The 5 Best Books on Dark Psychology

Dark psychology deals specifically with things like influence, manipulation, and persuasion.

It’s so named because it represents the shadow-like side of the human mind.

While some might use this for unethical reasons, much of the subject’s literature focuses on noticing these behaviours in others and how to deal with them.

So, if you want to learn how to identify and deal with manipulative behaviour in others, here are some of the best books on dark psychology to get you started.

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Best Books on Dark Psychology

1. the art of seduction by robert greene.

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Robert Greene’s book focuses on seduction as a form of social power. It identifies nine types of seducer and explains how they win power. The book also features an anti-seducer profile and 18 types of victim.

Its purpose is to label and describe different types of seducer so the reader is armed against their tactics. The book features historic figures as examples of each seducer and explains how they became powerful. Importantly, this isn’t a book for learning seduction tactics, as it doesn’t read like an instruction manual.

While the book is written in a clear and informative style, its examples are somewhat disconnected. For example, learning how Madame de Pompadour seduced people isn’t exactly helpful for understanding modern seduction techniques.

  • Clearly identifies and describes different types of seducer.
  • Also includes victim types.
  • Well researched and thought out.
  • Historical examples are disconnected from a modern setting.

2. In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People by George Simon

In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People by George Simon

The title tells you all you need to know about this book. It explains how manipulative people work and how you can protect yourself against them.

books about dark psychology

There are various examples of manipulation. These include abusive relationships and workplace power tactics among others.

Importantly, the book also helps the reader to identify weaknesses in their own personality that are ripe for manipulation. It then provides 12 clear tools for improving your emotional strength to create better relationships.

While the book’s information is helpful, it doesn’t then provide strategies for dealing with manipulators. Readers are left to develop their own methods, which can be problematic.

  • Clear examples of manipulative behavior.
  • Provides empowerment strategies.
  • Logical structure and language.
  • Falls short of providing coping strategies.

3. 30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics: How Manipulators Take Control in Personal Relationships by Adelyn Birch

30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics: How Manipulators Take Control in Personal Relationships by Adelyn Birch

This is another book with a self-explanatory title. It describes manipulation as a game, and just like any other game, learning its strategies allows you to beat it.

You’ll find 30 clear manipulation tactics, including early warning signs. It focuses on covert emotional manipulation, which can be much harder to spot.

It uses the general term “personal relationships”, but its advice is specifically aimed at romantic relationships. That said, many of the tactics transfer to other relationships.

Birch’s book is entry-level, and its language and information reflect this. So, if you have prior experience of dark psychology and manipulation, it might be worth looking elsewhere for a deeper dive into the subject.

  • Covers 30 emotional manipulation tactics.
  • Language is clear and concise.
  • Helps the reader to improve their boundaries in relationships.
  • Aimed at romantic relationships, but includes transferable information.
  • Entry-level look at the topic.

4. Beyond Persuasion: How to Recognise and Use Dark Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Mind Control in Everyday Life by Rebecca Dolton

Beyond Persuasion: How to Recognise and Use Dark Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Mind Control in Everyday Life by Rebecca Dolton

While this sounds like a potentially unethical book, it actually focuses on the positive aspects of manipulation and persuasion. For example, it helps you to identify personalities and situations that would typically dominate you.

As the book suggests, this can be helpful in the workplace for improving motivation within a team.

It also offers tips for identifying and dealing with manipulators in all areas of your life, meaning it covers both sides of the equation. If you’re concerned about the ethical implications of the book, it provides a section on using its techniques responsibly.

This book is an easy introduction to concepts such as body language, manipulation, controlling behaviours, and more. So, if you’re new to dark psychology, this might be a great cover-all book.

That said, the book’s main failing is that it doesn’t reference the scientific research it discusses. This might not bother most readers, but it means you’ll have to spend time finding the studies yourself if you want more details.

  • Offers good background information to anyone new to dark psychology.
  • Provides ethical ways to persuade.
  • Well written and easily readable.
  • Doesn’t reference scientific studies.

5. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini is a Professor of Psychology and has managed to write a book that’s scientific yet accessible to the everyday reader. It explains the concept of influence in relation to “Compliance Professionals” (manipulators).

The key message is that people become overloaded with information, and so fall back on generalizations to make their decisions. Compliance Professionals can manipulate these generalizations for their own gain.

Within this premise are the six principles of influence; each includes examples. It also explains how you can use these principles in everyday situations. Ethically, of course.

All the information comes from Cialdini’s own research, which has spanned more than 35 years. Also, it’s all been peer-reviewed and so has good credibility.

Perhaps the biggest issue in this book is that its examples are geared towards American marketing psychology. As a result, it can be difficult for readers from other countries to connect with and understand its meaning.

  • Research-backed information.
  • Includes six principles of influence.
  • Accessible to the everyday reader.
  • Examples might be difficult for non-Americans to identify with.

Dark psychology easily has the potential to become unethical. But, the best books on this subject understand this and deal with concerns appropriately.

Learning more about dark psychology certainly has the potential to make you more authoritative and less easily influenced. So click here to read my essential guide on the topic.

  • Browse more best books and recommended reads .
  • Alternatively, if you need some specialist help with guided reading recommendations, check out our bibliotherapy service .

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books about dark psychology

11 Best Books On Dark Psychology in 2024 (for Beginners!)

Dark psychology deals explicitly with the act of manipulation, influence, and persuasion. Much of the literature on the subject focuses on recognizing unethical behaviors in others and dealing with them.

If you want to learn more about dark psychology, here are some of the best books to get you started.

  • Top pick: The Art of Seduction
  • Runner up: How to Lie with Statistics
  • Also great: 30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics

The Art of Seduction

In “The Art of Seduction,” you will learn about the nine different types of seducers and the ways you can protect yourself from their tactics.

The book includes famous personalities as examples of each seducer, explaining how they became powerful.

It also discusses the 18 types of victims and features an anti-seducer profile.

Green tackled how seduction can be a potent weapon at times, but this goes beyond physical beauty.

Mastering the art of seducing others to do your bidding is a matter of psychology, involving careful analysis of your target.

Green talked about the seductive process. He provided 24 strategies that you can use as a seducer and gain mastery.

There are also insightful discussions on choosing the suitable victim, appearing to be an object of desire, and confusing desire and reality.

“The Art of Seduction” reveals a fundamental truth about yourself, whether you are a seducer or victim. 

A sensually designed book, it is an indispensable introduction to one of your greatest weapons. 

How to Lie with Statistics

“How to Lie with Statistics” expounds on the premise that scientific data and researches can be manipulated to suit a particular side.

You will find excellent discussions on how statistics are laden with openings for misuse, from graphs that add drama to trends to flawed cause-and-effect reasoning.

According to Huff, it is easy to be swayed by data and research since they hide behind a firewall of credibility and trust that society confers to numbers.

Many fail to discern that numbers are highly manipulable and can be used to inflate, sensationalize, and confuse.

Huff talked about how brands take advantage of this trust, influencing consumers to buy their products day in and day out, using false statistics and missing data objects to mislead.

It is the same anywhere else, for individuals with a point to prove or an ax to grind.

“How to Lie with Statistics” exposes the most extensive schemer of them all – those working at scientific laboratories and carrying charts and data.

It is a wake-up call on blatant manipulation in a fact-minded culture.

30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics

The book contains 30 emotional manipulation tactics, including warning signs. There is an extensive discourse on covert manipulation, which can be harder to spot.

Birch’s discussion focused more on romantic relationships. She talked about how people control their partners and how this could be dangerous.

You may not even notice how they affect your self-worth and self-confidence with potentially powerful manipulators.

Brief and concise, “30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics” includes excellent insights about the games played by different types of manipulators in a relationship.

