Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa

Einladungsschreiben Besuchervisum

How can I write a proper invitation letter for a visitor?

Do you wish to invite friends, family members or business partners to Germany? For third-country nationals to get a visitor visa, they need a letter of invitation on top of many other documents. With the invitation letter, you confirm that you want to invite a specific person to Germany. An invitation letter must meet particular requirements, which we describe in more detail below. You can find out more about other requirements of a visitor visa in our chapter " Visitor Visa ".

What do I need to know?

The letter of invitation does not have to be written in any particular form. So it can be formulated as a completely normal letter, but must contain all the necessary information. You will learn about the information needed in the following sections.

Important: An invitation letter for a business trip must contain the official company letterhead, the company stamp, and the managing director's signature.

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An invitation letter for a private visit must contain at least the following information:

  • Your full name and address, as well as your phone number and email address
  • Your identity card number or the number of your residence permit
  • A copy of your ID or residence permit
  • Full name, date of birth, passport number, and complete address of the person you wish to invite
  • Evidence of your relationship or acquaintance with the person you wish to invite. These can be, for example, marriage or birth certificates or proof of previous meetings or letters, emails, etc.
  • Purpose of the trip: e.g., to attend a wedding or a birthday. You should also describe the type of kinship or friendship you have, how long you have known each other, etc.
  • Time frame and planned course for the scheduled visit
  • Date and location
  • Your signature

The invitation letter for a business visit must contain at least the following information:

  • If the person invited is an employee: A letter from the person's employer explaining the reason and duration of the visit
  • Purpose of the visit, i.e., description of what the visit is for and the objective behind it
  • Period and the planned course of the visit, including flight numbers
  • Information on where the invited person should be accommodated, e.g., the address of the hotel, etc

The host writes the invitation letter. So if you want to invite your relatives, acquaintances or business partners, write the invitation and then send it to the person you wish to invite to Germany. Then, they can present the invitation letter at the German embassy when applying for a visa.

A letter of invitation is not the same as a letter of commitment or "Verpflichtungserklärung". If the person you wish to invite does not have enough money to pay for the trip and their stay in Germany, they would need a so-called declaration of commitment ("Verpflichtungserklärung") in addition to the letter of invitation. You can learn more in our chapter " Declaration of commitment for a Visitor Visa ".

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Additional Links

Here is where and how you can apply for a Schengen visa for a stay of up to 90 days. 

Here are the requirements you need to meet to obtain a Schengen visa. 

Here you can find the contact information of the German embassy in your country. 

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Federal government

  • Visa application forms

The visa application form is a key part of your application. You can download the different documents for free here.

  • Visa & residence
  • Visa procedure

For your visa application, you need an application form. Fill out the form and submit it with the required documents to the competent German Embassy.

The suitable application form can be found here:

Application form for a national visa (German-English; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Spanish; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-French; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Chinese; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Arabic; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Turkish; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Russian; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Portuguese; PDF)

Fees for visas and temporary and permanent residence permits

If you wish to apply for either a visa or a temporary or permanent residence permit , you will generally have to pay a fee. The amount depends on the place, duration and purpose of your stay. 

The fee for visa of any category is €75. As a general rule, you can pay the fee in your local currency to the German mission abroad . The maximum fee for a first application for a residence permit and EU Blue Card is €100. Between €113 and €147 are charged for the granting of a settlement permit . 

However, under certain circumstances you can get a reduction or even be exempted from the fee altogether. For example, the spouses and children of German nationals are exempt from visa fees. Also, if your stay in Germany is funded by a public scholarship, you do not have to pay any visa fees. You can find out more about this topic from the German mission abroad in your country (see “visa fees”) or your local foreigners authority (fees for temporary or permanent residence permits). The Federal Foreign Office also provides a list of visa fees .

Information on the web

  • Federal Foreign Office (FFO) You can find out which visa you need in order to come to Germany with the Visa-Navigator.
  • Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) Centre of Excellence for Asylum, Migration and Integration in Germany

Do you have any questions?

Let us advise you on your opportunities to work and live in Germany. Our experts will support you with questions regarding job search, visa, recognition and learning German. 

You can find out more about the various contact options by clicking on one of the icons in the bar below.

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  • Learn more about: Hotline Hotline
  • Learn more about: FAQ FAQ

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Residence permit

German: Aufenthaltserlaubnis

The Immigration Act provides for two titles which govern entry and residence in Germany: the settlement permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) and the residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). The residence permit is temporary and is granted for a specific reason, such as gainful employment, training or family reunification, or else for humanitarian, legal or political reasons. 

Theme: Visas

EU Blue Card

German: Blaue Karte EU

The EU Blue Card is a residence title for academics outside the EU who wish to work in an EU Member State. To obtain an EU Blue Card, applicants are required to have a university degree and a work contract which meets the minimum gross salary requirement.

Theme: Working , Visas

Settlement permit

German: Niederlassungserlaubnis

The settlement permit has permanent validity and entitles holders to exercise gainful employment. People applying for a settlement permit have to satisfy specific requirements which are laid down in the Residence Act.

Mission abroad

German: Auslandsvertretung

German missions abroad are diplomatic institutions outside Germany. They represent Germany’s interests abroad and foster political relations.

Theme: Visas , Institutions & Authorities

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  • Universities
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  • Living in Germany
  • Accommodation
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Studying in Germany

Cover Letter for German Student Visa

cover letter for studying in germany

The cover letter for German student visa is very important and most of the international students ignore it completely when applying for their student visa .

What is a Cover Letter?

Basically, a cover letter is a document where a student visa applicant describes the purpose of its visit to Germany in some details and lists attached documents in its application.

That said, a cover letter is the equivalent of an interview where officials are willing to ask candidates about the purpose of the visit. Since most embassies are now handling the visa application process to outsource companies there are fewer officials to conduct one-on-one interviews, and a Cover letter plays a major role in the final decision about your German student visa application.

A precise understanding of what a Cover Letter is essential because it gives you first-off hints as what you need to write down on that paper and to adjust your writing style appropriately.

Cover Letter for German Student Visa Application

As per every visit in a foreign country, the authorities in that particular country are highly interested to have some information about who you are and what is the main purpose of your visit. This is done so they can evaluate the risks of admitting applicants who may pose certain threats to the security of the population in that country.

Besides explaining the intention of your visit, on a Cover Letter, you must also state your financial resources to let authorities know you have the required funds to cover living and studying-related costs in Germany.

germany visa application letter

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Why it is important?

Germany ranks among the world’s top five popular study destinations and a large number of international students apply for a student visa each year. In addition, there are also applications for other kinds of visas, accounting for a heavy workload at German embassies. With that in mind, a Cover letter will save them (and you too) tons of time to make a decision on your application.

One cannot say the entire decision on your visa application relies on the Cover Letter but it’s true it plays a significant role.

What Should Contain?

There is not a standard model of what a Cover Letter must look like, but surely there are some general principles that always apply when writing one. Since Cover Letter is very important for your German student visa application, it is crucial you follow these general rules and make proper adjustment according to your personal profile under the way.

So, what should your Cover letter for the German student visa application contain?

Essentially, you must focus on three major components:

  • A brief introduction to who you are
  • Explain the purpose of your visit to Germany
  • List the documents attached in your application file

Introduction feels the hardest part of all. Everyone feels intimidated by the idea of putting the first word on a completely blank page. We recommend you deliver as simple as possible. Remember, you’re not making a university project or a dissertation thesis. On the contrary, you should try to be as fluent and understandable as possible so the officials can scan easily through the text and get an idea of your profile.

