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Healthcare Consulting Case Interview: 4 Tips on How to Ace It

  • Last Updated May, 2023

Ready to dive into the world of healthcare, pharma, and biotech consulting? If you’re looking for a career that has a real impact on people’s lives, you’re in the right place! But before you can land that dream job, you’ll need to navigate the healthcare consulting case interview. 

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • How to succeed at a healthcare consulting case interview
  • A healthcare consulting case interview example
  • 4 tips on acing your healthcare case interview

Let’s get started!

What You Need To Know To Ace a Healthcare Consulting Case Interview

A healthcare consulting case study interview example, 4 tips on acing your healthcare consulting case interview.

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Healthcare consulting is a specialized area of the consulting industry that provides expert advice to help healthcare organizations. It’s also called life sciences, biotech, or pharma consulting.

Healthcare is a complex industry with many different sub-sectors of specialization:

  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology firms produce life-saving drugs, vaccines, and other products that help people recover from illness and injury.
  • Healthcare providers include many professionals who administer healthcare services, including doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and nurses. It also includes the settings in which care is provided, such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.
  • Healthcare payers are health insurance companies and government entities that pay for healthcare services and care. They focus on processing patient eligibility, enrollment, claims, and reimbursement.
  • Medical device companies create a range of products, from surgical tools to imaging equipment, that help diagnose and treat illnesses. 

From navigating the regulatory landscape to managing complex stakeholder relationships, healthcare consultants must be well-versed in the industry’s intricacies. 

You don’t need to become a walking encyclopedia of healthcare knowledge to land a job in healthcare consulting. Just ensure you have a solid understanding of the basics and can speak intelligently about them during your interview.

To do well on a healthcare consulting case interview, we recommend using the same structured approach as for other types of case interviews. There are 4 parts to this approach:

  • Opening – Understand the client’s problem and ask clarifying questions.
  • Structure – Identify the key issues underlying the client’s problem and organize them in a structured way. 
  • Analysis – Use a hypothesis-driven approach to gather data and evaluate options.
  • Conclusion – Present your recommendation. 

Our Comprehensive Guide on Case Interview Prep goes through each step in more detail.

Let’s walk through a healthcare case interview. Try answering each section of the case on your own to practice!

Client’s Problem

Interviewer : Our client is a large health insurance company, HealthyCo. They currently serve 5 million members across the U.S. They’re considering launching a new disease management program for one disease to offer more effective care to their members. The program involves hiring and training a team of specialized health coaches to manage members with a specific condition, such as heart disease.

Each health coach will handle a portfolio of members, providing the necessary support to help them manage their disease, such as reminders to take drugs or diet suggestions. Studies suggest that health spending can be reduced by 5% by staying in touch with members every month.

HealthyCo has asked us to recommend if they should go ahead with the program and outline the necessary steps to make it a success.

Step 1: Opening

First, restate the client’s problem to the interviewer to confirm your understanding. This is also an opportunity to check your knowledge of the healthcare sub-sector, stakeholders, and context. 

Pretend you’re the candidate and think about how you’d approach this before reading on.

Candidate : HealthyCo is considering launching a preventative program. My understanding is that healthcare payors, like HealthyCo, are responsible for underwriting insurance policies, assessing risk, assigning premiums, and managing financial aspects of health insurance coverage. 

HealthyCo’s goal is to analyze the feasibility of the disease management program. As an insurance provider, this preventative program will help their financial goals of lowering their costs while improving patient health. They also want a plan on how they can ensure it is successful. 

Is this understanding correct?

Interviewer : That is right. The program is part of HealthyCo’s strategic question of whether or not they should focus on preventative care.

Candidate : Before we dive in, I want to better understand:

  • What are the responsibilities and limitations of the health coaches in the program?
  • How many members can each health coach contact monthly, and what are the associated costs?
  • Are there any limitations or constraints on resources or funding?

Interviewer : Let me provide some additional context:

  • The health coaches will conduct all activities remotely via phone and email. They will typically be registered nurses who prefer to work from home. 
  • Each coach can only contact 8 members per day. They’ll work 25 days per month. 
  • The annual costs per coach include a salary of $60,000 and an additional 15% for training, benefits, laptops, and other expenses. There are no other program costs.

Step 2: Structure

Consider the information you’ve received and take a moment to formulate a hypothesis on how our client can understand the profitability and impact of the disease management program. A well-structured approach would involve identifying 3 to 4 key topics, each with their respective sub-issues to examine thoroughly.

Try writing a hypothesis yourself before reading further!

Candidate : We need to understand the economics of a disease management program and what potential risks should be considered.

I hypothesize that the best focus for the disease management program would be a specific demographic or type of disease that would yield 1) substantial improvement in patient health and 2) high healthcare cost savings. I’d consider common diseases, particularly those that affect older people.

The candidate is making an educated hypothesis and knows that the interviewer will need to provide more data to do the calculations.

To validate this hypothesis, identify the key issues you’d need to understand to determine the best disease to use health coaches for and the economics of the health coach program. Since you want to demonstrate you can problem-solve in a structured and analytical way, ask for a minute to outline your thoughts.

Candidate : I’d like to walk through how I’d approach our client’s problem. Here are a few areas of questions that would inform our work. 

1. Member Considerations

  • What are the different types of member segments and disease types?
  • What is the future trajectory for each disease (e.g., is the type of disease trending downwards or upwards)?
  • Is there a demonstrated demand for the program?
  • What are the alternative programs or solutions currently available to members?

2. Program Savings

  • How would implementing a preventative program impact the healthcare costs of each disease or age group?

3. Program Costs

  • What are the costs of using health coaches for each disease or age group?
  • What specific costs are associated with program implementation, including salary, training, benefits, and other expenses?

4. Internal Resources

  • What resources would be required to implement the program?
  • Would the health coaches be new hires or existing personnel allocated to the new program?

5. Risks and Considerations

  • What potential regulatory and liability risks should be identified and addressed to ensure success?
  • Are there other stakeholders who would be negatively impacted by this program?
  • What potential responses could be expected from competitors, and how might that impact the program’s success?

Don’t worry if you didn’t capture as much detail in your issue tree! The important thing is demonstrating that you can structure your thoughts and break down complex problems.

Step 3: Analysis

The interviewer will show you some exhibits with quantitative data. This tests your ability to synthesize information, do mental math, and summarize your insights.

Interviewer : One of your key questions was about understanding what groups of members the client serves. 

HealthyCo categorizes its members into 3 main groups: group members, which are employer-sponsored plans, individual members under 65, and individual members over age 65.

Our client knows that preventative programs work best for individual members over 65, so we will focus our analysis on this group.

What can we infer from this data?

Before reading the candidate’s response, take a moment to consider what analysis or insights you could draw from the exhibits.

Candidate : Thank you for sharing this data. I need a moment to digest it.

About 65% of HealthyCo’s members are group members. These members are typically healthier than the other member groups because they are younger, working professionals. I do not believe this would be the best group to target for the disease management program because their healthcare costs are low.