You will learn to recognize the signs that someone is trying to get the upper hand and act accordingly.

You will learn a manipulator’s strategies, allowing you to beat them at their own game.

The book also addresses manipulation in other relationships, including family, friends, and acquaintances.

You will know exactly which associations you need to avoid by reading this.

In Sheep’s Clothing

The book tackles the different examples of manipulative behaviors. 

It explains that manipulation can happen anywhere, between lovers and friends, even co-workers. Often, the victim is not aware of what is happening. 

According to Simon, manipulative people have two goals: winning and looking good while doing it.

Their tactics are designed to push their own agendas and validate their conduct.

Simon also cited four reasons victims cannot save themselves from abusive relationships. 

“In Sheep’s Clothing” is meant to help identify weaknesses in your personality that are ripe for manipulation. 

You will also learn how to improve your emotional strength and empower yourself to create better relationships. 

The book is an outstanding discourse on the psychology of people obsessed with power – those that manipulate and use aggression to get what they want.

You will find this an illuminating text to read.

Social Engineering

“Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking” examines the technical aspect of Kevin Mitnick’s social engineering – from elicitation and pretexting to influence and manipulation.

Each facet is discussed using real-world examples and personal experiences by Hadnagy, making the explanations clear and relatable.

Hadnagy talked about how social engineering can be a thoroughly effective method of tricking someone and getting what you want.

You will learn the different maneuvers aimed at deceiving unwary victims. At the same time, you will identify ways to prevent social engineering threats.

“Social Engineering” equips you with valuable information on hackers' various tricks to gather information.

By reading this, you can prevent identity theft, fraud, and other crimes.

If you are looking for a first-rate text on dark psychology, this is the one you need.

No Logo

“No Logo” combines political manifesto and journalistic exposé to confront unregulated capitalism worldwide.

Initially published in 1999, the book’s content has remained relevant and timely until today.

Klein talked about the branded world, where the most prominent brands manipulate millions of people.

In clear and compelling writing, she uncovered the controlling power of marketing.

You will learn the dreadful truth about how the most famous brands exploit their workers, including McDonald's, Nike, Disney, and Wal-Mart.

There are comprehensive case studies and supplementary analyses on some of the biggest scandals linked to these companies over the years.

“No Logo” also investigates brands' hypocritical methods to bolster their popular image.

Its message is empowerment and hope, calling for a need for education among consumers, paving the way for brands to change how they conduct business.

Read this book and open your eyes to the high-level manipulation in this turbulent society.


A celebrated international bestseller, it has been the go-to resource in marketing across the globe. 

This latest edition contains new research, examples, and insights. You will also find useful online applications.

Cialdini tackled the psychology of why people say yes, citing ways to apply this awareness in business and everyday settings.

He used remarkable stories and examples to highlight crucial points, making learning easy and efficient.

You will learn about Cialdini’s Universal Principles of Influence – reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, scarcity, and unity.

Just as you will discover how to be a skilled manipulator, you will also learn to defend yourself against evil influence attempts.

“Influence” is anchored on Cialdini’s 35 years of scientific research. 

You will appreciate his friendly writing style and footnotes to add details to the discussions.

This compelling book urges you to wield your persuasive powers in socially responsible ways.

The Lucifer Effect

“The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil” is based on Zimbardo’s groundbreaking research on morality.

It dwells on the mechanisms that cause you to do bad things, no matter how good and ethical you are.

According to Zimbardo, people are susceptible to the evils of society, and that it is the social setting that influences an individual, not the other way around.

He explained how group dynamics and situational forces can make decent people become monsters.

The book is a firsthand account of the Stanford prison experiment, where a group of student-volunteers was placed in a mock prison environment.

Half were asked to play as guards, while the other served as inmates. 

Within a week, the observers perceived the profound changes in students' behavior. The experiment created sadistic and broken individuals out of the ordinary co-eds.

Penetrating and shocking, “The Lucifer Effect” dares to expose the truth that you are not who you think you are.