Now comes the most important part where the whole purpose of the Cover letter relies on stating the purpose of your visit. For a perfect delivery, we highly recommend you explain your educational background and its relevance according to your study ambition in Germany.

Next, you can talk about the university and the course of your choice in Germany and some major reasons that accounted for your decision, as for example the university’s reputation and future prospects.

“My name is X and I come from Y. I hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering issued by the X University in my home country. I have been working at a local Engineering company in my country for the past two years as a Project Manager. I have an admission letter from Z University in Germany for K course and I’m looking forward to getting a German student visa to study there. The Z University is highly reputed and I believe it will provide me with a well-rounded education to help me build a successful career as an Engineer.”

Lastly, you must list the attached documents in your application file so the admission committee knows what to expect from the application before even going through it. In fact, here’s where stands a very beneficial trait of the cover letter. If there’s any document that is missing in your application, although required, you can explain the reasons why that happened.

For example, the university in your home country may need additional time to issue an official certificate of your graduation beyond the application deadline in Germany. In that case, you can explain this in the cover letter so they won’t reject your application instantly when they see there is no diploma included.

In a more detailed overview your Cover Letter for a German student visa must contain the followings:

  • The purpose of your visit to Germany
  • Basic personal information
  • Your educational profile
  • Your financial standing and resources
  • Reasons why you chose a particular course and the University
  • Why do you think a German degree is good for you
  • The list of documents included in your application

Formatting – Formatting is very important because officials are familiarized with some sorts of standard formats of Cover Letters enabling them to do a quick scanning of the information being presented there. If it doesn’t have good formatting it may seem highly unprofessional and confuse the commission, which deals with your visa application.

An acceptable format of a Cover letter for the German student visa must be structured as follows:

At the top left corner of the Cover Letter write the date at which the document is written.

Below it, write the German Embassy in your home country to which you’re sending the document.

Your personal information, so the receiver (the embassy) to whom you have written. Your name, your surname and Passport number may suffice.

Dear Sir/Madam “to whom it concerns”.

Clearly state why you are writing the letter, the aimed travel date and the duration of your stay

Start by clearly showing the purpose of your visit to Germany.

Speak about your previous education and work experience and the ways it is related to your aimed course in Germany.

Shortly explain why you chose Germany and that particular university and what are your goals.

List the documents included in your application file.

Wrap it up.

Yours sincerely, Name and Surname.

Your contact information: Address, email and telephone number.

Important advice

By now you must have started to appreciate the role of a cover letter in your German student visa application and you want to make yours a one-of-a-kind. You’re just one step far from that just pay attention to the following advice

Optimize your cover letter as much as possible – Abandon the idea that you can write a wonderful piece of content at your first shot. Also, don’t aim to make a perfect Cover Letter. That is just unrealistic.  But, keep in mind that probably the whole magic of making a good cover letter for your German student visa depends on your editing. Take your time and arrange your information in the explained order and choose the most appropriate words.

Be concise – We do understand that it is hard to limit your thoughts in a single paper, but try to be more concise about what you want to exactly say. Knowing to whom you’re addressing your cover letter will also help you adjust your tone of speaking to what is required from you and choose the right words.

Seek advice from a student in Germany – There are thousands of international students currently attending university in Germany and probably there is one from your home country who you can ask for some helpful advice about your Cover Letter. It is easier to make your own cover letter if you benefit from the experience of a student who has gone through the same before you.

Pay attention to formatting – Always keep in mind that you’re writing to high authority and your document must be in accordance with some principles. Some students just write down whatever comes into their minds without respecting a well-structured order, although they don’t miss the main purpose of the Cover Letter.

Common mistakes

As long as your cover letter is in accordance with the major principles of a cover letter for a German student visa you’re good to go. But there are some mistakes that may hurt your application and often are done unconsciously.

Below are two of the most common mistakes international students do when submitting a Cover Letter for a student visa at German embassies

Too personal Cover Letter – For some, it is a bit difficult to find a balance between formal and personal language when writing a Cover Letter for a German study visa application.

Be aware that the German embassy/consulate is interested to know your educational and professional profile and your future goals and not your emotional opinion about it. If this is the case with you we recommend you ask someone who may have experience with cover letters to help you resolve this issue.

Job Application Cover Letter – Though formal details may remain the same a Cover Letter for a job application and a cover letter for a student visa are essentially different.  The tone of speaking, your standing and some details are where the main difference between these documents relies upon.

Spelling mistakes – Last, but not least important. If there are many spelling errors in your Cover Letter the commission will assess your language is not good, therefore you don’t seem to be a promising student. It is always recommended you give someone to give it a read because they may notice errors that didn’t catch your eye.

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Cover letter for German Student Visa–Tips and Tricks

  • German Universities

Updated on 16 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

Upgrad abroad editorial team.

upGrad Abroad Team

For international students, who have already received a letter of admission from their preferred German university, the next big requirement is to obtain a student visa. To apply for a visa, an aspirant will need to complete all the relevant documentation, which also involves submitting a cover letter for a German student visa . Thus, to make a cover letter for visa application Germany, students need to know the best way. 

The cover letter is a very important document that every international student needs to attach with other certificates to meet the eligibility criteria. It is an important document for visa processing and students shouldn’t ignore it when applying for their visas. 

Through a cover letter for student visa applications in Germany, the officials handling their visa applications get to know them better. It is true that there are other documents that need to be submitted but a cover letter conveys all the information about the aspirant that is not communicated through the documents. Thus, it is a significant step in their study abroad dream but before they draft a German student visa cover letter, they should know everything about it for a visa in Germany.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter for German Visa Application:

Resources for german visa, what should a cover letter for a german student visa contain, formatting your cover letter, some tips for a formally drafted cover letter:, some common cover letter mistakes to avoid:, cover letter, statement of purpose, motivation letter, frequently asked questions, what is a cover letter .

A cover letter is an important document that needs to be presented at the time of visa documentation. A cover letter sheds light on information like the purpose of visit, why an aspirant wants to study abroad in Germany, and describes the student’s choice of course. It is a formal document and has a particular format that needs to be followed. In the nutshell, a cover letter that encapsulates the purpose of the visit to Germany is described. Since the number of international students traveling abroad exceeds the number of officials for face-to-face interviews, the importance of a cover letter for student visa applications shouldn’t be undermined. 

Guaranteed Cover Letter Acceptance. Get free Counselling

Visas applications and cover letters are not just limited to Germany. These are applicable for every foreign visit because the officials of a foreign country would be interested in knowing a few details about an individual traveling and the purpose of their journey. The main purpose of such verification is to reduce the possibility of any kind of threat from a foreign visitor. Apart from stating the purpose of their trip, they must also disclose details regarding the funding of their course in Germany. Moreover, students applying for studying at the university should state whether they have transferred € 10,356 to their German blocked account. 

Why is a cover letter important?

Germany is a popular study abroad destination for international students. Every year, the German embassies receive millions of cover letters for German student visas. It is, in fact, a daunting task to conduct one-on-one interviews with such a large number of candidates. Therefore, a cover letter plays an important role in helping officials make a final decision on a student’s visa application.