I believe the ideal focus for the preventative program would be the over age 65 segment. This is because these older members are generally the sickest, which means they are more likely to drive higher costs and would be ripe candidates for the program. 

Additionally, focusing on diabetics, assuming all are Type 2, would be a strategic choice as this disease affects 40% of the 65+ age segment.

To confirm this current thinking, I’d like to calculate how many members HealthyCo has who are 65+ and diabetic. Next, I would want to understand the costs of providing this program.

Interviewer : You are headed in the right direction. How would we calculate the number of members in that group? 

Candidate : We know HealthyCo currently has 5 million members. From the exhibit, 20% of members are in the over 65 age segment, and 40% of members in that group have diabetes. Therefore, I would multiply those numbers to arrive at the number of diabetic members over the age of 65. 

Number of diabetic members over 65

= 5 million members x 20% of total members x 40% that are diabetic 

There are 400,000 HealthyCo members that we can target for the disease management program.

Next, we’d want to understand the program costs and savings to determine whether this program will pay for itself. Do you have any data on this?

Interviewer : Our client has told us that their current average monthly cost for anyone 65+ is $300 per member, but for people with diabetes, it’s 4x as much.

Candidate : That is helpful to know. We can use that data with the health coach information previously given to estimate the program savings.

I’ll summarize what we know to calculate the cost per coach, the number of members each coach can handle, and the total potential savings:

  • The annual costs per health coach include a salary of $60,000 and an additional 15% for training, benefits, laptops, and other expenses. 
  • Each coach can only handle 8 members per day. They work 25 days per month. 
  • The disease management program can reduce health costs by 5%.
  • 400,000 HealthyCo members have diabetes and are over 65.
  • For people over age 65 with diabetes, the monthly cost per member is $300 x 4. 

My calculations are:

What is the cost per coach?

= $60,000 base salary x (1 + 15% in other costs)

= $69,000 in cost per coach

How many members can each coach handle?

= 8 members per day x 25 days per month

= 200 members per month

How many coaches do we need to serve the diabetic members over 65?

= 400,000 diabetic members over 65 / 200 members per coach 

= 2000 coaches

What is the cost for all coaches?

= $69,000 in cost per coach * 2000 coaches

= $138,000,000 in cost for all coaches

What are the potential health spending savings per member per month?

= $300 average cost per 65+ member x 4 diabetic factor x 5% average program savings

= $60 per diabetic member over 65 per month

What are the total health spending savings in a year?

= $60 per diabetic member over 65 per month x 400,000 diabetic members over 65 x 12 months per year 

= $288,000,000 health spending savings per year

However, we need to subtract the costs of coaches to understand the true cost impact. 

What is the overall cost of the health coach program per year?

= $288,000,000 health spending savings per year – $138,000,000 in cost for all coaches

= $150,000,000 annual savings

Therefore the program would save HealthyCo $150,000,000 per year in health spending costs on diabetic members over 65 while improving their health. If the program goes well, we could likely roll out health coaches to other disease areas with similar results. 

Interviewer : Are there other opportunities HealthyCo can explore?

The interviewer wants to test if you can brainstorm under pressure. You can ask for a few seconds to gather your thoughts. Remember to present your ideas in a structured approach rather than listing all the things that come to mind. This is also an opportunity to showcase any healthcare industry knowledge.

Candidate : I would want to explore 3 areas:

1. Other diseases which could benefit from health coaches

  • If we can prove a program for diabetics over age 65 works, can a similar program be provided to diabetics in the individual or group category?
  • Could we roll our healthcare coaches to manage other diseases prevalent among our over 65 members?

2. Resource constraints

  • Is it realistic to train or hire 2000 coaches? How long would this process take?
  • Who will manage the program?

3. Regulatory implications

  • Are there any regulatory challenges to address, such as the legal implications of offering a preventative program?

Step 4: Conclusion

The best recommendations go beyond “the answer” using the 5R’s Approach: 

  • Recap the problem
  • Recommend the solution
  • Give your reasons and analysis
  • Address potential risks
  • Retain the client by outlining the next steps your team would work on to achieve the client’s goals.

Before you read the answer, give it a try using the 5R’s approach. 

Interviewer : What would you recommend to HealthyCo?

Candidate : HealthyCo wants to know if they should launch the coaching program for disease management.

I recommend that they launch the Health Coaching program, with an initial focus on members who have diabetes and are over age 65. HealthyCo can potentially save $150M by launching this program and positively impact the health of many older patients. The program will help the company save more than the coaches’ costs and has the potential to scale to other age and disease groups.

A risk is the difficulty in hiring, training, and managing 2000 coaches. To mitigate this, HealthyCo could dedicate an experienced program manager to lead the initiative.

The next step would be to launch a pilot program to validate assumptions, such as the projected 5% cost reduction and coach capacity. HealthyCo could test a smaller group of coaches in one state. 

1. Understand the Unique Dynamics in Healthcare

Familiarize yourself with the regulatory environment, reimbursement models, stakeholder dynamics, and other nuances to demonstrate your industry knowledge.

2. Demonstrate Your Interest in Healthcare

Mention any relevant experience or courses, such as internships or healthcare-specific education. Even in a case interview, the interviewer will likely start with a behavioral question to get to know you as a candidate.

3. Use a Structured Breakdown of Key Issues

Consulting firms don’t expect you to know the answers to cases off the top of your head. They’re evaluating your approach to problem-solving. 

You can use an Issue Tree , a consulting tool, and a visual diagram that breaks down a larger problem or question into several smaller questions. 

4. Learn About Healthcare Consulting Firms

Get to know the firm you want to interview with. Does the firm specialize in a particular niche in healthcare? What kind of healthcare topics align with your interests?

Check out our List of Life Sciences Consulting Firms to create a list of consulting firms to apply to.

Nail the case & fit interview with strategies from former MBB Interviewers that have helped 89.6% of our clients pass the case interview.

– – – – – – –

In this article, we’ve covered:

  • Essential knowledge for excelling in a healthcare consulting case interview
  • A real-world healthcare consulting case study interview example
  • Top 4 tips to excel in your healthcare case interview

Still have questions?

If you have more questions about the healthcare consulting case interviews, leave them in the comments below. one of my consulting offer’s case coaches will answer them..