Despite this harrowing fact, it offers hope, asserting that you are capable of fighting evils.

Who's Pulling Your Strings

The book helps you recognize manipulation to assess and decrease your vulnerability in case of an encounter.

It also teaches resistance tactics that you can readily use when faced with a manipulator.

Braiker tackled the most common manipulation methods, providing action plans and exercises so recognizing the signs would be easy.

There are also quizzes that you can use for self-assessment.

You will find clear explanations on why your depression, anger, and feelings of inadequacy can result from manipulative relationships with people.

The book touches on the psychological profiles of manipulators and the technical steps to follow to end the process.

Becoming manipulation-resistant will be less complicated once you recognize your personal weaknesses that are rife for schemers.

Concise and specific, “Who's Pulling Your Strings?” is an empowering book to anyone who seeks assertiveness in their life.

This is an excellent resource that you need to have on your bookshelf.

A Goal Digger’s Guide

“A Goal Digger’s Guide” instructs on becoming successful using the right tactics and with the right person to exploit.

You will find practical guides on how to dress and present yourself, be educated, and what places to frequent so you can meet well-off men.

Fletcher got real with her pointers on getting financial favors from admirers. At the same time, she provided tips on how to work the money you earn for your future,

She talked about her experiences during her heydays, highlighting how she manipulated and coerced to get what she wanted.

The book is the ultimate resource for women who lack street knowledge in handling the opposite sex.

It teaches you to be independent and confident and gain appreciation and self-worth.

You will also learn to use your wares to gain affluent followers, gaining their trust so you can take advantage of them later on.

Fletcher's exotic blend of ambition and deceit in her wisdom makes for an exciting and educational read.

This is a book every financially savvy woman needs to peruse.

The Art of Deception

“The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security” delves on how to manipulate people for information and break into the deepest securities.

It defines humans as the puniest link of society as they can easily be manipulated.

A convicted hacker, Mitnick used his exceptional talent to guide you through the murky world of cyber security.

He provided an insider's view of security threats, explaining how all the encryption protocols and firewalls will not stop a gifted grifter from crashing a system as long as human factors are involved.

The book contains real-life stories on successful strikes on governments and businesses and how these could have been prevented.

You will read on both points of view of the attacker and the victim, getting unrivaled insights on what it is like to be in their shoes during a heist.

“The Art of Deception” offers valuable tips on how companies should train their employees to protect their assets and interests.

This is an excellent read if you are interested in manipulation or dream of working in IT security.


new hope psychology logo

7 Must-Read Dark Psychology Books for Beginners

best dark psychology book

Psychology is a fascinating area that helps us understand why people behave as they do. While many areas of psychology are focused on positive aspects of human behavior, such as personal growth and self-improvement, some explore the darker side of the human psyche. Dark psychology is the reflection of the human mind and behavior that are used to manipulate, control, and exploit others. It can be particularly intriguing for those interested in understanding the darker side of human behavior. If you are a beginner in dark psychology , there are a few books that you should start with.

These books delve into the mind and behavior of manipulators, narcissists, and psychopaths and provide insights into how they think and act.

This blog post will explore seven must-read dark psychology books for beginners . Whether you’re interested in exploring the mind of a serial killer or understanding why people fall prey to cults, these books will provide.

Dark Psychology: 4 BOOKS IN 1: The Art of Persuasion, How to...

1. “The Art of Seduction.” 

The Art of Seduction

  • Every bit as essential as The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction...
  • Robert Greene (Author)

The Art of Seduction, written by Robert Greene, is a fascinating book that explores the strategies and techniques used throughout history to seduce and manipulate others . This book is vital for anyone interested in human psychology , power dynamics, and interpersonal relationships.

The author draws upon examples from classical literature, mythology, and real-life historical figures to illustrate his points, making it an engaging and informative read.

Greene’s writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex ideas easy to understand. He breaks down the different types of seducers, including the siren, the rake, and the dandy, and provides practical tips for readers to apply in their own lives.