Important Visa Resources 

  • Why Do Student Visas Get Rejected
  • How to Check Visa Status

The main purpose of a German student visa cover letter is to convince the German officials of a student’s candidature. There are some very common guidelines for drafting a cover letter for a student visa application. Have a look at everything that you must include in your cover letter for a student visa in Germany:

  • Introduction
  • Previous academic and professional background
  • The reason for visiting Germany for higher studies
  • Present financial condition
  • A list of documents that a student has attached with their cover letter

While drafting a cover letter for a German national visa be very formal and precise. To begin with, writing the introduction can be challenging. It can be intimidating to put the first few words on a blank paper. But keep the introduction short and interesting. This is not a part of your thesis or project, so the applicant should not elaborate much. Be concise and write simple sentences that do justice to their profile. Draft the introduction in a few lines and it should give a decent outline of their profile. In a nutshell, it is a synopsis of their intent to pursue a particular course at the German University and how equipped they are financially and academically to pursue the course.

Moreover, a cover letter for a student visa application Germany should state in a detailed manner alongside their academic achievements. Students should come across as ambitious in those few lines where they express their purpose of visit. Next comes the mention of the university and the course they are opting for. This part needs to be dealt with utmost clarity and precision. They also need to talk about their career plans in the cover letter. Be absolutely practical while discussing their career goals.

Sample Cover Letter for a Student Visa Application

Students would be in a position to draft a better cover letter for a student visa application Germany with the help of the following samples.

Date: – XX/XX/XXXX

To, The Visa Officer [Name of German Embassy/Consulate] [Address of German Embassy/Consulate]

Subject: Application for a Student Visa to pursue (course) at (the desirable university)

Respected Ma’am/Sir, I, XXX, holding an Indian passport, number XXX, would like to submit my application for a German National Student Visa as I intend to pursue my (course). Upon completing (last acquired degree) (mention the percentage). I stepped into the corporate world as a Manager which helped me to enhance my managerial and critical thinking skills by working at Accenture. After successfully collaborating with other stakeholders, I received the opportunity to work with KPMG as a Senior Manager. Furthermore, after handling various verticals and receiving a plethora of accolades for achieving my targets, I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the subject. To realize my dream of studying (program name) at the (university), I have planned my finances. My father is a successful businessman with an income of ₹50,000 per month. I have worked meticulously for the last year to increase my savings. Furthermore, I have decided to fund my education via an education loan. To take care of my living expenses, I have a German blocked account of € 10,356.

Being a commerce student, understanding the dynamics of finance is the right career decision for me. A (course) would offer me an edge. Moreover, the course would equip me with the best know-how and hands-on experience. Choosing (university name) is a prudent choice for me as it offers a dual degree for (course). I firmly believe that the course taught by professors will provide me with an unparalleled learning experience that will help me gain cognizance of the fundamentals emphasized in the course offered by (university name).

Germany is recognized for providing foreign students with practical learning opportunities from wealthy business leaders. I will gain a chance to explore international markets while studying in Germany as I would receive hands-on experience. In addition, I would have the opportunity to converse and learn from students of an array of ethnicities.

A German degree can fulfill my goal of contributing to a part of the premium workforce. I hope the visa officer considers my candidature positively to pursue my desired program.

Sincerely, (Name)

My name is XYZ, and I would like to submit my application with all the necessary documents for obtaining a student visa for two years. I plan to move to Germany to enhance my career prospects by pursuing higher education. I have been granted admission at ABC University for the Bachelor/Master program for the Fall/Winter/Summer/Spring intake in the year.

I am attaching the required documents to support my visa application-

  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Acceptance letter from a German university
  • Academic transcript
  • Bank account statement proof for sufficient funds 
  • Health insurance proof
  • Document authenticity declaration 
  • IELTS score
  • German language proficiency document (if required)

Kindly consider my student visa application and grant me permission to study in Germany.

Yours sincerely, XYZ  

A cover letter for a German student visa is an official document and must follow a specific format. There is a format that the officials in embassies follow for quick scanning of the documents, and it is advised that the aspirants follow the same. If students do not format their cover letter well, it might end up looking unprofessional. So, here’s how they should format their cover letter: 

  • The date should always be at the very top left corner.
  • Mention the German embassy’s name 
  • Mention all the personal details, like name, address and passport number.
  • Address the official.
  • Mention relevant educational and professional work experience.
  • Write down the course name and university in Germany where they are seeking admission.
  • Wrap it up in a respectful manner. 
  • Lastly, pen down their email address and contact. 

Keep it short and to the point. The cover letter should have all the information in a few lines. Students should write down their purpose of visit and other required information on a single cover letter page. Choose a formal tone and the right order of words. 

  • Pay attention to the format

A formal document has an order, sequence, and format. The format is followed by the officials while checking the applications. If a student does not follow the format, their cover letter might confuse the officials while scanning their visa application. 

  • Seek advice

Try and get help from someone who is already studying in Germany. They will help students with the basics and offer ideas to make their cover letters more persuasive.  

Mistakes in a cover letter may result in straightaway rejection of a student’s visa application. Since there is a cut-throat competition among international students who want to study in Germany, you cannot afford to commit any mistakes. There are some very common mistakes that students end up committing, and since this is going to be your first time applying for a student visa, they need to be careful. 

  • Too personal

A formal cover letter should not be very personal and must not include requests. It should talk about their ambition of studying in Germany. Students should keep their tone formal yet polite to make sure they get a chance. Do not use informal words or phrases. 

  • Spelling and grammatical errors

Be careful and check thoroughly for language errors before submitting the cover letter. Use simple words, and do not go for difficult vocabulary that might increase the risk of spelling mistakes. Simple and precise sentences without any careless mistakes will work best for them.  

  • Mistake in the format

Always follow the cover letter format properly. It should be in the right order. Do not get confused with the structure of the cover letter that the German embassy officials want to be follow.

Comparison between Cover letter, Statement of Purpose, and Motivation Letter

Every document have its purpose, and even though it may confuse students, all of them are equally important and serve a unique purpose. So, if a student is applying for a visa, they should know about all three. Here’s the difference between a cover letter, statement of purpose, and motivation letter. 

It is an important document that every international student must attach with other certificates to meet the eligibility criteria. It is an important requirement for visa processing, and students shouldn’t ignore it when applying for their visas, until the requirement is raised. A good cover letter is enough to spark the interest of a visa officer.

Get all your Study Abroad doubts clarified Now for FREE: Fix an Appointment Now

It presents a student’s personality and ambitions to the admissions committee and the visa officer. There are two types of SOPs for admission purposes and the other for visa applications. An SOP is critical for a visa as it presents your intention to go to another country for studies.  

As the name suggests, it is a letter that a student will have to write to the visa officer mentioning all the factors that motivated you to apply for higher education in Germany. They will have to meticulously explain how studying in Germany (or any other country) will enable them to achieve your ambitions. In this document, they will have to explain their long-term goals. 

A cover letter is an important document that plays a significant role in visa application approval. With a sound understanding of what a cover letter is, its essentials, content and common mistakes, it will be easy for students to draft the right one. And once they have completed their education there, a personal covering letter for a German employment visa will make sure they explore coveted work opportunities in Germany. 

A cover letter is an important document that plays a significant role in visa application approval. Now that you know what a cover letter is, its essentials, content and common mistakes, it will be easy for you to draft the right one. And once you have completed your education there, a personal covering letter for a German employment visa will make sure you explore coveted work opportunities in Germany. You can also connect with the upGrad Abroad team for the best assistance regarding a cover letter for a German student visa.

Also Read  

How do I write a cover letter for a German visa?