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  • Future State Vision – A definition of the desired business outcomes 5-10 years in the future and the associated business capabilities required to achieve those outcomes.
  • IT Strategic Plan – A multi-year roadmap that identified sequenced technology development pathways that, upon completion, would support the business’ realization of its future state vision.
  • IT Investment Planning Methodology – The annual strategic evaluation process used to assess the merits of competing technical solutions within the context of the larger IT Strategic Plan.
  • Performance Monitoring Capability – The deployment of a monthly dashboard that allowed leadership to measure incremental progress in achieving the desired outcomes of the IT strategic plan.
  • Strategy – Visioning and future state design
  • Business Case – Cost/benefit modeling and securing of necessary resources and funds
  • Operational Design – Development of standard operational model, creation of physician pools, identification of in-scope medical conditions, development of call center and web channel content and scripts
  • Technology Solutioning – Technical architecture, vendor assessment and negotiation
  • Solution Deployment and Support – Creation of a deployment “playbook” to facilitate consistent implementation and adoption of standard operational practices across all deployment sites
  • Post Deployment Advise – Strategy formulation and recommendations for service model refinement and expansion of scope of practice to include additional specialties
  • Vision – Redefined the operating model for the nursing staff by creating a point-of-care portal that identified prioritized cases and customized the care session based most recent clinical data and current level of patient activation.
  • Solution Requirements – In addition to defining the point-of-care portal, detailed requirements were also developed for complementary solution elements including biometric data collection, scheduling, alerts management, and knowledge management.
  • Operational Design – Streamlined the nurses’ processes by prioritizing appointments and delivering real-time clinical results to guide the care session. Also included more extensive motivational interviewing training to enable better patient engagement.
  • Technology Solutioning – Developed point-of-care portal, modified patient scheduling, and enhanced various legacy and third party interfaces.
  • Best Practices Review – A review of various plans’ claims review functions across several dimensions including organization and training, process management, pre- and post-payment review software, operating efficiency, and cost containment. Plan participation was secured by committing to share all survey results (de-identified) with participants.
  • Future State Vision – A definition of the desired claims review outcomes 3-5+ years in the future and the associated business capabilities required to achieve those outcomes.
  • Multi-Year Roadmap – A multi-year roadmap that identified sequenced enhancements to reviewer skills, software rules configuration and claims samples that, upon completion, would support the realization of its future state vision.
  • Organizational and Process Improvements – During the first year of implementation, more skilled code reviewers were added to the team, and work queues were modified to more quickly review and confirm savings while still meeting payment turnaround times.
  • Performance Monitoring Capability – The deployment of a monthly dashboard that allowed leadership to measure incremental progress in achieving the desired outcomes, primarily improved operational efficiency and claims cost containment.
  • Market Assessment – Segmentation and sizing, value proposition development, ROI analysis
  • Capabilities Assessment – Assessed existing ability to partner with and sell through broker community
  • Call Center Operations – Infrastructure design and sourcing, budgeting, staffing and training, marketing communications
  • Workflow Management – Process development, workflow management and image recognition technology, training and implementation
  • Market and Customer Assessment - Technology assessment, customer needs and buying behavior assessment
  • Product Strategy and Development – Product/services road mapping, ecosystem/business development opportunities assessment
  • Customer Experience – Current process/capabilities/culture assessment, lifecycle process mapping and process optimization across constituent groups, implementation and change management
  • Centralized Compliance Tracking System – System design, development and implementation.
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  • Regulatory Compliance Issue Remediation – Remediation process designed and deployed, including on-going operational management.

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Effective Strategies to Meet Your Needs

healthcare consulting case studies

Charles Dominick – Vice President

Charles is an Artesient Vice President with more than 20 years of management consulting and business experience. He has a history of guiding organizational change efforts in various project, program, and organization leadership roles across several industries with significant experience in healthcare and high-tech.

Charles’ strengths are in strategic planning, organizational redesign, large-scale program management, and telehealth solutions. Previously, Charles was an Executive with Kaiser Permanente and a Senior Manager with Deloitte Consulting. He received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and London Business School.

healthcare consulting case studies

Todd Walike – President

As President, Todd Walike leads Artesient’s business operations and is responsible for the development and management of the Firm’s client base, consulting practices, and operations. As a consultant, his bottom-line perspective for transformative solutions has contributed to his clients’ success with projects ranging in scale from department-specific initiatives to enterprise-wide programs.

A highly recognized leader, Todd brings a distinguished track record of more than 25 years of service to dozens of healthcare clients ranging from physician practices, hospitals and integrated delivery systems, to national health plans and disease management companies. Previously, Todd was a Partner with Deloitte Consulting and earned his MBA from USC.

healthcare consulting case studies

Ed Rogers – Director

Ed is a Director with Artesient and brings more than 25 years of experience across multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications. His clients typically require significant strategy, process and technology transformations and have drawn on his expertise in process redesign, package-based technology implementations, project/program management and key areas of health plan operations.

Ed has extensive experience in developing solutions for customer facing processes and back-office functions as well as guiding major process and system implementations. Prior to Artesient, Ed served as Director, Product Engineering at Blue Shield of California and was a Partner in the Technology Integration practice at Deloitte Consulting. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of San Francisco.

healthcare consulting case studies

KV Shenoy – Director

KV, a Director with Artesient, has more than 25 years of experience. He is a seasoned information technology professional with extensive program management experience leading teams of consultants in the areas of IT planning, management and delivery.

KV has led numerous projects for a range of clients including organizations within the healthcare, financial services, consumer products and high-tech industries. Prior to Artesient, KV was a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and a Manager at Hewlett Packard Professional Services. KV earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Madras in India.

Person in wheelchair talking to a healthcare worker

In the midst of digital transformation, healthcare organizations must work to unify fragmented systems, policies and processes to drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiencies. Simultaneously, they must prepare for industry shifts to improve their competitive position and employee and patient experiences, and to drive revenue.

IBM healthcare consultants with deep industry expertise and a comprehensive approach serve as experienced guides to help design and implement successful programs, from performance improvement and resource management to patient experience. A healthcare consulting team can help design a technology roadmap that addresses urgent needs and emerging requirements. Developing smart and flexible strategies for both technology and processes, we can help you exceed current expectations and experience true business transformation.

Engage with experienced healthcare consulting experts across a range of business needs.

Gain access to IBM's collaborative approach to help achieve your healthcare organization goals from patient to payer satisfaction.

Tap into industry-leading technology as well as proven process efficiencies to achieve your health plan's goals.

Healthcare consulting can transport you to digital transformation by leveraging conversational artificial intelligence (AI), secure data transfers and automated aspects of prior authorization to help enhance operational efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare organizations are turning to new applications and technologies for data analysis, platform management and security, as well as data ingestion and storage.

Improve health outcomes with IBM Phytel®, a patient engagement platform that coordinates patient-centric care, which narrows the gaps in care, empowers patients and optimizes your clinicians' time.

Clinical trials optimization solutions depend on design thinking and IBM Garage™ methodology. Implementing efficient workflows using real-world data, analytics and visualization can inform better decision making.

By investing in a system that encourages perpetual innovation, organizations can develop the robust healthcare revenue cycle they need to support their long-term missions.

Healthcare consulting case studies

With the help of Simpler® consultants, hospital team members identified areas in need of improvement, including scheduling, order vetting, precertification, preregistration and financial counseling.

The healthcare provider's revenue cycle and clinical teams worked with Simpler to address shortcomings in their processes. The result: fewer claim denials and an improved patient experience.

Learn how lean business transformation produced USD 41 million in annual savings across the organization.

