concept is made relatable to many.

Another simple design hack is to choose a unique background for your nonprofit or social enterprise pick deck. Take this sample pitch deck template:

Minimalist White Pitch Deck Example - Best Pitch Decks

There are millions of stock photos out there for you to pick from, so finding one that will work shouldn’t be too hard.

However, when you’re picking your presentation background images , it’s important to make sure it matches your message or brand.

Minimalist Business Pitch Deck Example

In the above example, the pitch deck’s slightly crumpled paper background fits an eco-friendly startup well.   Especially because eco-friendly living and minimalism share similar tenants.

Sponsorship Pitch Deck Template

Another great example is this sponsorship pitch deck above. It elevates the message by opting for a simplistic background choice.

With a beautiful yet minimalistic slide deck like this, who wouldn’t want to donate?

Nonprofit Pitch Deck Template

Most of the time your pitch deck background images are supposed to be used in a supporting role. However, you can also design your presentation around the background images to create some of the best pitch decks out there.

As you can see in this pitch deck template, we added written content to the white space in each of the stock photos:

Bold Marketing Pitch Deck Template

Plus no one can really copy your pitch deck layout, so you will instantly stand out from other companies.

Marketing Tech Presentation Pitch Deck Example

Be sure to pick photos that share the same color palette and theme. Otherwise, the benefits of using these presentation backgrounds will be lost.

14. Mattermark pitch deck

Mattermark Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? A total of $17.2M so far, says Crunchbase .

Key takeaway : Use screenshots in your pitch deck to show the problem you’re solving.

Highlighting digital problems is tough when you have limited space and time…like when you’re pitching your new digital product to a room full of investors.

That’s why some of the best pitch decks include screenshots of the problem being solved.

As you can see above, the people from Mattermark used screenshots to show how unorganized SAAS reporting was. At that time it was spread over a ton of different sites, with different reporting standards and values.

It would be difficult to sell an investor on their product just by talking about the market. Mainly because not a lot of people have experience in that specific niche.

But with a handful of screenshots, they were able to highlight the product potential almost instantly.

In terms of design, the team at Mattermark stuck to the rule of three (see slide below). This rule will help you keep your team from overwhelming the audience with a flood of stats or figures.

Simple Modern Business Pitch Deck Example

They also decided to make these figures easier to consume by highlighting them in different colors

Compared to a boring list of figures, it’s a lot easier to remember three distinct colored numbers. Plus because the background colors darken as they go, it naturally guides the reader’s eyes down the slide.

15. Dwolla pitch deck

Dwolla Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $12M in funding as of 2018.

Key takeaway : Give the reason your company was founded in one quick sentence.

In many of our own presentations, we talk about how Venngage started from humble beginnings before undergoing tremendous growth in just a few years.

That’s because people love origin stories — they help your audience connect with your brand and appreciate all the work put into it.

Take a look at the pitch deck slide from Dwolla above. In a single sentence, they outline their reason for doing business, and what they hope to solve.

Dwolla Minimalist Pitch Deck Example

Just be sure to talk about your company founding in the first few slides of your pitch. Otherwise, it won’t have the same impact.

On another note, as a design company, we always love to see people create great visualizations in their pitch decks — particularly when these visuals communicate key information well….like when it comes to your ideal users!

I have seen a lot of brands just talk about their users, but I recommend creating visual user personas instead. Our persona guides can help you with this!

Dwolla Business Pitch Deck Examples

As you can see above, Dwolla visualized their user personas for each use case.

These visual user personas allow audiences to put a “real” face to your user base. And if you have many ideal users (like Dwolla), it helps keep each group organized.

16. Kickfolio (App.io) pitch deck 

Kickfolio Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $1M in seed funding.

Key takeaway : Go for huge graphs! The bigger, the better.

Be proud of your brand’s growth and metrics in your slide deck.

You worked hard to grow a company from nothing, and that’s a big achievement! So why would you want to make that growth hard to see?

However, I’ve seen a lot of people inadvertently hide their key metrics by using small graphs or charts.

Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

The only solution to this problem is…get bigger with your graphs! And I mean huge, like the ones App.io deployed in the pitch deck above. Their graph is so large and imposing, every audience member could see it clearly.

Venngage’s  graph maker can help you do this for your own pitch decks too.

17. Yalochat pitch deck

Yalo Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $15M in Series B funding, says TechCrunch.

Key takeaway : Use icons as illustrations to add instant context.

Icons have been making a comeback in the design world over the past few years. According to recent reports on graphic design trends , they’ll continue to be popular.

Simple Modern Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

This presentation from Yalochat is one of the best examples of how to use illustrated icons correctly.

Each icon perfectly illustrates the point being made on each slide, giving instant context. They will definitely catch the eyes of any audience member.

Just remember to follow their lead and  use consistently designed icons !

18. Brex pitch deck

Brex Pitch Deck

How much did they raise? $1.5 billion to date.

Key takeaway : Include a single slide about your team and highlight what makes them truly exceptional.

Another important part of your story is the people who helped you build your company. These people are the lifeblood of your brand, and what helps it stand out from the competitors.

Corporate card startup Brex does this well by using team member photos, and including their titles and company affiliations to build credibility. You can download the Brex slides for free, thanks to Business Insider .

Let’s tale a look at a sample pitch deck that employs a similar philosophy.

Modern Business Presentation - Best Startup Pitch Deck Template

I’m guessing you already planned on adding something similar to your pitch deck. Again, I would recommend using only a single team slide like they did.

You can use a team photo if you want to talk about the whole team, or add an organizational chart instead. Alternatively, like Brex, you can highlight the most important individuals, like this business pitch example:

Creative Business Presentation - Best Startup Pitch Deck Template

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to talk about your team on a team slide, and highlight the people who make your company truly great.

Read More:  12+ Organizational Chart Examples and Templates

19. Purple Go pitch deck

Purple Go Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? Undisclosed.

Key takeaway : Use a contrasting hue to draw your audience’s attention to key information.

Color isn’t just about making your designs look good — it can also draw your audience’s attention to important information.

Minimalist Modern Tech Pitch Deck Example

For example, take a look at this simple pitch deck from Purple Go . They contrast deep purple with white to help certain sentences pop.

This is a simple way to make your slides have a lot of impact; pick colors that contrast boldly with each other.

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20. Mint pitch deck

How much did they raise? $31M to date, according to Mint.

Key takeaway : Add visual cues, such as illustrations and icons, to help explain your brand to investors.

I’m guessing your pitch deck is already going to touch on how you stand out from the competition. But just listing a few things that set you apart may not be enough on your slide deck!

You may need to add some visual cues to help the audience out.

We decided to redesign Mint’s original deck for a contemporary take on this.

Mint Simple Creative Pitch Deck Template

In this minimalist pitch deck template, our designers used visuals to make the main company stand out even more. And best of all, it doesn’t distract from the minimalist theme.

This simple addition to your slides will help your information jump off the page, providing a rewarding visual break from related companies.

21. Park Evergreen (Plot) pitch deck

How much did they raise? $400k in seed funding.

Key takeaway : Give each metric its own slide.

Generally, slide decks are full of important metrics that you’re supposed to remember. But not all of those numbers are presented in a way that would make them easy to.

Some are hidden in long paragraphs, while others are smashed together with less important findings.

Modern Creative Tech Startup Pitch Deck Example

That’s why I’m a huge fan of how Park Evergreen (now called Plot ) included important numbers in this slide deck. As you can see below, each metric is given its own slide:

With this approach, the audience members place their full attention on that number. And they’ll be able to recall the information a lot quicker.

It may look overly simple to some, but the best pitch decks use this tactic a lot.

22. Hampton Creek (Eat Just) pitch deck

Black Minimalist Business Tech Pitch Deck Example

How much did they raise? $1.5M in Series A.

Key takeaway : Create a minimalist title slide to build anticipation for your presentation.

You probably know that presentations don’t always run as smoothly as planned. With long breaks and technical problems, the time between presentations can end up running rather long.