The Art of Seduction is not just a book about romantic seduction but also explores how temptation can be used in business, politics, and other areas of life. This book is essential for anyone looking to comprehend the art of persuasion and influence.

This book delves into the psychology of seduction and manipulation, exploring the tactics used by historical figures such as Cleopatra and Casanova. It offers insights into how to use charm, charisma, and manipulation to get what you want.

2. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” 

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition

  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Must read book

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a groundbreaking book that delves into the principles of persuasion and how they are used in everyday life. The book is essential for anyone who understands how others influence and manipulate us and how we can use these principles to influence others.

Cialdini expands on his original work in this revised edition and includes new insights and analyses that have materialized since the first edition was published. He covers topics such as the power of social proof, the importance of authority figures, and the role of scarcity in driving behavior. The book is authored in an engaging and available style, making it suitable for academic and general readership.

Overall, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a must-read for anyone who understands the science behind persuasion and influence.

This book explores the six principles of persuasion and how they can be used to control others. It covers topics such as social proof, power, and scarcity and offers practical advice on how to use these principles ethically.

3. “The 48 Laws of Power.”

The 48 Laws of Power

  • Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this multi-million-copy...
  • Greene, Robert (Author)

This book offers a comprehensive guide to gaining and maintaining power, drawing on examples from history and literature. It covers topics such as strategy, manipulation, and deception and offers insights into navigating complex power dynamics.

“The 48 Laws of Power” is a widely-selling textbook that delves into the history of power dynamics and provides practical advice on navigating and succeeding in various social and professional situations.

Through extensive research and analysis of historical figures and events, author Robert Greene presents 48 laws that he argues can be applied to any case where power is at play. These laws are divided into different sections, including “Winning Power,” “Creating a Cult-Like Following,” and “Manipulating People’s Emotions.”

Greene’s writing style is engaging and informative, making “The 48 Laws of Power” a popular choice for readers looking to improve their interpersonal skills and succeed tremendously in their personal and professional lives.

However, it is vital to note that some critics have raised ethical concerns about the book’s content, arguing that the lessons taught may encourage manipulative and unethical behavior. As such, readers need to approach the text critically and consider the potential consequences of applying its teachings in their own lives.


No products found.

“DARK PSYCHOLOGY 6 BOOKS IN 1” by Benedict Goleman is a comprehensive guide to understanding the complex field of psychology. The book delves into topics such as how to analyze people, manipulation techniques,  dark psychology secrets , emotional intelligence, cognitive control, subliminal influence, and more.

The author presents the material clearly and concisely, making it easy for readers to comprehend and apply the concepts. As a result, the book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain insight into the workings of the human mind and improve their interpersonal skills.

Overall, “DARK PSYCHOLOGY 6 BOOKS IN 1” is a must-read for individuals interested in psychology and self-improvement.

This book offers a practical guide to understanding and defending against dark psychology tactics . It covers emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and mind control and offers practical advice on protecting yourself from these tactics.

5. “Psychopath Free.”

Psychopath Free: Expanded Edition: Recovering from...

  • Audible Audiobook
  • Jackson MacKenzie (Author) - Shaun Grindell (Narrator)

This book offers a guide to recovering from emotionally abusive relationships with toxic people. It covers topics such as gaslighting, triangulation, and love bombing and offers practical advice on healing from these relationships’ trauma.

The book Psychopath Free: Expanded Edition by Jackson MacKenzie is a comprehensive guide for individuals recuperating from emotionally abusive relationships with egomaniacs, sociopaths, and other harmful people.

This expanded edition provides an in-depth understanding of the patterns and behaviors of psychopaths, offering a roadmap for healing and moving forward from the trauma.

In addition, the author draws from personal experience and research to provide practical advice and support for those victimized by these individuals.

The audiobook version of Psychopath Free: Expanded Edition, narrated by Shaun Grindell and published by Tantor Audio, offers a powerful and engaging listening experience for those seeking to heal from emotional abuse.