Digital ReinventionTM is a platform that provides support for aligning healthcare investments and initiatives to move toward a vision of prevention, management and cure—sooner than many might think.

With supply chain management being the second-highest expense after labor, hospitals and health systems are looking for a better way to save money and increase efficiency while still maintaining quality standards and enhancing the patient experience.

Innovative health systems redefine their approaches to the market—to inform patients about their options as consumers—as well as around price transparency—to make their strategy more "shoppable."

Gain guidance to help your government health and human services (HHS) agencies balance cost and quality improvements with fiscal constraints.

Read about how IBM's expert analysis of financial and health data can help employers quantify the impact of stress on your employees' health.

Research, policy and analytic expertise decision support gives pharmaceutical and life sciences companies insights to help them address real-world challenges.

Explore how revenue cycle automation and digitization can positively impact patients, staff and revenue.

Two people wearing face masks looking at a laptop

Team up with a healthcare consultant who can help you successfully navigate the world of analytics in this, the new era of big data.

Case Studies

A small selection of case studies to exemplify some of our recent work.

In order to bring our work to life a little, we have collected a few examples of the work we have done recently. It is important to recognize that every challenge we support our clients with is unique and so the best way to understand what we can do for you specifically is to get in touch and talk to us.

Brand Planning Support and Training

UK Affiliate, of a global pharmaceutical organisation

Early Asset Development

Global Specialty Pharma

Brand Plan Auditing

Large Blue-Chip Pharma

Competitor Simulation

UK Division of a top 10 pharmaceutical company

Osprey provided excellent organisation and facilitation of our 2018 brand planning process with clear actionable objectives devised
With a new game-changing competitor ready to threaten our market leadership position, Osprey Health Consulting were able to develop a competitive strategy approach that allowed us to simulate and ultimately accurately predict our competitor’s strategy and customer response, allowing us to minimize their impact. Having looked back you helped us predict about 95% of the market changes precisely, and for the other 5% you had already developed the scenario plans with us
Osprey Health Consulting have supported our global team for over 18 months through a series of workshops, strategy meetings and 1:1 reviews, which has enabled us to navigate the global organisation through a challenging time for our portfolio, ultimately setting a clear vision and direction
Over an 18-month period, Osprey Health Consulting supported me and my team to develop our biosimilar strategy and also implement governance structures to align local, regional and global teams to our sometimes pioneering thinking and approach. The partnership we have built will continue to be invaluable as we move forward and execute and refine our plans
The support you provided around strategic imperatives and critical success factors were most helpful in providing clarity to the group on what we really mean by these terms. We defined some great examples from the workshops that were significantly different from what was in our original plan..

Healthcare Case Interview: A Step-by-Step Approach for Success

This article provides a comprehensive guide for acing your healthcare case interview.

Posted May 11, 2023

healthcare consulting case studies

Featuring Ben L. and Jeremy S.

Nailing the Case with McKinsey & Bain Alumni

Monday, april 1.

11:00 PM UTC · 60 minutes

Healthcare case interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process for consulting firms and healthcare institutions. These interviews are designed to test your ability to analyze complex healthcare issues, identify relevant data and information, and develop actionable solutions. In this article, we will take a step-by-step approach to help you prepare for and succeed in healthcare case interviews.

Preparing for a Healthcare Case Interview: What You Need to Know

Before we dive into the details of a healthcare case interview, it is important to understand the basic format and structure of the interview. A typical healthcare case interview comprises of several components:

  • Introduction: The interviewer will introduce the case and provide you with background information.
  • Analysis: You will analyze the case and identify key issues and challenges.
  • Recommendations: You will provide potential solutions for the identified issues.
  • Conclusion: The interviewer will wrap up the case and provide feedback.

It is critical to prepare in advance for these interviews. This includes honing your analytical skills, gathering knowledge about healthcare trends and concepts, and practicing with mock interviews.

Additionally, it is important to research the company and the specific role you are interviewing for. This will help you understand the company's values, goals, and challenges, and allow you to tailor your recommendations to their specific needs. It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with common healthcare industry terms and acronyms, as these may come up during the interview. Finally, make sure to dress professionally and arrive early to the interview to show your enthusiasm and preparedness.

Understanding the Healthcare Industry: Key Concepts and Trends

Before you can tackle a healthcare case interview, it is essential to understand the healthcare industry's key concepts and trends. This includes understanding healthcare financing, delivery, organizations, structures, and policies. You should also gather knowledge about healthcare reform, regulatory trends, and technological advancements. This information can be acquired through reading industry reports, attending conferences, and analyzing case studies.

One important trend in the healthcare industry is the shift towards value-based care. This means that healthcare providers are being incentivized to focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs, rather than simply providing more services. This trend is being driven by changes in government policies and payment models, as well as increasing pressure from patients and employers to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare. As a consultant, it is important to understand the implications of this trend for healthcare organizations and to be able to advise clients on how to adapt to this new paradigm.

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Analyzing Case Studies: Tips and Tricks for Success

Case studies are at the heart of a healthcare case interview. A case study presents a real-world scenario or problem that needs to be addressed. To succeed in analyzing a case study, you should follow these tips and tricks:

  • Read the case study carefully and take notes.
  • Identify the problem or issue presented in the case study.
  • Develop a hypothesis and test it using relevant data and information.
  • Prioritize the issues and develop a comprehensive action plan.
  • Consider the financial implications of your proposed solutions.
  • Be creative and think outside the box.

Another important tip for analyzing case studies is to consider the ethical implications of your proposed solutions. Healthcare professionals are held to high ethical standards, and it is important to ensure that your proposed solutions align with these standards. Additionally, it is important to consider the potential impact of your proposed solutions on all stakeholders involved, including patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare organization as a whole.

Finally, it is important to communicate your analysis and proposed solutions effectively. This includes presenting your findings in a clear and concise manner, using data and evidence to support your conclusions, and addressing any potential objections or concerns that may arise. Effective communication is key to ensuring that your proposed solutions are implemented successfully and have a positive impact on the healthcare organization and its stakeholders.

Building a Framework for Your Case Analysis

A framework can help you organize your thoughts and develop a systematic approach to analyzing a case study. An effective framework should include the following elements:

  • Context: Understanding the context of the case study and defining the problem or challenge at hand.
  • Analysis: Identifying the key issues, developing hypotheses, and testing them using data and information.
  • Solutions: Developing feasible and actionable solutions to the identified issues.
  • Implementation: Developing a comprehensive action plan and considering the financial implications of your proposed solutions.

It is important to note that a framework is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the nature of the case study, you may need to modify or adapt your framework to suit the specific circumstances. Additionally, it is crucial to remain flexible and open to new information as you work through your analysis, as this may require you to adjust your framework accordingly.

Identifying and Prioritizing Issues in Healthcare Cases

Identifying and prioritizing issues is a crucial step in analyzing a healthcare case study. A useful technique is the "5 whys" approach, which involves asking "why" five times to understand the root cause of the identified issue. Prioritizing the issues can be done based on their impact, urgency, and feasibility of solutions.