A student will have to add several paragraphs in the body of the letter, and each paragraph will discuss different aspects of their aims and profile. Please keep in mind that their Cover Letter should not be the same as your SOP or essay detailing their future objectives. It should contain the following information:

  • Educational Brief 
  • Employment History Reason for Choosing a particular course and desired university 
  • Why Germany
  • Financial Standing and Brief 
  • Concluding Paragraph

What are the chances of German student visa rejections?

Germany is well known for its tuition-free education system. Therefore, the fact that a poor financial situation is the most frequent cause of a student visa being denied may surprise many overseas students. The German government wants to make sure a student has enough financial assistance to cover other living expenditures like housing, food, transit, and other costs. The German government wants students to concentrate on achieving high academic standards rather than taking jobs to make ends meet or, worse still, engaging in criminal activity. Due to this, the primary ground for denying a student visa to Germany is a lack of sufficient financial means to support oneself there.

We are a dedicated team of study-abroad experts, ensuring intensive research and comprehensive information in each of our blogs. With every piece written, we aim at simplifying the overseas education process for all. Our diverse experience as journalists, content writers, editors, content strategists, and marketers helps create the most relevant and authentic blogs for our readers.

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Similar Articles

germany visa application letter

SOP for Scholarship - Tips and Tricks for Aspirants

germany visa application letter

In Germany, the employment market is highly competitive. Many qualified and skilled individuals are looking for jobs in Germany, so it's critical to make an excellent first impression with your cover letter.

A well-written cover letter can differentiate between securing job interviews and being overlooked when submitting a job or visa application. A great cover letter demonstrates that you are serious about the position and have what it takes. 

Read on for a guide on   how to write the ideal German cover letter and an example format , plus some pointers and shortcuts to ensure that your cover letter is flawless.

What is a German Cover Letter?

You may submit a one-page cover letter ( Anschreiben ) from Germany when   applying for a job   or an internship. The cover letter introduces you to the potential employer and explains why you are the ideal applicant.

The German cover letter should be formal and polite. The tone should be positive and professional.

Tip:   You may submit your resume ( Lebenslauf ) and cover letter in English or German when applying for a   position . If the employment opening is in German, it is advisable to write your cover letter in German.

German Cover Letter Format

It is critical to use the correct format for your cover letter when applying in Germany. This implies that you should include your   contact information   (name, address, phone number, email) and the date at the top of the page. The letter should be addressed to the person in charge of hiring at the firm (if you do not have a name, you can use something more general, such as " Dear Hiring Manager ").

It is essential to   keep it professional and easy to read   regarding font style and size for your German cover letter. Times New Roman or Arial font in size 12 should be sufficient.

Begin your letter with a   brief introduction   and explain why you are interested in the position. Then, go into detail about your qualifications and accomplishments that make you the perfect candidate for the job. Be sure to   emphasize any skills or experience   relevant to the position.

In the second section,   underline the skills and accomplishments   that make you the perfect candidate. Be sure to emphasize any skills or work experience relevant to the position. Finally, in the third part,   thank the company for their time and consideration . You may also include a statement of availability for an interview or mention that you will be in touch soon.

Close the letter with a professional sign-off (" Sincerely," "Best regards ," etc.), followed by your full name and signature.

Tip:   If you've   studied German , say so in your cover letter. This will demonstrate to the employer that you're serious about the position and have taken the time to learn more about their culture and country.

What not to include in a German Cover Letter

When writing your German cover letter, there are a few things that you should avoid doing.

  • Do not repeat information   from your resume or CV verbatim.
  • Personal information   such as your age, marital status, or the number of children should not be included. This data is irrelevant to the employer and may lead to your being discriminated against.
  • Do not use   informal language or contractions . The phrases "I'd want to," or "I'll be" are examples of informal language.
  • Avoid a generic cover letter . Make sure that your cover letter is tailored to the position you're applying for. This will demonstrate to the employer that you are genuinely interested in working for them.
  • Do not include a   photograph   of yourself.
  • Do not use humor   or try to be witty in your cover letter. This is a formal business correspondence; therefore, keep it serious unless stated otherwise.
  • Do not make any   negative comments   about your current or previous employers.
  • Do not reveal your salary expectations or demands   during the interview. This may be discussed at length during the hiring process.

Keep the following in mind while drafting a German Cover Letter

A German cover letter should be concise and direct, as stated in the job description.

There's no need to include details about your interests or hobbies. The emphasis should be on your abilities and qualifications rather than your personality.

Employers may not be familiar with overly formal or technical language, so avoid it. Stick to simple, straightforward speech that anyone can comprehend.

Finally, double-check it for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your cover letter.

German Cover Letter Template Ideas

Finding the ideal German cover letter template may be a challenging task.

The internet is your best friend for locating the perfect German cover letter template. Several excellent, free websites provide templates for various letters, including German cover letters.

Some of our favorites include:

Novoresume   is a website that provides free templates for various letters, including German Cover Letters. The website offers several templates for different types of letters and varying levels of experience.  is another website that has compiled the best German cover letter examples and templates to help you land your dream job.

Zety  is a website that provides cover letter templates for various professions. The website offers both free and paid templates.

Cover letters can be tricky, but following a specific format can make the time to research much more accessible and help you get your dream job. Remember to personalize your letter for each job application and highlight relevant qualifications and experience.

Need help with your German CV?

Don't worry! Check out our German CV guide below to know everything you need to create an outstanding German CV

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German Political System

Working as a student in Germany

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Simple Germany

German Cover Letter Guide [With English Sample]

Photo of author

Researched & written

by Yvonne Koppen

April 24, 2024

A cover letter ( Anschreiben ) might be the least important thing of the application in some countries; however, not so in Germany. Depending on the company and recruiter receiving your application, a German cover letter might be the most essential part after your CV.

A  survey  of HR Recruiters in Germany states that 42% ignore an application without an individual cover letter. The same survey also shows that for 71% of HR, a cover letter is an essential document in a job application. A job application letter conveys your level of professionalism, research capabilities, and ability to sell yourself without much fluff. 

🖌️ Table of Contents

Simple German cover letter sample in English

A cover letter in Germany ( Anschreiben ) needs to complement  your CV , but not repeat it. You can regard a cover letter as a letter of motivation filled with examples and facts. A cover letter in Germany is a very formal document that should follow a particular layout.

Read Our Related Guide

German CV Template in English

Our German-Style CV Template In English helps you to craft a killer CV. We have also created a German cover letter sample in English for you to understand what your finished document should look like.

cover letter for job application in Germany in English

To save you loads of time, you can download our German cover letter template . Simply go to ‘file’ and select ‘ make a copy ‘. You can then edit it to your needs.

How to write a cover letter in Germany?

We will walk you step-by-step through the areas you should include in a German cover letter. You will also learn about what the content of the cover letter should convey. 

German cover letter formal format

As mentioned before, the German cover letter is a very formal letter that should follow the following format for it to look familiar to the German eye:

  • Maximum one page and don’t fill it up completely. Leave enough white space when glancing over it.
  • Put your full address, including email (ideally including your name) and phone number, in the top right corner.
  • Put the company’s full address on the left with one paragraph below your address. Include the name of the contact person in the second line.
  • Place the date of your application right-aligned underneath the addresses.

As you might know already, Germany has tons of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Naturally, there is also a guideline for professional letter writing and correspondence, the so-called  DIN 5008 norm . It states the following margins on a DIN A4 (standard German letter paper format):

Left margin: 2,5 cm Right margin: 2,0 cm Top margin: 4,5 cm Bottom margin: 2,5 cm

Please take this information with a grain of salt. Not following this layout does not mean that any German manager or recruiter will ignore your cover letter; however, the German eye is trained and used to reading this format. Anything appearing too much out of the ordinary might get noticed negatively. Again, you can shine with your cover letter’s content, but don’t try to stand out with the format unintentionally.