Grindell’s narration captures the essence of MacKenzie’s writing, delivering a compassionate and supportive message that resonates with listeners. This audiobook is invaluable for recovering from toxic relationships’ damaging effects and moving towards a healthier, happier life.

6. “The Sociopath Next Door.” 

The Sociopath Next Door

  • Martha Stout (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This book offers a comprehensive guide to understanding sociopaths and their behavior. It covers topics such as empathy, manipulation, and deception and gives insights into recognizing and protecting yourself from sociopathic behavior.

The Sociopath Next Door Paperback, written by Martha Stout, provides an insightful and informative look into the minds of sociopaths. The book delves into the characteristics, behavior patterns, and tactics employed by sociopaths and provides readers with the knowledge necessary to identify and protect themselves from these individuals.

Stout’s extensive research and expertise in psychology make this book a valuable resource for professionals and laypersons.

In addition, the Sociopath Next Door is written in an engaging and freestyle, making it straightforward for readers to understand and apply the information presented. Overall, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a better understanding of sociopathic behavior.

7. “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.” 

Snakes in Suits, Revised Edition: Understanding and...

  • Paul Babiak PhD (Author) - Todd McLaren (Narrator)

This book explores the behavior of psychopaths in the workplace, offering insights into how they operate and how to protect yourself from their manipulative tactics. It covers corporate culture, leadership, and ethics and offers practical advice on recognizing and dealing with psychopathic behavior in the workplace.

“Snakes in Suits, Revised Edition” is a highly informative audiobook that delves deep into the world of psychopaths in the workplace. Written by Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare, both renowned experts in psychopathy, this audiobook provides practical tools and strategies for identifying and dealing with these dangerous individuals.

With Todd McLaren’s engaging narration, Tantor Audio has successfully brought this vital work to life. This book is a must-read for anyone who likes to understand the psychology of corporate psychopaths and how to protect themselves from their manipulation and deceit.

In addition, “Snakes in Suits” is an invaluable resource for professionals, managers, and executives who want to make a secure and beneficial work environment for themselves and their teams.


In conclusion, understanding dark psychology concepts can be fascinating and beneficial. The seven books discussed in this post provide valuable insight into the manipulation techniques used by individuals with malicious intent and how to protect oneself from falling victim to them. By reading these books, beginners can develop a deeper understanding of how the human mind can be influenced and learn how to detect and avoid manipulative behavior. These books are a great starting point for anyone looking to delve into dark psychology and better understand the darker aspects of human behavior .

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What are some highly recommended books on dark psychology?

There are a number of well-reviewed titles that delve into dark psychology. For example, "The Laws of Human Nature" by Robert Greene offers a comprehensive look at the darker side of human behavior. Another notable mention is "The Art of Seduction" also by Robert Greene, which explores psychological manipulation and power dynamics. These books are available for linking through to Amazon on our Most Recommended Books site where you can easily add them to your shopping cart.

Can books on dark psychology help me in my career or business endeavors?

Absolutely! Understanding dark psychology can be quite beneficial in various aspects of business. "What Every BODY is Saying" by Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent, provides insights into non-verbal communication that can be invaluable in negotiations and interactions. Many professionals find that having knowledge from such books gives them an edge in understanding and navigating complex interpersonal dynamics in the workplace.

How can I find books on dark psychology that suit my specific interests?

On Most Recommended Books, you can find a wide array of books on dark psychology tailored to different interests. Be sure to check out our curated lists and reviews which can help you decide which titles are in line with your reading preferences.

Do you have books on dark psychology focused on historical figures or events?

Yes, our selection includes books that analyze historical figures and events through the lens of dark psychology. "The Psychopath Test" by Jon Ronson is a fascinating read that investigates the impact of psychopaths on history and society. If this piques your interest, you can link directly to the Amazon page from our site.

I'm new to dark psychology, where should I begin my reading journey?