Another important factor to consider when identifying and prioritizing issues in healthcare cases is the potential legal and ethical implications. It is essential to ensure that the solutions proposed do not violate any laws or ethical standards. Additionally, the cultural and social context of the case should also be taken into account to ensure that the proposed solutions are appropriate and acceptable.

Furthermore, involving all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, and administrators, in the process of identifying and prioritizing issues can lead to more effective solutions. This collaborative approach can help to ensure that all perspectives are considered and that the proposed solutions are feasible and acceptable to all parties involved.

Developing a Hypothesis and Testing It

Developing a hypothesis is a critical step in healthcare case analysis. A hypothesis is an educated guess about the cause or effect of the identified issue. To test your hypothesis, you should gather relevant data and information, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. This includes conducting market research, analyzing financial statements, and interviewing stakeholders.

It is important to note that developing a hypothesis is not a one-time event. As new information becomes available, you may need to revise your hypothesis and continue testing it. This iterative process allows for a more thorough understanding of the issue at hand and can lead to more effective solutions. Additionally, it is important to consider potential biases and limitations in your data collection and analysis, as these can impact the validity of your hypothesis and subsequent conclusions.

Gathering Relevant Data and Information

Gathering relevant data and information is a critical part of healthcare case analysis. This requires conducting research and collecting data from various sources, including industry reports, government datasets, financial statements, internal documents, and interviews with stakeholders. The data collected should be relevant, reliable, and valid.

One important aspect of gathering relevant data and information is to ensure that the data is up-to-date. Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, and data that was relevant a few years ago may no longer be applicable. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the data and information used in healthcare case analysis.

Another important consideration is to ensure that the data is collected ethically and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This includes obtaining informed consent from participants in interviews or surveys, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of individuals and organizations, and ensuring that the data is not used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

Analyzing Financial Statements and Reports

Financial analysis is a crucial component of healthcare case analysis since it helps you understand the financial viability and performance of healthcare organizations. This involves analyzing financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to identify trends, ratios, and other performance indicators.

One important aspect of financial analysis is understanding the difference between profitability and liquidity. Profitability refers to a company's ability to generate profits, while liquidity refers to its ability to meet short-term financial obligations. By analyzing both aspects, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of a healthcare organization's financial health.

Another key factor to consider when analyzing financial statements is the impact of external factors, such as changes in government regulations or shifts in the healthcare industry. These factors can have a significant impact on a healthcare organization's financial performance, and it's important to take them into account when conducting financial analysis.

Conducting Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Market research and competitive analysis are essential components of healthcare case analysis since they help you understand the market dynamics, trends, and competition in the healthcare industry. This involves gathering data on market size, growth rates, customer preferences, and competitive positioning.

Creating a Comprehensive Action Plan

A comprehensive action plan is an essential part of effective healthcare case analysis. It involves developing a roadmap for implementing your proposed solutions, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocation. A well-designed action plan should be feasible, actionable, and aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.

Presenting Your Findings with Confidence

Presenting your findings with confidence is a crucial part of healthcare case analysis. This requires strong communication and presentation skills, including the ability to articulate your ideas clearly, staying focused and engaging with the audience. You should also be prepared to handle questions and objections from the interviewer confidently.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Healthcare Case Interviews

Healthcare case interviews can be challenging since they deal with complex healthcare issues and require a high level of analytical skills. Common challenges include information overload, time pressure, and incomplete information. To overcome these challenges, you should practice with mock interviews, learn to prioritize issues and be comfortable working with incomplete information.

Preparing for Behavioral Questions in Healthcare Case Interviews

Behavioral questions are aimed at assessing your soft skills, including your communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Common behavioral questions include "Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult team member" and "What is your leadership style?". To prepare for these questions, practice with mock interviews, reflect on your past experiences, and be prepared with specific examples.

Tips for Navigating Virtual or Remote Healthcare Case Interviews

Virtual or remote healthcare case interviews have become more common due to the pandemic. To navigate these interviews successfully, you should ensure that you have the right technology and equipment, such as a reliable internet connection, a quiet environment, and a webcam. You should also test the technology before the interview and dress professionally.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways and Final Thoughts on Succeeding in Healthcare Case Interviews

Healthcare case interviews are a critical component of the recruitment process for consulting firms and healthcare institutions. To succeed in these interviews, you should prepare in advance by gathering knowledge about healthcare trends and concepts, developing your analytical skills, and practicing with mock interviews. You should also follow a systematic approach to analyze case studies, prioritize issues, develop feasible solutions, and present your findings with confidence.

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Emmanuel Consulting Agency

Case Study: Client Synergy Home Care of Manhattan Franchise ​ Finance Executive Non-clinical Executive to Healthcare Entrepreneur:  

Finance Executive to Healthcare Entrepreneur: A Successful Homecare Business Transformation; Emmanuel Consulting Agency navigated the complex rules of the home care industry. Emmanuel Consulting Agency Firm specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services to individuals seeking to enter the homecare industry.

This case study focuses on the successful journey of a Finance Executive who ventured into the homecare business to address the challenges he faced while seeking proper care for his aging mother. Emmanuel Consulting Agency was tasked with guiding the Finance Executive through the process of setting up and operating a homecare business in New York State. Our consultant's expertise encompassed regulatory compliance, franchise model navigation, operations consulting, policy formulation, human resource consulting, strategic planning, organizational development, and C-level management training. Read more

Case Study: Client: [Company undisclosed due to confidentiality] Emmanuel Consulting Agency helps LHCSA Maximize $17 million in healthcare funding, aides in allocation of funds, strategic planning and creation of various programs including value-based patient and employee retention programs to improve performance

In this case study, we will examine how Emmanuel Consulting Agency assisted a licensed home care services agency (LHCSA) in effectively utilizing funding from the Workforce and Value-Based Payment Directed Payment program approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Emmanuel Consulting Agency provided valuable guidance in creating a adjusting spending plan, allocating funds, implementing programs and initiatives, and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. Through our expertise and strategic support, Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped the agency maximize the benefits of the funding and improve in key areas such as workforce retention, training, technology adoption, diversity and cultural competence, care management, emergency preparedness, and value-based payment. Read more 

 [Client's Name Undisclosed due to Confidentiality] Case Study: Emmanuel Consulting Agency assists Health Care Entrepreneur in Purchasing a Skilled Home Care Business: Merger and Acquistion Consulting 

Emmanuel Consulting Agency provides (M&A) consulting and was tasked by a health care entrepreneur who wanted to acquire a skilled home care business. The entrepreneur, with a background in health care management, recognized the potential of the growing home care industry and sought to expand their portfolio by purchasing an established business. Read more

Case Study: [Client: Life Quality Home Care] Assisting a Health Care Organization in Winning a Medicaid Contract bid with New York State Department of Health. RFO #20039.