1. Subject Line

The subject line in a German cover letter needs to stand out. It needs to convey with one look what position you are applying for, and you should bold it. 

2. Salutation

The salutation is extremely important – the more personalized, the better. Reflect your understanding of the company’s culture by using the first name or last name; however it is appropriate. If you can’t find enough information or are unsure, always refer to the last name. If you can’t find the relevant person’s name, don’t be shy and pick up the phone to find out more. This shows initiative and determination.

When it comes to the cover letter’s main body, you should try to stick to four paragraphs. Remember to point out what value you will bring to the company, not what you can get from the company. Your cover letter’s content needs to reflect the expectations and requirements mentioned in the job ad. So make sure to connect the dots and position yourself ahead of other candidates.

Introduction (3 – 4 lines)

The introduction should answer why you are applying for the position and how you became aware of it (through a friend, an employee at the company, a job portal, etc.). Be confident in your word choice. Don’t use insecure words such as ‘I think I would be a good fit’ but rather ‘I am confident that I will contribute to …’.

Second paragraph (5 – 6 lines)

Now it is time to shine with your skills, experience, and qualifications. Never just list things, but choose the relevant achievements and prove them with results. Don’t only refer to achievements in your work life, but if relevant, also mention efforts with private projects. This will show your personality, drive, and willingness to learn and grow beyond what you get paid for. It is absolutely ok to also write in bullet list style in this part, as long as you don’t just list things.

Third paragraph (5 – 6 lines)

After you have showcased yourself, it is time to translate how these experiences and skills will contribute to the role and company. Convey that you have taken the time to research the company by referring to the company culture, possible awards the company has won, or projects that inspire and motivate you. Be authentic and confident.

Closure (3 – 4 lines)

To close your cover letter:

  • Reemphasize your eagerness to join the company in the relevant position.
  • Describe your future goals and the value you can bring to the company.
  • State when you will be available to start work.
  • Emphasize that you’d be happy to answer any questions via phone or in a personal interview . 
  • Only mention salary expectations if they are asked for in the job ad.
  • Be sure to sign the cover letter with your name. 

4. Attachments

Add the word ‘Enclosure’ ( Anlage ) underneath your signature. List all the additional documents you will hand in with your application, like your CV, certificates and diplomas, reference letter, etc.

Further cover letter and job applications tips

Don’t use the same CV and cover letter for different applications. As mentioned above, you must individualize your application to each company’s needs and requirements.

If you send your application directly by email, you have two options. You can either make the email body your cover letter. In this case, remove the address and date part from the email and place the subject line in the email’s actual subject. The body of the email remains a formal letter, though.

Or you can attach the cover letter to the email and briefly point out your application to the specific position in the body of the email, referring to the attachments. 

Ensure that any attachment always has the pdf format, regardless of whether you send it by email or upload it to an online application system. Also, pay attention to the naming of the attachments and keep it clear and professional.

Your job application, namely your resume and cover letter, should answer the recruiter’s main three questions:

  • Can you do the job? (Skills)
  • Will you do the job? (Motivation)
  • Will you fit in with the company culture? (Personality)

Be sure to evaluate your documents based on these questions before you hand them in. The goal of your CV and cover letter is to get an invitation for a job interview .

Job Interview In Germany [How-To + Tips In English]

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how a German cover letter looks and feels like. But never forget to adapt your cover letter and application to the style of the company you are applying for. There is a big difference in culture between a young international StartUp and a big traditional German enterprise. 

Download the Cover Letter Template

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Photo of author

About the Author

Yvonne Koppen is a researcher and writer at Simple Germany, focusing on demystifying German bureaucracy for international skilled workers.

She has lived and worked abroad, which helps her understand how difficult a move to a new country can be. Beyond her professional pursuits, Yvonne loves to plan and go on road trips, puzzle, and do a triathlon here and there.

She is committed to creating accessible, empowering content through her writing and YouTube videos. Yvonne's passion for continuous learning and her ability to simplify complex topics make her an invaluable resource for expats seeking to navigate their new life in Germany.

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A Schengen visa allows you to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days every six-month period. 

Please prepare your application as follows:

  • Please fill out the application form online in VIDEX   Form, print it, sign it and submit it along with the other documents  (paper application form can be found below as a download)
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Please note that the appointments offered on this system are the earliest appointments possible.

Important information: Please do not send the Visa Section any documents unless requested to do so, particularly not before you have applied for a visa. We are not able to store such documents and will not know to which application they belong. Please always bring all the necessary documents with you to your appointment.

  • Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after the scheduled return) with at least two empty pages
  • Schengen Visa Application Form (all questions have to be answered) together with Declaration on True and Complete Information
  • Citizenship Certificate, original and one copy
  • 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  • Travel health insurance, original and one copy (valid for all Schengen member States, covering a minimum of Euro 30.000,00)
  • Flight reservation (rail tickets if applicable)
  • Proof of accommodation for your entire stay in the Schengen area
  • 1 copy of each previous Schengen-, UK- or USA-Visa (if travelled)
  • For Minors: If travelling without the parent(s), consent letter and application form signed by both parents; copy of the parent(s) passports data page or Citizenship Cert. Parents must be present during the visa application.
  • Invitation letter from Germany or country of your destination including travel itinerary.
  • Certificate of leave letter from your company (if employed), No objection certificate from school or university (if student)
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay
  • If sponsored a formal obligation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung according to §§ 66-68 AufenthG /German Residence Act) from your sponsor – original and copy
  • If applicable: copy of the sponsor's German residence permit
  • Proof of your financial status: if employed: letter from your employer (providing information regarding your annual/monthly income and duration of your employment with the company if self-employed: proof of company registration including PAN and proof of tax payment (original and one copy)
  • personal bank statements of the last six months (only originals are accepted)
  • Proof of civil status: Originals and copies of your Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates of your children (alternatively: Certificate of Relationship)
  • 1 recent biometrical passport photographs (not older than six months)

Additional requirements for applications for Business Visa

  • Submission of a Formal Obligation Letter(original and 1 Xerox copy of the document) according to §§ 66-68 AufenthG /German Residence Act, signed by the inviting company at the competent Aliens Authority (“Ausländerbehörde”) in Germany or An informal letter of invitation, in which the sponsor guarantees to bear all costs according to §§ 66-68 AufenthG/ German Residence Act
  • Company bank statements of the last six months
  • Detailed schedule of your business meetings
  • Exhibitor’s pass / visitor’s pass (in case applicant wants to go to a trade fair)

Please prepare one set of application with the above-mentioned documents and bring your original documents along.

All documents have to be presented in the given order in original, copies in Format: DIN A4. All documents in Nepali language have to be supported by an English or German translation. Only applications with complete documentation can be accepted.

Please note that the German Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents or an additional interview.

In order to submit your application, please attend your appointment at the Embassy in person. During this appointment, we kindly ask you to submit all of your application documents, pay the fee and answer questions about your planned trip. Your photograph and fingerprints will also be taken on this occasion.

The Embassy will review your application and make a decision on whether or not to grant you a visa. To this end, it will assess whether your application meets the legal requirements .   We hope you will understand that we are not able to answer any questions on the status of your application during this processing period. After that, enquiries can only be answered if they are made by the applicant, his/her legal representative or another person authorised in writing by the applicant.