For newcomers, it is often recommended to start with titles that provide a foundation for understanding the basics of dark psychology. "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene is a classic that many readers find as a good starting point. You can find this and other introductory books on our website, and with a simple click, begin your reading venture.

Are there any recent publications on dark psychology that are gaining attention?

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Dark Psychology Secrets: The Essential Guide to Persuasion, Emotional Manipulation, Deception, Mind Control, Human Behavior, NLP and Hypnosis, How To Stop Being Manipulated And Defend Your Mind

Daniel james hollins.

More often than not, their sweet talking covers their self-serving, dishonest, and, on the whole, sinister intentions. On top of this confusing mismatch of words and actions, they often try to evoke in their interlocutor powerful feelings of guilt or sympathy, so as to make them more susceptible to manipulation.

They can be found anywhere, even in the places we frequent most. It could be your partner, your boss, your neighbor, a co-worker, a distant or close relative, or even a friend. We are talking about people who are masters of certain manipulation techniques and use them to confuse us. Although they are around us, it is not easy to detect these people. Their characteristics and personality traits are not evident. Nobody carries a sign on their foreheads, warning that they are a narcissist or sociopath.

This book has all you might need to get ahead in life, economically, emotionally, or even socially. Within this ebook, we go through a variety of topics discussing and analyzing the dark psychology behind manipulation.

In this all-inclusive guide, you too can learn all you need to know about manipulation psychology . Not sure if you will be able to use it in practice? There's no worry! A series of scenarios and examples have also been included in this text to help you get the hang of pinpointing and understanding what emotional manipulation looks like in the real world.

189 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 7, 2019

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    Dark psychology looks into how people use their understanding of human behavior and emotions to control others. It includes tactics like guilt-tripping, gaslighting, and reverse psychology.

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    Each chapter explains an aspect of Dark Psychology in a way that is easily accessible and readily understandable for all.Ideas are illustrated with clear examples that make the understanding of Dark Psychology easy. Also, the book contains case studies and user profiles on the types of people who make use of this "Dark Art" in their everyday ...

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    Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dark Psychology : (3 Books in 1): Manipulation and Dark Psychology; Persuasion and Dark Psychology; Dark NLP. The Definitive Guide to Detect and Defend Yourself from Dark Psychology Secrets.

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    1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Dark Psychology: 9 IN 1: The Complete Body Language Guide to Take Full Control Of Your Life And Make Your Mind Inaccessible From Any Form Of Manipulation. by. Jonathan Mind, Melanie Blackwood, Shannon MacBride. it was ok 2.00 avg rating — 1 rating.

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    Dark Psychology is one of the most powerful forces at work in the world today. It is used by the most powerful influencers the world has ever known. Those who are unaware of it risk having it used against them. Don't run that risk!In his book entitled Dark Psychology 101 author Michael Pace offers a cutting-edge distillation of some of the most powerful principles in the world of dark psychology.

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    Dark Psychology 202: The Advance Secrets Of Psychological Warfare, Dark NLP, Dark Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Super Manipulation, Kamikaze Mind Control, Stealth Persuasion And Human Psychology 202 Book 2 of 2: Dark Psychology | by Michael Pace | Jul 30, 2017

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    inherent dangers of dark psychology, this is a book you want to read. And even if you are simply curious about how dark psychology works and would like to know how to protect yourself, this is a book that breaks down this complex phenomenon in the simplest terms. Dark psychology is not a novel concept so, this book is not

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    Here's just a small fraction of what this book contains: What dark psychology is and how it is used in the world today. Shockingly effective psychological techniques for manipulating, persuading, and influencing people. The basics of covert emotional situation and manipulations.

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    Dark psychology comes from a reaction to the past 50 years of positive psychology (approximately). Dark psychology offers a more realistic and pragmatic solution to protecting yourself in the world. If you do not have a firm grasp on your own psyche, though, you will be subject to manipulation from sources other than yourself in the world. By ...