Drafting a Request for Offer/Proposal Strategic Planning, Organizational, Planning, Project Management,

This case study focuses on Emmanuel Consulting Agency's successful bid to assist a Health Care Organization (HCO) in winning a Medicaid contract with the New York State Department of Health (DOH). The bidding process, known as Request for Offers #20039 (RFO #20039), required Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) to comply with new rules in order to continue providing services under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Emmanuel Consulting Agency formed a specialized team to navigate the complex requirements and secure the contract for their client. Read more

Case Study [Client: H A C Home Care LLC] Emmanuel Consulting Agency's Successful Executive Recruitment 

 H A C Home Care LLC, a healthcare organization, faced a critical need for a Director of Nursing to effectively manage their operations and drive organizational growth. Seeking the expertise of Emmanuel Consulting Agency, H A C Home Care LLC Care embarked on a strategic partnership to source, screen, and select a highly qualified candidate for this crucial leadership role. Read more

Case Study: Client: Multiple Healthcare Industry Clients, Health Care Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Firms, and Licensed Home Care Service Agencies Emmanuel Consulting Agency Develop an Intensive Training Program for C-Level Executives in the Healthcare Industry & Specialty Registered Nurse Staff Training Program

As a consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for the healthcare industry, we understand healthcare organizations have several pain points within the industry, including a shortage of Registered Nurses (RN's) with managerial experience, difficulties in finding suitable replacements for C-level executives, and the need to hire qualified staff trained in compliance and management. To address these pain points, our agency developed a comprehensive training program for C-level executives, specifically targeting Directors of Nurses and Administrators in health care. The program was created by our founder who is a master's prepared registered nurse in nursing education and curriculum development. A portion of the training was developed in collaboration with past Department of Health (DOH) Auditors/surveyors and health care consultants for compliance expertise. Read more

Case Study: [Client undisclosed due to confidentiality] Improving Operational Efficiencies and Quality in Healthcare Organizations: 

This case study focuses on an undisclosed healthcare organization that faced challenges such as low patient experience scores, employee retention issues, revenue decline, and poor performance on regulatory surveys. To address these issues, the healthcare organization enlisted the services of Emmanuel Consulting Agency. This case study outlines the steps taken by Emmanuel Consulting Agency to assess the organization's operations, identify areas of improvement, and implement effective solutions for enhanced patient experience and employee retention. Read more

Case Study: Client’s Name [Undisclosed due to confidentiality] Consulting Firm Helps Client Overcome Department of Health Audit Deficiencies

In this case study, we will explore how Emmanuel Consulting Agency successfully assisted a healthcare agency in rectifying over 20 deficiencies identified during an audit by the Department of Health. The client faced critical challenges related to patient rights, patient safety and oversight, quality of care, employee personnel, governing authority, patient care record, clinical supervision, contracts, human resources, records and reports, policies and procedures, and medical oversight. Through a collaborative and comprehensive approach, the consulting agency was able to guide the client in creating and implementing a realistic plan of correction, resulting in regulatory compliance and improved performance. Read more

Case Study: Client [VIP Helpers of New Jersey] Nurse Owned Emmanuel Consulting Agency helps VIP Helpers of New Jersey obtain accreditation status & standard by regulatory body.

VIP Helpers of New Jersey is a leading provider of premium concierge private agency providing private services and regenerative medicine solutions. They sought to become accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC). Accreditation would ensure that the organization meets state regulations, industry guidelines, and best practices. To achieve this goal, VIP Helpers of New Jersey engaged the services of Emmanuel Consulting Agency. This case study highlights the role of Emmanuel Consulting Agency in preparing VIP Helpers of new Jersey for the accreditation survey and verifying compliance with healthcare accreditation the standards. Read more

Case Study: Vesretta Home Care, LLC, NY, NY Registered Nurse Entrepreneur Successfully Launching a New York Home Care Agency with Expert Consulting Assistance from Emmanuel Consulting Agency.

An inspiring case study that highlights the successful launch of a home care agency with the assistance of our consulting firm.

This case study aims to encourage and inform other Nurses and healthcare entrepreneurs who may be facing similar challenges in navigating the complex landscape of regulations and requirements.

 Our client, a Jamaican born Registered Nurse in New York City, whose passion was in helping elderly in the home and who selflessly was the caregiver of her aging mother was inspired to start her own home care service agency. She had previously engaged another consulting firm to assist with starting a home care agency from scratch. Unfortunately, the previous firm failed to deliver the desired results in obtaining proper licensure, establishing a sound business structure, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Frustrated and unable to launch the business after significant financial investment, our client sought a fresh perspective and turned to our team for assistance. Read more

Case Study: [Client Nancy Castleman Registered Nurse & Veteran Oro Grande California] Empowering Nurse Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Success in IV Infusion Nurse Registry Business

In the vast and challenging healthcare landscape, nurse entrepreneurs often face numerous obstacles when venturing into business ownership.

This case study highlights the remarkable journey of a nurse entrepreneur who overcame self-doubt, regulatory hurdles, and operational complexities with the assistance of our consulting firm.

By sharing this case study we aim to inspire and encourage other aspiring nurse entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and embrace the support of experienced consultants.

Our client, a registered nurse (RN) with an associate degree, had a vision to establish a specialized nurse business focusing on medically necessary IV infusion services. However, she initially believed that she lacked the necessary qualifications and advanced education to become a successful business owner. Barriers arose as fellow Nurses were unwilling to divulge their journey in establishing their own businesses or offer any guidance or insights. This lack of transparency and reluctance to share advice posed significant challenges for her in launching her own venture. Read more

Case Study: [Client Nurse Practitioner, name undisclosed due to confidentiality] Empowering a Nurse Practitioner to Build a Successful Healthcare Staffing Business

This case study highlights the journey of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) who transformed her dream of work-life balance and business ownership into a successful healthcare staffing agency. By leveraging her expertise and network, she embarked on this entrepreneurial venture and sought the assistance of our consulting firm to navigate the complexities of starting a business in the highly competitive New York metro area. Read more

Case Study: Emmanuel Consulting Agency Helps MMO Nursing PLLC A group of Nurse Business Owners Advance in Healthcare Organizational Leadership to Enhance Patient Care

This case study highlights Emmanuel Consulting Agency providing organizational leadership and management consulting. In this case study, we assisted MMO Nursing PLLC, a private professional limited liability company, in transforming its three owners into strong leaders. Through a range of consulting services, Emmanuel Consulting Agency helped MMO Nursing PLLC strengthen their leadership skills to enhance patient care.

The journey of MMO Nursing PLLC began with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who had a passion for marketing and wanted to explore opening a nurse business. Inspired by his sister and father, who were also nurses, he embarked on this inspiring entrepreneurial endeavor. MMO is an acronym formed from the first letter of the three owners' names, symbolizing their commitment to providing quality concierge-level nursing care and not compromising quality of care even at high nursing hours. Read more here

healthcare consulting case studies

The New Equation

healthcare consulting case studies

Executive leadership hub - What’s important to the C-suite?

healthcare consulting case studies

Tech Effect

healthcare consulting case studies

Shared success benefits

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PwC case studies

Examples of how a community of solvers brings together the strengths of people and technology to build trust and deliver sustainable outcomes — bringing The New Equation to life.