Translation: you might spend more time looking at the title slide than the actual presentation itself.

So if you really want to build some anticipation for your pitch, create a minimalist (some might even say, mysterious) title slide. As you can see, the team at Eat Just (once known as Hampton Creek) did just that.

Hampton Creek Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

The lack of information makes spectators want to learn more about your brand, effortlessly engaging them.

The only negative is that no one is going to know the name of your company — yet.

23. Sickweather pitch deck

Sickweather Tech Startup - Best Pitch Deck Examples

How much did they raise? $2.6M to date, according to Crunchbase.

Key takeaway : Pull out the main metrics from your graphs and charts to make your slide a snap to understand.

Remember when I said: “Don’t make your audience do the math”?

Yeah. That’s because people hate doing math — so you never want to make investors try to calculate your data themselves. Especially when dealing with millions of dollars, tiny percent changes or other complicated numbers.

Out of all the tips in this article, this one might be the most important. Mainly because forgetting this idea all but guarantees your failure.

That’s why I recommend you “do the math” on every slide where you include a graph or chart — like how Sickweather did above.

By pulling out the main growth metrics from the graph, they made this slide a lot more consumable, and showed the audience exactly what they should pay attention to.

24. Dutchie pitch deck

How much did they raise? $35M in 2020, according to TechCrunch .

Key takeaway : Set the tone by putting your most impressive stat(s) in the introduction.

Dutchie, an all-in-one technology platform for eCommerce, POS and payments, wastes no time coming out the gates with one impressive insight: “10% of all legal cannabis in the world” is purchased through their product.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty tantalizing.

So it makes perfect sense they would pull it out from their market share figures and feature it in their introduction. By doing so, investors get an idea how successful and established Dutchie is right off the bat.

25. Studysmarter pitch deck

How much did they raise?  $15M according to TechCrunch .

Key takeaway : Illustrate your vision over several slides.

Rather than dedicate one slide to their vision for the company, digital learning company Studysmarter continuously brings up how their product will be understood in the future — as “the world’s central hub” for “lifelong” learning, becoming the “largest learning platform in Europe” by 2021.

While this visionary sentiment is not new to the pitch deck industry, it makes sense Studysmarter would want to focus much of their presentation slide deck on this idea: the idea of an unlimited target market and use cases.

Design wise, their illustrations are consistent, using visuals to illustrate their message and various target demographics.

These graphics build off the sleek, modern interface Studysmarter’s brand image invokes. It also illustrates what they want investors to envision for the future of the brand.

26. Clearbanc (Clearco) Pitch Deck

Clearco pitch deck example

How much did they raise? $70M in series A funding, according to TechCrunch.

Key takeaway : Use flow charts to communicate complicated processes.

As a company that offers startups “growth capital for the new economy” through non-dilutive revenue-share agreements, Clearco (previously known as Clearbanc) wins big by communicating how the process works in less than a slide’s time.

That’s right: the company uses a flowchart .

For complicated business processes that would normally take several slides of text to communicate, a flowchart is a smart way to visualize a process while saving space and keeping your audience engaged.

Particularly for a company like Clearco, this is key for getting investors up to speed. Then you can move on to the other facts and figures they’ll surely want to hear.

27. Foursquare Pitch Deck

Foursquare pitch deck example

Key takeaway : Show how the end-product looks in your presentation.

Okay look, I get it. This slide deck from 2009 is certainly behind on times when it comes to design tips in this current day and age…

BUT take it back to more than a decade ago, and you’ll see why Foursquare’s pitch deck won big with investors.

As one of the first businesses to employ gamification, the company lets this selling proposition shine by using an iPhone graphic to show how the app’s points and badges look to the end-user. These visuals communicate the appeal by showcasing exactly how consumers will interact with, and understand, the product.

In essence, it takes the guesswork out of their pitch.

So while the text-heavy aspect of this sample pitch deck isn’t exactly ideal, their use of visuals can teach us a lesson.

28. TalentBase pitch deck

How much did they raise?   $330K to date.