After the Embassy decided on your application, your passport can be collected. After submitting your application, you will receive a receipt with your pick-up date. From this day your passport is usually ready for you to pick up, in exceptional cases processing may be delayed. You should collect your passport in person. If you are not able to collect it yourself, you can authorize another person to collect it for you. In order to do so, please issue an power of attorney to that particular person. The authorization for another person to collect the visa needs to be mentioned during the interview.

There are various reasons why your visa application may be rejected . The reasons will be stated in the letter notifying you that your application has been rejected. You are welcome to submit a new application at any time with complete, informative and verifiable documentation.

If all the information on your visa label is correct, you are free to travel. Please check the information on the label as soon as your passport is returned to you. You should let us know immediately if there are any mistakes so that we can issue you a new visa. Your visa will state your full name and passport number and include your photo. It will also state the period of validity. This is the time period in which you can travel. In addition, it will state the maximum number of days you can stay in the Schengen area during the period of validity of your visa. Our aim is to give you a certain amount of flexibility in planning your trip. In order to allow you to change your travel dates at short notice, visas are usually valid for 15 days longer than the maximum number of days you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area. Please note that being granted a Schengen visa does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the Schengen area. The final decision on whether or not you will be allowed to enter the Schengen area will be made by the border police on your arrival. When you arrive, the border police may ask you to present additional documentation alongside your passport and valid visa with information on your financial means, the length and purpose of your stay, and your health insurance cover. You should therefore take a copy of your visa documents (including an invitation from Germany, hotel reservation and travel health insurance) with you on your trip.

Schengen visa applicants may submit complaints about the conduct of the consulate staff or the visa application process via the

. In the contact form, please select the option “Beschwerde zum Schengen-Visum-Verfahren”. Please note that complaints may only be submitted in German or English. We are unable to follow up on complaints in languages other than German or English. Please enter one of the following two options in the “Subject” field of the contact form:

  • Complaint about the conduct of consulate staff
  • Complaint about the visa application process

We will follow up on your complaint once it has been received.

Important information: No legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa – in particular no remonstrations – may be submitted via the complaints contact form.

Schengen Application Form

  • Schengen Application Form PDF / 277 KB / File does not meet accessibility standards

Health Insurance Declaration

  • Health Insurance Declaration PDF / 74 KB / Accessible / 19.03.2018

Photo requirements

  • Photo requirements PDF / 2 MB / File does not meet accessibility standards / 19.03.2018
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germany visa application letter


Statement of Purpose for a German Student Visa: A Sample (2024)

  • Check out our Video Course (64 min.)
  • What is a Statement of Purpose?
  • Do Embassies/Consulates provide samples?
  • Why you should NOT use a sample?

Video Course

Get Accepted into Your Dream German University — with the Perfect Letter of Motivation!

germany visa application letter

If you are not from the EU or a small number of other countries (see the full list here ), you will need to apply for a German student visa. In turn, this means that you will have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) in order to be considered for the visa. You might already be aware that, in the case you fail to produce a proper high-quality SOP, you run a risk of being rejected . If that happens, you will need to postpone your studies by one or two semesters (6-12 months), depending on whether your desired program has intakes in both winter and summer semesters.

Long story short: the stakes are quite high, and that is exactly why you should take the Statement of Purpose seriously and invest as much time as you need to write a quality SOP.


Further Reading

The problem is that, based on our experience and research, students usually find SOP writing the most challenging task of their German student visa application. That's why many students search the internet to find a high-quality SOP sample. Unfortunately, this decision can lead to dramatic consequences because

1. Students end up using a poor SOP sample as a guide, as finding a very good SOP example is extremely difficult (and they are by virtue of their situation unable to tell the difference), and/or 

2. Students end up plagiarizing.

But don’t worry: we are here to help you! Being well-informed equals being safe — that is why in this article, we decided to address the key issues when it comes to the Statement of Purpose sample for visa applications at German Embassies/Consulates around the world.

It is our goal to inform you honestly and accurately, therefore, we need to add a DISCLAIMER :

You should use this text as a general guide, but it cannot be a legal consultation. The visa regulations are made and executed by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt), Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), and the local Foreigners’ Offices (Ausländerbehörde). Please be aware: Some rules and procedures can vary from embassy/consulate to embassy/consulate (even within one country), and from Ausländerbehörde to Ausländerbehörde in Germany. That is why we highly recommend you also consult the  German representation abroad  near you, and the local Foreigners’ Office in Germany (which Ausländerbehörde is responsible for you depends on your residence in Germany) for information that applies to your case.

Check out our Video Course (64 min.) on "How to write a Letter of Motivation"

germany visa application letter

22 videos plus checklist and template

What is a Statement of Purpose for a student visa in Germany?

germany visa application letter

Generally speaking, a Statement of Purpose is an obligatory application document required by German Embassies/Consulates. Through this document, you should convincingly demonstrate your motivation to come to Germany, to study in the specific study program to which you have gained admission, and explain why you are the one who deserves to get a chance to study in Germany. In other words, it is through the SOP that you make a formal request for a German student visa.

Want to learn more about your BLOCKED ACCOUNT requirement?

💰 = We receive a small commission for Fintiba products sold through this link. However, this does not result in any additional costs for the customer.


Do German Embassies/Consulates provide SOP samples?

germany visa application letter

No, none of the local German Embassies/Consulates provide Statement of Purpose samples. They do this on purpose, as they expect and require you to produce it yourself, independently. At most, what local German Embassies/Consulates do is sometimes provide tips. You can find some of these in the table below. It is noteworthy that some of the Embassies/Consulates mentioned in the table explicitly highlight that the SOP must be written by YOU. Moreover, the German Embassy in Armenia states that if someone else writes your SOP for you, the Embassy will notice this and take appropriate action.

Table: Statement of Purpose Tips by German Embassies/Consulates


Why you should NOT use a Statement of Purpose sample?

germany visa application letter

Poor quality

The Internet is full of SOP samples. However, we do not suggest relying on them while writing your own SOP for your German student visa application. As was already mentioned, one of the reasons is that, in most cases, the quality of these SOP examples is quite low. To be more precise, 90% of the Statement of Purpose samples that you can find on the Internet would be rejected by your local German Embassies/Consulates. The reason is that what they usually suggest with respect to the structure, content, format etc., is simply wrong. Here is one  example of this kind of SOP.

Risk of Plagiarism

Even if the sample is of high quality, you still should not heavily rely on it, as you might end up plagiarizing it, which is a no-go. You can, however, use the good SOP sample as a general guideline for the purpose of getting an overall idea of what the SOP should look like. In general, if you plagiarize or copy anything directly from any source, you will not be able to get away with it. As already mentioned above, the responsible Embassy/Consulate will find out about that, and your application will be immediately rejected .

Although the Embassies/Consulates mentioned in the table above do not provide samples, their tips can be quite useful for writing a high-quality SOP for your German student visa application. Thus, we suggest you carefully read through them and make good use of their advice.

If you want to be on the safe side and at the same time learn how to write a very good Statement of Purpose for your German Student Visa application, check out our  comprehensive video course  on this topic and familiarize yourself with our articles, which you can find  here . Moreover, if you sign up for the video course, you will get a high-quality Statement of Purpose sample created by our team!

Do not forget about the danger of plagiarism!  Just use our sample (or any other high-quality sample) for the purpose of getting an overall idea of what the SOP should look like. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

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Blocked Account: An Overview

What are you looking for?

Submission of schengen visa application at a visa application centre.

File your Schengen visa application at your Visa Application Centre in three easy steps.