Featured - 3 items

Reinventing wyndham’s loyalty program technology.

Redesigning the cloud-based ecosystem powering Wyndham Rewards.

Helping the YMCA of GNY meet new community needs

Responding to change and expanding their reach and ability to support.

Baker Hughes is working toward net zero at scale

Learn how PwC helped Baker Hughes accelerate their net zero strategy.

A brighter future for medicine with healthcare technology

A collaboration between OSIC, PwC and Microsoft is helping patients, providers and researchers fight a rare disease.


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Boosting Revenue Through Accounts Receivable Improvement

March 27, 2024

A leading Midwest nonprofit healthcare provider engaged FTI Consulting to provide third-party accounts receivable (“A/R”) clean-up and resolution for aged debit balance inventory to assist with overall organizational cash performance.

  • FTI Consulting decreased the $68.2 million of A/R to $14.9 million in 11 months and resolved 78.2% of dollars assigned through payment, adjustment or transfer to patient responsibility.
  • Our team accelerated cash flow and increased net revenue by reducing the burden of aged A/R from the client’s portfolio.
  • We collected $11.9 million against referrals assigned, achieving a 17.4% net collection ratio.
  • Our cash collection efforts resulted in the client realizing a 27-to-one return on investment.
  • FTI Consulting worked in real-time in the client’s Epic-based patient accounting system to remediate third-party debit A/R and resolve outstanding credit balance accounts.
  • The team identified and categorized systemic revenue cycle root causes for non-payment and provided recommendations to prevent these issues from re-occurring.
  • We followed up with third-party payers to remediate outstanding A/R, performed claim submission activities in accordance with the standard operating procedure framework developed with the client, posted adjustments in the client’s Meditech-based patient accounting system when identified, transferred accounts to self-pay status after insurance balances were resolved and reported key performance metrics.

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  • Blocking and Tackling the Revenue Cycle Read Article
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Key Contacts

Steve Lutfy, FHFMA

Senior Managing Director, Leader of Healthcare Managed Services

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healthcare consulting case studies

Technology Strategy

Get the flexibility and value you need from technology

Why technology strategy matters.

the revenue growth when leaders double down on investments in technology and innovation

of CIO/CTOs are primarily focusing investment on revenue growth as opposed to cutting costs

of CIOs are focusing on an overall business transformation, versus a single function, in 2024

of enterprise transformation projects fail to meet expectations

healthcare consulting case studies

Start with technology, then reinvent

Use everything technology offers to build a better business.

What you need to do

Get out of tech debt and into tech value.

Curb your tech debt and focus your tech spending on the activities that will power your business growth. Give your management team a shared understanding of how tech can deliver more value.

Design an enterprise architecture that allows your business to soar

Make the most of digital core technologies and techniques to improve business continuity and reduce your risk. Reinvent every aspect of your IT using generative AI.

Build an operating model that’s as innovative as your team

Respond to changing market demands by being nimbler. Design and implement an intelligent operating model built for business agility, resiliency and growth.

Have a clear vision for your tech transformation

Prioritize what you want to achieve, set the success criteria, and establish a transformation office to deliver it.

What you’ll achieve

Cloud innovation

A tech strategy everyone supports

Create a coalition for change with a plan that also fires up your business, tech and finance teams.


Total transparency on where your tech spend is going

With a clear view, you can decide where to reduce, redistribute and expand your tech investments.

Cloud infrastructure

A vision for your future architecture

Get the outcomes your business needs while continuously transforming your organization at scale.

Cloud technology

An operating model that is your competitive edge

Get an intelligent operating model that moves at the same pace as your customers.

Cloud transformation

A transformation that meets expectations

Track and communicate the value of your enterprise transformation and get insights to help you make better decisions.

What’s trending in technology strategy

healthcare consulting case studies

This is a singular moment for CIOs: here is how they can take advantage to unlock true business value across their enterprise.

healthcare consulting case studies

How do you simplify a complex enterprise transformation; Accenture’s Jason Sain recommends starting with a clear vision and value creation story.

healthcare consulting case studies

By focusing on new opportunities provided by cloud, data and AI, CSPs can accelerate their legacy technology transformation to resolve tech debt and position themselves for new product and service growth. 

healthcare consulting case studies

CIOs can bring the greatest value to transformation. Accenture’s Greg Douglass explains how CIOs address new challenges in today’s business.

healthcare consulting case studies

If Agile is challenging, meet multi-speed; a model combining the best of both worlds to gain agility.

healthcare consulting case studies

Accenture’s Kit Friend explains what’s at risk when CIOs mistake a hybrid solution for Agile, and why multi-speed isn’t always the answer.

healthcare consulting case studies

Five imperatives the C-suite must address to reinvent in the age of generative AI.

Greg Douglass from Accenture advises how to boost a tech-savvy board as embracing digital transformation requires tech expertise across enterprises.

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healthcare consulting case studies


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healthcare consulting case studies

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healthcare consulting case studies

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healthcare consulting case studies

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healthcare consulting case studies

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healthcare consulting case studies

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  1. Case Studies

    healthcare consulting case studies

  2. 5 Healthcare Consulting Case Studies Featuring Actionable Solutions

    healthcare consulting case studies

  3. Healthcare Consulting Case Studies

    healthcare consulting case studies

  4. Case Study: Healthcare

    healthcare consulting case studies

  5. Healthcare Consulting Case Studies

    healthcare consulting case studies

  6. Best Healthcare Predictive Analytics Case Studies

    healthcare consulting case studies


  1. 7 Healthcare marketing solutions

  2. MCG Consulting Services

  3. Discussion

  4. Reaching Your #Goals in #HealthcareConsulting: #Expert #Advice from #SMK Medical

  5. US Health care providers

  6. Talk to Your Doctor About the Denial👩‍⚕️


  1. Healthcare Consulting Case Interview: Step-By-Step Guide

    All consulting firms use case interviews to assess candidates. These include generalist firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. They also include healthcare consulting firms such as Health Advances, ClearView Healthcare Partners, Putnam Associates, Huron Consulting Group, IQVIA, ZS, and Simon-Kucher. Case interviews simulate what the consulting ...

  2. 5 Healthcare Consulting Case Studies Featuring Actionable Solutions

    Summary: Healthcare Consulting Case Studies as Examples of Actionable Solutions . Healthcare consulting is essential in today's fast-paced healthcare industry. Case studies show what is possible for real-world challenges, so healthcare organizations can be inspired to act. By sharing the necessary insights and strategies, consultants help ...

  3. Healthcare case studies

    case study. DelveInsight is a leading healthcare-focused market research and consulting firm that provides clients with high-quality market intelligence and analysis to support informed business decisions. With a team of experienced industry experts and a deep understanding of the life sciences and healthcare sectors, we offer customized ...