Key takeaway : Let the numbers do the talking.

Rather than take up a ton of slide space in this pitch deck example, TalentBase, an affordable payroll solution , focused their real estate on the real deal-closers: the numbers.

While this won’t work for every business, as you may need to add more slides to truly explain the environment your organization exists in and your processes, TalentBase uses their positioning to drive forward a captivating narrative.

And this narrative utilizes only numbers to connect the dots in the mind of potential investors about the value TalentBase offers, in terms of market capture.

29. Peloton pitch deck

Key takeaway : Discuss both the tangible and intangible benefits your product offers.

In 2018, back before the real pandemic hey-day of this tech unicorn, Peloton dazzled in a funding round and managed to capture in $550M funding.

Part of this can be attributed to Peloton’s emphasis on the benefits it brings customers.

Across multiple slides, the exercise equipment and media company highlights how customers’ lives are improved in various emotional and functional ways. Since this connection lays the groundwork for long-term B2C relationships, investors can immediately identify the value encompassed by this modern fitness tool.

Looking to try something similar? Check out the below Peloton sample pitch deck, reimagined by our Venngage design team.

Peleton sample pitch deck - Venngage


30. Ledgy pitch deck

Ledgy pitch deck example

How much did they raise? $ 10M in September 2021.

Key takeaway : Cut down on space with text and graphics that follow a clear logical narrative.

In just seven slides, the equity management and investor relations platform, Ledgy, was able to convince their audience that their product was worth investing in.

By putting their mission first, and following it up with engaging visuals, the company tells a story despite using minimal text.

Yoko Spirig, CEO and co-founder of Ledgy, echoed this sentiment in an interview : “Starting with the ‘why’ lets you build the business case for the product, and create a logical narrative that investors can follow.”

That’s why, design-wise, this is one of the cleanest pitch deck examples in the bunch. It’s one of the shortest too.

I also appreciate how their brand colors are used in conjunction with white to keep everything consistent (something that Venngage’s automated branding feature My Brand Kit can help you out with).

A pitch deck and a business plan serve different purposes in the world of entrepreneurship, each playing a crucial role in showcasing and strategizing a business venture. The main distinction lies in their format, level of detail and intended audience.

Pitch decks typically consists of a series of carefully crafted slides, highlighting key aspects of the business such as the value proposition, target market, revenue model, competitive advantage and team expertise.

The goal is to pique interest, generate excitement and secure further engagement or funding opportunities. A pitch deck emphasizes storytelling, persuasive visuals, and concise messaging to create an impactful impression.

On the other hand, a business plan is a comprehensive and detailed document that provides an in-depth roadmap for the entire business venture. It outlines the company’s mission, vision, goals, market analysis, marketing strategies, operational details, financial projections and risk assessment.

A business plan serves as a strategic blueprint, guiding the entrepreneur and internal stakeholders in executing the business idea effectively. It tends to be more exhaustive, often spanning several pages or even chapters, and is typically presented in a written format.

What makes a good pitch deck?

Congrats — you made it to the end of this rather long article! But I think we covered a ton of great pitch deck examples and tips that can help you create the best pitch deck for your business.

To summarize, some of my favorite pitch deck design tips include:

  • Adding icon headers to your most important insights
  • Use similar charts and graphs for easy comparisons across slides
  • For longer pitch decks, switch up the slide layouts
  • Pick a consistent theme for your presentation background images
  • Don’t just list your ideal users, create visual personas
  • Use a timeline to show how your company has grown
  • Always do the math for your audience

What should a pitch deck contain?

A well-crafted pitch deck should contain key information that effectively communicates your business concept, value proposition, and growth potential. While the specific content may vary depending on your industry and target audience, here are the essential elements that a pitch deck should typically include:

  • Problem statement
  • Market opportunity
  • Business model
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Team members
  • Financial projections
  • Milestones and timeline
  • Investment opportunity

Not a graphic designer? No sweat — creating your own pitch deck is a breeze using Venngage’s Presentation Maker . (We’ll go over the basics here; for a more in-depth look, check out this article .)