To ease the tense appointment situation for business and trade fair travelers, we have come up with two new appointment booking categories! Read more in our FAQs and on the VFS website!

IMPORTANT: Duly completed application forms may be submitted six months prior to the intended travel date. As application numbers peak permanently, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of their actual travel dates! This will help towards the smooth organization of your trip. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process your Schengen visa, and even longer in individual cases. Please keep in mind that the processing time for Schengen visa starts only once the application reaches the Consulate. This might take up to SIX working days depending on the delivery conditions and public holidays. Therefore, please account for delays in the visa processing time during the holiday season.

File your Schengen visa application at your Visa Application Centre in three easy steps:

Please prepare the necessary documentation for your visa application using the following checklists:

Airport Transit

Culture Sport Religious

Internship + Training

Visit Family & Friends

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide you with the checklists in a format, which is fully accessible for people with disabilities. We are working on a solution.

Kindly note that the photos should meet biometric photos requirements . These photos can be obtained, among others, at the Visa Application Centres.

Please fill out the online application form print it out, sign it and submit it along with the other documents. All Schengen applicants are kindly requested to fill in the online application forms according to VIDEX format, which can be found above. Please ensure that a high quality printout of the barcode is submitted with the application. This will shorten the time you spend at the VFS visa application center considerably. In the unlikely case that you cannot fill out the online application form, you may print the application form and fill out the by hand. If your fingerprints were collected in the last 59 months for applying for a Schengen visa in India, you can authorize someone to submit your application. To do so, kindly fill out this authorization letter for the travel agent or the representative and attach a copy of the authorized person along with it! Letter of authorization for visa application submission

Note: please print out & sign the following declarations in order to complete your documentation: Declaration on true and complete information Declaration on health insurance (for multiple entry visas only) Additional contact and legal representation information

Schedule an appointment for the submission of your visa application and submit it at the nearest Visa Application Centre. Kindly note that you have to pay the VFS Service charge already when booking the appointment. Applicants applying for a Schengen visa can submit their visa applications at any VFS centre across India as the application will be forwarded to the German Consulate General Mumbai for a decision. For further information, please visit the VFS Global Website

Visa Application Centres

List of Visa Application Centres across India.

Visa fees for Schengen Visa

Current visa fees for Schengen Visa is as follows:

How to schedule an appointment?

Find information on how to schedule appointments for Schengen Visa, German National Visa & for attestations.

Travel Medical Insurance

Please note: German Missions accept Indian Travel Medical Insurances only from approved Indian Travel Insurance companies.

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germany visa application letter

germany visa application letter

German Visa application in Kenya: Requirements and procedure

Are you a Kenyan citizen dreaming of exploring Germany's vibrant cities, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes? Obtaining a German Visa is the first step towards making your European adventure a reality. As a Kenyan national, navigating the German Visa application in Kenya can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, the process becomes seamless.

Understanding the requirements and procedures set forth by the German Embassy in Nairobi can ensure a smooth and successful German Visa application in Kenya. The requirements may include COVID-19 updates and getting other vaccinations.

One step most people miss is gathering the necessary documents. Your passport, valid for at least three months beyond your intended return date, is the foundation. You must also provide biometric passport photos, a completed Schengen visa application form, and proof of travel medical insurance.

German Visa application in Kenya

You cannot apply for a German Visa at the German Embassy. That is because the German Embassy in Nairobi outsourced the application process for a Schengen visa to the external service provider TLScontact.

In other words, you must use Schengen Visa agents in Kenya, specifically by visiting the Visa Application Centres of TLScontact in Nairobi to apply for the Visa. However, TLScontact has made it easier to apply for a Visa online. Here is how to get a Visa for Germany from Kenya:

1. Create an account with TLScontact

You must create your user account on the TLScontact website by providing your email address and password. Then, you must activate your account by clicking on the link provided in the email you receive.

2. Input your data

After creating your account, you must log in to your TLScontact account. Once you have done so, fill in the requested personal data in the fields provided. If you are a group member applying for a visa together, please fill in the data of those accompanying you. Submit the group when you finish.

3. Make an appointment

The website will give you an option that allows you to choose a date and time of your convenience to submit your application. You can only apply at TLS's Visa Application Centre.

In other words, you cannot book an appointment at the German Embassy in Kenya to submit your application. Before choosing a date, print your appointment confirmation letter on the website.

4. Complete the VIDEX form

The VIDEX form is an online visa application form you must complete before applying for a German visa in Kenya. It is a German Visa application form online, available in English and German versions only, and available via the VIDEX website. Once filled, it must be printed. 

The form should be completed in capital letters and signed by the applicant in person using black ink. It must be filled out completely and accurately with details like your full name, age, gender, nationality, passport number, purpose of trip, etc.

The TLScontact website offers two types of VIDEX forms: one for short-stay applicants and the other for long-stay applicants. Short-stay applicants for a German visa are individuals who intend to visit Germany for a short period, typically up to 90 days within 180 days.

These applicants usually apply for a Schengen visa, which allows them to temporarily enter and reside in Germany for purposes such as tourism, visiting friends and relatives, business trips, or attending cultural events.

Long-stay applicants for a German visa are individuals planning to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, often for purposes like work, study, family reunions, or long-term stays.

Long-stay visas, also known as Type D visas, are valid for more than six months and require specific documentation tailored to the applicant's purpose of stay, such as work contracts, admission letters from educational institutions, or proof of family ties in Germany.

5. Application submission

Once you complete the VIDEX form and have all the accompanying documents, the next step is to submit your application. The procedure requires all applicants aged 12 years and older to personally come to their appointment at TLScontact for biometric data capture and application submission.

If the exemption case applies to you, you can submit your visa application using an authorised representative to apply on your behalf. The person has to provide a signed letter of authorisation and the original and copy of their Identification card.

The representative cannot be a minor. You can fill in the person's details online but cannot book an online Visa appointment from the German Embassy in Nairobi. 

The TLS agent will check whether you have correctly filled in the required information and have all the supporting documents. The information must be according to standards set by the German Diplomatic Mission. 

The agents will also capture your biometric data. You must pay your visa and service fees at this appointment. After completing these steps, the agents will transfer your applications to the German Diplomatic Mission for a decision.

You can track your application anytime by logging in to your account. However, understand that if you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, you may have to forfeit it and reschedule a new appointment.

6. Visa processing

Once TLScontact submits your application, the German Diplomatic Mission will process it. The German Diplomatic Mission may ask for more information or additional documents. If this happens, you will be contacted by email or phone with detailed instructions.

7. Passport collection

The final step is collecting your passport. Once the German Diplomatic Mission has decided on your visa application, you will get your passport at the TLScontact Visa Application Centre. 

What are the German Visa application fees?

The German Visa application fee depends on the Visa type you have applied for. These include:

  • Short stay - less than 90 days - Adults – EUR 80.
  • Short stay - less than 90 days - Children between the ages of 6 and below 12 years old – EUR 40.
  • Children under the age of 6 – Free.

You will also pay a service fee of EUR 28.50, mandatory for any visa application. The fee for a Long-stay Visa is EUR 75.

How much bank balance is required for a Germany visa?

To apply for a German visa from Kenya, you must provide proof of a minimum bank balance of EUR 45 per day for your stay in Germany. For stays of up to five days, the required amount goes up to EUR 300 per day, while for minors, the amounts are reduced by 50%.

The requirement applies to all types of German visas, including tourist, business, and student visas. The German authorities need to know that you have sufficient financial means to cover your expenses during your stay in Germany so you will not become a financial burden after entering the country.  