  4. Case studies: Healthcare: Industries: PwC

    Health System Innovation in Lesotho: Design and early operations of the Maseru Public Private Integrated Partnership. This PwC case study details the design and launch of an innovative partnership to dramatically improve delivery of healthcare in Lesotho in southern Africa. 07 Jun 2012.

  5. Healthcare consulting

    The McKinsey Health Institute (MHI) is an enduring, non-profit-generating entity within the firm. It was founded on the conviction that, over the next decade, humanity could add as much as 45 billion extra years of higher-quality life (roughly 6 years per person on average—and substantially more in some countries and populations). Learn more.

  6. Healthcare Consulting Case Interview: 4 Tips on How to Ace It

    A Healthcare Consulting Case Study Interview Example . To do well on a healthcare consulting case interview, we recommend using the same structured approach as for other types of case interviews. There are 4 parts to this approach: Opening - Understand the client's problem and ask clarifying questions.

  7. Case Studies

    Coordination of Benefits Services Help Health Plan. Discover how a regional carrier generated 250%+ ROI and increased yearly collections by $500,000 with comprehensive coordination of ... Explore our case studies to gain insight into the latest healthcare technology trends, guidance, and perspectives from prominent industry experts.

  8. Healthcare Consulting Services & Solutions

    Top leader Healthcare Provider digital services Everest. Accenture scored higher than all competitors in both Market Impact and Vision & Capability for its ability to drive digital transformation across the healthcare provider value chain, including patient engagement, care management, financials and network management. Learn more.

  9. Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Case Study. Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma utilizes NMTCs to construct new behavioral healthcare center. ... Modern Healthcare ranks Baker Tilly as a Top 15 Healthcare Management Consulting Firm for 2023. Case Study. Diagnostics company strengthens medical affairs function through governance assessment.

  10. Agile Healthcare Technology Consulting

    Powered by data. Our Data Driven Consulting (DDC) approach uses data and analytics to generate richer insights and discover new intelligence to power your transformation journey. We leverage multiple data sources, advanced techniques, visualization approaches and technology tools such as the Accenture Insights Platform (AIP) to power healthcare ...

  11. Healthcare Consulting and Advisory Services

    Comprehensive planning can enable providers to address current conditions and provide excellent patient care while planning for a future that includes an increasing reliance on digital technology solutions and ever-changing financial strategies. BDO's Healthcare Consulting team brings experienced, knowledgeable advice that helps organizations ...

  12. Case Studies

    McBee reduces outstanding F2F orders by 95% by optimizing workflows and technology; recovers $836K in unbilled revenue. Learn how McBee partnered with an agency to tackle their outstanding face-to-face documentation and recover unbilled revenue by adapting order management processes best practices and maximizing efficiency.

  13. Case Studies

    Case Study: IT Strategic Plan for National Healthcare Company. Our client, a national integrated care delivery system, wanted to employ industry-leading technology to enhance its ability to provide high quality and affordable care. Their historical approach to technology investment, however, had never been very strategic.

  14. Healthcare consulting

    A healthcare consulting team can help design a technology roadmap that addresses urgent needs and emerging requirements. Developing smart and flexible strategies for both technology and processes, we can help you exceed current expectations and experience true business transformation. ... Healthcare consulting case studies Emory Johns Creek ...

  15. Case Studies

    Case Studies. A small selection of case studies to exemplify some of our recent work. In order to bring our work to life a little, we have collected a few examples of the work we have done recently. It is important to recognize that every challenge we support our clients with is unique and so the best way to understand what we can do for you ...

  16. Healthcare Case Interview: A Step-by-Step Approach for Success

    Monday, April 1. 4:00 PM PDT · 60 minutes. Enroll for free. Healthcare case interviews are an integral part of the recruitment process for consulting firms and healthcare institutions. These interviews are designed to test your ability to analyze complex healthcare issues, identify relevant data and information, and develop actionable solutions.

  17. H Health

    There are hundreds consulting case study examples in the Case Library - this is a Profitability case in the McKinsey firm style. Prompt. A US health care provider suffered a profit decline last year. You are hired to solve this problem. The key revenues come from commissions. H Health signs contracts with patients and provides medical services.

  18. Healthcare Consulting Case Study

    Medical Partnership Improves Its Leadership. Healthcare Case Study. The medical group had grown steadily to the point that it had 14 physician partners, 100 employees, and revenues of $12 million a year. Lately, however, it had hit a wall: the partners were unable to make decisions. One of the partners, a physician named Carol, contacted me and ...

  19. Hospitals & Health Systems

    Case Study. Optimizing a hospitals 340B compliance program for maximum reimbursement and CMS compliance. ... (VBC) model, our team of healthcare consulting specialists can help. Our team works with a wide range of organizations, including small, rural, single-site hospitals and large, multi-site, multi-billion dollar health systems. Our ...

  20. Health Care Consulting Case Studies

    See real life examples of health care orgnaizations, healthcare entrepreneurs, and nurse entrepreneurs build and scalle their healthcare business with Emmanuel Consulting Agency. top of page (516) 362-3000

  21. Business consulting case studies: PwC

    Company Name*. Job Title*. Job Function*. Email address*. Location*. Details about your inquiry*. I agree PwC can email me about its insights, newsletters, events, services, products, and offerings.*. Yes No. Examples of how PwC US helps clients build value, solve complex business issues, and achieve high performance.

  22. Case Studies

    A stand-alone non-profit hospital had issued $45 million in fixed interest rate tax-exempt bonds in 2007, which could be refinanced at par at the Hospital's option on May 15, 2017. The bonds issued in 2007 had interest rates of 5.50%, and current market interest rates are much lower for the Hospital. The Hospital retained Warbird Consulting ...

  23. 47 case interview examples (from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.)

    So in this article, we have listed all the best free case examples available, in one place. The below list of resources includes interactive case interview samples provided by consulting firms, video case interview demonstrations, case books, and materials developed by the team here at IGotAnOffer. Let's continue to the list. McKinsey examples

  24. AHRQ Impact Case Studies

    Impact Case Studies AHRQ's evidence-based tools and resources are used by organizations nationwide to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care. The Agency's Impact Case Studies highlight these successes, describing the use and impact of AHRQ-funded tools by State and Federal policy makers, health systems ...

  25. Boosting Revenue Accounts Receivable Improvement

    / Case Studies; Boosting Revenue Through Accounts Receivable Improvement. March 27, 2024. Share. A leading Midwest nonprofit healthcare provider engaged FTI Consulting to provide third-party accounts receivable ("A/R") clean-up and resolution for aged debit balance inventory to assist with overall organizational cash performance.

  26. Technology Strategy and Consulting

    Accenture's technology consulting services connect businesses with experienced tech innovation advisors to solve critical enterprise challenges. ... Banking Capital Markets Chemicals Communications & Media Consumer Goods & Services Energy Health High Tech Industrial Insurance Life Sciences Natural Resources Public Service Retail Software ...