Step 1: Sign up on Venngage for free using your email, Gmail or Facebook account. If you already have an account, log in to access the platform.

Step 2: Browse through our selection of professionally designed pitch deck templates and select one that suits your needs and preferences.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected a template, start customizing it to match your branding and content. Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily modify every aspect of the template, including colors, fonts, images and layout. Replace the placeholder text with your own content, such as your company information, product or service details, market analysis and financial projections.

Note: there are hundreds of templates available that you can design and share for free. If you want to access certain designs, take advantage of in-editor features like My Brand Kit/Team collaboration .

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can download it in various formats such as PDF or PNG. Alternatively, you can use also Venngage’s sharing options to present your pitch deck directly from the platform or share it with others via a generated link.

To leave a lasting impression on your audience, consider transforming your slides into an interactive presentation. Here are 15  interactive presentation ideas  to enhance interactivity and engagement.

Now that you know how to create the best pitch decks to communicate your ideas, present your startup or raise venture capital, take action and start designing your own pitch deck today!

And if you want to learn more, there are a ton of other presentation design resources you can take a look at next:

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Help people improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health with these wellness and retreat slides, perfect as a Google Slides... Read more

Pink and Brown Geometric Modern Personal Training Business Presentation - slide 0

Pink and Brown Geometric Modern Personal Training Business Presentation

Help your clients crush their fitness goals and keep track of their success with this creative personal training plan, easy... Read more

investor presentation template

Deep Blue and Grey Tech Newsletter Presentation

Blaze through your updates with this tech newsletter, easy to use as a Google Slides template, PowerPoint theme or Canva... Read more

investor presentation template

Blue and White Professional Company Newsletter

Build connection and community with this professional company newsletter, perfect as a Google Slides template, PowerPoint theme or Canva template.... Read more

investor presentation template

Green and Grey Clean Digital Company Newsletter

Show how far you’ve come, and where you’re going next, with this digital company newsletter, perfect as a Google Slides... Read more

investor presentation template

Green and White Minimal Geometric Newsletter Presentation

Looking for a new angle? Show off all your best sides with this geometric email newsletter, easy to use as... Read more

investor presentation template

Blue and Gold Minimalistic Newsletter Presentation

Tired of all the extra fluff out there? Get straight to the point with this minimalistic newsletter, easy to use... Read more

investor presentation template

Black And White Minimal Architecture Portfolio Presentation

Professional meets personal with this versatile architecture portfolio, easy to use as a Google Slides template, PowerPoint theme or Canva... Read more

investor presentation template

Company Timeline

hare your company’s journey with a company timeline, easy to use as a Google Slides template, PowerPoint theme, or Canva... Read more

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Home PowerPoint Templates Investor

Investor PowerPoint Templates

Download creative investor PowerPoint templates and slide designs that you can use to create presentations for demo days, VCs and investor pitch PowerPoint presentations.

investor presentation template

Fundraising Goal Calendar PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Editable Fundraising Thermometer Template for PowerPoint

investor presentation template

ESBI Model PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Lean Investors Pitch Deck

investor presentation template

Sequoia Capital PowerPoint Pitch Deck

investor presentation template

Fear & Greed Index Gauge PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Beat the Market PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Investors Pitch Incubator PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Car Sharing Business PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Value Risk Tradeoff Chart PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Creative Elevator Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

investor presentation template

Meet the Team PowerPoint Template Slides

Download unlimited content, our annual unlimited plan let you download unlimited content from slidemodel. save hours of manual work and use awesome slide designs in your next presentation..

investor presentation template


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  2. Investment PowerPoint Template

    investor presentation template

  3. Investor Presentation template on Behance

    investor presentation template

  4. Investor Presentation template by Alex on Dribbble

    investor presentation template

  5. 10 Best Elevator Pitch Templates For PowerPoint

    investor presentation template

  6. 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Investor Presentation

    investor presentation template


  1. VRPX Investor Presentation 11.20.2023



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  7. Investment Business Plan presentation template

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  14. Investor PowerPoint Templates

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