You can demonstrate your financial sufficiency by submitting bank statements covering the last three months. Other acceptable documents include proof of employment or income, tax returns, property ownership, sponsorship, travel insurance, credit card statements, and investment statements.

It is important to note that the minimum bank balance requirement may vary depending on the type of visa, duration of stay, and personal circumstances.

With a thorough understanding of the German Visa application in Kenya, you will be well on your way to discovering the wonders of Germany. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation when applying for the Visa. Since you cannot apply directly from the German embassy in Kenya, you can do it online via Schengen Visa agents in Kenya. 

DISCLAIMER: This article is not sponsored by any third party. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! shared a detailed article about how to apply for a US Visa in Kenya. Any Kenyan citizen who wishes to go to the United States of America must obtain a travel card, which is classified into two types: immigrant and non-immigrant.

Immigrant cards are issued to people from other countries who desire to live permanently in the United States, whereas non-immigrant US visas are issued to people who want to visit the United States temporarily.

German Visa application in Kenya: Requirements and procedure


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    When applying for a German Student Visa, one of the most important documents you have to submit is the German Student Visa cover letter. Many student visa applicants focus on obtaining the other necessary documents, such as school records, language certifications, and other bureaucratic requirements, and overlook the cover letter which is a mistake.

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    Generally speaking, a Letter of Motivation is an obligatory application document required by German Embassies/Consulates. Through this document, you should convincingly demonstrate your motivation to come to Germany, to study in the specific study program to which you have gained admission, and explain why you are the one who deserves to get a chance to study in Germany.

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    Between handing the proper documentation and getting an answer, here is a step-by-step guideline of the Germany visa application process. Ask the embassy for a checklist of the required documents for the visa type you wish to apply for. Fulfil the application form with the correct information and obtain the required documents for your visa.

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    Your Schengen tourist visa application cover letter should include the information listed below: Your full name. Your date of birth. Your nationality. Your passport details (passport number, issue date, and expiry date). Your current address. Your email address. Your phone number. The date when you are writing the letter.

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    Yes, a Letter of Motivation is a mandatory element of a German student visa application package. Thus, if you are a citizen of one of those countries where you need a visa to study in Germany, you have to prepare a Letter of Motivation. We present some relevant examples below in Table 2.

  8. Germany Employment Visa Cover Letter for Visa Application

    March 2023 The Embassy of Germany in Kosova Kosova, Pristina Dear Honorable Consul, My name is Enkela Sahiti (passport number: KO223301), I am an Albanian citizen who lives in Pristina, Kosova, where I work as an architect in a German company and have a monthly income of €1,200. I am writing this letter to explain the purpose of my German visa application.

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    Do you wish to invite friends, family members or business partners to Germany? For third-country nationals to get a visitor visa, they need a letter of invitation on top of many other documents. With the invitation letter, you confirm that you want to invite a specific person to Germany. An invitation letter must meet particular requirements, which we describe in more detail below.

  10. Visa applications in the Consular Services Portal

    The Consular Services Portal provides an easy and secure online application procedure for visas to enter and stay in Germany. Complete your application online and have it checked in advance by the German mission to ensure that it is complete. In this way, you will be well prepared for the in-person appointment at the German mission where you ...

  11. Letter of Motivation [Complete Guide]

    In your motivation letter for a German visa, you must also provide details about the university in Germany and why you are applying there. Your application also needs to disclose your financial situation and explain where you will live if your visa application is successful. 🍀 We wish you good luck with your application and a great time in ...

  12. Visa application forms

    The suitable application form can be found here: Application form for a national visa (German-English; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Spanish; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-French; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Chinese; PDF) Application form for a national visa (German-Arabic; PDF ...

  13. Visa in Germany: Statement of Purpose 2024 Guide

    Yes, a Statement of Purpose is a mandatory element of a German student visa application package. Thus, if you are a citizen of one of those countries where you need a visa to study in Germany, you have to prepare a Statement of Purpose. We present some relevant examples below in Table 2.

  14. Applying for a Schengen Visa to Germany

    Determine where to lodge your visa application. Complete and download the visa application form . Schedule your German visa appointment . Prepare the required documents . Attend your visa appointment . Wait for the visa to process . Collect your passport .

  15. Cover Letter for German Student Visa

    Basically, a cover letter is a document where a student visa applicant describes the purpose of its visit to Germany in some details and lists attached documents in its application. That said, a cover letter is the equivalent of an interview where officials are willing to ask candidates about the purpose of the visit.

  16. Cover letter for German Student Visa-Tips and Tricks

    Sample Cover Letter for a Student Visa Application. Students would be in a position to draft a better cover letter for a student visa application Germany with the help of the following samples. Sample 1: Date: - XX/XX/XXXX. To, The Visa Officer [Name of German Embassy/Consulate] [Address of German Embassy/Consulate]

  17. How to Draft a Perfect German Cover Letter [Format, Guide]

    German Cover Letter Format. It is critical to use the correct format for your cover letter when applying in Germany. This implies that you should include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email) and the date at the top of the page. The letter should be addressed to the person in charge of hiring at the firm (if you do not have a name, you can use something more general ...

  18. Cover Letter for Schengen Visa Application

    Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Schengen Visa. March 20, 2019New Delhi, India. Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi. 6/50 F, Shantipath. Chanakyapuri. New Delhi - 110021. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to apply for a Schengen visa to visit the Netherlands from the dates May 20 to June 10, 2019.

  19. German Cover Letter Guide [With English Sample]

    Naturally, there is also a guideline for professional letter writing and correspondence, the so-called DIN 5008 norm. It states the following margins on a DIN A4 (standard German letter paper format): German Cover Letter Format Example. Left margin: 2,5 cm. Right margin: 2,0 cm. Top margin: 4,5 cm. Bottom margin: 2,5 cm.

  20. Schengen Visa

    For Minors: If travelling without the parent(s), consent letter and application form signed by both parents; copy of the parent(s) passports data page or Citizenship Cert. Parents must be present during the visa application. Invitation letter from Germany or country of your destination including travel itinerary.

  21. Build Cover Letter For Germany Schengen Visa [With AI]

    For a Schengen visa cover letter to be effective, the following details should be included in the below order: 1.The address of Your local German Schengen consulate, which is simple to find online. 2.Clearly state the type of visa requested in the subject line. 3.The trip start/end dates showing more days in Germany.

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    Generally speaking, a Statement of Purpose is an obligatory application document required by German Embassies/Consulates. Through this document, you should convincingly demonstrate your motivation to come to Germany, to study in the specific study program to which you have gained admission, and explain why you are the one who deserves to get a ...

  23. Submission of Schengen visa application at a Visa Application Centre

    Declaration on health insurance (for multiple entry visas only) Additional contact and legal representation information. Step 3: Schedule an appointment for the submission of your visa application and submit it at the nearest Visa Application Centre. Kindly note that you have to pay the VFS Service charge already when booking the appointment.

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    To apply for a German visa from Kenya, you must provide proof of a minimum bank balance of EUR 45 per day for your stay in Germany. For stays of up to five days, the required amount goes up to EUR 300 per day, while for minors, the amounts are reduced by 50%. Read also. Kazi Mtaani application online, qualifications, and salary.

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    Only unconditional admission letters ("unbeschränkte Zulassung") for Bachelor Master studies in Germany are accepted. The following details must be confirmed by your university either in the admission letter or by a separate, personalized confirmation letter: 8. Proof of financial means for the first year of study.

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